Diaper Report 7/31/21

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It is possible we’re just weeks away from an 1861 moment; perhaps just days. One can almost feel the “lock downs” dangling precariously over our heads – again. The Face Diaper “mandates” and Sickness Kabuki about to be imposed, again.

Not because the bodies are stacking up – or even the cases! the cases! but rather because the narrative is coming apart at the seams; too many people are refusing to be injected with a “vaccine” that doesn’t work to cure them of a sickness they haven’t got and which doesn’t scare them sufficiently to make them willing to assume the risks of being injected.

And that’s a problem – for the spreaders of mass hysteria. They need the fear to suborn the compliance. If fear doesn’t do the job, then force will have to do.

As in Brisbane, Australia – where the populace is once again under house arrest – putatively on account of  a handful of new “cases” but actually because the hysteria was wearing thin. In Sydney, the military will be Hut! Hut! Hutting! any who dare to show their faces.  

Be assured, American gesundheitsfuhrers and sicknessleiters have the same measures in store for here. Oberkrankheitsfuhrer Biden openly talks of forcing all Americans to roll up their sleeves – or else.

Will they?

Will they allow their businesses to be closed, again? Submit to being enserfed – permanently, this time? Meekly surrender their children to be injected with a known-harmful, known-ineffective drug because Authority demands it?

Will they put on that damnable rag, again?

Many, sadly, probably will. Many, sadly, already are. Many never removed the damnable rag and are now demanding that everyone else put one on – as well as roll up their sleeves. It does not matter to these people that neither thing “works” – in terms of preventing people from becoming infected with a bug that 99.8-something percent do not die from. They have been hystericized into a kind of religious catalepsy defined by reflexive passivity to being ordered about, on the one hand and – on the other hand – teeth-gnashing, fulminating rage toward others who resent being ordered about.

It’s not North and South but it amounts to the same thing. Irreconcilable differences; two sides that despise each other. One side wishes only to be let alone, to agree to disagree and go its own way. The other side refuses to let anyone alone who does not agree.

As in 1861.

The Southern Confederacy was tired of being ordered about by the Northern states, whose numbers and resources gave them de facto dictatorial power over the Southern states. The Southern states faced the choice of submitting – or leaving, which they attempted to do. The history books – written by court stenographers of the winning side – portray what followed as a “civil war,” an illiteracy made palatable only by seeing to it (via the schools controlled by the winning side) that most people never learn what a civil war actually is.

As in parliamentarians vs. royalists in the English civil war – which was a war fought by the two sides to determine which would control the country. The Southern states merely wished to control their own country. They did not seek to control the Northern states but merely to get away from them. It is a very important distinction, hence its suppression.

Getting away – or trying to – is sometimes the only recourse and always the more decent option. Most of us understand this and practice it – to borrow a Kabuki-ite term – in ordinary life. If we find ourselves unable to get along with a person, we try to avoid them. We don’t force ourselves on them. Those who do attempt to force themselves upon others are almost universally despised. Unless they hold office. In which case they are still despised by those who are forced-upon but – by the magic of titles and votes (of some) the otherwise cretinous becomes “the law” and the people forced-upon are expected to defer to it.

Which most will do, up to a point. They will for example, pay the taxes they are told they “owe” – even though they incurred no debt, imposed no cost upon anyone else that would morally obliged them to pay compensation. They agree to do business under the terms and conditions set forth by busybodies who don’t put down their capital or do any of the work necessary to make the business a going concern but exist, parasitically, off the wealth created by others.

But a point of intolerability eventually arrives because the kinds of people who refuse to let others alone who does not agree eventually go too far. They do things like “lock down” businesses and deny thereby the basic right of people to earn their daily bread. They transgress from mere impositions – such as taxes and regulations – to degradations, such as the insistence that people wear that damnable rag. And, inevitably, they pursue atrocities – such as threatening people with violence to force them to submit to being injected with dangerous drugs. Threatening to inject their children with dangerous drugs.

There is no accommodating this. There is only resistance – or submission. One – or the other.

There is no Mason-Dixon line this time, but lines are being drawn, regardless.

Which side will you be on?

. . .

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  1. Line I-95 with steel crucifixes hooked to 660 volts of electricity and start frying the unvaxxed 6000 at a time.

    These stupid unvaxxed rebellious slaves need to be taught a thing or two about a thing or two.

    What good are they?

    Just who in the hell do they think they are?


    Crucify them!

    With needles.

  2. Just came across something quite worrying – a girl from my school posted on facebook that her daughter has just ended up in the hospital with so and so symptoms and well it turns out she has covid. Now she goes to mention how glad she is that her daughter got the MRNA gene therapy early on, and if it wasnt for that her daughter would be much worse. She also mentioned all the stats of how few breakthrough cases of vaccinated people falling sick with the rona there are, and how few die after vaccination, and its saved her daughter, and how bad this new “delta variant” is…

    Whats really worrying is – she’s so brainwashed that it didnt occur to her that this is probably the first time that ive heard someones kid (19) falling so ill with the rona that it required a hospital stay…..

    • Hi, Nasir,
      I’m sorry to say, even a five year old died “from” Covid (In quotes because that’s how it was reported; no further details were given. I.E., she’s not indicated to be morbidly obese, even, which even at that age shouldn’t likely be an issue.)
      Much as I despise authoritarian BS, and see Covid as a scam, it HAS killed a number of people.
      At the same time, Flu deaths are like, zero…

      Agreed on the brainwashing, though. “Repeat the lie often enough, it becomes truth.”

      • Hi Jean,

        There is a kernel of truth to all outrageous lies; it is what makes them so effective. Viz, “Islamic extremism.” It’s a real thing. But not a ubiquitous thing. Viz, Rona. A nasty flu-like bug that is a threat to the very old and already chronically sick. But grossly exaggerated to create the perception of a universal, catastrophic threat.

    • Hi RG,

      Interesting they chose gyms – i suspect thats the place you will get the most resistance. When I joined the gym about a month ago – was pleased to see how (most) guys were still being normal, some even gave good firm hand shakes like the old days (pre 2020 😛 ), not those new ironic soy boy elbow bumps to signal your compliance to the other…. Infact when I was signing up I openly told the guy I wont be participating in the covid kabuki, and if they insist on it its a deal breaker. He told me in corporate speak that this gym complies with all government regulation on covid and that means this and this… And then he told me with a wink wink that nobody cares and you’re free to do what you want… Im just hoping gyms are where strong resistance will be faced…..

      • Hi Nasir,

        They are going after any business where a patron could enjoy themselves or burn off energy…..restaurants, sporting events, concerts, movies theaters, gyms, etc. This is to enforce the mandates on a younger crowd – teens, 20 somethings, maybe even 30 somethings, where social interaction is strong.

        Honestly, all I can hope is businesses that enforce discrimination (because that is exactly what it is) will fail.

        • They set up “right to work” before this.
          It’s been a problem, where the Dems and Reps are the two wings of the same vulture, have served the same Master for decades.
          Ever notice The Agenda flows regardless of who is elected?

          • Hi Jean,

            I don’t disagree with you. I have no love for either party. It is a two headed snake. All one can do is stay on the outside and look in. I think trying to beat them is near impossible, but we shouldn’t support them, defend them, or vote for them. We live in an oligarchy and the best way to handle that is to be independent from the system for as long as they will let us.

            • Hi RG,

              Just got back. At my local Wal Mart (just off US 220, outside Roanoke) there were no Diaper Pushers or even signs at the gate and only about 20 percent of the people within were Diapered, most of them very overweight – which always amuses me as these obese people who wear the Diaper over their faces out of “concern” for their health evince no concern for their health, via their bloated forms, resulting from what they put into their faces.

              Ay Home Depot, no signs or Kabuki and just a few Diaper-wearers, all of them employees.

              • That’s good to hear, Eric!

                Did you notice if the food stock was okay at Walmart? How about supplies at HD?

                I haven’t noticed any real food shortages in Central VA, but some areas of the country seem to be experiencing limited capacity on certain products and manufacturers. Up here pet food has been a bit iffy, but seems to be getting better over the last few weeks.

                • Food shortages are coming.
                  – Food was not sown or harvested
                  – food was destroyed (Mostly Dairy, raised for restaurant use: Milk poured down the drain, eggs broken, also means no cheese.)
                  – BEEF is being driven off the market: Farmers cannot afford the feed.
                  – No one was available to drive the food, either. (Seems to be variable here.)

                  – Inflation is going up; your dollars buy less.
                  – Price of gas is way up (Trickles through the whole supply line: Costs more to transport food and clothes and such, generate electricity, cook food, drive yourself to & from, etc)
                  – Farms may be at risk of closing (I.E., be bought out by the megacorps of Big Agriculture – Monsatan, for example, who merged with Bayer a while back, so the makers of Zyklon B are partnered with the makers of Round-Up… Do the math.)

                  – People are being starved (metaphorically) and will soon be STARVED literally! As they become homeless. (Wonder if that will also mean they migrate to warmer climates? Overwhelm the Red states with Blue Maggot refugees? Change the voting so anything right of Mao cannot be elected?)

                  – Additional honorable mentions:
                  Great Reset, discussed at the World Economic Forum this year – it’s not a conspiracy if it’s in the open, Russel Brandt was speaking about this, Time Magazine, Tim Pool
                  – BlackRock and other asset banks are buying private real estate, for “single family rentals” – Tim Pool again, but also, I work at a (censored) bank – they’re IDIOTS, when not outright EVIL
                  – Controlling medical care is just a new version of the Water Empire, which they’re working on several angles / iterations of – like purchasing all the land.
                  – Controlling Media – outright censorship via White House telling FaCIAbook and Twitter what / who to censor. Google is in on it too (runs YouTube), and Amazon (Cloud services: AWS hosts much of the online content). That’s how the took down Parler: Just turn off the servers for the competition. PRAVDA, THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, is the ONLY true News Source!

                  They’ve been using EVERY dystopian novel as an instruction manual.

                  Invest in tools for hunting, fishing, living off grid; lose the cell phone, lose the High Tech, study the White Death – we may need his skills soon. (Finnish, WW2, Sniper – Iron Sights man)
                  Get food you can store: Lentils and Quinoa and Beans and Rice, now. Canned goods. And a place to store them that won’t be suspect / found easily.

                  “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.”

                  Disclaimer: I’m not able to do most of that, I had (have) a girlfriend who somehow – with her, the money goes POOF! on payday, even without extravagant shopping or eating out all the time. But at least she finally got a job. Boston ain’t cheap.

  3. I see that Kristi Gnome has come out and said if you don’t like your employer’s vaccine mandate, just get another job. Like it’s that simple! No objection to the principle. And where’s Ron DeSantis? Oh yeah, the Mouse required it so check mate for Florida. And Orange Warpspeed is holding campaign rallies. Not one God Damned Republican has come out against this. The single biggest issue any of us will ever face – the loss of bodily integrity and possible irreversible grievous harm – and these clowns are worried about distractions such as election audits, Mexicans, and Megan Rapinoe.

    • Indeed, BAC –

      Sam Francis – whom I knew – called the GOP the Stupid Party. It is in fact the Useless Party. Utterly devoid of any principles – other than those of the Left, which it shares in principle. Just “not as much” (yet). This is the essence of “conservatism” – and of Republicanism.

      It is a useless, losing ideology. If liberty is to win, it must be based on the principles of liberty. Rank and file people who are nominally Republicans and “conservatives” can perhaps be shown the importance of principles and of hewing to them. But supporting the GOP is the same as building a castle of sand by the seashore.

    • I will hand in my two week notice, collect my paid vacation then leave.

      No explanation, no trying to change minds, no threat of legal action.

      I’ll just leave.

      • Without meaning to sound whiny or defeatist: Go where?
        We are out of places to retreat to. We either stand, or the world falls into the Dark Ages, again.

        • Hi Jean,

          I’m glad to see you back, though my assumption could be wrong. I feared, if my assumption is correct, that you had been “neutralized” by your principled and uncompromising stance.

          “Though I concede I’m a cynic”.

          My definition:

          Cynic, noun
          One who angers others by correctly observing reality.


    • BAC,

      Too many of us are the freedom-loving, live-and-let-live people we are, and not the avaricious vampires that tend to rise to power. That’s our problem.

      I personally agree with the idea that companies DO have the power to stop paying you if you don’t do what they tell you to do. What we lack is leverage. Also what we lack is wealthy people in important positions (owners, CEOs, etc.) to fight with us. But again, see the above paragraph.

      I happen to be lucky enough to have an employer who WON’T require vaccinations of any kind, and he has personally affirmed that several times. And perhaps one day, I (and others here) might BE an employer who CAN stand on principle and hire accordingly.

      But the assholes thought strategically, and have moved all their pieces into place.


      It isn’t checkmate, yet, so let’s get defensive, then offensive.

      • Maybe I am in La La Land and just trying to find some bit of gold at the end of the rainbow, but if an employer requires a mandate (for whatever stupid ass reason), but does not wish to lose an outstanding worker – why couldn’t that employee become a subcontractor and work for themselves?

        The subcontractor then has the benefit of calling their own shots and the employer has the benefit of not losing skilled workers.

        Too simple?

        • Hey Raider,

          That would make sense if the jab was being given because it was an insurance concern. Maybe that IS a major reason. Making your workers into subcontractors would make no difference, however, if your reason for jabbing your employees was government financial influence or coercion.

      • Hi BaDnOn

        It is fair for an employer to pay wages for work completed, and provide discipline up to termination for not doing the work or for doing things detrimental to the company. But it is simply unconscionable to require unnecessary medical interventions, which do not affect performance of the job duties, as a condition of keeping a job. Particularly when done only to mollify political noisemakers.

        My point was primarily that someone, somewhere, ought to be putting forth the idea of legal protection from termination, etc. for refusing to be injected with something that can be life-altering or even ending. Instead, we have the political left doing what they usually do, and the political right offering no meaningful opposition. One can only conclude, then, that the political right (essentially the republicans) must agree in principle with the left on this (per usuall) – that it is ok to force someone into a medical intervention they don’t need or want, on pain of losing their career and taking bread from their dinner table.

        Not a word from the so-called freedom-championing governors, just useless platitudes and distractions while the agenda moves forward full speed ahead. Why is this?

        • Well, BAC, I think it can be simplified that if we expect the government to protect us from the government or its corporate proxies, we’ve succumbed to the madness.

          Firstly, regarding the idea of “discipline up to termination for not doing the work or for doing things detrimental to the company”, SOME of these employers believe you’re doing something detrimental to the company to remain unvaccinated. We know that’s poppycock, but they think it’s sensible (right now). They think it is unconscionable to mix the vaxxed and unvaxxed. Others are doing so because there is a carrot or stick somewhere.

          Part of this is backlash from the years of “conservatives” (whatever that means) and libertarians railing against things like OSHA, the EPA, even the Civil Rights Act etc. from a private property perspective. Much of that was correct, in principle. However, the “left” (authoritarians) watched all of that and built a Trojan horse (or many).

          And now, those soldiers are emerging and burning down Troy, and they are using shields and swords made of “private property”. The next move might be that “Republicans” attempt to use the legal system to regulate business away from jab mandates. It would then be shown that they are hypocritical, with the end being the regulatory system is shown to be justified and righteous from both “sides”, and primed for further metastatic growth, not that it needs any help, and not that there is no precedent to this.

          I could only hope that Gov. Gnome is correct, and businesses who demand a jab end up short handed, and all of the talent ends with those business who did not, causing a natural failure for the jabberwockies, though nothing about this process would be neat or painless.

          The only other forthcoming legal intervention would be the courts, in particular a wave a lawsuits arising from people being jabbed, suffering side effects and death, and placing the blame solely on their employers. THAT could stop things quickly.

          There IS some liability for an employer (or anyone else) who puts their employees directly in harm’s way like this, yes. I do believe, however, that the primary responsibility for a person’s health and well being lies mostly within that person. Meandering too far from that principle creates the type of entitled and victimized society we see today.

  4. Reminds me of a quote by George Orwell.

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.”

    No he didn’t.

    You know how they lie all of the time. Just plain old run-of-the-mill garden-variety made up stuff.

    You learn something new and different every day.

    Doesn’t matter who said it, they weren’t lying. You can’t trust anybody who wants to coerce you to receive a “vaccine” against your will. How does that compute? It doesn’t and it don’t. You’ll be on your own. When they impose their will upon you as if they know better, anybody with a two brain cells would know it doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Hank Aaron died after he got taken out behind the hospital and shot with the vaccine, people of color ain’t havin’ none of it, they don’t want to die, either you fight or flee. Marvin Hagler, same story, vaccinated, then dies. You can’t make this stuff up. Fought his last battle.

    Fight or flee?

    Flee to where? Fight who? Why? How? When? What?

    It ain’t my fault!

    If you want to get vaccinated, get vaccinated. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, then don’t.

    Simple stuff. Ain’t nobody’s choice but your own. Leave me alone.

    7,800,000,000 x 0.10 = 780,000,000

    If ten percent of the world’s population were to die of Covid 19, there would be 780,000,000 dead bodies.

    Charles Manson would rejoice in hell with Satan.

    Another hard day on the planet for everybody here on this day, but who cares?

    Not Bill Gates, not George Soros. Klaus cares, you know he does.

    If anybody needs to be wearing a mask, it is Dr. Fauci, he is the thief here to rob you of your life.

    He comes like a thief in the night. The Grim Reaper hired him, at the right price, you can’t refuse.

    The greatest dark age ever is here right now.

    Time to go all medieval, what the hell, why not?

    Ground Zero and no fighting in the war room!

    More musings from some kind of streaming consciousness.

  5. Interesting news out of Mexico…
    Translated quote from AMLO, who is refusing to buy shots for kids and so far isn’t giving them to any minors

    “Mexico will not be held hostage by pharmaceutical companies that only want to do business and scare children with the idea that it is necessary to vaccinate against Covid-19.”

  6. A little late to this party since i was away for a week but 2 anecdotal observations. 1. Dad works as a part time bookkeeper for an oncologist and got an email from the hospital that he either needs the jab or needs weekly tests to keep his job. Managed to corner the doc he works for and the doc had no answer for him. He has kept an eye on the convid hospitalizations and icu beds used for convid from the beginning since the hospital made them available to everyone. He asked the doc, where is the emergency, he said back in april 2020 hospitalizations were at about 1000 with about 100+ in the icu as of last week the entire hospital system he works for had 47 convid hospitalizations and less than 10 in icu. The doctor had no answer except that the delta varriant is more contagious. He pushed again indicating it might be more contagious but it clearly is not more life threatening. He ended the conversation saying that the doc better start looking for a new bookkeeper.
    2. B-I-L was told by his dealship that he needs to go back to wearing face diapers. He told the gm that he will never go back to wearing diapers and that he has 3 job offers on the books currently, 2 in FL and if they expect their most senior technician to wear a face diaper ever again they are sorely mistaken.

    • Hi Antilles,

      Good for them. I have learned most people have no idea what to say or do when someone tells them no. There isn’t a job in the world that is worth putting experiential concoctions in one’s body.

      • No Dooubt!
        It was very nice to read these two lines:

        “He ended the conversation saying that the doc better start looking for a new bookkeeper.”

        “He told the gm that he will never go back to wearing diapers and that he has 3 job offers on the books currently, 2 in FL and if they expect their most senior technician to wear a face diaper ever again they are sorely mistaken.”

        Reading that, was just plain, Great!!

  7. Also, off topic, but of interest to the astute minds here:

    My dog appeared to be perplexed by some noise, which was to me, inaudible. So, I plugged in my condenser mic and began recording. It appears there is some strange ~2Hz pulse emanating from… Somewhere. Now, she shouldn’t be able to hear that, per se, but can, perhaps, sense it nonetheless?

    I wonder what in the hell…

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      I have noticed strange things with my dogs (and the other neighborhood dogs). Not all of the time, but my dogs at certain times of the day will be pacing the house, running from room to room, staring at the front door and barking when there is nothing there. It has been ongoing for a while. I always pay attention to animals (domesticated and wild). They are much smarter than us. The day the earthquake hit VA a decade ago my cat went crazy that morning….spinning in circles, yowling, etc. My son also has an uncanny ability to know when something is going to go wrong. I have learned to pay better attention to my surroundings thanks to them.

      • It is certainly interesting. She was staring at the floor with her ears perked. I’m wondering if she was just trying to track flies or other insects, but… I just haven’t seen this behavior from her. And the signal was most peculiar.

        She’s now just laying there. I just checked for the signal again, and it’s gone.

        All very bizarre. It was almost like a heartbeat from the Earth.

        I don’t know if I would say that animals are smarter than we are, but they definitely have better senses.

  8. There are goons clamoring for a confrontation everywhere, made salient by articles such as this from Wired:


    Luckily, there are some cracks in the Covidian war-machine. The news last night did a piece on the unreliability of both the PCR and antibody tests that were produced and trusted (not by the few and proud here, of course) for over a year. Either it simply could no longer be ignored, or they have a plan to spin this egregious issue.

  9. I don’t know why we worry about this at all. The Western Judeo-Christian tradition is pretty clear on the fact that any legislation that contradicts the natural law can be ignored (read Romans and the Catechism for more detail). Why not just live our lives according to God’s law and pretend the governing dictators are nonexistent? Sure, you might be imprisoned or killed, but they can’t shoot us all (I hope). Plus, the sheer peaceableness of it will grant you credibility, as opposed to a violent revolution where you will be easily villainized.

    • Daddy, Sadly, the Jew-dayo [Did Harry Belafonte sing that?] Christian tradition has been subverted and divorced from Western culture for quite some time. Caesar wants to be the preeminent god, and has achieved his goals in the eyes of the majority through his lying wonders which he preaches 24/7 on the altar of TV.

      One can not turn over a rock today without finding a “church” that actively warns their congregants to NOT follow God’s law/natural law. People have not upheld even the most basic tenets of what they claim as the source of their belief. Even among so-called believers, fornication, divorce, worshiping of of other gods[Caesar] and even robbing and killing in his name, acceptance of faggotry, covetousness, Sabbath-breaking..and literally the disregarding of every other commandment, whether they give lip service to it or outright dismiss it, is rampant. [How many having just read the preceding are scoffing at the very idea of being constrained by any of these very foundational tenets of that Judeo-Christian tradition?]

      It was stated by the globalists, c.100 years ago, that for their plans to come to fruition, they would have to destroy Christianity and any precepts of natural law/liberty as enshrined in the Constitution- and they have done a bang-up job- Just bribe people away through ‘prosperity’ paid for by money extorted from their neighbors; through ‘science’, and images of people ‘flying to the Moon’ to show ‘What we can do (without your God)’; through non-stop hedonism and entertainment, and through amoral institutions which will restore your health or care for and edumacate your kids or protect you, whether you’re a sinner or a saint.

      So few have resisted, you never hear about the ones who have- likely don’t know of any, except on this site.

      • Yes! Thank you! When you can get rid of a proper God in society, government becomes the new god. A required goal for any authoritarian takeover. Only the most virtuous societies can be free.

        • Hi BigDaddy,

          I wonder about the necessity of belief in God as the foundation of a virtuous society. What I mean is, I’d rather people chose to be decent and kind not because they fear a God’s wrath but because they chose to be decent and kind. Because it’s the right thing to do. Some will say that “right” without a God is just an arbitrary construct, without any solidity behind it. I don’t see that this is so. It seems self-evident to me that right derives from our individuality, from our individual (and self-evident) ownership of ourselves and of no one else. That to assert ownership over others – as by using threats and force to control them or to compel them to hand over the product of their work – is to concede one does not have a right to own oneself; that only strength and position determine rights – and that strikes me as a rickety bridge to stand on.

          Mind, I am not opposed to the idea of a God and do not say such an entity doesn’t exist. I merely say I do not know. I have never understood how anyone can say they do know.

          • In my opinion, atheism is a greater leap of faith than faith itself. The idea that space and time appeared out of nowhere and that the exact specifications needed for life to exist just happened to be met boggles my mind. Also, without a god, morality truly is meaningless. Who cares if we have self-ownership if it is just a construct we made up? Why not enrich yourself at others expense if you are just an accidental, self-perpetuating, chemical reaction? In the view of an atheist, all life is merely the fire tetrahedron doing its thing at the cellular level. Fires don’t have rights or morality.

            Plus, human psychology finds that the mind is wired to need a god. Even if one thinks they are atheist, they just have a lesser god (be it wealth, power, GOVERNMENT). That last one is why the communists hate religion. Why not have the true one who’s existence can be reasonably inferred by using basic logic?

            • Hi Big Daddy,

              I personally don’t imagine that space and time – existence – appeared out of nowhere. I incline toward the view that existence has always existed and merely changes forms. Life exists – here – due to the confluence of favorable circumstances; whether those circumstances exist due to a conscious being’s actions or are simply the consequence of those circumstances is something I don’t pretend to know.

              My general point being just that. I don’t know. I don’t see how anyone can know. I understand some believe this – or that. But then we tread the path of faith and not of fact…

              To be clear: I’m not disparaging anyone’s faith. I merely state that I do not believe – because I do not know.

            • Hi BD,

              “Also, without a god, morality truly is meaningless. Who cares if we have self-ownership if it is just a construct we made up?”

              Because you believe morality is meaningless without God does not make it so. What if God is “just a construct we made up?” I believe you are correct when you say, “human psychology finds that the mind is wired to need a god”, but that recognition does not prove the existence of God. It could also be that humans are meaning seeking animals who, when faced with questions that cannot be answered by our reason or senses, invent a construct to create meaning.

              I do not know whether God exists or not, but my suspicion is that “God” is a construct of the human mind. In this sense, God is very real, but does not exist in a literal sense. Constructs of the mind are “real” in that they are products of our imagination that influence human behavior. I consider myself to be a pro religion atheist, I have no desire to rob people of their faith. I consider atheists who seek “the end of faith” to be moral monsters. I value my life, and the lives of others, because I see that life is real. I “believe” in morality because it is a mechanism that allows us to live together and cooperate, both of which I also value.

              “Why not enrich yourself at others expense if you are just an accidental, self-perpetuating, chemical reaction”.

              The simplest reason is that this is dangerous, and usually inimical to one’s self interest. Pursuing such a path, unless you have immunity granted by the State, pits you against others. It is unlikely that you will always be the most powerful, others will rise against you, and eventually defeat you. Few people, whether due to innate decency or self interest, choose to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Sociopaths and those who wield power do so, but they are exceptions, not the rule.


    • Good point, Big Daddy. Mostly we can dismiss absurdity with passivity. We can shrug and roll our eyes. That is important when they are trying to bait us into a forceful reaction. Withhold it from them. Withhold consent and give peace a chance.

  10. I’m a mid-50s woman and have lived my whole life taking my sort-of freedom for granted. I have borne aggravation like taxes, seat belt laws, dumb work rules because deep down I know you can’t win these fights. I have rebelled a bit and paid for it, but never found a hill to die on until now.
    I will not get this shot. No way, no how.
    But I admit I am afraid of what it will cost me. I have worked hard for a comfortable life, as has my husband, who also won’t get this shot. (He has even more motivation than I: his father died of GBS complications after a flu shot, so he is not only not interested in getting this new jab, he is royally pissed off that anyone would even ask him to do it. He is also a former infantry Marine with a stockpile of weapons and ammo. I am still hoping that this fact is irrelevant at this point.) We enjoy our nice home, our toys, our family and friends, our jobs and our conditional freedom to live our lives as we please. We don’t ask for much.
    The idea that this time next year, we could be living like the Joads is upsetting, especially since it’s over something like this. This virus did not merit upending our society and our economy. That was overkill. All the problems were created by people in power, even the bug itself. Yet we ordinary people are the ones who have to pay for it.
    I’m sure this sounds like middle class whining to some, but my point is that many of us have never been in this position. I am afraid the government, working through employers, is putting me in a position where I have nothing to lose. We will both be fired, I’m sure. So what then?
    They are attempting to turn the jab refusers into some sort of pariah class. I just hope there are enough of us that this becomes untenable. Someone has to keep the lights on. They can’t fire half the workforce, can they?
    I have found forms for a religious exemption. I have also looked into creating a fake jab card and I could do it. But I would rather it not come to that. Why should I have to lie to appease the unreasonable?
    Although I’m scared and probably ill-equipped for the fight, I want to take a stand.

    • Hi Amy:

      No need for guns, ammo, fake jab cards, religious exemptions, etc. Just call their bluff, say NO and stick to your decision. That’s all it takes. They want you to feel like you’re alone and powerless. You’re not.

      To my knowledge, nobody has been forced to take the needle. The poor saps that did get needled are either true believers or did it because they thought resistance was futile. It is not futile.

      • A lot of people have lost, or are losing their livelihoods right now by declining employer mandates.

        Many have decided to accept the Stab solely in order to retain their jobs, which is indeed being “forced” to do it, in any useful sense of the word “force.”

        • Indeed, denying one the ability to earn their keep is as close as you can get to blatant force without a loaded gun put to their head.

          • I think (if it meant anything anymore) we need a strict medical privacy and medical freedom amendment as part of the Bill of Rights.

            Also, something prohibiting corporations from stepping in where the government can’t, and feeding it back to the gov through the back door.

      • Yep, Mr. L!

        And it starts with the little things.
        I closed my PayEnemyPal account yesterday. It wouldn’t let me log in without providing a ‘mobile’ number. Used to be able to work around it…can’t now. Called costumer[sic] support…told ’em I don’t use a mobile phone, and wouldn’t give ’em the number if I did. They couldn’t fix it…said “We can close your account and just open a new one” [Likely this is about getting me to accept the recent rounds of new terms of service, which I never do)…told ’em nope! Just close my account, I’m done.

        Even little gestures like that feel good. Did that with several other things lately too. Basically, anything which doesn’t respect my privacy, choices, liberty, time, etc. I am jettisoning.

        Best one was when I ditched EWindows 11 years ago and switched to Linux! [Big middle finger to Gates!]

        It’s so easy for even these seemingly little things to encroach on us…and little by little they up the ante and take more and more, and we become so used to it, or so complacent with the convenience that we just go along. But once we reverse that pattern, it becomes contagious and easier to do the same in other aspects of life…and to refrain from getting entangled in stuff that we know is ultimately detrimental to begin with.

        I’ve always been one to actually read those EULAs and terms-of-service thingies before clicking “accept”- and thus, more often than not, DON’T click “accept”.

        • “…Switched to Linux! [Big middle finger to Gates!]”

          That’s right. There are always options, they simply must be found. And the more people who do so, the less powerful the Tech Lords and other aspiring oligarchs.

      • Yeah, I hate those types almost as much as the oppressor. Resistance is futile, they claim. Back 30 years ago, they were claiming that we would never get rid of the 55 mph speed limit. We fought and got rid of it. We had a critical mass of people who wouldn’t have any part of it. 80 percent of drivers exceeded 55 mph on rural interstate highways. 15 percent exceeded 67 by 1986. The people who were doing 60 felt that they were complying with the law, going slow enough to escape prosecution or they were intentionally going 65 mph, depending on speedometer error. Back then, I was mocked, ridiculed and otherwise dismissed for suggesting that we start posting 70, 75 and more on the highways. Today, higher limits are commonplace. I’m not saying that this compares with masks in magnitude, but it does rhyme. I suspect that there are a lot of 60 mph mask wearers. And jab takers. The coercive power of the corporate state has been revealed over the years but the annoyance that I have with the get a long to go along crowd is magnified.

        Today, people are preventively taking the stab as most employers aren’t mandating crap. Those make me ill. GQW$%!#@$% morons.

        • Its true we can resist in numbers, but the problem is that there are already too many converts. Those who are in the majority tend to affect the outcome of even the improper imposition of rules.

          If 90% of the people comply and the remaining 10% tell the employer to go blow, those 10% are easier to replace than if it were the reverse. It appears most are unwilling to engage in that staring match.

          Each person who complies is building our prison.

          • Hi Dennis,

            I thought this was an interesting piece from the AP today. Look at the restaurants and how empty they are that require verification of the vaccine. Are businesses really going to enforce this is they lose 40, 50, 60% of their clientele?


            Walmart and grocery stores seem to be hesitating on pulling the trigger for low wage workers to be vaccinated. In the trades fields (HVAC, plumbers, construction) most of the guys have already stated to their bosses that they will quit before they get the jab. I would say the trade field is hovering around 75% “absolutely no” vaccination. Being that these fields are so in demand at the moment and are suffering from a large labor shortage; most of the bosses are scared to piss the workers that they have off.

            My husband has already told his boss (who is also anti jab) that he will walk if such a thing is imposed. There is one construction company that I know that every single one of them stated that they would quit before taking the shot. It is a small unit (around 10-11), but they are trained technicians and would be pretty damn hard to replace.

            There may be more outliers out there then we think and the numbers of the unjabbed may be lower than what the CDC and governments are showing. It is fear propaganda. The companies that enforce this will suffer. The Black Market is successful for a reason. If the unvaccinated cannot get what we need from certain stores we will shop elsewhere or open our own.

            • Hi RG,

              I do think there are pockets of what you refer to and those are more likely in specialized fields where the refusers have leverage. However, the large employers tend to have sheep who not are influenced by propaganda, but are unlikely to take a firm stand. Thus, the employer can say, needle or good luck to ya out there.

              I fear there are too many compliant ones to turn the tide meaningfully. The roaches have infested too far in my opinion to completely exterminate this thing.

              (that was me in the post you replied to; clicked on the wrong name)

              • Hi DC,

                If the unemployment benefits were depleted or absolved I would agree with you. I think with the unemployment benefits continually being extended, the federal government may have made a boo boo. They created the labor shortage to boost the minimum wage, but there is a plus to that. Businesses need people right now. They are desperate for them. Restaurants , grocery stores, retail, even the professional and trade sectors. Until the federal government cuts off benefits employers can only take this so far. A company may demand a jab, but another company will not and they will happily hire that well trained, responsible, punctual employee with no strings attached. If Company #1 loses 25% of their workforce they may have to rethink their objective otherwise, the success of their business will cease no employees = no productivity = no revenue = no profit.

                Don’t get me wrong I am fully aware that it is only a matter of time before Uncle Sam will enforce a jab mandate on those who wish to continue to receive unemployment benefits, but for now, we do have an opening, no matter how small.

                • It’s just semantics at this point. Fascism is growing like weeds around us. I hope they come and kill me. I don’t want to live in this world any more. I didn’t bargain to be livestock.

                  • Don’t say that, DC. The next three years may be pretty dark, but I still believe this country is going to take a hard right around the end of 2024/early 2025.

                    The goal now is to outsmart them. It is all a game, but it comes down to who plays it better.

                    Hang in there.

                  • DC:

                    Live your life and say fuck you to those that get in your way. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

                    The reality is not nearly as bad as what they show you on TeeVee or the internet.

                    • That kind of platitudinous pollyanna pep doesn’t do much for those of us facing job loss, permanent penury, and final ostracization in the immediate future.

                      Starvation is a fate worse than death.
                      So is being an experimental subject.
                      So is going to a pseudo-medical forced-treatment gulag.

                      All of these are very pressing and probable contingencies in the very near future, for all of us. On the other hand, I for one see no positive or even neutral outcome that is consistent with the precedents. Nobody is going to get out the this Abattoir alive–and everything between now and liquidation is pure anguish.

                      The only choice each of us has in the present moment is whether to acknowledge the inevitable horror, or to engage in willful delusion, until the Black Maria arrives to take us away.

                      DC’s mention of “not part of the bargain” really resonates. Any notion of “making do” or “pressing on” are just variants of the “sunk-cost fallacy.” The fact is, I think it should be a reasonable thing to say, “If I had been given a choice of whether to be born, with full disclosure of this outcome, and an opportunity for genuine informed consent, I would have said, ‘Hell No!‘ So why should I accept and ‘make do’ now?”

                      Just because They want you to despair…doesn’t mean there’s hope.

                    • I couldn’t reply to Freelance_Philosopher’s post, so I[m doing so here and hope he sees my reply. Awesome post!! You really do get it and see it for what it really is. It’s pretty grim.

                    • Can’t reply deep enough in the chain, mostly Freelance Philosopher, but old game saying, somewhat nihilistic:
                      I was born naked, screaming, covered in someone else’s blood. I’m OK with going out the same way.

                      Bill Shittle said fairly recently, we (small c conservatives) need to do things every day, and we can never win. It’s like cutting the grass, pulling the weeds, sanding off rust & repainting.
                      They (Leftists) only have to win Once. And there are far more of them.
                      They’re like Kudzu in a garden, or locusts approaching a field. They’ll choke out and eat everything, and then blame the gardener / farmer for not providing more.
                      They are literally useless eaters…
                      Though I concede I’m a cynic.
                      We can’t outlast them, though. Can’t organize against them (it’s been made illegal, it’s called insurrection whether you do anything or not.) They control the rules of the game.

                      We need to change the game…

    • Dear Amy,
      Have you read this bit?:


      If not, I highly recommend it.

      Also, never forget, that you sure as heck ain’t alone and the only ones.

      It seems to me that what The Power Elite are using as a sledge hammer is what’s known by some as, ‘The Golden Handcuffs’.
      Like when you write, “I am afraid of what it will cost me. I have worked hard for a comfortable life, as has my husband” … they use that against people, pitting their life’s work against them, acting as if … Well, I think you more than understand.

      They are bastard mf’er’s.

      • Helot, What you liken to “golden handcuffs” can also be analyzed as a flavor of the sunk-cost fallacy.

        If Yours Philosophically had been informed, before my own professional training, that upon licensure I would need to submit to being an experimental subject for mutagenic injections, I would have said, “Okay, thanks for letting me know–I won’t bother!”

        So why should I, or Amy, consent to it now that it is suddenly sprung on us–out of the blue–as a condition of continuing on in that career? Sure, everything we worked for will be for naught…but we were tricked into working for something that was actually an illusion the whole time, subject to being snatched away by forces far outside our control, without notice. Those aspirations, goals, and efforts were always someone else’s dream; a mirage conjured by an impish Djinn. Those who are complying in order to preserve their careers are just chasing an imaginary dragon, through ever-deepening gauntlets of agony and tribulation.

        And since submitting to a life of biological expermimentation will soon be made a condition of even bare bodily existence, everyone needs to start looking at the choice without falling into the sunk-cost fallacy. Everyone will need to ask himself at some point very, very soon…is it really worth living under these terms? Just because we had the misfortune of being born in the first place? Now we should just ‘roll with the punches’?

        • RE: “everything we worked for will be for naught…but we were tricked into working for something that was actually an illusion the whole time, subject to being snatched away by forces far outside our control, without notice.”

          Perhaps it can be said, It was always that way and you’re just now noticing?
          For many others, they always knew?
          Idk? Same as it ever was?

          I had to look up the word, ‘Abattoir’.

          • I have had to explain the situation to my 80 year old mother, and said same thing: It was all a lie, the world never existed as she thinks it did (“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” “Leave it to Beaver,” “Mayberry” sort of world.)
            She is in despair, as she sees the entire world as it truly is. It’s like the opening of Wraith: The Oblivion, to have your eyes opened this way. (In Wraith, the characters find out there is a “life” after death, but it’s something that makes Hades seem pleasant. The speaker tries to explain what decayed light is like, as he is stuck in his office, and the computer screens are always on…)

    • Amy,
      I am also concerned about how far they are going to take all this, especially as far as work is concerned. As of the last few days, the vax rate in my state is around 40%, I think. We do mave a lot of minorities, who they say are most “resistant “. Also, in my area there are hiring signs EVERYWHERE, some places giving out hiring bonuses. At least right now where I am anyway, it would not be logical to require it, since they are having a hard time getting people to just show up to work.
      I guess I should not underestimate the psychosis of the ones pushing all of this though.

    • Hi Amy – My husband and I are in the same boat as you. We are just 60 now, thank God we are close to retiring because I will not take the jab for any job. I feel so bad for the young kids having to wear masks all day at work. Anyway, just know that there are lots of us out here like you and if need be we can all come together in a few good states. I am ready to move – my Governor just ordered the diapers on again – my grocery store doesn’t make me and it seems nobody is really going along this time. Even at the gym where people masked up before – I see no one doing it today and no one enforcing it. We are traveling around this summer looking for a new home. I hate the cold but we are thinking Montana – who knows – but just know there are lots of us like you.

  11. “The Southern states merely wished to control their own country. They did not seek to control the Northern states but merely to get away from them. It is a very important distinction, hence its suppression.”–Eric Peters

    Spoken like a man who never read the Cornerstone Speech

    • Clover,

      I’ve read it. Have you? Can you read? Nothing in the Cornerstone Speech even hints at taking over the Northern states by force of arms; only of “receiving” those which decide they wish to join the Confederacy. My statement that “The Southern states merely wished to control their own country. They did not seek to control the Northern states but merely to get away from them. It is a very important distinction, hence its suppression” is in no way contradicted by the Cornerstone Speech. But perhaps you will enlighten me.

      • Hey Eric,

        Maybe in pat b’s fevered imagination this,

        “Our object is peace, not only with the North, but with the world. All matters relating to the public property, public liabilities of the Union when we were members of it, we are ready and willing to adjust and settle upon the principles of right, equity, and good faith”,

        actually means, “we will invade the North, force them to become part of the Confederacy and submit to our will”

        Note, “with the North”, clearly establishes that the South considered the North to be a separate political entity. It is true that one group in the South, the political and financial elite, did consider the preservation of slavery to be a huge issue. However, this fact tells us nothing about the political motivations of the North (which was not to end slavery), nor does it mean, at all, that the political motivations of the South were to establish dominion over the entire country.


    • pat b,
      Are you prepared to be bound and judged for all eternity by the ramblings of your vice president? That’s beside the point that nowhere in the speech is any aggression against the US even mentioned except to defend their rights. South Carolina had constitutional authority to force US troops to leave. Per the US Constitution, Federal possession of property within a State is by consent of the legislature of that State. The US certainly had no authority to hold such land in a foreign nation. I suspect, though I’ve never read anything to support the notion, that the reason US troops were there was to facilitate collection of tariffs in Charleston. Which the North had suggested they might continue to do, regardless new national borders. Which is why the north went to war, over tariffs they would no longer be able to collect, and the tariff free southern ports sucking the life out of the heavily tariffed northern ports. Many in the south did believe slavery was all well and good. So did many in the north.

  12. I went to the Library in Ashland Oregon. (Liberal town) No requirement to mask up, yet 80 percent of the people in there had masks on. Funny thing is about 20 percent of the people wearing masks had it under their nose! Why put on a mask and wear it wrong when not required to wear one at all!!

  13. They better not make the vaxx a requirement to buy food . There is nothing left to lose. Any business going along with a vaxx requirement is fair game.

  14. A few dozen or so face diapers out of thousands of bare-faces last night at the Tigers game in Detroit. It was almost normal, except there were no roaming vendors in the stands selling snacks and drinks, I guess because of covid. The rules are laughably arbitrary since we are literally inches away from strangers sitting next to us. There was not a word about covid by announcers or on the scoreboard. The only reminder of covid hysteria I saw during the evening was a sign in the parking garage that stated, “unless fully vaccinated, masks must be worn” – so all the parking attendants had them.

    People were happy and mingling just like in normal times. It was a nice dose of almost-sanity.

    • Excellent, Snap!

      So far – at the moment – my sense of things is that people have had enough. Not all, but many more than last time. They aren’t panicking over the variants! the variants! and I think that if these sickness peddlers push it much farther, there is going to be a big backlash. Here’s to hoping!

    • I live in Mid-Michigan and hardly ever see a mask anymore. Even the local fast food joint employees are unmasked.

      My liberal sister has even turned against getting the jab just because of how hard it’s being pushed. It really creeps her out, but she could be reasoned with when I’d have a one on one conversation with her.

    • I was watching the INDIANS play the Blue Jays in Toronto yesterday. As the Canadian Tyrannicals finally allowed them to play in their stadium, instead of Buffalo’s minor league stadium (because Convid is unable to get them there because of reasons). I was curious to see what the fans in Toronto were doing diaper-wise. They still have a 15% (I think, more-or-less) capacity limit, and I’d say 25% to 40% were wearing the diaper.

      I also saw the INDIANS in liberal Souf-Siiiiide Chicago and the White Sox had a darn-near full crowd, if not full. And maybe a few were wearing masks.

      It’s funny to me to think about… we all know mayyyybe half of that stadium is vaxxed. Maybe 70%, maybe 30%. Everyone there knows it. The vax supporters that showed up know it. No one is fearing this virus. And of course we shouldn’t. It’s such a terrifying pandemic that we are packing stadiums to watch a silly baseball game… Just not in Toronto.

      • re: INDIANS – my sister-in-law has one bathroom in her house decorated with Cleveland Indian towels. You don’t use them – they are just for display, and they are hung on the regular towel bars. Visitors are provided plain towels, and when you have to hang them somewhere, there’s no room. . . so we end up draping them over the shower rod. Wonder what she’s going to do now? She’s a big lefty –

  15. I don’t know if folks will stand for another round of lockdowns. My pet sitter seems to think that the people won’t stand for it again.

    I don’t know how much we can read in to this, but the restrictions here in the US have been a lot less severe than they’ve been elsewhere. For example, we were never restricted to within 3 miles of home, as were the Aussies and the Irish. By and large, we didn’t have checkpoints here, while other countries did; they were only in a few commie ares, like NYC. While other countries have had multiple lockdowns, we’ve only had one. I think that the one thing holding back our tyrants is the 2A; there are hundreds of millions of guns out there, and our tyrants know it.

    What will tell the tale is if vax passorts spur the mass protests we’re seeing in France, the UK, Italy, etc. I don’t think that our gov’t will do that though, as a law requiring vax passports could easily be challenged on due process and constitutional grounds-even in today’s corrupt courts! The NEJM advocated the private companies rolling out the passports, so as to avoid any messy legal challenges.

    Between the COTUS and the guns, what I think will happen is that, while passports will be required, it’ll mostly be private businesses that require them. Most employers will require passes too. They’ll be rolled out incrementally,not all at once as we’re seeing in Europe. The businesses will get around any discrimination laws by offering an accomodation. For example, while you may not be allowed inside the supermarket without a pass, you’ll be allowed to do curbside pickup. Either that, or you’ll be allowed in, but you’ll have to mask up first.

    Though I don’t usually wear the mask, I’ll play along to get the medical care I need. At my age, the check engine light is coming on too often to ignore it. While I think that the mask is BS, as is the vax, there’s a key difference between it and the vax: once I’m done, I can take the mask off; the vax is permanent.

    I don’t know HOW this will play out. I think that the key is establishing a parallel society in our communities, so as to circumvent the now developing Beast System. I’m going to try to find alternatives for everything. David Knight interviewed a guy from North Jersey who’s set up a web site for like minded people to join, so as to enable the like minded to buy, sell, and trade with one another. The guy’s a history teacher, and he obviously knows history! David Knight interviewed him on his show, and you can watch it here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/lyArSyKtGOYM/

    • It’s possible the “quaxx” passport is a red herring to get us all worked up while the PTBs introduce a less draconian (but equally intrusive) measure. Gates and Soros recently purchased Mologic, a developer of rapid Covid tests. It’s possible that rapid tests will be deployed in order to allow entry at stores in lieu of passports. This permits Gates and Soros to control the Covid narrative while conveniently allowing the U.S. to dodge the passport bullet. See Amazing Polly’s latest video for details:


      • Interesting, since the CDC just scrapped the PCR test. You know, the one that ALL the statistics we’ve suffered over the last 17 months were created from? Suddenly the CDC decided it doesn’t work, and will not be renewing its EUA next year. I guess Gates and Soros got the news before we did. Or paid for the news.

    • I think another round of lockdowns would cause officials to be dragged out & torn apart by angry mobs.

      Then again, I thought that would happen the first time but it didn’t.

      Still, I think the odds will continually increase every time they “lock down,” until it becomes a near certainty. The more people are forced into poverty (which is the most important effect of such policies), the more they have to gain and the less they have to lose.

      After all, you can always get food, clothes, and a place to sleep in jail. When jail sucks the same or less compared to every day, it is no longer a deterrent.

    • 22,000,000 NICS checks in the 1st 6 months of 2021 tells me that many people are reminding uncle that what flies in Australia or even canuck land to the north will not fly here. As far as private business enforcing passports i’m not sure how that goes. It could be a bludgeon by uncle to use while keeping plausible deniability or it could turn out alternatives prop up everywhere. That remains to be seen.

  16. “History was written by those who have hanged heroes.”

    I wonder how these times will be written into history. I suppose that depends on who wins if there is such a coming conflict.

    I was reflecting on these modern horrors and things seemed so much better, in many ways, when I was younger. How did we spiral into this dystopian nightmare, with its bizarre sub-plague and miscreants fawning for communism? It really seems to be a 100-year flashback, save for a world war has not yet appeared.

    Then I thought of my ancestors, and how, for them, things were often MUCH worse and more difficult in every way. The loss of people to a plethora of diseases, even the flu, was quite common. They fought hard and long for all of their lives, and made way for themselves in this country, through seemingly impossible odds, with the most dire of threats and enemies ready to pounce at any moment.

    Why would I be special in this continuum? Why should I be guaranteed an easy ride? Well, I’m not. Life might just get worse before it gets better.

  17. We shall see. They’re going to try for sure, I give us about a 60% of beating the next wave of lockdowns and “masking” as a nation. Here in Florida, DeSantis is defending us. There is a 40% of failure. Deep Red states with blue governors , like in Michigan and Kentucky, did NOTHING to reign in the despotism. The legislatures in all states are worse than cucks.

    • Zach,

      That’s not entirely true. While the state legislature here in PA is more RINO than I’d like, they have more balls than MI’s does. They passed a bill reining in Fuhrer Wolf, but he vetoed it; the GOP doesn’t have enough votes for an override. The only thing that’s kept PA from being NY, Part Deux is our GOP legislature; they kept Gov. Wolf from bringing out his inner tyrant. NY State is rolling out their “Excelsior Pass” vax passport, whereas that’s a non-starter here.

      • “Excelsior Pass” Where the fuck does he come up with a name like that. I’d like to string that Italian Mafia Commies up from the rooftop of the hotel. Jerk

  18. lockdowns, masks, distancing all employed without data to back up those measures.
    data shows those measures don’t work.
    chemical injections promised to resolve the crisis without data to back it up.
    chemical injections showing not to be effective.

    start at top

    everything the “experts” said is wrong
    they have no imagination beyond going back to the things that science says don’t work

    i guess if we believe hard enough it will work this time?

    meanwhile, the indoctrinated believe even harder. there is not hope for these people

    what will happen? don’t know, but could force be on the horizon? maybe
    been running that scenario a lot lately
    there is no good outcome

  19. I was thinking about this comment, especially the part about, “no recourse”,

    “Australians allowed themselves to be disarmed. They are reaping the effects. Enforcers would be far less enthusiastic, if their lives were on the line every time they left home. Knowing that their victims have no recourse at all emboldens them.”

    Didn’t that Gulag Archipelago fellow mention something about how when they burned in The Camps later that they’d wished they’d laid wait in ambush in doorways with hammers, pitchforks, and other objects while their oppressors arrived?

    Every Fall during harvest time I imagine a million unarmed mice running out of the field towards my house looking for food and a new home.

    Sorta like this scene in the film, V for Vendetta:


    I’m glad I don’t live Down Under, it seems horrid.

    • Both you and Solzhenitsyn are right. While still being armed is a distinct advantage, its not the only one. I seem to recall an armed goon was STONED to death not long ago for mistreating someone. That’s my comment you’re quoting, and you’re welcome to it.

  20. Vaccines on Monday, vaccines on Tuesday, vaccines on Wednesday, vaccines on Thursday, vaccines on Friday, vaccines on Saturday, vaccines on Sunday. It will not stop. Help me, Jesus!

    Now you know how the whales felt when being hunted 100,000 per year for years on end. An angry whale stove the Essex for a reason.

    Ya gotta eat, when in the middle of the Pacific, it’ll be the one crew member willing to make the sacrifice.

    Michael Clark Rockefeller visited the Asmat on an anthropological mission, they ate him. Cannibals do exist. That’s what happens when you try to make new friends.

    Crude oil in Pennsylvania brought the whaling industry to a screeching halt.

    If not, whales would be far fewer in number, probably gone a long time ago. Still is done, but not as much an industry. Not too many wagons out there made by Studebaker.

    Whales are like the Cedars of Lebanon, time to save what is left.

    Why hunt for whales, a dangerous job, when you can go to Titusville and drill for oil?

    Whales thank the dinosaurs, 100,000,000 bpd of crude oil consumption replaces whales all the way from here to Mars.

    Captured by the Caribs, Columbus and crew would have ended in slavery had he not had substantial astronomical knowledge of astronomy.

    He knew of a lunar eclipse three days in advance, being held captive makes you think on your feet. Columbus communicated the astronomical event to the Carib chief, when the lunar eclipse occurred, Columbus and his men were set free. The Caribs considered Columbus a god. More or less fear struck by what did happen. Had that not happened, you would have never heard from Christopher ever again.

    Easy to convince people when you have enough knowledge to persuade the big chief of what’s going on celestially. In order to continue to live, enough guts to save your sorry worthless hide, you have to do what is going to work, otherwise, sayonara.

    Those big chief medical experts need to be taught a thing or two from Christopher, experience helps.

    The pen is mightier than the needle. especially when the needle is killing and maiming and causing more harm than good. WTF, I mean, can it get anymore depressing, everything is going to go gone to plaid!

    Food theft will be a leading crime statistic. People will retaliate, by hook or by crook. Your stomach rules, when empty, you get hangry. Don’t get caught raiding a garden. You won’t even be allowed to fish.

    No good deed will go unpunished.

    Hungry people will be like hogs in a pig sty with a chicken thrown to them, the chicken will be gone in 60 seconds, a horse takes a day for hogs to eat. It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

    Why do I think I’d be safer somewhere in Transylvania hanging out near Dracula’s digs?

    A cross and a wooden stake, you have the chosen weapons to keep on truckin’. Dracula will steer clear. har

    The coyotes were howling and barking about 3:00 am this morning.

    • You left out Andrew Carnegie in your cause for the end of whaling. His implementation of the rail tanker made oil transportation much cheaper, and so the price of it to consumers as well. Though saving the wales is about the only good he did.

      • If I remember correctly, Standard oil lost their “monopoly” by trusting the government geologists that there wasn’t oil in Texas.

  21. I found out today another sibling of mine is a True Believer. 🙁

    Last week, the other sibling was complaining to my father how concerned he was by the lack diversity his children have in friends. I wish I had been there for that conversation as I would have channeled my inner Jared Taylor! But then I realized it would have been a total waste of energy as I know True Believers are impervious to facts and logic.

    I feel ashamed to be related to so many NPCs. My parents (and maybe an uncle) are the only based relatives left. If it wasn’t for the internet, I’d feel like even more of an outcast.

  22. As Amazing Polly said in her latest video, we must accept that we’re now living in a state of anarchy and adjust accordingly.

  23. Provincetown’s ‘pandemic of the vaxxed’ casts a long shadow:

    ‘Ben Wakana, deputy director of strategic communications and engagement for the White House, blasted the WaPo over its headline about a study of a COVID-19 outbreak in Provincetown on July 4th.

    ‘The WaPo tweet read, “Vaccinated people made up three-quarters of those infected in a massive Massachusetts covid-19 outbreak, pivotal CDC study finds.”

    ‘Wakana responded, “Completely irresponsible. 3 days ago the CDC made clear that vaccinated individuals represent a VERY SMALL amount of transmission occurring around the country. Virtually all hospitalizations and deaths continue to be among the unvaccinated. Unreal to not put that in context.”’


    That is, confronted with new data that shocked even the jaded Lügenpresse, Wakana simply bangs the scuffed shoe of outdated data on the podium, as if Provincetown never happened.

    Today the innumerate fool (who possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in ‘government and philosophy’ [snark; snort]) doubled down:

    Ben Wakana

    Let’s be clear. If 10 vaccinated people walk into a room full of COVID, about 9 of them would walk out of the room WITH NO COVID. Nine of them.

    No, Ben. Wuh-rong, Ben. You don’t need no PhD in epidemiology to grok that vaccine efficacy compares a vaccinated group to a control group over time. It does not and cannot predict how many of either group get infected when they walk into a room.

    Biden’s philosopher-flacks literally can’t punch their way out of a statistical paper bag. Wakana the Soy Boy fancies himself a health commissar, though, drilling doses into derrieres to save the simps for Satan.

    Okay (okay, okay, okay)
    Just a little pinprick
    There’ll be no more, ah
    But you may feel a little sick

    Can you stand up?
    I do believe it’s working, good
    That’ll keep you going through the show
    Come on it’s time to blow

    — Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb

    • Never mind that both Israel and the UK are reporting about half or better of all new cases are among the vaxxed. Apparently, Mr Wakana thought the propaganda machine had that covered in the US. Apparently not. Although It is being well hidden in general.

      • ‘Mr Wakana thought the propaganda machine had that covered.’ — JK

        As Eric lamented (with a wry smirk), the narrative is coming apart at the seams.

        It’s like the eyewall replacement cycle of a hurricane: in due course, a new narrative will coalesce from the wreckage of the old.

        Meanwhile, let’s confess that flaying a nobody like Wakana is like taking out a house fly with a low-yield nuke.

        It’s still pleasant to admire the mushroom cloud, though.

  24. ‘… by the magic of titles and votes (of some) the otherwise cretinous becomes “the law” ‘ — EP


    Nancy Pelosi, who can’t even string together a complete sentence within her gush of word salad, reminds one of a superannuated librarian warily patrolling the stacks, warning brash young men not to attempt reshelving volumes themselves, given their feeble command of recondite LC call numbers.

    Chasley ‘Chuck’ Schumer is easily pictured as an oily mortuary salesman, flogging Naugahyde-lined, simulated snakewood coffins on the bereaved, with a low-priced lifetime [sic] warranty available for a low, low monthly perpetual installment.

    Don’t even get me started on old Corn Pop, the shameful electrified scarecrow who wound up wide-eyed in a cornerless oval office by sheer stubborn time-serving, like a janitor at Microsoft becoming CEO after outliving the bright young coders — and knowing where the corporate bodies are buried.

    Yet retroactively, these sorry specimens will loom like visionaries and polymaths in our misty memories, as Kamala the Terrible’s red guards shove swabs up our noses with a vicious twist, just because they can.

    Bare your buttocks, gramps. The fifth booster is intragluteal. And yeah, it’s gonna hurt.

    The human race was dyin’ out
    No one left to scream and shout
    People walking on the moon
    Smog will get you pretty soon

    Ship of fools, ship of fools

    — The Doors, Ship of Fools

  25. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a common definition of insanity. And yet here we are again. If anything, tyrannical restrictions have proven LESS effective than leaving people to their own judgment. There is certainly no demonstrable advantage to the self destruction implicit in these endless restrictions. Unless you are selling vaccines that don’t work, and exhibit the worst adverse event record of any medical treatment ever allowed to remain available.

  26. Tucker Carlson made the point the other night that this flaying the public for more restrictions with consequences is a sign the regime is losing control and desperate.

    If just 10-15% resist and say no there is nothing they can do. Yes, they may make an example of a few but that wont last long.

    I do have some schadenfreude for all the worthless deep state government employees now being forced to jab or mask. Maybe they can leave their worthless jobs and get real employment and self worth. Their unions are pushing back but John Gill Presidency will buy the unions off to comply.

  27. Given the abundant evidence that the destruction of our economic, social, and mental health to contain a virus slightly more dangerous than ordinary, is insane on its face, it remains hard for me to believe that people of the same species as I am are even close to going along with this unadulterated male bovine organic fertilizer again. It concerns me greatly that apparently, mental illness has become the real pandemic. People are, or already have lost their minds. They refuse to think. Which astonishes me, because I always have taken great pleasure in it. They avoid it like the “plague”. And even worse, many are hysterically adamant that we all “agree” with bald faced lies.

    • Sign my father had on his wall, quote:
      “There is no expedient to which a man will not go avoid the true labor of thinking.”

      I do not recall original source.

      If you’re a pop culture nut, you might recall The Newcomers (Alien Nation series) – how they were drugged slaves, “It was easier to lie back and breathe the gas…” Also, Brave New World, with Soma…
      They’re trying to make this Brazil, though (The movie, not the country.)

  28. My mini diaper report:

    Went with the wife to her doctor on Wednesday. Signs on the door warned everyone to mask up. I ignored them and entered the waiting room. There were 5 patients waiting. Nobody said a word to me. We get called back to the exam room, and were met at the door by an assistant. The assistant took my wife’s temperature before allowing her to proceed. I was questioned abut my lack of a mask, and stated I have a medical exemption. This confused the assistant, but she let me pass without even taking my temperature. In the exam room, another assistant questioned my lack of a mask, and again I claimed medical exemption, and told them her front office let me pass. She too was confused, but said nothing further. The doctor finally arrived, and he too questioned my lack of a mask, and asked if I had been vaccinated. I told him I have had all FDA “Approved” vaccines, lol. He nodded his head that this was a good thing because the Delta Variant is really serious, or something to that effect. My wife was wearing a rag, not liking the confrontation not wearing one entails. The doc questioned her about the vax, and she told him she will not be getting it. This lead to about a minute of him explaining the seriousness of the Delta Variant etc. etc. Next, we went to another room to schedule a follow on appointment. Here, we were greeted by the “Office Administrator” who was not going to give up in her efforts to have me join in the kabuki. She held out one of those blue masks stating the office has a 100% mask policy. I stated my medical exemption, and she mumbled something about the policy again, offered me the mask, and told me I must mask up. I declined, and left since we we already had the next appointment, but I asked her about medical exemption. She did not reply, but simply watched me walk out the door.

    I took my daughter to Busch Gardens the next day, and am happy to say there were very few people wearing masks. I estimate less than one in ten. Even waiting in line for a ride called the Cobra’s Curse, there were not too may people wearing masks. This ride could be considered a “Super spreader” because the line snakes along inside cramped tunnels without adequate ventilation. I’m surprised some Rona High Priest has not condemned this ride yet, and demanded its closure.

    Now that the Selected One has demanded all federal employees receive their anointing, I am not sure how much longer I will have a job. I am not a federal employee, but I am a contractor who works for a federal agency. From what I heard, contractors will be forced to be anointed too. This is my line in the sand that I will not cross. If asked to join their religious cult, I will claim my religion forbids me to join theirs. We shall see how it goes. I have been working their for 13 years, and am regarded as an outstanding employee…at least I think I am. I do not expect my religious exemption has any chance of working against these zealots, but I at least have to give it a shot. The bad thing is, I will be marked as a heretic, and am not looking forward to the negative connotations it will bring. Will I be visited by Biden’s Door Knockers? Will AGW’s later visit my house and forcefully anoint me? Who knows, but I will not submit to the jab. My house is paid for, my cars are paid for, and I don’t have any debt. I can ride out the storm unless the zealots take other measures, such as banishing us from grocery stores, confiscating bank accounts, and any other number of tyrannical measures they will certainly do in their insane quest to jab everyone.

    • There is no end to their insanity, malevolence, nor persistence.

      I am aware of a nurse who works mainly from home (although she must go to the “office” at least once per week), who was being required to get the jab. She requested a religious exemption, and it was approved.

      Sick world that a religious exemption for anything has to be approved.

      • Because it is part of their highly specialized, highly compartmentalized Standard Operating Procedure to put trust in the System, on both the vertical and horizontal axes. A rank-and-file doctor simply cannot be well-rehearsed on every field of medicine. He can’t read every X-ray film, interpret every lab value, and elicit history relevant to every medical specialty, sub-specialty, and sib-sub-sub-specialty. They become habitual “trusters.”

        This goes double for “health authorities.” Doctors don’t have the time or prerogative to scrutinize “findings” and “protocols” proclaimed from above. (In fact, departing from those proclamations is a sure route to malpractice liability.) To function on a day-to-day basis, they have been intensively conditioned to rely on and trust authority, and it has never once occurred to any of them that an “authority” would every act in bad faith. They’ve never had even a moment to breathe, let alone step back and look at the Big Picture of which they are a powerless cog.

        Case in point: there is simply no test for the “Delta variant.” Every news report about the “ratio” of “Delta” cases is just straight-up made-up. There is no possible basis for any of it, because there is no test for such. Yet, even the doctors getting test results every day, which show either “positive” or “negative” for “covaids,” are incapable of spotting that disconnect. They can’t stop for a moment and step back and think, “Wait. How are these figures being tabulated, since the tests don’t discern between ‘variants’?” Because to do so would necessarily require questioning the whole system they rely on to make every single clinical decision of the day.

        This is the psychological route of doublethink and crimestop. Doctors are closest to the radioactive core of this Psychological Weapon of Mass Destruction, so they’re most adept at anticipatory doublethink.

      • Dan,
        I asked my doctor about the shots and other related things a few months ago without putting in my two cents, just to see what she would say. She said lockdowns were the worst thing that you could do in that situation. I also felt that she thought masks were just for show. She said the shots would not magically make it all go away as people hoped. She also voluntarily told me she had gotten her shots, but did not push back when I said I didn’t want it. Civil liberties seem to be at least somewhat important to her from our short conversations and seemed to agree when I said that we can’t all be responsible for the health of others. So, I guess I have a pretty good one.

        • Morning, La Gordita!

          The bottom line – for myself – is that I do not take medicines for illnesses I haven’t got, which present no meaningful threat to me, if I do get them. To do so when the medicine is known to be safe is silly, arguable verging on the neurotic – in the manner of wearing a life jacket to walk in the general vicinity of a swimming pool. Or taking an aspirin every day just in case you might get a headache. To do so when the medicine is known to not be safe – or effective against the illness it purports to protect against – is idiotically reckless and indicative of mental illness.

          • Eric,
            I am right there with you.
            If held down and forced to take the shot, I am afraid I might have a nervous breakdown.
            What annoys me the most is the argument that we need to “protect the children “. Well, that and the ones that just say “take the shot, people” and just dismiss all of the concerns that people might have. So , don’t worry about tomorrow, cause tomorrow never comes? And for some of the unfortunate people who take the shot, tomorrow doesn’t come apparently.

            • Protect the children indeed, by injecting them with a vaccine that is of far greater risk to them than the virus is. At best child abuse, at worst child sacrifice to the COVID God.

  29. Now it’s out in the open that the vaccinated are getting the disease to which the experimental gene therapy was supposed to limit or prevent. The 74% in MA is clearly the result of BEING vaccinated. So what do they do?

    If you answered, “Double down and lie more”, then you’ve obviously been to this rodeo before.

    That poison has unimaginable potential risks for the average person IMO. Beyond imagination simply because people cannot imagine what it’s like to live with the equivalent of AIDS. And, of course, ultimately dying from it.

    This is not new science. It’s the exactly the repeat of the former attempts to create vaccinations for the absolutely very well known corona viruses that have been around for quite a long time, i.e., failure and increased disease because of it.

    And now, there is very legitimate fear. That is the fear of being forced to take the poison that people know is nothing but risk. This is the Dear Hunter… and YOU…. “MAO!! MAO!!!” or they just shoot you instead. I know people that are now thusly terrified (because they’re federal employees) and them quitting or trying to take their skills to industry is a non-option. The alternative is as close to their lives ending as being shot — some would argue the latter more merciful than losing their homes.

    And so they’re also terrified of the prospect of pulling the trigger. And rightfully so.

    • Eeyore Maj,
      Your post raises a terrifying prospect: You know how the vast majority will gladly deem one a ‘criminal’ for merely attempting to evade robbery by the IRS and the host of other state and local syndicates, and will gladly consent to your caging for merely trying to keep what is rightfully yours, since they “have to pay taxes, so why should you be special”? They, as victims themselves, instead of taking the side of fellow victims, instead take the side of their oppressor, to the point of doing his dirty-work- “If I have to submit to this tyranny, then so do you!”.

      It’s no different with this sickness Kabuki, and it will be no different with these filthy vaccines. We’ve seen the attitude rear it’s ugly head already as regards masking. “We all have to wear masks. Who do you think you are? What makes you so special that you think it doesn’t apply to you?!”.

      Now, these people who are being ‘forced’ to vax, will look upon us the same way they do tax ‘cheats’. Rather than admiring us for having the character to avoid the bond-servitude of corporate and government jobs; for avoiding debt; for preparing, so that we can be ‘free agents’, for being willing to forego ‘security’ and ‘benefits’, etc. they will instead again take the side of their oppressor, and reason “I had to get the vax, so why shouldn’t everyone else have to?”.

      Whether taxes or vaxes or military conscription, it is the same thing: They can absolve themselves of responsibility and any pangs of conscience and self-loathing which their own lack of resistance and unwillingness to take a stand and suffer any inconvenience may cause, if what they suffer is imposed by force on all, because so few will resist, and “What could I do? I had no choice.”.

      We, who make it apparent that one always has a choice, and that the cost of that choice may be unpleasant or inconvenient or have severe consequences, but is indeed viable for those who are adamant and of sufficient character, are a pain in the side of the easily-compliant because we illuminate their own failings and prick their consciences. They take the path of least resistance, which is to side with their oppressors and the vast multitudes who do likewise- because it is “What everyone’s doing, and therefore is normal and right”.

      And the way people just roll over! Among acquaintances and relatives, even the ones who would avoid the shot, they gladly take it if they “have to” for a new job, or to go to college, etc. It DISGUSTS me! They are of such weak character; they stand for nothing. They will haply do whatever is required of them, even when to do so will almost definitely end up injuring or killing them; even when to do so is against their own will and choice. They fold faster than Superman on laundry day!

      And for what? There is no gun pointed at their head (Yet); They are not losing out on a $345 million-dollar jackpot. They are giving up conscience, health and life….just so as not to inconvenience themselves in any way; just for a piece of stale cheese; just for a dingy slot in the rat race. I have lost all sympathy and empathy for these people- they deserve what they get. I’m almost glad that this is happening, for such is fitting for a people who would let it happen.

      In my opinion, it’s no 1861. There’s no united mass of people willing to take a stand for their lives and property and culture; to resist tyranny. There are just a few scattered people like us, who neither have an army nor the support of our neighbors. We will not even be known by history to have existed.

      • You’re always on-point, Nunzio, but one small quibble.
        I think “Anti-Vaxx Extremists” will indeed have a place in the history lessons of the post-Reset, mixed-reality future. Once the global population has been managed down by lifeshorting and sterilizing injections, to the 500,000,000 target chiseled into the Georgia Guidestones, the deepfake, AI-controlled “schoolteachers” will display images of masked masses and busy doctors in bunnysuits, and inform the younglings: “In Year Zero of the Great Reset, a terrible viral pandemic swept the globe. Everyone wore masks, and a miraculous vaxxine was developed. However, the valiant efforts of The Science were thwarted by anti-Science barbarians who refused to do their part! That’s why everybody died, and now you all get to live in Neo-Eden under the loving protectorship of the benevolent Machine.”

        • Except for those other parts of the world where everybody is kneeling. One of us is the control group. We’ll see which someday.

        • Have you seen Utopia on Netflix?
          Limited to a single season, they cancelled it – it showed the disease makers in a bad light…
          But it was Illuminating.

      • Spot on Nunzio!

        The easiest way to predict our future is to simply follow the trajectory of current events with an eye to how it unrolled in the past.

        We know that power naturally aggrandizes more power and doesn’t stop of its own accord. If it doesn’t meet resistance it keeps growing.

        Therefore, it is quite apparent we are headed for some kind of Bolshevik style purge and internments if the power mongers don’t encounter bold obstacles to hold them back.

        As you said, the resistance is scattered at the moment, but rapidly advancing events where people’s livelihoods and food needs are directly threatened will change the equation.

        We just aren’t there yet, but eventually we will get there. It’s certainly within one year’s time. How could it not happen? There are no more checks and balances except the use of force and violence.

      • I agree with what you say. Have experienced it in my life. Not just from strangers, which I sort of expected, but from family members, too, which I didn’t. You should really publish something that captures these thoughts en toto from a libertarian perspective. Kind of like some inverted Harry Browne “Freedom Traps.” Not ideology, per se, but more like self help.

      • I haven’t really been able to articulate anything meaningful about it, but I’ve thought about this frequently:

        > “If I have to submit to this tyranny, then so do you!”

        It really seems like that’s a huge part of what’s *really* going on. I don’t see how anyone that is remotely self-aware and has any amount of intelligence can believe this whole deal — so the easier conclusion (in my mind) is that they don’t believe it, they just do it because it’s inevitable and/or what everyone else is doing.

        But either way, it seems to anger them if I do not want to be part of it. Angry to the point where it is somehow reasonable to deny me the basic necessities of life. Or worse. When people get desperate to eat… who knows what could happen?

        You know I undoubtedly had this mild cold last year anyway. Haven’t been sick since. There’s no real reason that I need to be anyone’s concern. In any case, I think it’s safe to say that, despite the temporary relief of the ongoing insanity, there appears to be no rational resolution to the crisis in sight. It can only get worse from here unless/until something major changes. I don’t know what.

          • Monkey See, Monkey Do.

            Ever read about the Banana experiment?
            They take a cage of 20 monkeys, say. Put a banana at the top, and a means to get there. The monkeys can go for the banana, but the others get a shot of cold water, and then the group beats up the monkey who went up the ladder.
            Repeat until no monkey will go for the bananas.
            Then, put in new monkey, replacing old one.
            He goes for bananas, the other monkeys beat him up. He learns not to go for bananas.
            Remove another old monkey and replace with new one. Process repeats, with First New Monkey part of the beatdown.
            Eventually, the old monkeys are all removed, and yet, none of them have ever been hit with cold water, but none will go for the bananas.


            We need to stop being kind, the system is in place to make us slaves, we need to respond to the oppression (Though I am loathe to use that word, given its connotations – it IS the best word.)

      • Well well said.

        “We all have to wear masks. Who do you think you are? What makes you so special that you think it doesn’t apply to you?!”.

        “Because I’m not a pussy like you are.”

    • No matter how many times the lies of TPTB are exposed, their response is always the same: “What are you gonna do about it???”

        • I fully agree with you that we’ve all got to stand firm.

          However, They are not bluffing. There are hard men behind the clown-painted newsreaders on TeeVee and the cartoonish cut-out puppet “billionaires” and the venal pharmaceutical bandits and pseudo-medical cultists on the front line of the vaxecution campaign. Those are all just the front-puppets.

          The men actually orchestrating this militarized slaughter are the same ones who managed the systematic human-meat-grinder of Vietnam. They’re the same ones who coolly liquidated the Kennedys and Malcolm X and the list goes on. They’re the same ones who demolished the Twin Towers with thousands of people still in them. They’re the same ones who mercilessly destroyed the civilizations and populations of the Middle East, whom They framed for Their own mass murder.

          And now, They are on Their final mission, to steal the World, just as the hard men of centuries past took North America from the native inhabitants. This time, we’re the Indians, and the injections are the smallpox-infested blankets. But remember, the U.S. Military used conventional (albeit insanely lop-sided) warfare against the natives, too, without hesitation and without mercy. This time, the Power behind the Agenda is served by a supra-national Military-Intelligence apparatus that has no loyalty or affiliation with any visible nation or institution. And bluffing doesn’t enter into it.

          • I believe there is a spiritual battle taking place, but it is commenced by flesh and blood human beings – who will feel fear, pain, and panic when they meet resistance.

            Not going to give up. The goal is to make THEM give up – or face the consequences.

            • Any skirmishes will be between desperate Herdsters and militarized “law enforcement officers” following orders that flow from a chain of command that ascends hundreds of levels of hierarchy above them. They will know not what they do, or why they do it, and they are not agents in any “spiritual battle.” They’ll just be “doing their jobs” to “put food on the table.”

              The Spider Men near at the center of the Web of this global extermination campaign, who pull its strings, will sip adrenachrome-and-brandy and nibble caviar while enjoying the spectacle of the useless eaters stab and scratch each other to death. All part of the plan.

          • We know that the AGWs will do anything which has been pronounced as necessary. Matter of law or not… conflicting with the constitution or not… that’s a separate (and i.e., less important) matter.
            The governor ordered such and such, so anyone that doesn’t maintain the appearance of compliance is “guilty” and has to be punished… and nothing (apparently) is more important or supersedes those governor dictates… never mind the (silly old, antiquated) constitution.
            The dictates are enforced with zeal… with renewed vigor… beyond anything else. Not just electively by the AGWs (i.e., they could elect to look the other way) but no, no, *ENTHUSIASTICALLY* by the AGWs. The more enthusiasm, I’m sure “the farther you’ll go” in this racket.

            They know what’s up. They just don’t care.

    • As long as they keep counting exposures as “the cases” they are going to find them. Hospitalization rates for vaccinated are almost uncountable. Yes, your body might react to exposure and infection as if it weren’t vaccinated, but from what I’ve read they greatly shorten the time needed to recover, which means far less stress on the body and lungs. The damn vaccines were overhyped and the fools in charge believe the press releases.

      It is far past the time to move on. Stop counting, stop tracking, stop hyping. Time to cowboy up and either take the medicine or not, then deal with the consequences of your decision.

  30. Yup, the crazed lunatic fringe are making their moves, the military patrolling the streets in Australia in order to enforce the lockdown, and now this:

    “The mayor of the City of Lapu-Lapu in the Philippines issued a new executive order which bans those who have not received a COVID-19 injection from entering supermarkets, groceries, department stores, and convenience stores.”


    Starve the Kulaks, eh? …Are camps, next?

    Meanwhile, in Iowa, the great big 20,000 or so bicycle ride called Ragbrai is passing by this morning, haven’t seen a single face diaper on one yet.
    The small towns and cities have rolled out the welcome mat for them, I have not heard or read about any Covid-insanity restrictions. The bands are playing, the bars are open, and the beer will flow.

    • Upon further research, I guess there are a few Covid-insanity restrictions by Ragbrai:

      Though we will continue to defer to current state guidelines regarding COVID-19 mitigation and we expect the further relaxing of rules & guidelines regarding various safety measures, as of this date RAGBRAI expects to implement the following set of protocols for the safe & responsible execution of the event in July.

      Hand sanitizer must be available at all vendor locations, in SAG wagons, and will be provided to towns for entertainment venues & volunteer use.
      Appropriate COVID-19 mitigation signage templates will be provided by RAGBRAI and posted by towns at the entrance to all areas on the ride expected to have large numbers of participants or spectators.
      All venues & towns will be encouraged to recommend outdoor dining to their restaurants & bars.
      Indoor-hosted housing will not be supported by RAGBRAI.


    • Denying food to another human being is about the most despicable behavior I can imagine. It is in fact murder in slow motion, with inducement of maximum pain by starvation. In other words, a form of torture.

      “Lockdowns” are for criminals, not free citizens.

      This time around, we =may have an *ACTUAL* civil war. Time will tell. I hope not, but now is probably the time to give some thought to just what hill you are prepared to die on, and for what cause.

    • Despite the constant assault, the US private citizens are still the largest armed force in the world. Which is the most effective means of resisting tyranny. Not by action necessarily, but by the capable threat of action. Australians allowed themselves to be disarmed. They are reaping the effects. Enforcers would be far less enthusiastic, if their lives were on the line every time they left home. Knowing that their victims have no recourse at all emboldens them.

      • The Second Amendment has been effectively nullified by the adoption of “no-knock warrants.”

        Now, when Your City’s Finest come crashing through your front door, a firearm in your hand amounts to a license for them to waste you first…and verify the address later.


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