Diaper Report 7/21/21

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Some good news to report today. Yesterday, I was able to see my mom for the first time in more than a year. The doors to the prison for the elderly have been opened in my gau of Virginia – gau being the 1930s German word for the administrative district of what had been a formerly independent state. They are probably open just temporarily, given the Delta Epsilon Semi-Moron Scariant is said to be on the loose. But I took the opportunity to walk through them – and past the sign on the door insisting on face-effacement – with my face un-effaced.

No hesitation. Above all, no obedience. Not even feigned or making ready to, as my sister almost did – by having her filthy Rag of Obedience at the ready. I urged her to put the loathsome thing away and just walk in.

And so we did.

The staff were hidden behind their “masks” – but said nothing to us. Or rather, said nothing about the sight of  our faces. Perhaps out of kindness. Perhaps because they wanted to avoid a confrontation. Regardless, it affirms my belief that signs have no ability to impede your actions.

If you ignore them, they will not run after you.

Yes, of course, signs can be enforced – but that takes people willing and able to do it. In the case of speed limit signs, it is usually safe to ignore the sign because it is usually the case that there is no one around to enforce what it says. You can “get away” with “speeding,” which is why so many – almost all of us – do so, regularly.

And by doing so, we convey a health contempt for ridiculous signs.

I have never understood why so many people were – and remain – afraid to show contempt for the Face Effacement signs, particularly when it was also obvious you could “get away” with disobedience. As in the case of stores and so on that were clearly not saying anything to the handful of face-showers who ignored them. Much less kicking them out of the store. When all you had to do was summon the gumption to ignore the sign – and walk right through the door.

As I have been doing. As I’ve done since the beginning of Ronamonomania.

Yes, some doors have been closed to me – as in the case of the prison for the elderly. And it is true I was made persona non diaper at the coffee shop I used to frequent, for refusing to obey the sign.

But I always refuse – and by doing so, place the burden of obedience to an insipid but vicious fraud on them. I put the door keepers in the position of having to be Good Germans while I show them what it is to not be one. I keep my self respect by putting them in the position of having to shame themselves.

There is another term of righteous opprobrium that is relevant in this context: Uncle Tom. It refers to black people who behave shamefully – as by tolerating degrading treatment in order to gain some momentary advantage. Sit here, boy. Yes, sir! Very few black people today are willing to behave like Uncle Toms because they do not wish to be regarded as Uncle Toms. But all too many Americans are willing to behave like Uncle Toms. Stand here. Place this over your face.

Yes, boss!

Uncle Toms – of all hues – do as they’re told. Often with only a sign to make them do it. The sight is as disgusting as watching an old Step n’ Fetchit performance from the ’30s. More disgusting, actually. Because Step n’ Fetchit was being paid to make a fool of himself while the degradation performances being demanded of American Step n’ Fetchits is costing them everything.

All they had to do – and still can do – is ignore the signs. Which – unlike speed limit signs – haven’t even got the force of law behind them. You can get a ticket for “speeding.” You cannot – yet – get a ticket for refusing to face-efface. It’s true that in a few areas, an attempt was made to enforce face-effacing at ticket-point, but these tickets have proved to be unenforceable – so far.

If only a working majority of Americans had had the gumption to ignore these signs when they began to appear, it is extremely probable there would be no signs to ignore, now. They would have disappeared – being unenforceable – and thereby made ridiculous. Which obeying them ought to have been from the get-go.

But because so many people did Step n’ Fetchit – yes, boss! – the signs are likely to return and this time, it may take more gumption to ignore them – because it is very probable there will be some form of enforcement, this time.

But they must be ignored, nonetheless. Unless, of course, you wish to spend the rest of your life (and condemn your children to a life of) steppin’ and fetchin’

And rolling up your sleeve, too.

. . .

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  1. Eric, CONGRATULATIONS chief!! And well done. Your public display of contempt for these contemptible rags has helped me and I imagine others keep doing in their healthy contempt for such things.

    I have a less than happy news to report from Phoenix AZ area. I was in a little bakery/cafe thing in an area of Phx that is upper middle classish, somewhat conservative but also a place for rich “system” people. During my 3 hours there, about 25-30% were diapered, mostly wammen. Three things:

    1. A very elderly lady, undiapered, made some small talk with me and tried to get me on a fear track with “What they’re saying isn’t good about the virus.” I replied with, “Ah, they never say anything good.” Yeah…. she replied. But she was scrrrrrrrrd

    2. Two butchy looking boomers straight from hiiiiking or some fitness class came in, totally unfeminine, with the physique of a power lifter who can only deadlift 85 lbs., first going to the back of their car to don the diaper before coming in and keeping their sunglasses on, looking all pissed off. They stood in a corner waiting for their order, arms folded.

    3. A boomer dad wearing a little league baseball coach shirt first came in undiapered and sat with his dog on the outside patio. After the two butchies were in the joint, he came back in the shop for a refill wearing his diaper like a good little slave.

    I see the same zombie mind control cancer metastasizing again.

    • Morning, Michael –

      Thanks for the report from AZ! I think we are the “irreconcilable differences” point in a failed marriage. Neither party can abide the other and there is no way they can live together on account of it. Thus the question becomes: What next? The reasonable – the humane – course of action is a separation, such that each party can pursue their own course free of the other. This would be difficult, of course – separations/divorces always are – but it need not be accompanied by violence.

      My worry is that the other party in our case will not accept separation/divorce as being in the best interests of both parties. Rather, the other side will do all it can to force us to remain “married,” no matter how miserable it makes us – and them.

      • Hey Eric,

        You’re welcome. Thanks for your comment. I feel the same way, tough as it is to actually believe. Maybe a county by county vote would get the job done. Hey maybe there could be lots of different countries! Or, each of the 50 “states” its own entity.

        That said, I’m doubtful as to that happening because psychopaths usually don’t relinquish power, esp. when they feel they have their victim around the throat. The lefties, with strong Death impulses within them, would largely cheer this decision to FORCE the marriage to go on. After all, they’re believers in government, and as Mao ZD said, “Government comes from the barrel of a gun.” They <3<3<3 their government.

      • Kind of like the civil war in the 1860’s. The north would not settle for separation, they wanted the whole enchilada, so the fight was on…

        Will it turn out different this time?

  2. For those who care to know, the standard textbook on molecular biology is:
    The Molecular Biology of the Gene, by J.D. Watson et al
    It is available online in various formats and editions.
    You can read it for free, as pdf.
    It is not difficult to understand, just long.

    I read it long ago, so do not necessarily remember much, but this is the real deal, if you want a good introduction to the subject.

  3. “Delta Epsilon Semi-Moron Scariant” Without the ‘Semi-‘ yields the acronym DEMS. One of our own, Tsidkenu, on SOTT.NET came up with that. Thought we’d share…

    • Thanks, Parzival!

      Everything that can be done to puncture the Holy Nimbus surrounding the Cult of Sickness can and must be done. Good to have you with us!

  4. Went to a small county fair this morning. 1000+ people, zero anti-social distancing (lots of elbow to elbow & other normal groupings) and not a face diaper in sight!

    However; it was a bit disturbing to see that fist bumps may have replaced handshakes between the winning livestock handlers and the judge. I didn’t watch much, only one such example, it seemed like maybe that’s the norm, Idk? I hope that practice fades, the exchange seemed so superficial and fake. Anti-human.
    To me, it also seemed like fist bumps take away something more from the whole thing, but I’m not certain how to articulate it.

    • Hi Helot,

      I shake hands – or offer to – and will immediately cease dealing with someone who declines. It is insulting. The presumption being I’m unclean. A handshake is a gesture of confidence and mutual respect. The elbow/fist bump is contemptible.

      • >The fist bump is
        a knee grow gesture.
        I am not a knee grow, couldn’t pass for one, and do not believe it is somehow “cool” to think, act, or talk like one.
        That said, I am not a rayciss. Live and let live is my behavior program.
        Which means I get to have my own, Northern European*, identity.
        We don’t “bump fists,” we shake hands.
        And we *ask* questions; we do not “ax” them.
        *a.k.a. Nordic, a.k.a. Aryan
        Those who have a problem with that are, by definition, “those who have a problem,” and might consider professional assistance to help them “get over it.”

        • Fist bumps, high-fives….the glorification of the lowest elements of the basest culture from prisons, ghettos and honky-tonks, whether occupied by negroids or white trash- it’s a retreat from civility and genteel culture. I suppose the next degradation will be grunting instead of speaking- we’re practically there already- e.g. texting.

          Constant accusations of “racism” are just a means to degrade culture and civility by making the impressionable feel guilty for ‘daring” to criticize debased cultures and inhuman uncivilized behavior.

          And WTF’s wrong with racism, anyway? Sorry…but cultures in the 21st. century whose members still live in crude one-story shanties, and lay around procreating all day as their extant offspring starve to death as the flies buzz around them…who befoul their own habitats, and even in first-world countries turn once great and beautiful cities into crime-ridden burnt-out shit-holes, and who brutalize each other so that they can get their next high, are in no way “equal” to European, Asian or Middle-Eastern cultures….not even remotely- and to deny such an obvious fact is akin to an alcoholic denying that he has a drinking problem- a total absurdity that flies in the face of sanity and reality, which is practiced only by those who would deny reality rather than admit to the fact of there being a major problem.

          • >I suppose the next degradation will be grunting instead of speaking
            Already happened with (what used to be) popular music.
            Sorry, some cretin screaming obscenities is *NOT* music, not as I understand the term. Nor is it “art,” in any sense of that term.

            Music, by definition, must have. both rhythm and melody.
            “Rap” has neither of these. It is mouth sewage, inflicted on the world by ignorant scum. Why anyone would listen to such garbage is beyond my comprehension.

            The “golden age” of rock and roll featured real music, by real musicians, starting with the king himself. No, not Elves Presley, that ofay pretender. The *real* king of rock and roll, at least in my opinion, was Chuck Berry.

            Oh, and “Southern gentleman” does have a real, and very positive connotation. having to do with civilized standards of conduct expected of gentlemen. It is *not* a euphemism for “racist Klansman.”

            • Amen to the noise-and-screaming-is-not-music, Turtle! I can barely stand to go shopping anymore, ’cause my ears are assaulted in these stores by this garbage they euphemistically label ‘music’. Nothing else illustrates the devolution of society like modern ‘music’ does. What a slide, from Beethoven and Mozart 300 years ago, to criminals babbling about rape and drugs?

              Hey, I’ve met exactly one Klansman in my life…. LOL- what an ass the guy was- just a nasty old guy! Nasty to everybody.

  5. At the check out lane in my local Kroger affiliate, me and my family were sprayed from above with some type of sickly scented spray. Being very tall, I thought I noticed it right away and mentioned it but my family, lower to the ground, was distracted and didn’t notice. At the time, I looked up and thought I saw tiny sprayers connected to a newly installed honeycomb drop ceiling. We didn’t notice the smell of the spray on our groceries until we got home. They reeked just like what I smelled in the store. All bags and any items not bagged (open bread bags, un-bagged veggies) caught the spray and had to be thrown out. We immediately called the manager of the store and relayed our experience, telling him we buy the equivalent of an automobile in there every year. He flat out denied anything was being sprayed and suggested it was the checker’s perfume but offered us a gift card for our trouble, which we declined since to return is a long trip that we make only weekly. We said if it happened again, we would never set foot in there again. Is this the next thing? Surreptitiously spraying us from above with God knows what because we might be sick? An even crazier thought is are they using facial recognition AI tied to driver’s licenses cross checked via vax records to determine who to spray?

  6. Life’s been treating you well the past week or so Eric.
    Your shoulder got much better.
    You got to see your mom.
    You showed your sister it is possible to not wear the rag of obedience.
    You got to test drive that BRUTE of a Dodge.
    I’m happy for you.

  7. Previously decided not to go back to NY for my 96 year old dad’s memorial at the end of July. He fell ill two days after his second Pfizer shot and died less than a month later. Since then I’ve been at odds with my progressive sibs who are big pro vax demoncrats. I am an irritation under their skin and we no longer talk.

    Found out today that the memorial at the Unitarian church comes with a mandatory diapering. It actually gave me a psychological lift that I’m not attending and being expected to muzzle up. I just can’t envision being in such company and having someone, especially my sibs, try to coerce me into the proper wearing of the diaper and having a scene erupt.

    It gives me satisfaction that I have chosen the right course of action in being a non-participant and keeping my distance, and realizing this may be the case for years to come. There is no benefit in joining with the masked to go through a public ritual. The idea of it disgusts me. Better to stay away and let these people shame themselves in their own company. They are so sanctimonius with their masks, with their liberal religion, and have no clue they are contributing to the demise of their culture.

    • Hi Andy,

      Your story is – unfortunately – a common one. Families/friendships torn apart over this cult of sickness and its Kabuki. But what is to be done when there are such irreconcilable differences? Or rather, when there is insistence by one side that the other must abide by the tenets of their religion?

      I think most of us would be willing to respect the right of these people to practice their faith; to wear their Holy Vestments and be Anointed, if that is their choice. But we draw the line at being coerced/hassled/shamed by them to pretend we also believe.

      For a time, I mourned the friends I’ve lost over this. But then I realized that they stopped being my friends – i.e., they chose their faith over me. Which they have every right to do. But it says something about them, too.

      We can always find new friends and while family is harder to find, good friends can stand in for that, too.

      My sympathies for the loss of your Dad – and of your siblings.

      • When my Dad died last November, it took me all of 30 seconds to decide not to have a funeral. I’m certain half or better would have shown up in a mask, and in combination with my father’s death, I just didn’t think I could deal with it. After all, funerals are for the survivors, not for the deceased. My son’s family and I took a moment of mourning at the graveside.

    • Andy: Although my situation is quite different, the whole virus thing has divided me and my siblings also. I am the youngest at 71, and we have never had any kind of family difficulties before this. Pretty sad.

      I have not seen my one sis and her hubby, who are 45 minutes away, since Christmas 2019.

      • Thanks for responding, Bruce. Kinda sad really. Our family had been close emotionally, but my dad’s death and the fallout during my last visit home to say goodbye broke the camel’s back. I didn’t really see it coming, except for my brother’s recent increasing political orthodoxy as a “progressive.” He wanted to challenge me over the phone and later in person, as if he had picked me to fight with, which is very much not like him. I could tell he was getting a serious case of ‘liberal disease’ and wanted somebody to spar with. I always knew his views, but now he seemed to have jumped on some train of holier than thou.

        I previously sent a video to family members of Gareth Icke (David’s son) giving a public speech at one of the earlier UK protests. I thought he summed up the situation well. It COMPLETELY FREAKED them out and they realized to what degree I was a black sheep in the family. At 67 I’m the oldest, but was always challenging the status quo. I’ve gotten respect from them over the years (same with dad), but I’m also a wild card for them.

        I realized quickly that things were changing for me and my sibs (including a step-brother) and I was now to be some kind of target of derision. They all sent me nasty letters and said don’t ever send them any more ‘news’ like that, and how could I hold such crazy views.

        I seriously cut off contact because I could see the day that being non-vaxxed or in protest with government covid actions, or anti-mask, could or would eventually get me on a list, possibly informed upon by close family members!

        Who knows what’s ahead when you look at the history of the Bolshevik’s and the rest of it. I think it better to cut ties now when the water is barely boiling, because later on when things get really hot, you’ve already made yourself a mark.

        I’m going with the grey man approach. I’m fine with it…

  8. I’ve always marveled at how many people regard signage as law. I like to view written words as abstracts. Really, they’re just chicken scratches ordered in a certain way. There’s nothing inherent about them that gives them importance other than our interpretation. Looking at it in this way gives you a moment to consider what somebody meant to convey by putting it in your path (if you care to contemplate it).

    Most people do the knee jerk and don’t think past the reaction that they’re being told what to do or think. They interpret it immediately as some kind of command.

    Seeing signs to wear the mask on commercial door fronts are a great reminder to me that this phenomenon is just a random sputtering. I may or may not see it as I enter, but I mostly give it a nevermind like other things in my peripheral vision. It’s a great feeling to see such a thing as just a random colored object that has nothing to do with me. I am not influenced by this thing that somebody found important to themselves. I’m not bound to their creation because it really has nothing to do with me.

    • Hi Andy,

      I stopped reflexively respecting “laws” (and signs) when I came to understand the difference between legal (and illegal) and right (and wrong). That while these can overlap they are not synonymous. It is illegal to not wear a seatbelt. I feel no moral shame defying this law because there is no moral wrong in defying it. They could pass a law requiring everyone to shave their heads – or wear a Face Diaper. The fact that it is “the law” doesn’t oblige me – morally – to obey.

      I think many people have never considered the distinction between legal (and (illegal) and right (and wrong). So they remain in fear/awe of anything that is “the law” – and so are vulnerable to things that aren’t even “the law,” such as a sign on the door. They have been trained to obey, that’s all.

      And they do,

  9. Well another update from earlier today. Had to run walmart to pick up some stuff for a week in the woods with my son’s troop. Holy crap the amount of diapers were ridiculous. It felt like last summer again only with a few more joining me in the showing of thier face. Just when i thought things were going back to some normalcy after the concert i was jolted back to reality with the walmart visit.

    • Yep, they are back. The stores aren’t requiring them yet. Was able to visit one of my favorite bakeries in NOVA….no mask signage. Daughter and I entered and bought about $40 worth of desserts. We were the only customers. We passed a few customers entering as we were leaving….masked to the hilt. Even when there is no demand people willingly do it. I have a feeling my days going there are probably numbered. I expect Virginia to bring masking back in the next 30 days and then I am back to sneaking around to farms and curbside service. 🙁.

      • RE: “then I am back to sneaking around to farms and curbside service.”

        The earlier Russian example of goobermint failure to require vax-pass, I imagine if they do a second go-around, it won’t be like the first one. Idk.

        … “Corvus sends this story about Australia’s totalitarianism:

        Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant told reporters on Tuesday that Australians shouldn’t engage in conversations, even if both parties were wearing masks, and regardless of vaccination status.

        “Whilst it’s human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately, this is not the time to do that,” Chant said.” …


        Lately, I’ve been thinking of The French Underground during WWII, or what I’ve seen in films, TeeVee and some little reading. Add a dash of V – For Vendetta. Fun times.

        • Hi helot,

          I honestly believe the Russians understand the dangers of communism. Only in the last 30 years has the boot stepped off their neck. They know they have to fight because they remember the breadlines, the fluctuation of currency, and government coming in and repossessing everything they own. Americans don’t understand this because we have not experienced it.

          The newspapers and media campaigns are strong. I can find a story in any editorial section talking about the benefits of vaccine passes and how everyone should have an ID to post online. I read the comments section of the Washington Post and it makes my stomach queasy. People seriously want this. They truly believe those of us that are unjabbed are a danger to them. If real science prevailed this country is at 75-80% herd immunity if we include natural immunity in the figures. If the “vaccine” did what it should (stopping transmission of a virus) this viral infection would be done. I can only reason that the Delta variant is shedded by those that have been vaccinated…nothing else makes sense. I spoke to a client yesterday, the entire family got Covid last year (had natural immunity), they all got jabbed. Guess what? They have all tested positive for Covid this week after being fully vaccinated. Makes no sense.

          • ‘I read the comments section of the Washington Post and it makes my stomach queasy.’ — RG

            Christ, RG, that’s the intellectual diet equivalent of subsisting on donuts and CacaCola — your supple mind squirms and shrinks under the onslaught of all that babbling poison.

            ‘They have all tested positive for Covid this week after being fully vaccinated. Makes no sense.’

            Dr Mercola suggested, in an essay y’day at Lew Rockwell, that a vaccinated population puts selection pressure on the virus to mutate for greater transmissibility. But such mutations can erode its lethality.

            So far, the ‘case’ rate has nearly quadrupled from late June. But the 7-avg death rate of 249 is actually down from around 300 in late June.

            We’ll see whether our commissars (Fauci, Weeping Walensky, et al) acknowledge these inconvenient numbers — or invoke Operation Mockingbird to make up new and ‘better’ (more lethal) ones.

            • Hi Jim,

              I believe it was very important to know how one’s enemies think, hence reading the Washington Post occasionally.

              I walk talking to an acquaintance earlier (she is as adamant about not needling as I am) and she said a friend of hers (mids 30s male) died a few weeks ago. His employer had asked everyone in the office to vaccinate (there would be decent bonuses for those that did) and he decided to. He died of a heart attack six days later. The hospital refused to do an autopsy on him stating that the vaccine was not responsible since it was after 24 hours. And there you have it folks. If you don’t die within 24 hours it was not the vaccine.

                • Hi Eric,

                  Actually, he probably did die of a heart attack. From the studies that I have been reading the spike protein can cause vascular damage, strokes, etc. That is what got the ferrets and mice per the NIH’s own 2012 study.

                  • Yes, RG, a thousand times yes. The spike protein is a toxin that is causing blood clots and vascular damage. It’s causing clots in the microvasculature and the capillaries, resulting in mini ischemic events and tissue death. On a macro scale, it can cause heart attacks and strokes. A friend of mine is a cardiologist, and he tells me of the massive blood clots they are surgically vacuuming out of vaccine patients. But they are not allowed to tell the patients the vaccines caused it. Another friend, in emergency medicine, tells me the people who are faring best from covid and the vaccine are those already on blood thinners.

                    They are literally injecting people with a virus toxin that causes micro and macro scale blood clotting inside the body. It is destroying their blood vessels and hearts, with the full scale and long term effects of this wholly unknown. And what becomes known assuredly will be blocked and memory holed.

                    God Damn these people.

                    • Oh, my god. I knew it was bad, but this is criminal! So much for “safe and effective.”

                      I did read that adults on blood thinners are having less issues with clotting, which makes sense that many of the elderly are not succumbing yet. It seems the clotting and vascular issues are occurring in young men (under 40). The women (even those past menopause) are having issues with their ovaries.

                    • “Bool thinner” is a misnomer. Actually, these are powerful anti-coagulants.

                      The most common is warfarin, which was the active ingredient in the original formulation of D-Con, a potent rodenticide. The name comes from Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, which funded the research into isolating the compound from spoiled clover, which was killing a farmer’s dairy cattle.

                      Doctors who prescribe it attempt to conceal this by using the trade name “Coumadin” rather than the generic “warfarin.”

                      Although it may decrease the incidence of ischemic stroke, there is a corresponding increase in risk of hemorrhagic stroke (TANSTAAFL).

                      It basically turns you into a low grade hemophiliac.

                    • Hi BAC,
                      You seem like a real expert in this area. I have a question for you. Do you know if these effects are specific to the mRNA vaccines or also happen with the J&J vaccine? Does the J&J vaccine also produce the spike proteins that can spread throughout the body?


                    • This comment borders on gaslighting. If true, how can you, in good conscience, keep this kind of information from your duly credentialed “friends” confidential? They are complicit in a great crime. A great evil. Mini-Mengeles. For what? 30 pieces of silver? Their “station” in society? Not wanting to rock the boat? It’s a betrayal of trust. Sickening…

                    • Hi Martin

                      Yes, the J&J vaccine also induces spike protein expression. J&J uses a (supposedly) replication-inert, genetically-engineered adenovirus to deliver DNA that encodes the spike protein. These viruses bind to cells, release the DNA, and the DNA is converted in the cell to mRNA. Then the cell uses the mRNA to make and secrete the spike protein.

                      In fact, the serious clots have been observed in people who received the J&J vaccine. Back in the spring, they even halted use of the J&J vaccine because of this risk, only to later deem it “rare” and resume its use. Most serious clots occurred in the brain.

                      The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) encase RNA into small balls that merge with the cell membranes. Once inside the cell, the mRNA is used directly by the cell to make and secrete the spike protein.

                      The vaccine makers either mistakenly believed the spike protein would stay at the injection site, or they knew it would enter the blood and lymphatic system. Either way, it ends up in the bloodstream and travels wherever blood goes. Seems to accumulate most at the heart and the ovaries. When in contact with platelets in the blood, the spike protein seems to cause them to stick together – ie, clot. Large clots occlude blood flow, cutting off oxygen downstream, causing the oxygen-starved tissue to die. In a blood vessel that feeds the heart, a clot can cause a heart attack; in one that feeds the brain, it can cause a stroke.

                    • Hi BAC,

                      Thanks for your reply. You are a font of valuable information about these vaccines.

                      The reason I asked is that my daughter is a student at University of California and is being bludgeoned like all of the students to get a vaccine before resuming school in the fall. Any student who is not vaccinated will not be permitted on campus and will have to take all classes on line. This will be a problem for her, because she will be working a project that requires that she be on campus. I believe that unvaccinated students living in campus housing, as she will be, will also be required to take covid19 tests on a regular basis.

                      So, naturally, she just wants to get vaccinated in order to avoid all of this garbage. I was hoping that the J&J was a safer vaccine. My doctor, who is an expert in the area of life extension, had originally thought that the J&J would be a safer vaccine. But I just received an email from him, and he no longer believe this. So we are in the position of making a very unpleasant choice. I would much prefer that she not get vaccinated, but she will probably give in and get the goddamned jab. That UC is doing this to young, healthy students who are at essentially zero risk from the virus is, as you said, despicable.


                    • **”My daughter is a student at University of California”**

                      Dayyyyum….. Double-whammy. Not content to merely poison the mind…now they must poison the body too.

                      I don’t understand why anyone would allow either to befall any of their offspring.

              • I think its time for independent autopsies on these young, healthy people who drop dead.days or weeks after the jab. I’m wondering what would be found. Of course the ptb will try and surpress any findings but like everything else, the truth will trickle out.

                • They will not do them, because they know that the only logical cause would be the vaccine.

                  It is like how the media is continually stating that the unvaccinated are causing the increase in cases. No analytical hypothesis can rationalize this argument. If 60% of the population has had at least one shot and another 20% have natural antibodies that leaves 20% passing the virus and creating new variants? Not likely, especially the high amount of vaccinated that are testing positive (even at the lower 25-30 testing cycle interval).

                  I think TPTB are beginning to grasp at straws. How much longer can they get away with it?

                  • When you see reports of a ship of fully vaccinated individuals where people are testing positive and getting sick people tend to start questioning the narrative. When reports surface of an airplane full of commiecrat Texas legislature creatures who are all supposedly fully vaxed testing positive people start to question the narrative. When a famous poker player hides away for 16 months gets fully vaxed and goes out and immediately tests positive yet he claims he has friends who never stopped going out and are unvaxed and have not gotten the convid people start to question the narrative. Only question now is are enough people waking up to the scam to make a difference come September

                    • Hi Antilles,

                      The only ones questioning it are the unvaxxed.

                      Just spoke to another client who left my office a few minutes ago. Another one of the non jabbed. I asked her if she knew anyone unvaxxed that has gotten sick recently. Her answer “Nope, but a few teenagers who have received the shot are sick and testing positive per my child’s camp. None of the unvaccinated were sick though.”

                      Do any of our fellow posters know of anyone that has not received the jab, but has gotten sick recently?

                      This is starting to get weird.

              • “I believe it was very important to know how one’s enemies think”
                Those delivering the message are to evil for me to contemplate, and those that believe them don’t think.

          • I agree on the aggressiveness of the propaganda campaign for vaxxing. Although I’ve avoided network news, the other day ABC news was playing in the gym, a piece urging teenagers to get vaxxed. The female reporter was reading (while the text was simultaneously displayed on the screen overlaid with video of an ICU hospital scene) a quote of a nurse describing a dramatic increase in teenagers being hospitalized for the Delta varient. She said “the last thing these teenagers do before they are intubated is to beg me for the vaccine, but I have to tell them I’m sorry but it’s too late for that. Then I go tell their parents the only thing they can do is to pray and recall the good memories of their child”.
            It was shocking and painful to see the level of flat out deception right there on tv news.

            • That is some bovine fecal matter right there. I seriously doubt the truth behind that icu nurse and would love to hear the confirmation of it from supposedly grieving families. Do they think we are this g-dam stupid that an increase in covid related deaths in the 0-25yr old ranger(and that increase could basically be from 0 to 1) wouldn’t be met with absolute 24/7 hyperventilating from the propaganda pushers? This would be on every stations, every headline on every website and every newspaper in the us. But its not because this bs is not happening. Hell well my 2 boys tested positive with mild symptoms back in feb the doctors gave them nothing. Their response to me was kids do just fine on their own so there is nothing for us to give them.

            • How come they never show or talk about people on life support, intubated, paralyzed, or in their death throes on account of being jabbed? Or the dying vaccinated, with the last thing they do before they die horribly, begging for a treatment or to save their life, but the nurse has to tell them that she’s sorry but it’s too late for that? Then tell their family members to pray and recall the good memories before their vaccine? Or pray and recall when they were healthy, and able to walk or run, or enjoy life – something they may very well never be able to do again.

              And we are the bad guys? It’s infuriating.

              • Bac,

                Nope, they actively silence those people. Like that poor true beleiver mom who signed her kids up to be Guinea pigs and now she has a daughter, not much older than my oldest son who is permanently paralyzed and in need of constant care. Her story is being taken down from every social media site not named gab. And like i said she was(still is?) a true believer in convid and the jab.

            • “a nurse describing a dramatic increase in teenagers being hospitalized for the Delta varient.”
              I don’t believe that. The young and healthy have been virtually immune, and now because of a 3% deviation they are getting sick? More likely getting sick from a vaccine.

              • My guess is the delta varriant is either 1 of 2 things. 1. The delta varriant is vaccine injuries and they need something to call it as to not scare away potential victims. 2. Its is just normal convid that the jab provides 0 actual protection for and the ptb realize that word would quickly spread of vaxed people still getting sick so they had to come up with a scary new variant to keep the clueless true believers from finding out the truth.

        • Yes I live here in Aust. Heard that crap. Just ignore it. I go out and go in the shops bare faced amongst all the nappied faces. Pathetic. But I just go about my business and have not been challenged except at the plumbing shop. The bloke just asked me to step outside and do our business. No enforcers at the local supermarket now. I just walked past them anyway looking straight ahead and ignoring them. Most of these enforcers have found out they have no powers to enforce mandates or whatever the crap the psychopaths call them. And I don’t even need a .357 magnum to back me up. Knowledge is power.
          After 5 house arrests it must be clear that house arrests are not working. Just when the sheeple wake up is another matter.
          Glad to hear you got to see your mother Eric. Can’t wait for the Charger review to come out.

          • I wonder if this is what it must have been like in the 1930’s or 1940’s for certain races (caste?) in the ussa trying to live:

            “except at the plumbing shop. The bloke just asked me to step outside and do our business.”

            I’m not certain if that would be cool, or if I’d say, “fuck off” and never go there again.

            When you wrote this, “Knowledge is power.”

            I was reminded of this bit:

            “Empower yourself by learning about Power Elite Analysis and how it impacts specifically upon the welfare-warfare state and the parasitical elites which benefit from this leviathan within our midst.

            In July of 2010, Angelo Codevilla’s magnificent manifesto, “The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It” was published initially online in The American Spectator (and later in book form). It immediately went viral on the Internet and started a widespread national conversation about America’s hubristic power elite and the arrogant way they reign over the rest of us.

            When Codevilla’s article appeared I stated that it was the most important essay I had ever read. I still believe this because it is a superb synthesis of class analysis with keen insights on contemporary power elite relationships regarding today’s rulers and the ruled.”


          • **”And I don’t even need a .357 magnum to back me up.”**

            If memory serves, I think Eric carries a .45. I’m the dude with the .357….

      • Haven’t seen many rags where I am in GA lately. Sometimes when I do see one, it seems like it is meant as a fashion item (twisted I know), like one in Walmart I saw that looked like this lady had used up all, and I mean ALL the little stones, gems, trinkets in her bedazzling kit. Was really over the top.

        Reminded me of about a year ago when I thought that I might not be able to get out of wearing one so I came up with ideas that would technically qualify yet still piss off a lot of people (like attaching a strip of fringe across my face and over the bridge of my nose…Then when I thought about it and even that just seemed so WRONG, I decided to just go bare faced and smile as much as possible and if that pisses people off, then to hell with them

        • “I decided to just go bare faced and smile as much as possible and if that pisses people off, then to hell with them”


        • Morning, La Gordita!

          I decided when all this began that I would not comply. Period. Because I saw – and see – this Diapering as the foundation of everything else. Without it, none of the rest would be happening because it couldn’t be happening. But get the majority of the population to walk around with a Holy Vestment over their face and you have established – for all to see – a new religion. One that everyone must join. This religion has many “practices” – the Holy Vestment being merely the initiation into the rest.

          So not wear a Holy Vestment, ever – unless you wish to join this religion, forever.

      • Morning, RG –

        I expect the Diaper Decrees to return soon as well. The cases! The cases! It will never end until either they have succeeded in Needling practically everyone and imposing “vaccine passports” or enough of us refuse to submit to this and force them to back off.

        • Hi Eric,

          The mask mandates are being used to anger the jabbed so they can establish the biometric passports. The jabbed will go along with it willingly. A few of the unjabbed will take the jab, because they will believe they have no other choice (unfortunately, for a few this is true). It is going to be about 10-15% of us left and I don’t know if that is enough muscle (and defiance) to topple the 85-90%. They are going to want us as miserable as they are. We will never receive any recognition for the warnings, the questions, and outright opposition that we have partaked in.

            • Yeah, but the Colonial Revolutionaries didn’t hold their secret plotting meetings at the Office of the Royal Governor-General, which would equivalent to using the internet for communication.
              The traitorous, treasonous, criminal rebels (because that’s what they were) met secretly, in sympathetic quarters.
              Today’s refuseniks have no quarter. That’s precisely why the government’s very first move was to prohibit all in-person gatherings, and to put all taverns and would-be publick houses under a microscope of pseudo-medical “Biosecurity” regulation.
              Even assuming RG’s (highball) estimate of 15%, those 15% are randomly scattered across the land, are surrounded by hostiles, and depend on the government surveillance network for everything from basic sustenance to gainful employment to chattering in the Dissent-O-Sphere.
              The Machine’s got their balls all in a vice grip, and is already starting to squeeze even before they get uppity! Whether they’re 1% or 99%, the lack of leverage remains.

  10. That’s wonderful news, Eric.

    I hope that experience gave your sister the confidence to ignore future Face Diaper signs.

  11. My Delta Epsilon Minus Semi-Moron report from CT today: went to a farmer’s market for lunch, was in line to buy veggies when I heard a muffled voice behind me complaining how a boy at his son’s summer camp had a cold, and he was furious that they didn’t send the kid home and warn all the parents, and that someone should be held accountable for such a safety violation. When I turned to look at what he looked like, I found a man wearing what looked like an N95 mask loosely covered with a cloth diaper that said “too close.” I could not summon my inner Eric to mock him. Could only feel horror and disbelief. It’s gotten to that point with some, I guess.

    • I read a bit from Allen Stevo, he talked about, inner Lion.

      The System works hard – overtime, even – to beat down the inner Lion.

      They spend a lot of time, money, & resources beating down the inner Lion.

      Much of our culture is against the inner Lion, too.

      Like most things, the question is, who benefits?

        • That always pissed me off (no pun intended)! They would often tell you to wait for the end of class to use the restroom. These talentless, overpaid twats got to leave whenever they needed to go. They would even disrupt the class next door to get another “teacher” to watch their classroom.

  12. The ponerology, ponerologists, would conclude that these are unhappy times caused by political ponerists, one who practices evil consciously. Also known as Satanists. Could it be Satan? Very possibly. Nothing new under the sun.

    Ponerology has its roots in theology, while political ponerology has its roots in psychology.

    Joe Biden is probably a political ponerist. Worships evil, has evil intent. Probably is true.

    It does happen, you know.

    You reject the devil with all of your heart and all of your soul. Something that has to be done.

    Except for those who do have evil intent, they embrace Satan with open arms. They are out there.

    Political Ponerology

    Psychological confusion yields psychological diffusion, you don’t know right from wrong.

    Living is dangerous business.

    • ‘Could it be Satan?’ — drumphish

      Satan’s greatest trick was convincing people that he’s not ‘Joe Biden.’

      Pleased to meet you
      Hope you guessed my name

      — Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil

  13. The warnings are very clear if you just pull op the main yahoo page at any time of day or night:

    They are ramping up for Mask Mandate II. The marketing is in full bloom!! It will be up to us whether they pull it off this time, or we pull them (masks) off this time.

    • Yep, they sure are. It’s because the percentage of quaxxed Americans is “only” 56% and they’re hellbent on getting it to 85-90% so they can introduce passports. Wearing a mask is basically a walking billboard that says, “Get the shot!”

  14. Congratulations on finally seeing your mom Eric, great that she was able to see all three of you barefaced. Even around here the diaper wearers are getting to be fewer; sadly most waitstaff at the restaurants we frequent are required to wear them for their job but I always tell them to feel free to pull it down when talking with me, and a few of them do. Perhaps the constant wailing about the cases, the deadly (not) variants, etc. are finally having the effect of the boy who cried “Wolf!” and being ignored. One can only hope.

  15. More evidence that the cult of face effacement has nothing to do with preventing the transmission of disease, and everything to do with preventing the transmission of ideas:



    Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant told reporters on Tuesday that Australians shouldn’t engage in conversations, even if both parties were wearing masks, and regardless of vaccination status.

    “Whilst it’s human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately, this is not the time to do that,” Chant said.

    Take note she is not taking her own advice to put a cork in it, which would be my first request, were I in her presence. Silence for thee, but not for me, eh?

    We can only anticipate the next diktat, which may well be to avoid speaking by telephone. You never know, “The Virus” might seep through the telephone wires…

    • I’ll go with a black triangle (asozial) emblazoned “Nicht Geimpft” in yellow, in preference to das rot Dreieck.

  16. Congratulations on your victory.
    I think simple disobedience is going to be the key. Force them to apply the force.
    In France, there are going to be 6 month jail sentences for those refusing to display their vaxx certificate, and even worse for businesses who fail to require it. Which has resulted in a booming business in black market vaxx certificates. Including some of the stabbers selling certificates without stabbing for a few hundred bucks. Free market to the rescue.

  17. Eric, I am SO glad that you finally got to see your mother!!!!! I’d been thinking of your plight on virtually a daily basis- so I probably feel as much relief as do you right now!

    As for people obeying signs: Americans have become pussies who just do whatever they are told. It’s not just the signs; The signs are just a reminder and reinforcement of the propaganda which they’ve been conditioned to believe religiously. Put up a sign saying “Stick your finger up your ass” and few would likely obey it. Wage a propaganda campaign via the media, Twitbook, and government schools in which experts tell you why it is beneficial and essential to stick ones finger up one’s gazoo, and the signs will act as a “friendly” reminder to those who may not be consciously thinking of the propaganda, and act as a shaming device to remind the lemmings that that is what “everyone must do” and is what everyone around them is doing, and since there is a sign proclaiming it, they now have no “excuse” for not doing it…..after all, “the experts agree” so what reasonable person wouldn’t want to do it? 🙂

  18. Hail victory, Eric! A couple of them, seeing your mom, and your sister following your bold lead. Sometimes that’s all it takes for MANY to break serf rank and do what they know they should.

  19. Eric, I’m pleased to hear that you got to see your mom!

    I’m also glad you stuck to your guns and didn’t wear the rag!

    I find it amusing to see the people who once gave me a hard time for not masking up not wearing them.

    How foolish they must feel, only a couple months ago bothering people as if it were their duty.

    Then there’s the truly indoctrinated, who love riding by themselves in their cars with a mask on or going for a walk outside while wearing a mask.

    It’s pure entertainment.

  20. Eric,

    Congrats on finally seeing your mom. I hope you can now make it a frequent occurrence. As far as diapers go sunday night at rhe garden state arts center Luke Bryan performed. My oldest being a huge country music fan thanks to me wanted to go and we just wanted to get out and do something notmal as a family. Natually the arts center has all kinds of signs about those not of the body being required to diaper. My wife told me to bring diapers for the kids but i refused. She was like but we’ll get caught and ot let in. I said trust me. We get there and walk right in no issues. There are kids way younger than our 10 yr old there and none pf them were diapered. Of the Thousands of people there i counted 9 diapers total and 4 of those were staff members. Noone wants to play along anymore jabbed, non-jabbed it doesn’t matter from what i witnessed sunday night people are over this and not thinking about any scariants.

  21. Eric:

    So glad to hear the news and so glad you stuck to your principles. Further evidence that power of NO in the face of unreasonable demands tends to prevail. You really didn’t even have to say no. Your actions of acting like a reasonable human being were all that was needed. You called their bluff and they folded!

    In the process, you may have further emboldened your sister and niece to remain true to their principles, proving that resistance is NOT futile.

  22. Finally you got to see your mom! After only 18 months to slow the spread. I admit to wearing the mask the first time around to go grocery shopping. Now the only place am asked to wear it is the dentist. But mask wearing is not an invasive procedure like the vaccine. I find it interesting that the government is taking the drastic and expensive step of going door to door instead of simply rolling out vax passports such as are being implemented in Europe. Fear of pushback? If people were forced to show a vax passport to enter the grocery store there would be.

    • Hi Rebecca!

      I’m very glad I was able to get in without giving in – which I will never do. I’ve been militant about this precisely because I just knew, from the get-go, that Diapering was the prelude to Needling. That if they could get people to efface their faces, they would submit to rolling up their sleeves.

      I understand that some people are under enormous work/family pressure to wear that vile thing. But the consequences of wearing it are far worse.

      • See the thing is I don’t think people will submit. At this point since the vaccines have been widely available those who are unvaccinated have probably made up their minds. Injuries and deaths are beginning to come out in the open. Family members of vax damaged children and spouses are passionate and vocal. Mask wearers could whip the mask off as soon as it was safe and feel immediate relief. But those who believe the vaccination may potentially cause permanent harm will never experience that feeling of relief. I think people are going to dig in their heels over this.

        • I just had two good friends succumb to the needle because of the media pressure on them. I know that its been 24/7/365 gaslighting, but I can’t help loathe them for their weakness.

          • Heh, I just found out that a cousin, who had already taken the J&J double-hitter, has now taken another one “because of the delta variant”. She said “I am so relieved now, I don’t have to worry about getting the flu, and so far, no side effects!”.

            WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE SMOKING????!!!!!!!!

            How can someone go through life for many decades, and seeing the world as it now is, and think that the flobalist-pharma-media cabal actually has their best interests at heart- or even if they did, that they’d actually have the competence to affect good….despite all of their constant contradictions and evidences to the contrary?


            • They are True Believers, Nunzio.
              The more times you perform a Sacrament, the better your chances of getting into Heaven, or so they say.

    • ‘Fear of pushback?’ — Rebecca

      Government statistics show a pandemic (so to speak) of pushback:

      ‘According to updated numbers released by the FAA on Tuesday, there have now been 3,509 unruly passenger reports thus far in 2021, with the majority of the reported incidents, 2,605, related to noncompliance with the federal mask mandate that remains in place for flights and public transit.’


      Anybody who’s paid attention since Nahhn-‘Leven knows that the unfriendly skies are a Constitution-free zone … and that airline employees are just wage slaves enforcing an unpopular mandate.

      Better not to fly at all if you don’t want the hobnailed boot of the state treading on your neck, or its gloved hand groping your crotch.

      Nevertheless, the misdirected rage of 2,605 noncompliers shows a great deal of pushback.

    • This morning I read an article claiming that fake vaccine passports, and those sold by agents of Pharma by selling one instead of administering the vaxx, are a booming industry in France, where they are going to be required. Free enterprise prevails.

      • Except it is probably government agents selling them waiting to arrest you or note who you are so they can find you later. It would easier just to grab a jab card and a dosage of the cooties shot while at the doctor’s office and take them home with you to fill out later.

      • Ain’t gonna fly…. Like fake driver’s licenses these days…..they might work for a kid buying a six-pack at the Kwiki-mart, but anything even remotely formal, which would require a bar code scan or similar, and the fake is useless. Some states here already, like NY, have already enacted legislation making possession of false vax proofs a FELONY (Which just proves their future intent of requiring such proofs).

    • Hi Rebecca,

      “…instead of simply rolling out vax passports such as are being implemented in Europe”.

      Despite precedent, if the US government, or any state, imposes some kind of vaccine mandate or passport, it will certainly provoke legal challenges. It is even possible that the government may lose. Why take the risk when they can collude with “private” companies to do it for them?


  23. Great news, Eric!
    Glad you were able to see your Mom, even if she is fading away.
    My thoughts are with you both.

  24. ‘Yesterday, I was able to see my mom for the first time in more than a year.’ — EP

    This is very, very good; something to be grateful for.

    ‘If you ignore them, they will not run after you.’ — EP

    Once, in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, I ignored a ‘Stay Off the Grass’ (in Japanese and English) sign and took a shortcut across its broad green lawn.

    An elderly security guard began furiously tooting his warning whistle. I briskly walked on, feigning deafness.

    Was this unarmed old guy actually going to wrassle my lanky gaijin personage to the ground and handcuff me for lèse-majesté?

    I reckoned not. And so it proved to be.

  25. Hi Eric,

    I am happy to hear that you and your sister were able to see your mom. That is great news and I hope the day went well.

      • Best news I’ve heard all day, Eric. I think that the pushback, if successful will come from the women who refuse. Men today, not being in control of anything, are marginalized, ostracized, categorized and compartmentalized. What passes for men these days is pathetic. It has been that way for decades. My earliest memory was during the days of 55. No was willing to stand up to that crap until the late 1980s.


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