This One’s Rough

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Just because you’ve got nothing to hide – haven’t done anything illegal or have anything illegal in your possession – doesn’t mean you’re immune to a Hut! Hut! Hutting!

The man in this video foolishly gave armed government workers permission to search his vehicle. When they found what they assumed to be arbitrarily illegal drugs – in fact they were legal antibiotics – he was violently assaulted almost without warning then tortured with the Tazer for not being supine enough quickly enough.

The video is hard to watch – but it is important to watch it. Because it shows what armed government workers are not only capable of doing given the least/most tenuous excuse – but also what they are itching to do.

Note that the driver of the vehicle was fully “cooperative” with these badged sadists. He foolishly gave them permission to search his car, thinking he had no reason to be worried having done nothing illegal.

When he asks: “When I am free to go?” the armed government worker responds, “whenever” … and then violently assaults him.

The man is thrown face first onto the hood of the AGW’s car and when he asks – clearly baffled – why this is going on, he is Tazered by the AGWs.

Let this be a lesson about dealing with AGWs. Try not to.

Never interact with them unless you have no choice. Never “cooperate.” Do not answer questions you’re not legally obligated to answer. And never, ever give your consent for them to search you or your vehicle.

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  1. Of course this type of personality is in the “bidness” just so he can abuse. It wasn’t warranted so they have to make it sound like it is. More of that “stop resisting” to someone who’s out of their mind in pain from being beaten and tased and possibly addled to the point of not realizing what’s happening, just blinding pain. I’ve had plenty of this all my life, 50 mile fence chargers that will make you piss yourself or hurt yourself trying to get away. I know how addled you can get from being shocked. I was reaching into a box that contained two wires(and standing in mud)that were supposed to be 24V for a simple switch to turn on a 50 hp electric motor on a pump jack. The 24v relay had been installed backward and just as I touched the supposedly non-energized 24 V wires, the other guy threw in the line fuse causing me to get 500 volts. Minutes later I was still wondering where I was and what that racket was in my ears. A bad shock will cause you to hear a loud sound every time your heart beats…..when you’re lucky enough your heart is still beating. It isn’t a given and certainly not with a Taser. I noticed the sound of the troops on the way to help subdue a guy so stunned he can’t understand anything. He’s only hearing that really loud sound in his ears. Anyone who doubts this can confirm it by going to the main disconnect for your house, holding onto the door and touching one of the wires inside. WAA WAA WAA is the only thing you CAN hear for a while. The cops know this and use it to further beat the “perp”.

  2. Granted they were wrong to assume that the antibiotics were unlawful drug, but when one is “fully cooperating” it doesn’t involve a struggle to get the hands behind the back


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