“Pinging” Us

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It’s said the best way to corral a feral hog is by steps.

The first step is to put out a bucket full of feed and just let the hog eat. He gets used to the bucket appearing, full of food, at a given spot and at a given time. So he shows up at the given spot and time.

The next step is to put up a piece of fence. Just one piece. Behind the bucket of food. The hog is slightly suspicious, at first. He approaches the bucket warily. But he soon accepts the presence of the section of fence and goes on eating, ignoring the fence section behind the bucket.

After some time has passed, put up a second piece of fence, at a 90 degree angle to the first section. The hog will be alarmed by this and may not come to the bucket for awhile – and when he does, he will be cautious and on high alert. But – as before – he sees he can still come and go freely.

And there is food and he is hungry.

He grows used to the piece of fence to his left.

After giving him time to adjust, put up a third piece of fence, on the opposite side – also at a 90 degree angle to the original section behind the feed bucket.

By now, the hog has become accustomed to these appearance and – so long as he can come and go and there is food – he puts up with it, ignores the strange things appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

You know the rest. The last piece of fence corrals your hog – who is now your pig. It’s time for sausages.

Just so driver’s licenses.

First, we were required to ask permission to practice what was once a right – to travel. No one in colonial America had to ask permission of the government before saddling up his horse. You got on – and went as you pleased.

Roads were “commons,” the means by which a man expressed his right to travel freely.

The first piece of fencing appeared when it became required to obtain a license to “drive” – a term which used to have commercial connotations in the horse era (e.g., the driver of a hackney) but which has come to be synonymous with traveling via automobile. Somehow – no debate was ever held, no vote ever taken – the government transmuted a right into a conditional privilege.

Not long after, it began to catalog us by number and then, photograph. The next piece of fencing. It became functionally impossible to live without this internal passport – whether one “drove” or not. Applying for employment, opening a bank account – all the necessaries of life – now necessitated the internal passport.

To which “biometric identifiers” – fingerprints and facial recognition – have most recently been added. Most driver’s licenses laos have bar codes that can be scanned, the codes containing reams of data about the now ear-tagged hog.

The third pice of fencing.

Here comes the gate.

In Delaware, there is a “pilot program” testing out driver’s licenses that won’t need a bar code or even a traffic stop to ID you and keep track of you, all the time – and in real time.

It’s called the Mobile Driver’s License. It’s a fully electronic license, encoded into your smartphone. Armed government workers – law enforcement – will be able to access it at will. By “pinging” your smartphone. It will make things so much easier, according to Delaware Governor John Carney. “We are excited to help move this new technology forward,” he exclaims.

You bet.

The head of the Delaware DMV says that MDLs will “enhance safety . . . and protect the privacy of our customers.” Italics added. Somewhere, Abe Lincoln is removing his stovepipe hat in silent appreciation. It is hard to imagine conjuring more outright lies in that small handful of words.

Only the Gettysburg Address exceeds it.

This “new technology” will not apply only to driver’s licenses. If you thought you could avoid being “pinged” by avoiding “driving,” think again. The state – and not just this state – is planning to use the new technology for government-issued IDs, too. Which are effectively driver’s licenses without the license to drive but every other thing, including all of your “data” – Social Security number, biometric identifiers, etc. – and which all of us “customers” have to have, as a practical and even a legal matter. While it is possible to avoid “driving” it is not possible to live without a government ID – unless you want to live in a tent in the woods.

And even then, you are required to have ID.

Of course we are assured that “secure access” will be part of the deal, you data only accessible after it is unlocked via a PIN or facial recognition.

Or by armed government workers, who will suffer no such impediment.

The “pinging” of mobile licenses can be paired with Automated  License Plate Readers (ALPRs) to automate real-time, dragnet-style keeping-track of everyone, all the time.

The gate is about to close.

But the hogs – soon to be pigs, then bacon – don’t seem to mind much.

. . .

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    • I got one in self-defense. Spend a night in freezing weather trying to find your way out of a lease larger than some states in an overloaded semi truck and GPS eventually seems to be the saving grace. And on a lease when 4=5 roads come together and 3 of them take off nearly the same direction even GPS is no automatic cure.

    • I guess guys like you and I, R, will be finding out!

      Maybe this kinda stuff is good…. it drives us from the mainstream and keeps us from becoming lemmings; even drives us from the country. They’re making it clear that sitting on the fence and doing the balancing act is not an option for anyone who cares about liberty. We are being driven to the point where we have to choose; the comfort zone is just about gone…and maybe that’s a good thing- because that’s how the majority get snagged- by constant compromise.

      • I think he’s talking about electronic driver’s licenses and the like….

        \But for what you say Bill….try finding businesses which will accept gold or silver for payment today….

        • There are a growing number, but they don’t advertise. You have to ask.
          A great number of them do business with China in gold.

  1. So will they give us old farts without “smart” phones our very own tracking devices, which we will be required to carry everywhere? Mark of the beast indeed, I’m old but not senile and won’t be checking out peacefully.

    • There are “faraday shield” bags available that will effectively prevent transmission and reception of signals will negate any tracking ability.

  2. Feral hog day. In a nutshell, why do u think i left god forsaken HI., police socislist state par excellance, caught merss in their damned hospital, thank uknowwho for a wife with a mensa brain, we r now in manila, and we will never, ever, be back in the #land of the free.# what total bull feathers. SIckening!!!!!!!!!expat tom

    • Attaboy, Thomas!

      I’ll bet there are some great places in the more remote areas of the Philippines. I kinda keep it in mind, at least as a possible jumping-off place when I scoot from here [soon]- but I do try and avoid places with a US military presence…although that’s hard, as we have our mercenaries in what, like 80 different countries currently?

      Shoot, it must be like paradise compare3d to CA II (HI)!

    • Why is this so hard to understand? Driver, One employed in conducting a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle,with horses, mules, or other animals, or a bicycle, tricycle, or motor car, though not a street railroad car. See Davis v. Petrinovich, 112 Ala. 654, 21 South. 344, 36 L. R. A.615; Gen. St. Conn. 1902,
      See the word employed?
      Driving is and always has been a commercial activity. A driver is someone employed by a company using the roads for profit. A driver drives-is driving. Get it?

      • Rog, I think they may have updated things a little since 1902…

        Here’s just one example:

        49 U.S. Code § 31301 – Definitions
        “(6) “driver’s license” means a license issued by a State to an individual authorizing the individual to operate a motor vehicle on highways.”

        This stuff has been hashed out in the various courts several times already….WE LOSE…they always win. They’re the ones with the big guns; they do what they want, and they make their laws say whatever they want.

        This one eventually went to the Supreme Court I believe, but I don’t have time to find it…

        The results are always the same. If they do not obey the very Constitution which is supposed to constrain them- the very foundation of this very country, what in God’s name makes you think that they are going to be constrained by some man’s opinion from 1902?

          • Even if the argument has merit you will never prevail. The rule of law is long gone. What we have is a violent criminal gang imposing arbitrary mob rules that they interpret and apply as they see fit. Police and courts are their enforcers.

            We are not dealing with law, we are dealing with the abuse of power. State governments derive a huge amount of revenue, as well as power over the individual, through the drivers’ license scam. The reality is they are not going to give that up no matter what arguments are made in court.

            Unfortunately it is far too late in the game to work within the system, if it was ever possible.

            • jason,
              Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.

              Frederick Douglass

              • Excellent Bill, thanks.

                As an aside, I just quit the dangerous job I had due to an exhaust leak that the company would not fix.

                A few years ago I complained of an exhaust leak on a truck I drove on the first day. We’ll fix it when we get time was my response. Two months later a co-worker loaded my nearly lifeless carcass into his Duramax and drove me to an ER. I only remember going into the ether.

                • 8,
                  I lost my last trucking job because the employer preferred to blame a breakdown on me instead of on their pitifully deficient maintenance.
                  I was going down the highway at 65, having finally reached that speed limit with a junkyard belly train. Suddenly I started losing speed. None of the gauges indicated the problem. I looked in the mirror to see a trail of black smoke, not from the exhaust stack. Ice had set up in the brake system and the parking brakes had leaked down enough to engage. It flat-topped at least two tires, which lead directly to my firing.
                  That truck had alcohol injectors that never had any in them.

          • What Jason says!

            Rog, if you think at this point in the game that you are going to get them to go back to the days of the Articles Of Confederation, you’ve missed the last 200 years….

            And even THEN, these half-baked arguments wouldn’t fly.

            Here’s the MT. Vehicle code definition of motor vehicle:

            (46)(a) “Motor vehicle” means:

            (i) a vehicle propelled by its own power and designed or used to transport persons or property on the highways of the state;

            (ii) a quadricycle if it is equipped for use on the highways as prescribed in chapter 9;  or

            (iii) a golf cart only if it is equipped for use on the highways as prescribed in chapter 9 and is operated pursuant to 61-8-391 or by a person with a low-speed restricted driver’s license.

            (b) The term does not include a bicycle or a moped as defined in 61-8-102 , an electric personal assistive mobility device, a motorized nonstandard vehicle, or a motorized wheelchair or other low-powered, mechanically propelled vehicle that is designed specifically for use by a physically disabled person and that is used as a means of mobility for that person.

            How does that help you?

            Please note: If I sound mad, it’s not directed towards you…it’s directed toward the hucksters who promote this nonsense, because they KNOW it doesn’t work. They either don’t practice it themselves…or they spend a lot of time in jail if they do.

            You’re not going to beat them at their own game, when they’re using a stacked deck; all the dealers work for them, and they own the casino!

            We SHOULD have those freedoms! We don’t. I don’t know what is sadder: That our country which was started on a glimmer of liberty was quickly usurped by criminals…or that our fathers let it happen, and our fellow countrymen sit idly by and don’t even care.

            But this sovereign citizen nonsense is not the answer…it doesn’t work…be it right or wrong.

          • Hi Rog,

            I’m seconding what others have already written in reply – chiefly for the benefit of any readers who might be tempted to try these strategies. For those readers: Do not attempt!

            The question here is a practical one, not a moral one.

            Of course you’re right that we have the natural right to travel freely, to transact business – and so on. And that at one time, these rights were more or less acknowledged by the Constitution. But the practical reality – today – is that we are compelled to submit to the terms and conditions laid down by the system, which has the men and the means to enforce its will – and absolutely will do so.

            We can practice evasion and avoidance to the extent possible, in order to minimize the government’s harassments and exactions. But to claim one can simply utter Magic Words and the government will leave one alone is vicious nonsense.

            I use the word vicious because this line of nonsense entices people to take extremely ill-advised action that can and will lead to very negative consequences (see Larkin Rose’s situation).

            I am not defending “the law.” I am acknowledging the reality that “the law” is precisely whatever the cop who arrests you and the prosecutor who charges you and the judge who sends you to prison claims it is.

            Your claims to the contrary are as powerful and persuasive as those of Zinoviev pleading for his life to Stalin – and will have the same effect.

            • eric, i’ve seen some beat it with that argument but have seen some get their windows(and their own lights)knocked out.

              Of course we with CDL’s have no such recourse, much to the delight of the DOT. The Midland county DOT occifer who was about 12 was happy as a hog in cool mud he only had to deal with “nice” people. What a gig. It was much better than the patrol occifer gig. No shit boy, glad you figured it out and glad you don’t know shit and glad you defer to old, senile truckers who simply haven’t a clue.

              • On rare occasions sometimes ya’d see that nonsense work in the past…mainly because a somewhat honest judge would be confused, or because they’d figure the charges just weren’t serious enough to justify them having to mess with all the new-to-them stuff the defendant was bringing up, which “might have merit, because the guy sounds like he knows what he’s talking about”.

                But now that it’s become more common and widespread, judges and pigs and such are now actually warned about such things and instructed on how to deal with such types.

                • Also consider that the Attorneys General of all the states participate in a program to model their state laws similar to the “best practices” of the other states, so you rarely have these oddball statutes that are still on the books anywhere.

                  Additionally, the fact that those oddball statutes might still exist doesn’t mean that they are valid. If a new law is passed that is counter to the one that exists, then only the new one counts. This is how Congress gets away with passing unconstitutional laws: The fact that they passed a law that is directly opposite what is in the Constitution means that they knew the Constitutional provision existed, but they want the new law to take its place.

                  • Travis, you are correct and for the reasons you listed I won’t vote in those races.

                    i recently presented my voter ID card and once again was reminded you have to choose a party in this state, you can’t vote for this person or that.

                    The wife and I had to look over the prospective ballots and find our friend to vote for him being commissioner. I did read all the proposition laws and voted for one, equal opportunity for everyone to vote(the way it was worded didn’t seem conducive to illegals voting). Otherwise, those propostitions they present are nothing more of less than money being robbed from me and everyone else…..and probably the one I voted for also.

      • Rog,
        The law is morphed over long periods of time. Ever watch Larkin Rose’s series on the federal income tax? It doesn’t matter because everyone in the system and the majority of people think the way things are the way they have always been. explaining the long con is pointless.

        I have trouble getting people to understand the conesquences of driving as a privilege. Understanding the full loss of the right to travel is another level.

      • Employed does not always mean one is paid.
        A license is only required when the activity would be illegal without it.
        One surrenders the right when obtaining the privilege.

  3. eric, whati love about your site is not only your excellent writing but the quality of the responses from your readers. no racist anti semitic political b.s. but just informed folks who make me feel less alone in this world. keep up the good work!!

    • Hi Dan,

      The quality of the comments here is a source of uplift for me as well. It is easy (for me) to get depressed; but the people here keep me from crawling back into my mummy bag, especially since the divorce. I consider a great many of them my friends, even though we’ve never met in person. I hope one day to have a get-together at my place out here in The Woods. Roast a few pigs, drink a few kegs, maybe shoot some cans in the field.

      • I’m mostly a veggie but would be happy to hoist and plink a few with you anytime. I hope you do eventually have a meet up. I would very much love to meet some of you folks

  4. Hmmm

    Did anybody notice the new law slipped into the omnibus spending bill ? The one that gives the government to search EVERY CLOUD for data WITHOUT A WARRANT!!!!!!Once Trump signs that budget into law your cell phone data which for most people is automatically sent to the “cloud” will be available to ANY government agency at any time for any reason. I think the water is boiling, and still people don’t seem to notice…………Perhaps of greater concern given that the “budget” is well over 2000 pages long are all the evil things in the bill that no one is talking about. Consider people that the final draft was given to members of Congress at 8PM and they voted on the next morning. Obviously every single member who voted managed to wade through, or had staffers wade through every single page, and managed to break down every single nuance in 12 hours. The dedication of our “leaders” in Washington is awe inspiring to say the least.

  5. This all boils down to one world government via control of the masses while those at the 1% level can commit any criminal act without fear of prosecution as is happening today.
    The rest of us are fodder for the prison for profit complex/slave system that has criminalized nearly every imaginable act they don’t agree with.
    Read ” Three felonies A Day ” by Harvey Silverglate , then realize why over criminalization is taking place. why , when you sit in the driver’s seat you automatically become a probable felon and subject to various fines and court costs if not outright theft by the state’s goon thugs with badges.
    It’s all about control and unfortunately they appear to have the upper hand; just read the latest in Orwellian hardware: http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/police-facial-recognition-smartphones-will-be-used-to-create-secret-watchlists/
    Get ready as this will be in use everywhere. Diametrics is the new surveillance.
    My advice to all young people just graduating from school: get out now, while you still can!

  6. I would like to interrogate the Delaware DMV Fuhrer about how their “Mobile Drivers’ Licenses” enhance safety. I sure can’t imagine an honest explanation, but the second part is even more fanciful. The doofus said that it will “protect the privacy of [our] customers.”

    Safety isn’t a function of who you are, or who is near you. Unless it’s the felon that the state hasn’t found a way to capture yet.

    The part about the privacy of OUR customers?

    Every database you are a part of reduces your privacy! The larger the database, the harder it is to protect the data. Didn’t anyone tell this fool why Willie Sutton robbed banks? He wouldn’t have had much of a career as a robber if those banks had hardly any money. After all, I can’t imagine it would take more physical effort to rob a big bank instead of a small bank.

    All joking aside. Do they just hand out speech manuals to these spokespeople, so that these issues are always addressed in the same Orwellian fashion?

    Corrupt Abe would be proud. Just as George Orwell would be horrified.

    • Akshully I rather think George Orwell would be smirking contentedly, knowing that when these folks figure out what’s going on it will be too late. They’ll be swept up in their very own Franz Kafka novel. The details will be unique to them, but the story arc will be cookie cutter. And when that arc comes back down to land, oh my!!!!!!

      • Orwell’s 1984 was a dystopian critique of what he imagined the future would be, based upon trends he observed. He wrote it as a warning, not as a sarcastic “See, I told you so,” directed at the critics. I believe he favored anarchy, rather than organized government, even though he fought alongside the fascist Franco in Spain. He did not make the mistake most opinion-molders do, which is telling people what he thinks they want to hear. Instead, he warned about what he thought would be, not as a way of saying he will be correct, but to sound the alarm well in advance.

  7. Well this is all condone by that guy you elected to look out for you in these decisions. These laws and regulations to prevent us from being overrun by the government policies.

    • Most of us here don’t vote. Personally, I’ve never voted in my life.

      Why vote for someone to occupy a position of power which you know shouldn’t even exist?

      • Hi Nunz,

        I go back and forth on this.

        In principle, certainly, voting (as it exists) is odious because it amounts to consenting. You are explicitly giving wide-ranging proxy powers to a “representative” who does not (and cannot) represent you in any meaningful way, even if you wanted that.

        On the other (practical) hand… sometimes, voting can lead to – if not greater liberty – then at least less tyranny. For example, The Orange Goon did kill the Obamacare individual mandate penalty. Assuming it’s not reinstated, that is a boon to me in that I do not have insurance (self-employed, can’t afford – don’t want) and would otherwise be looking at thousands in fines for not being “covered.”

        We are truly in between the proverbial rock and the hard place…

        • Good morning eric. I fear voting from now on won’t affect anything.
          Yesterday I was arguing with the b&c about what the orange one is doing. She said he was tweeting out his butt and his keepers would reign him in.

          I tried to explain to her he’s already said twice he was for gun confiscation and then “due process”. Oh, no, she says, he’s just full of it.

          But that is wrong and he’s already endorsed the Pelosi bill which has real teeth and has endorsed the new Florida bill that’s much more aggressive.

          Now his views and endorsements have already spawned 9 more bills across the nation and some have some wolf teeth, such as simply going from address to address and getting the guns from people who didn’t have the foresight to only buy used guns from individuals.

          If you’re registered, don’t wait for the knock on your door and don’t have your guns in hand. Sell them or trade them or at least say you sold all your guns and have them hidden…..and not at your residence.

          I recommend 5″ or 6″ pvc with a cap glued on the end and a screw plug on the other, well doped with clear silicone sealer, fill with gun/ammo and silica gel.

          If you don’t know where to get silica gel in bulk stop by your friendly oxygen bottle filling company and they’ll most likely have the home machines which have big filters of same they fill from bulk containers. They’ll give you the name of their supplier and the stuff is cheap in bulk. Put some in a sock and tie it up and it will do a good job in your stash.

          Go into a pasture, yours or somebody you know, dig as deep a hole as you can. I recommend a backhoe if you have one or just rent one for a day. Bury it and figure some way to keep it’s location in mind. If you bury by hand, probably 5′ will be your max. In that case do something like using similar metal(ferrous). Drive some old t posts in a circle and use some old hog wire to make it look like a deer feeder site abandoned. T posts 3′ deep won’t let the gun be found unless somebody wants to removed all of them. Try to find some that are old and bent(never a problem for some of us).

          There’s a myriad ways to do this, such as burying and covering by dragging old equipment or vehicles on top of it.

          But, do not think gun confiscation isn’t right around the corner. It may start a shooting war and if so, you will regret being one that’s already been had by the badged thug crowd.

          Texas is already being hit by turncoats such as John Cornyn and of course, the Canadien, Ted Cruz. Others will follow now that Trump is all aboard. Here’s what’s going on with the femi-nazi crowd who control pubic schools these days and this is just right down the road from me. I tried to convince everyone decades ago to discourage yankee infiltration in any way possible but nobody could see what would eventually happen to this state.


          • Gonna be fun- just like when they confiscated the guns in Australia….crime has since SOARED!

            Of what use are buried guns? By the time you could get ’em…it’s too late; plus, just like in the commie cities…you’re then the “criminal”. Can’t win. Time to get out of here.

      • I vote mostly because of Colorado’s TABOR rule, that means any spending above a set formula has to be put on the ballot for vote. Every election has some half-baked emotionally driven amendment for more spending.


        That link is intended to make us all think TABOR was a complete failure. But if you put aside the incendiary language it actually looks like TABOR is a pretty good thing.

        The state population is growing at an alarming rate, most coming from big government locations like Illinois and California. They seem to be bringing along their desire for public spending and taxation. Colorado has always been hard to pin down because we’re all pretty realistic in our view of government but still very liberal. Remember the Libertarian party was started in Colorado. Thank goodness TABOR is here to provide even a little bit of a backstop, or we’d have all the taxes of California and none of the benefits because of the low population and lack of salable/private land.

  8. Eric, this virtual world is older than we think. In fact, it started before the smart phone was just a twinkle in Apple’s eye. In the late fifties and early sixties the courts switched abruptly from common law pleadings where a Man accused another Man of harm or injury to statutory pleading where a “person” was accused of violating commercial rules, regulations and codes. We were never told the difference between “person” and Man. A “person” is a legal entity that exists in cartoonland. It is a virtual entity.

    In the Montana vehicle code, and just about any statutory code “person” is defined as: “person” means an individual, corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, state agency, local government unit, another state government, the United States, a political subdivision of this or another state, OR ANY OTHER legal or commercial entity.

    A “driver” is defined thusly: “Driver” means a PERSON who drives or is in actual physical control of a vehicle. Which, of course, is nonsense.

    So they need: Authorized agent agreement” means the written agreement executed between an authorized agent and the department that sets the technical and operational program standards, compliance criteria, payment options, and service expectations by which the authorized agent is required to operate in performing specific motor vehicle or driver-related record functions. The Driver license is an authorized agent agreement, which is a “person.”

    Long story short, we are either agents or surety for Rocky and Bullwinkle who exist only in legal land. They have convinced us that we, a Man or a Woman, ARE the “person” whose NAME appears on the driver license. We were drawn into this land of fiction long before virtual was even a thing.

    • In other legal areas, you are considered within dominion of admiralty law if you are ‘over water’. Which can be defined as having water flowing through your house via the State. 🙂

    • Rog, don’t fall for that crazy BS.

      They do what they want because they have the power to do so and we don’t. They are not even subject to their own laws nor the Constitution anymore…..Common Law has not been recognized in the courts here for the most part for the last 150 years…not just since the ’50’s- and that admiralty and UCC stuff is pure BS- and if you cite it, it will be to your detriment, as it can then be considered a contract by adhesion, whereas otherwise you would not even be subject to it.

      People practicing this nonsense get punked in court every single day. All that binds the state is whatever the state makes up, and what parts of it they choose to abide by- and good luck getting them to abide by anything contrary unless you have a bigger gun than they. The best defense is staying out of their courts and jails…which seem to be filled with these common law/UCC/admiralty Law types……

      Easrly-on, it used to work once in a while, simply because somewhat honest judges didn’t know what to make of it- but now they’ve been instructed…it doesn’t work even on them anymore.

      • Nunzio,
        You missed the point of my post. The point is, like the virtual world our devices have drawn us into, so too has the legal system convinced us that cartoon land (legal land) is real. It is real in the sense that if you do not know how to navigate it there are real consequences. The virtual world of the digital panopticon surveillance police state relies on our tendency to believe in fictions/fantasy to trap us in its evil clutches.

        There is no question the object of statutory law is the “Person.” It’s all over the codes and statutes in every definition section of every code. The trick they play is to lead the Man into bumbling into a relationship with that person, as agent or surety or office holder. If you are not aware of what is going you will lose. Those who win are those who are able to fend off the deceptions employed by judges to trick them into admitting joinder. Those cases are never published.

        The UCC is the governing law of commerce. It is in every state and Federal code. Statutory law is, by definition, the merger of Admiralty/Law merchant and equity law. All statutes are charging instruments in commerce. Those who take the UCC route are generally of two kinds: those who know a little bit about it and get run over and those who know it backwards and forwards and rarely, if ever, lose. Again, those cases are never publicized.

        Common law is the law of the land, but there are no Art. III courts in this country. So common law is dormant. Government knows people are figuring it all out, so it is resorting to lawlessness and overt coercion. It is a very dangerous time for Mankind.
        And it’s all because we have allowed ourselves to believe in cartoons over reality.

        • Thanks for the clarification about the point of your post, Rog- and I do agree with you there.

          But you’re spinning your wheels on the other stuff.

          Just a few examples:
          The UCC is a voluntary model of BUSINESS practices- some or all of which may be adopted by certain jurisdictions as the model for a locales codes relating to the conduct of LICENSED businesses. If you are not a licensed business, or if your locale has not codified UCC practices, the UCC does not apply to you….but I have seen tons of people volunteer to come under it’s jurisdiction by adhesion, by citing it or practicing it….and the ironic thing is, it’s not the courts doing this to them…it’s their own misinformation doing it.

          Common law is NOT the law of the land. Codified law statutes take precedence- the only time common law might be considered applicable is when a situation exists to which no code or statute is addressed- which is pretty rare these days, as they have legislated pretty much EVERYTHING.

          When they actually follow any law…the order goes:
          Constitutional law.
          Federal law.
          State law.
          County Law.
          Township/borough/parish law.
          City/village/town law.
          and then common law.

          Thirdly, this “person” stuff is nonsense. You will nowhere find the definition of “person” resembling anything like the freeman/common-law movement teaches in any legal code….therefore it is an irrelevant argument, because minus a specific special legal definiton, it simply means what it means in the common usage- “a person”. Any legal challenges based on the whacky definiton of “person” as taught by the freemen types, simply will not be entertained, because you can not prove any such theory.

          C’mon- You can see these guys getting shot down in court all over Youtube. It’s been going on for several decades now. It doesn’t work. It’s nonsense. And their excuse is always somwething like “Oh well, I should have cited section 285 while jumping up and down and patting my head, since it was a Tuesday in a month with the letter “r” in it! That’s why it didn’t work and I’m in jail!”.

          But I do get your point, and it is a good one.

          • Nunzio,
            The definition or “person” was taken from the Montana vehicle code. It applies to the entire code. So when a “person” runs a stop sign it is the legal entity “person” that is charged. The Man is either agent or surety for the person and is responsible for its debts unless he is able to separate himself from it. There are plenty of Youtube videos where this is made quite clear, although I have noticed many of them have been removed of late.
            All statutes everywhere apply only to persons. Why? because the government can not regulate that which it did not create. I don’t know why people have such a hard time getting this. Man created government. Government is subservient to him. To say otherwise would be like saying Man can regulate God, Man’s creator.
            The UCC governs commerce. It is in every state and federal code. The “person” is a commercial entity. Statutory, Admiralty/maritime is commercial law and applies only to persons. This is not mine opinion. Do your research instead of just blathering your opinion about it.
            If you are serious about this search Anna Von Reitz, she puts it in terms most people can understand.

            • [Sigh]

              Rog, drive without a license in MT then, and use that argument in court when your trial comes up, and see how far it gets you.

              By-the-way, what version of the MT. Vehicle code did you get that definition from? 1862 or something? LOL.

              The current one says:
              Montana Code Annotated 2017 Amended 2018
              1-1-201. Terms of wide applicability
              b) ”Person” includes a corporation or other entity as well as a natural person.

              Rog, I understand it just fine….the trouble is, it is BULLSHIT.

              Hucksters have been pushing this stuff for the last 50 years….and all their victims do is end up in court, and then jail, because IT DOESN’T work. These hucksters pick and choose antiquated citations and practices, which people who don’t know the legal system fall for.

              In a country where Barrack Obozo can be a constitutional law professor, and president…and the SOBs on the Supreme Court think that it is perfectly O-K to force everyone to purchase health insurance, no mere words are going to secure your rights! -especially not this sovereign citizen nonsense, which thousands of others have been trying for decades, unsuccessfully.

              • I’ve known a lot of people that have tried attacking the license issue over the last 40 years. All have failed. Most rely on very old local and state court decisions, many of which may have been overturned, that don’t even apply in their jurisdictions in the first place. Then you get the UPPER CASE NAME and “strawman” nonsense.

                In a sense though as I’ve said it really doesn’t matter whether the arguments are meritorious or nor – these people are not going to give up their power and revenue stream simply because it is demanded of them. No more than any other group of gangsters running a protection racket.

  9. Eric, no article yet on the first Machine induced fatality from robot cars? I’d figure you’d be chomping at the bit for that.

  10. https://daynafucarino.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/aloha-net2.jpg

    Look at the wireless device in the picture. It is an HP calculator. This pic was taken sometime in the 1970s. It was used on the ALOHAnet, which was a wireless computer network liking systems in Hawaii. This stuff isn’t new and the smart phone can be a very useful tool. Having a pocket computer (actually more a terminal these days) is very handy. The fact that it is chocked full of location sensors is pretty handy too. A lot of people have been working on getting these devices into production for a long time.

    Back in the 1990s Internet we had our own servers. Our ISPs provided email, some personal web space and maybe a NNTP service. Note that these were hosted by our ISP. Some people who were lucky enough to have a full-time connection could run their own servers. But after the dot-com bust that model fell out out favor because it was hard to monetize. So we got gmail and Facebook and central servers on top of the HTTP protocol. And it could’t be controlled either, so once Napster and Limewire got going that was the end of protocols and distributed servers. We “couldn’t be trusted” to not steal Hollywood’s content so here comes the DMCA and the first crackdown.

    I’m not one to blame technology for anything, it is still inanimate and without a soul. The problem is that this stuff comes along too quickly for most people to assimilate into their world, so they see all the benefit and ignore all the risk. One cop watching you walk down the street? Nothing wrong with that. No cop watching every move you make, somewhat covertly and storing that information possibly forever? That’s just wrong. It does’t pass the Helms’ Pornography test, but that’s not enough to force Uncle too stop. The only real hope is to educate. If nothing else, the Trump presidency might actually be enough of a wakeup call to show why there are limits on the Executive branch. If the Libertarian party could get its act together maybe they could be the barer of that message.

    • Technology or no technology- a bigger part of the problem is that the average person just doesn’t give a damn about their own privacy, and they trust the government, no matter how murderous and corrupt it is proven to be, over and over again.

      I mean, I’m on the check-out line in Lowes or TSC, and the cashier askes everyone for their phone number…and they just give it…no questions asked. Why give your phone number when you’re paying with cash or a credit/debit card? I get up there, and the cashier says “Phone number?” and I say “I don’t give it”. Gee…they still take my money, and i retain my privacy.

      I once got to talking to a cashier about that, and I said, I’ll bet if you asked people for their Socialist Security number matter-of-factly, they’d give it with no objection…and she agreed. I then ran into that cashier again a few weeks later, and she said that she tried the SS thing, just to see if people would go for it…and they offered NO resistance! (She only did it to like 3 people, for fear she’d get fired if anyone said anything).

      The only thing about all of the technology, it makes it harder/impossible for those of us who care, to fly under the radar. Back when everything was paper based and there often wasn’t instant communication, you could really avoid their web if you were halfway decent with white-out and a copy machine and a typewriter. That’s all over now.

    • The Libertarian Party was co-opted by Republicans running from their party after it was commandeered by the neo-cons. Judging by their last presidential candidate, the libertarianism of the LP is toast.

      • Yeah, after their most recent spectacle of foisting G. Johnson as their candidate, I started looking for something else to describe myself instead of “Libertarian”, for that label is now severely discredited thanks to that fool.

        The whole idea of even having a “party” or running a candidate is antithetical to Libertarianism.

        • Hi Nunz,

          “Libertarian” may be better as a door opener than “anarchist,” a term which connotes (in the average person’s mind) chaos and revolutionary violence for its own sake.

          When I write or speak about Libertarianism, I always emphasize the live-and-let-live/voluntary/non-violent basis of it as I think it is inherently attractive to people who aren’t psychopaths by nature. Which I suspect is most people. Most people have simply never stopped to consider the true nature of their political beliefs. That is, they have not confronted the violence underlying their Republican or Democrat beliefs (and so on). If a person is horrified by the idea of personally threatening to beat up or cage their neighbor then he is open to being swayed by the argument that having proxies do the beating and caging on his behalf is just as horrible or even more so.

          • The problem is most people are not live and let live and their team is more important than any moral compass they may have.

            If they understand live and let live they will be capable of numerous mental gymnastics to defend their team. I was recently in a debate where I was told that Obama’s CIA chief was less bad than Trump’s latest pick because he was further removed from torture. Never mind he was her superior and put her in for promotion and the general fact is the lower ranking one is the closer to the dirty work. The leftists were actually able to make this argument while claiming to be against torture and all who practice it.

            I was bad because I saw things too black and white, see there were reasons, and degrees. It’s like excusing the world’s greatest mass murdering political leaders because they didn’t or rarely (numerically speaking) kill directly.

          • Exactly Eric!

            I like the term “anarchist”- as technically, that says it all- the absence of government- but of course, as you pointed out, the media has warped the term to now conjure images of bomb-planting communists- the exact OPPOSITE of what we are!

            The sad thing is, it seems that enough people have been exposed to the folly of the LP and their silly buffoons so as to now equate Libertarianism with such nonsense.

            It’s a textbook example of how just by labeling something, they can discredit it merely by giving exposure to something else and calling it by that name.

            Maybe if asked what we are, we should just say that we are “nothing”. I mean, it seems silly for those of us who don’t believe in government, to be labeled with a political term! Why can’t we just be plain old people? Why can’t we just be? THAT is the crux of the very problem.

          • Eric,
            I switched to constitutionalist from libertarian when I left the party.
            Sadly, the Constitution Party is as constitutional as the bible is.

            • I used to be a Constitutionalist…until I realized that the Constitution is the very thing mandating the existence of the Federal and state governments; taxation; police power; elections…..etc. The very trappings of the tyranny which most who profess the Constitution would claim to to oppose.

              • The Constitution is also what would have constrained the federal government if it had been obeyed. An unobeyed law is worse than an ignored one.

                • Trouble is, Bill, those who would be constrained by mere words, are not the ones who need constraining. And the ones who need constraining, will not simply obey mere words.

                  The main hope of the Constitution was in the 2nd Amendment, and the willingness of people to be diligent and to never allow the government to acquire more power than the people…but that didn’t last long- and even if it had been done, at best, we would have a scaled-down version of what we now have- which would be an improvement over what we now have…but still far from freedom.

                    • Nope- that is why the only thing which could possibly work would be for the citizens to retain their power, and never allow size and power of government to grow to the level where it could be a challenge to the power of the citizenry.

                      If that power had been retained by the citizenry, and government properly restrained, there would be nothing anyone could do against 100 million armed citizens.

                      But the constitution itself served to restrain the power of the citizenry, as opposed to that of the government, by giving the government superior powers and priveleges over the citizenry.

        • Gary Johnson is just the most recent non-Libertarian to use the label.
          The problem is that the label has become besmirched, not the philosophy.
          If someone claims to be a libertarian, ask them to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and send you their score. If they score like a libertarian, they are more likely to actually espouse the philosophy than someone merely using the label.

          • Exactly, Bill. The problem is, that to the average joe, the label and the philosophy are one in the same- and to them, the philosophy is that represented by the LP- since that is ther average joe’s only exposure to Libertarianism.

            So if you tell them you’re a Libertarian, they immediately think that you advocate a flat-tax [instead of no tax] scaled-down version of what we already have….pretty much just the Republican Party of old- which, while certainly preferable to what we have now, does not represent Liberterianism.

            • Nunzio, if they are that ignorant, I’d rather have them think of me as a Republican than an anarchist. I was addressing the evaluation of a libertarian-claiming candidate rather than the average joe.
              Another reason I have abandoned the libertarian label is the party’s inability to recognize that a fetus is a human being with a right to survive that it can’t defend, much like the people in a gun free zone.

              • Aww, gee, Bill….now we gotta get started on THAT? 🙂

                Why does EVERYTHING have to be the province of government?

                While morally, I am opposed to abortion….I don’t see how what goes on in someone else’s body is anyone’s business but that of the person whose body it is, and the person who helped make it happen.

                Government should not sponsor/promote it, nor have any opinion on it, since one’s womb is not their province, and what is in that womb is not their property. Once they claim ownership of such things, there goes the basis of all privacy, and the right to our own children and families, for we have then allowed government to usurp our authority over those things.

                Whose property is a fetus/baby/child? The state’s, or the parent’s and God’s? If the latter, than they are the judges of matters pertaining to such issues, and not the state.

                And why is it, that most politicians who oppose abortion [I oppose abortion, so me and mine woukld never have one] are the same ones who always seem to favor war?

                • That would make it legal for someone to cut someone else’s heart out if it was killing them?
                  At what point does a human fetus become a human being?

                  • No, it wouldn’t make it legal for anyone to do anything against the will of somebody else.

                    I believe fetus becomes a human at conception- but I also believe that a parent, as creator and host of that being, has the ability to do as they see fit with what is essentially their owen property- which relies on their body and or providence, both in the womb and after birth, for it’s survival.

                    This brings us to a more fundamental issue: Who has claim over the life of another person, and the ability to demand justice for that person? If it be the state, as the state delegates to itself today- then we are all owned by the state and mere chattel and slaves- as is the case.

                    For much of the world’s existence though- and in Patriarchal times and in God’s economy, it was the parent or the next of kin who was the one to exact or demand justice. Thus other men had no right in the matter.

                    To give other men, rather than God, uninvited jurisdiction in such matters, is to truly cede all of our parental claims over to the state- and isn’t that exactly what has happened?

                    And has that even done any good? No. Just the opposite. Now millions of unborn humans are killed every year just for convenience…and we are even forced to pay for it.

                    And yet if you discipline your child, or let it sit in the car for 5 minutes, you will be counted as a criminal.

                    And actually, I think it’s a good thing that the wicked should destroy their own children in the womb (and I think that those who elect to have elective abortions are wicked- but the thing is, such is not for us to decide-) is actually a good thing, for what kind of a parent would someone make, who would kill their own kid? Just more babies to grow up to be thugs and leeches, and we have enough of those already, thanks to Uncle and his welfare system.

    • Hi Vernon,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Now, if only enough people would – per the movie – through open their windows and scream, “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

      • Ah, Network. One of my annual viewings. Back when movies were about the outlier, the odd man out and the rebels. Star Wars was about the good guys fighting the empire -big centralized government ruling through (literal) force. Network showed the hypocrisy of media and even that the lame Communists are just as greedy as the rest of us.

        Now we’re fed a constant and horrible diet of superheroes who, even when they’re a mixed bag (Batman), are only trying to help us. Who cares that they destroy civilization (superman/any Marvel 3rd act) in the process?

      • Yeah, say anything to the average person, and they just say “Who cares?” or “What have you got to hide?” or “It’s for our safety”.

        Small-town police dept. one county over just got busted for planting drugs on innocent people. Can’t make any of the above excuses for that. Where’s the outrage? Not one word about it on the local forums. Where are the protests?

        A year or two ago, the crime lab for Nassau county NY (Pop. c 1.9M) was busted for forging/falsify forensic data. It’s forgotten about already. It’s like it never happened.

        Statism is the biggest religious cult in the world. No matter what their gurus do, the fools just make excuses and ignore it, because to confront it would be to destroy the object of their faith.

  11. With this system in place, it will be possible for a hacker or a rogue (?) cop to place innocent people at the scene of a crime by falsifying their ping signatures.
    The possibilities for abuse (in addition to the inherent violation of privacy) of this system are endless.

    • They can’t ping me because I don’t own a smart phone and never will. All I need is an $8. a mo. flip Trac Phone if I need to make a call when out running errands or an emergency. The newer star ID (drivers lic. or ID for those who don’t drive) are like you said, a U.S. passport. These ID/drivers lic must be shown when drawing money out of bank acct along with bank card so the photo matches you Buying cigarettes and alcohol it must be shown, along with check cashing or writing a check in person.

  12. We all laughed when Saul Goodman would pull open that bottom desk drawer and reach for one of his many “burner” phones.

    Ain’t so funny anymore.

    Call me loopy, but on a long trip, I turn my phone off, and keep it in the trunk. Hell, I don’t need, nor did I ever need, 100% access to make a call or BE called. Who really does? At least I’m not pinging all the time.

    In the trunk, as that is a still an ever so slight line-of-demarcation for a cop to get in your trunk. And it ain’t in plain sight.

    • Pit ot into airplane mode then pop it into a fully surrounding metal box. A Farraday cage, really. Then drop it somewhere out of sight, or hard to find. Then when John Law decides to “have a chat”he’ll never see it, and even if he fabricates “probable cause” for “going deeper” in spite of your vigourous denial of his desire, he’s still unlikely to find the ohone.

  13. In many ways, our recent ancestors were more trusting of government than today’s society. I have often wondered if that was due to the horrors their parents and grandparents experienced during the war to prevent south succession. I read somewhere that a majority of free-thinking people lost their lives.
    The children and grandchildren then lived through reconstruction, forced government school, the world wars where they fought against fascism while supporting the same policies here, and the great depression. Most of those people are dead now, but they really got pissed off at us younger folks for saying bad things about president FDR, and they had extreme loyalty to the U.S. government.

    • The narrative was that there were these real-life supermen, like Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan, who were superior to the rest of us poor slobs. But the poor slobs were superior to the Native American savages, and the Hun, and the Irish, and that’s the way God intended it to be. Science was figuring out DNA and genetics after Darwin’s Origin of Species got into wide distribution, and that science was starting to be applied to humans.

      Then in 1890 the US Census used the Hollerith Tabulating Machine. This was a revolutionary device in that it allowed data sorting to be automated. Once Hollerith started cranking them out everything and everyone was being categorized, measured and correlated. The Tabulating Machine was so successful the company went on to become IBM. It also opened up the ability to define who we are based on our past in a systematic way. In Germany it led to the Nazis. In the US it led to horrific standardization where doctors and the progressive state teamed up to attempt to weed out the members of the gene pool determined to be unfit though sterilization, lobotomization and other terrible practices. A willing mass media (who rubbed elbows with the elites) parroted the narrative to sell papers. And no one had to take care of their messed up child -but they did feel guilty about bringing an “abomination” into the world.

      Then after the World Wars and great depression, I think the entirety of my grandparents’ and parents’ generations were so PTSD’d up as to just want anyone to take away the trauma. The government stepped in, or at least took credit, for the peacetime prosperity and lack of war even though the government was the cause of most of the problems of the 20th century. And those same supermen, now their children and grandchildren, still want to pull the strings of society. They like their spot at the top and honestly believe they’re genetically superior. Maybe a few of them are, but intellect isn’t easily measured. For sure they’re going to make sure their genes are passed on and given the best opportunity for success, just like everyone else desires.

        • Have ya noticed, Bob, that most people don’t even know how to use an answering machine properly anymore? A stranger can call, and say “Call me back” and not even leave their number. They assume it’s voicemail and that their number is being displayed. I’ve had to resort to specifying instructions when placing Craigslist ads…and STILL half the idjits don’t leave their number!

          We’re truly being squeezed out of commerce in every way….and we don’t have large close-knit communities like the Amish do, so we’re on our own!

        • Hi Bobster,

          I got one. Sigh. Here’s why:

          First, it’s cheap. After my divorce, I had to cut things to the bone. I got a $60 track phone at Wal Mart; it saves me vs. the house line.

          Second, I am forced to be “reachable” (radio interviews, etc.) at odd times/places. Need the sail fawn for this.

          Third – and this one is becoming a kind of non sequitur in that I am rapidly losing interest – dating is almost impossible without one of these things.

      • Just like it’s not illegal to not have a Social Security Number. Despite the fact that the law does not require Americans to apply for one (don’t take my word for it, write the SSA and ask them), the powers that be have made it nearly impossible to live without one unless you live an “Alone in the Wilderness” lifestyle.

        I have just a simple flip phone with a battery that can be removed. Most of the time it is left off with the battery out.

        • Hi Jason,


          And – per my article of a few weeks back – many of these things are applied for under false pretenses or duress. Or by minors incapable of giving informed consent.

          The driver’s license is a perfect example. And SS – usually applied for by a child’s parents before the child is even capable of speech.

          Once enmeshed, how do you get un-enmeshed?

          • The noose tightens more every day. Unfortunately as far as I can see the only way to free oneself is, as the saying goes, “vote” with one’s feet and get out while the getting is good. There are no truly free places, but there are some where government doesn’t have the resources to do what’s happening here. Other than about all you can do is this:


            Even then you may not be free of the gunvermin, as the 3rd comment under the video demonstrates. Where is Galt’s Gulch when we need it?

            • You got it, Jason!

              You can’t even live out in the middle of the desert by yourself, here. Just makes you more suspicious and easier to single-out. (Otherwise, I’d be doing it!)

              A lot of people seem to not want to admit it- maybe they’ve grown too comfortable with trappings of convenience which big government so readily provides….but the only hope for any semblance of a free, peaceful and enjoyable life these days, where we do not witness/hear about constant evil and tyranny, is to get the hell out!

              When I was a kid, I used to wonder how it was that so many Germans stayed in Germany in Hitler’s day- “Why didn’t they just leave before it got so bad that they couldn’t?”- and now we see the very same thing happening here….and soon it will be too late for us to leave, too.

              250,000 Americans per year are leaving. They replace them with foreigners….ones who are prolific baby-makers, to also make up for the decling birthrate among traditional Americans (just as in Europe).

              If nothing else, when the economy crashes and it’s so bad that the foreigners stop coming, you can be sure that they ain’t gonna let NO ONE out. Contrary to the red herring propaganda of “population reduction”, they need us slaves (They just want to knock us off early- after our useful working life- but all the riches in the world would be useless without the laborers, servants and builders.)

              • Hello Nunzio, apparently we have had identical dreams at times.
                I as a government propaganda center attendee was genuinely amazed how gullible the German people had been under the events which lead to the rise of Hitler as an absolute ruler, and I honestly thought that our people despite their great many flaws were above that!
                Now I know otherwise, and I am ashamed of being a human being at the same time as I am proud to have made it to the select group of human beings possessing rational thought!
                Nunzio, you have studied the original biblical texts in their actual format. I began my transformation to becoming an anarchist after reading 1 Samuel ch 8 and experiencing a gigantic spiritual transformation event brought about by my Creator. I KNEW that the mainstream religions were way off base because HE gave me permission to explore the boundaries of the capabilties of my spirit.
                I put off doing so due to the fact that being in that state would be dangerous to everyone as I was driving truck.
                In more recent years I have discovered that certain groups of spiritual people largely share our beliefs about what is evil vs what is good. I have also grown to believe that our Creator (whomever or whatever HE might be) knows our true spirit. I have talked with very highly moral and spiritual individuals who also believe in a higher being, but believe that Satan is a fabrication that the mainstream Christians are welcome to keep for themselves The thought here is that our spirits live eternally, and that our spirits choose to be born as physical beings into certain human families. I ridiculed that idea since I had been born into an abusive one until it was pointed out that my spirit chose to be in this family in order to grow spiritually in a certain way.
                I likewise understand the opinions of atheists with-in this group. I ask the atheists to research the unexplainable parts of our existence such as the development of extremely complex eyes and hearing. The evolutionary theory cannot explain how that could rationally happen step by step.
                We should all agree that our existance remains a great mystery!

                • Hi Brian,

                  I’ve been fascinated by Nazi Germany – and the events leading up to it – since I was a kid. One of the aspects most harrowing is that the average person was faced with the choice of the National Socialists or the Communists. There was a no other (realistic) option. I suspect we will face a similar choice. As this country implodes, economically as well as culturally and socially, there will be a yearning for “order” and “tradition.” Authoritarian right vs. authoritarian left.

                  Which side will we choose?

                  • Hi Eric, if that happens I will leave the U.S. I already intend to visit some countries south of us in the near future because I don’t know which one to choose presently.
                    If leaving the U.S. becomes impossible: there are vast stretches of hilly and forested land in quite a few areas across the country. You yourself live near some of them.

                    • Hi Brian,


                      I’ve considered moving to some other country. But the problem is that there are no other countries that offer real freedom; just differing varieties of tyranny. I agree that in some ways, other countries may be preferable. But it’s not a huge degree of difference and then you have to factor in leaving behind your whole life – your friends, familiar places as well as a familiar language – to become a stranger in a foreign place, where you’ll be starting over.

                      That works, maybe, if you are in your 20s and haven’t yet built a life. But if you’re in your 40s or 50s, it’s a very different story.

                      So, I suppose I’ll stay. The upside is I’m single now so they can’t threaten me in the same way that they can a man with a wife and kids. I just don’t give a damn anymore. Let them come.

                    • Brian,
                      There are vast stretches of unoccupied land throughout the lower 48. After TSHTF, there won’t be enough, if any, agents of any government to patrol such, nor will they be inclined when the cities become riot zones.
                      I have shifted from moving out of the country to moving out of the cities. If John Bolton gets his way, they will become nuclear test sites.

                    • Eric, as being someone mice elf [to quote Sly & The Family Stone ;)] who started over once already when I was 39, and who is now looking at the prospect of starting over again in my 50’s, I can tell ya, it’s not a terrible thing- ‘specially when you’re doing it to drastically improve the quality of your life/gain freedom.

                      Just think: You see new and different things, and might very well find yourself in a situation which you hadn’t imagined could ever exist; one which exceeds your expectations.

                      You get to start anew, unhindered, and thus make your life and your new environment what YOU want it to be…as opposed to what you can “get away with”. It makes ya feel young again.

                      I tend to like the old and the familiar and the comfortable myself….but in this country, those things are being taken from us anyway– so rather than sitting idly by and suffering it like the Germans, why not use the opportunity for betterment?

                      I can tell you that starting over when I was 39 was the best thing I ever did, and results GROSSLY exceeded my expectations.

                      I fled NY with the attitude of a refugee- basically with only $25K to my name and a paid-for vehicle…just hoping to manage to exist somewhere, where I might just be able to find a little relative freedom and quietness…but I got so much more! If this country were not descending into the mess it is, I would be happy to stay where i am forever….but the very things I came here for are slowly being destroyed by the cancer of government- so why stay, when I am physically able to leave still? -and especially after having done this once now, and seeing how well it can work out?

                      There ARE places to go. Even the ones that don’t sound good on paper. Once you get away from the first world, and away from the big cities, in many places there is just no government. Isn’t that what we want?

                      Those places aren’t easy to get to. You don’t fly down and check it out on a weekend or over the course of a week…. You pick a part of the world, and choose a location to use as a jumping off point….and then just spend some time exploring and wandering. There’s no telling what you will find… The good stuff isn’t just inconvenient to get to, but it is not publicized…for if it were, it wouldn’t be good.

                      On the one hand, I hate to leave what is essentially my dream, which I have achieved….but on the other, we know that this dream is fast going to turn into a nightmare- and I’ve known people who literally had to flee and run for their lives in the middle of the night, forsaking everything (such as when the commies came to power in Cuba)…and they had to start over with NOTHING. I’d rather avoid that, and go at my leisure, and at least with the value of what I own….wouldn’t you?

                      To prefer staying and dying, or being more so slaves than we already are, just seems silly, when the alternative is not some horrible thing…but can actually be a very positive and uplifting thing.

                      Think of it more as early retirement! Really, how many middle-aged people would LIKE to be able to pursue such an opportunity, but can’t, because they are mired with mundane things, like 9-5 jobs, and debt and children shared with exes, etc.?

                      We are free of such things! What a tragedy if we don’t avail ourselves of the opportunities before us!

                      THIS is exactly why so many willingly stayed in Germany.

                      [And Brian, I haven’t forgotten you…I’m just waiting till I have some more time to reply in a manner befitting the quality of your posts!]

                    • Bill, trouble with most of those vast stretches of emptiness, is that there is no water; and more importantly, they are either “Federal land” or in the grip of some tyrannical county- like in CA. or AZ. where you can be in the trackless wilderness, but they’re require you have a building permit/foundation for your mobile home (and a zillion other codes to follow); occupancy permit; water-hauling permit, etc.

                      And if you think they won’t care when TSHTF, I’d say you’re wrong, because they’ll be looking for money/to seize property…and since most of those places don’t contain big cities, they’ll have the manpower…and in fact, have a surplus of it, because they’ll have funds/resources apportioned that they won’t even have a real use for…so they’ll have to invent reasons to use them- just as the PD’s and sheriff’s offices do now with all the military junk they are given.

                      Plus, anyone being out there will stick out like a sore thumb, and be fodder for every plane, helicopeter and drone and their pilots, to be reported as “possible terrorist or insurgent” or “unauthorized occupant in off-limits zone”.

                      Nowhere in this country is safe…first and foremost because of our fellow indoctrinated and brainwashed countrymen.

                  • Eric,
                    We have faced the same situation since the Democratic and Republican parties became the “official” parties by earning the permanent subsidies they share with no others.
                    The left-right spectrum is socialist all the way from the communists on the left end to the fascists on the right end. The Democrats are just a click away from the left end, the Republicans are just a click away from the right end.
                    As several libertarians have noted, liberty is in your head or not.

          • So true, Eric.

            I remember, I never even applied for a Socialist Security card. One just came in the mail one day when I was 16- and not knowing any better, I was like “Oh, O-K”, and the adults around me acted lijke “Oooo! Nunzie got his SS card today, now he’s a real man!”.

            Today it’s much worse. Anyone who is foolish enough to have their baby in a hospital, gets a number assigned to the kid immediately.

            The sick thing is, there is no way of renouncing that number. Sure, some people tell you that there is…but it’s hogwash [George Gordon used to promote a method of renunciation…the same Gordon from Gordon vs. Idaho- the failed driving without a license case, which I cited in a comment to Rog…] -But as soon as they have your info, they assign that number to you, and it’s yours for life in their eyes.

          • I came from a family of sheeple, and I actually applied for a social security number so that I could earn some spending money as a 12 year old boy by detasseling corn. My parents paid me no allowance, and I sought a way as a boy living on a farm to earn spending money. I ended up applying for and getting the card which stated that it could never be used as a form of identification, but I never got the job with Pioneer in southern Michigan. Years later in the early 80’s, my card was falling apart due to being in my billfold as I had been sweating my ass off working for local farmers in Missouri. I ordered a new SSN card and was charged a fee for doing so. The paperwork sent to me included text forbidding me to laminate the card, and my new card omitted the statement that it could not be used as a form of ID.
            I as a youngster back then could not really defy my parents stupid orders, much less the governments retarded ones; yet my acceptance of such is now binding?

            • Statists will say that children cannot enter into contracts but then use things we were told to do or were made to do or were done for us as binding contracts when it comes to being under the rule of the state.

              They pass laws forbidding those under a certain age from using a motor vehicle, drinking alcohol, voting, working, and much more while ever pushing those ages upwards. Yet, at the same time they insist that we become obligated to state due to things that often occur while we are infants or at least children.

            • Hi Brian,

              Yup. Very similar story here. I can’t recall exactly, but I got my card in my teens as well – for the same reason. Basically, it was a work permit. And I wanted to work because I wanted a car. I was not told I was “applying” for a socialist wealth transfer scheme and what that entailed. The idea that a young teen can “consent” to such a thing is ridiculous. As Brent points out, most people agree that a kid cannot consent in the legal sense to all kinds of things because he is legally a child. Yet when it comes to SS, all that goes out the window. For the obvious reason that it serves the interests of the government.

              Of course, as a moral matter, none of us ought to feel bound or obligated by any such contract.

            • There has never been a requirement that you carry it with you at all times.
              I do not carry any identification with me. I know who I am.
              I leave my drivers license in the van, where I do all my driving.

      • Life is just fine without one! -or will that be the next thing they force by mandate- like mandatory health insurance?

        Anyone still not believe me that it’s time to get the hell out of here? -or will we wait until it is impossible or until we are in a FEMA camp?

        I suppose the next step will be: Not having a smartphone radiating a signal for the pigs to pick up, will be justifiable cause for “suspicion” and warrant pulling one over/detaining them?

        Hitler would be envious if he were still alive….this has become a police state that would put his Germany to SHAME! -It makes Germany look primitive by comparison.

        Does anyone at this point doubt the Biblical narrative which states that anyone at the end time who does not have The Mark Of The Beast[government] will not be able to buy or sell [engage in any form of commerce]? -It’s just about to that point already- as it’s become hard [and dangerous] to deal strictly in cash….and once they put the finishing touches on the cake, like outlawing cash…..it will be impossible.

        • Hitler was a piker. The Stasi were amateurs, as was the NKVD. We live in quite literally the most totalitarian police state the world has ever seen.

          My kin didn’t believe me 20 years ago when I told them about the databases already in place and the gun registration. The figured like good rednecks they would just hide them and lie. They also said they’d never be forced to wear a seat belt.

          Nonetheless, I won’t be leaving. When the time comes, I will die fighting. Where would I go which won’t end up the same way in 10 or 20 years? Though other places with an older and more realistic culture of ignoring, evading, and mistrusting government might be better. If I had no family, I would just go and try it.

          • I don’t “get” this attitude which many have of “I’ll just stay and die”.

            Die for what? What does that accomplish? And that’s if you’re lucky enough to die. Just as in Eric’s example of the wild hogs, the fact is that most will simply succumb to the gradualism -just as we all have thus far- and either end up towing toeing the line, or in a cage, because we are even now on the verge of having any remaining ability to forcibly resist taken from us….and those who will not extricate themselves from the system and it’s environs, for whatever reason, will cite those very same reasons as to why they can’t resist anything else the system demands of them.

            And your family will notice no appreciable difference whether you are dead, caged, or living normally half way around the world.

            I got virtually the same argument when I was leaving NY: “Oh, no matter where you go, it’ll be the same anyway”- But ya know what? I’ve been living for last 17 years now away from NY, and it’s been wonderful! And a few of the nay-sayers even ended up following me.

            And sure, I do see the same things at work here that made NY what it has become 30 years ago- but while they’re playing catch-up, I got to enjoy nearly a third of my life in a freedom and joy I hadn’t known since I was a kid in the early 70’s! -and that’s here, in the belly of the Beast.

            By contrast, there are vast areas in the southern hemisphere where GPS doesn’t even work. Where the average person, if he doesn’t live in a city or big town, can go their whole life without ever having anything to do with the government or it’s agents.

            Most places outside of the first world simply do not have the resources to erect the matrix of control that we have here; for in addition to the technology and or manpower it requires, it also requires generations of indoctrination through forced schooling which specifically contains the elements of social engineering, AND mass media propagation. Even in places where these things may just now be starting, it will still take longer than our lifetime for them to be implemented to the point where the people will willingly comply without violent resistance.

            I suspect that the real issue for many people is that they just don’t want to give up a lot of the things they have here- but the irony is, we are being forced to give up most of those things by staying here, anyway!

            • I am very much interested in leaving this country Nunzio, but I have made no decisions as of yet. I am strongly considering taking a trip to Central and South America once I have worked at my job long enough to have vacation time. I need to build up my savings first anyway.

    • @Frank

      What happens is that person proves to be highly intelligent and gets one step closer to full liberation from digital slavery. And as a bonus isn’t walking around with a carcinogenic tacking device.

    • I don’t have either of those as well. No smartphone, no this phone or that phone, only land line whcih continues to bring me all manner of unwanted solicitations even though we’re on the “do not call” list along with the usual spoofing. Fuck’em.
      I use Ixquick and Duck Duck Go, stay away from Gargle FarceBook and Twatter, read libertarian websites and go to Veterans Today for some real journalism especially when it comes to international news and never carry a credit card with me. I pay cash for all my purchases except when I have to purchase something online to feed my hobby…R/C planes and by the way I will not register with the FAA Nazis nor will I buy any tracking and ID rubbish they are spewing.
      Now I have to commit more libertarian criminality and plan my garden for this year.

      • You still need to block the trackers on many a libertarian websites, google analytics, twitter syndication, etc.

        e.g. EPAutos.com has the following trackers:

        LRC.com has:

        Even zerohedge.com is not immune:

        Being libertarian, these sites are free to use what they want, just as I am free to block them.

        • LRC is becoming a farce…. So littletrue Libertarianism. Too much let’s-fix-America, prepper crap, and “eat-this-and-live-forever medical BS. ….and Gary North, whom i used to think was decent, but now has apparently become a musicologist…..

          More Murray; Ludwig!
          Less Daisy;Tylers;The Guardian!

          • Hi Nunz,

            I know Lew; he’s a good guy. And he’s dealing with the same pressure (financial) that I (and other Libertarian writers) face.

            I don’t know Gary. He is clearly bright and a good writer but I don’t grok some of his religious ideas, which strike me as conflicting with his other ideas since his religious notions appear to be very theocratic and so authoritarian. But – as I say – I have never spoken with him, so I may be misinterpreting.

            • Hey Eric,

              Although I don’t know Lew personally, I do love the guy [said with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality 😉 ] I have his book, Against The State…I wish I could make everyone read it!

              I guess that’s why I’m a little disappointed with his site lately- I expect better from such an one- but my thinking, is that it must be hard to even find decent content in this world where us types are such a minority. I just don’t see what good it does though spamming the space with the likes of Lihn Dihn (sp?) and Jerry Reynolds and MentalFloss, etc.

              I’m eternally grateful to LRC though, because if not for it, I never would have discovered your site!!!!

              Yeah…Gary… He means well…but he rambles so…and his conclusions are often wrong. e.g. he thought Youtube was going to be a boon for liberty. How he did not see the censorship coming, I just can’t fathom…but when ya prognosticate and miss obvious stuff like that….

              On Gary’s website, one has to be a registered member to comment…and the comments are censored. I remember, a few years ago, I had sent Gary an email, and his reply was “Why not post this on my website?”- Ummm, because I’m not a joiner, and I don’t care to post where my comments will be moderated and censored- ‘specially by others than the site owner.

              I’ve observed those religious contradictions too. Gary is what ya call a “reconstructionist”. They essentially believe that WE must here and now establish the Kingdom Of God on earth by our efforts…. [How’s that working out for them? LOL!]- which is contradictory to Libertarianism, as it is essentially the establishment of human theocracy- AND it is contrary to Biblical theology, because God nowhere gave men such a decree over the world- and ironically, the desire to rule men and control society is a trait of those who oppose God.

            • Gary clearly has his moments. His Catholocism is hard for me to follow as I suspect it is for most who don’t proscribe to such.

              I know 2 basic Catholics, ones like Gary who never consider another way and those such as my wife who couldn’t run fast enough when it quit being forced on her as a way of life….even attending Catholic school where she did get a good edgycation but had it crammed down her throat.

              I enjoy Gary when he writes about music. His articles about Ry Cooder were wonderful to me. I can’t believe I found Ry years before Gary but that’s music for you.

              I find a great deal of kinship to him in his love of music. If I youtube’d myself on the road it would have to be The Singing Trucker.

              • Gary, Cat-holic? No way! I’d run from him myself if he were! (I’m allergic to Catholicism)

                I basically like Gary…he just tends to ramble and then be anticlimactic in the end. He’s definitely a good’un though.

                I just mentioned the musci, as i don’t see the point of LRC pimping articles about music….and three such articles in a row by Gary was a little ridiculous. I mean, I don’t go to LRC looking for bread and circuses.

                Sheesh, I’m starting to worry that any day now, I’m going to go to LRC and see an article by Walter Williams about Parlaiment-Funkadelic! 😉

  14. Eric is correct that a driver’s license has quite literally become an internal passport — just like in the Soviet Union. If your state does not issue one compliant with the Federal “Real ID” law, by the end of they year you won’t be able to book a domestic flight or enter Federal property such as a Federal building, courthouse, or military base. You need an “enhanced” driver’s license or passport to get back into the U.S. from Canada. When I was a kid you needed nothing but a cheery smile and a declaration that you were born in the U.S.

    And of course all your data will be scanned and logged — forever — every time you use it.

    It’s truly frightening.

    One final thought regarding Eric’s “hog” analogy: it’s my understanding that most people don’t bother to corral feral hogs… they just shoot them.

    • Hi X,

      It’s been headed this way for some time, but things are accelerating now due to synergies – multiple coalescing factors. I suspect we are very close to the moment when a single trigger could cause the whole thing to implode – or explode. It won’t be a civil war, as some predict. That requires two coherent sides fighting over control of the whole. The country is fracturing. It will either be held together by force – nothing like anything we’ve seen yet; virulent and totalitarian – or it will break up into regional blocs. The latter holds some prospect for hope.

      • eric, I consider this every day. You view the outcome as do I. There won’t be anything “civil” about a war, god(not that I’m a believer)help us all……both or all sides.

        I fully support the Texas withdrawal and the groups who represent it. It may not be ideal but beats hell out of what we have. I’m in a place where I can barely see over the hill….and I don’t see me on the other side. Just buried a 46 year old nephew that confirmed the epidemic of bad diseases brought on this country. I don’t see things getting better without a lot of deaths……unfortunately. I’d stop it if I could but it’s always been beyond my control. It took Vietnam to wake my young ass up. Too bad the sheeple are still asleep.

      • “It will either be held together by force – nothing like anything we’ve seen yet; virulent and totalitarian – or it will break up into regional blocs. The latter holds some prospect for hope.”

        I agree with this fully, and also hope for the latter — sooner rather than later, so I still have some time to enjoy some freedom. A USSR or Czech-style bloodless breakup would be ideal… but might be too much to hope for.

        I ran across this fascinating document recently — it’s an anti-Lincoln, pro-freedom Copperhead publication from 1864. It’s amazing how people could see this coming 150+ years ago… but contemporary technology is accelerating the totalitarian nature of Uncle to new heights.


      • “It will either be held together by force – nothing like anything we’ve seen yet; virulent and totalitarian – or it will break up into regional blocs. The latter holds some prospect for hope.”

        I want to be optimistic and have some hope for the future, but I see the former being the more likely outcome rather than the latter. Look at the extent the Feds went to in preventing a break up of the union in the American civil war between North and South. They will do everything imaginable to prevent any kind of break-up. Fast forward a century and a half and they have come so far with the indoctrination and mind control. They’ve launched a multi-faceted campaign to enslave us, surveillance, soft censorship, environmentalism, glorifying and promoting ignorance, weaponized financial chicanery, marginalizing intelligent thought. Perpetual foreign wars that seem to get even the most ardent supporters of liberty to wrap them selves in the flag and rally to the aid of Big Brother. . You guys can finish the list of tools of enslavement there are too many to list. Point being, to break free of those chains will take some real serious sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice for many, and I just don’t see it happening. People like to talk about freedom, but when it comes to actually doing something about it, they have other higher priorities. I think the vast majority of people love the concept of freedom, but the reality of it, taking responsibility for their own lives, scares the shit out of them.

        • Regional blocks would likely not be any better- just as state government are often as bad or worse than the Fed. The real problem is not the form of government, but rather that government exists, and that it exists because the vast majority of people around us believe in it; they believe it is O-K to violence and the threat of violence to achieve some agreed-upon goals; to force the individual to conform to the will of the majority; and that certain men possess certain god-like rights and special privileges/powers, which enable them to “legally” do what the rest of us can not do- such as steal through taxation, and kidnap and murder via mercenaries those who violate the laws which they make up.

          Until such time that a good percentage of the populace rid themselves of the belief in that false god….nothing will change, regardless of how the government is organized.

          • Hi Nunzio,

            There is one very big upside to regional blocs – assuming free movement is possible. It gives people options – something sorely lacking under the current regime. Imagine if it were possible to say “no, thanks” to the income tax simply by moving to a state where such a thing did not exist. Or a state that had no taxes on real estate.

            And the mere existence of such alternatives would make it harder to any state/bloc to mulct people as under the current centralized regime.

            • That’s true, Eric- but you know THAT isn’t “the plan”.

              Back when I first started becoming politically aware- back in the mid 80’s- when ya had to listen to shortwave radio to hear anything outside of the mainstream….

              It was common to hear of the globalists plans to divide the US up into 10 different little “countries”- each with their own particular economic emphasis, and such.

              And I believe that that is exactly what we are on the verge of seeing- and what is being orchestrated by such things as the extreme polarization of political sentiments- while in reality, no matter who is elected, it is just business-as-usual.

              But I don’t think for a second that such partitioning of the US will any way offer more freedom, any more so than does having a choice of 50 states.

              In fact, such an arrangement will offer less freedom, as the states will cede their “sovereignty” to one of the 10 new superstates.

              And the emphasis of such states will be more than ever about control and taxation- and no pesky remnants of the Constitution to get in the way. Everything is just going to be consolidated. You can see it already- driving people into high-density compact cities, and depriving them of personal transportation, etc.

              Think about it. All of these things you see happening and report about here, are not random and organic- they are all a part of a master plan…and that plan is being carried out before our eyes.

              Next step in the plan is to consolidate less populated smaller counties. I believe this is already starting to to take place in ME. There have been some hushed rumblings about it here in KY even… See? It’s much easier to remove local independent control in conservative rural counties which are resistant to the agenda; resistant to things like “zoning and planning” and higher property taxes, and programs which bring in “refugees” and create that high-density housing, etc.

              And ultimately, no matter how ya slice up the map, ya get the same BS, as long as the majority of people believe in, support and participate in the religion of authoritarian collectivism.

              At this point, you could remove all of the agendas and globalists and politicians….and the people would erect the exact same thing as what we now have, and what they are planning, because they are essentially cult members, whose overriding purpose is the same as that of their gurus.

              There is no future here for anyone who cares about life and liberty. And the only choices will be: What climate you prefer; who you pay your taxes to (the guy who speaks more conservatively, or the he/she who snowflake, etc.); and which industry you prefer to serve- agribusiness, manufacturing, high-tech, etc.

  15. Clovers?

    Clover and all his cohorts can pack up and go fuck off to parts unknown, just like Tories and Loyalists did during the American Revolution: back then to Canada, the Bahamas, back to Britain or Europe or now to Mexico or China or Ghana, wherever, who fucking cares…piss off and be thankful we are not French Revolutionaries with guillotines.

    THAT’S how you get freedom.

  16. Eric wrote:

    “But the hogs – soon to be pigs, then bacon – don’t seem to mind much.”

    They don’t mind at all, in fact, they look forward to the slaughter.

    World weary, cosmopolitan, effete, spoiled, soft, stupid and cynical, your average modern “man” commits suicide at an exploding rate, when not killing themselves with dope.

    Like Eloi, or the counterparts of Logan, they don’t even want to survive anymore, much less care about freedom or liberty.

    And like blue crabs in a bucket, if they see YOU trying to escape, rest assured, they will do everything in their power to pull you back into the bucket to make sure you meet your doom as well.

    This is why “educating” about freedom is a lost cause.

    Bold men TAKE their freedom, and to hell with the rest.

    • Your last sentence is the key. Free men simply are. We are aware of what’s going on around us, we may cope with the drivers license that the state worshiping religious zealots around us love, but we know it’s simply part of living in an anarchic world. Get in your car, don’t pick fights with the army ants, carry your unregistered weapons, and always be prepared to die fighting.

      I know the anarchists in our midst won’t like that, but human nature wants a master, a ruler, a boss. I don’t. I suspect that makes you and I somewhat more than human. In nature there is always a herd bull, a pride leader, etc and nothing can change that. That’s the way were made.

    • Ah, but technology gave us hot running water, the car and the plane, and the automatic weapon. All force multipliers to live longer, move more freely, and keep larger mobs at bay. The Amish have it right, evaluate and use useful tech, don’t let it use you.

      • The problems started when “they” started putting needless technology in everything, just to effect surveillance and control- like all of the electronic engine controls in modern cars.

        For decades, cars ran just fine with nothing more than a rudimentary ignition system….and could even be made (when desired) to get better mileage than today’s abominations. Then the EPA convinced everyone [points gun and cocks hammer] that they needer uber-efficiency to extract that extra 1/10th of an MPG more out of a gallon of gas…so they festooned the cars with with computers and sensors and various Rube Goldberg contraptions, all controlled by electronics…which were so complex that it was then necessary to monitor every system on the car so that when something goes wrong it could tell you…and coincidentally, this just happens to be the mechanism by which every detail of the car’s operation can be recorded and monitored….

        And then “smart” refrigerators and TV’s and phones….

        It’s no longer technology being used to enhance our lives, for that technology has already existed and been perfected for some time now…but this is technology just to control us, and the stupid buy it up, just because it’s “the latest” or “highly advanced” or lets you control your refrigerator from your bedroom via your phone…as if that is somehow necessary or desirable.

        • Nunz,

          That post gets a thumbs up if for nothing more than using “festooned” properly.

          Could not have said it better myself.

          Oh and I am really hating the latest trend: parts that must “sync” to the ECM before they will work.


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