Why They’re Hated

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Video has surfaced of another violent Hut! Hut! Hutting! – this one performed by a Virginia armed government worker over . . . an out of date safety inspection sticker.

According to The Washington Post, Derrick Thompson was stopped by a Virginia AGW – a tatted and steroidal AGW (see the video) – because his car wasn’t displaying the latest government-mandated sticker.

A “crime” of extreme seriousness, apparently.

The AGW – Charles Hewitt – also claims to have “smelled marijuana,” another heinous “crime” substantiated by nothing more than the AGW so claiming.

A fair minded person might say he smells BS. And he’d actually be smelling something.

The AGW ordered Thompson out of his car, the usual over-reaction (which actually isn’t; it’s very deliberate) to minor infractions of law in the Age of Hut! Hut! Hut! 

Thompson objected to this – mildly, in reasonable tones, without any attempt to physically resist. There was no “flight risk.” There was no risk of anything – except to Thompson.

His objection triggered the clearly jacked-up muscle head, who told Thompson with spittle-spewing fury “I am specimen” –  a reference apparently to his bulging biceps – before practically licking his chops, smiling at the camera he knew was recording him and announcing that an “ass whooping” would be ensuing.

Hewitt is a man who enjoys his work – and knows he can get away with it.

Rather than de-escalate and deal with a trivial traffic infraction via a conversation and perhaps a ticket, Hewitt used the minor infraction as the pretext to beat the hell out of a man for the real crime of objecting to his unbounded Authority.

Thompson wasn’t servile enough, in other words. This is the one intolerable offense – though it’s not actually on the books. Anyone who dares to question an AGW risks his life, regardless of “the law.”

Naturally, no charges are forthcoming against Hewitt.

The Post quotes Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano as follows:

Although we can all agree that this officer’s demeanor (italics added) does not conform to what our community would hope to see from law enforcement officers, our review is limited to issues of criminal liability . . .“Bearing that in mind, this Office has determined that there is no basis for a criminal charge ­arising from this incident.”

His demeanor?

The AGW had a violent meltdown . . . over a dead state safety inspection sticker. Dragged the man out of his car and treated him like a serial killer with body parts in the trunk.

And they wonder why they’re hated.

Making matters worse, Thompson is black and Hewitt is white – which plays into the narrative that AGWs are attacking young black guys like Thompson because they’re young black guys.

In fact, AGWs are attacking – period.

Your skin color won’t immunize you.

It’s not a race problem.

It’s an out-of-control AGW problem. I can personally attest to the nature of this problem as a middle-aged white guy who was given the Treatment for not being sufficiently Obedient. Also over a petty traffic stop (minor speeding) which almost escalated into an extreme Hut! Hut! Hutting!

Because – just like Thompson – I didn’t simply bow my head and say-  yes, sir! – to every barked command.

These AGWs have been “trained’ – in the manner of vicious pit bulls – to attack at the least sign of looking askance. They have been trained in military tactics – which equate a citizen arguing with them over a traffic infraction with an enemy combatant pointing an AK at them.

Both are met with equally ferocious “shock and awe” tactics but without the justification of an enemy or a threat, in the case of the citizen being argumentative.

Or not wearing a Face Diaper. Or opening one’s business – in defiance of Gesundheitsbefiehls.

The fact that this is countenanced behavior makes it all the more egregious. An AGW who gets this enraged – and this violent – over a minor traffic offense and mere disagreement over the nature of the offense is someone who has no business in any position of life and death over others.

Watch the show, folks.

That’s straight from the AGW’s mouth. Does it make you feel safe to know such an AGW is on the prowl? Armed?

That he might cross your path one day?

. . .

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  1. most likely not a real police officer. so far over the top, it’s laughable. what cop in 2020 would dare to behave in this manner? unless of he want’s charges filed against him and he wants his live turned into a living nightmare?
    jus one more act in the political drama we’re all a part of.
    “are you not entertained?”

  2. I think once Civil War II starts in a few weeks we’re going to start seeing some of these roided-up pigs getting a taste of their own medicine. Or, more likely, they’ll be sent off to the slaughterhouse preemptively by conscientious civil warriors who are determined to put a stop to the “cop problem” once and for all.

  3. If cops had to go online and explain and document to a Judge what they were doing and why, (known as a warrant) before they stop, interview, search, arrest, etc… NONE of these problems would exist. Cops could use an app that live stream / records a short conversation with a Judge after which the Judge says, ok, go ahead and beat the hell out of em’ – this would protect us, and protect the cops. (the Judge would be the one in the hot seat when the encounter goes bad)
    BLM, riots, I’ve never seen so much sound and fury signifying nothing. Pure ignorant stupidity. They are asked “exactly what do you want” and they answer “we want to riot, rob and kill and to get rid of all the cops” – Here are idiots who know they want something, but have no idea what it is they want.
    What they want is THE 4TH AMENDMENT BACK! (the SCOTUS has destroyed it)

  4. Bad cop story

    A burglar was peeling a safe at a grain elevator in the local area. It was late evening, an employee of the grain elevator business entered the building during the time the burglar was robbing the place. A trucker wanted to unload the grain haul at the time, so the employee worked during the later time of day. It was a routine, done many times before.

    The burglar heard the employee enter the offices, the employee was at the scale room readying the unloading of the grain. The burglar, who had been busy at other businesses in the surrounding area, stopped what he was doing, rolled up his safe cracking tools, determined where the employee was in the building, saw him, there was a door with a window between them, the burglar fired at the employee emptying his pistol at him, shattered the glass in the door on the first shot. One shot grazed the employee’s ear, the employee was bleeding, played dead while the burglar, murderer, reloaded his firearm and stood above him to make sure he was dead.

    You got to have a cool head to play dead when somebody is standing above you reloading his pistol and believes you are dead. The burglar left the building, saw the trucker in the truck cab, fired five shots and killed him. The employee got up and dialed 911, the shots were heard on the call.

    The ammunition used, the bullets, were all police issue rounds, whatever you want to call them, lead is in the mix.

    Upon investigation of the murder, the burglar/murderer was being questioned by the police, escaped their custody, was apprehended after he fell from a tree still trying to flee and was injured from the impact.

    The burglar/murderer was an officer of said police department.

    He escaped from the state penitentiary, was apprehended in another state, was incarcerated, escaped again to be on the lam for a good two years. He was captured by the authorities in Canada and was immediately extradited to the US.

    An incorrigible criminal with no chance rehabilitation, a recidivist through and through.

    Worked for the local police department, a law enforcer.

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    Made national news, somebody you don’t want around, at all.

    The grain elevator employee is a relative, known him all of my born days.

    It was not a pleasant experience, traumatizing, as it were.

  5. So much to read and process, post-article!..
    Eric, I think you say so much of what people think and feel, but usually dare not say. Now, I’m not sure “hate” is the right word for me, but I definitely “resent” at times, especially when it’s well deserved. Also, perhaps I “loath” the presence of police vehicles, and no longer dare summon the brutes, even when things are stolen from me.
    It was reported that Hunter S. Thompson had upon his refrigerator a sign reading “Never Under Any Circumstances Call 911. This Means You.”
    Usually good advice.
    I, too, am a “middle aged” white man (unless I can do anything about it!), reasonably clean-cut, etc. Yet, I too have been, as you say, “Hut! Hut! Hutted!”. Just a couple of years back, I was pulled over for a faulty headlight, and, instead of politely pointing out the issue and giving me a friendly reminder of some kind, they proceeded to hassle me with incessant interrogations for a good half hour, though I was nothing but polite. I’m typically nothing but polite to anyone, unless you act this kind of belligerent towards me, but I held my cool, even after being bombarded with ridiculous questions and the incredulous commentary that followed.
    As far as changes to laws, the many liberty minded people here have good ideas. Mainly, any “crime” that has no victim is not a crime. Also, though there may be some form of “police” in any society, it is not necessary that they make any appearance before they are summoned, much like is the case for firemen.

    • Amen, Anon –

      Many facets to this debacle but one of the largest is simply that a profession such as “law enforcement” – a term that only came into general currency within the past 30 or so years – necessarily attracts bullies and worse. Who else want to enforce laws – because it’s “the law”? A person of any thoughtfulness – and humanity – questions “the law.” Why is this “the law”? Is it a good law? Or a bad one? If bad, I want no part of enforcing it.

      But this is contrary to the job of “law enforcement.” What’s wanted are order-takers and order-givers. Think about what that implies.

      On the other hand, think about what is implied by peacekeeping. It attracts people who question the hassling of peaceful people. In other words, it attracts the right kind of people.

      Which is why we don’t have peacekeepers.

      • The morphing of the language.

        They were once called peace officers, now known as law enforcement officers. No longer understood to be an impartial party to mediate commonly understood rules but rather to impose rules that are rules simply because they are the rules.

        The “state” is the victim with rationalization that it’s on the part of “the people.” I guess this authority was given in the binding social contract no one signed but none-the-less must be a party.

        But cops aren’t the only “servant” so redefined. Your representative slowly became lawmaker. Doer of things so high minded that what they pontificate, not nature or God, is “the law” that must thus be enforced.

  6. There always seems to be a better example that could be followed.

    In this instance it is the comparison of indoor shopping mall security personnel vs. police. Shopping mall owners want customers to have a pleasant experience, so security personnel are polite and helpful.

    Using the rational dictum of No Victim = No Crime, the current policing system should be converted to a shopping mall, private security model.

  7. OK not A.C.A.B. but nearly all are worse than useless revenue whores. They will always find time to cite you for an illegal U-turn or rolling through a stop sign. Let an actual crime against your property or person occur and see what you get. I’ve gotten plenty of citations for Bulls**t stautes, but I’ve yet to have any property recovered that has been stolen from me or any arrests of anybody who has actually hurt me.

    Piss on the police. I call them for absolutley nothing because they’ve proven they cannot be trusted to do their job.

    “Uuuggggh, if you hate cops next time you’re in trouble call a crack head.” How about no. I’ve never been assaulted by a crack head, yet I’ve had my head bounced a time or two by police while fully compliant and handcuffed, and what little I’ve been pilfered of by crack-heads pales in comparison to what I’ve been extorted of by government agents.

    The boys in blue have a helluva lot of work to do before they earn any respect from me.

    • Amen, Sicilian –

      I’ve never hurt anyone through my actions as a driver yet have been relieved of thousands of dollars in fines (and subsequent mulcting by the insurance mafia) over manufactured offenses such as “speeding” – including several for “reckless driving” when the speed limit on the highway was 55 and going more than 20 MPH faster earned you that rap. In other words, 76 or 77 MPH on the highway was regarded as “reckless” during the 55 era. Today, you can still be cited for “reckless” in VA for doing 80… on a highway with a 70 MPH limit.

      I live in a rural area. The defense of my property and myself is my affair. Even if I desired to be protected by AGWs, they have no obligation to do so – per the Supreme Court – and even if they wanted to, they are generally at least 30 minutes away at any given moment due to distance. Lots of good it’ll do me when a “crackhead” has busted into my house at 2 in the morning.

  8. As for the other officers doing nothing, well, you can see that they both were young and probably green. My guess is that this guy is a bully to everyone regardless of color and always has been. He has the ‘look.’ I bet those young cops are terrified of Hewitt too, so they do nothing out of fear. Not just fear of losing their jobs but fear of Hewitt making their lives a living hell as bullies are prone to do. I can just imagine him at the station with those newbies, calling them pussies and fairies and pulling practical jokes that physically hurt, belly laughing like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen. We’ve all seen it and he embodies it.

    • Hi X,

      I think it’s telling – and ought to serve as a canary in the coal mine, to the AGWs themselves – that so many people (like me and most everyone posting here) who ought to at the very least not fear cops do fear AGWs. I’m not a criminal – if crime is defined as hurting other people, taking their stuff – and so on. Yet I – like all of us – have to live in near-constant dread of crossing paths with an AGW over literally nothing I’ve done – even as regards “the law.”

      There might be a checkpoint ahead and now I have to stop my vehicle and prove my innocence of various offense I’ve given no reason to suspect I’ve committed. And then there are those I have committed – such as the not wearing of a seatbelt or the out-of-date sticker on my vehicle. Neither being harmful to anyone and yet potentially very harmful to me.

      AGWs will be the ones enforcing Diapering and Needling, too.

      Keeping the peace has become incidental.

      I fear AGWs much more than I fear common criminals, since I can defend myself against the latter whereas I am legally obliged to submit to the former.

      • Keeping the peace is obviously not their job. They are state sponsored terrorists. I believe my own eyes and my own experience.

        Years ago I had an unfortunate interaction with a crazed AGW. I was violently extracted from my car, pinned to the ground and had a gun placed to my head. I really thought I was going to die right then and there on the cold street that night.

        My “crime”? There was a “warrant” out for my arrest because I got a ticket for a blown out brake light about two years earlier. A ticket that I honestly thought I took care of.

        When I received the brake light ticket the AGW told me that if I fixed it within two weeks, and showed it to the AGWs at their copshop that there would be no fine and no penalty. So that’s what I did. I drove to the copshop where we walked out into the parking lot so one of these monsters could look at my working brake lights. I thought my problem was solved. How naive I was.

        I guess the monster in the parking lot didn’t file the proper paperwork and consequently my “license” was suspended, unbeknownst to me, because that’s how New York State likes to terrorize people while raising revenue.

        When I saw those ominous blinking lights in my rearview I had no idea why the evil bastard was pulling me over. I knew I wasn’t speeding. I had no idea that I was a “wanted criminal” who was about to learn some valuable lessons about the nature of evil and the corporations masquerading as “government”.

        The “court” extracted $400 dollars from me to clear up this paperwork problem.

        I no longer buy their permission. I boycott them. We all have a right to travel by automobile and we do not need their permission. So far I’ve had good luck traveling without permission as I now live in a charming rural mountain town in north Georgia that has no police. The local sheriff, has treated me well on the few occasions that they stopped me for no tag. I would not be so lucky if I still lived in Naziville NY, but I also know that their permission slip is no guarantee of not being assaulted. I know boycotting them is the right thing to do. I do not do business with criminals.

        AGWs are evil monsters who have no place in a free society.

        • Hi Adam,

          This story is shocking – except it’s not. Because it’s all too common a story – which ought to be shocking. Something similar happened to my dad back in the late ’90s. He was a doctor, retired at the time. Got pulled over in PA for “speeding.” The AGW searched his car for drugs. My dad – then in his 60s – was baffled by this. He had merely been “speeding” – and trivially so (it was 63 in a 55) and his “papers” were all in order. He was dressed nicely. His car was a late model but not fancy car. Just an older guy driving along. And finds himself standing by the side of the road while armed thugs rousted his car. He was eventually released after about 45 minutes of this. Not a word of apology from the costumed thugs.

          • Hi Eric,

            Agreed. It should be shocking that it is not shocking, but it’s not because it’s so damn common. I really believe we’re dealing with a fundamental evil. You cannot reason with evil, and evil cannot be reformed.

            Sorry to hear the bastards hassled your dad. I’m glad they didn’t plant something on him or do any of the other horrible things they all too often do to people. Unfortunately, no one is safe while ThinBlueIsis roams the streets.

            It would be truly shocking if the costumed thugs apologized.

  9. Well, my number will be up someday unless I comply with the Government “rules, regulations, and mandates” regarding personal vehicles………

    I purposely did not get my truck inspected this year.

    I purposely did not pay the registration for my truck this year either.

    I have been purposely not paying my EZ Pass tolls this year.


    I’m doing this in defiance of Governor Wolfs “mandates” this past spring regarding the closure of “non-essential” private businesses, gun shops, and churches.

    When he closed down the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 2 months in April and May, ALL state employees were sent home. They were doing NO work whatsoever. And the fucktard has the balls to blame an “antiquated” unemployment compensation system for the extreme backlog of unemployment claims?????
    Oh, by the way, ALL state employees still received their paychecks.

    We all need to stand up, grow some balls, and just say “Fuck You” to these Governors, we will NOT COMPLY.

    Did I throw in that, since I am self-employed, I have not been paying my quarterly estimated income tax to the Fuhrer either……….maybe next year he will receive my “tribute”.

    • Hi Frank,

      Great minds! I have also stopped paying the “registration” fees on my vehicles. It’s not a huge sum but it adds up when your income has been tanked by Gesundheitsfuhrers – who nevertheless insist you continue paying. Well, I’ve saved myself a few hundred bucks, which I am happy about today because the other day my water heater spilled its guts all over the floor and so I need a new one. Instead of “buying” some worthless stickers, I will buy a water heater that is worth a great deal to me. I have saved about 50 percent of the purchase price by not paying for what I don’t need and never asked for.

      If they Hut! Hut! Hut! me, so be it. I’m tired of the whole thing.

      • Registration/inspections/insurance/taxes/permits for private property is repulsive. Why must people go along with every new infringement without any fight at all. The income tax, the insurance mandates, gate rape at the airport, forced masking. WTF is wrong with people. Is being allowed to live as a dog really worth the never ending abuse?

        • Amen, Anon –

          All those things are meant to convert ownership into conditional and temporary possession – in order to convert independence into dependence. If a person can own a home – truly own it, meaning once it’s paid for it’s his property and he doesn’t have to pay anyone a cent to live there – then he is largely free. Very little income is necessary to maintain a home once it’s paid for – if one doesn’t have to pay rent to the government in perpetuity to live there. If what one earns one gets to keep, then you’ve effectively cut the amount of work you have to do in half or a third or whatever the sum that would otherwise go to taxes. One is free to work less – or earn more.

          These things, of course, are anathema to people who want to control other people.

          • If we didn’t have all these things draining us, a large portion of the population could comfortably retire in their forties rather than their sixties or seventies.

            My great uncle and great aunt basically did that back in the day. They worked their a**es off in their twenties and thirties. Several businesses and rental properties made them millionaires. They built their retirement house on a lake when my aunt was in her late 30’s. They retired for good when she was 45 and moved there permanently. She lived to 104 (passed in 2004) so she was retired almost 60 years!

            • Hi Rich!

              Yup. I remember reading about Franklin as a kid. He worked his ass off when he was young, building his printing business. He was successful enough that he, too, was able to retire in his 40s and devoted the rest of his long life to his interests, such a science, philosophy and politics.

              That opportunity has been taken away from almost all of us, no matter how hard we work our asses off.

  10. “These AGWs have been “trained’ – in the manner of vicious pit bulls – to attack at the least sign of looking askance. They have been trained in military tactics – which equate a citizen arguing with them over a traffic infraction with an enemy combatant pointing an AK at them.”

    Where are they gettin this “training?”

    • An extraordinary percentage of them are ex-military, and a number of those suffering PTSD, which suffering they pass on to us. Quite some time ago, I purchased a video from Amazon called “Do Not Resist”. I have been unable to watch the whole thing, as I become too disgusted with the contents in fairly short order. It exposes the source of the “training” the new and improved Stasi are getting, and how the courts, including SCOTUS, are blatantly excusing obvious criminal acts committed by them. If you can’t find it free, it rents for 4 bucks on Amazon.

      • Hi JWK,

        The military aspect is obvious. Just look at them. They are dressed for war. Is it surprising they act the part? If it were the purpose of cops to keep the peace then military training would be anathema. Soldiers kill and threaten to kill to establish dominance and obedience over an enemy. This is entirely at odds with the concept of civilian peacekeeping.

        But in fact the purpose is to establish dominance and obedience over an enemy. The enemy being us.

          • I would say combat experience to be the disqualifier. Not necessarily military experience. I don’t think I would have a problem with a MP transitioning to the same job in the civilian world. However; if a person had been to an active combat zone, then no. I’m not trying to put down a soldier whom knows they kept their cool under fire and can hold their own in the future, I get it, you are the exception. However; I think it is akin to training pit bulls that were trained to kill, not to kill when their adrenaline goes through the roof. You might be successful with a few, but most, already are trained to react to stimuli in a violent manner.

            • Hi J,

              I think the chief, underlying problem here isn’t the “dog,” so to speak – but the “teeth.” By which I mean the laws being enforced. If illegal were largely defined by harm caused as opposed to rule violation then almost all of the de facto and de jure power of what is styled “law enforcement” would vitiate. They ordinary citizen would have the power- of law and custom – which is how it was and ought to be again.

  11. The police officer in the video is a schmuck, but I have a hard time stereotyping all of the country’s national, state, and local law enforcements as abusive, authoritarian, corrupted, racist pigs. Just as any individual would not wanted to be discriminated based on their gender, race, culture, religion, hair color, number of ear piercings, etc. We can’t hold an entire industry accountable for the pompous, condescending, egotistical attitudes of a few. There are good and bad people out there from all walks of life.

    Just this weekend I was pulled over for making an illegal left turn after buying a cup of coffee at 11 PM at night (after watching three little kids all evening). All though I have been to the neighborhood many times over the years I was unaware of the new rule and did not see a sign anywhere. It could have been there, but I had not taken the first sip of caffeine yet. Right after I made the turn (with my turn signal on) blue lights are flashing about 300 feet behind me. I pulled over, put my window down, and put my hands at 11 and 1 on my steering wheel. I greeted the officer cheerily (or at least as cheery as one can be one hour past her bedtime). The officer (a female) and I chatted for a few minutes after telling her where I was coming from and how I was unaware of the recent law change and did not see a sign (this after she told me what I had done wrong). After she took my license and registration I also made her aware that I have a CWP (I always advertise this as not to freak out the officer once they pull my license information). By this time apparently, she did not think I was going to use it against her and didn’t ask any follow up questions. After five minutes she came back and gave me a warning and told me to have a good evening. I thanked her for her service and wished her good night. It was uneventful, as have been the other six times that I have been pulled over in the last 26 years.

    I believe most of law enforcement (who 20% are former military) do their job well and decided to pursue that career because they want to make their communities a better place (lord knows they aren’t doing it for the money). Yes, 5-10% maybe jerks, but I find that 5-10% of accountants, doctors, cashiers, and servers are also jerks. Politicians and lawyers have a much higher percentage of jerks, but I also realize there are a few good ones, as well.

    Honestly, why can’t we all just get along? Treat EVERYONE with respect until they are proven they don’t deserve it. The only law that I believe we all need to follow is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That really isn’t hard to follow and world would be a better place.

    • Hi RG,

      I see the fundamental problem as being one of law enforcement – as opposed to peacekeeping. I imagine you’d agree with me that there are entirely too many laws and that many – even most – of these are arguably unjust becuase they involve acts that are not, as such, harmful to others and so have no place in a free society. But a law enforcer enforces laws – because “it’s the law.” Period. This is a dangerous because nihilistic code. Right and wrong are no longer relevant.

      Only that a law has been obeyed – or not.

      Thus, a law enforcer is either an automaton – or he selectively enforces laws, giving him a power that is itself as dangerous as that of “the law” itself.

      You provide a good example yourself via your description of the traffic stop. You did nothing wrong – morally speaking. You weren’t harming anyone. Yet you were forced to stop and submit to an interrogation/examination by an armed government worker, who had it in her power to punish you – or not – at her whim.

      In a free country, you should be free to go about your peaceful business without having to even think about armed government workers – who would be peacekeepers and only a threat to criminals, defined as those who commit harms. This business of “violations” is not an attribute of a free society any more than an income tax is.

      As far as service: They are doing a job. Being paid to do a job. Paid, I might add, by people who are forced to pay their salaries (and benefits). This is also incompatible with a free society as no one has the right to force others to pay his wages.

    • Raider Girl,
      You said, “We can’t hold an entire industry accountable for the pompous, condescending, egotistical attitudes of a few. There are good and bad people out there from all walks of life.” Yet, the other two officers did nothing to calm the asshole down (as Thompson mentioned). Sorry, your argument doesn’t hold water.
      Then you said, “(lord knows they aren’t doing it for the money)”. Philip Brailsford is rolling in the dough, FOR LIFE!.

      • Yeah you are right….Brailsford is eligible for a 31k a year pension. Woo wee! He will be purchasing that 54’ Viking any day now.

        I am not stating that there aren’t bad cops, clearly there is but, it is extremely dangerous to insinuate that all cops are bad.

        They have to deal with some of the most conniving, demented scum on Earth. They are likely distrustful of any individual they come across. I work behind a desk all day. I have a 99.9% chance of making it home that night. The most dangerous part of my day may include a paper cut.

        I despise the people who believe they are judge and jury, but I do appreciate the many hard working individuals who do their job and do it well. If a serial killer is on the loose, my home is burglarized, or a car accident has taken place with the occupants stuck inside I am happy we have people who are willing to put their lives at stake.

        • The retirement pension + benefits cops enjoy are on the backs of people who have no pension and no benefits. Cops’ regular salary while “working” is paid via extortion and armed robbery by a group of vicious thugs running a protection racket. By any reasonable definition cops are tax-feeding parasites who live by plunder.

          Statistics reveal that police work is among the safest of outdoor occupations. For most of them the most dangerous part of their day is quaffing down donuts. Farming is a much more dangerous occupation, yet we don’t see people fawning all over farmers, nor do farmers go around crowing about the “thin green line” that separates us from starvation.

          • Hi Jason

            If you consider police officers leeches of the system, I am assuming teachers, firefighters, postal workers, and most of all, politicians are up there as well? I am not disagreeing with you, but union reach stretches far.

            Also, taxpayers have saved many a private business under “too big too fail” including private banks and the auto industry.

            Currently we are on the hook for the airlines, restaurants, cruise lines, farmers, and other businesses under the PPP, which will never be paid back and will be deemed “forgiven”.

            We live in a socialist society, we are not a capitalist enterprise business, and have not been for decades.

            Until citizens destroy the two party political system the ever tightening noose will continue to leave rope burns on every taxpayers neck.

            • Hi RG,

              You’ve stated the problem clearly enough; we live under the yoke of socialism. A coercive collectivist system in which the individual has no rights that cannot be limited or taken away by the collective (as directed, as always, by a relative handful of individuals). Thus, you are allowed to do things – rather than your right to do (or not do) them respected as inviolate. You own nothing – beyond your clothes and small personal items – as anything more substantive requires the perpetual payment of fees in order to be permitted to retain possession of and use is regulated.

              Regarding “police”: The term – their term – is law enforcement. They enforce the laws of the collective, coercively. These include laws demanding the payment of taxes to fund their “services”- which perhaps some people would rather decline.

              In which case, they’re not so much leeches as something worse. A leech only mewls and wheedles to get others to pay his way. A something worse uses guns to take it.

          • Amen, Jason!

            I’ve got no pension – and I can’t afford to get my chronically painful shoulder fixed – chiefly because I’ve been paying for the pensions and health care (and “education”) of people I don’t even know, including armed government workers and their kids.

            How is it that I – and you and every other person who is fleeced to support this – “owe” them more money than we owe ourselves?

            Lately, I’ve been ruminating – again – on the $35,000-plus I’ve been relived of in property taxes alone over the past 17 years I’ve lived in what is depressingly styled “my” house. Depressing – because I don’t really own the place even though I paid for it in full 17 years ago. Because every six months, I get a bill for what I “owe” the government – so it says – which I must pay else be evicted, like an renter who doesn’t pay his . . . rent.

            These rental payments will never end – and are likely to increase. Even assuming they remain exactly the same, in another 17 years I’ll have been relived of another $35,000 – so $70,000 all told.

            If I had been allowed (!) to keep even half that sum, I could easily afford to get my shoulder fixed and would have enough left over to fund an emergency fund sufficient to carry me through two years of no income, in the event I needed it.

            Instead, like all but the very rich – and those on the government teat – I work to pay and tread water, forever.

        • Hi RG,

          How you define “bad” depends on whether all cops are – or aren’t.

          What do cops do? What is their job? Is it good to enforce bad laws – simply because they are “the law”? I hold it is – your words – very dangerous. There are so many obviously bad laws being enforced. For example, the laws which presume guilt absent evidence and compel the victim to establish his innocence – as at “checkpoints.” The principle this normalized is incredibly dangerous – for reasons that by now ought to be obvious.

          How about the various laws relating to the imprisoning of the populace – i.e., the “lockdowns”? Some of which aren’t even laws but merely decrees – which were and are being enforced by . . . bad people.

          Most of what they do has little if anything at all to do with protecting property and dealing with those who’ve caused actual harm. Rather, they . . . enforce laws. Most of them arbitrary edicts demanding submission to X or Y, the payment of fees to the government as the condition of being allowed to function peacefully (e.g., permits, stickers) and so on.

          As regards the danger of being a law enforcer: This is complete propaganda. Their work is among the least dangerous – in part because they are heavily armored and armed and have near-impunity to defend themselves from anything they say is a “threat” – which is practically anything they say it is. Look into how many AGWs “fall” each year vs. the number of AGWs in circulation vs. the number of ordinary people killed by AGWs vs. the number of truck drivers who are killed every year while working…

          As regards “not doing it for the money”:

          Really? They are paid quite handsomely relative to the general population and in view of their lack of curriculum vitae. Most do not have college degrees. Most are high school/GED grads. A few went to an “academy.” They don’t have any specific skill set, in the sense that an electrician or plumber does (these are highly skilled people who take years to learn their craft). Literally almost anyone can be an AGW. Not just anyone can be a plumber or electrician or car mechanic.

          Most would not be qualified, as such, for an assistant manager position at a fast food restaurant. I don’t say this to demean. I state it as a fact.

          • Do I believe about 90% of the laws that are on the books are crap? Yes, I do. But, I realize we are not going to see eye to eye on this subject. In reading this thread I realize I am in the minority on my viewpoint and that’s cool. I am a big girl I can take a few hits.

            We have outdated, ineffective, and absolutely absurd laws on the books, but they are not passed by the police, but our own “representatives”. If anyone is to blame, it is us as a public. We continue to elect the same leeches over and over and over again. Then we complain when nothing changes. These are the idiots passing the laws and we throw fits when they hire people to enforce them. The police are doing their jobs. If the law isn’t on the books, there is nothing to enforce.

            When the mask mandate passed our local police department stated they weren’t enforcing it. Does that make them bad? For those who enjoy our freedom we rejoiced. For the mask wearers they were not happy. When VA wanted to repeal “automatic” weapons our Sheriff said he would deputize all CWP holders, if the ban took place. Another win for me and my ilk. Maybe I just got lucky and live in an area where the police are pretty decent folks. It is a small town and everybody pretty much knows everybody.

            I guess we can argue on whether they should take the job or not, but as you stated “most would not be qualified, as such, for an assistant manager position at a fast food restaurant” so I don’t blame people wanting to work and to feed their families. Somebody has to take the bad jobs, too. A world can only have so many doctors, lawyers, and engineers. That means the rest of us get to select on what is left.

            Until, then we agree to disagree.

            • Hi RG,

              Coupla points!

              First – and I know you know this but I think it is very important to be precise – “we” didn’t elect or vote for this. Some did. We should we be bound by what some did? I mean morally – which ought to be congruent with legally? An action is either right – or it is wrong. Legal or illegal is – ought to be – irrelevant.

              You write that “the police are doing their jobs.” Well so was Adolf Eichmann. The difference being one of degree only. The evil principle is exactly the same.

              You write: ” If the law isn’t on the books, there is nothing to enforce.” And yet, they regularly enforce laws not even on the books; i.e., their law. Whatever they say – we are obliged to do, or else. Many obvious examples but the most glaring is the fact that AGWs routinely harass people for taking video in public areas, a completely lawful activity. In other words, the “law enforcers” either do not know the law – and enforce laws which do not exist.

              “When the mask mandate passed our local police department stated they weren’t enforcing it” …

              This is good, but only incidentally because it is only at their whim, which could change tomorrow.

              I do think there are AGWs who have generally good intentions; the problem is the nature of the work – of “law enforcing” – is inherently despicable.

              It is not peacekeeping, except incidentally.

              • Hi Eric,

                Who determines right or wrong? Because my right could be considered your wrong.

                Example, if someone murders someone I love (sane people would consider this a wrong) do I have the right to retaliate and therefore, take their life? I say I do, because I am fixing the wrong and providing justice where I see a transgression was committed.

                You may say I am in the wrong because every life has purpose and even those that murder deserve the right to live. I disagree.

                Which brings us back to the original question who determines right or wrong? You or I?

                I believe in karma.
                Adolf Eichmann met his in 1962.

                As for “some” voting for this and not others isn’t true. Most on this site (including myself) will be voting for the current Administration in next month’s election. That same administration is pro law enforcement. Pretty much every law enforcement agency in the US is backing him. The other side wants to defund the police, an organization that many on here despise and wish would be dismantled. Why not back Biden?

                • Hi RG,

                  This is the ol’ subjective vs. objective debate!

                  My code is objective. If someone causes harm to a person or their property, then they have done wrong, objectively. It is inarguable. There is the person you harmed. Look at the damage you caused.

                  Irrespective of “the law.”

                  If on the other hand they have not caused harm, then they have done no wrong – also objectively. One can claim that what they did was “unsafe” or that you just don’t like it, but to say you harmed them is absurd – unless hurt feelings count as harm.

                  They may have transgressed a law but that is as such a morally neutral thing. It’s why most people don’t feel guilt when caught “speeding” – and resent being mulcted on that basis.

                  Which brings up the question about harming a person on that basis – as by arrest/jail/fines and so on. It is “lawful” but also to me obviously immoral because the victim hasn’t hurt anyone or damaged anyone’s property yet is himself harmed or has his property taken from him, etc.

                  As regards Trump, etc. It can be argued, as you have, that voting for OM is a vote for everything OM advocates and does. I disagree with this argument. We are forced to choose between degrees of tyranny. I do not fault anyone for voting “for” less tyranny and do not take this as support for tyranny.

                  In re Karma: What about Molotov, who lived to a ripe old age and died peacefully in bed at home? My point – which I gently remind you has not been addressed – was that Eichmann and Molotov were legally enforcing the law.

                • Hi Raider Girl,

                  “The other side wants to defund the police, an organization that many on here despise and wish would be dismantled. Why not back Biden?”

                  Defund the police is an empty slogan, uttered in earnest by ignorant buffoons, and cynically exploited by ambitious psychopaths like Biden and Harris, who have no intention, whatsoever, of gutting the enforcement arm of their malign institution.

                  As for hating the police, most of us here do not object, in principle, to some type of peacekeeping organization. We object to the police, as they exist. This institution enforces the will of politicians, mostly against the interests of the people. It is not good enough to say, “they’re doing their job, don’t blame them, blame the politicians”. They sign up for a job that requires the violation of human rights. There are, I’m sure, many good people who happen to be cops, but their are no good cops; in that role they must behave immorally to do their job.

                  As for “why not back Biden?”, he is the chief architect of “tough on crime” legislation, going back decades, that is largely responsible for the mess we’re in today. Until recently, he bragged about it.


                  His running mate was a ruthless and unprincipled prosecutor who put thousands of non-violent “offenders” in prison and, until recently, also bragged about it. Their claimed support for “defund the police” is a pose designed to get votes. Both Biden and Harris have profited enormously from the abusive and corrupt system that exists today; one largely created by Biden and maliciously employed by Harris.

                  Kind Regards,

        • Dealing with scum should leave a logical person the ability to differentiate between scum and citizens.

          Further, the whole “their job is dangerous and they just wanna go home and sleep at night” mantra is BS. Law Enforcement isn’t anywhere near the top 10 in dangerous jobs. My job is more dangerous than law enforcement and I want to go home and sleep at night, not be shot by a cop who “wants to go home and sleep tonight”.

          I have met many LEOs who are great people and do strive to do their best to make America what it is. I salute them. But we have a problem with the thin blue line being a line that even good LEOs don’t dare seem to cross or that the problem is so bad, they cannot speak lest they lose their jobs.

          • Hi J,

            I think the tragedy here is what you’ve described. People who aren’t scum don’t like being treated like scum. And yet, we are – which brings up the question about who is the scum. I’d be entirely on RG and Ozzy’s side here if we were talking about peacekeepers as opposed to “law enforcement.” It startles me that any thoughtful person – I mean no offense but the point needs to be made – could defend that.

            “Law enforcement”? Could there be a colder, more nihilistic concept? How about serving and protecting the property and person of the citizenry?

            Whatever happened to that?

      • Hi William,

        Indeed. And as regards the money: In my area, very rural, not affluent, the starting wage for an AGW (Roanoke County) is nearly $40k, which is a tidy sum in these parts, sufficient to fund a solidly middle class life, especially if it’s a pair of AGWs drawing the same sum.

        I don’t begrudge anyone whatever income they earn. But – aye! – there’s the rub. AGWs don’t earn what they’re paid. They take it from people who are forced to pay it.

        We are forced – per Jefferson’s comment regarding the financing of the propagation of ideas we abhor – to finance our own mulcting, which is even worse!

    • They aren’t doing it for the money!?!? Bullshit. Go look at the readily available online databases of public salaries, and in most localities you’ll find that the highest paid government employees are cops. Go look at Massachusetts for example, and you’ll find hundreds of state troopers making over a hundred grand, many over 200, and a few even at 300k with overtime. One of my buddies is a retired cop from Minnesota, and his PENSION is over 6k a month. I’m tired of that bullshit song and dance about “public servants” not getting paid very well. They make a lot more money than most of us ever will, with Cadillac benefits on top of it. And oh, by the way, my buddy with the 6k/month retired when he was 50 years old. I doubt that many of Eric’s readers will have that opportunity.

    • One’s gender, race, and hair color are outside one’s control. Whether one is willing to hold a gun to people’s head and force them to do or not do this or that, which a sane person would never do, is completely under one’s control. If guilty of nothing else, they are all guilty of being consummate liars. They take an oath, and they violate it on a daily basis. Any and all of them who have participated in a sobriety checkpoint or asset forfeiture or a no-knock warrant, are obviously criminals, as they have violated the supreme law of the land. Only by the most illogical argument can any of these acts be justified as Constitutional, or even decent behavior. No sane moral person would stay in this job any longer than it takes to discover these facts. So no, there are no good cops, except perhaps a few gullible rookies who haven’t discovered what is expected of them yet.

    • If you want to find out if a cop is good or bad, there is a simple test: Ask the cop if he knows any bad cops. They all say yes, every time. Next, ask him how many bad cops he has arrested. If the answer is 0, you are talking to a bad cop. If the answer is >0, you are probably talking to a former cop.

  12. This is upsetting. Whatever costume someone is wearing or if it’s someone without the backing of the state, if they need dealing with, they need dealing with.

  13. We need laws and a civil society. The officer could act differently but in most if not all states it is a lawful order to have people exit their vehicles. A court is where disagreements should be settled. Every person who thinks they are above the law will lose. As citizens our solution is not to defy the law but to change it. Petition your congress but I don’t think that is going very far as soon as that officer said he was under arrest he was under arrest.

    • Hi Ozzy,

      We “need”laws? Which ones? Says who? It’s pretty uncivil to drag a man out of his car over an out-of-date inspection sticker.

      Not sure how old you are, but if you’re over 40 you may remember when one could haggle with a cop over minor traffic offenses without risking being dragged violently out of your car.

      This over-reaction is intolerable. The man was treated as if he had committed a crime. It was all over an out of date sticker.

      Speaking of which: Why are cops enforcing such things to begin with? It has nothing to do with keeping the peace.

      But even if such idiocies as “safety” stickers are to be the business of cops, then giving “offenders” a ticket is sufficient. The above and beyond treatment was bullshit.

      “I smelled marijuana” = I can do what I like to you, because I say so.

      • “t’s pretty uncivil to drag”
        Cops are given laws they must enforce. Telling you to exit a vehicle is a lawful order. Blame the legislature not the cops.

        “Not sure how old you are, but if you’re over 40”
        Well over that, well over 2 to 3 million miles under my belt so yes I have had to deal with cops many a time. Courtesy works better and knowing lawful orders will save you a lot of hurt. If you are in disagreement with cops courts are where they are settled.

        I also argue against the I smell pot bit. Again I am against the drug war, on all drugs. That does not mean you can ignore a lawful order, a lawful order that has been approved all the way up to SCOTUS. Learn the laws of your state and do not ever do more than they require.

        • Hi Ozzy,

          Let’s be precise – as it’s important. AGWs are given laws they choose to enforce. No one is holding a gun to their heads, correct?

          I do blame the legislature – and the people who voted for same. But I also blame people who choose to become law enforcers – and who enforce a law just because “it’s the law,” right or wrong.

    • Riiiight. Another boot licking law and order conservative heard from. Tell you what, you go ahead and lobby for changing the laws (you can start small e.g., by asking to roll back face diaper requirements!) and let us know how that works out for you. And what good is battling it out in court later if you already are battered or dead? And did it escape your dense mind that the court, in this case (and most others like it), has already said there’s nothing to see here, just a naughty cop; tsk tsk. Was Derrick’s disagreement satisfactorily settled?

      • Stop with the insane rhetoric. Our system is you follow the law and argue your case in court. That idiot is going to have multiple felonies added to his charges all because he refused to exit his vehicle which is required at least in my state if not all.

        Get out of the vehicle and refuse searches, make them get a dog and sue them later.

        Civil disobedience is fine, getting arrested is not the end of the world. Causing felonies to be added because you do not follow legal demands is just idiotic.

        • Ozzy,

          Your statement, “Our system is you follow the law and argue your case in court” begs the questions: Why follow the law?Just because it is “the law”? If so, then “the law” in a country like the old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany should also have been obeyed – because it was “the law.” They had courts, too – and a theoretical right of appeal.

          Further: Why does one owe civility to a costumed authority figure? Is it just because he has a costume and authority? From whom? Why?

          These are serious moral-philosophical questions that deserve to be answered.

    • There is only one valid secular law. Thou shalt not steal. Whether it be the theft of property, well being (as in assault), or life. All other laws are tyranny. There is no “crime” without a victim. Someone must be a victim of that theft or there is none. Damn few of the laws we suffer have any relationship with a victim, except the one the “law” is being enforced against. Governments are the largest and most dangerous criminal organizations. By comparison, the common criminal is just a nuisance.

    • Ozzy,
      You stated, “A court is where disagreements should be settled.” (Someone else kept saying that in another thread) Who has the time and money to go to court? I don’t! Do you really think that the courts give a flying fuck about the average Joe? Everyone in the court except us is being paid to be there. The deck is stacked against us.

      • Hi William (and Ozzy) –

        In re court: It requires the hiring of a lawyer to battle in court, unless you wish to fight an almost certainly losing battle. Many people don’t have thousands of dollars lying around to hire a lawyer to represent them. So they go into court in the manner of a man bringing a knife to a gun fight. The judge may deign to listen to you – or he may tell you to sit down and be quiet. A non-lawyer has very little chance of making a case against lawyers in court. The court will side with the AGW as a matter of course.

        Ozzy’s statement is based on a premise that is simply faulty, i.e., that courts are a place of refuge and redress where all parties are treated equally before the law. This is nonsense.

        • Back to reality. If you are breaking the law, as in illegal drugs in the vehicle then hiring a lawyer is expensive. I have dealt with the courts multiple times in my life and had to hire lawyers, just not the end of the world.

          If you are legal or the cops do ignore you rights then the solution is to sue for damages and those lawyers do it for part of the settlement.

          “courts are a place of refuge and redress”
          I never said, that just that is the only legal solution. If everybody ignores arrests then even when it is a crime with a victim there is no redress just anarchy.

          We share the same libertarian ideals of most laws are wrong, I just am not going to act like the anarchist antifa to get my way. We still need a little government.

          It takes more than a court to side with the AGW it takes a jury. We may not like the laws but most juries do. With BLM and Antifa running around throwing their little temper tantrums the populace will get more determined on not following legal orders. Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King had the correct idea about non-violence when you are arrested you are arrested.

          Here is a local one that infuriates me worse, more context also: https://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/2020/06/23/loveland-man-sues-police-claiming-excessive-force-false-arrest/3238531001/

          The man helped pick up or move a Harley outside a bar near me. Resisting arrest and obstruction charges were dropped and now the the man has a lawsuit in US district court against my town which he will likely win hundreds of thousands. Again you do not have to cooperate however even in this case once they charge you with a crime and arrest you the resisting arrest are legitimate and he is lucky they dropped the charges. Cooperate and sue the tax payers blind.

          We need to end the non-law of qualified immunity.

          • Big Law litigation lawyers in NYC start at around $600-800 per hour for a junior associate. Partners from $1100 to $2000 per hour. Cheap solo practitioners, the bottom dwellers and law school rejects, get $175 per hour, and you will get what you pay for. Fight it in court, sure, but the lawyer wins no matter what. Wouldn’t it be better if, in the first place, you wouldn’t have to get victimized by a roid raging pig barking orders and enforcing laws, and then have your bank account pillaged later by a lawyer?

          • Hi Ozzy,

            But why should it be “illegal” to have “drugs” in one’s possession? I understand it’s “against the law.” But why should it be?

            Why should it be the obligation of the victim to cooperate with his attacker? Just because the attacker has a costume and a badge? Do us peons owe utter servility to “law enforcement”?

            Do you believe we have no right to “resist” – ever? If one of these costumed SOBs says suck my dick, would you? Then fight it out in court later on?

            In re lawyers: You obviously have the funds and the time to go that route but most people do not have the thousands of dollars it takes to retain a lawyer in a criminal matter. It is simply not realistic to counsel this as a way to redress AGW abuse.

            Even if you “win,” the AGW doesn’t lose – but the taxpayers do.

            The core issue – again – is peacekeeping vs.law enforcing. I am all for the former but reject the latter as prima facie tyrannical.

      • Life is not fair I am just saying follow legal orders, vote against anybody that believes in qualified immunity and if in a jury understand jury nullification.

        My state the failure to exit a vehicle is illegal and been upheld in courts. The resisting arrest etc are illegal in all states. Know your rights but also know when they have the legal authority to do what they want.

        BLM / Antifa / Anarchist are throwing the temper tantrums which will end in more tyranny do not join them.

        • Hi Ozzy,

          I suspect we more or less agree, but aren’t quite communicating. I very much despise thuggery – threatening/attacking people, not respecting property or persons, etc. But this is precisely why I have come to despise “law enforcement” – which regularly performs precisely those offices. This is undeniable, right?

          You write about “following legal orders.” Well, it was a “legal order” in Germany to roust Jews and send them off to the camps. It was once a “legal order” in this country to report “fugitive” slaves. I am trying to make what ought to be an obvious point.

          No one here defends BLM or Antifa – but that shouldn’t mean defending AGW brutality or brutal laws.

    • Stopping you for a sobriety checkpoint, seizing your assets without due process (asset forfeiture), and kicking your door down at 3:00 AM are also “lawfull” acts or orders. Even though they all violate the supreme law of the land. There is one and only one valid secular law. Thou shalt not steal. Whether that theft be of property, liberty, well being (as in assault), or life. All other laws are tyranny. Meant to control your behavior outside any legitimacy. The very agency excusing itself by the excuse of “law” are the most criminal among us. They subsist on the very crime of armed robbery, also known as taxes. There is no such thing as a tax payer. They are collected, at gunpoint, threatening your life if you do not comply. By comparison, the common criminal is just a nuisance. One I can take care of myself most of the time. The only justified “service” of government is to protect my property while I’m not home, and to protect my inalienable rights.

      • Yeah, but when you put it to the test, the Supreme Coat will “refuse to hear” the case. So much for conservative constructionist judges or whatever the hell they call them. It would be far better to shut that institution down, one that has thwarted individual rights while venerating corporate and government dominance over people on a daily basis. I despise those 9.

      • Jury nullification is the answer. I know I do not support the courts in my area. I will add what my governor did in taking the right to assemble away to your list.

        That does not mean you need to pile felonies onto yourself by not following current laws. See the link I gave above for a local incident which is in context of why the man was pulled over and body cam footage of the entire incidence.

        • Hi Ozzy,

          In re jury nullification: It’s a great idea that’s difficult to practice. You must first get on a jury – and good luck with that if you’re not a mouth-breathing moron. During voir dire, the attorneys do their utmost to get rid of intelligent, thoughtful jurors who might exercise independent judgment.

          The real issue here is that of people who’ve caused no harm being hassled over “laws” that have no business being enforced much less on the books. Implicit in this is that those who enforce such laws are at best mindless order-followers and at worst outright bullies and thugs.

          • When called for jury duty I always just act like a typical slavish serf, er, “citizen”, doing his “duty” during voir dire.

            One of my bucket list items is to get onto a jury in an appropriate case and throw a monkey wrench into the persecutor’s efforts. Really, this is the only place where an individual can bring the crushing, malignant machinery of the State to a grinding halt and there’s not a damned thing they can do about it. (I haven’t been on such a jury yet but hope springs eternal…)

          • The last time I had to go to jury duty my number to go to a court room came up for the first time ever. My number to go to the jury box did not come up but I got to witness the proceedings. When the judge asked if anyone would not follow his instructions on the law etc and so forth. Essentially it was locking the jury into not judging the law. Basically this is where someone like myself would then have to answer because the jury judges the law as well as the case. His instructions don’t need to be followed. I knew right there I would get booted if called to the box. I wasn’t called to test it.

            • You have to play your cards close to your vest. I have absolutely no problem lying to the gunvermin dirtbags during voir dire and have done so every time I’ve been called.

              When the time comes you just kick back and hold to “I’m not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt”, maybe “The cop’s body language indicated he was lying”, etc. etc. No need for further explanations or to even mention jury nullification. You just were not convinced and are hanging tough on your call of “Not Guilty”.

              The rule is to confuse and confound the enemy, and leave the persecutors scratching their heads as to what went wrong with what they thought was a well-planned open-and-shut case.

              I just haven’t wound up on a trial yet where jury nullification can be put to good use but if the opportunity presents itself I will not hesitate.

              • I’ve always hoped to get on a jury too. Been called 4 or 5 times, always wind up in the group that gets sent home. Now, if we’re talking murder, rape, robbery, that kind of thing, I’m gonna weigh the the evidence and call it as I see it. But, no way I’m ever gonna vote to convict someone for drugs or prostitution or gambling or any other so called “vice”. Same with tax evasion or any other administrative “crime”

  14. I wish the cops would treat the Antifa/BLM thugs like this! Why do they go after people for trivial infractions, while allowing thugs to run amok and destroy our cities? WTF?!

    • Because, behind all that gear, mirrored glasses, and roid rage hides a coward, a coward who feels smug in his costume knowing he can pick on 20 year old college girls, soccer moms, and lone black dudes with impunity. But plop these pussies behind ANTIFA or BLM riot lines, and they’ll shit their pants. B/C the latter can and does bite back.

          • You’re right. The good cops, like Seattle PD Officer Greg Anderson, who did a YouTube video admonishing his fellow cops to follow the COTUS and not arrest people for violating the BS COVID edicts. Initially, his boss lauded his video-UNTIL he got pressure from above! Anderson was told to take down the video, or else. He didn’t, and he was subsequently fired. So yeah, any decent cops are being purged from the system.

  15. Oh, and OBTW: I am a rich white guy, nothing to hide, peaceable ***and I am afraid of the damn cops!***
    I am aghast at watching that video, and for a split second, had empathy for the Black Lives Matter. However, the only critique would be: What happened before? Many times that stuff is missing from those videos. However again, any viewer could see that the black guy was not giving the cops a hard time.

    • Hi Tom,

      I’m not rich, but I’m white, articulate and clean-cut. I have no criminal record. I don’t shout or yell or behave like a jerk. Yet I got the Hut! Hut! Hut! because I argued with an AGW over a minor speeding ticket. Which I didn’t have to stop to get. I was on a sport bike; the AGW in a bloated SUV. Going the opposite direction. I slowed, stopped and pulled off to wait for him to turn around and come back – figuring the “speeding” was so trivial (I was doing appx. 54 in a 45) that he’d check my info and tell me to chill out and let me go with a warning. That was a mistake. I should have just taken off, which I could easily have done and made the mistake of telling him when he began to act like a dick. This made him even Hut! Hut! Huttier! A total jack off.

      Lesson: Never stop unless you have no chance of getting away.

      • You never know what you are going to get when the lights begin flashing. One hopes the AGW is a peace officer, but that is not always the case.

        The last time I got pulled over, I literally had just crossed the state lines of my state into the neighboring state. There were two troopers sitting just on the other side of the state line and another car that I was already in the process of returning to the slow lane behind them reacted to seeing the troopers and braked unnecessarily. Already being halfway between changing lanes, I either had to resume the lane I was originally in or brake quite a bit and continue to fall in behind the idiot braking for no reason. I saw the troopers too and decided the best option was to continue braking and to fall in behind as that was the original maneuver I was trying to make. Nope, that got me pulled over.

        Like the gentleman in the video, I am not trying to be confrontational. But right from the start, the AGW starts interrogating me as to what I have been to jail for, what was I last arrested for. The jail question is a catch-22 for me but I was able to respond to the other question, which was true, I HAVE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED! But to say I have never been to a jail vs, actually been put in a jail, wasn’t specified. I have been to a jail that was converted to be a haunted house. I have had to go get fingerprints at the local jail to get my “permit” to exercise a right. But I have never had to reside in a jail cell. His treatment from the start wasn’t of a peace officer. It was someone looking for the next adrenaline rush.

        The AGW just kept on requesting my approval to search my vehicle. I kept repeating that I did not consent to the search of this vehicle. The “if you have nothing to hide” argument was presented by the AGW. I responded that “if you are asking, you are fishing”. That didn’t make him happy. Finally, the AGW threatened to run “the dog” around my vehicle. In my best Spaceballs impression of the two black fellows combing the desert with a hair pick, I told the jerk, “you ain’t gonna find s***!

        In the process of the interrogation, he admits to being a drug interdiction officer and I remember telling him that “well, that explains a lot”. I wish I had the quickness of thought that I have in retrospection at the time to tell him that I have never been pulled over and treated like crap by a drug dealer. Yet, you think you are righteous and sanctimonious to run roughshod on the citizenry “in the name of”.

        I held my ground and he finally told me I was free to go. But yet, I wasn’t. The AGW followed me on my wing like a fighter jet escorting a rival country’s jet out of their airspace just looking for a chance to shoot it down. I escaped being searched that day. Everyone else I saw that the county had pulled over along the interstate that day, apparently said it was ok to search their vehicles and guess what? They were being searched.

        • Hi J,

          It’s experiences such as the one you’ve related that have fouled the waters. Most of us – not being criminals, if the definition of that means a person who steals or hurts others on purpose, etc. – would ordinarily be sympathetic toward those who keep the peace. But “law enforcement” shatters our peace – or threatens to – at every turn. Literally. Don’t we all get a little edgy when an AGW is nearby, whether on hoof or in car? Even though we have “nothing to hide”? Could it be due to the ugly fact, known to all, that AGWs have functional if not actual legal power to jerk us around practically at will?

          Some conservatives – including here – defend AGWs but I think they defend them on a false premise, i.e., that they are in fact peackeepers who protect property and person – the false front – when in fact they are merely law enforcement and if they do any peacekeeping it is incidental.

  16. I coulda swore I heard on local WMAL radio that the VA Gen Assy were doing a number of things that, in effect, would curb this abuse: (I apologize in advance for errors/memory recollection) 1) Make certain types of assault on a police officer/firefighter, etc. a misdemeanor vs felony. 2) Remove the “I smell marijuana” statement, as cause for searching cars, etc. during traffic stops. 3) Removal of qualified immunity for police officers. Unknown if any of these advanced, but they certainly have a chance, given the “blueness” of VA State House and Governorship. Funny how I heartedly disagree with *EVERYTHING* that the current Dem VA State Government did/does/will do, with the exception of that I describe above. If those things were to become law, the abuse handed out by police in VA would largely evaporate. (Would all but totally evaporate if weed were to become legal.)


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