Reader Question: Congressman Corona’d?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply: 

Mark asks: According to The Gateway Pundit, which is hardly a mainstream site, a young Congressman-elect died from COVID. The article said that there were no known issues, no co-morbidities. Do you think this death is legit? Why or why not? Some commenters thought it was the Deep State sending a message for all noob Congress Critters to toe the line. Your thoughts?

My reply: Absent facts about this case, one can’t really do more than speculate. I am betting this guy – like Daisy Luther – did have some underlying (perhaps undiagnosed) condition.

But the fact remains that an extremely small number of young, otherwise healthy people have died from Corona. Therefore, one young/healthy person’s death from Corona doesn’t mean it is a deadly threat to most or even many young/healthy people.

The fact is that in any given year there are some young/healthy people who die of the ordinary flu. It happens, just as good swimmers occasionally drown. It does not mean swimming is a high-risk activity for people who can swim.

Humans are prone to utopian thinking; i.e., that there must be perfect solutions and that these are achievable. Which is dangerous thinking – expressed in the form of “if it saves even one life.”

At what cost to other people’s lives?

There is also this business of collectivizing what ought to be individual decisions. I can still decide for myself whether to swim – or not. I think I have the right to decide for myself whether my risk of dying from Corona is high enough to justify my deciding to stay home, avoid people and wear a Face Diaper. And I think others have exactly the same right and that none of us  have the right to force our risk-aversion calculations on others.

I’d rather live than live in fear of death. Others may differ – and that is their choice and their right, but applied to themselves only.

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  1. I asked a friend if she knew of anyone with covid. She said some friends(a couple)had it and so did their twin infants. So how did it turn out? The twins were sorta whiny for two days and their parents felt shitty for 3-4 days. Hhhhmmmm, ever heard of a cold?

  2. I’m betting he has comorbidities like Kary Mullis. RG trashed Kary by saying he was a drug addict and such. Did he look unhealthy when he challenged Fauci to a debate? He looked great to me. He’d been an athlete all his life and still looked like one. So how many surfers and runners who look great die of influenza in August? She never said what drugs he took. I’m sure she thinks a bit of pot and some beer are killers. If so, I’m writing this from the grave. Excuse me, I had to put some Evan Williams White on my bad tooth. It’s been giving me hell for a month. Lupus has given me hell for 60 years and Shingles has been for for 12 years and MRSA has been kicking my ass since 2000. It sure is dark down here.

    You can believe and take it to “YOUR” grave that had a had a national stand and offered to take on Fauci as someone who knew all those things Fauci had no clue of, we’d all be taking a deep sleep.

    Did anyone ever notice how the MSM said not a word about Kary? Of course they didn’t or they’d be here with us.

  3. It’s now being reported that he died of a heart attack after “a procedure” to treat “covid”. They have not said what “procedure”. Remember, the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical “error” and misdiagnosis.

    Now, back to more Fear Porn on The Propaganda Network…

    • Hi Mark,

      Yup. This is of a piece with the practice of claiming practically anyone’s death – including that of a guy in FL in his 20s who wrecked and died on his motorcycle – as a “case” of ‘Rona.

    • Will we ever know what the procedure was? The only thing that comes to mind is the insane standard of care to intubate these poor victims. I am aware of several older people who have been told they had “covid,” then forcibly intubated. Two of the 3 have died. Of course their post-mortem will be that they died of covid. I know of a man in his mid-40s who has had a high fever for several days. He was unlucky enough to be “tested” and had a positive for covid. Even though I had always understood high fevers to be associated primarily with bacterial infections…his family are covid drama queens who are trumpeting the fact that he is “battling it.” I believe they are so singularly focused that, even though his SIL is a nurse, they are ignoring the obvious possibility that he needs an antibiotic, STAT!

      • That big dose of penicillin STAT, would be enough to kill me. They thought I’d die from a vaccination of tetanus. How the hell that would help a severe wasp sting has never been clear to me. I was in severe pain from the sting on the big vein in my arm because I had been working so hard. After nearly killing me with the vaccine they cut me loose at the horspital as if I were ok. I was 16 or 17 at the time, working in 105+ heat. No problem sending me back back home driving myself 20 miles from the horspital. Not only was I hurting severely but the heat off a big pickup helped a great deal. I’m as leery of hospital treatment as anyone can be.

        The wife and I were extremely sick from some upper respiratory problem from feeding cattle in a blizzard for several hours. It got to the point we had to see the doc. He said we were really sick and needed a lot of antibiotic.

        I told him I was extremely(was then still am) allergic to penicillin. His replay was “mmph”. The nurse comes in with two big rigs of “antibiotic” and a couple prescriptions. We go home and I’m feeling much worse. I had a sneaky feeling of why I had gotten much worse. After several hours of severe cramps and diarrhea similar to a high pressure washer, I just did what I could to ride it out.

        Doctors are amazingly incompetent, the reason a huge number of people in the US die every year from physician incompetence. Many more die of medicines that aren’t safe and never were.

    • That’s what I heard too; it was a heart attack that got him. Even so, that’s rare for a 41 year old, but not impossible; after all, Olympic champion skater Sergei Grinkov died of a heart attack while practicing on the ice. Even so, heart attacks rarely kill those under 50.

      • Professional athletes often die while practicing from improper breathing. Now that nose breathing has become mandatory, many fewer die from heart attack.

    • Hi Mark,

      I’m willing to entertain the possibility that he did die Because ‘Rona. To make the point that if so, it is extremely unusual; exceptional, in fact.

      But people such as Peter the Diaperer are innumerate to the extent they are addled by their cultish beliefs.

  4. Not sure I believe “corona” is even a thing, but if it is, it would seem possible that a message is being sent…and of course the unlucky guy happened to be a new R for Congress.

    However, if we reflect on the fact that the “PCR test” doesn’t actually test for anything, then we wind up with a series of flawed premises. There is no corona “test”, the PCR only indicates the presence of material assumed to be “corona”…which also has never been isolated. So the bumper sticker headline is essentially meaningless.

    • Hi Anon,

      Yup; and – even if this supposedly healthy young guy was, in fact, actually killed Because Corona – it is akin to a healthy young guy being struck by lightning. It can happen. It does happen. It does not mean it is likely to happen to most young, healthy guys.

      PS: Peter the Diaper Huffer continues to submit posts that call me names, demand I “read the links” he sent… but absolutely will not address the issues I raised, i.e., how does a person who isn’t sick get anyone else sick? How does wearing a rag over one’s face “stop the spread” of anything? Why should healthy/not-elderly people dread a virus that 99.8-something percent of them will not die if they get?

      Nothing. Peter’s Diaper must be impairing his ability to think.

      • At some point, you must just ignore the taunts of this delusional ranter for your own mental health. Speaking of which, among many other ills caused by masks is the oxygen-starvation psychosis. The air we breathe naturally is roughly 21% oxygen…behind a mask, the percentage drops to 19, 17, etc. as has been demonstrated. That represents a 10-20% drop in O2, coupled with a rise in CO2 being inhaled, which can lead to brain, immune system, bp, and heart rhythm issues.

        Meanwhile, as you state,the dread virus (if it even exists) has not had the (intended) effect of wiping out massive numbers of people. Even the elderly have a 95% chance of survival, esp. if treated with HCQ, Z-pack, and zinc (BTW, Z-pack is an antibacterial, but we keep being told it is a virus we are battling…)

        So many flaws in this narrative.

        • Thanks, Anon –

          And, you’re right. I let it go on for just long enough to establish that we are dealing with another Sickness Psychotic, someone immune to the therapy of facts. I have flushed the turd.

        • At my second oncologist visit(sic), I complained the damned mask was killing me(asthma). The nurse doubted me taking my 02 level which I never vary from 98%. I said “Let’s take a walk”. Waiting for the doc she had no problem. Just a small walk with the killer masks had my 02 level down from 97(this was just from walking in with the killer mask on). I said I was already down on 02 and she said Oh, you’re ok, you’re well above 95. Ever want to slap somebody to get their attention and teach them something?

          So I say I’m never below 98% because of my lifestyle and nose breathing(you should have seen the look of not understanding what I was saying). I said “Let’s do a little experiment(with my 02 level down to 97) and I’ll teach you something. Ha ha, like an old man would have any wisdom to depart to an RN. She says ok. i say let’s go for a walk. So she led me down a hall or two and back to the room. My 02 was down a couple%/ She repeated the mantra of anything 95 or above was fine. I replied “Not to me”. So I said let’s go outside and take off our masks(she didn’t remove hers). So, how should we show the difference? She said “Walk over to that tree and back”. Oh boy, the tree was every bit of 70 feet away.

          So I removed my mask and breathing through my nose, walked half of one of those really long blocks they have in Texas around medical facilities. So I power walked to the next block and back. I held out my hand and my 02 level was going between 98 and 99. She looked at it as if it meant nothing and we went back in. Stupid is as stupid does.

          • Unfortunately, the RN’s I know (almost without exception) are going along with all of this insanity. In PA this year, at a camp where I volunteer, the RN was adamant about wearing masks. I said I hadn’t been consulted and preferred not to, so I served the kids drinks instead of handling food (shouldn’t have mattered either way, but made the PTB happy). I noticed a sign in the kitchen that said that gloves should ONLY be worn when handling raw meat, then throw the gloves away. I later noticed our RN, masked up, handing out sandwiches to the kids with no gloves on (and long fingernails)….

    • Anon, if covid is real, why can’t it be identified? And why is every treatment that works quite well on the supposedly infected treated with antibiotics and is quickly back to normal.

      • Exactly. You’d think with all these alleged covid deaths that plenty of samples would be readily available. Instead, the CDC’s guidance for determining a “covid” death is based on anecdotal evidence. I believe even Fraudci admitted that the Spanish flu was actually bacterial pneumonia.

        • He did and there’s a good reason why, it is bacterial. Viral infection affects the old and infirm.

          When the first word went out about “covid” patients who were not only getting well and fast but just any old antibiotic cured them.

          Of course the MSM denied it and tried to show it as quackery that was being used to keep the viral infected from being cured. One doctor had over 1,000 patients that all recovered and some as old as 100. He used azithromycin and zinc. The MSM said he was a quack.

          • I have since heard about ivermectin and bought a couple of tubes. It is labeled “not for human use” per the FDA, but my understanding is it is in common use in other countries for humans.

            • I’ve been covered with it working cattle. It certainly gets all the ticks, fleas and those other insects off you. When I heard about it I looked in the pantry to make sure I had a jug. I’m safe. BTW, if you ever get have to rent a cheap hotel, it’ll take off the bed bugs and everything else.

  5. Live in fear of Death, or don’t.
    It matters nothing to Death, it will come for us all one day.
    Free will, and the choice to live without fear of Death, or anything else, is the most enjoyable course of action to maximize your life’s potential. Of course, a healthy amount of risk management and resiliency training can go a long way to reach that goal also.


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