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They must serve soy at GM’s corporate cafeteria. It could account for the strange statement released the other day by GM’s CEO Mary Barra. It says that the main purpose of GM is to make sure that “each person . . . lead(s) a life of meaning and dignity.”

Wasn’t it to make cars?

Emphasis on was. It isn’t anymore – apparently.

“The purpose of a corporation,” the statement continues “is to serve all of its constituents, including employees, customers, investors and society at large.”

Italics added.

“Society at large”? This smacks of social(ist) studies rather than STEM.

But that’s what happens when a person with a background in human resources becomes the head of a car company.

And it’s not just Barra.

Ford CEO Jim Hackett affixed his John Hancock to this opus – this thesis, in the Martin Luther sense – as well. Along with Borg Warner CEO Frederic Lissalde and Tom Linebarger of Cummins and 181 titans of American business. Many of these businesses have been losing market share for years. The whole of GM today has about 8 percent less market share than Chevrolet by itself had in 1970.


Which may explain the ennui of these businessmen about business.

It’s like a chapter from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged come to life.

Car companies and their suppliers seem increasingly uninterested in  . . . cars. Unless electric, which serves the purpose of perpetuating the fiction that these car companies are still in the car business.

When it comes to EVs, they are in the rent-seeking business.

But the new “product” isn’t electric cars, either. It’s virtue signaling. We Are Concerned. About everything.

Well, everything except what customers are interested in – like trucks and SUVs, for instance. Which GM builds with reluctance born of shame.

Better to get the government to mandate what the virtue-signalers are interested in.

But is anyone buying?

How does one earn a profit by posturing? Gillette – the razor blade company – recently lost a lot of profit by signaling the virtue of accusing everyone with an XY chromosome between puberty and dotage of being a serial misogynist. Dicks – the outdoor store – signaled the virtue that its customers are not to be sold firearms.

And lost a lot of customers.

McDonald’s still serves hamburgers. Probably not for much longer.

The virtue signaling is so fervent – and so unconscious – that losing money no longer bothers the executives at the helms of these major corporations. To them, it is far more important – critical – to bask in the approval of other virtue-signalers. To amen and clap one another on the back, as at a Sunday service. The ersatz religious aspect of all of this has been noticed by many.

It is the new way for people to find . . . meaning these days.

It explains the electric car insanity. EVs are virtuous in the same way that dabbing one’s forehead with ashes on certain Wednesdays was, once. EVs are eschatological. They will save us from the End Times, rapidly approaching.

Electrification has become what reliability, durability once were but no longer are, being practical considerations with no transcendent unction whatsoever.

Saving gas – or saving money – are far less compelling than saving the planet. It doesn’t matter that the planet isn’t in need of saving any more than black cats were “familiars” of the devil in 1600s Salem.

It’s the belief that drives the frenzy.

Gives it  . . . meaning.

“While each of our individual companies serves its own corporate purpose, we share a fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders,” reads the statement signed by Barra, et al.

“Stakeholders”? Who are these people, exactly? They are anyone who is  . . . concerned. Such people now have more influence over how cars are built and companies run than investors and, of course, customers. They are to corporate America what The Help was to Leona Helmsley. To be put up with, but despised and ignored.

This manifesto could have been written by Wesley Mouch – one of the fictitious virtue-signalers in Rand’s epic novel. He worked as an advertising copywriter for a car company, ironically enough.

He was also – in the book – part of a cabal of corporate/government apparatchiks who created the “Equalization of Opportunity Act”  . . . which sounds very much like something the next Congress will bring up for a floor vote – and which Mary Barra would probably be in favor of.

Perhaps also Directive 10-289 – which enumerated eight points designed to assure that . . . “each person . . . lead(s) a life of meaning and dignity.”

Corporations used to give lip service to these pieties but didn’t practice them. Now, they preach them. Because the virtue signalers who used to nag the car companies from the sidelines now run the car companies.

. . .

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  1. And what’s the deal with every one of these stupid bitches now wearing these fugly horn-rim glasses? Are they trying to make themselves look even uglier than they are? (I’ve seen even pretty girls ruin their appearance by wearing horrible glasses!)

    I spent my childhood wearing horn-rimmed Coke-bottles {Good glasses were expensive back then) and couldn’t wait to finally get nice metal-frame glasses…..but now the women want to look like Poindexters?!

    Worst fashion tred, ever! I guess it’s fitting though- they seem to dress to offend and to make themselves ugly these days….from threadbare jeans to tattoos…. Yuck!

    • Nun, also the bun hairdos, especially on the fat women newly delivered of a baby. Emphasizes the fattiness of their fat jaws and even fatter asses. And yes those horrible glasses. I had those when I was a teen and all they did was slide down my nose all the time. Literally. Hated them, now have glasses with much thinner frames. Agree with you totally on the “modern” woman. Like pig sties from yonks ago.

  2. The statements from this auto-exec are easy to understand if you remember one thing: The key to making a profit is to avoid competition. That’s why companies hire lobbyists to make sure that America can’t import Insulin from Mexico. Right now, it’s selling in America for ten thousand dollars a gallon; and many diabetics can’t afford to buy it anymore. Sure; they’ll lose their hands and feet, but so what?

    Now let’s look at this statement: “The purpose of a corporation is to serve all of its constituents, including employees, customers, investors and society at large.” He could have said: The purpose of our corporation is to make and sell good cars for a low price.” The horror! Then people might ask a few questions. How much does your car cost per pound? A new Corvette is twenty dollars a pound. So a new Jeep should be around fifteen dollars a pound. They never include that measurement in Consumer Reports magazine.

    GM isn’t selling Corvettes. They’re selling Global Justice, which doesn’t have a price tag. The only competition is between your conscience, and your wallet. Are you going to pay the price to save the world?


    Eric, I found this article on the site Mopar Insiders. The article covers a new program being offered in Europe that charges customers the use of a Jeep by the mile driven. This program sounds similar to comments you have made concerning the car companies becoming mobility companies and no longer selling vehicles.

    Eric, is this what you have been discussing, or am I off base on this?

  4. Gee, sometimes the comments here go off the deep end.

    But Eric has a great article today. The Ayn Rand comparisons are spot on. For a book published in 1957 Atlas Shrugged is must reading to understand today’s reality. It no longer seems “over the top” in the plot lines. Why GM has lost market share and shareholder value should be of great concern to everyone. All of this “stakeholder” nonsense is just a collectivist buzz word for “we’re in charge, not you.”

    The NBA was recently criticized by some low IQ player for having “owners.” Of course these are the team owners, they don’t “own” players other than via voluntary contract. But his foolish critique about “white owners” (other than Michael Jordan, presumably) being racist was widely reported. Oh my, more “racism” in America. The collectivist Left wants no actual owners in charge of their own property. Better to let the Soviets run things. This is their not so concealed aim. Saving the Planet via Green New Deal. No denying “science” after all. Just as Marx said, “scientific socialism.” Very sad for America.

  5. The thing (other than rage) that hit me fastest reading this article was “This is another excellent argument for owning classic vehicles.” And with this asshattery, that sentiment will soon be equally applicable to everything from computers to tools to houses.

    As an It type, when Windows really started giving us reliability problems, I used to joke about “Back to the future-MS-DOS!” Precognition?

    • I recall writing my first computer program in EA&D 101 using DOS and punchcards. At least, as long as you kept the cards in order, it worked without glitches for the most part. You are correct. We have come full circle. Beginning with at the least Windurs 8.0, it sucked really badly. To be honest, everything past XP has sucked the big one.

  6. Here is a thought experiment. You are CEO of GM. You have a choice. Keep a manufacturing plant in the US or move it to a 3rd World country where slave labor is available at 1/10th the price of American labor. Do you move the plant to maximize shareholder value? I’d hope you’d choose to keep the plant in America. That is not socialism. It is recognition that America does not exist to maximize profits. It exists to maximize the quality of life of Americans.

    Instead of demeaning the CEOs, we should applaud them for pledging to consider the quality of life of working class Americans in their decisions.

    • They aren’t doing that though, and never have. They aren’t keeping plants in the US to “protect” their (former) employees.

      Just more virtue signaling.

    • Hey Russel, the problem with your theory is that they have an obligation to their shareholders to maximize profits, therefore offshoring the entire plant is a no-brainer. Building electric cars is going to be the grounds for a class action law suit against them for destroying the value of their stock.

  7. Hey, look on the bright side! Her spiel was horrible, but not as sickening as the ads Gillette is putting out these days. So, correctly viewed, she’s great!

  8. This article is exactly why I frequently say, and append to my email, the comment that “Until we learn to say NO to women, nothing will change”.
    This woman is not the head of GM because of merit, but due to virtue signalizing and Pussification.
    Remember that when the dumb ones are born, God knocks their dicks off.

    • Jack, when I was young I heard the old saying that every month women bled “brain cells”. I can’t say it is a fact but anecdotal experience leads me to believe there is some truth to it.

      I don’t know what’s going on with women these days in the US. They used to outlive their male counterpart by at least 5 years on average. Judging from my friends, this is no longer true and now I have many widower friends who have been such for 5 years or more.

      My take on it is they tried to match the men on living/working hard and doing it the male way. The fact is, they can’t smoke and drink the way men do. They may try it but it will catch up with them.

      I recently read something about Warren Buffet by a person who’d been around him every day and to all hours at night. He said he’d never seen Warren drink a glass of water.

      • Did you read the original story? The CEO of Ford Motors signed the same statement. His name is Jim Hackett. He does not bled every month, which proves the CEO statement has nothing to do with sex.

  9. Great article Eric. I really hope all of this leads to some new startups that have the balls to stick a big fat middle finger in the EPAs face, and start creating vehicles that the market wants. One can dream, right?

    Or maybe a black market for illegal cars?

  10. FYI, Billy Ford Jr is also a Vegan and is infatuated with the ‘transport’ concept, not cars.
    Jim Hackett is just another paper pusher from sales and NOT a Car guy.

  11. Remember the company town concept?
    The idea was that the company would manage the lives of the employees. Manage society. Even down to who married who. Decide what was socially acceptable to do, say, or even think. To institute industrial hierarchy throughout society.

    What is this we see? It’s the same thing. Larger scale. Different things being promoted as ‘correct’. The concept however is the same.

    A one world company town with the corporations in lockstep with each other. It’s what the ownership class wants. It is what they always wanted.

    My guess is that the socially destructive SJW stuff is a means to an end. It will be tossed aside once the organizational goals are achieved.

    • There’s a documentary on YouTube showing what you’re talking about Brent. It shows these huge cities in China where tens of thousands of Chinese live and work at the factories. They have schools for their children to go to where they are molded into the next generation of employees. It’s creepy how everyone wants to work there, but then when everyone else is living in abject poverty, corporatocracies become popular.

  12. GM and FORD are trying to make excused for their future falling stock prices when the salls fall finally catches up with the stock price. They want to tell their investors and shareholders that yes we loss 5% stock price and don’t pay dividends but we made women more empowered by installing a anti man spreading chair. Please don’t dump our stocks.

    Many of the UAW workers are shareholders and they can get company stock for a lower rate and even sell them after some time. My dad did this while working for chrysler for 25 years. That payout helped him when he had low seniority and kept getting laid off for the summers.

    As for higher wages. Competition will bring higher wages than any policy can. I’m a salary guy at a fortune 500 company, International Paper. I see the hourly guys leave for the other box plants for 10-15% more pay. We lost so many guys that now we have to raise our wages by 10-15%. Everyone gets a raise because we can’t compete for good labor. When labor is abundant we still do annual 2.5% raises. But right now labor is scarce and we need people.

  13. “Cabellas – the outdoor store – signaled the virtue that its customers are not to be allowed firearms.”

    Wasn’t that Dick’s Sporting Goods?

  14. I work as a reporter for my city newspaper and cover a lot of business, chamber of commerce, econ-dev stuff. Whenever I hear the word “stakeholders,” I want to simultaneously barf up my Cheerios and stab the speaker in the eye with my ink pen. Such a pretentious a-hole meaningless word generally uttered by self-important twits. I vowed never to use it in print and I have not.
    I usually ask them to give me a description of the mentioned stakeholders. Customers? Investors? Those from whom you have accepted bribes? My reward is usually a blank, simian somewhat hostile stare.

    • Amen, Amy.

      I first heard this non-word about twenty years ago. It was usually uttered by people with strong opinions about matters they knew little of to obtain control over that which they had no monetary interest. They always had “charrettes”. Which, according to Oxford, is a North American noun that means, “a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions.” Which in reality is, a circle jerk in which taxpayers think they have input but are actually just rubber stamping the whims of socialists. It’s part of the newspeak of New Urbanism which is nothing more than the Disney version of The Authoritarian/Totalitarian State.

    • Hi Amy,

      Amen. I have been where you are now – but it was a little better, then. Just background noise. Today, it’s the formulaic pabulum one encounters in practically every corporate PR release. I’d be drinking hard if I were still a beat reporter…

      You have my sympathies!

    • I would ask them if the stake costs $9.99 a pound and is wrapped in foam packaging and shrink wrap. I like the idea of the pen stab. Especially for the hostile stare.

      • Only the clear plastic packaging for me. Invariably when a cut of meat is placed on an opaque foam tray, it’s hiding a big slab of fat or bone.

    • Amy, all of these pseudo-executives went to the same school. They may have gone to different universities, but they all studied at the Michigan Institute of Terminology. All they learned was TERMINOLOGY, with a minor in Buzzwords. and achieved a high degree in BS. LOL


    This is a shocking Ted Talk from 2013, where a Chinese apologist makes the case for single party rule. Not a shock that he would say such things, but that the audience applauds and reacts positively to his message. Anyone in that room is intelligent enough to know that China is the biggest bubble economy on Earth right now, and has been for about 4 years now. All the giant ghost cities are crumbling because they were poorly built, but it doesn’t matter because the condos were bought for speculation and flipping anyway. They are seeing a massive and ongoing outbreak of African swine fever, which is destroying a staple meat source. The party/government is imposing export restrictions on money and investment. And let’s not forget that social credit score.

    Why bring this up? Well, every US corporation is either doing business in China, or trying to do business in China. They’ll do whatever it takes to get into that consumer market just because of the numbers. If The Party is talking about social credit scores, you can bet they’re going to play along too. And of course they really like the idea of a one-party system, as long as they’re in the party.

  16. I really don’t know what they are planning here, but I doubt it’s good. Are they trying to save face? Upper management has cut the working man to the bone. They’ve taken our medical insurance, our retirement, our holidays, and cut our pay – all the while their pay keeps going up even though the companies are losing market share.

  17. this is standard. Everyone virtue signals so maybe they can give a tedX speech one day. Government motors should have gone under in 2008 except the traitor Bush saved them. Lets see what happens the next downturn. Which looks to be epic.

  18. When I began working, companies had a Personnel Office. Human Resources quietly over the years replaced the title and no one paid any mind to it. Just like the proverbial frog slowly cooking to death. Now all these HR’s require a Indoctrination (college) degree to run it. About all these asswipes have no idea about production, marketing and sales. And I resent the hell out of being called a “resource” like an inanimate object. The old saying years ago was “so goes GM, so goes the country”. If that being the case, Orange Man or no Orange man, we are are so screwed!!

    • The “Personnel Office” was based, to some extent, on “people”. A resource, human or otherwise, is something that gets used up/changed in production. I would far rather be “people” than “resource” (or worse yet, human capital”).

  19. Fucking collectivist monkeys. I bet in 5 years, China will be a better place to live than the Americas and Europe. White people are mentally ill retards.

    • I used to think so, and I largely agree, but compared to others, white folks are generally more freedom loving than others in this country. It’s the sad truth. The influx of immigrants has moved the country in a statist direction. China is becoming a decadent society, however. At the same time, it is also an authoritarian state, with little movement for freedom. We will see how the Battle of Hong Kong pans out. You might be right.

        • Whitey is living in denial. We are also a minority in this country. I used to take it, but I’m pushing back. I don’t give a small fuck about their revisionist history. I’m not particularly “proud” to be white, nor American, but I’m not going to take their bullshit either. By standing up, it encourages others. Whether it’s too late or not, who knows. I just know that I’m not into the white guilt thing. Now more than ever.

          • I am actually proud of the achievements of Caucasians. Compared to other races we have made a civilization most want to come to. And therein lies the problem. We are the only race not allowed to have a country where we are a majority and for the most part run the place. ALL other races are allowed this. We are the only race not allowed to gather and petition government as a group. Our nation is blamed for everything yet other races are flooding to take part in our great give away programs. Pretty much all great scientific achievements were Caucasians. When arriving in the America’s the Indians were still on foot and raiding each other for women and trinkets. Africa was even worse. Ten thousand years with no major advancement.
            From the telephone, to the discovery and use of electricity, the light bulb, refrigeration, the airplane, steam engine, Internal combustion engine, nuclear power, rocketry, you name it…. mostly Caucasians.

          • Kai Murros; Finnish Philosophy Professor. On White Guilt.
            The age of guilt is over, we will not apologize for our achievements, our history cannot be used as a weapon against us, no-one can say they have legitimate claims on us — we are in debt to no-one. Our glorious past is a matter pride and joy to us, whatever we have done in the past only inspires us today for even greater deeds tomorrow. Those who feel that we have wronged them should be happy they are still alive.

            • Mike,

              What a load of collectivist twaddle. If you don’t accept collective guilt (correctly IMO) you can’t bask in collective, vicarious pride.


              • Jeremy, I was in Mexico 15 years ago and some of the people were spitting something I couldn’t understand.

                When I asked my friends there to translate, they said, “They’re saying Thousand Needles”….about me because of what the US does around the world.

                I get the US isn’t popular but neither is the Mexican govt. Blaming me for what Bush/Cheney were doing is ludicrous. I voted for neither and supported neither and suffered for their policies.

                Mexicans, like those US citizens who praised the Bush cabal, are deluded. The only thing I had in common with Bush was my tax money going to his immoral practices.

                I am not anti-Semitic but I detest the Israeli govt., just as I do the US govt.

                I hope everyone doesn’t view me as a Southern Bapdis cannon fodder supplier.

                • Hey Eight,

                  Yep, I don’t get the vicarious, collective guilt or pride stuff. Feeling either proud or ashamed of the accomplishments or misdeeds of others is a sign of mental pathology. However, if you visit another country blaring “Proud to be an American” on a boom box while wearing “patriot” colors, you deserve to be loathed.


                • it is impossible to detest the Israeli govt without being anti semitic being they are doing EXACTLY to the surrounding nations as what their devil god in the old testament told them to do…. slaughter starve imprison mass murder steal loot etc.

                  • I’m sure it is impossible for the imbecilic, cowardly aryan warrior/white supremacist types who are always looking for more reasons to expand the scope vicious and unbridled hatred.

                    Of course everything they lay at the feet of “the Joooooos” people of their own ethnicity have done as well. This particular asshole invokes the Bible without even learning the lessons of Mattew, the first book of the New Testament. Typical bigoted shithead.

                    I have a lower opinion of such malicious bigots than they have of the Jews and “mud races” they are continually puking about. They are worthy of no more respect than your average slime mold.

                    • Triggered much JF?

                      Someone found your sore spot and apparently it requires a foul SJW type rant to sooth it.

                      You really do look childish with these types of posts. Grow up.

                    • I call ’em as I see ’em. You don’t need to be an “SJW” to despise malicious, hypocritical bigots.

                    • This is true, Shnarkle. I apologize to slime molds everywhere for having unfairly compared them to truly repulsive and useless forms of life such as aryan warriors and other malicious bigots.

                    • Anonymous, I’ve been sitting here chomping at the bit just waiting for you to make this asinine statement. Thank you for coming through – you guys are nothing if not predictable.

                      It should come as no surprise that Anonymous doesn’t have the sense to understand the difference between bigotry against individuals based on the ethnic group they happen to have been born into versus criticism based on the on choices a person has made of their own volition.

                      To put it in simple enough terms such that even Anonymous might – possibly – understand it, one doesn’t choose the ethnic group they are born into. One DOES choose to become a vicious bigot who hates others due to their ethnicity.

                      Oh the irony, indeed.

                    • “Anonymous, I’ve been sitting here chomping at the bit just waiting for you…..”

                      Then you really need to get a life. Seriously.

                      btw you optimize the first definition –
                      Definition of bigot
                      : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices

                      especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

                      Nice try.

                    • Nice try yourself, Anonymous. We are specifically talking about bigotry against people based on their ethnicity. But you know that.

                      All too easy…

                    • Presumptuous twit.

                      “We are specifically talking about bigotry against people based on their ethnicity.”

                      I like how you try to define what I am to be responding to. Go read the bigot definition again. See it yet? Keep trying until you do.

                      I am discussing your bigotry. You blanket assessment of a group, in a bigoted fashion.

                      In your triggered virtue signalling haste you seem to have not noticed that you too are a bigot.

              • If you live in the USA, you live in a country that is what it is PRECISELY due to the “White Race”, for bad and good. I feel bad for the 4 million or so “Indians” (since their actual nations are so many, I just use the now-discredited term, as I’m a goddamned Native American, just of different stock) but they live better now than if we’d not conquered them fair and square. As for the blacks, yeah, by today’s standards, slavery is evil and wrong, but why any “regrets” or apologies? My own genealogy reveals ONE possible slave owner in MO in the fifth generation back, am I responsible for what was then legal and acceptable? And some of THAT man’s descendants may also be black, are THEY supposed to pay “reparations?”. Sorry, I agree with the late Richard Milhous Nixon…we (meaning American overall) don’t owe black people a GODDAMNED thing. Certainly the life of the typical “Afro-American” today is far better than any blacks have ever had things past, present, and likely future. Not too many ever took up Marcus Garvey on the “Back to Africa” thing, for sure!

                As for what “Whitey” should do, the answer is simple, but not necessarily “easy”…BREED. The late Dick Gregory had it right…he said there was no need for a revolution, black men would simply sire children by numerous women, including mulatto children by white or asian women, and get whitey to pay for it! Was he WRONG? The man was a PROPHET! Well, I say, the “solution” is to take Mr. Gregory’s advice to heart, and simply procreate among our own kind. And if THAT is deemed “racist” in the pejorative sense, too bad, every “clan” has a right to promote its own survival!

                • Come on Doug, that trap wasn’t meant for you. I said that only because the very concept is collectivist.

                  Races don’t have achievements – only individuals do.

                • Hi Doug,

                  You entirely missed Jason’s point. Individual people and groups of individuals working together have achievements, the “white race” does not. Again, being proud of being “white” (or gay, black, etc…) is as ludicrous as being ashamed of being “white”.


                  • So that would imply that being proud to be Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Latino, African, Japanese, etc is also ludicrous?

                    A nation can be proud,,, A tribe can be proud, A family can be proud, A father can be proud, a mother can be proud why not a race,,, especially one that has created so much.

                    I suggest it is jealousy that others that haven’t accomplished near as much that they want to make what the Caucasians have done as evil?

                    Proud,,,, Yes I am proud. If that’s racist….. so be it.

                    • Ken,

                      No “race” has ever accomplished anything, individuals, working alone or with others, have. This should not be a hard concept for libertarians to understand.

                      Being proud of one’s race is as absurd of being proud of being blonde. What is it with this blind, collectivist impulse among supposed individualists?

                      Again, I don’t consider Caucasians to be evil. This assertion, by many on the left, is collectivist to it’s core and absurd. Why adopt their same mentality in response?


                • Many of the whites I see on a daily basis have no business reproducing. They’re either hardcore trash (druggies) or narcissists. They cannot provide a stable, healthy environment for a child.

                  The West is simply broken beyond repair. Just relax and enjoy the shitshow.

                • if we’re going to talk about reparations, then we need to look at where it really began. Black and white alike were prospering right up until LBJ’s “Great Society” began to take root. Then when Nixon disconnected gold from the dollar, the banking cartels/corporations all started to really make money while everyone else just dropped down into deeper poverty.

              • We don’t need to apologize to the slime molds themselves Jason, just noting that they’re more useful, not to mention more enjoyable; than Aryan bigots. Did you check out how the video showing how thoroughly enjoyable grease molds could be? Aryan warriors can’t compare to that kind of pleasure.

              • YOU ARE RETARDED. Go live in Africa. Even in Africa, white men built everything that is worth anything. The rest of the continent is still shit.

      • Swamprat, you are correct in my view. White people, especially in some areas, are very independent.

        It’s never a good thing when tens of millions of a base of a billion people come to a free land and have lived their life “taking directions” about everything in their life from some guy in a million dollar dunce hat no matter what the subject.

        Every years he gets his own parade and parade-mobile to be seen by his billion breathless admirers. Then he’s whisked back to his private, ultra-rich digs complete with an endless supply of children he and his cohorts can and will do anything they like with. Meanwhile, he’s saying something along the lines of “What I am saying, is give peace a chance”.

        And his admirers are always confused as to why “white people” don’t want them to steal their money. And what’s funny, I worked on the 2000 census. Every Hispanic, regardless of hue or ethnicity, regarded themselves as “white”…..since the good old USA demands everyone pick a moniker that best describes that person.

        I’d like to see a that list for the upcoming census and the “choices” contained therein.

        • If you were working that census in “Tejas”, most Tejanos are long-time US Citizens, many speak no Spanish at all, and virtually ALL identify as ‘Murican and resent the “La Raza” types. And, given the predominance of that Castillian Spaniards whom originally settled in Mexico, mixing to some degree with the indigenous folk, but also intermarriage with White Southerners whom migrated in starting in the 1820s, and also GERMANS (e.g., “Texasdeuschte”), most “look white” and consider themselves as such.
          Fairly much, “race” is a self-defined matter anyway. Before the calamitous fire of 2015 that destroyed almost all of my possessions, I had a 1965 World Book Encylopedia and it had a long article about “Races of Man”. I’m sure that’s been rendered “PC” if not entirely deleted nowadays, which is too bad, b/c it gave a honest assessment of the widespread Family of Man that one can’t broach without the libtards and assorted ninnies screaming “racist!”.

          • It’s rare to find an Hispanic who doesn’t speak English. I know ones who are freshly here and some whose family predate mine by a couple hundred years. It’s verily a mixed bag.

            My point is not race or ethnicity but those who use that to denigrate those they see as “white”. They could be looking at a 10th generation Texan who came from pure Mestizo stock and during the ensuing breeding have become indistinguishable from people like myself who are European crosses of the Great Britain part.

            Then there’s the wife, the 2nd American born generation Czech…who no longer has a country.

            And it is the libtards that must put a label on everyone. Never mind they can look and label and be totally wrong. And WTF difference does it make anyway? I know Hispanics who have lived in Ca. for over a hundred years but they have that Ca. attitude of gimme, gimme, gimme. They couldn’t, or at least wouldn’t, make it without govt. help.

  20. “If companies fail to recognize that the success of our system is dependent on inclusive long-term growth, many will raise legitimate questions about the role of large employers in our society.”

    In other words, “if the proles ever realize how we’re screwing them up the keister, our heads will be on pikes.”

    I can only imagine George Carlin’s take on all this.

  21. This crap seems to have started in 2001, after the WTC demolition derby. It’s almost as if someone flipped a switch and we operate under a different set of rules where political correctness trumps everything. In many Europeon nations they are hiding the number of rapes and assaults in the name of PC. Rapists are let off because their urge overpowered them so it wasn’t their fault. In LA the four legged rats outnumber the two legged rats bringing 16th century diseases. PC supersedes Immigration, health laws and plain old common sense.

    Corporations are “borrowing” from the central bank at near zero, (free money) buying their stock rather than investing capital into their businesses in order to reap more bonuses.

    The Feds free money, the governments lack of fiscal responsibility, the education system teaching Marxism, deviant sex and the hatred of identity politics to our young, law enforcement killing and robbing citizens, the military out waging wars of profit for the Military, Intelligence industrial complex (aka Deep State), both major party’s trying to see which one can give the most freebies to citizens and anyone that can make it past our open borders from an already bankrupt treasury.

    There is no way this insanity can last without a complete breakdown of society which I think was the goal from the beginning. The hatred simmering in America now, especially against the Caucasians will boil over next year during the election, especially if Trump appears to be winning. Every candidate ‘R’ or ‘D’ seems to have a socialist/marxist agenda to disarm Americans and push more totalitarianism.

    I am looking at this from the outside as I no longer vote. I refuse to give my implied consent to this looming disaster by voting. I have no agenda except to love the country as it was founded not as it is. I am neither Republican or Democrat…. both have destroyed the Constitutional Republic.

    Excellent write Eric….

  22. Eric,
    Read between the lines. These people are writing the script/future. They are going to tell Congress what to do, when to do it, or the other way around. Hard fascism (money/labor siphoned from you and me and donated to these #%$@s) is coming and the mega corps know it. They know mom and pop private industries who don’t meet the Comm-Intern 10 year plans requirements or are not part of the Club of Rome pedigree et al will be forced out of business in our lifetime in favor of state run capitalism, much much worse than now. This shit didn’t appear out of thin air. Some boot licker wrote a rough draft of this at Davos and each of these signatories read to and agreed on the language and the faustian deal (as in we plebians take the brunt of whats coming and the CEOs get the glory) there within. Stuff like this should scare the f*ck out of all of us. Something radical is coming from this. MMT, Quantitative easing, whatever. I think there are some very smart people at the tops of these companies but they are also psychopaths. Smart enough that they know Joe blow and Suzy grocery hauler WILL NOT voluntarily buy an EV or give up personal freedom to ride in some proletariat robot mobile. It will be at a bayonet, and this is the press release that bayonets are coming Eric. You should also believe but I think you already know that Barra and Hackett sure as hell will not be riding in their own filth/shit robot taxis that they are going to produce. Bail ins or nationalization (zombie capitalism you cannot say no to comrade!) are coming. This paragraph is the giveaway “Yet we know that many Americans are struggling. Too often hard work is not rewarded, and not enough is being done for workers to adjust to the rapid pace of change in the economy. If companies fail to recognize that the success of our system is dependent on inclusive long-term growth, many will raise legitimate questions about the role of large employers in our society.”

  23. wow! great article Eric. I just posted on another thread about GM and how much I dislike them (and their products) anymore.
    And I act on what I say/think. All GM for 30 years, boat loads of them, and in the last 2-3 years, 5 family vehicles not GM anymore.

  24. “the main purpose of GM is to make sure that “each person . . . lead(s) a life of meaning and dignity.”

    Hey Mary, you know what would give my life ‘meaning and dignity’? A new C8 for free!

    • Horst, is that C8 made to the same standards as everything else GM builds? No thanks.

      Get a Miata, it’s a far better car and it really is more fun to drive a slow car fast than to drive a fast car slow.


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