Chinese Teslas

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It’s interesting that Elon is set on building – is building – his electric cars in China. The reasons are twofold:

First, it’s cheaper to build his cars there – which is a way of making them seem more affordable here. Elon had to renege on his promise to offer his “affordable” Model 3 for $35,000 to start because – even with all the subsidies – he was losing too much money on the deal.

So he raised the base price to $40k.

Of course, most people can’ afford a $40k car – whether a Model 3 or a BMW 3. Which means the Model 3 (like the BMW 3) can never sell in quantity – like an affordable car such as a $24k to start Camry.

Elon hopes to make the Model 3 appear more affordable by not paying Americans to build it – but forcing Americans to subsidize it. Which is a kind of reverse Henry Ford maneuver in that Americans not building things have less money to money to buy things like cars – electric or otherwise.

But the affluent virtue-signalers who can afford one of Elon’s cars will get another subsidy – courtesy of Americans no longer working.

The other reason has to do with China, itself. It is the role model for the coming Technocratic Hegemony, a state controlled not by “1984” methods of the truncheon and Room 101 but by technology and social credit.

The Chinese want electric cars for the same reason they are being pushed here – and that reason is not the “climate crisis.” (If the “climate” really were in “crisis” on account of vehicle-sourced carbon dioxide “emissions,” then high-performance luxury electric cars which create and produce two or three times as much C02 than an A to B electric transportation appliance would create and produce would never be allowed.)

Electric cars are much easier to control – to turn off – at the whim of whomever controls the power. In the system of social credit that the Chinese hegemons are building, this is the key to controlling mobility.

That is the end goal here as well – which is part of the reason why EVs have been sexed up and talked-up by the media, which serves as the Ministry of Propaganda for the Technocracy.

But there is an upside.

These China-built Teslas are likely to have even better build quality than the ones made here. Italicized to clue you in to the joke.

U.S.-made Teslas are put together with the attention to detail given ’90s-era Geos. Their panels fit together poorly; their paint jobs suffer from orange peel. They frequently have to come back to the shop for “fixes” that no Toyota buyer would tolerate – and which would result in Toyota being raked over the coals by Consumer Reports.

But Elon can do no wrong – because he serves a purpose.

. . .

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    • Also, Elon is making Teslas in China to get around the import tariffs. If he makes the Model 3 in CA and brings it to China to sell there, he’ll be hit with a hefty tariff. If he makes the Model 3 there and sells it, there’s no tariff.

  1. I’m just having visions of all the Chinese ‘hoverboards’ that exploded into flames randomly or while on a normal charger due to the shoddy lithium-ion battery packs. If one were to go off in someones garage overnight, the whole house will go up. Nevermind in a public/business parking garage.

    • Actually the cheap cells in the things weren’t why they caught fire. A co-worker purchased one and we disassembled it and examined it. The cells were cheap prismatics which have their difficulties however the real problem was the charger and BMS. As it there were wasn’t a BMS and the charger simply pushed full voltage and current into the battery pack. This meant if you left it in plugged in it would eventually catch fire. Simply put there was no circuit to say the battery pack was fully charged, no thermal sensor, and the charger did not taper current as the battery reached capacity. In other words, it was a fire starter in the user exercised the care to never allow it to over charge. Now like a Tesla motor’s product “autopilot” the cautions were in the instructions, but that didn’t mean human behavior would change. So the hoverboards caught fire.

  2. Chinese Teslas; Chinese fire-drills; Chinese quality; Chinese traffic; Chinese communism…… I see a pattern there….and now it’s coming here!

    • Nunz, it’s pretty evident that the Chinamen are going to be taking our place as the big guys on the block – they’re on the upswing as this ship sinks further and further down.

      • Absotively, Jason! I’d say they are largely there already; what remains here is just closing up shop…finishing off the suicide….and it is suicide, “We” abdicated. The “democratically elected representatives” of our neighbors sold us out by making conditions inhospitable here. The Chinese are just filling a need which we created.

        And the bastards who here who steal our money and give it to E-loon for “the creation of American jobs” don’t say a word when the con-man realizes what was readily apparent to all of us from the beginning- that no one can run a cost-effective high-tech busyness here, even with massive subsidies [In CA., no less!]….and no one balks when those subsidies are now subsidizing the industries and economy of another country.

        They put the VW exec in jail, just for out-smarting there meaningless emission standards while harming no one- but they give billions to con-man E-loon, and don’t say a word when he isn’t able to deliver.

        I wonder if there are Chinese Jews?
        I asked a Chinese waiter once: “Do you have Chinese Jews?”, and he said “No. We have tomato jews; apple jews; but no Chinese Jews” 😀

        • Hmmm… Jews love Chinese food, maybe there’s something to that, or maybe they saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. Years ago I was even at a Glatt Kosher Chinese restaurant (how crazy is that?) with some Jewish friends back in Hymietown. Oy vay, we’d better learn Mandarin! 🙂

          • Jason, I don’t think it’s that they love Chinese food so much- They’re just obsessed with finding out the secret of how to make a cheap meal that makes people feel satisfied initially, but then hungry again an hour later! 😀

            • Hey Nunz,

              “They’re just obsessed with finding out the secret of how to make a cheap meal that makes people feel satisfied initially, but then hungry again an hour later!”

              Just replace fat and meat with sugar and refined carbs; it’s easy and government subsidized.


              • That’ll do ‘er, Jeremy! -or so I gather, from living here in ‘Merca, where all of the “poor” people are obese! (Guess that problem isn’t as common among the Jews- I mean, who’s gonna eat too much kraplach, or matzoh?!)

                  • Heck, Jeremy, I don’t even eat pork.

                    That’s one thing that seems to be universal to just about all religions/philosophies (because it is universal among men)- to want to play “holy”, but then coming up with formulas and work-arounds to avoid being governed by the things that one doesn’t consider important or relevant to them!

                    Reminds me of this guy I knew: His girlfriend, who was another man’s wife, was Calf-lick, and bemoaned the fact that this guy ate meat on Fridays! The adultery didn’t bother her! LOL- Pick and choose- “Find the one that works for you“-even if it doesn’t work for God.

                    Reminds me of the old joke: What’s the biggest Jewish dilemma?

                    Free ham!

                    Hell, my grandparents lived nextdoor to a synagogue; when my uncle was a little kid, he was the “shabbos goy” they hired to do the things they couldn’t do on the Sabbath. Never mind that the Bible says that your servant is supposed to rest too, and not do those things…..

                    Never ceases to amaze me how people will dictate to God, and practice self-deception….as long as they have others doing the same, and some “authority” who says it’s O-K……

  3. I thought Tesla’s were made by robots, which is why the body panels don’t fit right but who cares because you’re buying software, not hardware. Why would robots in China be cheaper?

    The robots are killing Tesla

    And for some Euro-silliness: EU Regulations Make Tesla Smart Summon “Nearly Useless”

  4. Much easier to get you in room 101 to face the truncheon if they know where you are and you can’t move. Even if they didn’t have the ability to stop you in your tracks, they know you can’t go far in an EV, if perchance you could afford one in the first place.


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