Enforcers Who Punish

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Here’s a little rant about armed government workers punishing people… something only the courts are supposed to do.

After they convict you of something.

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  1. Well, we know what kind of movies you like to watch Eric… It is gorgeous country, what part of Virginia is that? Cops have no idea the level of hurt that is coming their way, regardless if they are a good apple. It won’t matter at that point.

    • Indeed, Cederq!

      Others include the Paul Scofield version of A Man for All Seasons (about Thomas More) as well as (naturlich) Das Boot and (Da) Burnt by the Sun

      I live about 35 miles from Roanoke, near the NC border. The place is called Floyd County; if you’re ever in my neck holler or stop by!

      • I googled it and it is a nice area. I am planning on moving to the Northern, Eastern/ Central Tennessee area come spring if the country doesn’t unwind by then from South Dakota. It is too damn cold and too much damn snow here… The country around your place is rugged enough, I am sure you have some good-old boys up around there. A country boy can survive. Yeah I got Deliverance DVD.

      • I was in your neck of the woods for a few days last week, but a little further north (Massanutten). Just a little too much of a drive for a visit this time but some day I’ll buy you lunch.

  2. Well, I have to say that part of Virginia sure is pretty. You still have green grass in November!

    Out here everything in MT is brown for the few hours that it’s not covered in snow. But we have a lot fewer people 😉

  3. Hi Ken,

    “As for not careening off the cliff,,, we are at the Coyote stage where he just figures out he’s not on solid ground”.

    Yep, and the magic, anti gravity pause, is almost over.


  4. Eric, your heart is in the right place but until the thugs are held responsible for their actions this will continue at an ever increasing pace. For them to torture someone with the taxpayers having to pay IF a court has the balls to find them guilty needs to stop. Any fines should apply to them and their administrators.
    As far as the LEO’s being out of control,,, EVERYTHING government and civil is out of control,,, the military, the intelligence agencies,,, federal law enforcement agencies,,, the treasury, the Fed,,, the Congress, the President,,, Universities,,, Schools,,, corporations You name it,,, it’s a mess and out of control.
    I cannot fathom elections correcting this systemic insanity. For some inexplicable reason the electorate votes the same bastards in every time. There are congress critters that have “served” in office their entire lives. They’re immune to laws they impose on us,,, they have medical and pensions mere citizens only dream of.
    If this doesn’t stop,,, it’s game over and the SHTF.

    • Thanks, Ken – and , I don’t disagree. Everything is out of control and it is probable (in my view) that the S will H the fan. But maybe not. Just maybe we can pull the emergency brake and crank the wheel just right and … just maybe, the thing will not careen off the cliff.

      A good first step would be to do as you say and end qualified immunity and hold AGWs fully and personally responsible for any harms they cause – the same standard which helps to keep us on the level. How is it that some people do not grok that not punishing abuse encourages more of it

      • Unfortunately government feels the need for these kinds of nutjobs fearing a coming rebellion. All empires do it towards the end.
        I commend you for putting these atrocious acts on your website. National MSM completely ignores it, yes the locals mention it but that’s usually as far as it goes. Worse, the “supposed” Alternative News sites Zerohedge, Alex Jones Infowars and Prison Planet etc. are now ignoring it fearing the Gogoul and Youtube gods.
        As for not careening off the cliff,,, we are at the Coyote stage where he just figures out he’s not on solid ground. 🙂

        • Hi Ken,

          In re ZeroHedge, Alex et al… the smartest thing I ever did was make this site reader supported. We have a few ads, but the readers keep this site afloat and so I am unfazed by Googoul and the rest. They could of course just take me off air entirely, but if that day ever comes, it’s time to raise the skull and crossbones… literally, I mean. It’s game on.


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