Redefining Death

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The biggest lies go down easiest – because most psychologically normal people have trouble believing anyone could lie on a scale like that. This is why psychopaths get away with lying on an epic scale. It is literally unbelievable.

It is why people working 60 hours a week for $15 an hour believe in TV evangelists who live in multimillion dollar homes and travel in private jets.

And it is why people believe that “400,000” have died Because Corona. They hear the sermons – which like those of the TV evangelist are full of fire and brimstone, death – and promises of salvation. Now send in $100.

Or wear “your” mask.

Accept a life of perpetual diminishment, personal and economic. Subservience eternal – as the price of your salvation.

But maybe hold off on sending in that $100 and consider some simple division.

We’re told that – as of the end of 2020 – about 315,00 people died Because Corona. The problem is, almost no one died of anything else.

The CDC said – in late December – that the total number of deaths from all causes in the U.S. over 2020 was about 2.9 million. If you subtract the number of asserted deaths Because Corona, you end up with fewer total deaths than in any years since 2014.

There’s a very revealing article over at by the journalist Celia Farber, who specializes in sussing out large-scale medical fraud and who has written for Esquire, Harper’s and Rolling Stone. She cites an academic paper just published – “A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on COVID-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdown,” by atmospheric scientist James DeMeo, Ph.D.

DeMeo did the math and came up with a conclusion so spectacular it is very hard to believe – because the idea of a lie on such a monumental scale is hard to believe.

But numbers don’t require belief. They just are.

Well, the number of people who’ve died, at rate – which isn’t fungible. You can’t inflate the body count – as opposed to the cases! the cases!

But the reason for these deaths can be redefined – and that’s what DeMeo’s paper deconstructs.

According to the CDC’s numbers as of the end of 2020, approximately 2,916,492 people died in the United States during all of 2020, with about 315,507 of those deaths attributed to the “novel” Corona virus.

But when you subtract the latter from the former you get 2,600,985 total deaths – a lower number of deaths than for any years since 2014.

The conclusion must be that either 2020 was a year in which people stopped dying – or the year in which deaths were redefined.

Farber quotes DeMeo:

“That figure, 2,600,985, is less than the all-cause death counts each year going back to 2014! That means the total death count for all fatal diseases and accidents in 2020, excluding Covid-19, dropped mysteriously and substantially—right about to the same degree that Covid-19 went up. For the Covid deaths to be genuinely new ‘excess’ deaths, that all-cause total of 2.9 million—which already includes ‘Covid-19’ deaths—should be something like 3.2 million, with an annual increase in 2020 of at least 360,000 deaths, not 61,000.”

Put another way, there are about 300,000 “missing” deaths for all of 2020 – e.g., deaths from ordinary influenza/pneumonia – which deaths have all-but-disappeared – as well as deaths from heart disease and cancer and so on.

“What’s going on with influenza statistics? They’ve gone down to a very low number, the figure I found was 0.2%. Two-tenths of one percent, when at this time of year, we should be having something between 5 and 20 percent. In terms of the number of influenza deaths, that happens every winter. The numbers they are throwing out make no sense whatsoever,” DeMeo says. 

Then a really strange thing happened. On January 7, the CDC altered its body count and came up with another 269,249 deaths for 2020 and added these in a lump-sum to the 2020 total and – presto! – about 3.2 million total dead.

Farber writes:

“Evidently, 269,249 people suddenly died in the last week of 2020.”

This is also so improbable as to beggar belief.

Farber quotes Tom DiFerdinando, an associate of DeMeo’s:

“Without those added deaths, there would be no evidence of a Covid pandemic,” he said. ”This triangulation of facts: essentially no excess deaths beyond the normal annual background count; absolutely NO relationship between Covid “confirmed” cases and Covid “confirmed” deaths; and the mysterious, last-minute dump of 268,259 all-cause deaths into the 2020 end-of-year all-cause death totals; completely demolish any pretext of there having been a 2020 viral pandemic, whether caused by a novel coronavirus or by anything else and that therefore there is no rational reason to  be putting masks on children, isolating elders, destroying businesses, locking down populations or shattering the public trust.” 

DeMeo adds:

“The numbers do not lie; the numbers tell the story. Where are the massive, massive numbers of people dying, which you would correlate with positive PCR and antigen tests, which is what you would expect to happen. People who are dying of old age diseases, they’re re-defining them as Covid 19, but the symptomatology is so exactly similar to influenza and other lung diseases.”

So how many people have actually been Corona’d so far in the United States? According to DeMeo it might be as high as 16,848 people.

The article’s worth your time – as hard as it may be to believe.

. . . .

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  1. There is a raging addiction problem in the US, and much of the rest of the world, that will result in more death and destruction than any “pandemic”. The addiction is to convenience. If one is spending half their waking life on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. why not just get your news there too? So convenient. Voice command devices like Alexa and Google Home are prime examples. So much more convenient to simply tell them what you want than it is to flip a light switch, manually adjust your thermostat, or pick up a remote control and push a button. Never mind that in order to work, all such systems have to be listening all the time, not just when you’re talking to it. Never mind that both Amazon and Google are deeply entwined with the oligarchy, and will happily hand everything they hear to the Psychopaths In Charge. There is no need for the state to delve into every aspect of our private lives. Amazon and Google are doing it for them, with permission eagerly given by the victims. Looking for truth is so inconvenient. One has to go go to so much trouble to actually find it. So much easier to simply believe what the approved sources are saying. Approved by the very monsters who mean to enslave you.

  2. Eric – theres one thing missed. The average American believes about up to 30 million Americans have died from corona. Somebody did a youtube video some time back (which i cant find, pretty sure its been memory holed and the creator un-personed by now) where the guy want around asking people how many had died from covid, and the average answer was somewhere in the region of 10% of Americans ! ie 30 million Americans !! thats the miracle of a mis-information campaign and the dumbing down of the average person over the years….

    • Hi Nasir,

      I think I saw that;I know I’ve read about it. Of course, the equating of the cases! the cases! with death helps to account for this. I hope at some point the people guilty of deliberately terrorizing the people of this country are held accountable.

  3. That picture of the USA outlined with COVID-19 400,000 DEATHS in shiny red. My fucking goodness, man. Some shithead on photoshop designed that and spent time making it eye-catching. See the shiny glint in the middle, of course you do, how can you miss it?! And that smooth metallic font color…

    Even if some people died from cornholo virus, how fucking disrespectful! 400,000 DEATHS…Zing!

  4. Comrades!


    The Five-Year Plan was a smashing success! Quotas were exceeded. There is no famine in Ukraine. That is a lie promulgated by the Trotskyite counter-revolutionary swine and their capitalist masters. Our Ukrainian comrades are fat and happy…

  5. Thank you for bringing this damning evidence to your readers.

    I’ve had my own suspicions for a very long time, and I’ve overall agreed with your video summaries. Where were the piles of bodies in the streets? Why did the media keep changing the goal posts: “Flatten the curve” suddenly became “The cases! The cases!” It is also very convenient that this came along right around the end of Orange Man’s term, where it would: justify “mail-in ballots” that were easily stuffed with fake votes, create the atmosphere of fear and panic necessary for the government to take more of our civil liberties, and make it convenient to start “the new war on terror” whose definitions classify everybody reading this site as a dangerous radical to be exterminated.

    To use your words Eric, it’s an ongoing “psy-op against the American people” and it’s going to continue in some form or another until the people either call for it to end or find themselves in mass graves not from COVID but from the new Stalinism they’ve been building by believing this garbage.

  6. Could deaths have dropped during Covid due to hospitals not performing elective surgeries? How many people go to the hospital to have these “safe” surgeries performed, and end up dying? They can die from the procedure itself, a medication error, or perhaps catching a case of MRSA during recovery. How many people die from elective surgeries every year? I think it is a smart idea to stay as far away from these factories of death as possible unless you need emergency care like being in a car accident, and having the cars steering wheel violently inserted into your chest cavity. My 99 year old grandma recovered from the Rona just fine while living with my wife and I. It knocked her down for a month, and she has almost made a full recovery. Would she have gotten the round the clock care given to her by my wife, my cousins, and myself if she was hospitalized? I doubt it, and I’m not trying to be insulting to any of the wonderful doctors and nurses who work in hospitals, but you have to admit, hospitals are filled with ill people, and are not the cleanest, sanitized places on the planet.

    • It’s not just that. If you look at the numbers deaths across the board in almost every major category are down after remaining or increading in an essentially stable way for the past 15 years. Flu, pneumonia, other respiratory diseases, heart disease, all were down almost as much as the purported covid deaths. Apparently Johns Hopkins did a study looking at covid deaths vs total deaths this year up to mid September and concluded
      “This trend is completely contrary to the pattern observed in all previous years. Interestingly, as depicted in the table below , the total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19. This suggests, according to Briand, that the COVID-19 death toll is misleading. Briand believes that deaths due to heart diseases, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia may instead be recategorized as being due to COVID-19.”

      Naturally this study was quickly scrubbed from the Johns Hopkins web site. Can’t have the truth get out.

      • Just like with the scamlection, these numbers reveal massive fraud. And just like the scamlection, these numbers will be ignored. Cancellation and severe punishment will be applied to anyone shining light on this.

        • Hi Top,

          Yup. We live in the Post Fact Era. In the past, a contrary fact would halt the argument of an opponent, because facts were respected. Today facts are blatantly ignored when they do not agree with what is wanted. With what is felt.

          This is the cancer that will kill civilization and bring us back to a new Dark Age.

          • Eric,

            Wasn’t it clueless joe who said we prefer truths over facts. If facts don’t fit with your idea of “truth” just throw them out and shout down anyone who would state such facts.

            • Morning, Antilles!

              Yup. And – as the philosophers like to ask – what is truth? It is often whatever one believes to be true – as distinct from what is, which is premised on fact.

          • This is why I am baffled that people still have hope for humanity.

            Once we crossed the Rubicon of accepting feelz over facts, civilization is on an inevitable self destruct path.

            A technological civilization can not survive with an incurious, superstitious and willfully-ignoring-fact population.

            • Hi Anon,

              I know it’s often tough to not abandon hope – but keep in mind that you are not hopeless. That there are others who aren’t, as well. We maybe in the minority. We may be persecuted.But we exist and so long as we do we carry with us the flame of civilization – and it’s on us to preserve it.

    • Exactly sir. Well done CARING for her yourself. Had she been in a hospital, there are reports of the elderly patients being wheeled to the “covid ward” conveniently situated in the dark and cold basement, and left there.

  7. ‘The biggest lies go down easiest.’ — EP

    One way or another, Covid will fade from the scene in a year or two. But with climate change, the authorities think they’ve got themselves a meal ticket on a par with the War on Terrrrrrur — one they can ride for the whole first half of this blighted 21st century.

    On that note, today the US Senate approved Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary:

    Buttigieg hinted at a broad climate-centric role for the department that will require significant ‘investments.’

    He indicated he would reverse a Trump administration rollback in federal automotive fuel economy standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage use of electric vehicles, such as by adding a half-million charging stations nationwide.

    Buttigieg floated the possibility of a major change in how highways are funded, such as by converting from the [federal] gas tax to a “vehicle miles traveled” alternative that would tax drivers based on their road mileage.

    Buttigieg’s declaration of war on American serfs heralds a new age of neofeudalism.

    As in Feudalism 1.0 a thousand years ago, lockdowns in 2020 proved the feasibility of severe mobility restriction. Small business owners were crushed to dust. But plutocrats got MUCH richer. Covid lockdowns were the best thing that ever happened to them.

    So the tech lords are banging their spoons on their soup bowls, hollering ‘MORE PLEASE, KIND SIRS.’

    And young Anal Swab Pete is only too happy to oblige, knowing that his collaboration will yield tens of millions in his pocket once he pivots out of Big Gov to cash in his generous corporate reward.

    Denounce Poison Pete’s vicious self-serving lies, every day, every inch of the way. Make his baby face turn into a hideous, wizened mask during his destructive years in public disservice.

    • I have long been suspicious that “climate change” is a cover story to keep those of us that are indeed concerned about our environment, which would normally be all of the sane among us, distracted from real environmental dangers. There is indeed significant damage being done to the environment that has nothing to do with CO2. For example, the whole planet is being severely damaged by chemical poisoning. Which goes unnoticed because of “climate change”. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if DuPont, Bayer/Monsanto, etc. were donating tons of support and cash to the proponents of “climate change”, to keep us distracted from their poisoning for profit business. Most chemicals receive no testing for environmental impact before they are put on the shelves for sale. A video can be found here that demonstrates such from back in 2011.
      There is no reason to suspect anything has changed since.

      • You nailed it John! If there is some kind of “virus” killing us, it’s not from one human breathing on another. It’s some kind of toxic poisoning that those with compromised immunity systems can’t tolerate. That cumulative toxic poisoning (diet, stress, environment, Monsanto, etc.) may be the cause of the compromised immunity system in the first place.

        • Hi Top,

          I’ve written about this previously, but it bears repeating: I have never put on the Holy Rag or “practiced” any Sickness Kabuki – since the beginning of this plague of hysteria. And I haven’t so much as caught cold. Neither have any of my many friends. I work out a gym where there are usually at least 25 people working out, almost all not wearing the Holy Rag (it isn’t required; a few Freaks wear one voluntarily). No one has gotten sick. Much less dead. Over the course of four-plus months, now.

          I understand this anecdotal. But it’s also factual. If “the virus” were anything like as infectious as touted, surely some of us would have gotten sick – and spread it to others. Nothing.

          It’s bullshit – a word I use rarely but when I use it, I use it because it is apt.

          And it is.

  8. The statistics proving what many of us knew last March when this all went down. The problem is that people won’t read anything contrary to the popular narrative–if they read at all. Much easier to “trust the science” and “listen to the experts”. Translation TV tells all the truth and the trusted news sources put it on Facebook.

    That article is far to long for people to read and forget about the medical paper. Anything longer than a twitter feed is more than 95% of the population can take.

    • “people won’t read anything” (contrary is superfluous)

      Indeed, I don’t know why they changed the charterer limit on twitter. 140 was more than current attention spans anyway.

      The key to human herd management – Keep ’em dumb, confused and frightened. But most importantly, terminally distracted.

  9. James DeMeo also is classified as a kook in other opinions.

    Has an interesting website, orgone studies, is from Oregon, so the ineluctable conclusion is he is a kook.

    Also wrote a book describing Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler as all racists and all in favor of genocide.

    Worth a visit.

    The CDC stats for cancer cases in a year are at and around 1.8 million resulting in over 600,000 deaths.

    Dr Fauci is Chicken Little.

  10. My favorite stat is the fullness of ICU wards in hospitals. Outraged reporters outside the entrance to the emergency room citing “hospital administration” reports of 95% of ICU beds in use. Compared to a normal week is that a lot? Seems to me if you want to run an efficient hospital you keep your wards full to 95%, otherwise you’re wasting space.

    And in Colorado, public officials use ICU occupancy as a metric to determine the “threat level” color for a county. So in the case of Pitkin county (Aspen), with one ICU ward for the county, the entire county has to be shut down until the Aspen Valley hospital ICU occupancy drops below an arbitrary value. Why can’t the hospital designate a few more beds to the ICU instead of shutting down all the restaurants? How about taking over the schools, since they’re all at home learning anyway? I’ll bet you could fit a ton of ICU beds in the gym.

    One is reminded of the city siege scene in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

    • So if there was a huge car pileup and a lot of people were in critical condition, the threat level would go way up? Seems like a stupid metric.

      • But how do you know covid didn’t cause the pileup would be their counter.

        Not for nothing when i had my shoulder surgery back in October one of the questions i asked was if the surgery would get postponed for the “rising cases” and “at capacity icu’s” the doc’s response to me is i kerp track of this and currently in the entire county there are 2 patients in icu for covid and both were in their 90s. It is all a complete scam.

        • Yup. Most provinces in Canada have about 1 actual case of life threatening Covid per hospital. Not “cases!” as in faulty positives or basically benign infection, actual sick people.

          Manitoba is locked down for something like 0.25/hospital. Insane.

    • Seriously man, do hospitals usually run at 5% capacity or something?

      Here’s the other thing. All summer, fucks like Bill Gates smirked, giggled, and waved their hands while warning the country of a “second wave” in the fall or winter. Did you hear a fucking peep about…building. new. hospitals.? I sure didn’t. And, in reality, it’d probably only take 6-9 months to throw up a prefab building and outfit it with sinks and beds and whatever else they’d “need.” That is, if it really were an emergency and if “lives were at stake.”

      But nope. Slaves will stay home forever and politely starve to death. Your old life is gone. Here in Phoenix, the “hotspot for the world,” the shitbird mayor was asked about an EMPTY HOSPITAL and whether that would be put to use. She gave some legalese bureaucratic bullshit about “Currently, that hospital hasn’t finished with Phase 1 of the Redevelopment plan, so the City of Phoenix is not contractually obligated to fulfill requirements on refurbishment or reopening” or something like that.

      And whoosh, blink blink blink. Straight over the heads of the retards out there.

      • Hi Michael,

        It’s the same in my area – SW Virginia. I filed a number of “on the scene” reports from the local regional trauma center- a huge high-rise hospital with a helicopter pad and everything. It serves the area surrounding Roanoke into NC. It was always as quiet as ever. No “patients staggering in.” No refrigerator trucks full of the dead.

        And yet, people beeeeeelieve.

        • RE: the refrigerated trailers full of dead bodies. Rumor on the Internet is that people are choosing to wait out the restrictions until they can hold a proper funeral, for whatever reason.

          Are they being charged a storage fee? If not maybe it’s time for the NYC coroner’s office to start. I’d bet that would clear out the trailers in a few days.

        • Well done pushing back. This thing is a fucking religion to most people, as you have said many many times. It’s as if, in the 1100s, you went to the graveyard, at midnight, on the full moon, on Halloween, came back and said,

          “Yeah I didn’t see any ghosts. Everything looks fine.”

      • Hospitals are for profit corporate businesses. They have no desire to man and maintain excess capacity in ICU wards to accommodate any spike in demand. As is common in corporate business, they much prefer to maintain staff and infrastructure at average need level, and then over work the staff when need spikes. Which doesn’t work for infrastructure. Hospital space in general has been declining for decades. Hospitals in more rural areas, with less profit potential, have been closing for those decades, along with new construction based on that average demand. While we constantly hear the percentage of ICU space occupied because COVID, we NEVER hear what the average percentage is. A truly useful statistic would be the percentage of increase in ICU occupancy, instead of the percent of occupancy. But useful statistics are prohibited by the technocratic oligarchy.

  11. Does the CDC or whoever tabulates these annual death statistics normally adjust the counts shortly after a new year begins, or is this upward +260K adjustment a true anomaly? Not saying this isn’t more fraud, I just want to know if this isn’t just a routine adjustment that accounts for the whole year but lumped together for convenience. Either way it will be blacked out, buried and memory holed soon enough.

  12. Why not dump 300,000 phantom deaths on the numbers after the fact. It worked in the selection why would it not work on the ignorant masses who have no time to do thier own research because the view is coming on. This is exactly what I expected because the real numbers didn’t jive with the hysteria so the needed to do something to keep the sheep placid.

  13. I would like to offer two new National Mottos for consideration to replace E Pluribus Unum.

    1. Don’t Confuse Me With The Facts, My Mind Is Made Up.


    2. Often Wrong But, Never In Doubt.

    BTW, Elmer Gantry – 2024


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