Why Not Leave?

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When I was young I wondered why so many Jewish people stayed in Germany while they still had the opportunity to leave. Couldn’t they see what was coming? What was already there?

And yet, they stayed.

But I understand now, because I’m not young anymore. It is easier to leave when you have your whole life ahead of you; the friends you’ve yet to make, the family you haven’t got, the ties to a place and people that haven’t yet established themselves but which make it very hard to leave once they do.

It is daunting to begin life from scratch when half your life is already in the rearview mirror.  When everything you know – and love – is here.

And so you stay.

I get it now.

And there is something more this time. Or rather, less. Because where to go?

The people living in Germany in the early 1930s – or the Russia of 20 years earlier  – or the Vietnam of 40 years later – had America to go to. It wasn’t a Libertarian paradise, of course. But it was a paradise compared with the places they were fleeing.

Does such a place exist on this Earth today?

Europe isn’t worth the trip and places like Australia and New Zealand, which were as recently as 20 years ago viable options – aren’t options at all anymore. Where else?

Nowhere in the West, it seems.

Which leaves the south – Mexico, Central and South America. But they are just as bad – if not worse. Diapered and locked-down even more so than here. How about the East – the former Soviet bloc countries? There may perhaps be marginally more personal liberty, in terms of not having to wear a seatbelt in your car. But they Diaper there, too.

Perhaps it is better to defend this land. Our land. The land we have a right to, which we worked for and which isn’t theirs. And also our lives, which they have no right to. This includes our future as well as our now. Would we not defend them against ordinary thieves?

This is not to say it will be an easy fight – or a winning fight. Sometimes, it is simply necessary to fight, even if you lose. In order to live – and should it come to that, to die – as men.

So I will stay.

The very last thing I want is a fight. I desperately wish to avoid one. I want nothing more than to be left in peace. But if these creatures will not permit that then what choice is there other than to fight?

Others may do as they deem necessary. I will do as I must.

Let them come, if it must come to that. I am at peace – and ready.

So be it.

They may cage or even kill me. They will not drive me off my land. No Diaper will ever efface my face. No Needle will enter my flesh.

I’m just a man. But I will not live as something less than a man, come what may.

So let them come.

. . .

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  1. I started planning asses-and-assets-out-of-Dodge about six months after 9-11, and just under five years later my wife and I moved to Mexico, and I started learning Spanish at age 52. Less than three years later, we left that chaotic country for Uruguay, where we’ve lived over eleven years.

    I spent most of my 20s living and working in three countries in Europe, so I viewed leaving the States again (with a lucrative and portable business) as an adventure, even if it had as its origin the concept of “escape” from what I saw coming. I still have the list of things I wouldn’t miss, and once we crossed the border, the United States ceased to be home. That’s a key point. When I hear people talk about back “home” while living in a foreign country, I know they’re not there for the long haul.

    However, perhaps a key to our living here is that we have no grandchildren in the States. Also, our life had been in upheaval for a few years (something about adopting an orphaned 12 year old boy in Appalachia who didn’t know how to read, or eat with a knife and fork). We had moved across the country (again), hoping to get into Canada but stranded in Spokane, and made no real friends there. Maybe it’s just me, but leaving Spokane behind wasn’t hard.

    Unlike the rest of South America, Uruguay has been held up as a model for their scamdemic response. For a while—maybe still—my Uruguayan passport was a more valuable travel document than my US one. And not coincidentally I think, Uruguay had a peaceful transition of government a year ago, and none of the political, economic, or social turmoil of other South American countries (think Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil…), so no need for the distraction of “the cases!” Nonetheless, the fear machinery is in full gear, too many of the locals self-diaper, and the borders have been closed for all of summer season (starting soon) in order to keep away those filthy dollars the foreigners bring, tourism accounting for around 17% of the nation’s economy. Three times now (had to use a new email address!) I’ve written the Ministry of Public Health for advice on where I can find scientific evidence that “the virus” is either pathogenic or contagious, indicating that I have been unable to find any. They don’t reply, for some reason. BTW I’m not recommending Uruguay. The attrition in the North American expat crowd we knew when we first arrived has been stunning.

    Back to the question: why not leave? Family, friends, finances, culture shock, communications, convenience. For the vast majority of people, leaving is simply not going to work out well, even if it is an option.

    • Right-on, Bary!

      I had been considering Uruguay a number of years ago too- but like all of South America, they seem hell-bent on going socialist, and from what I hear, are pretty much there now.

      “Back home”. I can relate! Moved from Hell…err, the NYC area, to rural Kentucky 19 years ago, with my elderly mother- and she still refers to NY as “back home”- despite the fact that she wouldn’t recognize what NY has become- and would be horrified if she ever went back. My 28 acres here is the only real home I’ve ever had! Disgusting that they have so ruined what used to be America that I have to seek out a new home, far, far away, -because like NY, this is quickly becoming NOT my home.

      • In fact, the last election kicked out the leftist Frente Amplio who had ruled for 15 years, so there may be some hope. There have been noticeable improvements in publicinfrastructure since we’ve been here, but I constantly look at prices and wonder how the locals live, and conclude gubmint handouts must play a big role.

        • Thing is, Bary, the socializing of SA is “on the agenda”. The Catholics have been complicit in spreading it- and now, a huge part of the population espouses the philosophy- “They’ll give us free shit”.

          Remember when there were no property taxes there? That is no longer the case now, except in the most remote areas.

          • There have been property taxes here the entire time we’ve lived here. I pay under $700 (and it would be 3/4 that except for planning “irregularities” which resulted in additional mulcting) in annual property tax for a house with a market value of probably $250,000.

            They introduced an income tax shortly after we arrived. I have no idea if it applies to me or not. I simply ignore it if it does.

            • I think they started the property taxes in either ’08 or ’10. (Cities likely had them far longer- but now even rural places have ’em).

              $700?! ;o DAYUUUMMmmm! My taxes here in KY. are only $300/yr.

              Sad thing with SA is, it’s not just a country or two here and there- they implemented the taxes virtually continent-wide. ….the agenda…..

              I’m thinking: Patagonia may be the only truly free place left.

    • well theres belarus. all white and no masking. the problem with being anglo is you really stick out in a lot of these countries and the crime is much worse than reprted

  2. Hi Eric,
    Agreed on all points, I’m way too old to start over (73) and even if I wanted to there’s no place that’s out of reach of Big Brother’s surveillance. Besides, why the hell should I? We’ve been in this house since 1974 and I’ve finally got it set up the way I want it – workshop, garage, yard, etc. Unless the rent aka property tax gets so onerous I’m forced to leave I plan on staying here for the rest of my days, and I’ll stand my ground here if/when they come for us with the needle. That’s my hill worth dying on and hopefully I can take a few of them with me on the way out.

    • Hi, Mike. I’m in Cambridge. It’s nice to see there are some like-minded folks in these parts. I often feel like I’m behind enemy lines.

      I’m in a condo, so there’s an added layer of tyranny.

  3. Eric, others here – has anyone considered Asia ? My facebook is an interesting mix of people from the west and east from the time I lived in Pakistan. And one thing thats becoming more and more obvious – all of this crap we fear is mostly happening in the west. I mean the mask thing – I have friends who are travelling out in Asia. A friends just posting pics from a resort in Seychelles. Another was in Indonesia some time back. Not a mask in sight. My own time in Pakistan a couple months ago when the “cases” were shooting up in the US – only in the some parts of town some places people were wearing masks – and mostly when the staff (out of fear of the police) would ask people to put them on, politely and cynically, fully expecting you to take them off the minute you pass. But for the most part – masking was fully voluntary which I have no issues with.

    I know – being in the west we keep hearing stories of how crazy people are out there. And no doubt there are some crazies, but.. i dont know when it comes to living your life and not being messed with, its really starting to be tempting….

  4. It seems to me that we face the same sort of existential crisis faced by the hunter/gatherers when the agriculture based populations began expanding. Hunter/gatherers, by dint of their varied, superior diet and hunting skills, were larger, stronger and healthier than the bread eaters. But, with the caloric limitations to reproduction lessened by excesses of low quality food, numbers won out. A hundred weaklings will win over five mighty warriors every time.
    We are smarter, stronger and more skilled. We are vastly outnumbered. We might be remembered by future generations as the last noble savages. Or, not at all. In any case, the math is the math. Choose your exit.

  5. Just yesterday, I googled “most libertarian countries” to see what I’d get as a sort of what-if. What I got was … nothing. Google helpfully offered the “most liberal countries,” which is, of course, not remotely close to what I was seeking. New Zealand topped the list. I hear it’s beautiful, but yikes, that gun-grabbing, lockdown happy, horse faced prime minister who was just overwhelmingly reelected? No thanks. I don’t want to live among people who want to live that way. The Geriatric Pedophile is bad enough. The only source of hope is we’ll have divided government to rein in this mental patient and his cadre of whack jobs.

    • I’m not sure we have even the hope of divided government. Isn’t there a runoff in Georgia slated for January? If the Dems win that, they supposedly win control of the Senate (and of the entire shooting gallery). Next stop, Auschwitz!

      • Not quite Jim. Given all of the “antics” the Progs have been caught at (and make no mistake they have been caught) entire states could be flipped. Its far from over. Don’t listen to the corporate mass media, you should know that they lie by this point. One America News Network is a much better choice.

        As for Georgia, that can be dealt with by making an example of those involved (in the current antics), between now and then, and proper observation. Yes, I know thats expecting a lot from the Stupid Party, but hope springs eternal.

        • Hi BJ,

          The Hair Plugged Man’s accession to the purple is becoming a fait accompli. If the results are not overturned soon – as in, this week – it is over. Each hour that passes, HPM cements his status as the new president. With each day that passes, the impression is cemented that he is the new president. Each day, more defections – e.g., Lindsey Graham – and of course, the Mittens Romneys of the GOP.

          Meanwhile, he Tweets. As if that is going to accomplish anything. As if having Rudy give press conferences will do anything.

          Why didn’t he do something before the election to assure an above-board election? Why not insist that observers from both sides as well as the press observe the process? If he suspected fraud – and had evidence to prove it – then show it. This crap of filing lawsuits is as pointless as the pro forma lawsuits opposing Diapers. Action is needed. The left understands this. The Right seems incapable of understanding it.

          • Mornin’ Eric Our Libertarian Cat Guy,

            THAT is what the media wants people to think- That Mumbly Joe is the defacto president- so if or when the truth is made evident, half of the country (The radical half, with no morals and low IQs) will feel that the legitimate winner has “stolen” the election.

            The ONLY person I know who supports HPM- my friend/client, will, I guarantee you, the next time I talk to him (I really hope that he doesn’t even call me anymore) be saying “Can you believe Trump is trying to steal this election?!”.

            But BJ is likely correct. Have you seen this article, linked on LRC today?:

              • True, Eric. Very true. I guess, when we live amongst brain-dead zombies, it is a stretch to expect that logic, sanity, and the obvious truth will somehow prevail. Just vestiges of thought leftover from the world in which I grew-up, which no longer exists.

            • Nunz, I do find it funny how they are trying to make HPM look like something official despite the fact that hes nothing yet. Did you see the pictures of him on a podium with signs of “office of the president elect” with the seal and all!! From what I understand (and correct me if im wrong) there is no such formal designation is there?

              This weekend in the UK we had some fireworks Which was reported in the US media as being in celebration of Biden winning !! They were actually for Guy Fawkes day !! (a guy who tried to blow up parliament here in the UK in the early 1600s – some would argue the most noble person to enter parliament)

                • Exactly, Anon!

                  The GSA has stated that there will be no transfer of power until a clear constitutional winner is decided.

                  The media putting on the charade is evidence that we are being set-up for the unleashing of a bitter conflict.

                  If it weren’t for the filthy media, almost none of the nefarious deeds perpetrated over the last 50 years would have had even a tenth of the effects which they have had on society at-large. This world is controlled by the media…and we know who controls the media…..

              • You are correct on all counts, Nasir!

                That’s HILARIOUS- what our filthy media was saying about your Guy Fawkes fireworks!!! (I didn’t know they were doing this, as I consume virtually no mainstream media- since I don’t watch TV nor listen to radio, etc.).

                Now I must go burn the pope in effigy! (Minus the poor cats, of course!!!!). The media will probably report this as a KKK event! 🙂

                • There was a time when one would suspect the media of being biased or nothing more than propaganda – but now it seems like they dont even try to hide it anymore!! Yeh i dont follow mainstream media anymore – infact since ive shifted to my new place over a year ago – have not even put up a dish or arial for the TV…. But it was quite a joke over twitter in britain that this was in the US media, that too ABC and the Hill, which from what I understand are the more sane ones…

          • Eric, he is doing what needs to be done. His various staff and team members are filing law suits and motions within the system. That takes time. The perception you speak of is allowing the enemy and their media to set the terms and place of battle. You should know better than to fall for it. Keep in mind that perception is NOT reality. As much as the corporate mass media would like people to believe, they do NOT determine who the president is, or who has won. That can ONLY be done by the states involved.

            What would you have him do that he isn’t? Call out the militia/military and arrest those involved in the plot? Declare martial law, and lock down the entire country? That would be playing right into his enemies hands. You did hear that he fired the Sec Def today?
            He had good reason to…

            In any event, keep yourself centered, and stay focused on your own life and principles.

          • Eric, here in PA, we had poll watchers from both parties at polling locations and where the votes are counted. in Dem controlled areas, the poll watchers were KICKED OUT! At the ballot counting center in Philly, they not only kicked out GOP poll watchers; they barricaded the windows, so no one could see inside. When the GOP got a court order to be let back in to the building, the Philly County Sheriff refused to HONOR AND ENFORCE the order! Oh, and there were mysterious trucks and vans arriving in the wee hours of the morning, carrying fake ballots.

            Also, in the run up to the election, the Dems, who controlled the executive branch here (GOP has the legislature), changed the voting dates to allow early voting-even though our state constitution explicitly states that only the legislature can do that! The Sec. of State and what not just changed the voting rules, contrary to our state constitution, even though the state constitution is very clear about this. The GOP brought it to our state supreme court, only to get shot down. They brought the case to SCOTUS, and, IIRC, SCOTUS refused to hear the case.

            Why was it shot down? Because, over the years, the Dems saw to it that they controlled the PA State Supreme Court. The state supreme court judges are elected here, and the Dems got a 7-2 majority.

            I can’t speak for other locations, but there were PLENTY of irregularities here in PA.

    • One of comments to that article…
      “… Or start agitating for local control of everything. Kick the Feds out. Loosen the chains. Take control of your school’s, housing, courts, policing, voting etc. Who cares what the assholes in DC do if you don’t give them access/control?”

      That’s what we need to do now — don’t give up to the paper tiger dictators, start a group in every county and make your county commissioners & city mayor/etc do the right things. Most of them are creeps, but we can control them. Make your counties EXEMPT from all state & national human rights violations & shutdowns & other BS.

      Please don’t throw all the stupid idiot sheeple under the bus, and give up on this country, because we have hope, if we just fight by getting our county groups going, then it will get exponentially easier in the near future as our local groups gain huge power from force multipliers that will come soon after starting groups. If you just give up then you’re LOSERS. But you think there’s no point in fighting because you’re looking into the abyss — you don’t know how easy it will be to win unless you TRY. Please just TRY to save our country, be the leaders, don’t require the retarded sheeple to save this country, we leaders need to do it, build it and they will come — the sheeple will follow.

      • **”Or start agitating for local control of everything. Kick the Feds out. Loosen the chains. Take control of your school’s, housing, courts, policing,”**

        And what happens when those who out-number you do the same? Be they 2 people against one, or 2000 people against 100, or 2000 people against 1.

        SOMEONE (Many, actually) is going to get something that they don’t want. So it’s just another tyranny- one which may be acceptable to you, if you happen to be in agreement with a majority- in which case your group become the tyrants who dictate to the others.

        This is how we got to where we are today.

        That is exactly what keeps the pluralistic system alive at all levels.

        My former residence, Long Island, the locals vote every year on the school budgets. What is the result? Five-figure property taxes, of which more than half of the largess goes to the local school districts (Some of which have budgets larger than those of many COUNTRIES)- because the locals want “good schools”, and can use my money to pay for them, even though I don’t have kids, and wouldn’t send them to those filthy prison camps if I did- and there is no opt-out.

        It makes no difference is some grand poobah in DC gets to call the shots…or the liberal neighbors on LI, or the farmers where I now live- if it’s not what I want; what I choose to voluntarily support and or patronize, then it’s just as much tyranny no matter who is making the decisions.

        A totally free market and voluntary association are the basics of Libertarianism and individualism. Once anything is collectivised, anyone who disagrees with the collective is going to be the victim of coercion.

        • So you’re a total loser then, because you won’t even try. You’re worried about people voting to steal your money (taxes), but what if there was a law banning taxes? How can you not be a collective? You live on planet Earth with ~7billion people, you’re a collective whether you like it or not. How is your “free market voluntary” society going to work… there will be people trying to rule over you and tax you etc… but you have no plan to stop that, yet you think this is a viable society. IDK man, I just don’t see your vision. Maybe I’m missing something?

          • Krisi, what do you not understand about voluntary interaction and a free market?

            For example: In a collective, one is forced to “contribute”. Take one aspect of this: Edumacation: The collective approach has everyone paying for schools. What goes on at those schools, regardless of who calls the shots (i.e. a simple majority from the community who out-vote others; a “representative” elected by the community; a dictator; etc.) does not matter does not matter if it is not what YOU want, but you are forced to participate and or fund it.

            In a free market voluntary interaction society (The way the world largely was up until recently) YOU are responsible for how your kids are educated, whether you teach them yourself, or voluntarily cooperate with like-minded people who share your ideals and values, or pay for them to go to a privately run school of your choosing- and thus YOU decide how your kids are educated, and how much you will pay for it- and if you don’t have kids, it becomes a moot point, and you need not be burdened with it.

            What is so hard about that?

            Most of what we and “society” do(es) IS operated in such a manner- until some elected pricks decide to collectivize things, and appoint themselves (or your neighbors decide to appoint them) as having the authority to demand that YOU do it their way, and force you (and or others) to pay for it.

            Imagine if these deciders decided to do the same with supermarkets- That instead of privately-owned businesses offering products for sale at a price which is agreeable to all involved, that they decided that there must be state-run supermarkets funded by taxes, and that the products they sell should be determined by a representative elected by “the people” and that one must pay a tax determined by their income, but the value of food which they are allowed to would be the same for all.

            How do you think that would work out? (HINT: Ask a Soviet-era Russian!).

            And after a few years of that, people would be saying “But we have to have government supermarkets! How else would we eat?!”.

            When you currently go to the supermarket you are participating in a [yet relatively] free market to satisfy an essential need.

            As it seems that you are unfamiliar with the basic concepts of Libertarianism/Voluntaryism/Anarcho-Capitalism, I would suggest that you look up some of Larken Rose’s videos on Youtube for a little basic edumacation.

            Here’s one of my favorites:
            “I’m Allowed To Rob You” – Larken Rose:

          • I think you’re all missing my point, I’m sorry it’s not clear, I admit it’s all kinda confusing. I LIKE your ideas, … so we’re on the same page LOL, … the point I’m trying to make is not what kind of country would be good, but the action plan of how we can actually accomplish it. And the way it works is direct democracy whereby the supermajority of the people get what they want. Your idea of noone being able to vote on anything, so noone ever discusses anything, is the way animals live. Only animals can live that way because it’s impossible for them to be ruled by dictators. But when you’re a human, there’s bad people out there that want to be your dictator. So, your country can never exist in reality, however nice it sounds. I LIKE your ideas, but the only way to accomplish them is through a supermajority agreement of the people. But we can have human rights and laws such as not allowing taxes etc. So you CAN have what you want — but it’s not going to work by just having everyone do whatever they want and not bothering each other — because there’s bad people that will control you unless you can defend yourself against them… and the only way to defend yourself is by having power to do so and the only way to have power is to have a group of people… and your group of like-minded people is what I call a direct democracy.

  6. I rue this day but knew it might come. Trump however flawed was perhaps once in our lifetime phenomenon in that he was independent of the deep state and rich enough not to be corrupted. I doubt the republicans will have anyone like this ever again. Maybe good men like Rand Paul but they’ll never become president because they haven’t the independent $.
    OK where to we go from here…Eric I agree there is nowhere else to go. Personally I bought my AR in early October as hedge against this day coming. The AR is now the American musket and as many should be in the hands of private citizens as humanly possible with lots a ammo. If nothing else it symbolizes our freedom that only can be taken away by violent governments.
    Next although my kids are grown they were indoctrinated in public schools. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn stated that the lie may come into the world but in will not go through me. My kids and grandkids will not get the lie told as if true without my arguments being heard.
    Finally let’s have fun. The Left made up a lie and tainted the Orange Man for 4 years. We have the truth on our side in that Hunter’s dealings and corrupt money flowing to the *big guy* are all out in the open. Let’s remind our liberal friends at every opportunity how Hunter got a no-show job in the gas industry in Ukraine. Let’s go to local school board meetings and argue convincingly. As they said in Star Trek “make Organian useless to them (Kingons)”.

  7. At age 52 now, I’ve lived a good life. I’ve accomplished things I thought I would never be able to accomplish professionally. I’ve traveled all over the United States and eastern Canada, and even ventured to Europe, Central America, and the South Pacific. I’ve had some very high, highs in life; and some very low, lows as well.

    I love this country and what the Constitution and Bill of Rights stands for. And it is worth defending and fighting for – even if that means laying down my life so others can enjoy what I enjoyed.

    It is better to die Free, than live as a Slave.

  8. Regarding Trump’s lack of action during his Presidency, I strongly suspect that every single POTUS elect since JFK is paid a visit by the CIA and shown the Zapruder film.
    Regarding the election, or lack thereof, There is a simple solution, that won’t be implemented. There is no Constitutional requirement for a popular vote for POTUS. It is entirely up to the State legislatures how their electors are selected. They can use chicken entrails and astrology if they prefer.
    Regarding standing your ground or leaving, I’m to old to think about leaving, and will not hesitate to put my life on the line to defend what I have in the way of property and liberty. I’ve talked to my son about him and his family leaving, and we both concluded that there is really no place to go. The US hegemony, at the behest of the bank cartel, has poisoned the entire planet with its play money and debt. Both of which REQUIRE a totalitarian state to survive. Even if you were to find an acceptable location, there is no guarantee it will stay that way. New Zealand is a perfect example. Not long ago it was the destination of choice for the libertarian, and now it’s one of the worst.
    Regarding the Holocaust, It doesn’t really matter. Even if the worst death counts are accurate, there are other demographics who have suffered worse. Russia in particular, which suffered as many as 20 million noncombatant deaths in WWII, and the Kulaks which Stalin literally starved to death about the same number. Not to mention Mao doing the same to somewhere between 20 and 100 million.
    The plain simple fact is that governments have never demonstrated any expertise or even competence in any endeavor other than killing people, which they are quite good at. They aren’t even successful parasites, as successful parasites don’t kill their host. It’s fundamental. We can govern ourselves, or be governed by monsters. The choice is clear. Perhaps after the inevitable and impending collapse, if enough can clearly see the choice and immediately dispose of anyone who presumes to have power over us.

    • JWK,

      I too contemplated leaving, and I almost pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with my Peruvian GF, so that didn’t happen. Also, though Peru offered a LOT of freedom living daily life (e.g. what would be Rx medications here, you could buy over the counter down there), it’s been terrible during the Corona hoax. For example, restaurants were OUTRIGHT CLOSED! At least here, you could do takeout; that was something. We could look at what New Zealand has become too. IOW, this is worldwide, so there’s nowhere to run to now.

  9. If the democrats succeed in stealing this election, citizens are not legally or morally obligated to support an illegitimate government. Personal secession. Non violent non compliance with all unlawful mandates from a corrupt illegitimate government. Don’t wear the face diaper, don’t get the Wuhan vaccine, don’t support any media advertisers, buy local, support small businesses. If possible move to states, cities or counties with governors, mayors, police chiefs and sheriffs that honor their oath to defend the Constitution. Live in a smaller home with lower property taxes, spend less for goods and services to minimize sales taxes, pay the minimum income tax possible, if eligible for government subsidies or benefits take the maximum, buy precious metals to get your wealth out of the banking system. Starve the beast. Federal, state and local governments are on a path to insolvency, bankruptcy, and currency collapse. Help them along.

  10. Just for some perspective:
    Americans Who Have Left The US Discuss Pros & Cons Of Their New Countries:

    While none of the places mentioned are places I’d personallyu emigrate to, as I’m a more off-the-grid type who would rather live in true freedom in the wilderness, the video does offer a lot of perspective and dispells some myths that many seem to have.

    Also, I’m intending to read about Richard Proenneke- the man who in 1968 ventured out into the Alsaskan bush at the age of 50, and built a cabin out of raw materials, and lived there for 30 years. (Till he was 80!)- That’s more my style…but NOT here in the US, and NOT where it’s cold! THAT, my friends, is the only true liberty left in this world. Forget society and like-minded people…as that ain’t gonna happen!

    While one can find some like-minded people- like the Anarcho-Capitalist enclave that has sprung around Acapulco; or the Libertarian “community” that has formed in Costa Rica- the irony is, that such endeavors are always in places where they are just as much subject to government as anywhere else, and, at least in the case of the Costa Rica community, essentially form another layer of “government” by establishing a formal community, with their own rules and obligations.

    • Dick Proenneke was one of the last American homesteaders. By 1967 it was remote Alaska that was all left to do so. The irony, perhaps, is his homestead reverted to FedGov as part of Lake Clark National Park (he left it to them in his will) and cannot be visited in person right now due to, naturally, the COVIDs.

      Just a bit of how about that. The last homestead in the U.S. was claimed in 1979 by a man named Ken Deardorff. His place is about 120 miles northwest of Proenneke’s Twin Lakes cabin and about 85 miles from the greater National Preserve boundary.

  11. Most of the lamestream media is calling it for Biden today. Imagine how they will react if Trump manages to reverse this all somehow. What a shitstorm.

    • Hi Rich,

      The clock is running out, fast. I myself am growing weary of defending him. Act, man! Do something. The left acts. I despise the filthy bastards. But I respect them as the dangerous enemy they are.

      • Eric, that’s why politics will only ever work to the advantage of the worst people. The decent people who play fair, and who care about truth and justice, and who do not desire to dominate others, will naturally lose to those who are immoral, brutal, and who play dirty. And when the better part of society is composed of the latter, there is no countering it, for to do so, the good would have to become as bad or worse than the filthy filthy criminal bastards.

        This is why the communists first and foremost work to destroy the fabric of moral societies and to corrupt traditional institutions- for once that is accomplished, the rest is easy (Rot the foundations, and the rest of the house will fall of it’s own volition), and there is no going back.

        Now we get to sit back and watch the “lawful gun-owners” and “patriots” sit on their hands, as they’ve done for the last 100 years, as what little remains is swept away.

        • As always, you hit the nail on the head.

          This disgusting society admires evil, plain and simple. People are actually in awe of Kommie-la Harris!

          • Well, ya know, you’re a “sexist” if ya don’t cheer for someone whose main claim to fame is being a woman….. Sheesh! They’re a minority- they only comprise 50% of humanity.

          • Hi Handler,

            The great tragedy, of course, is that there are still millions of good people in this country who loathe socialism, identity politics and the entire program of the left. The same was true in pre-revolutionary Russia and pre-national socialist Germany, too. The problem is that – as in economics – bad people drive out the good. Unless the good are willing to do what is necessary to deal with the bad.

            This brings forward the paradox. Good people eschew violence; wish to live and let live. But in order to avoid the violence it sometimes becomes necessary to be violent. To secure the right to live requires defending it.

            The question is, will we? Will enough of us?

            • Amen, Eric!

              The conservative and libertarian tradition of capitulating must end now. What is it going to take to get them to realize we’re in an emergency situation? This is a time-based opportunity to reject the left’s tyranny. Your site (along with many others) may not even exist next year as the tech commies are doing everything they can to prevent us from networking.

        • Hi Nunz,

          in re: “Now we get to sit back and watch the “lawful gun-owners” and “patriots” sit on their hands, as they’ve done for the last 100 years, as what little remains is swept away.”

          I dread this, too.

          Will Americans – enough Americans – refuse to tolerate this? We’ll soon see.

          • Hey, Eric,

            See all of those people with diapers on their faces? They’ve allowed the tyranny to come to their very faces, and offer no resistance, despite there being practically no consequences for resisting. What do you think they’ll do? 🙁

              • Hehyepyepyep, Eric. THIS is what “the people” want…and they’re getting it. Time to find new people…or better yet, no people- ’cause history has proven time and again that people on the whole seem to be perpetually disposed to this behavior, over and over again.

              • Eric, as usual, certain parties are treating this as a binary, rather than as a continuum (waves at the Usual Suspect… ^^). Everyone has a breaking point. Those under a heavy load of Illusion/Delusion have higher breaking points, but it still exists.

                Any honest study of history demonstrates that. Its a VERY, VERY bad thing to reach that point. It has been said (rightly) that people go insane in mobs, and only regain their sanity (such as it is…) individually.

                In an age of mass “education” and mass media, it is no surprise that it appears on the surface that nothing will ever change. That is the nature of chaotic systems (fascinating study by the way).

                Lets hope we are not living in truly Historic times…

                • Hi BJ,

                  For me – and this is purely personal – the binary choice is being able to avoid most of the worst. I have accepted being forced to hand over a large portion of all I earn to people who did not earn it but who have the power to take it. I have accepted not being able to ever own my home, no matter how long ago I paid for it. I have submitted to so many things the list is longer than I care to type out at the moment. But this – Sickness Kabuki – is one binary too far. It has already taken away the small pleasures of being able to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee at a cafe or go shopping without seeing Freaks everywhere and having to “gird my loins” for a confrontation with them.

                  I am tired of it.

                  Now comes the new Freak who will apparently try to force me to Diaper as a condition of being allowed to leave my home and perhaps even there. I can’t stand that. I won’t stand for it.

                  I am still hoping it will be possible to live – and dodge – but I tire of my life being reduced to an ever-smaller circle.As it stands, I hardly go anywhere anymore – not that I went lots of places before, but it wears on you to be denied the small human interactions. I have lost most of my friends over this because their acquiescence of or outright support for Diapering and the while Sickness Kabuki programme make it impossible for me to interact with them for the same reason I could not interact with them if they were wearing Nazi armbands. Which several of them would violently object to if I were to wear that. But a Face Diaper – which is in fact more like the yellow star people were forced to wear in Germany only worse in a way because this time the wearers mostly put it on voluntarily.


                  • Eric, what I spoke of was the binary of either submitting or going postal instantly. As with most things in life, most people fall on to a continuum. But everyone has a breaking point. Hitting that with a large number of people at the same time, tends to be a VERY bad idea. Which is what the modern “educational” system and corporate mass media have worked to prevent. The brutal reality is that the modern mass media is used to create, shape, misinform and manipulate public opinion. It is a key element in controlling the general population. Just as the governments “educational” system is. It is the very key to the power of those who Rule over all of our lives. The current situation is going to resolve itself, one way or another. Attempt to find peace within yourself, and let your principles guide your actions.
                    Know that you are not alone. Many others through out the country share our perspectives.
                    But its not numbers that make us strong. It is knowledge, experience and principle. Those forge a character that will stand up to the stress of historic times, and emerge on the other side with principles intact. Which is much more than can be said of our enemies.

                • “Continuum” is an of course. As are the binary continuum extremes.

                  But the nunze’s characterization accounts for the continuum never ever being perpendicular.

                  Continuum’s always angled, bunny slope to black diamond to off-piste, & never flat – the mythical level playing field…just cold sore fever blister bigbox parking lot dreaming, corrals for the teeming.

                  And 96% do not float like butterflies, sting like bees, conscience-sees, nor counterintuitively ski the fall line.

                  The atmosphere is & will always be heavy, down in the stacked up Marianas Trench.

                  Came across the breakdown of the brokedown that is heavy humanity in the slip sliding away grip of gravitaslessness, yet again, in Bonner’s book:

                  “Citing Romans 13, Mr. Sessions was clearly not helping his argument – that whatever the feds say to do is the right thing to do. Because if you could go to Heaven simply by doing what the feds tell you, Jesus could have kept his mouth shut.

                  Ordered To Shoot

                  The question was posed, perhaps most vividly, to the Reserve Police Battalion 101 from Hamburg, also known as the “Hamburg Policemen,” in 1942. They were men in their thirties, a little old for front-line duties. But as the war in the East developed, they were called in to deal with the “Jewish problem,” which led to the children issue. That is, they were meant to take Jews to work camps or death camps. Or to camps where they could be worked to death. But children, the sick, & old people just got in the way. What to do with them?

                  Battalion 101 veteran Bruno Probst later testified that while no specific orders to shoot them were given, the officers made it clear that “nothing could be done with such people.” By then, things were heating up on the Eastern Front. More & more captives – Jews & Poles – were coming into the Nazi grip. They needed to be “processed,” removed, & resettled. On July 13, 1942, the real killing began in the village of Jozefow, Poland. As many as 1,500 Jews were lined up. The Hamburg Policemen were given the task of killing them. As far as any of them knew, it was a lawful order. It came from officers, who got it from other officers all the way up to Germany’s lawful head of state, the Fuhrer himself.

                  The Hamburg Policemen were overwhelmingly Christian. They might have heard of St. Paul’s instructions to the Romans. They probably did not know that the letter was not written by Paul at all, but by Tertius of Iconium, as modern scholars believe. But it hardly mattered. They were given the order to shoot…& they had been taught to follow orders.

                  Besides, what higher authority was there than the Fuhrer?

                  A few hesitated. Fewer still refused. At least one wrote home that he feared god would get even with him. But as the orders kept coming down, the killing became routine. Before they returned to Hamburg, they had killed some 38,000 people – mostly Jews. And yet, they were policemen. They had been trained to uphold the law & to protect people & their property. What was this strange new duty they had been asked to perform? And was it not contrary to their religious beliefs? They were supposed to love their neighbors; what kind of love was this?

                  Five hundred Hamburg Policemen had reported for duty in Poland. How many do you think refused…or were unable…to do as they had been ordered to do?


                  We were shocked. But we’re not sure why. Did we expect more of them to have a stronger sense of what was wrong & what was right? Or are we surprised any of them did? The whole episode is so shocking that every detail shocks. Who would give such an order? Who would obey it? And who, surrounded by 488 law-abiding, jack-booted, rifle-toting patriots, would dare say “no”?

                  12/500 = 2.4% sometimes even 96% is too much un-beneficial doubt.

                  But the ones that expect want need depend upon even more than 4% to know their prerogatives, & to act accordingly, are hopium addicts. And that stuff can turn even a trump, or a biden, into a savior apparition-chik.

                  • Ozy, number ism is almost as bad as Hopism. What is right, remains right, no matter how few do it. Not to mention if something is wrong, it remains wrong, no matter how many do it.

                    That slanted continuum is sloped, because of all of the stuff thats been swept under the carpet.

                    Its not just people, but data that can be eroded and corroded by corruption.

                    Nature is one of the comforting lies (like history…) that we tell ourselves in the darkness of the soul.

                    Revolutions keep coming around and around, because most people are very slow learners.

                    Eventually, if the species survives, they will out grow their need for Monsters.

                    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man, had better be a quick learner and a master tactician.

                    • BJ…You’ll get no resistance from me re right & wrong.

                      But regression to the mean ain’t just numerology.

                      And infantile regression, while not infinite, for all practical purposes, may as well be.

                      I’ve writ a bit here before about domestication. Abusive infantilism’s fatalism was such an obvious surround that naming it is well beyond the point, but paedomorphosis is where the really deep trench, at the bottom of the slope that changes its angle constantly, comes into the pictography…it supports all those mean ciphers in the chart of humanimal.

                      Its in the nature of many to scapegoat as yet not perfected nurture…until, someday over the supercalifragilstic rainbow via the good ship lollipop it can be celebrated. Klaus Schwab & the gang of central casting Bond villains are looking to celebrate, too, nurture back better, build the perfect domesticated beast – & ride it like Hamilton wet dreamed about doing. Beastiality, or bust. Except “or” is always “and.”

                      I’m a slow learner. Hands are fast. Thinking Slow, & Fast Teaching. Was that Kahneman?

                      I have about one & a half eyes (looking out, anyway).

                      Along with the slow learning it took me awhile to see & embrace the preference of being lucky rather than merely good (which I do for its own pleasurable sake). It’s an acquired taste, via too many fights of all kinds, that I used to spit contempt at.

                      Taoist Farmer’s right, things bounce the way they bounce, even for master tacticians. Ego amigo’s see it otherwise, for other reasons.

      • Ok… I wander off to deal with reality, and all hell breaks loose. First off, this is FAR from over. Are you actually going to listen to the corporate mass media?? You have to KNOW by this point that they lie. Have you been following the various MAJOR “issues” that have been documented? Entire states could end up being flipped as a consequence. Not to mention people doing hard time, if even a fraction of this goes to trial.

        Yes, yes I know that the entire system is corrupt. But its not monolithic. The multi Oligarch faction shadow war, has just broken out into the open. It very much remains to be seen which faction is going to win.

        The real losers in all of this (as always) are the American people, and the system itself.

        But I’ve never been a fan of the system of illusions/delusions, that have allowed those who Rule us to plunder trillions from our productive class over generations.

        But now is not the time to surrender. If you have supported the OM, it might be well to continue that support. The alternative is clearly MUCH worse.

        But at the end of the day, the corporate mass media doesn’t determine who is president. As much as they attempt to frame the narrative in that fashion, its the states and the courts that will have the final say. At least until enough get fed up. Then all bets are off.

        Some tell us that will never happen (Hi Nunz… ^^) but never is a very long time. In some of the circles I’m familiar with, this is getting damn close to the straw that broke the camels back. Only time will tell the tale of what is going to happen. Keep your wits about you, and hope for the best.

        • Been wonderin’ where you were, BJ.

          My own thoughts on this, are that it is likely not over- BUT, the reason being that I believe that this has been planned as a catalyst to plunge the country into chaos.

          They make the race seem close, and proclaim Mumbly Joe the winner; then they let Trump expose all of the fraud, and formally declare him the winner- and then all hell breaks loose, as they burn the cities, and make all the Biden voters feel as if Trump “stole the election”.

          Biden being declared prematurely in a close race (before the electoral college is even convened!) is the only way to effect this- because if it’s the other way ’round, nothing would happen, since Conservatives do nothing…unless being commanded by some bozo with stripes and medals and a funny hat.

          But any way ya slice, we still lose (But I’d rather lose through the above scenario, than via a business-as-usual Biden presidency).

          • Nunzio,

            My prediction is this: OM will win. It’s what the globalists want. When OM wins by upending the vote (which is over in the mind of the majority of sheeple), the left will go NUTS; how DARE OM steal it from Biden! They’ll loot, riot, and burn; this summer will look like playtime compared to what’s coming. The public will then clamor for martial law, and what’s left of our rights will be gone. So, the globalists will select Trump for another term, as it gets them what they want. I don’t see how a Biden presidency does that, as the Trump supporters aren’t likely to riot, loot, and burn. OTOH, if Trump ends up winning legally and legitimately after Biden’s been UNOFICIALLY declared the winner, that’s the route to chaos, which gets the globalists what they want.

            • Exactly, MM.

              But not so much that they want OM, or any particular person…but rather just to create chaos, to destroy what is left, and to initiate the break-up of the Union (Which sounds like a good thing- but is NOT the type of break-up we want, as it is not being done to foster liberty and autonomy, but rather just to make the US more manageable as a colony of the NWO)

              • Nunzio,

                I meant to say that the globalists want OM, because he offers the BEST AVENUE to achieve their nefarious objectives. They don’t want him, per se; they merely want what he gives them: the best option for taking us down.

        • Hi BJ,

          I want to support the OM. But will he support himself, and by dint of that, us? What is he doing to prevent the fait accompli? The thing is being cemented – like Face Diapering – and I see nothing being done that stands much chance of undoing what is being done. Do you? Yes, I hear about the lawsuits filed and so on. Good luck with that. The longer the impression that HPM won,the harder it will be to undo that impression – which becomes fact – like the Face Diapering. This is a fight – and you don’t win a fight by standing in the way of blows.

          You hit back.

          • Eric,

            I think that Pres. Trump will ultimately win, but it’ll be by the thinnest of margins. I also think that the courts will decide the “election.” Why do I say this? The globalists can’t get what they want otherwise.

            In order to bring in martial law, there must be anger and unrest; there must be mass rioting all over the country. Then the question becomes: how to spark the mass rioting? Have Biden appear to be winning, only to have Trump “steal” it from him. This will anger the Biden supporters, some of whom are BLM and Antifa, and they’ll riot.

            You can see the mass media setting this up as we speak. Notice how they called the Biden leaning states early? Notice how they held off calling Trump leaning states early, even when it was obvious that it was heavily for Trump (FL comes to mind)? On Yahoo, they’re showing Biden with a 264-214 lead. Why, he’s almost to the finish line!

            This is being done for two reasons. One is to prompt the public to think that Biden is the legitimate winner. Second, when this goes to the courts (as I think it ultimately will) and they declare Trump the winner, then the thugs will go crazy; in their minds, it’ll be justified, since that evil SOB Trump stole the election from Biden! They’ll proceed make these past few months look like a picnic! The public will then clamor for martial law, and that’ll seal our fate. What’s left of our freedoms will be gone at that point.

            Of course, Biden could win, and the globalists will achieve their aims regardless. That said, I don’t see how a Biden win helps their aims as much as a Trump win does. Those are my thoughts …

          • He may be what he says or he might be a trojan horse. Either way, it’s not his job to hold people’s hands and walk them to the truth. People just aren’t willing to look under the hood of the tweets Trump posts because it would require accepting the unpleasant truth.

            Trump never was going to ride in on his white horse and save you. He has done more than we can appreciate to get the rats to expose their hands in the game. If people don’t now understand the power allied against change is deeply entrenched and the GOP is pretty well controlled opposition they *never* will.

            There are good people in government and the media who have core integrity but if no one is willing to pick it and run with it why should he martyr himself to an indifferent nation? I imagine he learned from the Kennedys, Bushes and Clintons that the number of people *truly* untouchable can be counted in the tens. Even the Great and Powerful Bill Gates understands you play your role or you get suicided.

            Who knows, maybe the legal battles will work. If not, maybe he’ll dump a ton of documents to kick the legs out from under Biden and the oligarchy. But just waiting for someone to fix the world for you is going to be a big disappointment.

          • Eric, he is doing exactly what he should be. He is allowing his team to handle this. There is a process for these things. Proper legal process takes time. But one of the Nine Riders of the Bench (Alito) is already involved. Thats quite unheard of, this early in the process.

            Let the corporate mass media huff and puff, and try to blow Trumps brick fortress in. Its much sound and fury that signifies Nothing. The states and the courts determine who is president.

            Given the MAJOR nature of the exposed fraud (they obviously didn’t even make an attempt at being subtle), and the outing of software thats so classified, that its very existence is known to relatively few people, this has serious national security implications.

            The corporate mass media (including Faux News) is rather far out on a limb at this point. Aiding and abetting an attempted coup, is something that needs proper *investigation*…

            More than 70 million people legitimately voted for Trump. If even 10% take exception to an attempt to cover this up, things go side ways, FAST.

            Given the obvious nature of many of the Progs antics, entire states could be flipped back to Trump. At which point, the Progs go berserk.

            But unlike this summer, Trump doesn’t have to be concerned about reelection. There are very effective methods for dealing with mass rioting. If one is willing to employ them. In any event, this is not going to end well. Keep your wits around you, and lets hope we can minimize the loss of life and damage.

    • Rich,

      I am on the 4th stage of grief…anger.

      The Republican Party wanted him out as the Democrat Party did. The Swamp can’t be drained. Trump isn’t going to win, even in the Courts. There are too many people against him.

      Graham already came out and said he accepted the results of the election and was supporting Biden’s Cabinet picks. The rest of the party has kept quiet. Screw them. I will never support another Republican candidate again. They are as much the enemy as the Dems.

      • Hi RG,

        Graham is despicable. A pansy warmonger. He won – naturlich. But Trump lost – because he didn’t fight. Because he performed like an ass in the first debate. Because he didn’t staunch the WuFlu hysteria with facts – and calm. Instead, he bloviated and diddled. I’m done with him, too.

        • I see you also on the anger stage. 😉

          It wouldn’t have mattered what Trump said the media would have spun it, like they did the whole time of his Administration. I agree Trump’s first debate was awful, because he went in with a chip on this shoulder, but he was the closest advocate that the working class had in the country. I am disappointed he lost. He will fight, but it won’t go anywhere.

        • OM deserved to be defeated. I was disgusted with him when he started naming his cabinet officials. He constantly surrounded himself with the wrong people. His judgement really stinks.

          • Exactly, Handler. Any hope in Trump was just wishful thinking because people believed the words he spoke- words which were just crafted to woo the people that he had to woo in order to get the vote in ’16.

            Once elected, it was business as usual- nothing but concessions and broken promises- and just as with all previous admins, we are worse off now than we were four years ago.

            He had so many things HANDED to him, that he could have easily acted on, to actually do SOMETHING. He could have done something about the Clinton Crime Family & all those involved with Epstein…it was HANDED to him on a silver platter; Could’ve done something about Obozocare, NATO, the UN, the surveillance-state, immigration, the riots, militarization, sickness psychosis, etc. etc.

            But not only did he not do anything, he instead even FURTHERED many of the evils.

            But come ’24, the same characters will emerge from this ash heap to vote for the next lying fool- be he red or blue, as long as he makes promises they want to believe, and offers lots of largess.

            • could have brought ron and rand paul on board instead of the utter snakes he hired. even his sons. but nope KUSHNER and crying ivanka about the fake syria chemical attacks. what am utter joke

              • Amen, Mark3!
                I have to admit, I was a little hopefull when Trump became a serious contender in ’16- even though I never really cared for him. As soon as he announced Pense as his VP pick, I knew where this was going.

                His treatment of Assange REALLY says it all though, and shows his true intentions, and who he’s really working for.

                Voting for who’s gonna run this mess is no different than voting for one’s choice as to who is going to preside over the Communist Party and expecting that if “you’re guy” wins, he’ll deconstruct communism.

                • really nunz it was his hiring of nikki haley – who hates his guts – that got me. that shreiking demon at the UN. i knew something was fucked at that point

                • Nunzio, much (omission/commission) that is being blamed on Trump, is in fact simply the system in motion.

                  Yes, in THEORY he has final say about hiring/firing. In practice that translates to following the advise of his various staffs. You do realize what role they play in daily life back in Mordor on the Potomac?

                  When he started this, he had very little experience with daily life inside the bubble that is the office of president. Game of Thrones isn’t even a fraction of the BS that is daily life in DC.

                  Look at it this way, many of the picks for various positions have to be made with an eye to the realities that exist. One; do they have experience? Two (and even more important) can they pass confirmation by the senate? That SERIOUSLY limits the number of potential picks.

                  Many of his more horrible choices, have been based on those two qualities.

                  The advise and consent of the senate, makes other wise great choices, simply impossible.

                  That unfortunately is the reality that exists. Its also one of the reasons the system is terminally corrupt, and is in the process of destroying itself.

                  I’m expecting some MAJOR blow outs in the legal realm, over the next couple of weeks.

                  The Progs have thrown all caution and sanity to the winds. They had to know that they would be caught. Which makes
                  it obvious what their end game is.

                  This will not end well.

                    • Nunzio, they do play exactly the same game. But they pick from the same pool… ^^ Keep in mind that the Progs and Neocons have some different objectives, but their methods are closely related. That means than anyone picked from a limited pool, is going to have pretty much the same objectives and methods. Which further corrupt and corrode the system itself.

                      Remember the old saying’ “I don’t care who does the electing, as long as I do the nominating”? Thats just one aspect of this inherently corrupt process.

                  • well just get the best person and try. republicans had full control of the house and senate the first two years. when he caved on signing the budget with no border wall funding it was over. that was his first year

          • Hi Handler,

            Amen. I badly wanted him to live up to his promise but have been sorely disappointed. I am especially disgusted by his too-late (and almost incoherent) renunciation of Sickness Psychosis – which was meant to kill his presidency. The imbecile could have dissipated the hysteria months ago by calmly explaining the facts to people on live TV, or by some other mass venue. He could have given the cases! the cases! their proper context. Detailed the absurdity of Face Diapering. Fired the cretinous Fauci – and explained why.

            His performance in the first debate was grotesque. He could not have done worse if he’d dropped his drawers and taken a shit on the stage. He probably lost the election that night – even if it was stolen. He made it plausible that the electorate rejected such a bullying buffoon.

            I am filled with anger and despair.

            • why wasnt he filing lawsuits about mail-in bullshit voting months ago instead of waiting until now. pathetic. And what did barr ever do. what did sessions ever do. and he hired them

            • Hi Eric,

              “I am especially disgusted by his too-late (and almost incoherent) renunciation of Sickness Psychosis”.

              He never presented a coherent or consistent view of a sensible Covid policy, let alone renunciated Sickness Psychosis. Until the very end he was repeating the claims of the fraudulent and destructive Imperial College London study and bragging that “we saved over 2 million lives”. Sure, it is likely that his personal attitude toward the WuFlu was less hysterical than “required” by the PTB, but he never presented ANY of the overwhelming evidence showing that the lock-downs were never warranted, counter productive and harmful. He never challenged Fauci on the science or the facts; his complaints, such as they were, came across as petty, based on his annoyance that Fauci criticized him publicly, not substantive, based on science and data.

              It really is a tragedy. Trump had the opportunity to present a clear and sharp distinction between a rational policy, guided by overall harm reduction, vs. the monomaniacal, only Covid matters, hysteria pushed by the likes of Fauci. He could have pointed out that Fauci, by his own words, was not qualified to make public health policy pronouncements. Fauci, in Senate testimony, admitted that his concern was directed solely at reducing Covid deaths and that he was not considering the impact on overall health of his policy recommendations. But, considering overall health, when recommending policy, IS THE JOB of a public health expert. Trump should have fired him after this and explained why.

              Trump could have invited Dr Sunetra Gupta to the White House to present a rational, science based critique of current policy, and to offer a better approach, focused on protecting the truly vulnerable without cratering the economy and upending civil society. Of course, there were many others, all of whom more credible and qualified than Fauci, that he could have called upon; John Ioannidis, Micheal Levitt, Jay Bhattacharia, Michael Kulldorff, David M. Katz, and many more. Politically, Sunetra Gupta would have been ideal as she is an openly leftist woman who could not credibly be portrayed as a partisan Trump supporter.

              There was reason to hope that Trump would present the stark difference between the policies recommended by the above and the harmful, hysterical and monomaniacal approach recommended by the likes of Fauci when he hired Dr. Scott Atlas. But, he never invested much effort in defending him from the baseless criticism hurled at him by the hysterics, nor did he incorporate his views and present a coherent, sensible approach that differed markedly from the current insanity, to the public. In fact, by repeating the ludicrous “2.2 million would have died” claim, made by the serial hysteric Neil Ferguson, he undermined the credibility of Dr. Atlas.

              Had Trump made substantive effort to detail the coherent, rational approach offered by the numerous experts referred to above, it is likely that he would have won reelection. Instead, he waffled and preened, offering nothing but empty threats to fire Fauci, drain the Swamp, etc… In the end, the belief that Trump was committed to ending Covid insanity was a projection, a desperate hope, as baseless and naive as that of the Obama fanatics who believed that he was committed to ending war and ushering in a new er of peace and harmony.

              Sick of it all,

              • “Until the very end he was repeating the claims of the fraudulent and destructive Imperial College London study and bragging that “we saved over 2 million lives”.”

                I cringe every time he brags about that along with the China travel ban.


              • The problem was Twitter. He decided that his king-of-the-trolls persona was enough to get his message out. He didn’t do weekly “fireside chats” or something like extended blog posts (like he would, but someone could have written them for him) and thought his “clever” 140 character rebuttals were the best way to get his message out, unfiltered. But it’s pretty difficult to fit context into that medium. Imagine if Eric had to boil down his car reviews into a Tweet! Then to make things worse, he didn’t bother preparing for press conferences, probably because he figured they were going to tear apart anything he said anyway, but geez, at least think about answers before you ramble out some random crap. I probably put more thought into this reply than he put into the “bleach” press conference. Typical arrogant NYC crap.

                • Morning, RK!

                  What you just said – exactly. The arrogance of the man did him in. I am certain I spend more time prepping for my radio interviews than he did for a single Tweet. And it shows. Besides which, as you say, it is very hard to explain anything on Twitter – which is the point of Twitter (i.e., to diminish thoughtful expression). It is infantile – and insulting. If he wished to get his message past the media, he could have – as you’ve said – created his own web site and live-streamed himself taking and answering questions or just explaining things. But he isn’t articulate. Even his supporters admit this and tell people to kind of intuit what he really means.

                  Do I think the election was probably stolen? Yes. But I also think he made it easy to steal.

              • The other question is where was Dr Jerome Adams? Did anyone even know that he is the Surgeon General? Dr. Koop made sure we all knew that condoms were OK to use if you were engaged in gay sex, kids under 12 shouldn’t smoke, certain foods (the wrong ones, it turned out) make you fat, etc. Why wasn’t Dr Adams front and center with the daily briefings?

        • Eric,

          Trump blew it by appointing swamp creatures like Chris Wray (James Comey II) and Bill Barr for AG (a former Bushie). He blew it when he didn’t have the DoJ go after the Big Tech CEOs back in 2018 when they lied to Congress about censoring people; they said that they weren’t doing so, even though Alex Jones and Laura Loomer had already been banned. Seems to me that was a slam dunk, so why not nip that in the bud? Trump could’ve put a stop to the rioting this past summer; there WERE federal justifications and avenues for doing so. Why didn’t he pursue them? I could go on, but you get my point. Trump blew it LONG before November 3rd…

  12. The reality is that The Producers (Red State Deplorables) need do nothing. I mean that. Do. Nothing. Stop producing. Some leftist wants his hvac, plumbing, electrical, car, etc. fixed…screw ’em. fix it your own damn self.

    Atlas just Shrugs.

    Let them drown in their own cesspool of Marxism. All truckers should boycott making deliveries to NYC, DC, Chicago, LA and so on. See how long it takes for them to start eating their own. The people supporting Harris/Biden are parasites, don’t allow yourself to be a host.

  13. Hear, hear, Eric.

    I’m seeing on TV so many high-density revelers in every major American city in HUGE crowds. Simultaneously, a man is pontificating about the dangers of COVID. It’s okay for them, right? They are protected by their Holy Diapers.

    Now, I have a plan. Again, forget the Presidency for a while.
    5%. If we can turn 5% of Congress into libertarians, either capital L or not, we can win a great victory. That 5% can side with either Republicrats or Democans on any issue that means greater liberty. At the same time, they can oppose all of the ridiculous spending bills. The 5% will be overruled for all of these bills, but the political duopoly (really a monopoly) will tip its hand, then. People may finally see them as the same entity. The Party of Theft and Exorbitant Spending. We don’t need a majority. Just 5%. The rest is Judo.
    This is the fight now. As well as meeting diaper mandates with an extended middle finger, of course.

      • Justin Amash let his TDS take over. He should have followed Massie’s lead and worked with Trump when he agreed and criticized things he didn’t. Instead he choose to die on the impeachment hill. Getting people like Rand Paul elected senator or the Massie and pre TDS Amash elected were pretty big successes of the liberty movement. It seems like people have backed off after 2012.

    • Wouildn’t work, BaDNoN.

      Just look at CARES- Only ONE “representative” voted no.

      Democratically-elected politicians in a society of practicing communists, only engender more communism, as that has become the will of the people.

  14. For anyone who cares: New Media Bear “Karen and Sam” video parody of “Jack and Diane”. These people are brilliant. My daughter and I watch these videos with tears running down our face from laughing so hard. Kudos to them, whoever they are.

  15. I am going to quickly jump here and make this brief (I have cookies to bake).

    Maybe we are focusing on the wrong enemy. We are worried about the Biden Administration, but we already know it will be the Obama Administration 2.0. The commies aren’t going to come for our guns, they will make them harder to get though (especially ammo). They aren’t going to force the vaccine on us, there are enough people to do that willing, they will ignore the 20% of us that don’t want it.

    I watch a lot of overseas news and I like to pay attention to geopolitics. What happened a lot under the Obama Administration? Isis attacks. Why? Obama was a weak President. What dropped off significantly under the Trump Administration? Isis attacks. There were a good amount in 2017 when he first took office, but it dropped off significantly and I believe there have only been a handful this year globally. What has drastically happened in the last week? Isis attacks in both France and Austria with 8 people being killed.

    I expect once Biden is inaugurated they will back here on US soil. I expect the same response that we saw from the Obama Administration, none.

    I don’t fear the Biden Administration, I fear what will result from it.

  16. So what’s going to happen? The Washington crowd is so enamored with their own press releases that they are flat out ignoring that they have no idea what’s going on outside of their own living room, let alone 10 miles away from the Amtrak Acela route map. The polls had Biden in an 8 point “landslide,” not a nail-biter. The BLM movement is confined to the cities, and then mostly Democratic Party strongholds with highly centralized, poorly run police forces. Now with the destruction of speciality retail, and adding on the great escape, cities are going to crumble under the weight of pension funds set up with the assumption of a 8% return but now only getting 0.5%, and a likely public employee retirement boom, taking all that money with them to low cost rural areas.

    All they have left is Build Back Better™ with even more centralization and kettling people into the now-useless cities. But who’s going to live there? What benefit is there? Employers are seeing the benefits of keeping employees at home, as are the employees themselves. In just 6 months the price of commercial real estate has deflated like a fallen soufflé. The concept of a walkable city does’t matter much when your commute is 10 steps from the kitchen to the spare bedroom. Amazon putting boxes on your doorstep in a day or two beats the hell out of a trip to the mall. Once you start having to cook for yourself you start to realize just how awful most restaurant food really is, and after a few months you don’t miss it. And what of the “experience” of making a reservation two days ahead of time (fingers crossed the plaguist dictator won’t shut down the place again), paying twice the price to cover the COVID remodel, and always fearing that the Karen Stasi or BLM freak show will ruin your night.

    Cities are nice, but not essential to enjoy life. Once people spread out a bit their perspective changes.

    • I’m not sure how much of the money is actually taking flight. Seems like a fair number of people moving here to GJ from Denver are coming with remote employment jobs. The real estate prices are going up but the income taxes will still flow through Denver-based companies. Property taxes are going to roll in next year I suppose. With shops closing sales tax collection may not be as robust next year, I dunno. The ballot question about the city basically now exempt from TABOR is I suspect going to burn us in long term. One of the reasons GJ isn’t in bad shape right now is due to being hamstrung in how fast the city coffers could bloat the past few relatively good years. Same thing happened in 2008. It was lean but not catastrophic for a couple of years after.

    • BTW, don’t know if you’ve been the mall recently. It was nice last Friday late morning seeing people milling about with perhaps 20% naked faces. Plus the candy store by Target was still open. So we got that going for us.

      • I was over at the Target earlier today. I had my No Agenda “We’re all gonna die!!!” neck gator on, but noticed quite a few people with naked oral cavities. Probably the largest crowd I’ve seen there since the unpleasantness started.

        One odd note is that there was a fairly long line at the checkout, despite plenty of cashiers ready. Turns out a few people at the front were waiting for someone to tell them to proceed to the checkout. People that docile are a reminder of why advertising is so effective.

        • Hi RK,

          Lowes was ok yesterday. About a third Undiapered. But this will change now that Orange Man has lost. The new Diaperer-in-Chief will see to it. Expect the national business roundtable or whatever it’s called to enforce Diapering, soon.

          Be prepared to not be able to go anywhere without wearing a Diaper.

          Elections have consequences. Even when they are stolen.

          The Orange Man may just replace The Chimp in my personal pantheon of criminal politicians.

          • I went into Food Lion last week. Within two minutes of entering, the music on the PA system was interrupted by an announcement that said something to the effect that “We ask that all customers wear a face mask….”. It was the only time the announcement played!

            I didn’t know that I had such celebrity status, that my arrival would be so noticed and acknowledged! A simple red carpet would have sufficed!

            • I was getting the same celebrity treatment when I entered the local grocery store! One time, it was an angry, huffing Karen working the CS desk by the front door…

  17. You’re not alone brother.

    I’m not going anywhere either, and when it comes to it, I’ll take as many of the son of bitches to hell with me that I can.

    Dig in and hold the line.

    • Larry –

      I don’t fly the flag either, but I have said that if I were to fly it, it would have to be upside down. It is, in fact, the international sign of distress. If anywhere is in distress, isn’t it the United States?

      It is not illegal, although if you live near any veterans or the “moronic-type” patriot, you may get some hassle. (My “moronic” patriot, I mean the type who think that patriotism consists of spouting the pledge of allegiance, attending 4th of July parades, talking about how great America is, but doing nothing to prevent it from going to hell).

      I wish you luck!

        • Don’t forget about carpet bombing and blowing the brains out of all them damn furriners, especially the brown ones. And most especially North Korea, tho they’ve never done anything to us, we oughtta nuke ‘em! Ya know, to spread democracy and shit. True murican “patriots” believe that shit too!

      • Spot-on, Jim S.

        We essentially have two major groups in this country:
        The liberals, who mostly occpy the cities and increasingly smaller towns. They oppose any vestiges of conservative small government, because they want radical Marxism.


        The Conservatives, mostly rural and small town, who blindly worship and obey the state, as they see it as a preserver of their way of life, no matter how far it departs from and destroys that way of life, nor what evil it does.

        I’ve never flown any flag, as I don’t subscribe to the political entity which it represents, and while I’d like to fly an upside-down flag, I’m afraid that it would be misinterpreted as an allegiance to the liberalism.

        I’ve thought about flying the Confederate flag, or the Gadsden flag….but why advertise? (With everything being made in China, the damned thing would probably fade and look like a rainbow flag before long o: )

  18. Jews didn’t leave because the whole “holocaust” premise is based on lies and fabrications. World jewry declared (world economic) war on Germany in 1933–yes 1933. Hitler was a grave threat to the jew-run banking system in Germany and had to be stopped at all cost.
    In France, there was very little disruption during the war, even though it was “occupied” by German troops. It was actually a highly-desired “vacation spot” at the time.
    The “Warsaw Ghetto” was partially imposed by jews themselves. While there were hardships among the “ordinary jews”, there were restaurants, ample food supplies and housing available to those jews who were “connected”.
    The actual number of those who perished in the German labor camps was approximately 271,000, NOT “6 million”.

    • edit to the correct post: the wrath of jason flinders is coming for you buddy lol. of course youre right but in todays 1984 that doesnt matter. in fact the truth is treason from our overlords. Like the ones who got a talking mummy and a cackling witch the oval office apparently when they couldnt draw a crowd bigger than 20 people

      • Sorry to disappoint you, Markie but no “wrath” here. Of course I do love giving cowardly aryan warriors/white supremacists a good swift kick in the balls on occasion. (Everyone needs a hobby.) Anyone with a lick of sense knows you guys are just hate-mongering bigots spewing garbage-laden nonsense. (Annie in particular is obviously such an imbecile that I almost feel bad saying anything – his nonsense is so utterly moronic it’s like picking on a retarded person. He’s most likely a self-hating jew. Pathetic.)

    • Hi Anarchyst,

      What’s undeniable is the effort was made; that the intention was there. That the numbers of those killed may have been exaggerated is certainly likely – but it is silly to claim that millions weren’t shipped off to the east for “special handling.” That the pogroms weren’t real. That Himmler didn’t explicitly discuss the physical extermination of the Jews. What was done was despicable. Whether 2 or 4 or 6 million.

      This serves no purpose other than to make libertarians look foolish.

      • there was no intention. was it wrong to single out jews of course. To be fair they also did the same to homosexuals and gypsies and russian prisoners of war. Was that wrong – yes – but I guess they were desperate. among many mistakes the germans made. They were labor camps not extermination camps. It doesnt matter now. The zios who control our education and media will never stop. and flinders.

        • Ah, more “the earth is really flat” type arguments from the usual suspects. Right, it’s not like der Führer ever singled Jews out in any of his writings or speeches!

          Of course there was intention, Markie, the evidence is unmistakable. I lived in the direct aftermath of it. Hymietown of the 1950s was thick with war refugees of all stripes. I even had neighbors with ID tattoos from the camps. No doubt you believe those eeeevil joooos had those tatoos made themselves due to some deep conspiracy to defame the innocent German people who, after all, were just minding their own business when Poland viciously invaded the Fatherland in a sneak attack. (That is what you believe, right?)

          The problem for people who believe such bilge is that there are too many witnesses, too many records, too much hatred invoked by the Führer. Of course you are free to believe anything you like, the earth is flat, the moon is made of green cheese, the holocaust never happened, whatever.

          The only real question for those of us capable of critical thinking is how many were actually murdered. All you’ve gotten right (even a broken clock is right twice a day) is that at least as many Gentiles as Jews perished in the death camps, something that unfortunately tends to be overlooked.

          The acid test is whether you can convince anyone who was actually there that “it never happened.” Have you? Of course people alive at that time period are thin on the ground now but there are still some around, and you guys have been purveying this stuff for decades. Have any of you in that time convinced anyone who was actually there?

          • Hitting the holohoax (oops I mean “holocaust™”) head-on doesn’t work because of the jew-controlled media which has declared “holocaustianity™” to be the new worldwide “state religion” from which no dissension from its “orthodoxy” is permitted.
            The only way to counter “holocaustianity™” is to point out the scientific and engineering impossibility of every “holocaust™” claim.
            Let’s look at a number of claims that have been made and have been ingrained in “holocaust™” orthodoxy:
            — using “bug spray” (Zyklon B) as an execution agent (ha ha)
            —“gas chambers” with ordinary wooden doors, not gas-tight doors
            —“gas chambers” with no means to ventilate the chambers after “operation”
            —“gas chamber” chimney not connected to anything
            —“blood spurting out of the ground” for weeks and months
            —“crematoria stacks with visible flames” (not possible) crematoria burn clean
            —“thousands of bodies cremated per day” (not possible)
            —“multiple bodies” in one “muffle” to “speed up” operations
            —“lampshades, soap and shrunken heads”, oh my
            —“the ability to tell when jews are being cremated by the smell or color of smoke”
            —“claimed burial grounds not being permitted to be disturbed” per jewish “law”
            NONE of these claims are possible or valid and can be easily debunked using sound scientific and engineering principles.
            I have been thrown out (asked to leave) those “jewish freak shows” called “holocaust™”museums for merely attempting to point out these facts.

          • Monika Schaefer, Sylvia Stolz, Ursula Haverbeck are three women who have been incarcerated for questioning aspects of the so-called jewish “holocaust”.
            You see, the jewish “holocaust” has been turned into a “religion, in which no investigation or dissension is permitted, “under penalty of law” in many countries.
            The “kangaroo courts” that prosecute those who dare to seek TRUTH about this event utilize a concept called “judicial notice”. For those who are uninformed about this practice, “judicial notice” disallows any evidence that goes against the “commonly accepted beliefs”, EVEN IF THE “COMMONLY ACCEPTED BELIEFS” CAN BE PROVEN TO BE FALSE.
            Judicial notice is a dangerous concept, as it is quite often used to make sure that the courts get a conviction. If a defendant cannot introduce evidence on his own behalf, true “justice” is impossible.
            The jewish “holocaust ™” is burning itself out, as more and more people are realizing that it is truly the biggest “hoax of the 20th century”.
            Censorship and incarceration for independent “thought” is the last grasp for the holohoax crowd. They don’t want to see their “cash cow” end.
            The holocaust promoters are at it again, claiming that memories of the “holocaust” can be transferred to children, grandchildren, and even unrelated individuals (jews only).
            They want to keep the reparations racket going. What better way than to declare that the descendants of “holocaust” victims are “holocaust” victims as well?

            • Anarchyst,

              You’re right that it’s a crime in Germany and some other countries to question the extermination of Jews in Europe during WWII. I agree this is outrageous. I also agree the focus on the Jewish extermination as unique and worse than other such mass murder campaigns is grotesque. But it doesn’t mean the extermination didn’t happen. The Nazis were loathsome bastards; I cannot fathom why any decent person would defend them.

              • there are many reasons id didnt happen jesur. why waste all that time transporting them when a simple bullet to the head would be a thousand times cheaper. why use an oven or some weird gas shower when you can simply machine gun them in front of a trench, its all so dumb. biggrst lie in history. why were emacipated prisoners found in those camps? It takes months and months of some minimal level of care to get like that. why go through the trouble for some food and water if you simply want to kill them

                • Oy vey…

                  It makes my teeth ache even making the effort here. But I make it for the general edification. Why not a bullet to the head? That was done – but it proved both inefficient and hard on the executioners (as Himmler noted – in his speech, which was recorded). So a way had to be found to do it more efficiently – as well as out of sight of the German populace. Also, many of the murdered were Polish and other eastern Jews. Hans Frank lamented the difficulty of doing away with them all.

                  Why where there living prisoners? Because it was policy to work the ones capable of working to death – and then kill them. The old, women and kids went first.

                  Hitler, like Stalin, was a monster. The both committed mass murder. The legitimate gripe is that Stalin’s crimes are almost ignored while Hitler’s are hyped.

                  But that doesn’t diminish the crimes of Hitler – much less make them fairy tales.

                  • Yes I’, sure the nazis had a hard time finding people to shoot jews in the head. Yes singling them out for labor camps was an atrocity as is all slave labor. Many atrocities committed especially on the eastern front. But please spare me the myth of gas showers and ovens. Jesus

                    • Mark,

                      Does it really matter – as a moral question – whether innocent people were murdered via a bullet or gas? The question at hand is: Were innocent people rounded up and sent off to camps to be worked to death or outright murdered because they were members of an anathematized group? The answer is inarguable. That happened. One can certainly question the numbers as well as the methods – but it happened. And it was indefensible.

                      Libertarians, of all people, should get this.

                    • fwiw the emacipated prisoners found were no longer capable of work. Yet the evil nazis kept them alive anyway. Why is that?

              • This is an important point that deserves further discussion.

                The libertarian belief in free speech is really an extension of the Socratic Method, which is to “question everything” so as to understand the truth.

                Questioning the Holocaust narrative is not the same thing as denying that a number of Jews died on the Eastern Front. It is simply a way of trying to uncover whether or not “the narrative” is being used for other purposes by the powers-that-be.

                Nobody would deny that COVID-19 actually exists, and that it can be fatal. What we are questioning is whether or not the narrative we are told about the danger to the general public and the face-masking requirement are exaggerated, and being used to advance government power.

                “Good people” don’t question the details of the Holocaust narrative, just as “good people” wear their face masks and believe that cops are selfless heroes. “Good people” also know that we must ban fossil fuels and promote electric cars to save the planet from climate change.

                Why should independent-minded people who question the latter be excoriated for questioning the former?

                The Holocaust narrative is played up for the purpose of masking American imperialism and American atrocities in World War II. Yes, Hitler’s regime committed atrocities. But how many Japanese grandmothers were incinerated by the bombing of Tokyo and Hiroshima? How many German toddlers were barbecued at Dresden?

                But that was OK, and OUR troops were heroes… “because Hitler Holocausted the Jews.”

                Asking questions about what happened in Germany during WWII might just lead us to understand how we can lose our freedoms, too, by believing whatever our government tells us. The Germans were no different than us. In fact, a sizeable chunk of the American white population is of German descent, only a couple of generations removed from Europe.

                Just as “good” people think our corrupt government is acting in their best interest, “good” Germans believed that the National Socialists were acting in their best interests.

                Our Founding Fathers bequeathed us the First Amendment so that we could question EVERYTHING, without limit.

                • Hi X,

                  Certainly. But the core question is: Was there a campaign to exterminate the Jews of Europe? The answer is clearly – yes. To say no requires the willful disregarding of facts, including physical evidence. Do I deny that the Nazis’ pogrom was and has been used for political purposes? Of course not; that would be imbecilic. But to deny that masses of people were specifically targeted, dispossessed, deported, worked to death and outright murdered is equally imbecilic.

                  So, yes, good people can question the degree. Whether six million were actually killed – or fewer. Maybe it was “only” half a million. Would that make it no big deal?

                  The Nazis were vile. Not uniquely vile. But vile. It diminishes their evil to deny they were evil. And that’s not good.

                  • Excellent, thank you Eric. You have conceded the very point I am trying to make.

                    Of course the Nazis were vile. No SERIOUS historical revisionist — David Irving, Arthur Butz, for instance — would deny that they committed serious atrocities (particularly shooting hundreds of thousands of Jews in the East).

                    But who WASN’T vile in World War II? Certainly the Bataan Death March and the Rape of Nanking were as vile as anything the Nazis did. Certainly the Soviet Union committed atrocities that were probably worse. And I have already mentioned the American and British air campaigns to kill millions of noncombatant civilians, women, and children.

                    The DETAILS of the narrative matter — “whether it is half a million or six million” — because if it is “only” a half million it probably makes the Allies WORSE, or at least as bad, as the Germans.

                    Do you EVER hear ANYONE question the fact that we were ALLIES with the communist Soviet Union against Hitler??? Do you ever hear ANYONE ask why Britain declared war against Germany over the invasion of Poland — but never declared war against the USSR, which ALSO invaded Poland? They tell us that “we fought for freedom” — with Joseph Stalin the SOVIET f—ing UNION as our ALLY??? Really??? They NEED the Holocaust narrative to justify our actions against Germany — a country that did not, could not, and never planned to invade the U.S.

                    Look, I am not defending genuine Nazi atrocities here. What I am saying, in reference to your last statement, is that we, and the Israelis, have used the Nazi bogeyman to justify our own atrocities. When the FBI shot Randy Weaver’s unarmed wife in the head as she was holding a baby, it was because he was supposedly a “white supremacist neo-Nazi.” When the Israelis assassinate Palestinians, and shoot and cripple Palestinian demonstrators, it is always justified by arguing that Hitler put them into a camp and they need carte blanche to kill their enemies so that it doesn’t happen again.

                    I don’t think we’re really all that much in disagreement here, except that maybe you don’t like the optics of the discussion.

                    • Hi X,

                      Without doubt (because it’s a fact) there is opprobrium to go around. I do not like at all the way the Nazis – vile as they were – have become the ignorant man’s archetype of evil while a far worse evil by the numbers (communism) gets soft-peddled. One can walk around in public wearing a T shirt with Stalin’s face on it,or the hammer and sickle. One can advocate communism and not be shouted down (or worse). This notwithstanding the orders-of-magnitude higher body count of communism, in Soviet form alone.

                      But this doesn’t make Nazism not-evil. It was a brutal system that organized mass murder, just as the Soviets did under Lenin and Stalin.

                      I oppose all varieties of authoritarian collectivism – including the variety that currently controls the United States.

                  • ok not sure where to reply here. there was no extermination campaign against the jews in europe. if there was it was a phenomenal failure. Apparently being a ‘survivor’ gets you 120 years of life. there is no covid. its all made up bullshit. jesus if even people here cant see thast we’re fucked

      • Why didn’t the Jews flee Germany?

        An important historical point that many people miss is that there simply weren’t that many Jews there in the first place. Some did leave, of course; a number went to British Palestine after 1933, and some went to other Western European nations. However my understanding is that there were only about a million Jews in pre-1939 Germany.

        The vast number of Jews who were sent to the camps were from nations captured after the war began, particularly in the east — Poland and the USSR. Those Jews not only had no place to go, but no reason to go anywhere until it was too late and their nations were overrun by the blitzkrieg.

        Most Americans fail to grasp the fact that Hitler’s animosity toward Jews was motivated by his belief that they were responsible for Bolshevism and communism, (and in fact they were vastly overrepresented within the Bolshevik Party). Hitler believed that hordes of illiterate Russian peasants led by communist Jews were going to overrun Germany. His anti-Semitism was inexorably intertwined with his anti-communism, and his goal of destroying the Soviet Union and Jewry were one in the same. Most Jews who suffered untimely fates in the camps and elsewhere were captured on the Eastern Front, under military occupation, after the invasion of Poland in 1939 and the invasion USSR in 1941. Of course, during wartime the actions of the government in a war zone, including the treatment of POWs and captured populations, would have been classified so most people would have not credible way of discerning fact from rumor when it came to what was actually happening — or not happening — to the Eastern Jews.

        The so-called “death camps” (as opposed to internment and labor camps), including the infamous Auschwitz, were all in military-occupied Poland, not Germany itself, and became part of the Soviet-occupied zone when the war ended, so we have to trust the Soviet account of what they claim to have found there.

        In any event this topic is not nearly as simple as most people believe. I think it is important to understand the nuances of it, because those nuances indeed may provide the answer as to why the Jews didn’t simply “leave.”

        I hope this comment sheds some lucidity on a topic that is all-too-frequently corrupted by emotion.

        • It is interesting to watch the back and forth between the pro-jew/anti-jew (for lack of better labels).

          Almost exactly like watching the D vs.R online. Quite sad really.

          And quite revealing about human nature, arrogance, assumption, sanctimony and prejudice. Also quite sad.

          That this shit is still being “debated” 70 years on, based entirely on hearsay, opinion and ignorance of fact, as though people “know” the truth, is fucking depressing. There is no hope for this species.

          • That’s a direct, if unintentional, hit. But that good battleship lollipop will not be sunk. Until it is, & extinction finally arrives & licks it right down to the stick. The species is steeped in hope – or hopium as someone I knew gold coined it – which is why it is hopeless.

            It is “all or nothing” – no partial pregnancies, no multiple answers to 2+2…the continuous ”arguing” otherwise is not just slippery slope, either. Slippery’s the smallest part of that self-imposed self-imPogo’d problem: that slope is ever steepening & always returning to vertical. It can’t be skiied.

            So the lemmings that are sheep that look like people just take the leap.

            The middle is the no man’s land where ideas go to die, followed in death by the propagators of those ideas when the ground, yet again, “rushes up” to meet them.

            So-called right & left, appendages hanging off/from a walking dead zombie corpse’s trunk, *is* the middle (or, same said another way: left wing, right wing, one bird/fuselage of prey).

            And…when there are more numbers than 2+2, you must account for all of them, else you merely cook the books, are guilty of embezzlement – against yourself first, then, projected, against others.

            Hadda’ destroy the village to save it, but that didn’t quite get ‘er done, so we hadda’ go full martyr, too.

            Schrödinger’s pie ain’t ever said nuthin’ but bye-bye & it ain’t gonna’ quit that mantra until there’s nuthin’ left to hear but the sound of one hand clapping.

            The species, out to about 96%, is indeed specious.

            • Don’t you mean Schrödinger’s Psi Ozy? Even a chevy can’t climb that asymptote… How else to store corn, but drink it? R U maD? The final evil is yet to come, but the Box was damaged in opening. Begone damn Kat!

              • BJ… No. Not this time.

                Sometimes you feel like doing a sauce reduction, sometimes you don’t.

                But when you do, even if you do it right, you’re still in the elephant is a snake, a fan, a tree trunk, a wall, a rope, a spear, etc territory, still wagging the dog by its tail, or email, or dorsey’s twitter beard, etc.

                The secret of the sauce is that it is irreducible. (And the pie is whole. And the pi r squares can never fill their pie holes.)

                The open secret about that irreducibility is all the drinking it motivates amongst the addiction prone. Koolaid. Corn likker. Moral turpitudetine. Whatever they can get their hands on from the deemed essential outlets.

                Alex Honnold can climb it.

                But hanging it all on one guy’s free solo fingers & toes is hopium•adness (& if the one guy is a guy like trump, I don’t know the word beyond madness that describes it).

                And I cringe-worry for the almost inevitable day when the headlines heedlessly arterial spurt that Alex has slipped the sheer face of his addiction, gone all RUD, & that all the kings horses & all the kings men are sneering in relief.

                I say the box was Pandora’d first in the packing, then in the shipping, & finally in the opening…& that the story about hope being way down in the bottom, underneath all the other evils, was a lie.

                Hope floats.
                Hope flies.
                Hope flays.

                Hope Lange was feline for a time. Her she is in Death Wish:


                Carry your own water, groceries, harmonica…be the harmonica you want to…hear yourself playing… maybe:


    • So we’ve had the holocaust denier, I am now eagerly waiting for the flat to pop out. Come on guys, I know you are there, don’t be shy.

  19. BIDEN BEATS TRUMP, the NYT announces, after ‘awarding’ him Pennsylvania.

    ‘Harris Is First Woman Elected Vice President,’ crows the Democratic paper. And that’s the big story.

    Kamala Harris, the real winner of the ‘election,’ is a hardball former prosecutor who sent thousands to the Gulag. She (zhe?) can be expected to propose a federal offense of hooliganism, mirroring one tool of social control in the former Soviet Union.

    Hooliganism means spreading Wrongthink — that which contradicts or criticizes Democratic dogma.

    Officially-designated hooligans will be banned from using electronic networks and devices. This ban will extend to driving vehicles, since they now are networked as well.

    Through enforced Luddism, Wrongthink-infected hooligans will be cast back into the 19th century. They can walk to town on their own two feet; promote their ideas from the platform of a tree stump; tote their groceries home in a creaking wheelbarrow or donkey cart.

    No-nonsense Kamala will ruthlessly smite the hooligans, as the secular humanist scriptures of the Democratic party require of believers.

    • the wrath of jason flinders is coming for you buddy lol. of course youre right but in todays 1984 that doesnt matter. in fact the truth is treason from our overlords. Like the ones who got a talking mummy and a cackling witch the oval office apparently when they couldnt draw a crowd bigger than 20 people

  20. ok Eric well you’ll die. I understand not leaving family and friends. But you can do your line of work anywhere so why not. Parts of mexico are still sane. I think Cambodia’s interesting. Nice beaches and about as cheap as possible. Vietnam has great weather and beaches and no extradition if thats your bag, Residency visas are generally easy to get, I doubt the diaper police will get you in any of those places.

    • Hi Mark,

      That’s ok with me; so be it. I won’t bend to this. And yes, parts of Mexico are still sane.But gringoes aren’t wanted. I have family in Mexico, so I know something of the lay of the land. Cambodia? Vietnam?


      They’re not welcoming Undiapered roundeyes, either.

      • I don’t disagree with you on Vietnam completely, but if you visited, especially with someone who is Vietnamese, you would be amazed by it. In many ways they are actually more free than we are. My friends mom escaped from Vietnam in the 70s. She was one of the infamous “boat people”. She lived in southern California and worked really hard as a seamstress. By the mid eighties she was able to save up about $15000 and used it to purchase a house with a small house in her home town. All her Vietnamese friends at the time thought she was insane. They told her that the communists would just confiscate it anyway. She would try to spend a little bit of time there keeping it up. As their system was reformed, she was able to spend more time there. A little over a year ago, the government was expanding the road outside her house and they needed about the front half of her yard. (Wasn’t even the part with the house). In the US this probably wouldn’t even be eminent domain because the government usually retains the rights to between 15-35ft from the road for expansion. You would have thought something similar over there, especially with a communist dictatorship. Instead, they offered to buy it out for over a million dollars US. She still has the house and backyard, and even a half decent front yard by most suburban standards here. Now she was able to buy three condos in a luxury high rise in a resort town. She lives in one most of the year and rents out the other two.

        Last around this time, my friend and his mom invited another friend and myself to visit, so we did. I was amazed at the raw unfiltered capitalism. No nanny state telling you if you can run your business. No one telling you if you what you can do on your property. It was an eye opener. I’m not saying it’s some place of liberty and you should move there, but as someone born in communist Czechoslovakia, I was amazed at what I was seeing.

        You are right about Australia and New Zealand. Before this year, I was saying Australia is about 15 years behind the US in the fall from freedom and liberty. I still think that’s mostly true today, but if you look at the crazy authoritarianism happening in Victoria right now, it’s hard to predict when that spreads to the rest of their states.

        New Zealand’s fall is even more crazy. A couple years ago, if you told me that they would elect a crazy Jacobin as their leader I would have thought that you absolutely lost it. Now with Jacobin Jacinda at the helm they are having their guns confiscated and freedoms taken away at a rate that would have impressed Lenin.

        The Eastern European countries are also being compromised. The leftist authoritarians have already taken over my native Slovakia. The Czechs and Hungarians are doing better, but how long can they hold out? Look at the New Zealand example at how quickly that can change. Belarus was one country that didn’t care what the powers that be thought and they’re already having their own colored revolution because of it. The same is true in south America. Anytime someone tries resisting, they get to experience their own coup.

        It seems like staying and fighting is the only option. I think that’s what is wanted though. Look at Yugoslavia. A bunch of tiny countries are way easier to control than one big and powerful one. I have a feeling that’s our future. We’re going to be “Balkanized” and it’s going to end up the same way. I think that’s why the voter fraud was so transparent this time. It was designed for half of the country to not except it. Will I fight for the ideals that created this nation? Yes, but I do need to know that there’s enough people that agree? Also yes. It can’t just be all in vane.

        I was hoping for at least a few years of approximately the status quo. I’m finally in an economic position to be able to really set myself up as self sufficient if I have a few more years. I’m seeing that as less likely as the timeline for the”Great Reset” appears to be expediting. I hope I’m wrong, but not convinced.

        Sorry for the rambling, but I needed to vent a bit.

        • The update of a vote in Kentucky in the governor’s race subtracted the Republican candidate’s and added the very same amount to the the Democrat’s candidate.

          It was right on tv on CNN. At parlerdotcom, parlerusa is where you’ll find it.

          Clear evidence of voter fraud, all in the light of day.

          If Kathy Griffin can post a graphic depiction of President Trump you know you live in a free country. If someone in France would depict Mohammed decapitated it would cause more than an outrage.

          These are barbaric times in 2020, new history right in front of your lying eyes that’s not worth seeing, but it’s there.

          History can be enlightening.


          From the London Times, September 10, 1792:

          “The GOTHS and VANDALS, when they levelled the gates of Rome, and triumphantly entered into the capitol, yet still retained those feelings which distinguished the mind of man from the ungovernable appetite of the brute creation. It is true, they commanded the Roman ladies to attend them with wine under the Plantain Trees, and insisted on the solders acting as slaves—but they neither violated the chastity of the one, nor deprived the others of life. Far otherwise has been the conduct of the French barbarians. They delight in that kind of murder, which is attended with cruelty, and rejoice in every occurrence which can debase and unsex the feelings of man.”

          “When the mob went to the prison de la Force, where the Royal attendants were chiefly confined, the Princess DE LAMBALLE went down on her knees to implore a suspension of her fate for 24 hours. This was at first granted, until a second mob more ferocious than the first, forced her apartments, and decapitated her. The circumstances which attended her death were such as makes humanity shudder, and which decency forbids us to repeat:—Previous to her death, the mob offered her every insult. Her thighs were cut across, and her bowels and heart torn from her, and for two days her mangled body was dragged through the streets.”

          Heads did roll in 1792.

          Watched an interview of Charles Manson on tv probably forty years ago now.

          “I want to see dead bodies stacked as high as I can see,” said Charles.

          Read Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi.

          Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

        • Hi Mattacks,

          You weren’t rambling! I very much appreciate your thoughtful perspective.

          It’s such a sad thing to have seen the Berlin Wall fall, Soviet communism wither… and then resurge with a vengeance, right here in the US – only 30 something years later.

          The appeal of collectivism appears to be nearly universal. Perhaps Napoleon was right when he said that liberty is something only a small handful of men can handle. I often wish I’d studied math harder. Possibly I might have been able to develop a personal shield that protected the wearer from any external violence. That appears to be the only way to preserve liberty in this world of deranged and degraded apes.

      • Hello Eric and Mark3
        Cambodia? I retired from the U.S. military in 2006. In 2007 I could see the writing on the wall with obumer and mcstain running for president, and my disproval of the US nanny/police state, and so I moved to Cambodia – a country I had previously visited on 4 or 5 vacations. I stayed 10 years and traveled every inch of that wonderful country (helmetless) on a 93 Honda Baja 250 -BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE. FREEDOM!! I returned early 2017 mostly because Mr Trump was president. Now, I am planning my return back to Cambodia, the only 2 problems being the complications of covid and the fact that Cambodia is on China’s Belt/Road Initiative. The Chinese have destroyed Sihanoukville for their own gain and continue to defile/destroy the jungle Dara Sakor for their huge aircraft runway and resort – only for the Chinese.. So yes, keep an eye on the Chinese invasion if you are interested in Cambodia.

        Anyway, the point I’d like to make is Cambodia is the worlds’ best kept secret. The Khmers, and their culture are wonderful. I’ll take a Khmer over a Thai any day. Khmers have convinced me that humans can manage themselves without a hyperactive meddling nanny state government. This long-haired, edgy, recalcitrant, round-eyed, white boy considers Cambodia paradise and I can’t wait to return.

        For those interested in what boots-on-the-ground-expats say about Cambodia check out cambodiaexpatsonline.com or Khmer440.com.

        • It’s interesting, Ghost, I know someone who has a friend who has emigrated to Laos (Of all places!)- He married a Louse…err..a nice Laotian girl, and they had a kid. They live in a very rural place; buy locally-grown natural foods for a pittance, and enjoy more freedom than Americans have known in the last 50 years….even in a communist country. THAT is how bad America has become- and illustrates that there is still a gfood life to be had, once one gets away from the infrastructure.

  21. Today’s head-banging headline from our one-party lugenpresse (NYT, in this case):


    LBJ, you say? You mean the LBJ who fatally diverted John Kennedy’s motorcade in Dallas, so that LBJ could enter the oval office by stepping over Kennedy’s dead body?

    You mean the LBJ who slimed his 1964 opponent Barry Goldwater as a mad warmonger, even as LBJ himself used the false-flag Gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate the Vietnam war to the tune of tens of thousands of US casualties?

    You mean the LBJ who excused and whitewashed Israel’s open-air slaughter of 34 sailors on the USS Liberty, even as Israeli spies were pilfering nuclear technology from the US and France?



    One despairs at ever living in a free country, when the deceitful, opinion-molding press lauds notorious criminals and murderers as admirable models of leadership.


    • Sure, those are great achievements, but you left out many of his better qualities such as having his own sister murdered along with having a lifetime body count of murdered personal and political enemies of Clintonian proportions. And my favorite LBJ quality was his incessant talk about his own “Johnson” which he called “Jumbo”. Once when LBJ was asked by reporters why the Empire was slogged down in Vietnam, LBJ dropped his pants, pointed to “Jumbo” and said “This is why!” A more true politically scientific principle has ever been postulated.


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