Video Review: 2017 Mercedes Metris Minivan

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Here’s a quick walk-around of the 2017  Mercedes Metris minivan. It’s the only current minivan that’s rear-wheel-drive. Which means it’s the only minivan that can smoke the rear tires!

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  1. Doug Demuro was actually panning these, because they don’t have all the fancy bells and whistles, like “lane keep assist”, and power sliding doors and such- but to me, the lack of such things is a big plus- as it just means less to go wrong. IMO, Mercedes is on to something here, by keeping it simple, and actually making something that is functional; that you can actually carry stuff in, and tow with. A mini-van that actually still retains some actual van functionality and versatility, rather than something that is just intended for hauling kiddies to soccer games. Sounds like they did something right for a change!

  2. Looks like you need to turn on the stabilization feature or find a better way to hold the camera. Your old camera must have been easier to hold, it was more stable and smooth. On the other hand, you’re much easier to hear. I always had to turn the sound all the way up on your old camera.


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