The Scent of a Rat

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This is slightly tardy but still relevant given the election isn’t over.

When I went to vote – for the Orange Man, because he isn’t merely the lesser of two evils, he is the only bulwark against an evil almost beyond articulation – I experienced a curious thing.

No one confirmed who I was.

I walked into the polling place at Check Elementary in my county of Floyd, Virginia and was not asked to show any ID. Instead, the Faceless Woman asked me to recite my name and address, something anyone could have done.

I asked her whether she wanted to see my ID. Nope. Not even the holding of it at a distance – Because Corona. The only thing she wanted to see was a paper voter card, something anyone could have printed.

And which she didn’t even examine. I held it out, she glanced at it – and that was all it took.

The thing looks exactly like my first driver’s license, which was issued back in the ’80s, before they slicked up the process and made it difficult for a teenage kid – or someone more professional – to alter them. It was a paper card, easily modified or duplicated.

We did so – to get beer.

Almost 40 years later, it’s the same thing – only now, the hard-to-fake driver’s license isn’t required to establish your identity for voting purposes. Meanwhile, it is required to buy cough syrup. One gets put more through The Drill to board an airplane than to cast a vote – and that smells bad to me.

The smell waxed when I was handed a piece of paper with boxes to check that in no way could be correlated with the person who checked the boxes, in the event of a questionable tally at the end of the day. This piece of anonymous paper was fed into a scanner of some kind that supposedly registered the boxes I checked. But was there anything to prevent other anonymous pieces of paper from being  fed into the box? With different boxes checked? Perhaps to counter the boxes I checked?

How could that be checked in the event something smelled about the tally?

The answer, of course, is that it can’t be. And that really smells.

Some while say that voting must be anonymous and perhaps they’d have a case if we could buy cough syrup or board an airplane anonymously. It is ridiculous to assert that the integrity of the vote be subject to less – or even no – scrutiny.

Actually, it is something else.

Because to make that assertion implies an interest in obfuscating the tally in the event it doesn’t go one way – or the other.

And why would anyone who is interested in free and fair elections want that?

. .

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  1. Remember the Motor Voter Act of 1993 — one of Bill Clinton’s first legislative ‘accomplishments’?

    Besides automatically signing up motorists at the DMV unless they check a box to NOT be registered, it also signs up applicants for public assistance (food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, etc) — people who collect benefits, but pay little if any tax. AND, it exempts states that offer Election Day Registration (EDR), obviously the most fraud-enabling and count-delaying.

    As the self-designated party of the struggling masses (though funded and controlled by billionaires), Democrats consistently lower the bar for voter qualification. ‘Racism’ and ‘discrimination’ are the political battering rams used to demolish even rudimentary verifications.

    Incredibly, in 2013 the Supreme Court barred Arizona from verifying citizenship, if applicants use a federal voter registration form. The law doesn’t allow non-citizens to vote. But states must be polite and not ask about such delicate matters, according to a 7-2 majority of fatuous Hacks in Black.

    Since the constitution assigns such an essential role to the states in elections (in what began as an actual federation of states, until Lincoln wrecked it), a federal voter registration form that end-runs the states is illegal and repugnant to begin with. Thanks, Abe!

    Democrats’ objectives have been clear for half a century: sign up anybody and everybody to vote, alive or dead, on the spot, no questions asked.

    Now Democrats are smoldering at turncoat blacks and hispanics who defected to Trump. That’s mighty uppity of minorities, to just walk off the liberal plantation after their generous Democratic masters did so much to feed, clothe and educate … errr, indoctrinate, them.

    We’ve come a long way from the ancient days when votes were cast by property owners with skin in the game. How’s that workin’ out for us??

    • “…cast by property owners…”

      Male property owners. Also moral and religious, per John Adams. The 19th Amendment is a major contributor our this mess.

  2. The very fact that Democrats oppose vote verification of any kind is clear evidence they intend to falsify the results. The Republican’s acquiescence demonstrates they are less than concerned. There should be no activity we participate in that has STRONGER verification than voting. The results of elections determine who controls the men with guns who enforce “laws” that the results also determine. There is nothing more immediately dangerous to our prosperity, liberty, and our very lives than government. Who is in charge of it has enormous consequences. Why on earth would there NOT be rigorous verification procedure? Simple, the Psychopaths In Charge don’t WANT you to have any control over them. They have largely succeeded in their quest. Which is why I don’t vote. I refuse to participate in my own destruction by those psychopaths. What if they held an election and nobody voted? From where would they claim their authority? Would they simply create “votes” out of thin air? Maybe so.

      • And what if we still didn’t participate in the charade?
        Required or otherwise?

        From where would “they” get their alleged legitimacy?
        Divine right of kings?

        • Hi Adam,

          Of course. I agree that no man has the moral right to rule another. Nonetheless, we will be ruled, eh? I don’t like it any more than you do and I will fight it as long as I am able and I will advocate for the ideal we both share. But does that mean we must shun any improvement in our situation out of militant refusal to accept the less than idea?

          Trump is – was – absolutely the “lesser of two evils.” But the alternative is openly evil.


  3. ITs funny that we have a similar system in the UK, where you just turn up with, or even without a voter card, say who you are, and where you live, and vote. Apparently they have a list against which they check who’s who – and then give you a numbered ballot. That said those who dont vote – well its easy. And then we have the mail in ballot. This system whereby anyone can vote after giving their name (as long as they are registered) is basically one of the only places where brits seem to demand their liberty….

    I really suspect this is a loophole thats kept open on purpose – so that the powers that be can easily step in and take action, incase elections dont go their way…. as may have been the case this time…

  4. Your card has a bar code, probably linked to the ID number. Mine doesn’t. Just the ID number. I think the lady entered that number before taking me to the machine. So in theory that “system” could store whether the ID has voted. It would explain why some people were told they already voted when they didn’t. Having a picture ID cross reference with the voter ID would probably help mitigate stuff like that, and other frauds.

  5. Even though I know it would be celebrated by the opposition, if this doesn’t get straightened out correctly and OM put back in, I’m done. Same approximate age as Eric, I have voted against this D machine my whole voting life, if that game playing machine succeeds with this, we’re doomed. And as long as we’re doomed I don’t have to participate in any more shams.

    • Hi B,

      Yup. I’ve encouraged people to support – and vote – for Trump as the not-actually-evil candidate. If he can be deposed – or worse, if a majority of the people of this country actually did vote for that thing in the Face Diaper – then it’s over and I’m done with their system, too.

        • Morning, Doug!

          I wish I knew. The only thing I know is I won’t submit. So I am seeking out others in my orbit who have come to the same decision. I have made it clear to friends of mine who own businesses that I will stand with them – I mean physically stand with them – if the Sickness Police descend upon their businesses. This may work – in my small community – as any enforcement would initially be done by the local sheriff, who knows many of us personally and is also not an evil man. What if he were to cross over to our side?

          Imagine how that could scale…

          • As for me, Eric, I’ve already ditched the “Lamestream Media” and quit watching negroidal-ball, which has even taken over MLB and especially my once-beloved Giants. Now to find an email server so I can ditch Google (GMail), but I’ll have to stick it out on “Fakebook” for about eight months as my “little goil” (Archie Bunkerese) uses it to face-chat for her weekly permitted call (she’s serving a Mormon mission in the Appalachian regions, right now she’s in Marion, VA, a few hours from you, I think). However, once she’s done, so am I with Zuckerberg and his “social credit” monstrosity.

            That’s the utter irony of all this: it’s so damned EASY to overthrow these petty tyrants if we just don’t give our money to them that hates us anyway!


            • Amen, Doug… amen.

              I had the same conversation just yesterday with a friend who sent me a link to FB. I replied along the lines of: I wish people who despise leftist “social media” would stop using leftist social media.

              Can you imagine how different things would be if half the country didn’t “like” FB or follow “tweets”? If people who support freedom supported freedom-minded or at least honest/decent media sites with their eyes and their dollars?

    • Don’t worry- if the big steal succeeds there is no point in voting in any big (state or federal) election. Locally it still matters. The scope of the apparent cheating is immense and the audacity is breathtaking. They didn’t seem to care how obvious it was. If the Rupublicant’s are paying attention they should be pulling out all stops to support Trump.

  6. Voter ID only happens once they have a nationwide centralized system. A centralized and AND fully compromised system so they can execute The Art of the Steal via software. They’re almost there with the Dominion voting machines. Machines and software do what they are programmed to do. People have too much faith in tech. TV and movies have evangelized it’s omnipotence powers.
    NC citizens voted for voter ID and it got struck down. Right before 2016 election no less. No surprise that we’re now headed for term number 2 (pun intended) under Roy “I sit when I pee” Cooper.
    I also think a federalized voting system likely calls forth Gates and Big Tech and their blockchain “digital ID” to “verify” each voter. Problem, reaction, solution. Will be sold via “fear” (you don’t want your team’s nominated sociopath to lose b/c of fraud do you?) and convenience (just log in to the federal voting portal and check your ballot. Feel warm and fuzzy by seeing those pixels on the screen that can be tied to nothing in reality. Also, pay for your Starbucks 9 dollar milkshake with the swipe of your chipped hand. It’s so convenient! It knows when I’m here and puts in my order for me!).
    Sorry for the ramble. I think the crazy of 2020 clown world is compromising my own sanity.
    I miss the ’70’s. The Carter Years look like utopia compared to this BS.

  7. Guys,

    For those who are within driving distance of Washingto, DC, there’s a Stop the Steal protest happening this Saturday! It starts at 12 PM at Freedom Plaza. There will be speakers and what not. After that, there will be a march to the US Supreme Court Building. If you can make it, please go! I’ll be there. For more info, go to

    • Hi Mark,

      I’m close enough to go but I can’t because I will not wear a Face Diaper or be “tested” – as apparently is being required by the DC Gesundheitsfuhrers…

      • I don’t know about the masks IN DC. AFAIK, the march isn’t requiring them, but the website doesn’t say. That said, I can’t see the city trying to discipline thousands engaging in mass civil disobedience.

        The quandary for me is: do I drive in or take the Metro? Normally, when I visit DC, I stay in Northern VA and take the Metro in. Driving in DC is about as much fun as driving in NYC; actually, I think driving in DC is WORSE than NYC! So, I normally take the Metro in to DC-at least when I used to go to DC. What’s the point of going to DC when the attractions are closed, and you have to wear a mask on the Metro? I used to visit 3-4 times a year, but I haven’t gone since the COVID hoax started.

        The Metro would be easier, quicker, cheaper, and more convienient-especially since there are stops near both the beginning and end of the march. I don’t have to worry about driving in DC, nor do I have to worry about parking. Unfortunately, you have to wear a mask to ride the Metro.

        I may drive in, and park near the start point; there’s a parking garage a block or so away. My knees have been acting up, so I don’t know if I can march all the way from Freedom Plaza to the SCOTUS building. I may show up at the start point, then leave.

        I don’t know. All I know is that this COVID BS sucks, and we have to stop it ASAP…

        • Hi Mark,

          I used to work in DC – so I’m very familiar with the lay of the land. My understanding is that DC enforces Diapering everywhere and – bet your Bippie – they will extra-enforce it upon any who show up to show support for Trump. I’d show up except I see no point in driving four hours to turn around and go back because of Diapering, which is something I will not do, ever. Period.

          I have decided that includes even as a condition of being allowed to visit my imprisoned mother. She doesn’t know who I am anymore besides.

          • Eric,

            I don’t know HOW the city could enforce a mask mandate if there are thousands of people. I could see how they could and would enforce the mandate for individuals and small groups, but I don’t know how they could do it against thousands of people

            Secondly, I would think that the police would have more important things to worry about, such as rioting and violence. When I went to the innaugural #Walkaway event, the DC police were out in force, and there was no violence at all. Antifa wasn’t even there! Anyway, I’d think that the DC police would have more pressing things to worry about than whether people are wearing the face diaper.

          • Eric,

            My arthritic knees were acting up, so I cancelled my trip to the nation’s capitol this weekend. I don’t have to worry about driving in vs. taking the Metro and masking up. I don’t have to worry about masking up for the march. Even the hotels in Northern VA make you diaper in their public areas, not that I spend a lot of time in them. That said, you have to wear the mask for checking in. Oh, and get this: thanks to COVID, The Bistro’s closed!

            One of the things I liked about the Courtyard hotel is that they have a place to eat after you get there. After driving for hours to get there, sometimes in heavy area traffic, it’s nice to not worry about having to go out to get dinner. That’s the LAST thing you want to do after driving all freakin’ day! You can have eat right there and relax. They used to serve breakfast too, so you could eat before starting your day. Now that The Bistro’s closed, there’s no point in gong to Courtyard anymore-either there or anywhere else…

            People aren’t traveling, either. I know, because I got a great deal on the room; I paid less for two nights than I’ve paid for one for some visits. At least that hotel is close to Dulles Airport, so they have flight crews staying there. They get some revenue for that, even if it’s at reduced rates. But yeah, the hotels have to be getting HAMMERED right about now! I seriously wonder how many will be left when this is all over-if this is ever over, that is…

            As you pointed out elsewhere, even if you have the means to go somewhere, the COVID hoax has taken all the fun out of it. I used to LOVE visiting the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been there. Ah, but now they make you mask up, so there’s no reason to go. At least that’s open; the main Air & Space Museum in DC is closed. All the DC museums and attractions are closed, so there’s no reason to go there; how is one going to see sites that are closed?

            I don’t know. All I do know is that we’re living in Bizzaro World…

          • Eric,

            The caravan just posted that the DC police have put out an alert announcing street closures due to 1A activity! That means I’d have had to take the Metro in, which means masking up. I made the right call cancelling. I sure would’ve liked to have been there though; if there are enough people, then the a-holes in power CAN’T ignore the people!

            • Sorry to say, and please don’t ‘kill the messenger’, but the powers don’t care about the people. And protests are never going to solve this problem.

              • Lefties are successful with their protests! Then again, they carry the credible threat of violence with them; if they don’t get what they want, things will be broken and people hurt.

                I think that had the MI protesters carrying guns had shot a few cops, busted in to Gov. Whitmer’s office, and pointed the rifles in her face, then the lockdown may have been lifted in MI! The same goes for the VA protests early this year; the pro gunners should have USED the 2A for its intended purpose! Had they done so, then maybe the gun laws wouldn’t have passed. As it was, almost all the anti gun laws were passed, because the gun owners didn’t use the 2A; they didn’t water the Tree of Liberty…

                • Ohhhh, I see where you were going now. I stand mistaken. I was making a point of not having dictators in the first place, but in our current situation, yeah, protests may be a somewhat useful action to take.

    • Tried to access the link. It is blocked. Communication is everything. We are now in the Soviet Gulag as far a communication goes. Gonna have to use non Googuhl, FB, Twit (think Mordor) alternatives. I could not attend anyway I live in Michigan, where we have other problems to deal with. A corrupt demonrat government. Don’t wear a diaper. Go hunting, tis the season. Keep your powder dry. Anyone have some spare 9mm? Just kidding I have plenty. Everyone should stock up.

  8. Biden is “talking past the deal” (the fraudulent election) and acting as if. As expected, medical tyranny is the main theme. The MSM is ramping up the WuFlu fear propaganda in order to promote the soon to be re-locking down of places Dems control already. Yesterday, NC just went backwards and the govking’s decree regarding indoor gatherings reduced the limit from 25 to ten people through 12/4. In order to promote Biden’s attempt at a national mask mandate, the CDC just revised its, cough… “evolving” guidance on masks (again) so that they now protect the wearer as well as others.

    • The MSM arm of the DNC also seems to be using the warm spell in the Northeast to bolster the idea of ManBearPig, getting us ready for what I’m sure will be billed as “necessary sacrifices’ in order to “fight climate change” with the fatwa against fossil fuels planned by Biden and his henchmen.

      Ultra-Communist San Francisco has just banned construction of new homes that use natural gas. This is just the beginning. Governmental edicts of that type will no doubt be spreading out from the Left coast to the rest of us. The plague of Leftist ideology is the true pandemic that we face.

      Fight climate change? You might as well say you’re going to “fight” the tides or the phases of the moon.

      • ManBearPig from ENEnews back in the day? They focused on Fukushima if I recall correctly. No one talks about that now. I’m pretty sure it’s not ok, though…

  9. Try to buy a few ounces of a precious metal. Know your customer rules mean the dealer must report it to Uncle. Bitcoin is the same, which is why the exchanges collect this info. Because someone might use gold to avoid paying “their fair share.” Almost everyone pays what they owe in taxes, yet because of the 0.000001% who doesn’t, we all have to put up with that.

    Try to buy a hunting rifle. Nuff said.

    And then There’s Las Vegas…
    “Today it’s all gone. You got a whale show up with four million in a suitcase and some 18-year-old high school kid is gonna want his social security number.” -Sam “Ace” Rothstein, Casino

  10. The elite was probably horrified when they discovered that Trump was winning even bigger this time. It was stolen not just from him, but all of us.

    The court system is too chopped up (plus it really doesn’t want to) to probably undo this fraud in time to stop Biden from taking office. The fraud was massive, so that is used to discredit those of us saying so.

    Even their normal keep voting until we get it right wasn’t going to work this time. So they had to openly steal it. Maybe more people are now aware of it, so it could be far harder to stuff the genie back in the bottle. Unfortunately most of those now aware people are only ones on the right. The left is overjoyed at the moment and will ignore all the evidence (just like the did with whatever was said about Trump for the last five years).

    On a side-note, the irony is that if you put Trump on the political spectrum line, he has more in common with Democrats then Republicans……. I am guessing over his lifetime he himself has voted for far more Democrats then Republicans.

      • JFK was murdered because he was going after the swamp. He was not a Demonrat. To bad he did not have better bodyguards. I hope Trump does. It will be interesting in the next few weeks, I see some real bad problems for Biden espescially in the courts. Of course it will also take a few fearless folks to bring it to a head. I will do my part. All of you do yours.

        • Hi Ugg,

          In re JFK: Like Trump, like all of us, the man had many flaws but my impression of him is that he wasn’t a bad man at core. Biden and the creatures in his orbit are evil. There is no other word. And if Trump falls, we are the ones who will suffer.

  11. I never thought about it until now, but yes, it IS harder to get onto an airplane than vote in an election.

    This is unrelated to the CIA election coup, but about the “lifesaving” vaccine that the slaves are chittering excitedly about:

    I will ask them that if they HAD to pay for the vaccine, how much would they pay for it?

    I doubt most wouldn’t fork over more than $50 or $100. Funny how they would spend more for some new clothes than spend on something that would “save their life.”

    I know they will all try to dodge the question and say it “should be free” because just about everyone here is a cheapskate or, as they say on the streets, a broke-ass ni**a, but I hope the question gets their Matrix programming to glitch, or to force the Harrison Bergeron earpiece to screech a little louder to interrupt that thought pattern.

    It will also show just how ‘deadly’ they truly believe the ‘pandemic’ to be.

    • Your vaccine question is the logical extension of the health “care” question. So flip the question and ask then what a doctor should be paid and if they don’t think the pay is worth the effort and decide not to work who should provide the care?

      • That’s a good extension. I’ll remember it when the princes and princesses start crying that they deserve free stuff. Direct quote from a former 35 year old bald coworker:

        “The fact that I have to pay for water, in 2020, is just unacceptable.”

        • Hi Michael,

          In re your bald co-worker and his having to pay for his water: Apparently he believes it’s acceptable for someone else to have to pay for it. The moral cognitive dissonance is striking.

    • If you believe the 9/11 official narrative, which I guarantee 99% of government workers do, the reason is because they are afraid of what someone might do to them with an airplane. They aren’t the least but concerned about who you vote for. Recall that the buildings hit by aircraft were government owned.

    • Yeah. I have not had an injection for a vaccine other than a tetanus shot in 50 years, (well one of penecillin for a shameful disease in my youth). I do not do flu. I do not put things in my body that I don’t need. I got shingles, it was painful, I have not had the shot. I figure having had the disease and survived should be as good. If the vaccine is offered they will have to strap me down and forcibly inject. That will not happen as I will be dead. Lucy will understand.

      • You don’t get a tetanus shot now. You get a Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus shot, DPT. And it contains all the Aluminum and Mercury that other vaccines do, unlike the old Tetanus shot. These metals are added to stimulate your immune response so the effing vaccine will work at all. Curious, that shortly after getting this DPT vaccine a couple of years ago, after an injury, I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an auto immune disease whereby your immune system attacks your joints. Gee, I wonder if receiving a dose of metals to stimulate my immune system had anything to do with the onset of the disease?

        • Hi JWK,

          Your comment in re developing arthritis after receiving the DPT shot gave me pause. I have mentioned the problem I’m having with my shoulder. Now I am wondering whether it is because I got a tetanus (so I thought) shot as a precautionary measure after I mauled myself with a chainsaw about four years ago. I don’t recall doing anything to injure my shoulder. It just sort of began to lock up – and ache.

          Smacking my forehead now…

          • My son is in a wheelchair, probably for the rest of his life, having been paralyzed 3 weeks after getting his first ever flu shot. It’s called Gulienne Barre Syndrome and it’s apparently a not all that uncommon consequence of flu vaccines. You won’t hear that from the MSM though.

  12. The default position is that everything in media or politics is a lie. Democracy is evil, but a honest democratic election process is a key part of having a peaceful way to avoid civil wars to determine who runs the show. The other part is to strictly limit the reach and power of every level of government.

    It’s really not hard to figure out. I’ve been programming since I was 12. I learned on a mainframe with a teletype and a typewriter printer. I learned more with Apple 1 ,Commodore PET’s and VIC’s, Ataris and assorted other stuff. I built my first IBM PC clone out of the pages of Computer Shopper and got pirate copies of DOS and Windows to make them go. Back then, sonny, we only had ones and zeros, and we had to make our ones OUT of zeros… So I know a bit about computers. Computers are great tools, but they are just that. Like a gun, they can be used for good or evil purposes.

    Democratic elections are nothing more than a struggle for power. To use anything electronic to collect, tabulate, or transfer votes is guaranteed to elicit massive fraud in every populated area.

    The only way for it to work is small precincts (say 1000 or less, 100 would be better). And for there to be any honesty and security there must be witnesses. To do an election, local folks (who know each other by sight at least) get together where everybody sees who is voting and how. They choose an elector and a witness or 2. These electors and witnesses go on to a bigger assembly of 100, and they choose a level 2 elector, and a couple of witnesses. Now 10000 people are represented in this referendum on the management. These go on to the level 3 conclave of 100, where the resultant elector and witnesses represent a million. At every level there has to be visibility and accountability.

    Contrast this to what we have- congress is artificially frozen at 435 representatives, so in reality they answer to NOBODY. Faceless election bureaucracies run by government insiders. State level governments set up on the same model, answerable to NOBODY. The senate was supposed to be selected by the governments of the individual states, giving another level of parallel power transmission, and an essential check on attempted fraud at the federal level. 2 per state in that instance is acceptable.

    We have a mess- which doesn’t work and is irretrievably broken. When you don’t have an honest process for choosing the management, and you have power hungry crooks cut loose from all culpability for their actions and never held to account for usurping privileges they were never granted, then you have created the necessity for civil war to determine who runs the show.

    I don’t like it but this is the harsh reality. One alternative is some form of statism- communism/socialism/fascism, which by its very nature creates hell on earth. The other is radically decentralized power. Anarchism is the ideal, but it can never be attained, only held up as an ideal. The best we can hope for is one man, one veto. The next best is 100 men, 51 vetoes and nothing ever “enforceable” without truly overwhelming support in the culture.

    • Yeah. I have not had an injection for a vaccine other than a tetanus shot in 50 years, (well one of penecillin for a shameful disease in my youth). I do not do flu. I do not put things in my body that I don’t need. I got shingles, it was painful, I have not had the shot. I figure having had the disease and survived should be as good. If the vaccine is offered they will have to strap me down and forcibly inject. That will not happen as I will be dead. Lucy will understand.

    • You can vote with a website, and it’s fraudproof if you simply give every person a voter ID number, so they can verify their ballot was counted correctly. Each voter is verified to be a resident by proving it via a utility bill (etc) and/or showing photo ID, and then that voter is given a voter ID, so their voter ID is anonymous — it’s not connected to their real ID in any way.

      This doesn’t have to be complicated. The dictators in power want you to think it’s complicated though, so they can keep frauding you, and so that you people don’t get organized.

  13. They checked my ID here in Fort Valley Va,had to recite my address twice. I still think coonman and his goons stole my vote for orange man. Trump Won Va……

    • Zane,

      Were you surprised on how early they called VA – right after the polls closed at 7 PM? I didn’t think Trump would win VA, but I expected it to be close. I have driven all through this state in the last 6 months (South, East, West, and North) and the amount of flags and signs supporting Trump were 2x the amount from 2016. Sure, I didn’t see many in NOVA or around Richmond, but the rest of the state it was surreal.

  14. I will be honest, I didn’t even pay attention to this. I automatically handed over my ID and they confirmed my name and address.

    I believe everyone should receive a receipt after they vote with a transaction code, very much like you do after paying via credit card. It would give us a list of who we voted for for our own records. They already know how we vote. Virginia does not have registered party affiliation, but I only ever receive Republican ads, never Democrat.

    The government knows the system is broken, but there is no incentive to fix it, because the ability to steal the election would dramatically lessen. If we actually enforced laws and prosecuted the criminals with hard sentences (I am all for a firing squad) once convicted of treason we wouldn’t be in the predicament that we are in.

    • It’s not that the government knows it’s broken. They broke it and now want us to let them fix it. It’s the Hegelian dialectic – problem, reaction, solution.*. They have a solution (or at least a reaction they want) so a problem is conjured to set the wheels in motion.

      Elections are inconvenient steps to consolidation of power but to eliminate them would be to expose clearly the fundamental lies of the system. They need to stage elections with mostly predetermined outcomes, thus the problem and reaction are framed appropriately. All they need the hoi polloi to do is believe it’s real and continue to participate. In other words, at the sake of disrespecting monkeys, they need the trained monkeys to clap when they say clap.

      They don’t care what the ballots say all they need is for you to fill them out. The only way the truth can be exposed is if no one filled out the ballots. Low voter turnout is already a problem for them which is why statistically you see more ballots returned than there are registered voters and in some cases more registered voters than there are voting age adults. They are just stuffing boxes with completely fake ballots.

      *Technically the Hegelian dialectic process is to propose a thesis to which is proposed an equally assertible and contradictory (therefore presupposed or expected) antithesis. The contradiction of the two logical arguments is supposed to be reconciled as the truth with synthesis.


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