2021 VW Tiggy Rant!

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Here’s a quick behind the wheel look at the ’21 VW Tiggy, which is one of the very few small crossovers that’s still available with a third row. It’s too bad, though, about the no-longer-available TDI diesel engine… and the manual transmission.

Full review is available here.


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  1. “It’s too bad, though, about the no-longer-available TDI diesel engine… and the manual transmission.”

    Thanks. Saved me even considering looking at one on the used market later.

    Might make a good article, “Cars with MT and no ‘pro-active safety system'”. Or it might not be possible as there may be none left. Isn’t it fun being assumed as being and treated like a mentally deficient suicidal toddler?

    • Hi Anon,

      Trust me, it’s not fun! It is getting hard to write about new cars because there’s less and less to write about . . . that’s fun. Just apps and displays and such. Otherwise, they are increasingly the same Homogenous Transportation Device, in various shapes and colors…

  2. For feces and levity, I compared the NOx emissions limit of the VW Jetta (scandal car) to that of my 1994 S10. (Jetta per Wikipedia, I’m using Phoenix emissions standards)

    S10: 3.00 g/mi
    Jetta: 0.072g/mil

    That limit is insane! It says the Jetta actually rgistered ~1 – 2.5g/mi, with no “cheating device”. (I’m converting from kms), so it still was below the limit for my S10, which I don’t consider to be a pollution monster by any means.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      Yup. Very few people outside the car industry have an understanding of just how extreme the “tiers” and “bins” categorizing acceptable vehicle emissions have become. By any sane standard, emissions are no longer an issue – and talk of proposed/future “reductions” is almost always incredibly dishonest because never parsed. You will hear that it is proposed to reduce an emission (of whatever) by 25 or even 50 percent, which sounds like a lot. This is on purpose, of course. They never tell you that it is 25 or 50 percent of a fraction of a percent.

      Because that would give the game away.

  3. Eric,

    The lack of option such as the diesel engine or a manual trans is analogous I was saying the other day about the modern twonkies.

    They only sell handheld rectangle screens. All phones now are that, and only that. They MIGHT offer one flip-phone, though those break in half pretty easily.

    I want a physical keyboard, at very least. Smaller versions might be nice as well, rather than the massive near-tablets they sell as phones today.

    In any case, I’d like to do the math on the VW “emissions scandal”, unless you already have and have maybe posted about it?

    My first car was a Peugeot 504 with the 4 cyl diesel, and I so wish I had that car now!


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