Aren’t Tats “Suspicious”?

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Here are a couple of armed government workers who look mighty “suspicious,” given the gang-style tats all over their arms.

Shouldn’t they have to produce ID, prove to that they’re not in a gang?

Whoops! They are in a gang… it just happens to be a legal one!

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    • Hi Rich,

      Ditto. I realize it will draw abuse – I’m a snob, etc. – but tattoos are for bikers, sailors and criminals. The used to mark you out as a rebel or at least unconventional. Nowadays, there’s nothing more stupidly conventional and lower-class emulating than having a barbed wire tat on your arm (if male) or a tramp stamp on your lower back, if female.

      Do it if you like; I’m not arguing for a ban.

      I just think it’s of a piece with Van Dyke beards and other me-too idiocies of our time!

      • i just avoid dealing or talking to heavily tatooed creatures. Wait til they get fat and ugly and those tatts just become a piece of monocolor.

  1. It strikes me as mighty hypocritical that Google has epa on a shit list as it were but on this Android device they advertise their reacharound buddy’s product(Amazon) wherever they like.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Of course – like cops who “speed” as much as they like, don’t buckle up for saaaaaaaaafety…. but ticket us for the same things! 🙂


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