“Constitution Bullshit”

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Here’s a video of a gum-smacking, Tough Guy sunglasses wearing, head-shaved “hero” explaining “constitutional bullshit” to a guy legally open carrying:

What’s interesting is the way the “hero” ignores the law – and makes up his own law. Whether it’s provocative or just ill-advised, the law is that open carry is legal in this state – so the “hero” has no lawful business with the man. Who is legally open-carrying. He doesn’t appear to be doing anything illegal. And yet… .


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  1. just call them what they are… ENFORCERS

    Police= root word policy
    Who’s policy? the municipality who hired them.

    So their real job is gov policy enforcement…period!

  2. When I was younger I would usually call the cop ‘sir’ and pretend to defer to his imagined authority. I don’t do that any more. I talk to them like they’re retarded children, which to me at my age is exactly how they look. Maybe one of them will just shoot my old crippled ass someday. I never wanted to live forever anyway.

    Cops can kiss my ass; all cops, everywhere.

  3. So the questions he keeps putting to this guy answer themselves but he can’t see it. The guy is doing nothing wrong, breaking no laws but due to the concerned citizens the cop thinks he has the right to get his ID when as far as he knows, the guy has done nothing illegal. I hope the guy was a felon since nothing he did make a shit whether he had a felony conviction or no. And the cop simply doesn’t get it. ‘I’m just trying to determine if you’re breaking the law”. Shit Ronnie, does he do this to every single person he sees? Or just the ones clovers scream about. If I saw the guy on the street I’d eyeball his gun….just like I might his car if he were driving and if I liked it, compliment him. Hey, nice Spike’s Tactical there fellow. 5.56X 45? I like the rail system and the sights. Say, do you know some cops think your sling system is illegal? I can’t recall the portion of the Constitution that says you must wear a rifle over your shoulder but it must be so since that cop over there thinks it is. Sure, he’s full of shit so don’t give him any reason to shoot…….and if he appears to be about to do so, nail his stupid ass.


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