Unsafe and Ineffective

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It’s turning out – at Warp Speed – that the “vaccine” isn’t even effective and forget safe.

People who’ve been Jabbed are getting sick – or at least, they are “testing positive” for the Epsilon Semi Moron or Plaid or Delta Blues “variant” of the sickness far too many people are obsessed with avoiding, even if the putative cure is worse than the possibility of sickness. In Israel, for instance, it has been reported that 40 percent of the new “cases” are among the Needled.

And it’s not just in Israel. It is everywhere. Including, for instance, California – where the Face Effacing is resuming. And in Australia, where much worse (and what’s likely coming, for us) is happening – notwithstanding all the Needling. 

How is this possible if what the Pope of Science – and his spray-tanned poodle, the Orange Fail – insist to be true is in fact true? A car that doesn’t start 1 percent of the time isn’t very effective and not many would buy it, if they knew about it.

If it lost a wheel on the highway even 1 percent of the time, probably 100 percent of the public would be “hesitant” to buy one.

Yet the people pushing this “cure” continue to hard-sell it, even as evidence accrues that it doesn’t “work” as advertised and comes with a lot of fine print you’re not allowed to read, too.

Where’s that disclosure about what’s in there – and what might happen?

Never mind,  just roll up your sleeve. It’s good for you. Trust us. This from people whose serial untrustworthiness is better established than Nixon’s. But this time, it’s ok. This time, we should just believe what they tell us.

Even if it kills us.

Where are the “consumer advocates” – those people who made sure every lawn mower shuts off if you let go of the obnoxious handle they all come with now – because some moron, somewhere, stuck his hand under a running one? The people who made sure hot coffee is no longer served at drive-thru windows because some imbecile put a cup of it between her legs before driving off? The ones who made opening a bottle of any over-the-counter pill bottle an exercise in aggravation for adults without kids because someone else’s kids, someplace else, ate a bottle full of pills?

Whatever happened to saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety first? If it saves even one life?

VW was ordered to stop selling diesel-powered cars because a hypothetical “someone” – no real person actually harmed was ever presented – might have coughed because of exhaust byproducts so attenuated it took incredibly sensitive equipment to even detect their presence. VW executives were arrested and sent to prison – for not causing the death of a single flesh-and-blood victim.

But the Pope of Science continues to preach – and pressure. This known liar – don’t efface your face; then efface it; then efface it two – no, three times – is to be regarded as a “trusted authority.” But those who do not trust him and question his authority – did anyone vote for this man? – are excoriated, banned and de-monetized. It is almost as if there’s an agenda afoot.

The “safe” part almost beggars comprehension. At least twice as many people have died from this cure as were killed on the day Our Freedoms died – those deaths serving as the flag-wrapped pretext for taking our freedoms away. It has been 20 years since an American was free to board an airplane or even enter an airport without being presumed a “terrorist” and treated accordingly, out of a dread fear of “another Nahhnlevven.”

Well, the deaths of many thousands more – multiple Nahhhhnlevvens – at the hands of medical terrorists – have happened and it passes by as if nothing had happened. As if nothing were happening.

People are dying from the Needling, ongoing, in numbers that less than two years ago would have resulted in a national panic. If people were told to panic. Instead, they are told not to – about the Needling – and so they don’t. This is remarkable. The Truman Show wasn’t a show. Well, it was a way of showing the power of the show. People conditioned to believe reality is on TeeVee are easy to panic.

Just tell them to. That’s their cue, with Brian Stelter & Co. as their director. Lights! Camera! Action!

They did not look around – away from the screen – and thus failed to notice that the bodies weren’t piling up, nor the hospitals “overflowing” – contrary to what they were being told by their Master’s Voice was happening. They believed the latter because they saw it on TeeVee. Or rather, were told it was happening, by the TeeVee.

Now they are being told by the same TeeVee that the cure for what doesn’t ail them is effective when it objectively is not and safe when that is demonstrably false. But they do not believe it because the TeeVee has not said it. Instead, they gaze adoringly at the visage of the Pope of Science and his acolytes, their nimbus-glowing saviors from a sickness that’s in their minds.

It’s not for nothing that what’s on TeeVee is referred to as programming.

Indeed, it is.

. . .

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  1. COVID-Positive Doc: ‘I Didn’t Wear a Mask and I Regret It’

    ‘It’s too late’: Alabama doctor shares final moments of Covid patients, urges vaccination

    Whoops. Same doctor. Posts exactly one year apart. No doubt the July 21, 2022 post will read: “I only got 19 out of the 20 booster shots, and now homo sapiens is extinct!”

      • Haha, okay RG, you do that. 😉

        I haven’t tried licorice root, myself, but I’d be willing. I take a smorgasbord of other supplements, including n-acetylcysteine, vits C and D, and quercetin for health, and oregano oil if I begin to feel ill. I’ve survived thus far as well.

        Now, you sure you don’t just want to make a spike-protein cocktail and put it right in your arm? You can customize and everything! Variants Alpha through Delta! 😉

        • No Lambda variant, yet?

          Thanks for the suggestion, BaDnOn, but at this time I am just going to wait for the whole Greek alphabet to be completed before I offer my body to science. 😉

          Thanks for the reminder on oregano oil. I need to put that on my shopping list for this week. I doubt they make that in tea form.

          • Sorry, no lambda yet. That will be saved for a winter scare cycle…

            And you can make oregano tea, which has some effect, but for maximum effect, just go for the hard stuff. 😉 Seriously, just get some capsules, and don’t mess with the straight oil, unless you want to add it to olive oil or something and do a shot (which I do now and then).

            But it’s harsh. Just keep that in mind. Hence the capsules.

            • Lambda may be bad, but just wait for the advent of the Omega variant… Then DOOM shall fall upon all of those who do not follow the Holy Words of Saint Fauxi… This fall and winter may turn out to be even more “interesting” than last years. If we lose the power grid (cyber attacks…) all bets are off.

          • I have used oregano oil to cure bacterial infection, but found it useless against viral infection. Just like antibiotics. It promotes health in other aspects as well, and I take drop per day on my tongue, which isn’t particularly fun, but the burn doesn’t last long. On your skin you need to be VERY careful. Without dilution, it will literally blister sensitive skin areas, and never use it without substantial dilution on an injury.

  2. Outstanding! Mower handles for morons, kind of sums up the entire covid fiasco from masks to vaccines to social distancing, to the Wuhan lab being funded for our “safety” too.

  3. I never, never, never watch the TV news for any reason or read the mainstream social media sites. I don’t know what is being said by the TV propagandists or 99% of the mainstream media shills and couldn’t care less. I am 99% sure they never tell the truth. If they tell me a meteor is going to hit the planet next week and destroy humanity, I don’t care.

    Crap happens; between extremely large to minutely small. It’s out of my control…even if it is true. All news items are basically history, even if happening in real time. You cannot experience the news in the present moment unless, perhaps you are part of it as it is occurring. It’s pretty much a waste of time and effort and dulls your independent thinking, if you still have any. The history of news is only as accurate and factual as the person telling it or reporting it…even going back to Egyptian and Roman times.

    What I can control is the decision to accept or not a mRNA nano-particle, blood clotting, immune system destroying poison that under no current protocols or suppositions is proven through non-pharma controlled channels to be of any use or need to anyone. Zilchereno in my book.

    And I have never given a tenth of a second to thinking about should I or should I not rush down to Mickeydees and get an injection in exchange for a free ice cream cone or any of their crappy fast food. There is no way I accept these injections or any vaccines for that matter. Throw in 98% of big pharma drugs and there is no thinking about any of this.

    The primary supporting pillar of the fake pandemic, with all the presumed cases and related deaths, revolves around PCR testing. The PCR test has never been vetted for the uses the medical system has engaged in. The only agenda supporting this test is the creation of cases and deaths and the resulting rush of fear…all fake mind you except the fear. One can only hope they survive the death injection…it ain’t looking too good for millions of those who blindly believe the TV, big pharma and their doctors.

    Though I supported Trump, him and his nit-witted warp-speed injection parade can go to the DEVIL. He will be following joey who has already shaken hands and hugged the crap out of him.

    • Right-on, Tom! I gave up TV and mainstream media almost 30 years ago. Even lowly sit-coms propagate BS…but the news is the absolute worst! Though I haven’t seen a news broadcast in decades, I KNOW exactly what they’re saying because of the opinions I see expressed by those around me and on the interwebz. Even the alternative news sites which I used to read a lot, are largely hype and BS now too. And as you allude, even if the news were 100% true and accurate, 99.9% of it is totally irrelevant to us personally. The Amish live just fine without ever hearing a newscast…in-fact, they’re the better for it.

  4. In 2016, the unthinkable happened, the “deplorables” elected an outsider to the Presidency. The “deep state” could not allow this to stand. From the beginning in 2017, the “pussy hat” rally, the Russia hoax, Muller report, impeachment, the constant personal attacks from the Democratic Congress and the media, then culminating in 2020 (an election year) with the “accidental release” of a bioengineered virus (funded by the NIH), then face diapers and the lockdowns. Emergency actions had to be taken, including allowing massive mail in voting with no signature verification, because of the “pandemic”. The “deplorables” had to be crushed “by any means necessary”.

    Now the needle. Propaganda and psychological warfare are being used by the “deep state” to create fear and chaos in order to control. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in a totalitarian dystopia, wonder no more.

    • Hi Griff,

      I don’t disagree with your synopsis, with the one exception. I no longer believe the “outsider” myth. My reasons have been elaborated in several columns, but the gist is: He allowed and enabled the weaponization of hypochondria that cost him the presidency and has been pushing/touting the Needling. My interpretation of this is that he is either an insider – or an imbecile. I see no third option. Do you?

      • Hi Eric, I have also wondered about Trump and who he really is – nothing would surprise me, although I don’t really think he’s an imbecile. Fooled maybe, because this virus stuff is really outside his expertise. But I don’t understand how he could allow the insane monetary incentives given out to hospitals to classify every respiratory case as covid. That added much fuel to this sad and evil scam. Was that outside of his control? I don’t know – Seems like a wise person would change course after being fooled the first time, but he didn’t even try, unless he did and it just wasn’t reported. “I see no third option” – Perhaps death threats to his family?

        • Hi Snap,

          I was willing to give the Orange Ape the benefit of the doubt at first. This ‘Rona Juggernaut came out of nowhere and I cannot fault anyone for being alarmed – at first. But after a few months we knew the threat was grotesquely exaggerated. How could he not also know it? Isn’t it his job to know it? And yet, he stood like a spray-tanned wooden indian by the side of the new president – Fauci – for months, allowing him to weaponize hypochondria.

          He also did nothing to prevent mass absentee balloting. He did not even try to see to it that the votes were vetted before they were counted.

          Only an imbecile – or someone in on this scam – could have acted in this way.

          Let’s also not forget the fact that he is a Needle-pusher, too.

          • Yes, the Needle-pusher – there’s no denying he is one; it’s just insane to promote needling so vigorously even in the face of death and permanent crippling that can’t be denied. I can’t remember the last time I had any vaccine – could have been in my teens, and I’m now in my ’60’s.

            My body sometimes over-reacts to substances eaten. I no longer can drink beer, because I struggle to breathe for 3 or 4 hours after just one. Mosquito bites stay with me for months. Two summers ago I got two bee stings at once and ran into the house and applied ice and took Benadryl. Within minutes I was feeling very weird, hives were appearing all over and I told my husband to take me to the nearest walk-in clinic, fast. We had to take our three young grandchildren with us – I walked in and announced to the girl at the desk that I just got stung and she pointed to an exam room where I entered and collapsed on a chair. That’s the last thing I remember. I went into anaphylactic shock – my husband said later he thought I was dying.

            I live with these annoyances like bees, and I still garden. I adjust my diet to avoid unpleasant reactions. I’m willing to live with risk, but it should be my decision what I risk – not the governments’.

            I will never willingly submit to this jab, and it’s just immoral to require it – Trump’s enthusiastic support and promotion of it negates everything positive he did during his term in office.

            • I want to add that I’ve been stung by bees a few times before in my 60+ years without the extreme reaction I had the last time. There was no way I expected anaphylaxis. Not going to get an experimental injection and then wait to see what happens.

          • Agreed, and the more I keep thinking it over, it only keeps making more sense that he was in on it all along. Even the stealing of the election.

            It was the first shot in taking out Americans that love America. He pretended to love America. The next shot in taking out Americans who love and hate America would be in the form of a double shot. The sheep are now headed for slaughter at a later TPD date.

            Finally, when he gets messages out, he isn’t firing back hard against all the BS going on right now, at least not in any manner to make any real news. Instead, we see reporters beg Trump to promote the genocide jab because they think he is some sort of cult leader and he does.

          • He resisted mask mandates and didn’t wear one until the MSM really got after him. I think he was poorly advised that being more anti would have cost him votes. He spoke out against the voting laws changes but should have and didn’t sue those states. He did a lot and said a lot of good things but he wasn’t perfect by any stretch. A million times better than Hilary or Joe though. Hopefully, not the last non-democrat ever elected.

        • There never was nor ever will be any “great savior”. We can only save ourselves by living as we see fit. All politics is distraction. Until we all see this and move forward with life nothing will change. Indeed only get worse.

          • Government not only is unable to solve any problem, it creates most of them, and has no intention of solving any of them. Their intent is the same as any other sociopath, to feed their already heavily exaggerated ego.

          • Amen, brother. I’ve learned a lot from a small youtuber under the name of thegreatesttruthnevertold. He promotes silver as the escape, and he pushes it hard… a lot of times for his own personal gain, sure. But I do believe that it is the answer to end this monster we are facing. They’d never be as powerful as they are without the current monetary system we have now.

            • A member of the House of Morgan (JP if I remember right) once said; “Gold and silver are money. Everything else is credit”. It was true then, its true now. Just like war, central banks and fiat currency, are the health of the state.

              Tie that in with fractional reserve banking, and you have the toxic brew that undermines and taints, everything it touches.

              I’d go so far as to say, that the vast majority of wars (of all types) simply wouldn’t be possible. Without a central bank, and its banking system, to create “money” out of thin air to pay for it. There is gigantic, unaccountable power in that reality.

              This book explores the history of the so called federal reserve (in fact it is neither) and its implications. Its a good starting point for understanding the source of many of the worlds current (and past) problems.

      • Griff,

        No one-and I mean NO ONE-achieves the success Trump did in NYC real estate without greasing the right palms; no one gets that far in construction without getting cozy with La Cosa Nostra, either. Hell, he used to BRAG about it during his rallies! No, he was and is an insider. Thanks to being a great actor and TV star, he knew how to play his role perfectly, and he did. The casualties were the American people…

        • I don’t disagree that Trump was maybe, or probably just acting a part, but boy, he put up with a lot of crap – he was ridiculed mercilessly – most people would cave after the kind of pressure put on him by media and many other sources – it doesn’t jibe with a self-centered persona – Why would a narcissist put up with it?

            • Plus, he no doubt was WELL rewarded for the role he played! The Rs and Ds are on the same, globalist team; they’re working for the same people. It’s no different than the WWE where you have the good guy and the heel, the bad guy. They pretend to be enemies during the wrestling match; the crowd boos the heel; then the wrestlers and other WWE people enjoy dinner and drinks together afterwards.

        • Not only was th’Rump a ubiquitous TeeVee personality for decades, incessantly promoted as the quintessential “mogul” or “tycoon,” but he was specifically built up as a presidential aspirant and “option” since 1988.


          The idea that he was an “outsider” or a “surprise to the establishment” is beyond ridiculous. He’s just another dancing puppet on the TeeVee screen.

      • Eric,

        I don’t believe Trump was in on the game, the deep state worked too hard to destroy him. But Trump is a flawed individual. An attention seeking narcissist and self promoter, I think he was shocked he won the Presidency. He was manipulated by the Republican establishment who despise the “deplorables” as much as the Democrats.

        Trump did manage to govern with center/right policies and many of his political instincts were good. But, with constant political and personal attacks from the communists in government and the media he was forced to spend most of his energy simply surviving, not governing. Even with the Wuhan, his instincts to initially downplay the virus as just a bad flu and then for a short “two weeks to shorten the curve” response to the initial increase in “cases” were correct. Unfortunately, he’s reportedly a germaphobe (another personal flaw), which allowed him to be used by the deep state and the hysterical media to panic the public into accepting the implementation of totalitarian policies in the guise of “public health”. The fact he was unwilling or unable to stop these unconstitutional and unlawful actions was the major failure of his presidency.

        In the end, for all his flaws and mistakes, Trump did lay bare the reality of a national government that no longer represents the citizens of the country, but works the for interests of global elites, international banks and corporations, corrupt politicians and career bureaucrats.

        • Hi Griff,

          Perhaps. But I will never forgive him, regardless. Because in the end, he enabled the weaponization of hypochondria. He allowed the communists to take over the government by allowing the weaponization of hypochondria, which enabled mass – unvetted – absentee voting. He promoted Big Pharma’s evil Jab. He continues to promote it. He suckered conservatives into attending what became the pretext for demonizing anyone who opposes communism as a “racist white supremacist.”

          And now he won’t just go away. He failed. Or, he succeeded. Either way, the man is a dead skunk around the neck of the liberty movement.

            • Amen, Griff –

              I consider the future of liberty – if it is to have one – to be decentralized. Gigantism breeds collectivism; it makes it inevitable, even if well intentioned. Human scale societies – in the older meaning of that term – are our best hope, I think. By which I mean the people around us, our families and friends, the people we know and who know us. The old Andy Griffith Show was popular for this reason, I think. It showed how decent life can be when people know one another, when they look out for one another. This is probably only realistically feasible on the small scale – the town, the county. But a network of such counties and towns that retain their independence can still be a nation, as America was, once – and I think could be, again.

              • Which may come about out of necessity. The dollar has bee fading for some time, but the abuse it has lately endured will be the end of it. Fiat currency is in all cases temporary, and I believe the dollar’s time is soon to be up. So we stand on the knifes edge between the “great reset” and a “new” fiat currency, and the “sane reset” where we form smaller political units instead of ever bigger ones. The USSR went through it, and although the process wasn’t fun for anyone involved, it appears Russia has fared well, and most of the former Soviet States have fared better than under the USSR anyway. Except for the capitol of corruption in Ukraine.

              • I am sure you have heard of Polyface Farm nearby in Virginia? I read their website and I’d love to see more of those farms pop up. Or more of those people like the Salatins take control of businesses for their communities.

                • Hi Andrew,

                  Yes! Polyface is about an hour and a half away from me. We get meat from Salatin’s farm via Earth Fare, which stocks it. We have been meaning to pay him a visit; the hitch being my workaholic-ism!

      • Morning Eric,

        Trump was a life long political insider who parlayed his political connections for personal gain (as someone else noted). That he successfully portrayed himself as an outsider and populist crusader demonstrates his political skills.


      • I never had any faith in Trump. But he did serve one purpose, whether intentional or not, and it ended the moment he was elected. He gave an opportunity for voters to tell the Sociopaths In Charge that they were not pleased.

        • Morning, John –

          Yup. The Orange Man did indeed cause the corruption to become so blatantly obvious that only those who like it and desire it cannot help but see it. America is now the Jefe state it has always been, just without the window dressing.

      • …I also wonder about Trump and his role in this planned debacle. For a man who built a separate fortune on allegedly knowing how to hire & fire, this man was terrible. For someone who allegedly knows “people”, how could he be so blind and dumb as to accept the people he hired? I know there are a lot of rules to follow when terminating a Federal Employee, but not so much if you just reassign them. However, it seems that Trump did implement a lot of his promised agenda, and if not impeded by the ongoing treason, would have been light years more successful. I don’t know if he simply adapted to the abuse and felt stunted in his ability to fight back because of his Office. I just don’t know. This is the reason that I have not been a habitual Trump Supporter. I disagreed with firing missiles into Syria, but understood that he had to play a role before the country and world, as he claimed he was trying to change to country and the world for the better. On the other hand, he appears to have allowed Israel to do as they pleased? He did not get us into any new wars… and fought the corruption to a stalemate. So much so that the elite had to kill millions, kill the economy and kill our republic in order to steal power back from Trump. So I’m confused…as many are…but still support the hope that Trump is an anti-globalist. Perhaps he is the person we need to finish off the globalist project? Or was Trump’s role in history to be the one who showed everyone the truth, and it is up to others to finish that work? I really don’t know if that’s true, but it’s one of the last hooks on the wall in which I can hang my “Hope-Hat”…eh?

    • I offer a differing opinion….a far flung one, no doubt. Trump is in on the game. He was brought in to cause chaos and he did an outstanding job of it. Last night I couldn’t sleep so I actually reread the Rockefeller Scenarios. I know most people focus on the first stage: Lockstep, but there are four scenarios in all: Lockstep, Clever Together, Hack Attack, and Smart Scramble. The WEF is abiding by this handbook.

      The hardest thing to interpret is why something happens. Why are some people evil? Why do people think the way that they do? What is the objective? In all of this we never focus on the psychological aspects until after the events and people took place (after the damage has been done).

      Let’s look at the dynamics of the WEF and everyone running this show. Who is in charge? I think we can state, very solidly, old white men. What do old white men enjoy doing? Talking to a bunch of other old men how things were better in the “old days.” As we get older we reminisce about the past. Everything was always better when we were younger. I believe the events of today are occurring to destroy the current technology. To take us back to a simpler time where central authoritative governments were not a mainstay, at least, globally, tribes and small communities were. I believe the point is to initiate so much control, knowing the system and people will break.

      Unfortunately, millions and millions of people are going to die.

      • I’m more inclined to believe they are mentally ill. Sociopaths, who are concerned about nothing but satisfying their own ego, however much damage it does to others. Such are quite often intelligent and charismatic, making it easy to climb the ladder, since they have no conscience. They could be old white men as you describe as well I suppose. But they primarily present as insane.

        • No doubt, they are psycho, but they know they are going to lose. The Rockefeller Foundation states that people will be rebel. They seem to be accepting of that as long as the global system self destructs and population is reduced.

          • Well, if the system self destructs, lower population will be a byproduct. I don’t think anything can stop the dollar from collapsing. No fiat currency can take the amount of abuse it’s getting now for long. Being the reserve currency for much of the world, it will at least rattle the entire operation, if not destroy it as well.

            • RE: “I don’t think anything can stop the dollar from collapsing. No fiat currency can take the amount of abuse it’s getting now for long.”

              The late great Robert Wenzel disagreed on that point. He said it could go on for a Very long time.
              I used to think otherwise, however; I’m inclined go with his thoughts on the matter.
              Or, as Martin Armstrong puts it: it’s a collapse in the confidence in goobermint which ushers in a collapse of the currency.

              • The value of any fiat currency is based on public confidence. It has no intrinsic value of any kind. The more it inflates, the less confidence. Some years ago I read a collection of correspondence written by those who experienced the Weimar disaster. One common note in almost all of them was “this did not happen gradually”. Weeks to months, not years.

                • Inflation negates even the positive effects of pooblik confidence. Put a huge amount of purely fiat currency into circulation, and demand increases. That alone causes a rise in prices, thus devaluing of all existing currency.

                  But it gets worse! When demand (and ability to pay) increases, but their isn’t a corresponding increase in supply/production…prices rise even more, and existing currency is devalued even more.

                  We are living this. We are just starting to see the very tip of the effects iceberg. The wild printing of fiat under Trump and Bidet is unparalleled. We are soon to be the new Wiemar. (Hell, not only are we not seeing an increase in production…we are instead seeing a decrease, since people are being paid not to work, and even if they did work, “we” don’t make anything of value on these shores anymore- This is nothing but the planned bankruptcy of this country.)

                  • Agreed. Inflation is rarely ever gradual, but I believe the crash of the dollar will bankrupt the world, not just the USSA.

                    Unfortunately, I had the TV on the other night, while working late, and saw a snippet from Biden stating that if the government printed more money inflation would decrease?!?! I don’t know if this man is just a moron or if he believes the country is made up of morons. No government or individual has ever spent their way out of debt.

                    This morning I purchased 20 pounds of sugar, a large amount of rice, and a boatload of medicinal teas. I am seriously contemplating buying a bread machine and a bucket of spelt or wheatberries. I know my husband probably believes I have lost my mind, but I just see 1) a food shortage occurring, 2) prices increasing, and 3) lockdowns/mask mandates returning.

                    Not real hopeful times coming. 🙁

                    I feel we are headed back to the Stone Ages, or at least, the late 1800s.

                    • If you cut the sugar you may not need the teas. There’s nothing healthy about it, and much unhealthy, before it makes one fat. FYI, artificial sweeteners also trick the body into the very same maladies that sugar does, except the fat part.

                    • The sugar is for baking. I drink teas straight, no add ins.

                      I also do not use alternative sweeteners….just straight organic sugar cane, but it is pretty much a necessity for my breads, cookies, etc. I purchased enough to carry me through two years….just in case the SHTF.

                    • I worry about running out of yeast- as I did the last time the scamdemic reared it’s ugly head. Yeast don’t keep forever, even if ya freeze it… What do you do, RG? (Yeah, this Dago bakes 5-ingredient whole-wheat bread and pizza. )

                    • Very impressive, Nunz. 😊

                      Unopened dry yeast will last for at least a year in the freezer. I usually only have a pound or two at a time stashed away. I have read a few comments where it will last up to five years in a refrigerator if unopened, but I have not tested this.

                      I am just getting into bread making. My first few times have not been tremendously successful although a sourdough bread bowl did not come out half bad.

                      I make a lot more muffins and coffee cakes. I just picked three pounds of blueberries from our bushes and am baking a lemon blueberry bread as we speak.

                    • RG, years ago I used to by that Red Star yeast in a jar, and they’d say if ya kept it in the freezer it’d keep a while. I used to go through it pretty fast back in those days though…so I still don’t know about it’s longevity…and they don’t sell it ‘rouch h’yar. Didn’t think of refrigerating/freezing the packets though! That’s a great idear! I’ll give it a try. (I just used to like the bulk yeast…as it was so much cheaper- that packet yeast is expensive!).

                      Just FYI if ya ever want to try it- and it is SO simple:

                      My Dough Recipe:
                      (Stop reading here if not interested)

                      c.2 & 1/4 cups of flour (For whole wheat- may need to adjust according to feel. If ya use white flour, you’ll definitely need a little more)

                      Sprinkle in a packet of yeast….shake in some salt…and a little sugar if you like, and stir it up.

                      Add the water (Not cold…but not hot, or it’ll kill the yeast).

                      Mix it all up with a spoon in your bowl, and knead it a little- don’t go nuts…don’t over-work it…do it right in the bowl.

                      Shape it into a ball and let it rise in the bowl in a warmish place- copvered with a dampt towel. c. 1 hour.

                      Then just work it slightly and shap[e it into a c 2″ thick rectangle and let it sit for c. 1/2 hr.

                      When ready to bake, rub the exterior of the dough with a light coating of olive oil.

                      If making pizza: Spread onto a cookie sheet or pizza pan, preferably on a sheet of parchment paper (and it won’t stick!) put your cheese and sauce on, and bake at c. 450 for c.12 mins. or…

                      If making bread, put in a loaf pan, or form into a loaf, and bake at 350…time can vary depending on shape and thickness of loaf. Mine often take 25 mins. but check sooner, as over-baking will ruin it…especially with whole wheat!

                      The biggest thing is getting a feel for how the dough should feel when you make it- and WW will be stiffer than white. White should be almost sloppy soft…WW should be softish but not sloppy.

                      It’s so simple, nutritious and delicious…you learn to make small adjustments to get it the way you want.

                      That is the commercial dough recipe they use in pizza parlors and bakeries. No shortening is the key! (Took me years to learn that, but once I did, it made ALL the difference!)

                    • Thanks, Nunz. This is much appreciated and I will definitely give this a go. Will let you know how it turns out. 😊

                    • RG,
                      Hope you enjoy it! It’s hard to go wrong with it- and after a little experience, you can really tailor it to just the way you want it- Not too much to fiddle with, except the flour-water ratio, and baking time.

                      Done even reasonably right, it produces a firm but not hard crust, and relatively light body (Well…’light’ by real-food standards…not light like that empty fluffed-up supermarket crud).


  5. Fuck this vaccine bullshit, who do you dumbfucks think you are? Satan?

    Fauci is a fucking asshole, complete spelling of the expletives necessary.

    Gain of function, i.e. we want to mutate the human genome via meiosis. Infect the cells with a mutant strain of dna, mitosis goes haywire. The human body becomes a human-caused chimera, the fully functioning human adult phenotype becomes a compromised circus freak because a few dumbasses like Fauci and his ilk think it’s cool to do dumbshit research on the human haploid genome.

    Fuck fucking you, and that means you, Dr. Fauci, Asshole Supreme. Mr. Asshole on Sesame Street.

    A cistron is a single polypeptide bond that has a specific function as a gene in the dna amino acid double helix that Francis Crick and Doc Watson revealed back in 1961, year may be wrong, but close.

    As my neighbor once yelled out in the middle of the night, “This is my fucking fucking life!”

    An Hispanic American with drive and motivation, “I shit money,” he said.

    Freaking hilarious.

    Fuck those government greenshirt shitheads.

    Change my mind.

  6. I started out my education in medicine – wanting to be a medical researcher, before I drifted into tech, but I’ve studied immunology enough to understand the current peer reviewed research around covid 19, and I’ve been reading a lot of it. What research says isn’t in line with policy, but let me explain some of the things in here.

    When you are infected with something, your body has innate defenses to stop any infection which come out immediately but aren’t all that effective, and then your adaptive immune system randomly searches for something specific to that infection which works better, via antibodies and other correlates of immunity. Research has shown that a covid19 infection results in around a couple of hundred kinds of identifiable antibodies, each of which binds to some part of covid19. When you have immunity via mRNA vaccine, you have a bit fewer than a hundred identified antibodies. The delta variant seems to evade about 1/8 of the antibodies in both the infection and vaccine induced immunity, leaving you with plenty of effective antibodies. So, both ways are effective at stopping delta. With fewer antibodies participating, you’ll statistically have a lesser immune response, and are more likely to get sick, but odds of going to the hospital if you’ve been vaccinated or recovered due to delta infection are damn near zero.

    Now, for some counterintuitive statistics.
    Let’s say we have a vaccine which is 90% effective and 90% of people have gotten it.
    Consider 1000 people get exposed to the virus.
    The 10% unvaccinated get sick – that’s 100.
    Then, 10% of the remainder (900) get sick, so 90 vaccinated people get sick.
    In the hospital, you get 47% (90/190) vaccinated people being sick.

    The more people that get vaccinated, the higher proportion of those in the hospital will have been vaccinated. Crazy, huh? Makes sense if you think about it. As of right now, the pfizer/moderna vaccines are about 94% effective at keeping you from getting sick from alpha (the original covid19), and about 66% effective at keeping you from getting sick from delta, but are near 100% effective at preventing you from getting ill to the point of needing medical intervention for both alpha and delta. Convalescent immunity from infection is a bit better at keeping you from getting ill from delta.

    Now, what does research show so far?
    – Asymptomatic spread doesn’t really happen, it’s proportional to how sick you are
    – The fears around touching surfaces were unfounded
    – Vulnerable people need to be strictly protected (nursing homes, etc)
    – There’s no benefit to lockdowns or masking in the general population. Properly sealed N95 (or better) masks work, but almost nobody uses one of those, so the cloth ones are just for show.
    – This is a lot worse than the flu.

    • If the SARS track record is 99.7% survival, that leaves a gross 1 in 333 chance of dying from a transmissible disease, that is serious but it is not something to blindly panic over. Especially when for healthy people under 75 that number is much lower, on the order of 1 in 10,000. For people under 25 it’s essentially zero. Why in hell would we need a vaccine for this? Especially after all the field evidence of treatments like Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C&D, working?

      The masking, the lockdowns, the blatant propaganda and censorship, the absolutely insane reactions (if in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout) of society’s management, have led to serious world changing consequences. There is going to be starvation, civil unrest, and tyrannies great and small popping up like whack-a-mole. SARS Covid 19 is just not serious enough to allow it to cause any of this!

      I’ve had viral pneumonia several times in my life- it is assuredly worse than the flu. SARS-Covid 19 is a syndrome, a collection of symptoms, most prominently a viral pneumonia. But I still go about my life, I just avoid sick people and practice reasonable hygiene (washing hands regularly- not need to be neurotic, a quick rinse and dry does wonders).

      As I read your point, you are saying that the “vaccine” might help. Is that what you were saying?

      • I’m not saying it “might” help, the statistics show it most certainly does help, particularly people who are more vulnerable; older (your thymus, what T-Cells are named after, is basically inert after your mid sixties), diabetic, metabolic syndrome, obese, etc. The mRNA vaccines have a near 100% rate of keeping you out of the hospital, so they’re super-effective. Risk of complications seems on-par with other vaccines, but long term is unknown. mrna injection is old tech, from the 1990s, just the specific application to a vaccine against a virus is new, it was being used to treat cancers and genetic diseases.

        What hair I’ve got left is grey, and I have an autoimmune disease, so I went and got a shot as soon as I could.

        • Near 100% rate of keeping you out of the hospital, unless you are among the unfortunate souls who have a serious adverse event or die from it, or for those in the future who will suffer from antibody dependent enhancement. And before you jump down on me, my credentials are a PhD in immunology, with postdoctoral training, I’m extensively published on CD8+ T cell biochemistry in response to … get this – respiratory viruses, and I taught microbiology and immunology for years at a prominent medical school.

          I’m just so tired of all of the new scientists and immunology experts who have come out of the woodwork of late. Holiday Inn Express must be booming.

          • BAC

            Lymphosites go after viral infection.

            Leukocytes go after bacteria and fungi.

            If your cells are producing spike proteins throughout your body ( I.e. cells of the vascular walls) what happens if both systems attack those cells?

            • Hi Mark,

              Lymphocytes come in the B and T cell variety, with many subtypes and roles for each. CD8 T cells and NK cells, and the cytokines they produce, will kill cells in the body expressing the spike protein, including vascular cells expressing the spike protein, in turn, damaging the vasculature. In this case, a double whammy as the spike protein – itself a toxin – will also kill cells it comes in contact with and separately cause platelet aggregation in the blood, hence the clotting and thrombosis. Long term, will cause pulmonary hypertension – mostly untreatable and usually eventually fatal.

        • If you had an autoimmune condition, why would you want to take a chemical that would make your own cells start producing a pathogen, making your own cells even more likely to be targeted by your immune system?
          You one of those daredevil guys? Or just suicidal?

          • No, I studied cellular biology! mRNA is a very short lived molecule, our body breaks it down very quickly (most will be gone in minutes, all will be gone in hours, forever. It’s a decay function).

            Some of your cells, mostly near the injection site, but potentially anywhere, will ingest the mRNA and the ribosomes will pick it up, turning it into covid19 spike proteins.

            Your immune system will take a few days to produce and amplify antibodies to kill these cells. Yes, they will die. Cells die all the time. Will you lose more cells from the vaccine than if you got a punch from a friend? Dunno, but it’s on that order. Negligible.

            There are two inconvenient things that I’m aware of with this vaccine.
            1) The spike protein itself is pathogenic, it causes disease, particularly around clotting. The likelihood is exceedingly low, but not zero.
            2) If at the same time you happen to be infected with a retrovirus, theres’ a tiny chance that some cells will incorporate the mRNA into their DNA via reverse transcription. Those cells will be killed, but you could end up with a lot more spike protein for a while than anticipated.

            I’m not a dare devil. A friend who is in his 40’s had a massive covid19 induced stroke, he’s now on a long road to recovery and may one day be partially what he used to be. He’s not a covid19 casualty statistic, but his life is messed up forever. I’d like to avoid such a fate, and the risk of complications from the vaccine is lower than the 0.5% chance I have of dying or the higher chance of complications like this stroke, or a DVT induced heart attack.

                • Ya’d think just the fact that Joe Bidet, DJT, Bill Gates, pretty much every scumbag politician around the world; the technocracy tyrants and the media establishment all want us to take the poison would be enough to warn anyone with even two working brain cells the filthy jab is NOT in anyone’s best interest, ‘cept the globalist tyrants….

                  • Nunz, far be it from me to belabor the obvious… ^^ But the same monsters are pulling the current group of psychos strings, that pulled the Bad old Orange Mans. By the way, have you read a book called; When Politicians Panicked, by John Tamny?

                    • Hey BJ,

                      Haven’t read the book….but I agree about the monsters pulling the strings- which is why I included O’Biden and DJT in my list, above.

                      They are all actors- and what we see of “the political process” is just theater.

                      Ya gotta have the illusion of “two sides” to pacify the people and to keep them believing and distracted.

                      Trump was nothing but the actor playing the part of “good cop” for supposed conservatives. He could have just as easily played on the other side….with less acting.

                      His accomplishment: He kept conservatives pacified by doing NOTHING except uttering idle promises, while he continued to work of all of the admins (R&D) which preceded him, and set things up nicely for his successor.

                      Hell, he didn’t even bother to change most of the staff around in the 4 years he was in…and the ones he did change, he replaced with people who were just as bad…..

                      And yet half the country believes that a replay of the same will be their salvation…..

                      Sit-com characters have become more sensible than most of the people around us:

                      George Jefferson: “In politics, we call lies ‘promises’.”

                  • Indeed, the harder the sales pitch the worse the product, and the higher the markup. Period. I’ve never seen one pushed harder, or more broadly, or by worse characters.

            • “mRNA is a very short lived molecule, our body breaks it down very quickly (most will be gone in minutes, all will be gone in hours, forever. It’s a decay function).”

              Does this hold true for modified mRNA, with nucleotide replacement in order to enhance durability, which they claim to be using? [HINT: there is no data one way or the other.]

              “Some of your cells, mostly near the injection site,”

              Demonstrated falsehood. See Dr Byram Bridle.

              “Your immune system will take a few days to produce and amplify antibodies to kill these cells.”

              There is no data to support this promotional hypothesis. But good job transcribing the promotional literature!

              “Cells die all the time. … Negligible.”

              Bald assertion with subjective characterization. No data to back up this self-serving, and facially ludicrous, assertion.

              Whatever they’re paying you, it’s too much.

              • You guys are hilarious, insinuating that I must be paid. Immunology is so complex and counterintuitive that I regret saying anything. Also, there’s some kind of cherry picking of specific sentences and picking them apart, missing the spirit of the argument.

                Biology is messy and complex, and these internet posts end up oversimplified due to space and time constraints.

                Anyhow, I made my choice, you make yours, but you are mischaracterizing the known science as badly as the pro vax mandate zealots.

                • I take this as a Full Retreat.

                  Then it ends with classic Concern Troll sniffiness: “you are mischaracterizing the known science as badly as the pro vax mandate zealots.”

                  Hahaha. Sorry, ConcernTroll. I just demolished your sentences one by one, exposing the flaws and fallacies in each point. That’s called methodology and organization. Sorry if it wasn’t as “messy” and “feelsy” as your TeeVee-fed propaganda.

                • Hi OL,

                  I have several reasons for being “hesitant” – the way language is being used to shame and pressure people who are raising legitimate questions being one of them. But the main reasons are, in the first place, no one knows what the long-term risks of these vaccines may prove to be. Why would any rational person choose to be injected with such in view of – as in the case of most otherwise healthy people – the very low known risk of dying from this putative sickness?

                  I’ve yet to hear a persuasive counter argument to this one. Getting jabbed strikes me as irresponsible and even reckless, as well as naive – on the basis of the above alone. I want to know what the meds I’m taking will/could do to me. Not just the day after or a month from now, either.

                  Then we have the compounding reasons, including the known risks – an alarmingly high number of deaths and serious side effects. The fact that the pharma cartels assume no risk – of being sued for liability – and have a huge profit motive to make everyone assume the risk – is also disquieting to me and many other people.

                  I understand taking an experimental drug if you are desperate and there is no alternative; if you’re dying and have tried everything else. But can you adduce sound reasons for a healthy, not elderly/obese/immune-compromised person to take the jab for a sickness they haven’t got that they are almost certain (99.8-something percent) to recover from if they even get it?

                  I don’t get it.

                  Convince me!

                  • It is refreshing to read your rational views. I too cannot think of any reason to expose my body to an experimental gene therapy to protect me from something I have 99+% percent of surviving. It is irrational fear of death which drives us to do irrational things like take this vaccine. Keeping my body in the best operational condition possible through diet and lifestyle makes way more sense that this gene therapy but that is not considered as good as the jab for those who succumb to the propaganda

                    • Thanks for the kind words, Buddy!

                      Same here. I’ve somehow managed to not even get sick during all of this… let alone dead. And I have never “practiced” any form of Kabuki.

                • “Biology is messy and complex” and so much so that no one understands all of it. Which is Pharma’s sin, telling us that they and they alone do.

            • You have no idea what the risk of these vaccines are, past the 6 months of long term testing done on the public. You may, or may not know the short term risk, and that’s all. Although I have no idea how one might determine even the short term risk given the total inadequacy of the VAERS system. I can accept your statistical evaluation, and that’s about it. Nearly all the rest is based on belief, or faith, as in religion or cult.

              • Hi John,

                I’m hoping OL will respond to my questions regarding “hesitancy” to be injected with a substance known to carry immediate/short-term risks that outweigh any benefit to otherwise healthy people, whose risk of dying from the putative sickness they may never even get is extremely low. And then my question regarding the long-term risks that no one knows. Plus the removal of risk (of liability) for the purveyors of this substance, who stand to make billions from coercing people to be injected.

                OL’s a regular here and a smart guy, so I’m looking forward to his reply.

                • Yes, I’ve read him before, and in similar vein. I would not suggest that he’s paid, or doesn’t believe what he says, but it appears he bought the whole product, hook line and sinker. No medical treatment is that good. Pharma cures nothing. EVER!

                  • John, I’d not go that far. If you deal in absolutes, then such perfection is not of this world. But I would grant that their list of failures and coverups, tends to discredit many of the success stories. Big Anything tends to be inherently corrupt. Power corrupts after all.

                    One doesn’t need “Conspiracy Theory” to suspect the motives of people pushing an agenda this hard. The fact that they are members of a Cult, explains some of the dynamics. As this level of wide spread fanaticism, is seldom seen outside of religion.

                    That is also what makes them so dangerous. True Believers can justify just about anything, in the service of their Faith.

                    This fall and winter look to become increasingly “interesting”. Anyone who isn’t prepared is going to have a very harsh experience.

                • Indeed, the instant the vaccines were made available, my first reaction was “what sane person would take such a treatment with no long term testing at all”? That’s Russian Roulette western style, where no one knows how many rounds are in the revolver. The adverse effects, lack of efficacy, etc. that’s all gravy. The lack of long term safety tests is all the argument needed to disqualify them from even being used, much less forced upon us. Especially on reasonably health children who stand to gain nothing from them, except adverse events..

                • Eric, I can’t say anything to get you over hesitancy, and I accept that your hesitancy is normal.

                  We have no data on long term effects of the vaccine, as there is no long term to evaluate.

                  This mRNA tech is more than 20 years old, and it’s been used experimentally to treat cancer and genetic diseases, so we know about the lifetime of its effect, and that’s short.

                  Next up, our own immune system will do damage to our own bodies as a result of the vaccine, and there is a risk to this. It looks like the vaccine may affect the endothelium (inner lining) of your blood vessels, that’s bad. Your endothelium takes about two years to recycle itself, so there could be a two year period during which you have increased chance of stroke or heart attack.

                  So, in my own judgment, the vaccine was worth the trade off for me. I am not vaccinating my kid, for instance, even if the vaccine was available, because the risk/reward equation for him isn’t worth it.

                  I’m really scared of the clotting issues caused by COVID, and the vaccine was an acceptable risk to prevent them, _for me_. You made your own call, and I understand it, but I think you are downplaying the issues from COVID.

                  What’s different with this disease is the large denominator. Even 99.8% survival when many millions get sick, is a lot of death, and a lot of complications. I don’t believe in “long COVID”, it seems like a scare tactic, but the documented cases of heart, kidney, and brain issues were enough to convince me to get vaccinated. It’s looking, however, that the vaccine efficacy is decreasing with new variants, so my choice may only have granted temporary protection.

                  • “Hesitancy” implies that one is just postponing something which they likely intend to do at some point.

                    I am pretty confident that Eric feels the exact same way that I do with regards to this NON-vaccine (or in my own case, any vaccine/injection)-that being that my refusal (Not “hesitancy) is absolute, and there is absolutely no room for compromise. This is something that I will defend myself against at ALL costs, just as I would defend myself against any other violent crime, such as rape or robbery.

                    • Amen, Nunz!

                      I will never submit to this, for many reasons – the main one being what submission to this would mean. That being acceptance of the lie; and of the principle behind the lie – and the precedent such acceptance would set. I am not sick – and I am not their livestock. They have no right to experiment upon my body. Bad enough that they force me to hand over its work product. But to assert authority to inject me is rape and I will not be raped without a fight, should it come to that.

                      The whole thing is absurd – and evil – almost beyond words.

                      Of course, I’ve been saying so for decades. My not wearing a seatbelt causes no harm to anyone else; neither does my “speeding” or my declining to purchase insurance. Yet some insist that because of their fear that I might cause harm I must submit to whatever pre-emptive/precautionary measures they deem necessary, at the cost of my liberty and at my cost, in terms of my money. Both non-refundable, regardless of my never actually causing any harm at all.

                      Does it have a familiar ring?

                      Acceptance of all of that sort of thing is why this sort of thing – Diapers and Needles – has found such a receptive audience.

                      Must keep everyone saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe!

                    • Well-said, Eric (As usual!).

                      This is one of the several hills I will defend at all costs. I will not submit to rape, slavery, contamination of conscience or body, nor participation in that which will debilitate or kill me….nor something I just don’t want to do because I am an autonomous adult- and I would sooner die defending my person and autonomy rather than letting them kill/disable/defile me.

              • I don’t think he does, but he certainly appears to believe everything they say. Even though every one of the makers has paid out billions in civil and criminal penalties.

        • It is of course, your choice.

          But I will make a couple of points:
          “Let’s say we have a vaccine which is 90% effective and 90% of people have gotten it.
          Consider 1000 people get exposed to the virus.
          The 10% unvaccinated get sick – that’s 100.”
          Problem 1, if the example is Covid, of the 100 unvaccinated maybe 10 will get noticeably sick, and less than 1/3 of a person will die. This is key, and your example is exactly what the modelers did- they assumed huge numbers of infections and deaths.

          “Then, 10% of the remainder (900) get sick, so 90 vaccinated people get sick.
          In the hospital, you get 47% (90/190) vaccinated people being sick.”
          Problem 2, of the 900 vaxxers, roughly the same percentage would have gotten sick, get very sick, and died. To correct your example, then, IF the vax is 90% effective, then of the 900 vaxxed, 90 could have gotten it but only 8 WOULD have gotten it. So we’d see (8/18) vaxxed getting sick or 44 percent of those hospitalized. Plus the vaccine deaths and injuries, which are way worse for young and healthy people than the trivial risk of Covid.

          Your hypothetical example makes way too many unsupported assumptions. Which is how we’ve gotten to the awful place we are now, where people who know nothing of math, science, or computer modeling are in a blind panic because somebody in “authority” put the garbage in, and got horrifying garbage out.

          • My hypothetical is a complete simplification to illustrate a concept. You are, of course, correct, but my point stands – as the vaccination rate goes up, the number of vaccinated people showing up sick will increase. No matter what percentage get sick of those exposed, if 100% are vaccinated, 100% of those getting sick will be vaccinated.

        • “Risk of complications seems on-par with other vaccines”
          What color is the sky in your world? Or do you just take in what you agree with. Even by the well manipulated official numbers we are being given, they have caused more DEATHS than any other medical treatment ever has and still remain available. Add the damage to children who suffer little to no risk from the virus, but do suffer adverse events. They have killed more children than the virus has.

    • Yeah, too bad about the extraordinary adverse events that are poorly recorded (maybe 10% recorded?) and suppressed, if not simply ignored. And too bad about the mitigation ruining people’s immune system. Too bad about the willful destruction of our economic, social, and mental health. Too bad that COVID will fade away, but the cost of the insane mitigation will take a generation to recover from, if we ever do. Too bad that the average age of deaths from COVID are about the same as normal life expectancy. So how is that a lot worse than the flu? Since the average age of death from the flu is much younger (I forget the average, and I’m not looking it up)?

    • “Consider 1000 people get exposed to the virus.
      The 10% unvaccinated get sick – that’s 100.
      Then, 10% of the remainder (900) get sick, so 90 vaccinated people get sick.
      In the hospital, you get 47% (90/190) vaccinated people being sick.
      The more people that get vaccinated, the higher proportion of those in the hospital will have been vaccinated.”

      Uuuuummmm. Only if one assumes–as you did in your hypo–that stabbed and un-stabbed will get sick at the exact same rate!
      Hahahaha off with your Pharmsplaining, novice shill. You’re not even good at it. If you really want to make it in this business, you need more pettifogging! When you try to use simple hypotheticals, they’re too easy to demolish!

        • No. I saw that movie some years ago, but don’t remember that line (character?).

          It’s just how I self-identify. (I also “self-identify” as a wildly successful ladies’ man, btw! Viva l’Identite!)

          • I believe it was Mel’s answer to Cloris Leachman when asked his occupation in the Roman unemployment line. He answered either Freelance Philosopher or Standup Philosopher (I’m going to have to watch it again now!) and her retort was,” Oh, a BullS#@t artist, huh?”

            Not dissing you, but it was a good show and that is one of the many great lines. Just like,” you run left, we’ll run right, and the rest will run with Mucus”… or “The Jig’s UP… and GONE!”

            • Actually, it was Bea Arthur who said that line, as the unemployment office window clerk. Mel Brooks’ description of his livelihood was ‘stand-up philosopher’, to which Bea Arthur replied, “Oh, a bullshit artist!”

              One of the greatest movies ever! I wish they would make Part II.

      • Where did you get that? I said that 10% of vaccinated and 100% of unvaccinated get sick in my simplification.

        I’m not shilling for pharma, but being somewhat familar with the science around this, I’m appalled at the cartoonish simplifications people use to argue against the vaccine.

        I 100% support your choice and right not to get vaccinated, and I will fight for it, but I also think you’re silly for not getting vaccinated if you’re over 50 or are sick in some way.

        • “I said that 10% of vaccinated and 100% of unvaccinated get sick in my simplification.”

          Ah yes I do see that. Your hypo was based on unrealistically fanciful premises. I was too quick to assume you were basing it on realistic ones!

    • All of the unvaccinated get sick, but only 10% of the vaccinated?
      Setting up a hypothetical scenario can be useful to argue a point, but it would be considerably more valid if it comported somewhat with reality.
      One stat I haven’t been able to find is a comparison of deaths from Covid (not from the jab) among the vaccinated to deaths from Covid among the unvaxxed. Anyone got a link?

      • Good luck. I badgered a local corporate news affiliate for weeks to get them to even mention deaths in their reporting on the local situation, instead of just THE CASES THE CASES THE CASES, and HOSPITALS IN CRISIS. Sometimes they still don’t

  7. ‘In Israel, for instance, it has been reported that 40 percent of the new “cases” are among the Needled.’ — EP

    That’s what the Israeli data says. English data leans the same way.

    So imagine my bafflement when Dr Rachel Walensky of CDC claimed last Friday that ‘more than 97% of people getting hospitalized with Covid-19 now are unvaccinated.’ (source: CNN)

    Naturally, the credulous stenographers who record such claims offer no source other than ‘Walensky said’ — not useful data, stripped of source and context.

    One possible source of the Walenskyan 97 percent is a WSJ article, clarifying that ‘AdventHealth, which manages 41 hospitals across seven largely Midwestern and Southern states, said about 97% of roughly 12,700 Covid-19 patients treated this year were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.’


    If AdventHealth was Walensky’s source, two big problems leap out. One is that peak hospitalizations were in January, when almost nobody was vaccinated. Second, some partially vaccinated patients were included in that 97%.

    ‘This year’ is not a meaningful period to discern how protective vaccinations are, when the milestone of half the population vaxxed was reached less than two months ago, and the predominant strain of the virus also has changed.

    Pulling out 6-month-old numbers to assert a dire risk to the unvaxxed is crude deception with bad statistics. Weeping Walensky is lying; naturally the Lügenpresse uncritically laps it up.

    Gauleiter Goebbels would be pleased, very pleased indeed. A round of champagne for the Pfizer C-suite!

    • Indeed, all of last year, and up to and including January 20 this year, the CDC,WHO, and FDA all were recommending 40+ cycles for the PCR test, which they KNEW would produce an extraordinary number of false positives, curiously changing their mind just hours after Biden was inaugurated. So all the statistics from that time period are completely invalid. Which would include part of AdventHealth’s numbers.
      Incidentally, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths all rapidly declined once Creepy Joe was firmly in place. Now that we are firmly aware of the error of our ways, and realize that a guy who has trouble forming a coherent sentence is not a good choice for POTUS, the cases, hospitalizations go up again. Although they are having a hard time getting a correlating death count to go with them.

  8. Some of you may know that a federal district court judge has denied a request for a preliminary injunction made by Indiana University students. The plaintiff students had sought an order restraining IU from enforcing its needle-raping regime.

    The federal judge? Damon R. Leichty.

    Guess who appointed him?

    Yes, the Orange Man.

    Great “accomplishment” there with your judges, Donny.

    • That pales with is appointments to the security/military side of the administration. The Neocon stalwarts, all supported by and themselves supporting the “deep state” mentality of suppression of human right and destruction by impact of same, held sway for his entire term. Donnie was all bluff and bluster.

      Even the great businessman line falls apart if one analyzes how often he was enriched by declaring bankruptcy and causing his creditors to suffer the lumps for his mistakes. (Or were they not mistakes and he just criminally oriented?)

      • Again, I prove one cannot edit his own prose. S/B…..his….. …..rights….. Why is it that one can see them the instant the post appears online but not on reading the “proof version” 3 times previously?

        • I new it was over[any hope of Trump being anything remotely positive] as soon as Trump picked Pense as his running mate. Same ol’, same ol’.

          The scary thing is, that half this country is holding out hope for another round of Trump as their salvation (and the other half are libtards!)- The supposed good people and the conservative….putting confidence in a con-man who cheated so many of his creditors for many, many years….and who left a political legacy as one of his last acts in office of pardoning a bunch a crooks- scammers and even murderers. If this is who “the good people” support, then there is not a shred of hope left. Even if there were no deep state nor globalist conspiracy, a society where the saner, better half has no qualms about supporting a lying thieving criminal, who has clearly proven that his allegiance is to other criminals, tyrants and enemies of the people, is doomed to destruction under the weight of it’s own dysfunction and immorality.

            • I really don’t see too much difference, Snap, other than the words they use while on stage. Hell, Trump contributed $200K to Hitlery’s campaign in ’05, and even said that “The Clintons are good people”[barf]….his refusal to even lift a finger as far as prosecuting them and their many cohorts for any of their slew of blatant crimes, and thus allowing them and their political legacy and continued crimes to prosper, is pretty much tantamount to having the bitch in office anyway. (The late president of Haiti had testified vs. the Clintons and their ‘foundation’, of how they raped Haiti…and now he’s dead- What does that make- something over 40 reporters and whistleblowers who tried to expose the Clintons corruption who are now dead?)

                • True, Snap. I don’t think I could have endured just knowing that that bitch was in office, or having to hear her name mentioned frequently. I don’t know how I survived 8 years of Obozo…or Bush…or…. At least Trump, like Reagan, played the part well.(Reagan may’ve actually been sincere (albeit misguided)…which is why they had to take a shot at him)

                  • I actually liked Reagan. Yes, he had his downfalls, but I believed deep down he was a decent guy who meant well…..he at least had a sense of humor and was personable.

                    • Ditto, RG- Reagan actually would often say some wonderful things- almost libertarian things. The irony is though, that during his tenure, the size of the federal government increased more than it ever has since the days of FDR. How could help but to like the guy though? And at least, the things he said and did during his political career, were consistent with his words and beliefs which he expressed prior to being in politics- so I don’t think there is any question as to his sincerety. (If only he had lived to see Bonzo become president in ’08!)

                    • Reagan did not wrap himself in the libertarian or conservative mantle. He was a 1960s Democrat whose party left him. It doesn’t surprise me that government exploded under his watch. Everything (to government) was about outdoing the USSR). Lots of nukes, satellites in space, increase in military technology, etc.

                      He was born in the early 1900s and lived through the Great Depression. It was a time of ‘you work or you starve” and he felt that people had the ability to make their own decisions. I believe many people from that era share those ideals. I think we (society) do a disservice by not continuing that tradition. It is depressing to see so choose to be on the government dole than having the pride to get up and go to work everyday relying off their brawn and brains.

                      I love what my country was originally established under, but her best days are behind her and she probably needs to fold up shop.

                    • My first sentence should be corrected. He did wrap himself in the mantle as a conservative libertarian, in which, constituted a limited government, but he did not believe in no government. I think it is safe to say by today’s definition Reagan was not a libertarian.

                      I seriously need an edit button.

                    • Hi RG,

                      Libertarianism does not necessarily mean anarchism, which is still the minority opinion in the broader libertarian world. It may seem that way to you because anarchists are disproportionately represented here. Most libertarian anarchists began as minarchists, then moved to anarchism by following the logic of the NAP (governments are formed through force, and perpetuate themselves through force), and by recognizing that “legally limited government” is an oxymoron.

                      There are good “minarchist” libertarians, Jacob Hornberger being among the best. Reagan appealed to libertarian ideas but, as you correctly point out he was not a libertarian.


                    • Hi Jeremy,

                      I would debate that the majority of individuals believe the LP is made up of full fledged anarchists, not the minority. 🙂

                      Which brings me to the subject of who gets to declare if someone considers themselves libertarian, conservative, liberal, etc. if not the individual? Note: I realize I stated that Reagan was not a libertarian in regards to today’s view of the platform, but I wanted to expand on that.

                      In his later years (after awakening from the horror of the Democratic Party) Reagan described himself as a libertarian-conservative. True, he believed in government (although a limited one). The LP’s own platform states the same. Jo Jorgensen, Harry Browne, and Ron Paul I would decree, share similar views.

                      Ron Paul stated “The proper role for government in America is to provide national defense, a court system for civil disputes, a criminal justice system for acts of force and fraud, and little else.”

                      I, 100% agree with him.

                      How far will the LP succeed if they refuse any type of government? As with any tribe/community/family a hierarchy is established.

                      By mandating that government should not exist anarchists have made it almost impossible to spread the word of libertarianism, which is made up of some truly stellar policies and views.

                      Note: I am not defending Reagan. Although, Reagan did declare himself an LC his policies, expansion of government, and tax increases did not portray that. One, has to take one by their actions and not their words, but the LP should be able to handle various opinions on what libertarianism is and who can be part of the club. I believe the party loses sight on the most important thing – changing mindsets.

                    • Hi RG,

                      I’m confused, I began my post by stating that “libertarianism does not necessarily mean anarchism”, which means that libertarians can “handle various opinions on what libertarianism is”. I also said that anarchists are a minority in the broader libertarian world but, on this site, anarchists are over represented compared to that broader libertarian community. I said this because you implied that libertarianism means anarchism by stating, “but he did not believe in no government. I think it is safe to say by today’s definition Reagan was not a libertarian”. No, there are many libertarians who believe that a limited government is ideal, I even named one. Reagan was not a libertarian because he advocated the use of government force to punish people for consensual behavior, think the “war on drugs”.

                      Anarchists are a minority in the LP, and the LP does not “refuse any type of government”. Nor do anarchists insist “that government should not exist”, in the sense that you seem to imply. Anarchists do not require that one advocate the destruction of the State as a condition of being a libertarian. Anarchists believe that political authority is illegitimate, that “democracy”, an imagined contract or abstract notions of the “common good” confer upon SOME the right to rule others.

                      It may be true that a strictly limited government may be the ideal way for society to flourish. The problem is that every experiment in “limited government” has failed. This should not be surprising as government claims, and exercises, the sole right to judge its’ own actions relative to the law. This means that the government exists, necessarily, outside of, and above, the law. Law does not limit government, only the attitude of the people toward it, and the resources available for plunder, limit government.

                      Minarchist libertarians and conservatives face an impossible dilemma, by asserting that government is necessary, and if properly limited, good, they can mount no philosophical challenge to those who believe that a less limited government is necessary and good. Once it is accepted that a government may legitimately use force to achieve some social goods (the provision of “national defense, a court system for civil disputes, a criminal justice system for acts of force and fraud”), why can it not do so to achieve other perceived social “goods”? Why are the preferences of libertarians and conservatives different, in principle, from the preferences of liberals who think government should provide education and health care?

                      Philosophically, I ceased being a minarchist when I realized that accepting that political authority is necessary and good, guarantees a metastasizing State. Is this not what we see? It is minarchists, not anarchists, who advocate a utopian dream, that government can be successfully limited by “law”. I also believe that the only way to achieve a stable, limited government is that if many people believe that “Government is, at best, a necessary evil”.

                      This implies that, if one is interested in a strictly limited government, anarchism should be promoted as the ideal, and “limited government” be tolerated as a compromise. Only if a lot of people change their attitude toward government, from one of “necessary and good”, to one of distrust and fear, is there any chance of achieving the “limited government” you desire.

                      All around us we see the utter failure of government to bind itself to its’ side of the supposed “contract”. Yet, all around us we see functioning anarchy. Most people cannot see this because anarchy is so pervasive, it’s like water to a fish. The vast majority of human interactions are anarchic in nature, that is to say, voluntary.

                      For an in depth discussion of this, see this post by Eric, from many years ago.



                    • Hi RG,

                      Oops, should read,

                      Anarchists believe that political authority is illegitimate, that “democracy”, an imagined contract or abstract notions of the “common good” do not confer upon SOME the right to rule over others”.


                    • **”He was a 1960s Democrat whose party left him. “**

                      Heh…the 60’s Democrats were almost conservative compared to today’s Republicans!

                      Jeremy pretty much said it all…and very well at that- so thankfully, I need not flap my gums fingers.

                      I love the image of what this country used to be- and how we used to be able to wrangle at least a decent degree of left-aloneness out of it if we desired, so as to make life very pleasant. I despise what it has now become.

            • I very much suspect you are right John. But what else is there for most people? Looking at how corrupt and down right evil the system has become (and has been for decades), most people feel helpless, and that makes them vulnerable to any number of cons and manipulation.

              Trump was at least subjectively better than She who would be Queen. She has never had anything like the charisma that Slick Willy had. But she is even more corrupt and evil.

              For all of the two minute Hate sessions, that go on about the Bad old Orange Man, he wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, if that Other Person had become Dear Leader.

  9. Here is the text of a company email I got today:

    Good morning! I wanted to follow up with an e-mail reiterating the mask requirement updates that I discussed in yesterday’s company meeting. Here are the new mask procedures:

    Starting today – Proof of Vaccination will be required if you would like to take your mask off while you sit and work at your desk. Please bring either your physical vaccination card or a photo of your vaccination card to me IF you wish to take your mask off at your desk.

    For Fully-Vaccinated Individuals (who have presented their vaccination record card):
    • Masks may be removed while working at desk.
    • Please wear mask while moving around the office or in shared spaces (kitchen, resource library, huddle rooms, collaboration spaces).
    • Please eat at your desk (no communal eating).

    For Non-Vaccinated Individuals (and/or those who do not wish to present their vaccination record card):
    • Masks to be worn in office at all times.
    • Only exception is “sip and bite” rule while eating at your desk. Masks may be pulled down briefly for the time required to take a sip of drink or a bite of food.

    • Rep meetings and Client/vendor interactions to be held in conference rooms only (Large, Medium, Small, & Business).
    • Please save food/snacks until after the meeting and then eat at your own desk (no communal eating).
    • Clean all shared areas when done with meeting.

    When Can masks Be Removed?
    Masks may be removed in conference rooms IF
    1. Everyone in the group has been vaccinated; AND
    2. Respectful conversations have been held regarding comfort levels of all participants; AND
    3. There is enough space to socially distance

    Thank you all for your flexibility and continued assistance in keeping everyone safe and healthy. If you have any questions or if there is anything I can discuss further with you, please let me know. Thank you,

    Director of Human Resources
    Pronouns: he/him/his

    • That office memo kind of reads like it’s a prison. Especially, no communal eating, and you may be permitted to eat at your desk without a mask, and a “sip and bite” rule while eating at your desk?

      “sip and bite”? … Really?

      Masks may be pulled down briefly for the time required to take a sip of drink or a bite of food. Wow, how kind of them.

      Kind of makes me think of a torture chamber, too.
      Your flexibility and continued assistance while on the rack?

      It’s all very fiendish.

      • “sip and bite”? … Really? — helot

        Prolly a typo for “shit and bite” … extrude your own sandwich.

        Pronouns: she-it

    • I agree with helot. It sounds like a damn prison. Could you find a better job? The pronouns at the bottom of the page are enough to trigger me. I cannot even read through the required mask mandating. How does this type of environment build any type of morale for the owners, one’s peers, and clients? It sounds like hell on Earth. I can only guess this is a Fortune 500 company or at least a large American company, correct? I can’t imagine a small business going through all this without a rash of resignations taking place.

      • Surprisingly, it is a small company, less than 100 employees. In a red state. I sure know how to pick them, huh?

        I’ve been working from home since they started requiring masks last year. The few occasions I do go into the office, I do not wear a mask.

        I could find a different place to work, but I would rather bring a bit of extra joy to my life by fighting these bastards.

        • Hi Will,

          I am surprised a small company is pushing this, especially in a red state, but go after their butts. Be the biggest PITA you can be. Hopefully, you find a few willing participants to instigate a little chaos with you. 😁

          • RG, not all libertarians are anarchists, its just the ones who have thought it through… ^^ Rothbard had a joke that he used to tell; “Whats the difference between an anarchist and a minarchist? About a year of honest study…”

            Minarchists believe in the myth of “limited government”. History and reason demonstrate that it simply will not stay limited.

            Not to mention that coercive government is unethical from its start.
            The Statists have managed to link anarchy with chaos in the minds of most people. But the reality is that one can have rules, without Rulers.

            What ever great and noble actions people want government to achieve, can be done better and more effectively by the private sector. You can do your own research on this, if you are interested. Mises.org has some of the best resources for answering just about any questions you might have, on the free market production of goods and services. The Myth of National Defense would be a good place to start. https://mises.org/

            • Well-said, BJ –

              It is a pretty self-evident truth that “limited government” never remains so and that – as you say – the element of coercion makes government immoral from the start. By what right does one man command another? No such right exists. One can trot out all kinds of utilitarian arguments, as “conservatives” (and liberals) always do. But when the element of force is involved, which means – at the end of the day – threatening to kill people if they do not accept being commanded – then you have dropped a turd in the pool and no matter how you try to evade the fact, the water has been polluted.

              • Hi BJ and Eric,

                Most anarchists, at least the libertarian type, do not advocate the violent destruction of government. We recognize that political authority is morally illegitimate and that all of the claims intended to justify its’ legitimacy, consent of the governed, the social contract, delegation of authority, the common good, etc… are abstract fictions, promulgated to legitimize an inherently illegitimate institution.

                I have watched many minarchist vs anarchist debates and find them very frustrating. The minarchist invariably insists that anarchism is a Utopian fantasy, and then proceeds to list all of the problems that are supposedly unsolvable in such a society (all of which plague statist societies). The minarchist then explains how these problems could be better solved in a minarchist society, with a strictly limited government. The anarchist usually accepts the premise of a strictly limited government, then argues that an anarchist society would still produce better outcomes. So the debate is between the merits of a non-existent, idealized minarchist state vs the merits of a theoretical anarchist state.

                I have yet to hear an anarchist in one of these debates assert, “it is not the anarchists promoting a Utopian fantasy, it is the minarchists, for you are arguing for something that does not, and cannot, exist, namely, legally limited government”.

                I would argue, “it may be true that utilitarian outcomes would be better in the strictly limited state that you imagine, but we don’t live in that state, and we never will so long as minarchy is promoted as the ideal. Ironically, the only possible way to achieve a minarchist state is to promote anarchy as the ideal, and tolerate minarchy as a compromise”.

                Law does not limit government because government is the ultimate arbiter of the legality of its’ own actions. It is an undeniable fact that government almost always interprets the law so as to favor itself. It is also an undeniable fact that libertarians and conservatives, who advocate for a minimal state, have utterly failed to prevent the continual growth of the power of the State. As long as most people, whether conservative, liberal or libertarian, believe that the State is necessary and, if “properly” constructed, good, the State will forever metastasize, and those favoring a more “active” government will always win.

                I would also concede that a minimal state would be vastly superior to what we suffer under now but, I also believe that the only possible way of achieving such a State is that if many people view it as no more legitimate than the mafia. Again, law does not limit government, the attitude of the people toward it does.

                Why do the minarchists always lose? It’s quite simple, once the legitimacy of political authority has been conceded, there is no principled argument to be made that the use of force is acceptable to achieve some social “goods”, but not others. The debate between minarchists and progressives becomes one of maximizing speculative utilitarian outcomes, which the progressives will always win. No matter how much “better” the minarchist utilitarian arguments are, the benefits are considered abstract and distant to many people, promising better outcomes in the future. Whereas, the “benefits” promised by the progressives, free education, free health care, etc…, are seen as immediate and personal. Couple that with the fact that politicians of all stripes, with extremely rare exceptions, seek to increase the power of the State. In short, the number of people who are willing to be “bought” for perceived immediate benefit, is vastly larger than the number of people who understood that an activist State makes us all worse off in the long run. Politicians are more than happy to oblige the larger group.

                Ironically, even if minarchy is the desired goal, anarchy should still be promoted as the ideal. Only by challenging the irrational belief in the legitimacy of political authority is it conceivable that a minarchist society may come to be.


                • Oops,

                  Should read, “…vs the merits of a theoretical anarchist society”. An anarchist state is an oxymoron.


                • Jeremy!
                  Dude, you need to write a book- seriously! You state the inevitable conclusions of all relevant arguments so well and concisely, as do you also do the same for the tenets and practicalities of anarchism, that just reading your last few posts is like a summary of my last 20 years of thoughts on the subject.

                  Such a book would save someone a lot of time!

                  • Hey Nunz,

                    Thanks! I am working on a few essays, one of which is a deeper exploration of the ideas in my post. But, I have been so consumed with Covidiocy, that I’ve found it difficult to focus on anything else.


                • Well-said, Jeremy – again!

                  The white-wigged dudes debated this dilemma some 250 years ago and came up with the best imperfect solution to date. That it lasted as long as it did is testimony to their ingenuity. I have come to believe in a modified version of what Franklin is supposed to have said when asked what form of government the white wigs came up with: “A republic, if you can keep it,” he said. My view is that we’ll have tyranny, to one degree or another, so long as most people want it.

                  Most people do – and so we do.

                  It may be possible for a group of principled libertarians to live without government – and without rules. But will it endure beyond their generation? Will their children share the same principles?

                  Aye, there’s the rub!

                  • Hey Eric!
                    **”It may be possible for a group of principled libertarians to live without government – and without rules. But will it endure beyond their generation? “**

                    It wouldn’t likely endure even for our generation- not necessarily for any failings on our part, but rather because of the proclivities of mankind at-large.

                    The unscrupulous, usurious and power-hungry would quickly seize upon the peaceful who just want to be left alone- just as is often the case while we live amongst them.

                    They’d see a non-collectivized non-militaristic people as prey for the taking, because such monsters are never content to merely rule those who consent to their rule, nor their limited jurisdictions…but always seek greater and greater power, scope, andslaves/worshipers.

                    • Nunz, I suspect that wouldn’t happen, nearly as quickly or simply, if the people involved happened to be Neilists… ^^ They tend to be rather well armed and trained, and not ones to tolerate initiation…

                      As you may remember, I’m a long time follower of a author by the name of L. Neil Smith. Some of us have taken to calling ourselves Neilists (one of the reasons is that it causes Neil to roll his eyes…^^). Anyone who has read any of his wonderful books, would understand how libertarian principles could result in a society (and later a civilization) that would be vastly superior to what we currently suffer under. Peaceful doesn’t have to translate to pacifist. To properly phrase it; A Publically armed society, is a polite society,

                • I’d like to echo the comments of Nunzio and Eric. My mind tends to glaze over when trying to understand political philosophy. I’m a little better with theology because it’s more interesting to me. Your explanation didn’t bring that stop sign into my thoughts as so often happens when trying to process difficult concepts.

            • Very well-said, BJ!

              Ultimately, no moral person considers it his prerogative to rule other men, assume a right to their property, or inflict violence or the threat of violence upon those who have done no violence, just for failure to obey their dictates.

              Anyone willing to perpetrate the above actions is nothing but a criminal, acting in accord with other criminals (organized crime) to control the majority by their very visible willingness to inflict robbery, violence, confinement and death upon anyone whom they deem worthy of such.

              And the sad thing is, 99.8% of humanity have no problem with the existence and perpetuation of such, and are even willing to do the dirty-work of those criminals for a small stipend, and even teach their kids respect and admiration for the collection of criminals; they have come to believe, over the course of many generations that this is perfectly legitimate and “the best option we have”- and that they are incapable of ruling themselves or cooperating with family, friends and community to maintain peace, so instead must have violent criminals defining how their world must be.

              It’s sickening when one thinks about it- but it has come to be so taken for granted that few ever do actually think about it- it is virtually taboo in the eyes of most to even question it.

    • Time to stand up. Gather several real human being fellow employees and march in and declare that we’re NOT wearing the fear mask and we’re NOT taking any toxic injections and we’re NOT quitting, you have to fire us so we have standing to sue you for this.

      If some human shaped worm is afraid because they believe in invisible viruses or demons, that is their problem to deal with, NOT yours.

      The time to stand up was easier 20 years ago when they started mandatory drug testing and seat belts and sensitivity/sexual harassment training. Now it’s harder.

      The coward dies a thousand times, the valiant taste of death but once.

      • My game plan is strict non-compliance. I want to force their hand. I will do nothing but continue to act like a normal human being, which they’ve set rules against. What happens next is up to them.

        I will set an example for others to follow with my actions.

      • It’s extremely unlikely that Will Not will be able to locate–let alone “gather”–“several real human beings.”

        One thing this scamdemic has taught old Free_Phi is that every individual is truly alone in the Universe, and must be prepared to stand completely alone, in every act. There are simply far too few “real humans” left to ever expect support or company.

        Given that, Will Not’s plan of stubborn, unilateral defiance is not only the best option…but it’s the only plausible option.

        Also, “standing to sue”? Sorry. No.
        Let me put it this way: if one of the masketeers at Will Not’s outfit were to sue on the grounds that the company wrongfully PERMITTED WILL NOT to REMAIN MASKLESS, thereby causing the masketeer “emotional distress”…now that’s a case with a chance at prevailing with a judge and netting a nice contingency fee for the lawyer. Suing for…the company’s conscientious compliance with the “consensus guidelines” of the “Health Authorities” at the City, County, CDC, WHO, and Federation of Planets? Yeah…not so much. (For real-world precedent, please read the endless opinion of federal judge Damon R. Leichty in the Indiana U. case cited by Liberty Mike, above. With grand abandon, the judge treats all Covidist propaganda as irrefutable truth, going so far as to give promiscuous judicial notice to unpublished pre-prints of pro-covid studies.)

        The Courts are a MASTER–not a servant.

        • Oh, dear, we’re alone in this world. And the baddies are organized against us. Don’t fight back or they might hurt us!

          Lone wolves get destroyed. Wolf packs are effective survival units.

          The HR GRRLZ are going to do whatever they want. But it is and has been vitally necessary to push back and damned hard on these creatures. They need to be forcibly reminded that we disagree with their philosophy, their tactics, and their most basic premises. We have to start with that.

          At least challenge their notion that you have to do what you’re told and play nice with them. Because what they’ve done to civilization is not even remotely nice.

          The same goes for the God damned courts. They work for us and need to be reminded of that. We speak up and raise hell to avoid having to resort to action.

          • You’re speaking in principles and slogans.
            I’m speaking of cold, hard reality. It’s just a virtually-certain fact that no one else in Will Not’s small company will join him in pushback. Just a fact. Perhaps unfortunate, but undeniably true nonetheless. So your seeming prescriptive recommendation (to confront HR with a “Coalition of the Unwilling,” so to speak) is simply impossible, as a matter of empirical reality.

            “They need to be forcibly reminded that we disagree with their philosophy…” They don’t care. They are vindicated by ten hours of TeeVee programming every day. Your breakroom jeremiad is no competition for the full-spectrum stroking of their cult mentality in which they spend their entire lives.

            It’s also a fact that the courts do not “work for us.

            Maybe they should, but that’s just a normative aspiration. The cold hard fact is that they don’t, and “we” have no leverage to “remind” them of anything. All “we” can do is file an obsequious little petition, which they take joy in rejecting. It ends there.

            • FP, I’m quite aware of full spectrum cowardice, and also of the corruption of the courts and legal system. I have stood up on many trivial things, told them politely to pound sand, and took my beating like a man.

              It builds character. And I respectfully submit that if a few more of us did it, most of society’s ills would vanish without need for violence.

              Muttering in your beer that it’s nor right and I’m gonna get them is far less effective.

          • “Lone wolves get destroyed. Wolf packs are effective survival units.”
            Male Lions, Grizzly Bears, and Tigers on the other hand……

    • Good lord. That sounds tortuous, or at the very least, so 2020. Are you in California? That’s the only explanation I can come up with.
      My company (in Indiana) put out a memo “strongly encouraging” us to get vaccinated, said we could remove the masks if we’ve been jabbed (which were only required when we were moving about, not sitting at our desks) and made us sign a release of liability that we won’t sue the company if we catch any nastybugs at work.
      My work did not ask for proof of vaccination, which seems to be generally discouraged in Indiana (except for some weird situation with IU.)
      I took this to mean the company does not want to know if we got the jab and will just assume that we did, i.e. don’t ask, don’t tell. This is fine with me, about the best to hope for in this new age of ridiculous panic over the common cold.

      • No, I am in the reddest of red states!

        This HR troll is an abomination. He finds great joy in exerting his newfound powers. I imagine I will soon find great joy in the confrontations that are bound to happen in the near future.

    • I ceased being anyone’s serf employee for the last time over 13 years ago and when I sold my company a year ago I refused to go back and be a serf employee of the new owner. Instead, I negotiated an independent contractor relationship.

      Your memo from HR is a great reminder of how I made the right decision. Thank you.

    • I thought my employer was pretty bad, but yours takes the cake.

      I wish there were a viable way to sue over this stuff, but I don’t see one. Only thing I can think of, is trying to find some sort of hazard due to long term inhalation of fibers. If you could prove that that and/or the vaccine is more hazardous than Covid, and find a lawyer who would take the case, and get a sympathetic jury to award about $100,000,000 that would send a pretty strong message WRT this bullshit.

      Problem is, start doing that & the corporations will all run to Uncle to hide behind his coattails. And good luck collecting on that $100 million.

      • One might have a possibility of success if they demand vaccination. Which is proving to be quite risky to take.

        • “One might have a possibility of success if they demand vaccination.”

          Even that will fade away once the “Approved” decree is made by the FDA. At that point he/him/his will cease being Mr. Nice Guy and really get rough.

          • At which time the FDA loses what tiny amount of credibility it has left. How does one go about “approving” a vaccine with no long term testing?

    • Play their bullshit against them. They’re effectively saying their office isn’t safe. If you work from home, resist going in. Threaten legal action for them trying to force you into an unsafe environment. If you do go in, refuse to use the restroom. Keep a piss bottle in your office/cubicle. Barricade the entrance.

      They’re being stupid and ridiculous. Turbo charge their absurdity.

      • What ever happened to good old fashioned beatings? Society needs a big ol blanket party like private pile in full metal jacket. Average joe has become so civil and tolerant that the dweebs are enacting their own passive aggressive torture on the rest of us. Good folk only tolerate so much until they boil over into white hot rage.

          • Will,

            I work for a big.company in bright blue new jersistan and i have been going to the office since last march un diapered. I helped keep the place going when.90% of the people refused to leave their house. I’m in a branch office and not the corporate office. Now all of a sudden we get an email asking us to voluntarily disclosed our vax status and if we don’t answer we will be assumed to be unjabbed and begin to be required to diaper. Good luck enforcing that rule considering many of the management at the branch hate both the diaper and the jab. I will fight this one and i known i’m not alone.

          • It won’t be an option if it happens. Back any animal into a corner, and if it has teeth, it WILL BITE! It isn’t a choice. It’s the way we’re programmed.

  10. From the hilarious cesspool of Nextdoor, “discussing” (browbeating) injections: Someone actually commented at the end of their wall of text:

    “The deadly variant is here. What will you do?”

  11. Unfortunately, the longer and more intense this crafted narrative persists-the Korona Kabuki-the more likely passports and proof-of-needle will become a thing to earn a living in the USSA. If that happens, I am prepared to resist by any means. What a jarring thought.

    • Indeed, I’ve always said I had more respect for hones thieves than for government dependents. I may find myself in the position of having to take some of the essentials of survival forcibly. Time to stand up to every tyranny and say NO.

  12. Eric, I was one of the first in your comments to warn people not to take this death shot. Because, well…that is exactly what it is. I’ve studied the “powers that be” for over a decade and they are psychotic and evil. Here is an article that proves the ulterior motive of the vaXXX.


    “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days”, Sparks Lawsuit Against Federal Government
    “t an event hosted by Awaken America, Renz said: “We have someone that has sworn under penalty of perjury that there have been at least 45,000 deaths.”

    Allegedly, the whistleblower stated that there are around 11 VAERS systems reporting adverse reactions and deaths across the US, and one system alone has allegedly has reported the shocking 45,000 deaths from the Covid jabs.

    However, Renz believes that this number is “immensely higher” and is calling for immediate investigations into the VAERS system.

    “How many have really died and why are they covering it up?”, Renz told the Awaken America crowd.”

    We live in perilous times, my friends.

    • Has anyone noticed an increase in deaths from this time last year compared to this year in their local paper’s obituary pages? I live in a small town and on an average week about 5-7 people pass away. It has since doubled to about 12 a week. I, too, can create scary numbers CDC. That is an increase of 100%! The overall number though is low, but should be analyzed.

      • Hi RG –

        Some of those deaths have to be the elderly and those with the co-morbidities who have been needle-raped.

        Think of those already hospitalized or institutionalized in assisted living and long term care facilities. How many of them have been jobbed, voluntarily or otherwise?

        Does it not stand to reason that the octogenarians, the sick, and the obese, would be less able to fight off the ills visited upon them from the magic contained in the jab?

        • Hi Mike,

          You are right. I averaged the ages for those passing and it is 75 years of age. This time last year it was 84. I would be curious once they introduce the jab to children if the average age of death would decrease significantly. It is not something I want to see happen, but let’s be honest the TPTB will implement it to children.

          • RG, here in Australia the average lifespan is 82 for women, 78 for men. years that is. The average death due to conjob19, aka covid19, is 84 years old. You read that right, 84 years. It appears that conjob increases your lifespan.
            Everyone here in Victoriastan is wearing masks now and have for several weeks as we are in the middle of winter. I have not nappied for 6 months now. I am frequently the only one in a store or mall that is nappy free. I have no intentions of changing this.
            There are few people in intensive care over the conjob. The cases come with no defining circumstances, and as a result, have no real meaning whatsoever.

            • Hi to5,

              In the section of country that you reside in are you in lockdown or do you still have free range of movement? I have watched (and read) a few news sources out of Australia and the pressure that many citizens are under seems pretty bleak. It doesn’t look like the jab is pushed as much as it is here in the States, but the detainment measures are noticeably stricter.

          • “I would be curious once they introduce the jab to children if the average age of death would decrease significantly”
            We really have no idea how many “COVID” deaths may actually be vaccine deaths. We’ve certainly been lied to about them before. Like all of last year when with COVID was from COVID. And still could be for all we know.
            I do know that even allowing children to take the vaccine is reprehensible, much less encouraging them or forcing them. They have nothing to gain except adverse events.

      • Yes! I put together a little newspaper for a this kind of isolated area. I pull relevant stories for the small town to rerun and run some school stuff, etc. and they sell ads just for them.
        We rerun obits for current or former residents of the town or those who had close relatives in the town. The number is usually 2-3 per week, even during the height of the scamdemic, because so few people meet the criteria to rerun their obit in the little paper.
        The last three weeks, I’ve been rerunning at least 10 per week. I’ve only really paid attention because it’s a challenge to fit that many in this little paper. I thought it was odd. Why are so many folks suddenly dying in or near the ‘Burgh?

        • Hi Amy,
          Interesting. I am in the Mid Atlantic and I know you are in the Midwest. I wonder if the rest of the country is seeing similar stats. I think I will scrounge a few local newspapers and see if this is a trend nationwide or a fluke in our regions.

  13. I keep waiting for people to realize the obvious fact that since the virus is still a threat, none of the mitigation measures used are effective. And yet, here we go again, trying the same method and expecting different results. I think we have a name for that, and it isn’t sanity.
    No medical treatment has EVER been allowed to remain available with such an atrocious adverse event record as these vaccines have. And that’s using the well manipulated numbers that are officially published.

    • Hey, they were able to keep the “terrorism” thing going for 20 years, without anyone seeming to notice that all of the “precautions”, squelching of liberties, and continual wars against our Israel’s enemies apparently did nothing to stop “the terrorists”. Apparently, COVID is an effective anti-terror weapon, ’cause since the flu came around, we don’t hear much about “terror” anymore. (But of course, the “precautions”, squelching of liberties, and wars remain, nonetheless….)

      • Hi Nunz –

        You should know that I will fight to the death to defend your right to shop at BIG BOX, Inc., undiapered.

    • JK,

      To put things in perspective, do you remember those two, high profile 737 MAX crashes? Two of Boeing’s new 737 MAX crashed, killing 346 people between the two flights. The FAA, EASA, and other aviation agencies grounded the airplane worldwide. It’s only now returning to service. Boeing will no doubt face sanction from the FAA, and they’ll face lawsuits from the decedents’ families. SO! Although almost 32 TIMES the people died (10,991 as of July 9, according to VAERS), the vax hasn’t been pulled yet; not only that, you can’t SUE the bastards! Am I the only one noticing the different treatment Boeing has received here?

  14. The increase in “The Cases!” seems to have no correlation with the percentage of the populace vaccinated. Thus, it appears that the jab does NOTHING to attenuate transmission of the ‘Rona.

    SO! What does the MSM do? They state that 97% of the newly hospitalized are unvaccinated, and, of course, show footage of people suffering in ICUs.

    They’ve now run with the idea that the jab decreases incidence of severe cases. Here in Az, the data don’t indicate a meaningful increase in hospitalization, at least not yet. For some other states and countries, yes.

    Now, the MSM absolutely are NOT showing ANY footage of people suffering or dying in ICUs of jab effects. It might only take a few days straight of showing people paralyzed, stroked or put in a box after being Annointed to decrease vaccine proliferation to zero, so that doesn’t happen.

    If it’s anything like the above claimed 45,000 dead, it is in the territory of a criminal cover-up. Though I have no expectations of any justice, if this is true.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      I have a problem when the media throws out percentages instead of true figures. If my local hospital has six ICU beds and two were currently being used and now it is up to four that is 100%, but overall the numbers are not petrifying. If so many unvaccinated are croaking shouldn’t CNN and Fox restart their death clocks?

      Also, I inquire who is being tested? How many people total and then how many are positive? If five people are going in for testing (I don’t know why they would, but it they did) shouldn’t we know the figure is five, otherwise we all think it is 5000 (which is what they want us to conjecture).

      This time last year the local doctor’s office had COVID testing available (via car) and the autos were wrapped around the building. This year the parking lot is empty. The hospitals are not overflowing, but they want us to think they are. What the hell is going on?

      • Propaganda and blasting the volume of the fear organ is what’s going on. Why is the better question.

        But to your point, it’s disgraceful how they report statistics without context. I saw some bullshit story last week about some 120% or whatever increase in hospitalizations in Bumblefuck, Missouri. What does that even mean – that they had 1 patient last week and now they have 2, probably out of a population of 90,000+ in the area. And then somewhere 10 unvaccinated sick people drove to a test site and 9 of them test positive – “90% of unvaccinated are testing positive” would read the headline. It’s all horse shit on a massive scale. It ought to infuriate people, but they just nod like some bobblehead. It’s surreal.

      • Yes, I too have seen the hospitalizations have DOUBLED (from 6 to 12) alarmism as well. Suffice it to say, I’m not shivering in my boots at this time.

      • By intent or ineptitude, stories containing stats are not publishing all the relevant information. As you point out, percentage is irrelevant without actual numbers involved. Rarely does one see them together.

    • To my knowledge, hospitals are STILL being paid a bonus for a COVID admission, so obviously there will be ore admissions tagged as COVID, whether that’s why they were admitted or not. likewise a bonus for ICU admission as COVID. Likewise an even bigger bonus for putting them on a ventilator, which often kills people. I have heard nothing about these bonuses being withdrawn. Nearly all hospitals are now for profit. They are being run by accountants, not MDs. We may be inserted into the new and improved Delta variant world because they miss their bonus.

  15. But Pfizer and Moderna told us their potions were 95% effective (based on permissive clinical endpoints from 150 people in their study)!

    I find it interesting that a year ago, any and all deaths just had to be reported as covid-related, no matter how tenuous or ridiculous. Now, ANY vaccine death or disabling is considered merely coincidental – not from the needle contents. That such coincidences are happening at a rate of over a hundred times per day is of no moment. But to point that out or ask questions makes you hesitant or an anti-vaxxer, and a target for cancellation.


    • Hi BAC,

      Wasn’t Pfizer the company that was dinged $2.3 billion in 2009 for false marketing of their pharmaceutical drugs? Moderna, established in 2010, had nine previous drugs never even make it to market, but they hit a home run on COVID! Also, isn’t J&J contemplating bankruptcy since they don’t have the monies to pay for the $2 billion fine for marketing talcum powder with known asbestos as an ingredient for decades.

      Yep, put those needles in your arm. The manufacturers making these warp speed drugs have exemplary track records. Good job world!

      • Right. The same Pfizer who, years ago, had that misleading ad campaign for Lipitor featuring a non-credentialed doctor who co-invented a mechanical heart device telling everyone how he’s glad, as a doctor, to prescribe statins. These criminal organizations who sell poisons to ill-informed and trusting people who are duped into believing they are doing the right thing. The same Pfizer who just had to steal land from poor homeowners in New London, CT in order to increase the local property tax revenue to the town. Twisted, deceitful, and evil companies, with a poor track record on everything and a conflict of interest on covid, but we should just trust them.

      • Each and every one of the vaccine makers have paid out billions in civil and CRIMINAL penalties. And yet can’t be held liable for ANY vaccine’s adverse effects. The difference with the COVID vaccines is that neither is the state.

    • Indeed, if vaccine deaths were recorded using the same criteria as COVID deaths, vaccination may have ceased altogether months ago. If anyone bothered to report it.

  16. Well, my friend is magnetic….I was suspect of those reports because I would have never thought of such a thing, but I have a neodymium magnet and it stuck to his arm, not mine. I encourage all to try with people they know if they let you. There are also magnetometer physics apps you can get on your phone to measure fields low key. I heard a doctor found a bug finder/rf scanning tool to see if someone is spying on you can pick up injection sites too, but I have not tried that.
    Must be some kind of system that assembles iron in the body to do this….will the needled fry in an MRI machine now? Who knows, but it’s not good for health, that’s for sure

    • Spooky, as if it weren’t spooky enough. Perhaps dicking around with iron, which is used in red blood cells, is why people are dropping dead from heart problems.

  17. The true test will come this fall/winter. If what’s happening in the UK, Israel and other places is an early indicator, it doesn’t bode well.
    I really laugh at some comments I have heard trying to explain what’s going on in the places mentioned before, like “oh but the majority is vaxed so is logical there are going to be more cases in that group” (the unvaxed, while they are minority, are still a significant number. If the concoction was effective, the stats would reflect more infections in them).
    And my favorite one is “oh, but they are old people with weakened immune systems” Excuse me? Wasn’t avoiding hospitalizations or deaths the “purpose” of the concoction?

    For those interested, read this thread. Very interesting. It shows the incidence between vaxed and unvaxed, but notice the incidence after the first dose:

    And this isn’t accounting potential side effects.

    • Hi Marauder,

      Much hangs in the balance. It will, I think, be determinative if the Face Diaper decrees return and people – a majority of them – submit to it. If they do, then it’s all-but-certain forced Needling and mandatory “vaccination passports” will ensue. In which case, those of us who object – and refuse can expect to be not merely marginalized but very probably criminalized.

    • It’s winter in Australia right now, and look what’s happening there: Lockdowns and police-state tactics with renewed vigor- and the same will most likely happen here.

      • I’m afraid you’re right Nunz, I think we’re going to be in for a rough ride this winter. Those of us who refuse the Holy Jab are going to be the new niggers.

        • Hey Jason!
          I agree with your agreeing with me! 😉

          RG makes an excellent point below (Hi, RG!) about the masking being used as a set-up to bring about vax passports et al. Why else would they have so universally decreed the use of an utterly ineffective and meaningless garment, but to set up a Hegelian dialectic for something far worse?

          • Hi Nunz,

            The Olympics is the epicenter of this lockdown/biometric passport implementation. Every country is there. They will either claim COVID has spread throughout and then will be taken back to each country where maximized social distancing and lockdowns will occur or worse (and I hope I am wrong) a newer, deadlier virus will arrive as the Olympians return home.

            That is my conspiracy theory for today. I will come up with something else tomorrow.

      • The lockdowns are coming. Since more and more cities are bringing back the mask mandates the lockdowns are not far behind. The problem though is that apparently, Americans don’t like masking all that much. Last year masking compliance reached an all time high around 90%, but as of now only 55% are willing to don it again.

        I think the rebelling on masking is going to bring on the biometric passports sooner. I am already reading the narrative. Customer in restaurant – “Why do we have to mask? I have had the vaccine. I think they should introduce passports so we are safe from the unvaccinated.” The passports are going to be a hard sell for half of the public. They recently tested this in CA through local restaurants and the restaurants folded, because they received so much grief from the public. Come to find out that Mary will wear her mask, but she isn’t showing her health information for a sit down dinner.

        The Rockefeller Foundation’s Scenario Narratives is an interesting read. They already tell us what they are going to do. Whether we want to believe it or not is up to us. I question our intelligence. When someone hands you a playbook regarding your demise shouldn’t the initial reaction be to coordinate an attack that they don’t expect? Good Lord, obviously chess/military strategy is a lost art form.

        • Perhaps, regionally, compliance will be varied, RG? Who knows?

          Consider this:
          “It took all of 3 weeks. Almost as soon as Moscow decreed a COVID vaccine & test passport it had to be abandoned. Not because of a flashy mass protest but thanks to typical Russian mass subversion at the grassroots. Numerous Muscovites quickly got themselves fake QR passports of varying quality and catering establishments elected not to look at them too closely. The result being that with each passing day the authorities looked more impotent and weak, their unenforceable imposition semi-openly defied by the living, breathing city.

          Now choosing between the long humiliation of their decree becoming entirely dead letter (as has already happened to their idiotic gloves mandate), or the quick humiliation of a speedy reversal they opted for the latter. Some nonsense was written about how the QR codes miraculously helped turn things around in just 3 weeks and the decree was dropped. Tomorrow COVID passports are out, as well as a curfew for bars and clubs.”


      • There is one distinct difference. Australia is largely unarmed. The US is even move heavily armed than it was a year ago. See what happens when you give up your guns?

      • Thankfully, we never had it as bad as Australia and other countries have had it. Australia had 5 km (3.1 miles) limit; you couldn’t go outside that radius from home. The same happened in Ireland. Oh, and in part of Peru last year, you couldn’t go more than ONE KM (0.62 miles) from your house! Though I never moved there as planned, I still follow events down there. AFAIK, that never happened even in the most authoritarian states in the US.

        I’m not saying it cannnot happen here; I’m not saying that it will not; I’m saying that, like last year, we may have it a bit easier than other countries. That is to say that our upcoming restrictions may not be as severe. I attribute that to the fact that there are hundreds of millions of guns in private hands, and gun sales have set records as of late. Hopefully, the vestiges of the 2A will retard the forces of tyranny here just a bit…

        • Indeed the whole point of the second amendment is to be a substantial check in the series of checks and balances. Its whole point is to keep government subservient- to make “law enforcement” damned near impossible without near unanimous popular support. It is supposed to make tyrannical government unthinkable. But it presumes a courageous/virtuous population. Deer hunting is fun, but that’s not what it’s about.

          • I think there is a reason for the order of amendments 1 and 2.
            1A: Let’s talk about it.
            2A: I disagree with you, go away and leave me alone. NOW!

      • However, Nunzio, our PM has stated that people cannot be forcibly vaccinated. That vaccination is voluntary. Nevertheless the Goebbels/Hirohito propaganda campaign, replete with lies, is in full swing. That which cannot be done directly cannot be done indirectly. Our state premiers have shown their hitlerian dictatorship ambitions. As I am now retired, the house arrests do not affect me. If I need to go out, I do so with no fear. Where I live the police do not really care.


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