Reader Question: What do I Make of This?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom asks: What do you make of Daisy Luther’s recent article about her experience with WuFlu?

My reply: I like Daisy’s commentaries; as regards her story about having the WuFlu, I think that story speaks for itself. She has two serious risk factors that would exacerbate any serious cold or flu. She is significantly overweight – on the verge of the medical threshold defining obesity, one of the major “co-morbidities” associated with severe “cases” of the WuFlu. And she is asthmatic.

In other words, she is not healthy. The very definition of people who are more vulnerable to getting sick and who tend to be sicker when they do get sick.

But her physical state – her vulnerability – doesn’t mean everyone or even most everyone is vulnerable and that is the nut of the issue, if the issue is how to respond reasonably to this “virus.”

People who are vulnerable would probably be wise to take various precautions – the main one being to avoid crowded public areas (the “mask” is a theatrical piece that doesn’t serve any medical purpose) as sensible people who were unusually vulnerable to the flu have always done in the past.

But to insist that everyone live as though they, too, are vulnerable – when the fact is they aren’t (assuming they aren’t obese, asthmatic, arteriosclerotic -and so on) is as silly as insisting that everyone who can swim stay away from bodies of water and wear a life preserver at all times.

I am glad that Daisy is better now. But that doesn’t mean I need to be afraid of getting sick.

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  1. I believe Daisy is a masker. -Probably contributed to her getting sick. She admittedly “follows all of the recommendations”. Funny, but among the people I know personally, the ONLY flu cases have been among the maskers/rule-followers- none of us who just live life as normal have been sick with COVID or anything else. (Seems to actually be a light year for the flu so far this season).

    Daisy uses a lot of hyperbole in her columns, so I’d take anything she says with a grain of salt (I’ve learned not to get sucked in by links to her columns on LRC! )

    • Yes, she is a mask wearer, which I agree with you probably contributed to the worsening symptoms. I got sick at the end of June for about a week. I refused to get tested (I will be damned if the CDC or NSA have my DNA on my file), so it could have just been a mild flu or it could have been the virus, but it was about about 8 days of an elevated fever, a constant headache, and the worst part was the sore throat. I kept popping Vitamin D, C, and drinking elderberry syrup. I still went to work and no one else in my family (fortunately) caught it.

      Based on the studies that I have read a Vitamin D deficiency seems to be the cause of most of the hospitalizations and deaths. Also, people who have Type O blood seem to get milder symptoms than other blood types.

      • Good for you, RG, for not getting tested. I could never understand why anyone would get tested. I mean…even if the tests were accurate; even if Uncle wasn’t involved, what would it matter, what “version” of the flu had? One deals with the symptoms….regardless. So what’s the point of being ‘tested’?

        One of my nieces got the ‘Rona (she was tested)…she had the flu, and stayed home and rested and did nothing special (and she has asthma, and is not very strong)….so of what benefit was it that her flu was labeled ‘Rona? It’s So. FREAKING. IDIOTIC!

        And I agree about the vitamin D et al. Bet that’s part of why I’m rarely sick- I get lots of sun…always out on the tractor or mower, etc.

        And DAMN those sore throats! I wouldn’t mind getting sick so much, if it weren’t for the sore throats! (Luckily, they’re rare for me now-a-days).

        • Hi Nunzio,

          I agree it doesn’t make sense to get a test. We get flus all of the time and who runs out and says, “I need to see if this is Influenza A, or B, or Swine flu.” Nobody cares, why would we start now? Stay home, drink electrolytes, sip chicken soup, and watch reruns of Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley until it passes.

          • In some instances you don’t have a choice about testing, if you want treatment. Couple weeks ago I had a sinus infection, the symptoms of which I’m very familiar with. Get them regularly. I’ve tried all the home remedies etc, but the only thing that fixes it is antibiotics. So anyway, I go to the walk in clinic to get a prescription. Nurse comes in the room with a long stick and says she’s gonna do a COVID test. I said I don’t want one, I don’t have COVID, I have a sinus infection. She said if I don’t do the test, the doctor won’t see me and I’ll have to leave. Wadduya gonna do? It came back negative. I sure hope you’re wrong about somebody saving my DNA from that swab!

            • Hi Floriduh,

              I suggest virtual doctor appointments. Most of the walk in clinics have these in our area now. When I got sick in June I first thought I had strep throat. I knew I was going to need antibiotics if it was strep. I haven’t had strep in about a decade, but I remember the signs. The doctor (somewhere in GA or AL) wrote me a prescription for antibiotics. After four days of taking them I wasn’t improving so I knew I could omit strep as the cause. At that point I knew I had some type of virus and I stopped taking the pills. The virus lasted about a week and (knock on wood) I haven’t gotten sick since. I am hoping it is my one and done.

              I have no proof that they are collecting DNA samples, but I am very leery of anything government instituted. Personally, it wouldn’t surprise me, but I was being facetious.

              I just remember everyone running out and trying to determine their ancestry a few years back. I refused to, because having one’s DNA going to who knows where raises suspicions. All of a sudden one would see these 20 and 30 year old cold cases being solved. By what? So and so (family member of the killer) sent their DNA to and they were able to make a match through the police department. Why does the police department has DNA samples from a lab toting Ancestral connections? Who knows? But, Big Brother has to be behind it somehow.

              • Floriduh man and Raider Girl,
                You said that you have tried “home remedies”. Have you ever tried a neti pot with saline soulution? Or breathing steam doctored with eucalyptus oil in the water? I’m sure most of us here know how one feels when we’re coming down with something. Every time I feel like I’m about to get ill, I do those two things I mentioned. It works every time!!! I right as rain the next day every time!!! Try it!

                • Yes , William, done the netti pot and saline. Done the boiling pot of water, vix vapo rub thrown in there and hang my head over the pot draped with a towel. Nada. Amoxicillin, and boom, done and gone. I have to check out fish mox, I understand it’s sold at pet supply stores to prevent tail rot or some shit on aquarium fish. Supposed to be exactly the same as amoxicillin. That would be great if I can something like that without going to the doctor.

                • Hi William!

                  I do something probably nutty when I start to feel sick: I go for a run. It cures me almost every time. Not kidding. My theory is that by raising my heart rate/body temperature and “breaking stuff up” I kill the nascent virus or whatever it is before it really takes hold. They key thing is to do this at the first sign of feeling like you’re about to come down with something…

    • Agreed, Nunz –

      I’ve never worn the Diaper (and never will). Neither has my girlfriend. Neither of us has gotten so much as the sniffles. Which we may well get – per Auric – but it does not scare me because I am well aware that for me,the risk of dying from this flu or any other flu yet known is slim to nil.

      For the same reason, I don’t worry about swimming where it’s deeper than I can stand.

      Because I can swim!

  2. Mehico… hehe. In 2000, the company I worked for at the time had a sales convention in Acapulco. I was back office and didn’t attend. Every single person from the lowliest salesman to the biggest bigwig who attended that event got sick and I mean siiiiiiick! Some literally fell over when it hit. 17 days was probably about right for those folks and everybody lived. Back then, we just chalked it up to Montezuma’s revenge.

  3. Some other points about Daisy’s article:
    – She mentioned she had also had pneumonia 30 times before in her life, in addition to the asthma.
    – The article never says she tested positive for Covid. She stood in line once for a test, but left before getting tested. Later in the article, she says she was “diagnosed with pneumonia and Covid.” Strange statement. Pneumonia was mentioned first, Covid second. No mention of a test. That is like saying I was diagnosed with cancer and a cold. So which one caused the symptoms? Pneumonia or Covid? In my analogy, cancer or the cold? I hate these compound statements, where two things are stated as a cause. Very vague and uninformative.
    – She SURVIVED. Despite a miserable 17 days, she DID NOT DIE despite her other serious health issues.
    – She WAS NOT HOSPITALIZED. She was in Mexico and she got all the recommended treatments, including IV antibiotics, without being hospitalized. It seems hospitalization, with its ventilators and other conditions such as isolation and neglect, is a contributing factor to death from Covid.
    – In Mexico, the total cost of her 17-day ordeal was $300!. I have a friend in Texas who was hospitalized for Covid for two weeks. He also survived, but his hospital bill was $350,000, not $300. So there is a clear monetary motive in the US for hospitalization and over-treatment.
    – Why exactly are people hospitalized in the US for Covid? I cannot get an answer to this question. What can a hospital do for Covid that cannot be done in a clinic such as Daisy’s clinic in Mexico? One can get IV treatments in a clinic. One can get oxygen at home or in a clinic.


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