Security Guard “hero” Threatens to Shoot Driver

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For backing up over a traffic cone. This is one for the ages:

These two aren’t even officially “heroes” – just security guards. Yet they get away with pulling a firearm on a citizen and threatening to murder him.

These two psychopaths ought to be put down. They probably won’t even be fined.


    • Hi Noneya,

      I agree.

      I carry – legally, have a permit. In my state (VA) if I am facing an armed assailant and legitimately fear for my life, and am “cornered” (no ability to retreat) I am legally within my rights to defend myself with my firearm.

      I am not a “tough guy,” I hate conflict. But my blood boiled watching that video.

  1. Hi Eric,

    I did a web search of the incident and the first result, published over a year ago, reveals that the security guard who pulled his gun was fired.

    I think it’s a serious error, particularly for someone who calls himself a libertarian, to treat private security and government police as pretty much the same institution (which you seem to do by calling both “Heroes”). Do people in the former make mistakes? Obviously, but the more important question is, What mechanisms are in place to correct them? If it is the case that the security guards weren’t fined, then that’s an issue with government law enforcement. But the fact is that at least one was fired, something that likely would not have happened if they were government cops.

    • Hi Lysander,

      Fired is good; arrested and put into a cage would have been better.

      It’s too bad the guy in the car wasn’t armed – and prepared.

      In my state, if a random stranger did what that costumed psychopath did – drew a loaded gun and pointed it at me – I’d have been within my legal (as well as moral) rights to defend myself.

      I hope I never have to deal with such a situation; but I would lose not a wink of sleep ending that bastard. He is a rabid dog and ought not to be circulating among decent people.


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