Battling the Gesundheitsfuhrers

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In all pre-revolutionary times, the question arises: What is to be done?

It was asked in the 1770s by the people who subsequently led the American movement for secession from Great Britain (the accurate term for what occurred) and again in the 1860s by Russians such as the writer Nikolai Chernyshevsky, who despaired of life under the brutal autocracy of the Romanovs.

It was clear that something had to be done.

But what, exactly?

The same question arises now because – arguably – America finds itself in a pre-revolutionary era.

These eras are characterized by a number of things-in-common, the chief one being pervasive misery. Almost everyone is unhappy – and unhappy people tend to squabble, then fight. There are extremes of opinion, combined with a determination to destroy opposing opinion. Intolerance, contempt. A sense that things are out-of-control. A feeling of irreconcilability.

America is at that stage right now and it is probably not reversible precisely because of the irreconcilability. A marriage – even a friendship – cannot recover once it passes beyond a certain Rubicon of commonality, trust and affection.

America has crossed that Rubicon.

On one side, the believers in the new religion of perpetual sickness and perpetual sickness kabuki. You can identify them by their religious vestment, the Holy Rag – also known as the Face Diaper. They who wear it militantly (i.e., absent being compelled to) will never be reconciled with those who wear it reluctantly, much less those who wear it not at all.

It is the blue vs. the grey of our time.

The wearers insist everyone wear – and much more, manifest belief in their religious dogmas, putting everything else to the side. It is a fervent, fanatical religion, as new religions often are. It brooks no dissent. Its members have shown their determination to make us believe, by making us show that we agree.

What is to be done?

One thing, of course, is to refuse to believe and to manifest disbelief by refusing to wear the Holy Vestment. This by itself is an important show of heresy – and for that precise reason has been something under attack for these past several months, using the same methods employed in humanity’s barbarous past to enforce belief in witches and to suppress heliocentrism.

But one man can make a difference, as Martin Luther demonstrated.

Orthodoxy depends upon conformity as much as it does coercion and the two are intimately related. Any show of heterodoxy is therefore a revolutionary act in itself.

In our time, it is also a way to identify allies. When you see someone else’s face, smile – at the least. Even better, say something encouraging to them. It can be something humorous – and serious – like: It’s good to know I’m not the only sane person left in America. But say something. Give encouragement, so as to encourage more heterodoxy.
The next thing to be done is to give support – a trickier business as it requires forming a group of like-minded people willing to put themselves at some risk for the sake of something greater than their individual selves, though it is also a fact that by acting in this way they also defend their own individual selves as well as the “selves” of the future, who will live in the America they create or allow to be created by their failure to act.

An example of what to do was provided recently by a group of people in New York who defended the owner of a “locked down” gym against the SicknessPolizei, who were sicced on him by one of the faithful, who reported the presence of people within – people who weren’t wearing the Holy Rag. The SicknessPolizei – who serve as a kind of Jesuit Order for the new religion, stamping out heresy wherever it shows its face – arrived and found themselves confronted by a group larger than themselves, implicitly capable of resistance.

Another example worthy of emulation is on display in Orlando, FL – where the owner of a small restaurant is openly defying the Gesundheitsfuhrers with the support of her patrons.

It is true the “Jesuits” could have drawn weapons and Hut! Hut! Hutted! the heterodox – but that carries its own risks. Including the possibility of weapons being drawn on them. The fury percolating is palpable and it won’t take much to unleash it. And god help them when it is unleashed.

Many of the “Jesuits” seem to understand this.

The better part of valor for these mercenaries of the cult is retreat. They are paid to enforce. Those they enforce upon are becoming aware that they are in a fight for their lives.

It is a motivator.

And potentially a liberator.

If you know the owner of a business – a storefront, restaurant, gym – who is in the fight of his or her life, consider coming to their aid. Which is in no less measure coming to your own aid. If you wish to live in a country purged of religious mania or at least, the mania reduced to its private adherents – who should be free to perform whatever bizarre rituals suit, so long as they perform them among themselves only.

Get a group together and stand your ground. Fill the joint up with the heterodox and defy the “Jesuits” to do something about it. They well may. But if they do, it will be harder on them and it may lead to something else.

This something else may be inevitable, given the irreconcilability of the blues and the greys. As it was once, the blues are unwilling to leave the grays be, to live as they wish. The blues insist that everyone live as they demand.

Which is why it is so important that something be done.

It may be enough to get them to back down. It may be enough to restore an acceptable modicum of live – and let live. As existed in this country, more or less, as recently as one year ago.

But if it is not enough then let it come to what is necessary – because no longer avoidable.

No one wants a fight.

But if a fight is thrust upon us, then let us fight it with courage and determination, as our ancestors did, for the sake of our freedom. We owe no less a debt to ourselves – and to the future, which will regard us as heroes or cowards depending on how we conduct ourselves during the months and years ahead.

. . .

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  1. Not sure what school the rest of you went to, but here in the USA I learned as a child that when tyrants pull this shit we are required to point our muskets at them and keep shooting until we are free!

    This only ends by killing the government agents until they stop. Sorry, but that is the way it goes. The same thing happens every time.

    • You would seem to be correct. It’s not demanded in the Constitution but it is Constitutionally legal and encouraged should you not want to be under the tyrant’s thumb. Personally, I’m not a woman. I will not be tyrannized. Live Free or Die.

      • eric, reckon why I have to enter my username and email every time since I’ve been back. I do use a Winders 10 now(hate this fucker)but it’s the same old mifi that shows me to live in 2 of the largest cities in Texas…….perfect. Takes me hours on the road to get to either and I don’t want to go to either. It’s been years since I had a load to Seagoville(SE or Dallas)and after the second, I had to say I’d stay at home and they could put another driver in that truck.

        Weird, nobody ever went back there, nobody wanted to.

  2. Despite all the tyranny to date, “cases” in NC are purportedly soaring. So, in bizarro world fashion it must be time to triple down on the insanity. Now, on top of everything else, we have Saddam Cooper’s latest 10pm to 5am??? curfew edict, effective Friday 12/11 thru 1/8. Apparently the latest superstition requiring brute gov’t force to destroy liberty in the name of “syunce” is the bizarre notion that somehow the proles are more likely to spread a virus at night than during the day. But not at a supermarket or big box retailer or other “exempt” pet of the state. Mmmmkay…. Somehow, this cockamamie tyranny is being promoted as some kind of compromise solution balancing so-called public health and the economy. Sure.

    • The science is settled on the matter. COVID can’t be contracted if you remain seated no more than four feet off the deck or shop only at places who’s CEOs are major political donors. Are you some kind of denier or sumthin?

      • You raise an interesting point about CEOs. When you search for Saddam C’s press releases about the fatwas, you’ll note there are always several releases about companies moving to NC and creating some number of jobs. Most recently it was firearms co. Sturm Ruger. This is despite the chokehold Saddam has on the state right now from an economic and societal standpoint. I know from personal experience that all this WuFlu BS destroys small biz and inures to the benefit of megacorps, but there seems to be something deeper and even more fascistic going on. Think about it, Trump won NC by 20k or so votes but Saddam won his reelection by 200k? Doesn’t add up.

        • Ruger didn’t leave Connecticut as their HQ. They opened a factory in Mayodan, NC, a few years ago to augment their plants in Newport, NH, and Prescott, AZ. From what I know their decision was basically to exploit underused capacity and maybe incentives available due to the departure of textiles from the area.

          • Fair enough but there is gov’t money being spread around as an incentive. There are lots of other examples as well. I know, nothing new, nothing to see here… these aren’t the droids I’m looking for.

            • Precisely, the country and the world are awash in slush fund fiat Dollars. Government can buy anything and anyone it wants. At least in the case of Ruger a marginally pro-liberty outcome.

    • I get all my latest state tyranny news from my fellow Carolinian, Hatterasman, LOL! (And thanks, wasn’t aware of it until now.) Here’s a list of the exemptions for the latest statewide NC curfew:

      Traveling for work
      Buying groceries or take-out food
      Getting medical care, medical supplies, or social services
      Traveling to care for a family member, friend, or pet
      Traveling to comply with a court order
      Traveling to airports, train or bus stations

      I suggest we use creativity to exploit as many of these loopholes as possible. It has never been more essential that we practice peaceful noncompliance than now. As Gerald Celente has said, 2021 will be the year of non-violent civil disobedience for liberty lovers everywhere. Best wishes to you my friend.

      • They divided Texas up into sections and sometimes into counties. We had no doctor,(1) who’d put Covid down when somebody had a heart attack so we went month after month when a resident with 3 diseases ready to kill him at a moment’s notice and was 85 years old died and was in the hospital a county next to us.

        So we rocked along for months with no positives but him and then they began testing a state jail in the county to the east by which time they’d learned to make every test a positive. They had 800+ positives but no deaths. Of course we got the mask bs but nobody wore one except at the hospital to see the doc for their regular check-up.

        This reminds me of something everyone should know. My wife and I both have prescriptions for hydrocodone. March 1, emperor Abbott issued a fatwa that nobody in Texas who had a prescription for an opioid could get it if they tested positive to THC. So we go to the doc and get tested. We both tested positive for pot. The wife has never used pot and it’s been many years for me so it didn’t make much sense. Then the light went off and I realized I had been taking CBD oil for a year and had just gotten the wife to take some for a single month. So we quit and tested negative the next month.

        I wasn’t surprised and told the doc I wasn’t. She said that CBD oil had less than .3% thc so we must have been getting bad stuff. I told her it was certified and tested and we left it at that. She said it had to have it in it or it wouldn’t have tested positive. I said “Well, big Pharm hates CBD oil since it cuts into their profits and who do you think makes those tests?”. She had nothing to say. I almost bought some they sell there are the hospital pharmacy and see if it tested positive. I didn’t want to go through the hassle though and there would be no way I could prove that brand was what I had taken even if I did have a receipt for it from the pharmacy and everyone there would know I’d bout it from them anyway. Big Pharm does the dirtiest stuff to the US as any other big corp.

  3. Aww, politics.

    Joe Biden has warned there may be 250,000 further deaths due to Covid-19 between ‘now and January’. The warning came in a virtual event on the economic impact of Covid-19, with Biden stressing the importance of remaining vigilant during the holidays. ‘We’re likely to lose another 250,000 people dead between now and January,’ Biden said. ‘You hear me? Because people aren’t paying attention’

  4. There has to be a surveillance camera on Joe Biden 24/7 to make sure he doesn’t remove his mask for the next 100 days. Do as you say, Joe, you stupid idiot.

    Joe needs to be inoculated with each vaccine, administered by Doctor Fauci/Jekyll. See what happens.

    Like my father-in-law once said, “It’ll be a thousand years of slavery.”

    One hundred days of face underwear mandates for a thousand years is more like it.

    Massive disobedience will occur.

    The children/yoots/yutes will initiate an anti-mask crusade, a real crusade, no doubt about it. They know beyond all doubt when they are being treated like slaves, they aren’t fools, maybe act like fools, but you can’t fool them all.

    If I have to sit here and wear this stupid mask for the rest of my born days, why should I apply myself to learn anything whatsoever when all I have to do is collect my UBI and sit on my ass all day long with this stupid mask on? What the hell, why not?

    Makes no sense to be in skool, I think I’ll fail all my classes, get booted from the damned place and be free again. Fook’em, get me outta here. har

    Seems to be what’s happening out there in Maskistan.

    Makes much more sense to any dern fool out there, if you ask me.

    What a revoltin’ development! Revolution, a soft revolution, to combat the soft tyranny that is here in the now.

    Children will rise to the occasion. Lift the barge, tote the bale.

    Mask tyranny leads to mask war!

    Is this a great country of what?

    Anyone not wearing the Holy Rag should be stoned to death. Will serve them right.

    This stuff is pure evil. There will be an extraction of a pound of flesh.

    I want to be able to view live feed of Joe Biden wearing his mask night and day for 100 days in a row, never removing it once. No cheating. You can cheat to win the election fair and square, but you can’t cheat wearing a mask night and day for 100 days, no way, no how.

    Do the right thing and leave me alone.

    • Hope you’re right Drumpish. Got a nephew who’s a teacher in that hell hole taxachusetts, been teaching via zoom since last February, March, whatever. He says lately, whenever he calls out a kid who doesn’t have the answer, or the kid didn’t do “homework” (isn’t the whole damn thing homework now?!?), or he wants to talk to them after class, they just disconnect and/or turn the computer off. Boom! Done, fuck you, teach. Nuthin he can do about it. He says it seems like lately the kids and the parents are fed up and just don’t give a shit anymore. Feel bad for my nephew, but gotta side with the kids on this one. I feel as fortunate as I can be because I’m in FL, and everything here is pretty much normal. Yeah, a large percentage of idiots are diapered, but nobody really bothers me for not wearing one, and I usually have plenty of company in that regard. Bars, restaurants, gym, barbershop etc, they’re all open and running at pretty much normal capacity, and the wife and I, and all, scratch that, MOST of our friends are just living our lives about the same as we always did. I still have friends and family up north though, and it’s just pitiful what’s going on up there. Everything is basically shut down except the big corporate outfits like Costco and Wal mart, you can’t go out to eat or have a drink and on and on. My sister and her daughter both lost their jobs because lockdowns put them out of business. Talked to her on the phone yesterday for about half an hour, all she did was cry over everything she’s lost. My 94 year old father hasn’t left his house in 8 months because they have him terrified. A year ago, he was pretty healthy and still played golf, now he just wants to die because there’s nothing left to live for. Hasn’t seen his kids or grandkids since February, and Christmas is all but canceled. Sorry to ramble, but I’m so sick of this shit. Don’t know the answer, but this has got to stop, and right now.

      • Hi Floriduh,

        Very sorry about your dad; the one blessing of my mom’s situation is her dementia. She doesn’t really understand what’s happening and has no sense of the passage of time. Occasionally, she asks – when I get her on the phone – when I am coming to see her and I try to explain but she doesn’t comprehend. The “good news” is she quickly forgets.

        Meanwhile, I got this (excerpted) from my sister, who got it from the Corona Warden at the Prison for the Elderly:

        “As I mentioned yesterday, there is a lot of variability in testing. I don’t know what kind of test she had, when she had it (early tests were more inaccurate), if all 3 were the same test for comparison, or if a quality specimen was obtained (have to be thorough) and processed properly on the negative tests. Much more likely than false positives would be false negatives.”

        Why not just paw through the guts of a dead chicken?

        • Jesus H Christ they are upside down and backwards. A negative test is 2% false according to their claims. A positive test is 50-90% false (Actually 100% but we all know that).

        • What ever happened with going to the rest home and just withdrawing your parent from living there? Do you or your siblings not have power of attorney? Or are they actively not allowing relatives from moving their parents out of these rest homes?

  5. Here in B.C. mask were decreed to be required for two weeks. Yesterday was the last day, so they extended the decree for another month. Then it will be for another month or two…….. and so on.

    Just back from the local grocery store and the obvious fucking stupidity of the masks is clear. Every dumbfuck in the place was constantly touching the masks, then the produce, then the mask again, then some more stuff on the shelf.

    There is literally no place in BC you can go without a mask now.

    When peaceful rebellion is no longer an option……….. Time to burn it all down.

    And please do check out The only real journalism left in Canada. And support Adam Skelly of Adamson BBQ. He had the balls to open. And they came down hard on him.

      • As someone here has already said, “The media can make it rain COVID for the next 100 years if they want.” More specifically, they WILL make it rain the virus all day as long as the people allow them to.

        • COVID19 will be redefined so it looks like Biden and his vaccine and masks made a difference. Then they’ll move on to the next one, house cat flu, or whatever.

          The simpsons had two pandemic episodes that I know of. Both of which accurately predict what’s been going on.

          • Morning, Brent!

            I see this one as being the one “for all the marbles.” If they win, they win everything. The Diapers lead to Needles and the Needles will lead to panopticon medical control over everything in the name of “health.” It will not just be this one shot, for this one illness.

            People are being conditioned to regard the prospect of illness – any illness – as justification for intervention. It is logical, is it not, that if people must wear a Diaper and get a shot because they might “asymptomatically spread” the WuFlu then also the same for any flu. For the common cold. A cough (without a Diaper) becomes a criminal act.

            It’s a demented reductio ad absurdum of the “speed kills” mantra we grew up with only infinitely more effective.

            • If they can violate your self ownership by making the choice for you that you will be vaccinated, that opens the door that they can make any and every choice for you.

            • It occurs to me that if it’s OK to inject something without the recipient’s consent, that something could be copper jacketed by their own standards. An interesting academic point…

            • eric, here you go right from LRC. I have had Ivermectin for Shingles and that’s some hard stuff to stop an outbreak although it’s what Covid is supposed to be, a forever problem.

            • And pointing out this sort of thing the useful idiots out there will call it a slippery slope logical fallacy.

              It’s funny when it’s predicted it’s a slippery slope, paranoid etc. When it happens then it’s a good thing. I remember when anyone talking about what has happened this year could happen was called a paranoid tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. An Alex Jones listening nut job. But yet here we are and the people who would ridicule it are the biggest fans of pushing it.

              • Morning, Brent!

                Whack-a-mole is another aspect of this. An asserted problem is trotted out; an answer is provided, ending the problem. A new assertion is trotted out. This phenomenon is most striking in the context of the Sickness Cult. Millions will die! They don’t.

                The cases! The cases!

                • wack-a-mole has been SOP for many years. It’s always but what about this….

                  I used to call a manner of debate people would do libertarian wack a mole. Liberty based solution for the topic at hand then what about this other thing… one thing after another.

                  It’s all so very tiresome. It’s designed to be. It’s meant to tire us all out fighting an endless battle against an endless number of programmed people.

                  Defeat one thing, send out the drones with something new.

                  • Indeed, Brent –

                    Which is why, I fear, the time is at hand to fight. By resistance, at first. If that is insufficient then self-defense is all that’s left to us, unless we wish to accept having nothing left to us.

                    • eric, there was a good sized crowd protesting in DC yesterday.

                      There were a good amount of women but it was mainly young men. A common shout was “Antifa, where are you? Come on out”.

              • Brent, I think it was April when I went to the vet. I walked in and they were masked up like some sort of raiders. I said “”yall still doing that?”. The vet got mad and asked “What do you know we don’t” and then tore out of the room. If he’d stayed around I would gladly have told him.

                You’d think a vet would know a mask isn’t going to stop a virus or bacteria, esp. when it says so right there on the side of the box. Well, he did go to A&M.

    • Hi Anon,

      If there’s any upside to what’s been done to Adam, it is the fury generated by what was done to Adam. This is the fuel needed to get people to act. And if they don’t- then god-damn the pitiful bastards.

  6. You can buy/order masks with the Star of David printed on them. Purdy cool to wear one of them, you’re one of ‘them’ then.

    That’s what everybody is going to think, even though it isn’t true at all. All you have to do is believe it, all it takes. You’ll pay attention for once. har

    Just buy a plastic Satan mask at a party store bidness, that’s gonna scare a lot of children.

    When you see a person wearing a mask, think of Satan having a grip on their soul and the Grim Reaper lives with them until it’s time.

    Mask wearing translates to Satan doing his job.

    Why not?

    It is pure evil.

  7. There is a risk in enforcing illegal edicts. It’s called a civil suit. These Counties that are refusing to enforce them are not only doing the right thing, they are doing the smart thing. Those that are enforcing them are assuming a risk they are probably not even aware of. The SCOTUS has already deemed denial of religious assembly is illegal. How long before the rest of our rights are brought to question? While many of our rights have already been abridged, for SCOTUS to openly deny them may be a bridge too far.

    The tipping point for every revolution occurs when those revolting have nothing to lose. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people have been known to get out the pitchforks, and build gallows and guillotines. And use them. Hunger need not be restricted to material needs, but people are lining up at food banks. Many comply to avoid risk to their family’s wellbeing. What when their children are starving? Perhaps a food bank line is a good place to start a fire. Back in the 1930s people largely blamed themselves for their hard times. I don’t think that’s going to fly this time. Those inflicting the pain have a very public face.

  8. Overcoming this is going to take mass resistance. I just don’t see it. Much as I want to believe people will come around, all I see is isolated one-offs. Eventually, these one-offs get taken down, or fined heavily. The NY gym and bar owners (and others around the country) miscalculated insofar as they thought their customers or their community would rally behind them. But at the end of the day, they stood all alone with their dick in their hand. Maybe they got a GoFundMe account in their name. That won’t do.

    The difference between 1860 and now was that at least the greys had a critical mass, a common goal, some organization, and leadership. Same in 1776. We, however, are very diffuse, unorganized, lack any unified direction, goal, or desired outcome, and lack leadership or a rallying point. We just aren’t at that point (yet?).

    The monsters behind this understand that and have taken it into account. They have kept just enough of the economy going, they have put the bread and circuses back (NFL, NBA, NCAA, etc.), they have smoked the beehive with just enough government cheese, unemployment benefits, foreclosure/eviction prohibitions, church closures, etc. to keep the masses from getting angry en masse and then organizing. They have also redlined the fear porn, hysteria, censorship, and propaganda to keep the masses distracted and ignorant. They have created false hope with the vaccines, which will extend the situation.

    Much as I want to see the whole charade explode, there’s no evidence or suggestion that this will occur in the short term. Barring some significant sea change, all we can do is try our best to work around the new normal, within an actively diminishing remnant of our old normal. Until collapse, or until a critical mass emerges, organizes, and exerts itself.

    • **”Overcoming this is going to take mass resistance. I just don’t see it. “**


      While I think Eric’s words in this article are beautiful and inspiring, fact is that those on all sides who gladly narc on their every financial transaction, and allow every iota of their property be taxed -from real property, to their own labor, to merely engaging in the transaction of buying a pack of gum; who tolerate having to buy a permit(permission) to hold a yard sale on their own property,…..these people are slaves, and have already been so for generations now- and not reluctant slaves either- but ones who are proud of being slaves, and who will gladly tattle on you or condemn you to the gulag if you dare rebel against their massa (“Who do you think you are?! Too good to be one of us?!”).
      It’s not just the government; not even just the media; not just the libruls- ’cause the vast majority of even the most ardent 2A supporters will “thank the ‘troops’ for their service”, and bow and scrape before the badged thugs- and will never lift a hand against their ‘heroes’, even if they and their famblies are being assaulted (“They’re just doing their job”)- but they would happily narc on or use their weapons against any resistors who pose a threat to the empire (As opposed to those who pose a threat to the good citizens of the empire- the emperors and their mercenaries).
      There is no fixing this, because it is WAY too far gone for too long. Reason and sanity and morality no longer prevail. There is no unity in this ‘diverse’ society which the overlords have created for that very purpose; the is no general recognition of a common enemy (The very first essential condition which must exist if any sort of effective rebellion is to be attempted); The enemy is not only well hidden and well-armed, AND interspersed among us, but even controls the narrative and flow of information, and the emotions of the masses.
      There is much less hope of reforming this society and or of neutering the enemy than there was of reforming King George’s England or restraining ol’ George.
      It’s a complete waste of time, and utterly delusional to think otherwise. WE are the smallest minority- a few scattered individuals sprinkled willy-nilly across the country. If we can find one other person of our bent in the county in which we reside, it is a rare thing. All the masked shoppers tell the story- whether they believe, or just do it because they’re too unconcerned or timid to resist makes no difference. The few maskless faces we see are an over-estimation of those who are actively rebelling, because a majority of them are likely doing it for medical reasons- like having COPD.
      We are the German Jews. Are we still waiting for the average Germans to band together and help us fight the Nazis? All we can do at this point is to opt-out and not comply and maintain our freedom and dignity as best we are able…and plot our exit strategy if we are wise, as the window of opportunity is closing- and it will very soon come to the point here where if we stay we will either have to surrender or die. Those are the only alternatives, and if either is chosen, they win.
      What we should be doing, is making a forum for those who want to leave- for people who are going to Patagonia or the remote outer islands of the Pacific and such places- the only places on earth where one can still be free- where those who go first can report back, and where others can be encouraged to locate nearby to like-minded people, for bartering and mutual support, etc. ()But without establishing actual “communities”- as that would entail collectivism, and rehash the model of limited government…and we all know how that goes!).

      • Completely true. It’s been said here and elsewhere the people who have it figured out have already figured it out. They already live off grid and under the radar or have flown the coop. A few more might escape but where are you going to go? You have to give up everything and only then can you be free.

      • Hi Nunz –

        I have teen and tween kids. I spend a good chunk of my days anymore thinking about how to preserve something for them. We’ve taken them out of school, educating with us and tutors, and will tolerate no vaccines. We teach them daily about Jesus and liberty. They don’t wear face diapers and make fun of those who do; we stand together.

        But try as I might, I can’t plot a clear path forward. We are planning to flee as the ultimate contingency. I have birthright citizenship to Italy, and my wife to Ireland. So we might have a way out if it comes to that. But I want to stay! This is my life, the one I’ve spent a lifetime building – my business, employees, lifestyle, family. Now facing the prospect of defending it by fighting (not my nature) or throwing it away for some great unknown behind Door #2. What kind of choices are these?

        I just wanted to be left alone, content to be a nobody, outside my own sphere. For now, I think it best for me and my family to figure out how to preserve what we can, and work around whatever is left. Flee if it comes to that. Fight if they come for us.

        Never imagined I’d live through history.

        • Hi BAC,

          I am wrestling with the same dilemma. I loathe violence (hence my Libertarianism) and would do practically anything to avoid having to fight. Which is why I am so strident in my denunciation of Diapering. If that can be beaten back, all of it can be beaten back. We haven’t lost yet – so I’m not giving up!

        • Same here, BAC- You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth- ‘cept I ain’t waiting for the very last minute, ’cause T’is better to walk away when you can still choose your options, than to flee screaming in the middle of the night- and the window of opportunity to leave wiull just slam the rest of the way shut very soon- it’s almost there now. (Only reason I’m not gone already is because of my 95 year-old mother who relies on me- the one thing I’ll risk it for)

          Same thing when I escaped the hell-hole of NY almost 20 years ago. Didn’t wait till the last possible moment, or I’d still be there, and not here now- and my life has been so much better these last 20 years for being here and not there. If things were different, I could be very happy with my place here in KY for the rest of my life. Byu leaving, I’m essentially leaving the very thing I wanted and strove for all of my life, and which I was blessed to actually have acquired- but what good is it if it requires submission to the false god of state, or will be taken from you anyway, when you are “cancelled”?

          I know that I can build “bigger and better” when I move on- I’ll have more freedom; freedom’s we’ve never known in our lifetimes here.

          And you’re a good daddy!

        • BAC,

          Ireland has enacted some STRINGENT COVID restrictions! They also have the COVID health pass coming online, and you’ll need it to do anything. I’d urge you to go to, and look up Computing Forever; CF is Dave Cullen, and Irishman who discusses what’s happening over there. Ireland makes the US look good! So, Ireland is out.

          Italy is out too, because of how they’ve handled the COVID mess as well. Though they were never as bad as bad as Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia have been, they were bad enough early on. So, I wouldn’t go to Italy, either.

          Those are just my thoughts…

          • Absolutely correct, Mark. But what it can afford us is a second passport, and a way out of the US. A gateway to somewhere else. Right now, the world is mostly closed to US citizens. That might stay the case for many places, particularly as the incoming neoconservative Biden administration will wage more wars – the world grows ever more tired of our bullshit. So it’s just a contingency, and a potential exit door if they erect a new Iron Curtain, de facto or de jure, as I believe may happen.

        • Hi BAC,

          Your family is in the same boat that my family is in. I have young teenagers and I am just trying to provide some sense of normalcy. So far I think hubby and I are pulling it off. I have a pretty large family and we get together numerous times throughout the year for holidays and birthday events. There are no masks, no social distancing, the kids chase each other around multiple acres with Nerf guns, we take them out on the river to go crabbing, etc. My kids are aware of what is going on, but we pitch through it.

          My concern is I don’t see how many of us are going to retreat by plane. Once the vaccine takes hold and the airlines enforce a CommonPass air travel is going to be near impossible, which leaves us autos and boats.

          Worse comes to worse I will slink into Panama, Honduras, or somewhere in the Caribbean, but I don’t expect this show to go on much longer. People are starting to crack. There was an article in the WP yesterday talking about the high rate of “cases” . All three areas of the DMV said no to anymore lockdowns. One representative stated that it wouldn’t work since so many Americans are Rona fatigued. That means the states are starting to see a rise (however small) in anarchy or people just saying enough is enough. The incoming Administration’s “mandates” are laughable. They are the exact same things that the states have implemented since March. Nothing new.

          The US couldn’t implement communism no matter how hard they tried. The system is so corrupt and disorganized. Americans have gone soft, but they will only accept a boot on their neck for so long. This country has a history of not being able to do what we are told. This time will be no different.

          If the country’s oligarchy had dreams of fundamental changes the first mistake that the government made was not to establish a social pyramid of reliance. They sent most people a check for $1200 back in April and said, “Good luck” this will get you through the next year. Nope, it won’t. When the oppressed see the government will not take care of them they will take matters in their own hands. If the oligarchy sent everybody $1200 a month every month throughout the year the conditioning would have been complete, but they failed at that, too.

          • Hi Jim,

            Thanks! I doubt she’s even sick. But then, I have no way of knowing as I am not allowed to see her. Because Corona – though that makes no sense now that she is supposedly a “case” and – accordingly – I can’t possibly harm her since she already has (supposedly) what I haven’t got. And I’m willing to assume the “risk” of her infecting me.

            But never mind…

      • Nunzio,

        May I remind you that only a small % of people overthrew Czarist Russia? May I remind you that it was a DETERMINED minority that founded America? We don’t need everyone on board. All that’s needed is a small, determined, and COMMITTED minority; with that, the sky’s the limit!

        • Well-said, Mark!

          The course of history is always determined by a small cohort of committed people who act; most people just follow. It is up to us to lead.

    • BAC, by necessity this revolution will have to proceed disorganized and leaderless. The surveillance capacity of our intel agencies is near infinite. Any organization that arises which doesn’t fit within leviathan’s scheme will be infiltrated, co-opted and subverted. There will be organizations created by the intel agencies to lure unsuspecting patriots to their demise. I would be very suspicious of any movement or organization that doesn’t get smacked down hard as a honey trap either to create a false narrative that will legitimize draconian measures, a means to corral the wrong-thinkers and put them away, or simply a vent to divert energy from it’s true goals.

      If we are to succeed we’ll need to become our own leaders and form small cells consisting of our closest and most intimate friends who we know for certain can be trusted absolutely. As long as there are enough of us with a common goal we don’t need to be a member of an organization to succeed.

      • To fit into Leviathan’s scheme, just name your organization the Jorge Floyd Memorial something or other. You will immediately receive a free card that makes AGWs kneel in front of you, search engine optimization on Farcebook, Yootoob, and Twatter, as well as 20% off on full pallets of bricks (delivery included!), Molotov cocktail ingredients, and customized BLM activewear at out of Langley VA. **

        **Disclaimer for dullard spooky types who no doubt inhabit this site like every other site ever that used the word liberty in the history of the inter webs, this is satire.

      • That was my conclusion some time ago but the COVID nonsense has me aimless because it seems like those I trusted, or at least thought I understood, aren’t trustworthy after all. This includes self identified patriots who woke up because of the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION and know better, they really do. People are confused, the thought of taking a real stance is paralyzing.

        • Imagine when things really start to get hot. People can’t be counted on now…when it’s easy- imagine when they’re fambly is hungry, or they’re facing losing everything they own, or looking down the turret of a tank. They’ll sell grandma for a piece of confetti.

          • Kind of always knew that to be true, sheep will sheep.

            The one thing that can be counted on I think is human nature. When someone is desperate and hungry their lizard brain will react more predictably than their higher functions. It’s not nearly as easy to program out root genetic instinct. Although we do know from Milgram that subconscious programming is remarkably strong but it relies on environmental conditions being met, ergo food, shelter and circuses.

            But collective thought could backfire when things are no longer stable. It’s one thing to expect an individual to group think but when enough individuals realize the folly and lie, we, there’s a thread of energy that flows through everyone that means suddenly the reality is obvious without ever being said.

    • There will be no revolution until a major economic collapse. Until hungry, cold and desperate, old people with paid off homes and fat 401ks, families with young children and young adults brainwashed by years of communist propaganda masquerading as public education will not be storming the gates. But there will be a time when the dollar dies and economy does collapse. Then everything, good and bad, becomes possible.

      • Even then Griff- where was the Revolution in ’29? People just lined up for the dole and handed the country over to the communist FDR, and thanked him for all the evil he did- and most venerate the bastard to this day. Just shut off the cell signal and or the internet…these people will be utterly helpless and crying, and asking how they can submit.

  9. “Ignorance is bliss and clarity is misery.” I don’t believe that everybody is unhappy. I think the sheeple are just as happy as ever. I see it every day. Mask on and la de dah. On the other hand, it’s those of us that are awake and aware that are the most unhappy. Frustrated mostly. That’s partly why I still go to the places I usually go and even some new places, to test the waters and see who’s with me and who’s not. Mainly though, to keep myself sharp, defiant, and to set an example for others to see. Just like you are Eric. Keep it up!

    • Tilting at windmills, indeed.

      The mass of people aren’t any more unhappy now than a year ago. They’ve been programmed for too long by incessant news blabber and pointless entertainment to know which way is up and down anymore. They’re just keep reaching for the carrot they’ve always been trying to get.

      We’re expecting a mass uprising out of principle but I’m not even sure they’ll believe the truth when the barrel of a gun is actually spreading the mush for brains that previously filled their skulls. “I’m being exterminated because I care about you and the planet!”

      • Perhaps, but it keeps me off of my knees. The only reason that I have some semblance of hope for resistance is because I see it abroad. Compared to them, we still have it relatively good. For how long though and what happens then, who knows.

        Yes, the disgusting ‘greater good’ argument. “I’m being exterminated because I care about you and the planet!” Yes, that reminds me of the pathetic democrat who recently got down on his hands and knees (in front of the cameras) begging with hands clasped together for Trump rally goers to wear masks.

        • Pappy, the reason there is some formidable resistance in some countries is because in those countries there is a large unified culture AND because everyone recognizes the government as the common enemy.

          By contrast, ‘Mercans are divided and conquered, and the vast majority see the state as an opportunity to conquer and despoil their enemies- i.e. the supporters of the other party.

  10. I love this article- my question is how to organize. I’ve posted on local boards and set up ads online, but very few join us.

    FB groups on this are shut down with a quickness, which is no surprise.

    If anybody has an idea how to organize, I’m open to it. I know there are like minded folks out there, I worry that they’re too afraid of the sickness polezie to take meaningful action.

    • Organizing is dangerous.
      Leaders are targets.
      One word of caution- this is a universal surveillance society, so if you intend to do anything, you cannot be too paranoid.
      The troubles are here and will be for our lifetimes.

        • Start by reading Sun Tzu. Read the bible- it has a lot to teach about faith and courage if nothing else. Anything by Paladin Press or Loompanics, if you can still find them. The anarchist’s cookbook. So far it is still legal to read and study these things, as a hobby or academic interest. Though anything you buy online is likely to be noticed. Or posting on a site like this. Especially spend time figuring out who the enemy is- because the face of the enemy is cleverly hidden.

          Look inward for the answers you seek. No sensible person can tell you more.

          • We’re all on a list for talkin shit. The FBI refers to those zany sovereign individuals as “domestic terrorists” and consider them a threat to murrica for wanting to be left the fuck alone. They’ve even got a little blog about it on their website to bring all the junior tyrants and stasi studies up to speed.

  11. “…and they can send you to enforce the law, but you’re getting a Purple Heart and a disability pension out of it, and when they medevac what’s left of you back to your base, the first words out of the doctor’s mouth are going to be, ‘Jesus Christ! What the hell did THAT?!'”

      • That is it, isn’t it?

        Since I think in terms of nuts and bolts, I wonder what specific actions I can take to encourage a mindset of, shall we say, “respect” for my rights among those who fancy themselves in charge.

        • Seems like people are waiting for the anointed One to appear and lead us to salvation with a step-by-step. That person is never coming to provide the schedule of events. You’re going to have to figure out what you can do yourself.

  12. I believe the Orlando ordinance is in violation of the governor’s anti Branch Covidian executive order. DeSantis is not governor Noem but he is pretty good compared to people like Cuomo or the Coonman.

    • Some sanity in Florida for COVID testing:

      “For The First Time, A US State Will Require Disclosure Of PCR ‘Cycle Threshold’ Data In COVID Tests”

      “All of which is background for an intriguing decision made by Florida’s Department of Health (and signed off on by Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis).
      For the first time in the history of the pandemic, a state will require that all labs in the state report the critical “cycle threshold” level of every COVID-19 test they perform.”
      “Numerous epidemiological experts have argued that cycle thresholds are an important metric by which patients, the public, and policymakers can make more informed decisions about how infectious and/or sick an individual with a positive COVID-19 test might be. However, as JustTheNews reports, health departments across the country are failing to collect that data.”

  13. ‘It is the blue vs. the grey of our time.’

    Sometimes a symbol such as a mask serves as the visible tip of a deeper iceberg. In head-spinning fashion, the Covid has crushed small businesses and much casual employment, yet has made the ultra rich startlingly richer.

    It’s visible not only in record highs in stocks, but also in the strange fact that instead of California’s tax collections dropping 15% as expected this spring, they are up 9% compared to last year. Big capital gains on stock in Apple (Cupertino), Facebook (Menlo Park), Google (Mountain View), Tesla (Palo Alto), Netflix (Los Gatos), Nvidia (Santa Clara), and Twatter (San Francisco) ramify through Cali’s eye-watering 13.3% capital gains tax rate into a giant KA-CHING for Emperor Newsom’s treasury.

    Eventually people revolt against the stark, crass specter of tech overlords raking in megabillions thanks to direct ramping of capital markets by the Federal Reserve, while displaced workers line up at food banks and wrangle with broken unemployment claim systems.

    The Covid will fade, but technofeudalism is plotting a total takeover. And technofeudalism clusters in the one-party DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornia). It is the blue tech lords vs the gray masses of our time.

    What is to be done?

    For damned sure, senile Uncle Joe and empress-in-waiting Kamala aren’t going to fix it. They REPRESENT the tech lords, for Dog’s sake.

    Bloodthirsty mass murderer Abe Lincoln claimed the Union is a roach motel — states can check in, but never check out. But three of the thirteen founding states — Virginia, New York, and Rhode Island — reserved the right to secede when they ratified the constitution. Contrary to Lying Abe, their signing statements were not contested.

    How do you spell relief? S-E-C-E-D-E … first in your own mind, then at county and state levels. Even in the DPRK, some county sheriffs are refusing to enforce the emperor’s latest lockdown.

    We will not comply.


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