Almost Shavered

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Pennsylvania armed government workers – dozens of them, apparently – almost murdered a man who had unknowingly and unfathomably caused another armed government worker to “fear for her safety” . . . by vaping in her vicinity.

The man Hut! Hut! Hutted! in this video was driving home and as far as he knew hadn’t committed so much as a California Stop when he found himself being ordered out of his car at AR-15 point (“assault weapons” are not dangerous when pointed at innocent people by armed government workers) by a crew of body-armored AGWs, who also ordered him to perform awkward and incomprehensible gymnastic exercises such as extend both arms out of the open window of his vehicle and then open the door from the outside.

But this is not possible – for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety – in most modern cars, which automatically lock the doors as they are closed. The only way to unlock them is by depressing the “unlock” button (or manually unlocking) from the inside of the vehicle, which the man – with remarkable calm – tries to explain over the shrill order-barking of multiple AGWs, who are pointing military-grade rifles and high-powered pistols at him as he speaks.

Some people can’t perform these gymnastics for physical reasons. Arthritis or a torn rotor cuff would prevent some people from doing as ordered. What then? How about people who – knowing they haven’t committed any kind of crime – are confused, terrified and not thinking clearly because heavily armed men are screaming at them?

At this moment, for any of the above reasons, the man might have been Shavered – i.e., murdered by one of the dozens of itchy-triggered government-kitted psychopaths pointing loaded guns at him – for not “responding” to their orders and thus giving them the excuse they needed to say they “feared for their safety” and so had to end the man’s life.

But what was this man’s crime?

It wasn’t even a California Stop.

A few minutes prior, he drove past a female AGW who was standing on the street; she was startled by the sound of his modified BMW’s exhaust, saw smoke coming out of the driver’s window – and interpreted that as gunfire coming from the man’s car.

Without further ado, much less further investigation, this triggered – almost literally – one of the most over-the-top Hut! Hut! Huttings! on record. Fewer troops were called out to conquer Grenada.

It is a miracle the man escaped alive and unShavered given the amped-up hysteria of the swarm of AGWs he found himself confronted by – all of them “trained” to almost literally shoot first and ask questions later. If they ever ask them at all.

All because one jumpy AGW imagined the sound of gunfire and confused vape smoke with gun smoke.

In other words, no facts to indicate a “threat” to anyone’s “safety.” In courts, this used to be called hearsay – and worthless as evidence . . .  unless, of course, it is hearsay adduced by armed government workers.

Then it becomes evidence sufficient to convict.

Or, kill.

Armed government workers can say they saw you perform a California Stop – and their saying so is sufficient to convict. Your saying you came to a complete stop is irrelevant.

Armed government workers can also drag innocent people out of their cars and point high-powered rifles at them on the basis of . . . vapor.

Luckily, the man did escape alive – but with his peace of mind no doubt shattered. Like many other victims of such unwarranted Hut! Hut! Huttings! this man’s blood will run cold whenever he sees another AGW. It is a reasonable response given the reality that this sort of thing could happen to anyone at any time – on the road or in your home – without reason.

All it takes is for one AGW to push the panic button – based on nothing more than her feelings about her “safety.”

Ours being entirely expendable

. . .

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  1. “Pennsylvania armed government workers…”

    They don’t do any work so they can’t be workers. How about just armed government employees?

    • “Pigs”: is about all the description they’re worthy of. Actually, I like “scum” better- but since the term is universally applied to them, people often don’t know what we’re talking about if we use use that one- so with apologies to the four-legged variety, I stick with “pigs”- though the term is really too good for human excrement to which we apply it.

      • Morning, Nunz!

        I prefer AGW because it conveys the bureaucratic banality. They’re armed government workers. More dangerous than DMV bureaucrats, but of the same species. People whose work is defined by force, who provide “services” at gunpoint.

        • Great point, Eric!

          And as mercenary functionaries of bureaucracies, they are thus more dangerous than mere independent bullies and civilian psychos, who might at least exercise some actual thought, or be somewhat restrained by only pursuing courses of action which would benefit them personally- while the AGW may also employ such practices, but is ultimately more like a robot, doing what he is programmed to do, unconscionably. His actions are dictated by “law”, with his bullying and psychotic tendencies superimposed on top of that- and they all possess those traits, because who else would choose to spend their waking hours serving a bureaucracy whilke inflicting injustice, extortion and violence on their innocent neighbors, who make up 95% of the people they deal with on a daily basis?

    • Hi Harry,

      I understand your sentiments, but prefer AGW because it’s more accurate and (I think) sounds better. Of course, it’s the “armed government” portion that’s most important!

  2. I used to be deathly afraid of the south side of Chicago for fear of being a fatal victim of gang violence or something similar. In the 25 years ive been visiting that side of town, I have only been threatened once, and that was by two AGWs two years ago. Now, whenever I see the white and blue CPD SUVs, my heart skips a beat because I fear being a fatal victim of violence from the blue costumed gang for which my family would stand little chance of legal recourse.

    • Hi Mac,

      I feel the same – and I say that as a clean-cut, middle-aged white guy, exactly the demographic which is supposedly “privileged” and thus immune from being Hut! Hut! Hutted!

      And yet, I have been Hut! Hut! Hutted! … threatened with murderous violence over a minor speeding beef (9 over). The worst part of this being we’re not legally permitted to defend ourselves against the most outrageous and illegal acts by these legalized marauders.

  3. This stupid crap is happening all the time now…. Here’s one from 2016….

    Police: Man killed by officer pointed vaping device, not gun

    The mantra that the People are the enemy is what’s behind this. You hear it everywhere,,, even on cop TV shows. Watched a “Chips” episode where Jon is holding on to his weapon after pulling over a car for a traffic violation. Cops today are just going the next step. And those they are hiring today are one degree short of a psychopathic killer. This group loves power and loves to make the lemmings cower in fear. Since the agencies always with few exceptions back their killers I have to assume these are the sorts they actually want.

    If the media did their job it would raise the consciousness of the public enough to stop it, but sadly as it stands, most lemmings think the “perp” driver must have done something to provoke the nice officer.

  4. Full auto firearms are neat and sexy pieces of machinery. But they are usually incredibly overrated and inaccurate. The infamous 1997 North Hollywood shootout ended with the only people killed were the ones that had full auto. Las Vegas (bump stock)? A rare event indeed.

    If you ever have the chance to try one, do it!. It’s loads of fun! But when you’re done, you’ll be saying to yourself: Ten seconds of trigger pull and I just spent $100?

  5. And these AGW idiots wonder why the public is having a hard time trusting them. And I LOOOOOOVE the disinformation about “assault weapons.” Normal citizens do NOT have them, or access to them. An assault weapon, by its definition from their inception, is a “select fire weapon.” Civilians do NOT have these. The AR-15 does NOT have this capability, it is NOT an assault weapon. Selective fire means it can be toggled / switched to fire in one of three modes: Semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull), 3 Round burst (3 shots per trigger pull), and fully automatic. The AR-15 is semi-auto ONLY. The end. It is NOT, nor has it ever been, an assault weapon.

    • Friend, you are wasting your time arguing this distinction. And factually wrong in a couple of respects- to wit: Normal citizens do have access to select fire weapons- either by begging permission for an unconstitutional and treasonous tax stamp and agreeing to unconstitutional waiving of their rights in re random inspections, etc., OR by “rolling their own”.

      The problem is you waste your time legitimizing unconstitutional and treasonous government restrictions on military weapons- if only we enforce the existing laws on somebody else, will you pretty please leave me alone until last? I promise I be good massa…

      I’m morally certain that there are hundreds of thousands of unregistered free people weapons out there- if you’ve ever looked into a STEN or M3 grease gun you know how simple a mechanism they are. The parts are mostly readily available on the free market, and worth picking up for study and frankly just because they are cool artifacts.

      It is quite a bit technically more challenging to make a modern closed bolt select fire weapon, but then we all have access to pretty sophisticated tech like 3d printing, and desktop machining. There is also the option of black market purchases- if it is possible to smuggle in tons of “illegal ” pharmaceuticals every day, I’m also morally certain that nice Chinese AK’s and M16 clones are readily available.

      I advise everyone to learn how and acquire the tools to “roll their own”. I also advise everyone to not do it yet, they are terribly wasteful of valuable ammo. And in a society of snitches, clovers, and gestapo enforcers, it is dangerous.

    • Apparently, they base their classification of “assault weapon” based on nothing but looks. If it looks scary and militaristic; like it’s something the pigs use to terrorize the public with, as opposed to something you’d shoot Bambi with…then it’s “an assault weapon”.

      I don’t recall any distinction or restrictions in the Constitution as to what types of firearms it is our right to possess- simply that to possess and bear firearms- any and all- is our right! But of course Uncle hates competition- and to allow us unfettered access to the same tools which it uses to tyrannize us, so that we would be able to keep the forces of tyranny at bay- which is the very intent of the Second Amendment, is loathsome to them.

      But they have no problem with us having a .308?

      Hmmm…me thinks the real issue is capacity. First they deprive us of automatic weapons; now (as some states are already doing) they want to limit ammo capacity, to 6 or 10 rounds….so they want to deprive us of anything for which a 20 or 30 round magazine is readily available.

      Better stock up!

      Funny…they want to deprive us of capacity, and anything that can penetrate their body armor. THAT is what it comes down to. They don’t want to openly admit that- especially the latter- so they couch it in a bunch of nonsense and throw in a bunch of other distractions.

      • “Apparently, they base their classification of “assault weapon” based on nothing but looks.”

        Yes, Nunzio, at least that is what I have found talking to liberals that I know. Typically they know nothing at all about guns to begin with, and when pinned down to define “assault weapons” it always boils down to “big scary-looking guns”.

        • Yeah, Jason, it’d be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

          They’ll call an AR-15 an ‘assault rifle”, but a mini 14, which can shoot the same cartridges, but which looks more like a conventional rifle, is not an “assault rifle”…..

          Come to think of it, Paul Harrell even basically makes that same point in one of his videos comparing the two rifles- saying something to the effect that “If your neighbors aren’t used to seeing guns and are the type who would call the cops, you might better off with the mini 14, just because ‘scary’, and isn’t as likely to arouse as much controversy”….

          So, they don’t want us to have the one on the right in this picture:
          so they’re forcing us to use the one on the left, which they seem to have no qualms with- at least for the time being…. (Hint: One on the right would do a lot less collateral damage to the neighbors when the masked goons come a'[not] knockin’. But hey…if they force us to use ’em….)

          • The really hilarious thing about it is, there was actually a select-fire version of the Mini-14 on the civilian market before the 1986 “no more registrations” decision. Bet none of them would actually know that.

        • Hence why, some two years ago, I had to smuggle the CARBINE that my great-uncle had issued to him as a paratrooper with the US Army (11th Airborne), and he’d jumped with it into Luzon in 1945, and sent a few members of the IJA to “Buddha” with it. Said M1A2 carbine was deemed an “assault” weapon and by legislative dint in Cali(porn)ia, its owner, my “little goil” (best shot in the family), would have become a felon if she refused to get the proper “papers” for this carbine. Never mind that, save for the folding stock and bayonet lug, it’s a “varminter”, or “ranch rifle”, with only semi-auto capability. Well, screw that! There will come a time when she and her hubby come to their senses and get the hell out of California, so in the course of a visit to one of her brothers that got out of the once “Golden” State over ten years ago, I took the rifle to him, and said “transfer” was done as most “transfers” of a firearm within a family were done…WITHOUT any “Gubmint” paperwork, notifications, involvement of a “licensed” dealer, or any other “permissions” in exercising of 2A rights.

  6. As if the “men” aren’t bad enough, now they have inflicted these female ‘things’ upon the public, who spend the entirety of their time vacillating between proving their ‘equalness’, and being scared to the point of overreacting to the most mundane and innocuous interactions.

    Thank goodness the poor victim didn’t have a dog in the car with him- it would have been ritually shot.

    Domestic terrorists should be hung!

    You think by now we’d have a modern-day mainstream equivalent all-race version of the Black Panthers….but I guess there’s too much flouride in the water and not info dissemination of stories like this in the mainstream media…….

    • I hate female cops. Hate them.

      Why? Because they always have to “prove” that they’re at least as good as their male counterparts. By “good” I simply mean that they can kick asses, shoot to kill, or maim as well as their male counterparts.

      They barely qualify as “women”.

      • So true, Jim!

        That’s the problem with females in any position of ‘authority’- they’re always the most brutal bastards because they have to prove something, and they want to dispell the fact that women make decisions based on emotion- so they in turn become the coldest, hardest, most heartless pricks.

        Couple that with the fact that they’re naturally programmed to follow orders/protocols to the T, want to please their higher-ups so they can “get somewhere”, and are not very good at letting a given situation determine the behavior/course of action, and ya basically have a quadruple threat which results in a personcarbon unit who essentially behaves like an unthinking robot- with cattiness and petty vindictiveness added on top of it all…..

        And statistics even bear it out- Female occifers shoot more suspects, taze more, and have to rely on other mechanical methods of force far more than than their dicked counterparts.

        Sheesh…I can’t even imagine- female postal carriers are bad enough!

        • Morning, Nunz!

          I agree with all you’ve written. But it runs contrary to the revised and amended definition of “equality.” Women have just as much right to be armed government workers as men, according to this doctrine. Of course, the standards have to be amended to make this feasible as most women are not physically capable of what almost any man can easily do in terms of upper body strength. So they admit the far weaker, far less imposing woman to the “force.” In which capacity, the badged female will be much more apt to resort to force – her gun – because she knows (and the man she is dealing with knows) that the contest will have one guaranteed outcome if it came to a test of strength. She is more apt to fear every male under 70 she deals with – for the perfectly sound reason that almost any male could push her aside with almost no effort and ignore her.

          A man facing another man of equal or greater size is going to be more hesitant to amp up a confrontation – and the male AGW (if he’s not a pussy) will not be full o’ fear when dealing with another man because he knows he can handle himself.

          There are, of course, a few women who have skills – and strength. But very few – and even these elite specimens only rise to the level of a man of average strength.

        • My experience in fast food tells me it can go several ways. At one restaurant I had no less than 3 female supervisors and a female general manager:

          -FS1 was just plain awesome to have around; she hated corporate and their BS as much as any of us and was very clearly just “one of the little people” who happened to get a promotion somehow. She also took no guff from rude customers. Hands down my favorite supervisor the entire time I was there.

          -FS2 was a short, fat woman who looked like she might have been attractive if she’d been about 80 pounds lighter, and, uh… well, I didn’t like her much. Did you know that restaurant had a rule where you could only use two paper towels to dry your hands after every wash? She sure did, and reminded me several times. I can’t rightly comprehend the mental state that would drive someone to care about a rule like that, but somehow she did.

          FS3 was kind of air-headed. Unfortunately, she was also a pseudo-assistant-manager, which meant she was usually responsible for the schedules. She was the type who, if you asked for “more hours” because you needed more money to live on, would schedule you to work 13 days straight because she just plain wasn’t paying attention when she was writing the schedules.

          FGM was strange that way. One minute you’d want to hug the life out of her, the next minute you’d want to punch the life out of her. Sometimes she was saving you from an even-more-gung-ho supervisor, sometimes she was telling you that “in this state I could make you work 16 hours without a break if I wanted to!” Basically she confused law with ethics.

          Sadly, the absolute worst bosses I had to deal with were all men. The would-be frat boy who bragged about having had 77 sexual partners and was unbelievably juvenile except when he was writing you up over something completely stupid, the self-professed Satanist who didn’t care if someone got stainless steel polish in their drink and died, the Stopwatch King, the AM who unironically said things like “you don’t get paid to think”, FGM’s replacement who was an anti-white racist and cut my hours to the bone as soon as I finished the online training (on my own, unpaid, time) that should have got me promoted to supervisor… I don’t regret quitting that place one bit.

          • My take on things, Chuck: There are a LOT of asshats in the world. much more so these days than in past generations, ’cause, like ya said, “laws instead of morality”. They come in all genders, races, nationalities, etc. And ditto the smattering of good people that’re out there.

            It’s just today, the asshats, especially if they are in some protected, privileged class (Basically anything other than straight white males) have a pre-written script these days, and the power of preferential treatment by Uncle to wield against us- so if one just happens to be a woman or a pervert or a “minority”, they have special powers and privileges which allow them to to exercise even greater asshattery with no consequence against others who are not in one of the protected classes.

            And this they call “equal rights”- ROTFL!

            Sad thing is, often the good ones who may just happen to be members of the special classes, get cast into the statistical pile with the others. And ironically, they are the very ones who are despised by the others in those classes for not playing into the narrative. -Like my black (female) friend, who was hated by her coworkers when she worked in academia, because she is a conservative Republican. She was hired because “she is a black woman”- but she didn’t fit the narrative of what a black woman is supposed to be….so the others counted her as an enemy- except for the white liberals, who were just very uncomfortable, because they couldn’t dislike her, because that would “racist”, but couldn’t embrace her, because she opposed everything they stand for! (She got out of that business).

            I mean, what does a liberal do when a BLACK WOMAN is pointing out how racist and discriminatory their policies are, ?

  7. “These weapons of war have no place on our streets!” I reluctantly agree with this sentiment when it pertains to AGWs. In my home state of Utah, you are statistically more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a gang member. I assume this would apply to the rest of the United States of Overreaction as well.

    • Hmm…”Joe Six-Pack” isn’t supposed to have a “weapon of war”…then WHAT, pray tell is the MILITIA supposed to fight WITH? Did the “Minutemen” at Lexington and Concord meet the Redcoats with…PITCH FORKS? I don’t effin’ think so!


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