A Pair of Hut! Hut! Hutters!

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Here’s local news coverage from Mesa, AZ about a pair of armed government workers – all kitted out in their Tacticooled gear – who have had serial complaints of excessive force lodged against them by people Hut! Hut! Hutted! over trivial (non-criminal) infractions such as jaywalking and cutting through a park.

The AGWs seem to have a lust for enforcing the law – whatever it takes.

Leaving aside the specific complaints in this case, let’s consider the general case of kitting out armed government workers like special forces soldiers. Does this not encourage the Hut! Hut! Hut! mentality? Help attract exactly the wrong kind of person to a job that is supposed to be about keeping the peace?

What normal man wants to play soldier – against his neighbors?

AGW apologists will claim the Tacticooling (and Hut! Hut! Hutting!) are necessary because of the “times we live in.” This is diseased nonsense; gaslighting and cart-before-the-horse-putting.

In the first place, AGWs such as these two are objectively more of a threat to the “safety” of “civilians” – as these ersatz soldaten regard us – even though they are also civilians, just like us except armed to the Adam’s apple and suffering from a kind of fear-rage psychosis against the rest of us. They kill about 1,000 people annually. Some of these are summary executions. About 50 AGWs were killed by “civilians” last year.

More of them died as the result of illness.

Even if 90 percent of the “civilians” slain by AGWs were slain in justifiable self-defense, the number of questionable AGW executions is still much higher than the number of AGWs who “fell in the line of duty” (or because of one-too-many roast beef hoagies).

In the second, because dressing up like a Star Wars stormtrooper encourages stormtrooper behavior – creating the “necessity” for dressing up like a Star Wars stormtrooper.

There may be inner city war zones where body armor and Glocks strapped to the legs, utility belts with multiple mags and so on are necessary. But to deal with jaywalking and patrol parks?

America is becoming a war zone because it’s patrolled by dangerous geeks who think they are at war – with us.

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  1. Having lived in the area this is one of the “safest” areas in the Evil Empire with regards to crime, yet even Gilbert, Arizona, (to the South of Mesa) which was the “safest city in America” when I lived there as I recall, routinely requests and receives military grade equipment to police a jurisdiction that is virtually without crime. Gilbert even has a multi-million dollar jail that is virtually unused, since they have an agreement with the county to cage all persons kidnapped for little or no reason.

    • Hi Alexander,

      It’s the same in my area, too. A small county with essentially no violent crime – yet the sheriff has Hut! Hut! Hut! equipment, too. This pathological desire to have the means of overwhelming force at hand is the result of a combination of a ludicrously exaggerated fear of “threats” everywhere and an ideology of “shock and awe” to deal with it. Thus we have body-armored goons with Batman belts enforcing traffic laws.

      • DLS, I worked with a guy about my dad’s age. He had lived through the battle of the Ardennes. He said “We sorted them SS out of the regular ranks, lined em up in a big field and used big 50’s on em”.

        • It wasn’t just in retaliation for what Kampgruppe Peiper did at Malmedy, the de facto “policy” to not take SS prisoners went all the way back to 1940, when the Canadians and the SS weren’t showing each other “quarter”. No one is really sure who started it. More or less, Allied soldiers did not show the SS any mercy. The Canadians got such a rep that they were used to get German prisoners being interrogated to talk, i.e., “Talk to US or to the Canadians”, with the implied threat that the prisoner in question wouldn’t survive the Canuck interrogation.
          Nowadays the People’s Republic of Soviet Canuckistan is a JOKE. How the mighty have fallen.

          • Hi Doug,

            I remember a story about Col. Peiper showign courtesy to an American officer captured during the Ardennes offensive; if I am remembering correctly, this officer testified for the defense and helped Peiper avoid execution.

            • The American major in question did give testimony helpful to Obersturmbannfuhrer Peiper’s defense, initially it didn’t stop the court from finding Peiper guilty of war crimes (including failure of command, the so-called “Yamashita Doctrine”, i.e., you’re responsible, as the CO, for what goes on in your outfit, even if you didn’t know about nor authorized said misconduct), he was sentenced in 1946 to hang. However, given the controversy generated by an investigation by one Senator Joe McCarthy, R-WS, into the interrogation procedures by US Army personnel (mostly Jewish), whom beat and/or mutilated the prisoners to get confessions and give up fellow prisoners, whose “confessions” were used as these trials. IDK if Peiper himself was mistreated. These accusations, coming at at time when the Cold War was starting (Berlin Airlift), the West German, or FRG, under Adenauer, was getting under way and was taking over the “De-Nazification” courts, caused the senior US Army General, Lucius Clay, to finally, after affirming Peiper’s death sentence twice, to commute it to life, then 35 years, and Peiper was paroled in 1956. He found employment at first with Porsche, but was forced out after outrage that Ferry Porsche would employ a known “war criminal”. He then found work with VW as a sales executive, and in 1972 retired and moved to a village in Eastern France, living under an assumed name with his wife. In 1976, his identity was discovered by a French Communist paper, “L’Humanitie”, and he faced death threats, so he sent his wife back to their old home in Germany and prepared to sell the property. On the night of 14 July 1976, the Peiper home was attacked by a group, presumed to be French Communists (others believe it was the Mossad), and the house set on fire. A horribly burned body was found, presumed to be Peiper, but there is speculation that the body was another man’s, that of a recently deceased German man whom vaguely resembled Peiper, and that Peiper set the house on fire himself and made good his escape. Who can say, it’d be a fitting end for the (in)famous commander of Kampgruppe Peiper, who inspired the composite character and Panzer commander Martin Hessler in the 1965 movie, “The Battle of the Bulge”.

  2. There really needs to be an avenue to edit post on this site and comment voting. Eric! Just a tip, ASK Jim Quinn of “The Burning Platform” for the contact information of TMWNN (The Man With No Name) to help you. Jim regularly posts your articles to his site so I know he is on your side! TMWNN is a great asset for TBP and he would probably help you out with minimal or no remuneration based on Jim’s recommendation.

    BTW, I think very highly of Jim and of you. As you know, I use to be quite the regular here. However, that floating header really annoys me. I am on my 5th browser and that thing just floats all over the top of the page.

    • Right click on the header, INSPECT, hit delete until it disappears.

      Works on all kinds of popups and headers. Not sure if there is a way to make it permanently go away.

  3. This is what happens when a country is at war for 20 years and combat veterans suffering from PTSD enter law enforcement with no real screening for mental distress.

    Consider the fact that a Navy Seal got a sex change. How did that person even qualify to be a Navy Seal when they are suffering from Gender dysphoria? How did the screening process not catch this mental illness? How many other Nave Seals have mental illness we are not aware of?

    We all know in our gut that this level of incompetence is part of the program to bring down America so that the elite can have their one world government.

    • Hi Thomas,

      “How did the screening process not catch this mental illness”?

      You are obviously insufficiently woke. You see, when a dangerously skinny person looks in the mirror and sees a fat person, that’s a mental illness. When a male looks in the mirror and sees a woman, that’s just a recognition of their true self. Likewise, when African girls are “circumcised”, that’s understood to be mutilation. when a confused 6 year old boy is put on hormone blockers, culminating in total male genital mutilation, that’s tolerance and compassion. Get with it, man!


      • Or they are purposefully looking for knuckle dragging mental midget thugs because they know they will just follow orders like a good hammer.

      • Jeremy, that six year old Texas boy being turned into a transgender is sickening, especially when you see his “father” eying him.

        • oh texas is fucked. Its just a few more years from being full on communist. Its already there in many ways. Not quite as far as Virginia but very close.

          • Mark, those communist in Austin aren’t any different from the ones in DC. They don’t represent anyone but themselves. The illustrious guvnah is as hypocritical as it gets as is his cabinet.

            • Mark3, here’s a breakdown of Texas voters.

              The Metropolitan vs, non-Metropolitan tells you everything you need to know about the 22 districts that were turned Democrat last election.

              You can see it’s nearly a 9 to 1 ratio of Metropolitan to non-Metropolitan. The electoral college doesn’t do it justice in any but the smallest way. As a rural old fart, my vote should counter 9 of the commie votes in the big cities. That doesn’t count exactly for Hispanic and Black votes but it’s close enough.

          • All Southern states are doomed. Mississippi (my state) might have another 10 years before it shifts completely to the left. Remember we already have a large black population that votes left. If we get a sizable influx of leftist carpetbaggers, we’re finished.

            I recently drove in the new subdivision nearby and spotted several California tags. Not looking good!

  4. Wow, those two look REAL intimidating! Skinny little dipshits, without their armaments and backup, would be like scared little puppies out in the real world. Pathetic excuses for men.

    • That’s the deal Anon, they are scared. I guarantee they pick their targets well. You notice it’s always one small individual. They’re the bullies they always wanted to be in school instead of the bullied. They’ve found heaven.

  5. You know a job is really dangerous when the leading cause of death is heart attack and the second is car wrecks. Those donuts and cell phones are really dangerous.

  6. Many are trained in the US armed forces serving as our heros occupying Afghanistan and other US empire wars. In Afghanistan there are few to no limits on what they can or cannot do as illustrated by a Seal that El Presidente recently pardoned. The Seal was tried in a military court in the US and of course found not guilty of the major charges.
    Most others that committed crimes in our little empire wars were never even tried. Many were hired Mercs (contractors as we like to call them). Sound familiar? Commit a crime and no punishment. Today many of our fine boys in blue are from these places where their crimes were never punished or punished by a hand slap. They come home with the same attitude. As in these foreign lands the People were the enemy in their eyes,,, same same here.

    Today Lt. Calley (My Lai, Vietnam) would never have been tried and if he was he would be found Not Guilty or Pardoned. Difference? In Vietnam many journalists were actually honest and reported the facts. Today, with corporate news media are like a department within the War Department.

    You cannot send folks to foreign lands allowing them inappropriate and /or illegal behavior and then think they won’t bring it home.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

    • “Today, with corporate news media are like a department within the War Department.”

      I think the term you are looking for is “Steno Pool”

    • There are actually two definitions of Anarchy.

      A: a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.

      B: absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

      Antifa falls into the (A) category.

      Fascism is the merger of corporate and government although there are variations.

      IMO the US is a Fascistic Oligarch system with a little of this and that thrown in. We are a Republic in name only. The Republic as ordained by the founders died officially in 1913. Democracy is limited to those they pick for us to choose.

      (A) is the preferred government definition,,, I personally prefer (B).

      • Uh er, I do not know who put the definition of Chaos into the list for anarchy. However, you can have Chaos without anarchy which is what everyone in the united States is currently experiencing. On the other hand, it is very hard to experience Chaos with anarchy. Self governing people will not allow abject mayhem to abound. They, as history has shown, pretty much nip Chaos in the bud when it occurs. For proof, I offer the response of the people of Northfield, Minnesota to the planned robbery of the bank there by the James-Younger gang. Just people nipping Chaos efficiently in the bud, as should always happen. Don’t need government when you have self governing individuals present!

      • It is my opinion, that some marxist wanted to corrupt the English language and impose a bad character upon the term Anarchy.

        • None Ya, there is a certain group, mostly hardcore statists of any stripe, who have been trying to change the meaning of anarchy for 20 years or more. They have to throw “chaos” in to demonize anarchists who only want to be left in peace. The “chaos” people will do everything they can to make sure you can’t be left in peace.

      • these labeis mean nothing. They all mean an all-powerful government to direct us peons. Thats it. Its statism. Worship of the state. The secular religion liberals and communists these days – like antifa – are indroctrinated into. Hitler was quite the fan of Lincoln go figure.

    • I lived in Mesa for quite a while. Before around 2013, their PD seemed no worse than average. The change was dramatic. Even if you weren’t dealing with them directly, their new jack booted mind set was obvious. Almost certainly a result of different top cop management, and very different training doctrines and hiring priorities.

      Why doesn’t anyone ever look into where these new doctrines, and often the trainers themselves, originated?

      • The “doctrines” you speak of are right out of the israeli military playbook. In fact, American police officers and “trainers” are sent to israel to see how the IDF deals with Palestinians.
        “We are all Palestinians, now”…
        As to military tactics being used, the American military has much more stringent “rules of engagement” than American police officers.
        As i have previously stated, it is israeli military tactics that are used against American civilians.

        • There is a SWAT team competition every year. A few years ago it was in LA. The Israeli team won hands down(I have no idea how “success” is figured, death count I suppose).

          When asked why they simply offed everyone in the house, the Israeli’s replied “It saves a lot of trouble later. Kill the kids now so they won’t be a problem later”. I couldn’t make this up if I had to.

          • I have actually heard a personal account of the same. However the argument from my friend was that the Israelis always put a bullet in the head of each downed target to insure they cannot get back up and surprise them.

            I think the problem we are facing is a Zionist ideology at the top that is turning peace officers into domestic military police for the very purpose of imposing complete police surveillance state in the future.

            It is my understanding that a substantial number of LEOs and Military Personnel, active and inactive, are already compromised with the promise of logistical supply and support, then the power that be decide the flip the switch on the rest of us.

            Many of the inactive are already embedded into patriot militias waiting to be activated so that people can be rounded up.

            We all need to be ready and prepared for the call.

            • Hi Thomas,

              I hope you’re wrong – but dread that you’re right. I know for a fact that some AGWs have gone to Israel to receive “training” – which is appalling – and not only because American AGWs (supposedly peace officers) have no business being “trained” in militaristic tactics by a foreign government but also because such plays right into the hands of Jew-baiters. They can point to this one situational truth and use it to confect a great lie – “the Jews” are to blame for our descent into police statehood.

              And they ask my whey I drink…

              • Eric,

                There is a reason Jews have been expelled 109 times from various countries. Please note, I mentioned Jews not Hebrews. The people occupying the area known currently as Israel are not actually Hebrews. They are Ashkenazi. Now various sites state these individuals migrated during Roman times to the Rhineland and France before eventually migrating to the Balkan region of Europe. These sources say these Hebrews were one of the 13 tribes of Jews. Wow! How wrong can they be? Jew means they from the Tribe of Judah. Judah is just one of the 13 tribes of Hebrews of the Israelite nation. It really makes you wonder where the other 12 tribes of Hebrews are, eh?

                BTW, all 13 tribes are named in the Old Testament. They were not all Jews. Jews originate from the region known during Roman times as Judeah. So how can Jews be in Judeah and the Rhineland at the same time? Another, uh er hm question.

                I am not saying all Jews are evil. But the evil in the united States is based entirely of Jews. There is a huge difference between the two.

                • NYB,

                  “But the evil in the united States is based entirely of Jews”.

                  Whew, here I was thinking that Bill, Hillary, GHWB, GWB, McCain, Gore, Nixon, McNamara, LBJ, FDR, Abrahamus Rex, Wilson…, too many to mention them all, were pretty fucking evil!


                  • Jeremy, an old college buddy who didn’t get his chance for a bj on the shrub used to tell me all the time “Hey, they’re gone, they’re irrelevant.” Meanwhile, he participates in Civil War enactments and can’t say enough bad things about Lincoln. I don’t want to hear the screaming or I’d point out we’re all suffering from a tyrant that’s been dead for 150 years.

                    Just look (Patriot Act, NDAA)what the shrub left us. Somehow, it’s all Clinton and Obama’s fault. Now he claims to be a libertarian but his rhetoric doesn’t change, at least in what he believes but he doesn’t give me the old “He’s gone” bs. BTW, shut that damn door, it’s cold here.

                    • Hey Eight,

                      “…the evil in the united States is based entirely of Jews”

                      “…we’re all suffering from a tyrant that’s been dead for 150 years”.

                      Let’s see, Lincoln was an evil tyrant in the US, all evil in the US is “based of Jews”, therefore, Lincoln was a Jew!


                  • Jeremy, you shouldn’t try to confuse NYB with facts. Really not fair, as the “identity christians” are a particularly stupid and malignant sect of the white supremacist bowel movement.

                    As you point out, the foul stench farted out by these guys is trivially disproven by even the most casual perusal of history – which clearly reveals that white christians have their very own perfidious nature that has brought plenty of evil on its own.

                    NYB demonstrates the kind of “mentality” (if one wants to dignify it with that label) which seeks to blame and punish scapegoats rather than recognizing the intrinsic evil side of one’s own tribe, which is part and parcel of human nature. Jews make excellent scapegoats, being a group which is small,”different”, and insular.

                    BTW, it appears the network problems that afflicted this site earlier this weekend have abated. I was afraid it was sabatoge inflicted by the Agents of Goldstein! 😉

                    • Ack, spoke too soon on the site issues, just started getting sporadic “503” errors again! Those Agents of Goldstein are nothing if not persistent…

                    • Hi Jason,

                      It’s almost impossible to accept that these people actually believe that all of the evil is because of the Jews. It is such an obviously false and ludicrous assertion that I sometimes think that they must be trolls.


        • Word has it that the courtroom, during Brailsford sham trial, was packed with LEOs, Mesa PD and Maricopa County Sheriff’s especially, and they made it clear to the jury that, like the Houston PD Union hack, they “knew who they are”.

  7. I’d be for Hut-hut-hut tactical gear when some Antfia Dipshits start there anarchist bullshit and don’t disperse when said AGW show up and do what they’re supposed to prevent property damage and innocent civvies getting f***ed up due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time

    Instead, the globalist politicians handcuff the pigs, so they take their aggression’s out on the little guys like us.


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