Reader Question: “Compliance Reporting”?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

LW asks: Are you or any of your readers seeing “local” news outlets doing face diaper compliance reporting like this?

In case you don’t want to give them a junk email to get the story, one of their brave “journalists” are visiting local businesses to tattle to the diaper cult congregation and its pious leaders about any face diaper non-compliance… because cases!

They are even taking suggestions from their readers, on which business to narc next. Can you believe one young lady dared pull her mask down to speak into her personal mobile tracking device? “On Friday, five shoppers were seen without masks, while seven more were seen wearing them improperly, including three people who pulled their mask off in the middle of their shopping. Another pulled her mask down to talk on the phone and three more left them pulled below their noses.” The horror! Think we’ll see public health inspectors issuing citations and posting mask compliance grades? I hope so. I will shop all those below grade C exclusively, if they are “allowed” to operate.

My reply: Yup; it’s the same here. The whole shoddy edifice is built on a foundation of lies. One a single lie. That a “case” is synonymous with sickness – and tantamount to death. Thus, “5,000 new cases!” sounds terrifying. Until you ask: Well, ok. But how many of these were just positive test results? How many had symptoms of sickness? How many had serious symptoms? And – most of all- how many died?

The answers are: Almost all were merely positive test results; almost all of these had no or very mild symptoms; very few got seriously sick. Almost none died.

In other words, the same answers you’d get if you asked the same questions about the flu.

Neither being the Black Death. Especially as regards WuFlu, which particularly afflicts the very old and the very sick. The healthy -whether elderly or not – have no more to fear from this flu than most prior flus.

But pointing this out is one thing. It takes a rational mind to receive it – and respond rationally.

But the mass mind is hysterical, having been PTSD’d to that state by peddlers of Fear, the same peddlers of fear who gave us Nahhhhhnnnnleeevn and the “enemies of freedom.” Those of us not wearing Diaper today are the new “enemies of freedom.”

If you see something, don’t say anything.

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  1. Our local online neighborhood bulletin board, which usually posts stuff for sale, baby/pet sitting services, etc. has been taken over by the Karens. Now a typical post is along the lines of: “OMG, I just saw two people walking in the park and they weren’t wearing masks!….the horror! Ugh! Seems like the more actual sickness declines the greater the sickness psychosis becomes.

    • Hi Mike,

      More evidence of the pathology!

      The more obvious it becomes that actual sickness never was all that, the sicker the behavior of so many people. It would be less farcical if they actually wore medically useful PPE. Instead, they are militant about wearing what amounts to a literal Face Diaper. A dirty old bandana. A disposable “mask” that doesn’t prevent virus transmission (right there, on the box).

      They are no different than people who wear traffic cones to protect themselves from meteors.

  2. If the “press” was really the press, they would go out and report on the many abuses and over reaches that various local, state and federal government have done due to this “crisis”. There is plenty to report about. Just the forced bankruptcy of thousands of small business is a huge scandal in itself.

    Instead they have become the government enforcers and snitches. No wonder people have a low opinion of “journalism”.

  3. The REAL science (As opposed to the junk “science” of COVID fear-mongering) is how they have erected a system of mind-controlling propaganda which is so prolific and tenacious that no matter what sick agenda the government constructs, it will be embraced and multiplied by the very sheep whom it is intended to enslave and destroy.

    The “free press” which was supposed to be a guardian of liberty, has instead become the mechanism by which tyranny is spread- and THAT is a REAL deadly disease!


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