Reader Question: The Electric Hummer?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Zane asks: I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now about the electric Hummer. Once again GM has dropped the ball. In this decade of cheap gas, an off-roading uprise and getting the most efficiency as possible out of newer vehicles, surely they could have done something smarter, like a Duramax inline 6 or an LS with a 10 spd. Don’t get me wrong, I know the name of the game is Globalism/Agenda 21/Un 2030, but as someone who had an H3 as a teen, it breaks my cold dead heart to see such a controversial brand bastardized for the douchy elite virtue signalers

My reply: Do you remember Winston Smith, the character in Orwell’s 1984, musing to himself that he understood how but not why? Eventually, he came to understand the why. It was explained to him by the novel’s other character, O’Brien. In Room 101, where O’Brien tortured Winston.

The whole point of this is power.

Not electrical power. Power over people. GM knows that an electric Hummer – which will cost tens of thousands more than the original and will have range/recharge limitations far more functionally hobbling than a huge appetite for gazzuline (which is inexpensive, as you note and quickly recoverable, which electricity isn’t) can’t possibly sell in volume. That it is necessarily a toy for – as you rightly put it – douchy virtue signalers. Who are also members of the attenuated affluent elite, the people at the apex of the pyramid.

Remember: The elite in Soviet Russia had cars, too. Staling drove around in a nice Packard knock-off. It was the average citizen who waited for the bus or train, if it ever came. Or walked.

That is what is in store for us, if the people pushing this EV thing win the day.

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  1. Hi Eric and Zane,

    A diesel/electric hybrid in a Hummer would be pretty cool. This guy,

    was doing successful bio-diesel conversions on Hummers (and others) and had dreams of a diesel turbine/electric hybrid for his Hummer. Idea seemed cool, but I don’t think he ever got it to work.

    Eric persuasively argues that the push to EV’s is about power and control, not the environment. I think the best proof of this is, if it was about the environment, the push would be toward hybrids, especially plug in hybrids, not pure EV’s. Disclaimer, I am not advocating a “push” of any kind, nor do I believe that the climate is in crisis, just noting the insanity of pushing pure EV’s as the best “solution”.

    But, if one does believe in a looming crisis, pushing pure EV’s make no sense at all!

    First, the infrastructure to handle even a small % increase in EV’s does not exist. If the Eco-tyrants get their way, the necessary increase in infrastructure needs would be staggering, not just at production, but at consumption as well. Second, the number of “fast” charging stations, and the capacity of each, would have to increase dramatically, and the generating capacity to service those stations, as well as home chargers, would have to increase enormously as well. Both of these necessary changes will create a huge “carbon footprint” that will vastly exceed any theoretical environmental benefits of the EV.

    This is not true with hybrids, the infrastructure for long range driving already exists, nothing new is needed (except for natural growth, which would be necessary for ICE’s as well). If plug-in hybrids were designed around a sensible range of 40-50 miles, no changes to home infrastructure would be necessary. Of course there would need to be additional generating capacity, but not nearly as much as would be necessary for pure EV’s.

    I admit, I became obsessed with the Volt as it is, practically and functionally, ideal for my needs. I rarely drive more than 20 miles in a day and have easy access to a plug; how many millions of people are like me? Even if one drives 40 miles a day and has easy access to a plug, a plug in like the Volt is extremely practical. After getting one, it’s even better than I’d hoped.


    • A hybrid 4×4 would be perfect for us, except for the purchase price. I have to plug it in at night on cold nights anyway, but it’s hard to compete cost-wise with a 30 year old jeep just for short range driving. I can’t possibly live long enough to save $60K to $80K or maybe more on gas.

        • Driving the Jeep about 3000 miles a year, at the worst it gets 10 mpg (sometimes more than 20) is what, 300 gallons at say three dollars a gallon is $900 per year if I did the math right. Call it a thou$and – I would have had to get the Hummer for my first birthday and start driving it right away.

  2. Makes sense, now how the hell do we get rid of Mary and the Unenthusiastic diversity hires who are bastardizing the brand.

    Imagine where Government Motors would be if real enthusiasts were in charge instead of someone who wishes she were in Sex and the City and of course, bunch of people there solely based on skin/religion/gender/etc


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