NJ AGW Helps Himself

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An armed government worker in Paterson, NJ has admitted to stealing people’s money after illegally stopping and then searching their vehicles. When the AGW found cash, he pocketed it for his own personal use.

This, of course, is the only material difference between what Daniel Pent did and AGWs around the country do routinely – and legally. They steal on behalf of the state – which then rewards them for it by paying them to do it.

Pent admitted to being part of a conspiracy in which AGWs routinely stopped people in their vehicles and on the street and then relieved them of their valuables.

In February 2017, authorities said Pent and another AGW named  Eudy Ramos, who pleaded guilty last month, stole $10,000 from a vehicle they stopped. They split the money between them and failed to mention the cash in their report.

According to the criminal complaint, Pent wrote that the man they stole the money from only had $36 on him when they “processed” him.

The victim said Pent and Ramos “did not act like police officers; instead, they treated the situation like a robbery,” according to the criminal complaint.

Stand and deliver! – as they used to say. Today they say: I smelled marijuana … or maybe nothing at all.

According to local news coverage, Pent also regularly “used unreasonable and excessive force”… including a “running tax,” when his victims attempted to get away from him.

How surprising.

Is any use of force “reasonable” to relieve people of their property?

Pent pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiracy to violate individuals’ civil rights, using unreasonable and excessive force in violation of individuals’ civil rights and filing a false police.

“It’s sad. He was a good cop, a hero cop,” said attorney Michael Calabro, referencing Pent defending another officer during a shootout earlier in his career. “He fell harder than most because he was a good cop.”

Hitler was also reportedly a great dancer.

Calabro said Pent had tried to distance himself from the “unfortunate” culture within the department, but that “your past catches up sometimes.”

Pent’s sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 14.

Will he get the Blue Discount?

I wouldn’t bet against it.

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  1. The legal term for this is “Civil Asset Forfiture” brought to us by BJ Clinton. It quickly became the favorite profit center of the creeps at J. Edgar Hoover’s Fag Boys Inc. and slowly spread to the AGW ranks at the county and city levels. Basically any AGW can deem posession of legal tender evidence of a crime “probable cause” and take your cash. Good luck getting it back. It’s your word (and your math) against theirs- and that cash is long gone by trial time.

    • Hi Auric,

      Yes, exactly. Clinton bequeathed unto us many things – including this. He also was the first to get away with My Lai-esque atrocities here in the Homeland (e.g., Waco and Ruby Ridge). He tested the waters – and found them fine.

      • Actually, Ruby Ridge was under Bush. I will never forget when the president had two american citizens murdered in cold blood over an alleged weapons charge. He was a murderer. I considered that the first warning shot against the American people

  2. ““It’s sad. He was a good cop, a hero cop,” said attorney Michael Calabro”…

    This Calabro character is truly frightening. If I have to explain why, you’d never understand the explanation.

  3. Disgusting. What is even more disgusting is that had this armed thug reported the stolen money it would have instantly become “civil forfeiture” and he would have had the State’s blessing.

    The gang rules (“laws”) dictate that it is only armed robbery when an individual takes the spoils for himself. It’s all good if the robbery is done on behalf of the criminal gang that calls itself “government”.


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