E-Rant: Why The Charger is Still Popular

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The 2020 Dodge Charger is pushing 10 years old – since the last major update back in 2011. Yet it’s selling strong.


Could it have anything to do with it not having the “features” many new cars come standard with? Or that it’s a big, powerful car – and not a small, gimpy electric car?

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  1. Having no competition probably helps. The Chevy SS and the Ford Crown Vic are both gone and not replaced. The SS barely even hit the market before going away (did they even sell 15,000 of them in the USA?), and was more expensive then the Charger. Seemed like a car that Mary Barra didn’t really want.

    What used to be the standard (big sized, rear drive, V8 power) for American cars is now basically a speciality product.

    I don’t see FCA doing another generation which sucks, since this is one of their few truly successful vehicles. Even if the orange man gets a second term it will only result in this generation lingering a few more years (which would be ok, give us more chances to get one into our garages). Guessing the 2022 model year would be the last, as there would probably be regs that it couldn’t meet anymore to go further without major changes.