Tasered For Sitting Non-Confrontationally

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This video shows the Tasering by an armed government worker of a man who was not in any way “resisting” or posing a “threat to officer safety.” The man is shown sitting on the curb, his hands placed in such a way as to convey to the armed government worker he isn’t any kind of “threat” to the “safety” of the armed government worker. But that is not enough to avoid being tortured by armed government workers.

The man apparently wasn’t sufficiently “compliant” with the armed government worker; who can be heard barking orders at the man before he Tases the unarmed, non-confrontational man in the back like the coward-thug he is:

It goes without saying that the armed government worker probably won’t be criminally prosecuted for this brutal, unprovoked assault. He may be reprimanded; might even lose his job. But he won’t become a felon – and it will be taxpayers who are made to fund the damages awarded to his victim by any civil court.

It makes my teeth ache.

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  1. Actually, it looks like the guy was trying to comply. You actually have 2 officers out there barking orders that could be considered contradictory.

    Officer Pig: ‘Put your legs straight out’.
    Officer Bitch: ‘Cross your legs right now’.

    Fortunately this game of Simon Says did not end the same way it did for Daniel Shaver.

  2. They would taser Gandhi now.

    Even sitting is resisting “my authority”. Probably the worst form of “resisting”, ignoring me completely.


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