Reader Question: Dealing With Gesundheitsfuhrers?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Bill asks: Eric. I appreciate all you do. I try and do my part. Here’s my FB response to your most recent column. Feel free to share it. Feel free to “friend” me on FB either with your real name or a “beard” account.

I’m giving actual policy advice here:

The following is advice… tactics and strategy… that shouldn’t be coming from Bill Barker of Harriman, NY, but rather from “(name conservative elites… pundits… TV and Radio hosts… podcasters… ) but since these cowards and phonies won’t do it … I’ll do it.


Something wicked this way comes. Only wicked can explain the announcement today by the Coonman – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam – that all Virginians over 10 will wear the Fear Mask pretty much everywhere after this Friday. Or else.

Gesundheitsfuhrers – health police – will do the enforcing, handing out misdemeanor fines and presumably Hut! Hut! Huts! to the noncompliant.

You have your cellphone cameras . . . you need to record not just the “incident” but you need to FOLLOW the “Gesundheitsfuhrers” to their vehicles… take down their license plates… follow ’em to the vehicle depot if they’re driving “official” vehicles and then identify their personal vehicles and take down the info… license plate numbers… follow these people to their homes… their personal dwellings… dox the $hit out of the ’em!

My reply: Yes, indeed. The time has come to push back – or at least not roll over. Don’t defer to these two legged cockroaches. Make them squirm, for a change. Most of all, do not let them set the terms of the debate, gaslight/guilt-trip you. If some virtue-signaling Sickness Psychotic hits you with: You are selfish! You don’t care about others!

Reply with: I deal in facts – not anxieties and hysteria. The fact is I’ve not made you sick; your worry that I might isn’t a claim on me.

Now bugger off.

If I seem angry, it’s because I am. Enough is enough.

. . .

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  1. “If some virtue-signaling Sickness Psychotic hits you with: You are selfish! You don’t care about others!”

    If this ever happens to me I’ll gladly reply that I don’t give a shit about them. Followed by a spirited “piss off” and some exaggerated deep chested hacking and gasping for air. Why anybody would care about these brown shirt pearl clutchers is way beyond me.
    Alternatively it might be more fun to put on a huge smile and give ’em a big hug. But thats probably assault in this weirdo nation.
    As for the doxxing. Absolutely. They know where we live by force, or else! The checks and balances should go both ways. Keeps everybody involved honest. If there were consequences for bad behavior we’d have a much more polite society.


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