Diaper Report 7/14/21

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You have probably heard. The cases! The cases! are on the rise again. They’ve doubled over the past three weeks! The “fast-spreading” Delta Scariant, “lagging vaccinations” and “Fourth of July gatherings” being the culprits.

So screeches the screen.

It does not screech – it hardly peeps – about the number of people supposedly dying from the Scariant, which it says (eventually, if you read far enough) is “under 260 per day” nationally. Which averages out to about five per state.

The morgues are hardly over-flowing.

But the dread of death is – if the number of persistent face-effacers is any measure. They amount to about a fourth to a third of the total patronage in the supermarkets I frequent – Kroger, Food Lion and Earth Fare – with the greater proportion being in evidence (oddly) the farther away you get from the areas (ostensibly) most afflicted by the blue virus; i.e., leftism, which seems to be a part of the etiology of sickness psychosis.

But only in the early stages of the metastasis.

A year ago at this time, one generally saw the afflicted most often – almost universally – in the city or its outlying ‘burbs. Once you got into the rural areas, health seemed predominant. That has inverted, at least in my area – where face effacing is now much more common in my county of 15,000 and change than in the nearby city of Roanoke, which has many times the people.

Regardless, these clingers are dangerous reminders that the disease hasn’t run its course; and it is these very people who are likely to become much sicker as the Fear Machine cranks up the volume. Especially when the Fear Machine lets them know – and it will, endlessly – that even though they’ve been washed in the Holy Waters, they’ve not been delivered. They can still get the thing they’ve become obsessed with not getting – even if their sick obsession kills the rest of us.

The fact that the Anointed are still getting sick ought to cause them to reflect upon the claims made about the efficacy of their Anointing. If the “cure” works then why are they still getting the disease? Never mind. These being the same minds that never asked why it was so vital to force everyone else to efface their face when they had effaced theirs. If face-effacing “works” . . . ah, never mind.

What they will insist on is the intolerability of the cases! the cases! doubling and tripling and soon quintupling into plaid – because of “hesitant” people who have declined to be treated for a disease they haven’t got and have good reason not to be afraid of getting, since it doesn’t kill 99.8 percent of them.

Never mind that, either.

The sick are going to demand that everyone be Anointed because that is the only way to assure no one gets sick.

This argument is already spreading. Like mold in a damp basement, it has all the prerequisites for growth, including a population conditioned to the idea that any risk, however slight, justifies whatever-it-takes to eliminate (not reduce) it. No matter what it costs or who it actually harms – in the name of preventing an asserted, hypothetical possibility of harm.

As the deranged Yankee officer said in The Outlaw Josey Wales: ” ‘Doin’ right ain’t got no end.”


And, of course, the delusional idea that people who’ve lived a long life will live forever – provided we “mask up” and stop being “hesitant” about getting Anointed. Granny must never die – even if she is 95 – and if she does, it’s because thoughtless, selfish people got together over the 4th to contemplate the freedoms they used to take for granted – like being able to get together with other people without needing permission or fearing punishment or being expected to perform various bizarre rituals.

Not because she’s 95 – and people who are that age tend to not live forever.

It does not take a prophet to foresee what is coming.

What is already here being the cases! the cases! – which those tuned in to the Fear Machine are hearing about nonstop. In tandem with this, the more than tsk-tsk’ing of those operating the Fear Machine regarding the “hesitant” – who are obviously to blame for all of this. If only they would roll up their sleeves, all of this would be over and we could go back to normal, dangles the carrot – ahead of the stick.

The stick to be applied to the heads of those who remain “hesitant.”

Remember: We’re not dealing with sane people who are capable of digesting facts and drawing reasonable inferences and deductions. We are dealing with something approximating 100 million Patty Hearsts, who are completely in thrall to their abusers such that they are not just ready but champing at the bit – or rather, their Face Diapers – to abuse us.

I hope I’m wrong and merely disquieted by the sight of all these Freaks. But the fact that we’re still seeing them is just what’s frightening – or ought to be.

. . .

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  1. To my mind, the best way to regard the “filthy face diaper” (and they are in fact filthy, if worn for any extended period) is as a religious garment, which is as necessary to the faithful as it is superfluous to non-adherents to the sects which require it.

    I grew up with the idea of religious freedom and religious tolerance. I am myself not religious, but I do support the right of others to practice their religion, so long as that practice does not intrude on my life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness.

    Two possibilities void the deal:
    1. Their religious practices impinge on my well being, or that of others who are not members of their sect. Example: the sect requires human sacrifice. No problem, provided you select the “consecrated ones” from among your own kind.
    2. They wish to force me to become one of them, and observe their sacraments. Not happening here.

    So, if a Muslim woman wears the hijab, that is her privilege, and I respect her right to do so. A Jewish man sports a kippah? No problem. He can pray as many times a day as he likes, just don’t do it (out loud!) on company time. The Amish? More muscle power to them. Perhaps some day their descendants will decide that electricity is not so evil after all . 🙂

    But. forced conversions, including partaking of their sacraments, and observing all outward customs, including but not limited to, diet and wardrobe, is not acceptable. This is where I draw the line.

    So, no, as a non-Covidian, I will not take the Covidian sacrament of “vaccination,” nor will I observe the Covidian custom of face effacement.
    I am not a “converso,” so I am not entitled to receive Holy Covid Communion, a.k.a, the Holy Needle. nor will I pretend to be, for the incidental and transient “benefit’ of personal convenience, which can be revoked any any time by those who can, and will, demand ever more draconian demonstrations of “belief.”

    Call me Dhimmi. My name is Legion, for we are many.

    • Same here, Turtle- only I am ‘religious’- and I consider the wearing of a signatory ineffective medical device to ‘protect’ others from a disease which I don’t have to be PURELY a religious act- i.e. an act of worship, allegiance, and obeisance to a god whom I do not worship; and even more so the jab, because it signifies a fear of something which I do not fear; a reliance upon men and their lies for the prospect of maintaining health and longevity (as if!); the ingestion of substances we are not permitted to eat(put in our bodies); and a ceding of our autonomy to a veritable rapist.

      Someone asked me recently “Why can’t you just wear a mask for a few minutes? It’s just a piece of cloth; what’s the big deal?”, and I replied that it would be no different than wearing a swastika if compelled to do so for the sake of participation or convenience- which I would also not do, because even if to don a symbol which symbolizes something which I do not believe in and oppose, I become a liar and false witness, and have surrendered to the evil who compel us, if so be that they can get me to perform theior desired actions; Whether or not I believe in those actions becomes irrelevant, because I then performing them.

      And this is true of MOST of the things which are wrong with the contemporary world. Almost everything comes down to a matter of religion/who one worships and obeys.

  2. Well, it seems that Becky Akers is done doing Diaper Reports, she writes, “this is the last dispatch Your Intrepid Reporter will file on the Mask War”

    It’s not about the mask anymore, is it?

    Here’s a final segment from her thread with concluding observations from a Patriot:

    2. I could always identify fellow patriots upon seeing their maskless faces. Now, I can’t figure out who the Marxists are and who the patriots are. The world is now such a blur. The masks were to me as the redcoats must have been to George Washington.

    3.After reading Alan Stevo’s article today, one must now see the current trajectory: If one wishes to be admitted to the hospital, it will soon be not only masks required, not only a “covid” test, but a full vaccination before a doctor will see you.

    Moral of the story: eat nutritiously and avoid accidents.

    So, the mask wars do indeed continue, but now things are becoming more and more lethal. This is a real kinetic war – they are actively trying to poison us.

    Yes, they are. But the Mask War trained us much as boot camp would have

    […] The Jab Battle succeeds the Mask War.


    • I love Becky’s articles, but this seems premature. L.A. County has just mandated (again) indoor masks. And you know what they say about California being America’s trendsetter. Alas, we’ve likely not yet seen the end of the Mask War.

  3. The surgeon general is calling “covid misinformation” an “urgent threat.” He’s half right, just not the half he thinks.

    You know, when face diaper decrees mostly went away in May, I honestly thought we had turned a positive corner. But it seems to me that since then, the headlines just get worse and more concerning every day – the lies and rhetoric ratcheting up, coupled with vaccine passport rollouts in Europe, lockdowns in Australia, and roving vaccine patrols here. Now the calls for suppression of anything counter to the bullshit official narrative. The desperation of these people is almost at the red line. Something really bad seems imminent.

    • Hi BAC,

      I think the elite made a terrible miscalculation when they allowed a little freedom back (at least here in the US). Australia and the UK have been pretty much been locked down this whole time. People were never allowed to come back up for air. The USSA has had an entire summer of almost normal. I have no doubt they will try to lock us down again in September/October, but I think it will backfire on them. The variants aren’t scaring people. We have lived through the last 16 months and we are still here. It is kind of hard to put the genie back after you have let him loose. I think that is why they are pushing the vaccines so hard. They know we are not getting back in the lamp. I think the majority of people went along with it last year because they did not know what was happening. There was a certain fear. We did not know how dangerous this was so most (with the exception of everyone on this forum) cooperated.

      What frightens me if that they let loose a truly deadly virus (e.g. Ebola or the bubonic plague), but by doing this they (and their loved ones) also have a greater chance of dying as well, so will they or won’t they is the question. Personally, my money is on a cyberattack that shuts down the financial industry and most of the Net. Just a wild guess. Too much reading of Cyber Polygon at 3 in the morning.

      • Hi RG

        They don’t miscalculate, only move pieces off the chess board. My fear is what’s coming for us, not the US as a whole, but the non-anointed subjects. We will be blamed (happening already, will pick up speed) for the spread of variants Delta/Tau/Chi, the uptick in cases, and the increase in deaths generally and for those of the body who will begin to die from their anointing. Maskless, we killed grannies. Spikeless, we will kill aunts, uncles, wives, and children. The question to me is how will they will then lay their vengeance upon us.

        • Hi BAC,

          They miscalculate all of the time. 🙂 Hitler did not expect to blow his brains out in a bunker nor did Mussolini expect to be tied up by this citizens in the streets of Piazzale Loreto. I foolishly believe that good always overcomes evil in the end.

          No doubt we will be blamed. I agree with you that has already started. It is likely we will all be hanging out and hunkering down in Sherwood Forest to escape the Sheriff of Nottingham. We will need to fear our peers more so our government. How deep with the rhetoric go? How believable will it be? Do we need to watch our backs from our neighbors, family, and friends? I believe it is going to be difficult for Uncle Sam to gather up 25-30% of the USA’s citizens and stash us somewhere. I think only Mao was able to terminate that many people and most of it was due to famine. Could they cut off our food supply and kick us out of society? Absolutely. Do we want to live in a world where freedom is just an illusion? Personally, I much rather live on an island or a 1000 acres somewhere and be a free woman knowing I am responsible for my own welfare. It isn’t dream worthy or easy, but it sure as hell beats the alternative.

        • Hopefully, our fellow “hesitators” will be sharp enough to posit the fact that we couldn’t have spread anything or killed anyone, since we haven’t had the flu- or, in many cases, even a case of the sniffles. (Not that it will matter, as truth and logic seems to be irrelevant to most these days…but at least it’s out there for any others who may be starting to get a hint that the emperor might be a little short on cotton…)

          • Hi Nunz

            It won’t matter if they did, as it’s not like they’d stand up for the fact that they couldn’t spread anything they didn’t have. I suspect when push comes to shove, most of our fellow hesitants will line up for their dose, throw poo at us just to avoid confronting the prion mob, or curl up in a corner and rock back and forth. ‘Tis better to tuck their balls between their legs and dance to Goodbye Horses than to actually use them.

      • I don’t buy the cyberattack/grid shutdown theory. That would essentially cut everyone off from the PTB’s non-stop propaganda machine. It would allow millions to actually think for themselves for once without being told what to do by CNN. (As an aside, it would completely undermine their “buy EVs now!” campaign.) Do they really want that?

      • >truly deadly virus
        How about smallpox?
        Bubonic plague still exists in the wild, but is treatable, and highly survivable, with modern medicine, provided the doctor knows what he is looking at.
        Doctors in Western U.S. states generally do, particularly in rural areas. Most human plague cases (a few every year) in these areas are transmitted to humans by wild animals, such as squirrels. Have symptoms? See doctor, get proper diagnosis, get treated, get well, generally speaking.

        Ah, but smallpox is a different story. Those of us of “a certain age” are indeed “fully vaccinated” against smallpox, and have a scar on our right shoulders to prove it. In fact, the smallpox vaccine led to a court case which established that the government could, in fact, force people to be vaccinated if they could prove a public health necessity. [The fact this legal precedent is *NOT* being invoked in the case of COVID-19 speaks volumes.]

        But, the younger generations are *NOT* vaccinated against smallpox, even though cultures exist in government laboratories. A “bad actor” could, theoretically, unleash smallpox on the general public, and expect ~30% of younger generation to die from it. We older folks are probably still immune, but the younger generations are at extreme risk from such a nefarious act.

        Are there “bad actors” in this world?
        You damned well bet there are.
        Can you say, “Sarin gas in subway?”
        Can you say “Anthrax letters?”

        Need I go on?

      • Thank you, Mike. I am taking that as a compliment. You would not believe the number of concoctions that one can make with mustard root. 🙂

        • Yes, it is a compliment.

          If you like The Outlaw Josey Wales half as much as Eric or 1/10 as much as me, you are all right in my book.

  4. Wife and I took a little cruise up to sunset crater on Saturday. Part of the deal was I would take her to target and Bed bath and beyond. She hasn’t been inside either in over a year. About a fifty fifty mix of mask on/ mask off inside the stores. What was weird was we didn’t buy any thing in either store and when we left target we both felt queasy.

    Put the top down on our ‘new’ 2002 T-bird and the fresh air quickly cured our dis-ease. The thing that was fascinating was how the streets were filled with people probably came from PHX. I hadn’t seen streets so full of people since I don’t remember when. 95% were not wearing the holy rag. The ones I saw wearing it were all females, walking alone, not overweight, not unattractive. I guess we can give a new meaning to the term ‘on the rag.’

    • Hi Norman,

      Thanks for the Diaper Reportage! Regarding attractive females with Diapers on: It makes them ugly in my eyes; I’d never consider dating such a one and am grateful the one I am dating refuses to Diaper or Needle, no matter what. Which is part of what makes her attractive!

    • I’ve never walked out of stores queasy and empty-handed as often as I have in the past year, thought it was just me

  5. I knew these idiots wouldn’t wait until September/October to start up with “the cases! the cases” again! I suspect the PTBs (reluctantly) gave us 4th of July to let everyone “get it out of their system” before gradually ramping up the fearmongering.

    I predict that by August, some states will re-introduce mask mandates (when schools are back in session). By October, I’ll bet most states will have them. I really hope I’m wrong, but there’s no way we’ve seen the end of this Communist mask agenda.

    To date, “only” 56% of Americans have been single jabbed and that’s not good enough for these psychopaths. They want at least 85% jabbed so they can implement vax passports–because anything less than that means there will be too much opposition.

    • Indeed, Jim –

      This needle-pushing/vax passport regime could well prove to be the 21st century Lexington and Concord. If there are enough men and women with the guts to stand up to it.

    • I wonder if the fear mongering will work this time. I have only seen a slight increase in masking over the last couple weeks. I can’t believe the scumbags wearing those baleful devices. I think that a good number of people won’t be as receptive to masking this time around. AS for Vaccines, I don’t know. It depends on how people respond to the media spinning te narrative.

  6. Eric,
    I always love the Diaper Reports.
    Where you live must be quite a bit different from where I live. I can roam around town for hours and barely am I even reminded of the sickness. I think most people are just over it. Haven’t heard anyone talk about it at work in a while. Haven’t seen any face rags at work….at all….in months, unless it’s someone from outside, like a vendor who maybe read our sign saying that people from the outside must do these things (that I haven’t even been paying attention to so I don’t remember if it is still there). Doesn’t matter. Apparently we don’t really mean it, cause I have never told anyone that they needed to wear it.

    I did get a reminder of the sickness from the strangest place today…the advice column in the local newspaper. You know , this lady who gives advice to a lot of people who are mostly lacking in common sense…
    The question was basically asking ” should I invite my long distance potential love interest for a visit”. The response was just meaningless… along the lines of “normally I would say yes, but first you must find out if the person has been vaccinated. Have a discussion and find out where they stand.”
    No other advice was given. I guess that’s what they get for writing to an advice column for dummies.

    • Morning, La Gordita!

      The sickness – the mental sickness, expressed by the face-effacing – wanes or waxes depending upon where one lives. It seems that the closer you are to a “blue” area or the more “blue” people who’ve infested where you are, the more face-effacing one sees.

      I’m curious which part of the country you hail from?

      I sometimes think I ought to have moved to somewhere really remote. But that is a tough, tough choice to consider; one that angers me to consider it because it amounts to being driven away from the place I made my home and into which I have poured a great deal of blood, sweat and tears.

      I hate the idea of having to just trash it all and start over. But maybe the time has come.

      • In GA. The governor briefly shut the state down for maybe 2 to 3 weeks last year, and then I guess decided it wasn’t a good idea.

        I am kind of surprised, actually, that there is something positive to say about him, but I guess that is a pretty big deal these days.

      • Try Nevada. Take your crunchy girlfriend. Being there will give you access to cars to road tests, a more hospitable driving environment and better weather as well as a state that is turning more red.

  7. Went out to seaside heights on saturday night. You would never know convid even existed by the look of the boardwalk. The only thing i noticed that was different than most years was all of the workers at the games and food stands were US citizens. Normally they bring over a bunch of eastern European workers to man the stations.

    One thing that pissed me off at work this week we get an email asking us to voluntarily disclose our vax status. And if you did not answer the voluntarily survey you would be considered un-jabed and would be forced to diaper and keep your distance. Now i am one of very few people who never stopped going to the office since March of 2020. I have never worn a diaper in the office and i don’t plan on wearing one now. My “boss” who is of the same mindset as me basically said to me, no one is going to enforce that on us. Being in compliance most people keep their distance from us anyway. They never want to see us come up to them since they automatically think they are in trouble. My fear is this is a setup to mandate the jab. I’ve already started to put my resume together because i will never take that poison and would rather be fired than submit.

  8. I’ve been out and about in some smaller rural towns here, thankfully, I have yet to see a single face diaper. I may just be in an ok place? Idk.
    We’ll see what this weekend brings when I go to the bigger city.

    When you wrote, “the Fear Machine lets them know – and it will, endlessly – that even though they’ve been washed in the Holy Waters, they’ve not been delivered. They can still get the thing they’ve become obsessed with not getting”
    I was instantly reminded of the recent bit by Obama HHS Director Kathleen Sebelius via CNN:

    “We’re in a situation where we have a wildly effective vaccine, multiple choices, lots available, free of charge, and we have folks who are just saying I won’t do it. I think that it’s time to say to those folks, it’s fine if you don’t choose to get vaccinated. You may not come to work. You may not have access to a situation where you’re going to put my grandchildren in jeopardy. Where you might kill them, or you might put them in a situation where they’re going to carry the virus to someone in a high-risk position.”
    “That’s, I think the point where we are, is freedom is one thing, but freedom when you harm others like secondhand smoke and issues that we’ve dealt with very clearly in the past you can’t drive drunk. You can drink, but you can’t drive drunk because you can injure other people. You can’t smoke inside of a public place where you can give cancer to someone else in spite of their never having been a smoker.”
    “So I think we’re reaching that point in the United States where those of us who are vaccinated, I want to take off my mask. I want to be able to live my life with vaccination, and right now, I’m being impinged on by people who say I don’t want to get vaccinated. It’s fine. I want them to maybe have a limitation on where they can go and who they can possibly infect.”

    It’s like, WTF? They’re supposedly vaccinated, what have they got to worry about? It’s just like you wrote, “Remember: We’re not dealing with sane people who are capable of digesting facts and drawing reasonable inferences and deductions. “\

    Reading this article I was reminded of how my elderly TeeVee glued/transfixed mother was utterly convinced HUGE numbers of people would begin dropping dead after the big get togethers last Thanksgiving.
    I imagine there were millions just like her saying, “Just you wait. you’ll see”

    And then, when nothing happened…. it became all about The Shot.
    As if nothing. Blank.

    • Hello Helot, words have no meaning to these politicians like Sebelius. It’s fine if we don’t want the “vaccine”? And then she proceeds to tell ‘we the unvaccinated’ that we’ll have to starve and be homeless because we can’t work? She’s delighted with her stupid edicts from on high – She’s vile.

  9. Another great line from Josey Wales, spoken by Fletcher to the Senator, “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s rainin'”.

    To me that perfectly sums up the last 18 months.

  10. My FIL, who’s 77, had a doctor appt. today where the doctor actually advised against the gene therapy. Called it experimental, unnecessary and potentially dangerous due to the various health issues my FIL has (quadruple bypass 10 years ago). Everyone in my family breathed a sigh of relief because my FIL has an overly high opinion of allopathic doctors who “saved his life” 10 years ago.

  11. I’m telling you man, the scariest part of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers are the pod people. They can’t understand and they surely cannot be reasoned out of a position into which they were not reasoned into. As my (late) grandmother would say, “they’re not clocking”. The lights are on but nobody is home. Their only response to reality is programmatic.

    • So true & well put, Anonymous.

      Having been raised that reason was The American Way, that the best ideas win out, and all that, it’s sooo damned frustrating when bumping into: “and they surely cannot be reasoned out of a position into which they were not reasoned into.”

      “they’re not clocking”, indeed.

  12. I KNEW this was coming, as well. Yesterday had an appt w/MVA to renew my driver’s license. After 2 hours of waiting (this was with an appointment), the clerk told me I needed another document…I had the option of getting it and coming back the same day or rescheduling. Didn’t want to, but had a feeling I should come back same day to get it over with. Glad I did so, bc last night I learned that the “state of emergency” that “expired’ on July 1 is now “extended”.

    How can something that expired be extended? Guess it’s just words, anyway…

    • But, but, Dark Lord Fauci just said almost all the people who are dying of Covid-Con in America are the unvaxed.

      How can this be?

      • Is that a real question? I hope not. Because Fauci wile swear the sky is chartreuse if that’s what’s needed to keep the lie going.
        I have read reports from various nations that at least half the Delta variant cases, admissions and deaths are among the vaccinated. Given the high energy effort to dispose of evidence of the vaxx as a cause of death, I doubt their is even a source to discover such information from in the US. They don’t want anybody to get the “wrong” impression.

        • I thought the sarcasm tags were obvious.

          Dark Lord Fauci Via CNBC July 13th:

          “These vaccines are highly, highly effective both in the clinical trial and in the real-world effectiveness studies. Let me give you a cogent example: 99.5% of people who die of Covid are unvaccinated. Only 0.5% of those who die are vaccinated,” said Fauci, the longtime head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

          He said the real question is how long protection lasts and at what level of protection.

          “Does it wane off and if so, how soon? And if you do do a boost, how high do you get the response up?” …

          Among other things, the above is an example of, mothering.

    • ‘85% of new COVID Delta infections in Israel occur in people who are fully vaccinated.’ — Adam Smith

      The cited Israeli data demolish the naive notion that vaccination is a magic bullet that makes covid go away (a belief that the US fedgov, always a lagging indicator, remains monomaniacally fixated upon).

      Likewise, the Israeli data — showing that natural immunity trumps vaccine-induced immunity — destroys the absurd assumption that those who have recovered from covid should redundantly get vaxxed — as Sen Rand Paul virtually alone has stressed.

      One hypothesis is that, faced with a partial roadblock in the form of vaxxed adults, covid is evolving to end-run that barrier both with ‘breakthrough’ infections and by targeting younger cohorts who are less-vaxxed or unvaxxed.

      In other words, vaccines may be overly fitted and tuned to specific early variants of covid that already are ‘last year’s model,’ barely relevant anymore.

      With its gigantic ego now engaged, Big Gov can’t afford to admit that ivermectin, whose mode of action is far more generic than mRNA vaccines, probably remains just as effective against an evolving virus.

      Thus, like O J Simpson searching for ‘the real killer,’ the US fedgov continues its quixotic $3.2 billion search for a ‘covid antiviral,’ despite an off-patent one called ivermectin staring the fedgov’s lying, anti-science charlatans right in their fool faces.

      Not only do we need to get Big Gov out of education (i.e. abolish Jimmy Carter’s Education Dept), apparently now we need to get Big Gov out of public health as well, now that it’s nothing but Big Pharma’s gap-toothed, syphilis-chancred crack ho.

  13. Anyone noticed they don’t advertise the jab on TV? Probably because they would be required to list the side effects like all of their other symptom treating concoctions they peddle. “Ask your doctor about GenoJab. Side effects include brain swelling, blood clots, neurological failure, and death.”

    Diapers seem to be on the wane, even amongst the blue around here. Not to worry, once fall rolls back around, the fear will be turned up to 11 and we will have a worse case of “the diapers, the diapers” than the first time.

  14. I can count the number of face curtains in the single digits at the stores these days.

    Heard or read a comment somewhere that those still wearing the rags have already received the shot.
    The medically afflicted don’t go out much, and those who refuse the experiment aren’t masking.

    Really changed how I look at these fools. Now I view them as pathetic lost souls who worship at the alter of world news tonight.

  15. I have noticed a slight increase in diapered Freaks, but it appears to be within the “normal” fluctuation in OKC and surrounding arease. The non effaced urban dwellers have received the holy jab, but are too busy going to their gay rallies and to yoga studios to have listened to their NPR or CNN talking about the scariants. It’s the most faggy god damned thing I’ve seen

  16. The local rural community where I do most of my business has shown little change since the whole shitshow started. There is a small, very small college in town, and I suspect many of the 5-10% masking are from there, being immigrants and unable to recognize male bovine organic fertilizer when they smell it. A few others that are even older than me and/or fat, are wearing them, I assume to protect themselves, even though masks are even less effective at that than they are in the other direction. Which the CDC determined years ago they were not either.

  17. If only, in 2020, we had done nothing at all, this would be over. The virus would have done its thing and no one would have noticed.

    • The entire spectacle was created out of whole cloth. Even then, when a couple of cures were discovered, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, they were suppressed, vigorously, to promote vaccines that have so may adverse reactions that no other medical treatment has ever been allowed to remain available with so many.

      • If effective treatments were available, the emergency use authorization of their vaccines would not be legally possible. This is very telling about the motivations here, and should scare the bejesus out of anyone with two brain cells left to rub together (something in short supply these days).

  18. The very first thing I noticed when “THE CASE THE CASES” started up again was that no news article I read about it even mentioned deaths. Which led me to conclude they weren’t a factor. Which means “So What!”. Now I see the hospitals which are nearly all for profit now, and keep their capacity at or near average case load, are being overwhelmed. Again. Because any increase in demand for service above average is bound to do so. There are a couple of nurses I have known, which don’t speak to me now because I explain so clearly this whole thing is male bovine organic fertilizer, for 20 years or more, that have always complained about short staffing. It’s the industry standard.

    • Has anyone inquired on who is getting sick? I am talking to clients everyday – nobody is sick, not even with a cold. So who is going to the hospital? Does anyone know someone who currently has this and has been hospitalized? The winter/early Spring we all get the sniffles, or a sinus infection, or the flu, but this time of year and has hot as it has been how can any virus any survive in 100 degree heat?

      • Since the hospitals are STILL being paid a bonus for COVID diagnosis, they could be diagnosing an appendectomy as a COVID case, and put them on a ventilator to get an even bigger bonus. Most hospitals are for profit now. Then they whine about being overwhelmed because they short staff as they normally do. Probably getting even more free money.

      • I was asking “who had it” during the first go-round. I did not know anyone who died of the Rona. I had heard some celebs’ deaths being attributed to it, but I certainly did not see anyone around me drop like a fly.

        What I have seen this year is two colleagues in my industry, whom were in the age groups most likely to survive the Rona have died this year. Of course, vax info is not shared through company memorandums, I am left to guess that they took the jab. There’s no “lost their battle to ….” mentioned in either death.

        • Today, I learned of the 3rd person in my social circle that has died within a short time of the jab. One was a lifelong friend’s mom, who was hospitalized with bowel issues within a week of the jab (mysterious – never did get a diagnosis, but OF COURSE it had nothing to do with the jab), then a week later, she was gone. The other was my brother’s wife’s dad – again within 3 weeks of the jab, had a massive stroke and died (no history of stroke). This third was a youngish woman (50’s), after 2nd jab had many issues and was hospitalized. About 2 weeks later she is dead.

          I know of several others who have had to have blood transfusions, or have had paralysis and other strange maladies within a very short time (sometimes hours) of the jab.

          I know NO ONE who has died of “covid.”

          • Seems to be another hard day on the planet.

            Too many testimonials out there to for you become doubtful, very skeptical, as cynical as anyone can get, you can be even more cynical.

            Stoicism leads to depression, or something. Depression is a choice, you let your mind rule your thoughts.

            It gets so unbelievably depressing, it’s depressing.

            Ya gotta rise above, rise to the occasion, raise awareness.

            If everybody takes the jab, you fooled 100 percent of the suckers on the planet. Way to go!

            What does a man profit if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

            This stuff is approaching biblical proportions.

      • RG

        When my son was in for appendicitis and testes positive because he had it back in February he put in a covid ward. The week he was there the ward consisted of him and then halfway through the week 1 other. Neither were in there for convid, neither had any symptoms of convid but were there for other ailments. i guarantee they were counted among the convid hospitalization CASES!!!! that week.

        • That makes sense. They are counting those that have antibodies as positive cases, which means anyone who has had the jab or who has had Covid over the last 6 months is a case.

  19. I live in an area that is purportedly 80% anointed. Sunday, while grocery shopping in the local granola/crunchy store, I found about 80% of shoppers were diapered. This is not a coincidence. The vaccinated are those still wearing face diapers.

  20. In my neighborhood the masking is over, extinct, concluded, played out. Finito. We have a few city stragglers who haven’t gotten the memo, but everyone else is walking around like it is 2019. We are all sitting back waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I had a pleasant surprise walking up to Staples this afternoon. I see a mask sign and my thinking was “oh crap….are you kidding me?” Right above it stated “No Masks Required”. The fine print reads “If vaccinated, masks are not required in our store.” I identify as vaccinated so I walk on in. Stocked up on some coffee and $.25 notebooks while I was there. Walking around it was obvious everyone else identifies as vaccinated as well, even the cashiers.

    I am not foolish enough to believe “normal” is going to last for any length of time (I am guessing abnormal will be here by the end of September/early October), but I will enjoy it while I can and stock up on what I must.

  21. Coupla edits. It’s 7/14. Yankee officer. Champing at the bit. Otherwise, I think you summed up the situation pretty well. Things are so normal right now around me but I’m still suspicious.


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