Trump to Announce Rescinded CAFE Fatwa in Virginia

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Looks like it might have been worth the effort to vote for his Orangeness.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt plans to sign a declaration by Sunday that the Obama administration’s vehicle efficiency rules for 2022 through 2025 are “not appropriate” and must be revised, according to Reuters .

Pruitt is expected to speak at an event at a Chevrolet dealership in suburban Washington and will be joined by groups representing dealers and automakers.

The state of California, which has the power to effectively create its own fuel economy standards, several allied states and environmental groups are gearing up for a legal and political fight over the rules.

California Air Resources Board chair Mary Nichols said in January the board does not believe the standards should be lowered. Pruitt was in California earlier this week, but did not meet with Nichols.

Two Trump administration officials and several automakers told Reuters the timing of proposing specific revisions to existing fuel economy standards remains in flux. EPA officials suggested a detailed proposal could come in late May or June, while the Transportation Department is pushing for a speedier proposal, automakers and officials said.

The EPA declined Thursday to comment on Pruitt’s plans. An EPA spokeswoman said last week “a final determination will be signed by April 1.”

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  1. I’ll believe it when I see it, if he does pull it off would be nice to get rid of the ethanol mandate next assuming Archer Daniels Midland allows it.

    • Don’t worry MIB, ADM won’t allow it and nobody is getting paid to take it away. I agree with Nun.
      The Republocrats vote to keep any other party out, quite successfully so it’s like it was back in the 80’s when BC ran against GWHB. I asked my old ex-CIA buddy(and yes Dorothy, there is no such thing as “ex” as he would find out)what he thought each of them would do.

      He blew out a big ring of cig smoke and said “The same thing”. Oh, he’d been watching too. Sure enough, good old BC pushed through GWHB’s NAFTA just like he said he’d do “if” he won. That shoulda been the wake-up call for all time since it happened “toot sweet” as the Frenchies would say and I watched our entire industrial base get trucked down the major highways and byways along with the jobs that they required.

      Oh well, I was working too hard to make it to the polls anyway since they cut off at 7 and that ain’t the end of my day. Seems like I did vote in 2000 simply because it was GWB, one of the most unlikeable and crooked POS to ever walk the earth. He came by it “honestly” just looking at his father and Nazi collaborator grandpa. I wrote in Ron Paul and now only vote for local elections that I feel I have a dog in the hunt over.

      • Hi Eight, true dat (happy Easter, btw) I am surprised that he actually did pull out of the TPP but maybe that’s still coming down the road disguised as something else. Was it Mark Twain or Will Rogers who said “if voting made a difference they wouldn’t allow it”? Anyhow at this point in time I feel like the late great George Carlin when he said “I have a front row seat to the end of the world”.

        • I love it always has to be one extreme or the other- A or Z. TPP or trade tariffs….it can never be a free market/what each business owner and each consumer wants to do with what is theirs…no, it has to be something dictated by one or two men to everyone……

  2. The one crumb he throws us. The one which can be just as easily reinstated by decree of the next windbag who wins the election. And not that it will matter either way if we end up in WW3 thanks to the bastard and his Neocon buddies (Which is exactly where we’d be also if the she-beast had won), and if we can’t afford to buy anything/have nothing to buy thanks to the looming trade war created by his imposition of tariffs…..

    But it is one good thing…like Nero fiddling a nice song while Rome burns. I’d like to say “Yay”…..but after all the other betrayals of those who supported him….and how cheap talk is with him (Like just making up stats when he was speaking Trudeau…) it’s like being happy because the guy who mugged you let you keep the penny that fell out of your pocket while you were handing him your wallet.

    The unprecedented spending which he and the Swamp Dwellers approved will bankrupt us all, so that we won’t have to even worry about such things as CAFE, since we won’t have cars to drive. Why is there NEVER a fiscally conservative pro-free-market anti-socialist candidate anymore? Repugnantcan or Dumbocrap, doesn’t seem to matter anymore, they ALL foster socialistic public works and military based collectivism through economics.

  3. Finally some common sense out of the government. Who gave California (or any branch of government) the right to dictate these standards to us? I don’t see any of that in the Constitution.

    • Because factories are all designed to crank out millions of one thing. If they have to switch to 1/2 millions of two different things, that costs money and is hard. Since businesses don’t have to appeal to customers for anything other than paint color and entertainment systems, designing two drivetrains would be unacceptable to the shareholders.

    • Obedience to the legal principles of the Constitution on which this country was supposedly founded, seem to be relegated to a position a few notches below fidelity to their spouses…..


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