Reader Question: An Unsafe Site?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Leonard writes: Eric touts himself as the Libertarian Car Guy. I doubt he would run an “unsafe” site – but that’s the message I get from my security software. Any ideas?

My reply: Naturally! It is very unsafe to tout individual liberty and rational thought these days. It alarms the Coronamaniacs and Clovers generally. These just happen to be the arbiters of what’s allowed – or rather, what’s not suppressed – online. Ergo, any material which they regard as as “unsafe” – to their narrative, to the stupefaction of the masses – must be marginalized as by “de-platforming,” “de-monetizing,” “shadow banning” and by listing it as “unsafe” on the search engines they control so as to frighten away as many potential readers as they can.

My latest article – see here – gets into this at greater length but the bottom line is the truth can stand examination while lies must be protected by not questioning them. The fact that they are trying to hard to prevent people from reading or hearing anything they disapprove of says a great deal about their confidence in the solidity of their arguments.

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    • Hi Ugg,

      Decentralization is a way out. It isn’t required that the entire population “like” Zuckerbook, or that people “Tweet” like good 12-year-old girls. Don’t feed the beast! Unlike the government – which forces us to fund it – we don’t have to finance these tech oligarchies.

      I’m looking into Parler and Bitchute, among others.

      • eric, I’m sure you’re aware many YouTubers have been demonitized and some completely removed. They’re going to bit chute and Dlive and say they love them. Censorship has become de rigueur. Looks like the torches are getting brighter.

        So I belatedly start getting ready to do some reloading and components are nearly as expensive as ammo.


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