Checkpoints and “Papers” for Us – But Not For Illegals

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There are many ways to gauge the ugly truth that the – not “our” – government is at war with the people – the citizens – of the United States, the latest being the leak that the government is considering the imposition of an internal vaccine passport regime for citizens, who will be (one assumes) forcibly prevented from crossing state lines if they haven’t been Jabbed.

If enough don’t submit to the Jab.

This is just precious given that this same government has opened the international border to non-citizens – who it then exports to American states, many of these “migrants” – as they are styled – being not only unvaxxed but all of them undoc’d. They don’t need to show Proof of Jab to come on down – and travel around. But we must show Proof of Jab to eat and work.

And perhaps soon, to travel – within our own country. Which is apt to be “locked down” again to “stop the spread” of the sickness being deliberately spread by the government.

Which, arguably, ends any obligation we may have had to abide by any decrees this government issues pertaining to face-effacing, “vaccinations”  and perhaps more besides.

It is clear the object is not public health but the oppression of the public – by the government.

All this foot-stamping and finger-wagging about the horrible danger presented by the ‘Rona and its Variants are obviously for-show-only, a psychological guilt-trip designed to pervert and manipulate the psychologically normal instinct most people have to avoid actions that might cause others harm.

Excepting the people who constitute the government, such as its embalmed front man, Joe Biden. They revel in the harm they cause as it creates chaos and that gives them power, the ultimate means of causing harm.

This man has the gall to threaten to “lock down” American citizens within the confines  of their states – with the implicit threat being that the circle will inevitably diminish to city/county/town and ultimately, to one’s home-slash-prison  . . . while deliberately flooding the country with people who are not Jabbed, many of whom carry the disease being used as the excuse to abuse American citizens.

How much longer will Americans tolerate this?

How much longer will they submit to the obvious – the insultingly obvious – double-standard? American citizens cannot buy cough syrup in many states without showing ID and no American citizen can board an airplane without an ID – soon to be a Vax ID. They are threatened with loss of livelihood, of right to work, of freedom of association and – now – freedom of movement. But  – me gusta! – if you’re not an American, no worries about IDs to vote.

And no worries – no government worries – if enfermo, either. Apparently, the ‘Rona only spreads among citizens, via citizens.

It is enough. It is time to say enough – and stop acting as if we are under any obligation to play this patty-cake Kabuki any longer. This is not an attack upon “migrants,” most of whom are (like us) just trying to make their way in this life. It is an attack upon the serial abuse visited upon us by this government, which has become an alien entity – a virus – that spreads mayhem in its wake. Which uses any cudgel available against us, so long as it serves the purpose of enhancing the power of the government.

By flooding the country with migrants – some of whom are enfermo – the government creates more sickness, which creates more “crisis,” which serves as the pretext for more restrictions – but only for us, at least for now. The “migrants” will be given the kid-gloved treatment, but only for so long as they are useful. Once they have served their purpose, they too will feel the weight of this government’s boot upon their neck.

The only way this stops is if we stop obeying – and more than that, stop respecting.

These creatures barking orders at us are illegitimate, constitutionally and morally. They have no moral nor legal right to subject us to the arbitrary tyranny we endure – and of which more to come, if we allow it.

So long as the country’s international borders are wide-open, no more talk of “locking down” internal borders. Of internal passports. If they can come in, then we are under no obligation to stay put. If they don’t have to show Proof of Jab, then why should we?

The better question being, why should anyone? Has Joe Biden proved to us that he hasn’t got AIDs or Herpes? Both are transmissible and he might be infected. Shouldn’t he be tested? Shouldn’t he be vaccinated – just in case? For the common good?

America has lost its way because Americans have allowed themselves to be browbeaten by creeps such as Biden and those who support the regime he and his regional gauleiters have imposed in the name of “public health” but for the sake of establishing a gulag – for American citizens.

Revolution isn’t necessary. Just contempt – and defiance. As Rand Paul said recently, they can’t throw us all in prison.

Only one by one.

. . .

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  1. I just checked out the ABC News article which was referenced in the above photograph of Traitor Joe. I almost couldn’t believe what I read. It said, “Biden [is working] to make life more uncomfortable for the unvaccinated without spurring a backlash in a deeply polarized country…”

    There was a time when presidents on both sides of the aisle worked to increase employment and boost the economy. Now we have a sitting White House occupant who has threatened half the country that they will “pay the price” for not being “vaccinated”. And now he’s working hard to make life “uncomfortable” for them. Wonderful.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yup. We are witnessing the Kulakization of people who object to being told they must submit to an injection with what is supposedly medicine – but really, we don’t know what it is as there’s no disclosure to permit informed consent – and our consent is being rescinded, regardless – which means not just for this but in principle – for the future, ongoing. We are to be made to submit to whatever medical procedures the state decrees to be a matter of “public health.” This is the end of whatever shreds of freedom remained in this country. If the government can essentially haul you off to the vet’s for your shots – you are cattle, nothing more.

      See here:

  2. I am fresh from a 4 day trip from Southeast Michigan through Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Destination Ithaca, a college town (Cornell) in the finger lakes region, beautiful country. Very little evidence of masking. A few, but to hazard a guess 1 in a 100. On the interstate at stops very little masking. At the destination a wedding, 200 people or so over 2 days, No masks, no talk about masking, Vaccing, Convid in general. Had a lot of fun. I am done with it, I think most people are. We will see what happens when they try to enforce round two. I think the gloves will come off. Thankfully we have 500 Million firearms and ample supplies of ammo, unlike the Aussies, NZ’s, Canucks and Brits, I do think the IRA still has little stashed away. Get ready for the ride.

    • If you think there is ONLY 500 million guns in the proper hands, you’re an incurable pessimist. The lying media scum have been parroting that figure for decades. Just sayin’

  3. It’s a wrap.

    The best civilizations make ~200 years. We are on overtime.

    This experiment is over. I see little evidence to the contrary.

    But it’s a lovely Phoenix metaphor, something always arises from the ashes.

    I’m glad I have a good seat for the show.

  4. The push to separate the clean from the vaxxed appears to be progressing to the inevitable calls for banning the clean from all forms of societal involvement.

    I say, push it all the way right now. Try to cut us out and see what happens.
    Better to bring on the confrontation now, rather than slowly over the next months or years. The harm will be less vs being cut off from employment, stores, housing, travel, medical care, banking over a long period of time.

    But each step of the way, they are opening the eyes of the clean to the realization this is not about covid, but compliance for the gain of $$ & power.
    Let everyone see your tyrannical plan for what it is, so all know not to trust you rotten Kommisars.

    • They wouldn’t dare. They’re going to use the Fabian approach for now and gradually usher in the tyranny. As Roland pointed out elsewhere in this forum, “Biden is said to have backed off vaccine mandates and travel restrictions because of ‘political sensitivities’ and the worry that they ‘would be too polarizing for the moment.'” Going full-force and separating the clean from the unclean now would risk cratering the economy. And they’re clearly not ready for that just yet.

  5. Back in 2019, my kids and I were talking about the next decade and speculating what it would be named in retrospect, given that the 1920s were called the “Roaring 20’s”. I wish I knew the adjective that applies to the situation where you wake up one day and realize that you are surrounded by sheep, as far as the eye can see, because that’s the moniker I’d use. Outside of the internet, I don’t know one single person who can recognize, or openly admit, that we are in full-blown communist takeover. Mind you, I live in New Jersey, so, duh.
    NJ has the ignoble history of repatriating Russian POWs held in Fort Dix after WW2. Three of them “successfully” killed themselves – thus choosing the hill they died on – rather than be shipped back to the Soviet Union. They are buried in Finns Point cemetery. I bet if they were alive now, they would also have resisted the jab at whatever cost.

  6. “Check Points?…~snort~” Lifting the spare tire, I reach for one of the different car tags stowed there and screw it into it’s holder. “GPS and any embedded cellular tech has long been disabled.” I tell my passengers. They are visibly tired after the journey of unused fire trails, logging and backroads, and little sleep. One of them looks at the false “VAC-PASS” and asks for the 10th time if I’m sure. He’s worried about what happens to his little daughter who holds his other hand, afraid but silent. “Doubt we’ll see any Troopers and I know some of the locals, so you we’ll be fine.” I reply.
    Bending down, I look at the little girl and tell her she’ll be at her grandparents house soon.
    Creepy Joe and the Washington swamp might just want to reconsider. Separating families, a crashing economy, and fear.. Coupled with Police State tactics is not the answer to anything.

  7. Never forget that many of the blowhards barking orders at us – Biden being the most prominent buffoon among them – have never in their lives produced anything that people would voluntarily pay their own money for. They are useless parasites.

    It’s telling that in the photo above of an Associated Press story, Biden is said to have backed off vaccine mandates and travel restrictions because of “political sensitivities” and the worry that they “would be too polarizing for the moment.”

    This has been and remains 100 percent politics.

  8. Alfred E. Biden doesn’t have to worry.

    You tell us when you will come in, we will tell you when you will leave

    Words, maybe not verbatim, used by the Taliban when US forces entered Afghanistan or some other similar place.

    Rudyard Kipling stuff going on here. har

    • ‘Alfred E. Biden doesn’t have to worry.’ — drumphish

      ‘U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken rejected comparisons to the U.S. pullout from Vietnam, as many watched in disbelief at the sight of helicopters landing in the embassy compound to take diplomats to a new outpost at Kabul International Airport.

      “This is manifestly not Saigon,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.” — AP News

      HA HA HA HA … fvcking clown.

      Who you gonna believe: me, or your lyin’ eyes?

  9. Eric,

    Do you think that the other vaccines are safer (Novavax/Sanofi)?

    To me, the apprehension and tension seems to be around the fact that the CDC is forcing mRNA/DNA vaccines on the public, which have never been used before on a large scale.

    I think it is horrible that most employers or other venues are trying to force any medical treatment on others, but many may not have much of a say.

    • None of the current three in the US are remotely “safe” as they all have your cells generate a known toxic and possibly deadly spike protein.

      Any other attempts by other companies using ‘normal’ vaccine methods (i.e. whole killed virus), still have to withstand the rigors of extensive testing which would take a minimum of 4-5 years, if they fast track it.

      Full stop. Don’t fall for Door #4…..

      • “Normal vaccine methods”, which won’t work for the very same reason corona virus vaccines have never worked. Corona viruses mutate too fast.

      • I believe russia has taken the ‘normal’ approach with their sputnik vaccine. Unlike us, Russia doesnt want to kill its citizens.

    • Hi Anon,

      “Do you think that the other vaccines are safer (Novavax/Sanofi)?”

      I think no one knows. That is inarguable. And it ought to cause people to think.

      These “vaccines” – whatever they are – haven’t been long-term tested, so we have no idea what the long-term side effects will be. For this reason alone, it is unethical as well as immoral to demand that people take them. But there are additional reasons, all of them rational and reasonable. They are:

      We know the “vaccines” are not safe; that they have probably caused thousands of deaths and many thousands of serious “adverse effects.” Forcing anyone to assume a risk is criminal.

      We know that the risk of the ‘Rona and its Variants varies considerably according to age/health. We know that children and young adults are at almost zero risk (of death or serious sickness). It is incredibly reckless – as well as unethical and immoral – to subject children and young adults to the known/unknown risks of these “vaccines” – for which there is no reasonable/rational medical justification.

      We also know that most people under 70 who are healthy are at very low risk as well. And we know that if they do get seriously sick, there are effective treatments. Why inject these people – who are not sick – with something that may make them very sick – over a sickness that presents a small threat which is easily and safely treatable?

      The only “case” I can see for these experimental “vaccines” is for people at extreme risk of dying if they catch the ‘Rona or its Variants. For such people, the risk may be worth it, in the manner of the terminal cancer patient who faces death and decides to try an experimental therapy to prevent it. And even then, it ought to be their free choice.

      But for a young, healthy person? Why?

      If anyone can explain to me how the above is not accurate and sensible I’d love to hear it.

      • It’s well beyond curious that the average age of death from COVID is very near, sometimes exceeding, life expectancy.
        How many excess deaths are there from COVID? How many more people died from all causes in 2020 compared to 2018, or 2019? A figure well hidden. I can find no record of it.

        • Maybe the insurance or mortuary industries have true figures. Even if the actual numbers are hidden. Both have denied any noticeable uptick in life insurance payouts, nor new requirements for testing or vaxx (in fact, IIRC, testing or vax was a no-no for underwriting policies), or any uptick in funeral/cremation services over the past year.

          The proof is in what is NOT happening as much as what is happening.

          • It will take 18 months to two years for the “vaccines” to have their intended effect.
            Bill Gates admitted that vaccines would be used for “depopulation”.
            By having a delayed reaction, the vaccines will not be blamed for the massive amount of deaths that is coming.
            A “new virus variant” will be introduced into the population in order to “trigger” the “vaccines” and achieve Bill Gates goal of inducing massive ultimate deaths–depopulation.
            Since when did Bill Gates become an MD?

            • Agree with all points. I didn’t specify that I was talking about the fact that there is no rise in deaths due to an alleged virus. I believe there will likely be an uptick in deaths when the con-jab kicks in. I already know of 3 people who have died within weeks of their 2nd jab – these weren’t just friends of friends of friends, they are flesh and blood people that I know.

              I think that the fact that the insurance industry isn’t requiring jabs, and in fact is avoiding underwriting within a few months of a jab, is very telling.

        • John,

          During 2020, the CDC was keeping easily found death count data. It seemed to vanish sometime after that Johns Hopkins student paper claimed there weren’t really any excess deaths.

          Would want their own number used against them to spread “misinformation”, now would they?

          Now, the CDC has a “preliminary” paper on mortality data for 2020 out now. Why it’s preliminary when it’s August is a mystery to me, unless, of course, they’ve been cooking things to appear “just so”.

          • With an average age of death from the “virus” near or above life expectancy, It’s hard to imagine HOW there could be any excess deaths.
            Of course they’re cooking the books. Have been from the beginning.

        • Well, up until around January 1, 2021, year 2020 deaths were on track to be DOWN according to published MOMO stats. In a typical year in a population of 330 million Americans, around 2.8 million will croak. Last year was on track for around 2.7 million. But then the CDC “corrected” the numbers and added in 250,000 deaths.

          All lies, from the father of lies. Our struggle is not with the powers of this earth, but the principalities of darkness.

      • Hello Eric,

        This appeared in my Facebook feed yesterday, attributed to the New Jersey Department of Health:

        “COVID-19 vaccines were not rushed- they were just prioritized and not delayed!

        * COVID-19 vaccines were developed based on years of research from previous viruses, including SARS and MERS.
        * COVID-19 vaccines were manufactured at the same time as clinical trials to save time between approval and distribution. (If studies did not prove safe, supply would be destroyed.)
        * Trial participants were previous volunteers rather than new recruits. Length of trials, study process and reviews were the same as previous vaccines.

        Also, let’s remember that in addition to accumulated knowledge, our technology is much better than when vaccines were first developed…

        Also to note:
        * COVID-19 vaccines are not a live virus; you can NOT contract coronavirus from it!
        * Messenger RNA does not affect your DNA.
        * There is nothing in the vaccine that can affect fertility.
        * You will not mutate. Just as you will not gain superpowers from a spider-bite, real life is not a comic-based movie. I’m sorry, I know, I’m disappointed too.”

        There was an accompanying flowchart saying the “vaccine” had “the research basically all already done”, having begun in 2002 when the first SARS virus was discovered and proceeding until 2020, when the “vaccine target was identified quickly due to past research”. This, to me goes against what we were told in spring 2020, in grave tones, that there was “no vaccine and no cure” for this “completely new virus.” Why wouldn’t they announce then that “the research was almost done”?

        I wonder, have you or other posters here seen this making the rounds? Seems fishy to me…especially when the “research” is claimed by the same people trying to forcibly push it on us. 🤨

    • Anon,

      That is so not the point.

      Either you respect the fact that some people don’t want it, or you don’t.

      Either medical privacy is a thing, or it is not.

      Either you are with us, or you are against us.

      This is not the time for half-measures.

  10. Apart from a noisy bunch of loons, no one is asking for any of this. Most people I’ve encountered, even in the communist shitholes of NY and CT, are content to let people do their own thing and are even more eager to move on from covid. It’s just the evil cabal, with the ice cream man, who isn’t even cognizant of what is going on, as the figurehead. They needed someone without a functioning brain, as I have trouble believing that even this clown – who was a fairly moderate democrat – would go along with this if he was all there.

  11. Border Patrol has an internal checkpoint on US-77 just north of Sarita, TX, ostensibly looking for drugs and illegal aliens northbound, forcing vehicles to come to a complete stop and allowing the dog to sniff around the tires.

    More interesting is southbound, however, where a human presence is absent but the sides of the road have equipment strategically located to take pictures of passing vehicle license plates plus additional cameras seemingly positioned and directed to take pictures of every vehicle occupant.

  12. There’s no question that there has been a slow-motion communist revolution going on in this country ever since the 1960s. People have been duped into thinking that they still lived in a “free country” because the communists didn’t seize the capital by force of arms and execute the Tsar and his children and his dog like they did in 1917.

    Instead they got themselves elected and appointed, and stealthily gained control of the media, the universities and the corporations. But they are communists nonetheless, and we are the new kulaks.

    We’ve become foreigners in our own country.

    • I’m sure most folks aeround here would argue 1865. Perhapos even earlier when the articles of confederation were flushed. Karl Marx and Lincoln exchanged letters. Later Hitler was an admirer. The speed has varied but the direction never changes. Hey look a new chicago bears quarterback!

  13. Please remember that “things” will go back to normal after the third needle stick of what’s good for us, y’all….Or is it the fifth jab?…..What the hell, It won’t surprise me if Fauci tries to order a continuous IV drip of this “vaccine” into every arm in America; He
    can start the experiment on the cadaver residing in the White House.

  14. > Which uses any cudgel available against us, so long as it serves the purpose of enhancing the power of the government.

    Nailed it TBH.

  15. “How much longer will Americans tolerate this?”

    History is an indicator. Tolerance has already gone much too far and it will continue all the way to work camps and cattle cars. Just like Russians. Just like Germans. Just like Cubans. Just like Chinese. Just like Venezuelans. Just like Cambodians. E T C

  16. The only country in recent memory to require internal passports was the (former) Soviet Union. Funny how one of the BS justifications for the Vietnam war was “if we don’t fight the commies over there we’ll have to fight them here”. Looks like that was correct, adjusting for the detail that the commies we have to fight here are the ones infesting the government.

    • South Africa had internal passports for black Africans until around 1994, when apartheid was dismantled.

      Once I picked up a black hitchhiker in Pietermaritzburg and gave him a ride up to Ladysmith, in Natal province. Asked him how he felt about needing a pass to travel, assuming that he would be radicalized and angry about it.

      No — to him, the apartheid pass system was just normal background noise: much as TSA airport gropes and NSA phone snooping seem normal to younger Americans who have never known different.

      My conclusion was that most people, in most countries, just want to get on with their lives. Usually it takes really sustained, over-the-top abuse (such as West Bank Palestinians under six decades of military occupation) — or severe economic deprivation — to provoke violent resistance.

  17. Eric,

    I had COVID around New Years; I got sick when I checked on an older neighbor who’d had it. Though my test came back negative, it was a false negative. False negatives are likely if you’re tested before 72 hours post exposure; I was tested about 48 hours after cehcking on my neighbor and getting sick. I had all but one or two of the symptoms, so I thought that I’d had it; I was willing to bet money I’d had it. To make sure, I had my blood tested recently, and I got the results back: I have COVID antibodies in my system. IOW, I HAVE NATURAL IMMUNITY! I don’t need their shot, so I’m not taking it. Why would I, when natural immunity is better than artificial, vax induced immunity?

    Not only that, the shot is dangerous. If we believe gov’t numbers, 11,000 people have died from the shot. To put it another way, the COVID genetic code injections have killed more people than ALL OTHER VACCINES COMBINED over the last 30+ years! There have been about 500,000 reactions from the shotb. About 10% of them are serious, as in life altering; that is, after taking the shot, people lost limbs, were paralyzed, etc. I don’t want to take a chance on that happening to me, TYVM!

    Then, there’s the matter of high pressure. Whenever someone high pressures me to do anything, I make two assumptions right off the bat. One, it’s not in my best interest to do what you want me to do; it may be in yours, but it’s not in mine. Two, you have bad intentions. If you didn’t, why the high pressure? Shouldn’t pointing out the merits of X be enough to persuade me? For example, people don’t have to be pressured in to taking Vitamin D3 or Omega 3s, because their goodness is well known.

    Finally (and I think this is enough for any thinking person), the vax companies aren’t liable for a defective and/or dangerous product; they have legal protection from getting sued. Why on Earth would I buy or use a product whose maker cannot be held acocuntable, hmmm? When Ford deliberately avoided fixing the Pinto’s explosive gas tank to save a few bucks, they were held accountable for it, and rightly so. The vax companies cannot be held similarly accountable, so they have no incentive to make their product truly safe and effective. Why would I use it under those circumstances?

    Anyway, I have natural immunity, so I don’t need the shot. Because of gov’t chicanery, lies, and bad faith, I wouldn’t get it anyway. WE MUST RESIST!

    • The numbers of adverse events you refer to are from the VAERS data, which it is widely accepted catches 10% or less of such events.

    • Speaking of the reported safety issues with these vaccines, elsewhere the vaccine pusher types were saying that the reporting system is being used wrong by people who refuse the holy jab because there is no verification that any of those reactions and deaths was caused by the covid vaccines.

      So I proposed the following questions to the vaccine pushers:
      1) Would they buy a new $40,000 automobile with a never before used drive train that had no warranty, no recalls were possible, and there was no legal recourse for defects, problems, etc.

      Answer: dead silence.

      2) Reports to the NHTSA are done in a similar manner as with vaccines. People make reports government verifies. They are less robust than the vaccine reports which are often made for people by medical staff. I posed the following, if they were considering purchasing and automobile and found that the model they were considering had an uncomfortably large number of reports of a severe safety defect of the car spontaneously catching fire with deaths and injuries reported would they still purchase the car?

      Answer: dead silence.

      3) I did it as the same as 2) but now it was sudden brake failure. A couple answers saying wasn’t applicable. I asked why. Dead silence again.

      4) I redid it as CPSC reports/complaints. This would cover practically anything not car or medical related. Again, silence.

      Now my sample size isn’t huge, probably no more than 100 people in total in these threads and several would be agreement leaving say 60 vaccine pushers give or take. But the silence told me a lot since the most vocal vaccine pushers would not remain silent on anything that maligned the vaccine including the reports to the government. I concluded that people who took the holy jab and demand others take it would not put their own money down on a product that had even remotely similar reports to the government regarding safety defects. Not car, not a toaster. But those who won’t buy the covid19 vaccines they call stupid and far worse. The reports to the government about the vaccines unfounded. But the far less robust reporting systems for vehicles and any consumer product those apparently they’ll listen to.

      Interesting eh?

      I was fully prepared to deal with NHTSA unfounded issues that got media play but with no answer they didn’t even bring that up. BTW the angle there is to mention how vicious the media was to the automakers and how silent they are on the vaccines. That the flaws in the process do not absolve these products and manufacturers suffer even if the government decides the reports are unfounded in the end.

      So why can’t we treat the covid vaccines like any other product where possible safety problems are reported to the federal government? What makes it so special? It has to be not only the fear but the submission and control angles. Because if we treat it for what it is, a product manufactured by major corporations it makes good sense to heed reports made to the government regarding safety. To understand them the best we can and make a decision for ourselves.

      • Indeed, Brent –

        A few weeks back, I wrote an article contrasting the way VW was excoriated – and VW excecs arrested – over hair-splitting “cheating” on federal emissions certification tests, with no harm done (proved) to any specific actual person vs. the way inarguable damage to thousands of people caused by these “vaccines” has been ignored, denied and rationalized.

        It’s pathological. Which is the thing that best defines the authoritarian Left.

        • The hype about diesel NOx emissions is entirely gamed science to further an agenda. NOx is a gas that only serves as a pollutant when there is more of it than nature can handle. There’s a natural occurring level of NOx in the environment. It gets processed naturally. Just can’t exceed that rate. So yeah NOx needs to be part of an emissions standard but the difference between the two regs (the VWs made the older one had trouble with the newer one) is ultimately trivial at the very worst.

          But to bring this back around, everything is gamed. I am so tired of it. It takes me forever to explain it to people and then most of them won’t bother even considering what I’ve explained because I am not a government approved authority. I try to explain data analysis and presentation and so on. How to do good experiments too. It’s grade school level science. At least that’s when I learned it.

          I need a place in the woods or somewhere else away from humanity.

        • That’s a different issue. The jabbers are under some impression that the government is paying the pharmaceutical companies cost or slightly above cost. I am not willing to take that on since I cannot see the cost information its pointless for me to argue. The media is pro-jab and anything short of a major whistleblower event this idea that they aren’t making more than like 2% profit will stand.

          I simply know these people won’t take risks with regular everyday products when the government systems have reports of safety defects. It exposes them. It doesn’t matter if the reports on a car or an appliance or whatever are unfounded or not, the press will play it up. They won’t buy.

          • Hi Brent,

            I think this “cost or slightly above” works on the usual government procurement model; Raytheon, General Dynamics and Boeing aren’t darning their socks over their contracts with GovCo. Leaving aside all the legitimate peripheral issues, this enforced mass-jabbing is a billion-dollar business for the pharmaceutical cartels.

  18. “Even as President Joe Biden becomes more aggressive in pressuring Americans to get vaccinated, he has refrained from using all his powers”
    what other powers does this walking corpse have?

  19. You can bet that none of the “movers and shakers” of today’s world societies took the “jab” but publicly received a saline injection. This was done to encourage “the unwashed masses” to take the “jab”.
    It would be interesting to find cooperative medical professionals that would issue a “vaccine certificate” without the “jab”. My medical professionals did urge “caution” about taking the “jab”. From what I have observed, medical professionals cannot outright tell their patients NOT to take the jab, hence the recommendation for “caution” and “wait and see”.

  20. I almost wish they would try it. It would go over like lead balloon. There are a number of US cities with interstate boundaries. Two of them in my home state of Missouri. Almost the entirety of the New England coast. “Good morning commuters. Due to vaxports, expect a two hour delay in your trip from Boston to New York City”
    DC is not a State, so we can go there as we please.

    • John…..It’s time to give tyrant politicians a wake-up call. Just imagine 50,000 big rigs and another million private vehicles parked in peaceful protest on every Interstate and major access road in this country. No vehicle movement and NO vaccine deliveries….I’d love it.

  21. I agree 100% we are under no obligation to do anything these parasites tell us. Slowly people are figuring this out. You are correct Eric, we don’t need revolution, just non compliant resistance. I forget who Walt Whitman or Edward Abbey said “resit much, obey little.” This is all we need to get people to do, for now.

    I read some comments on here I believe that got me thinking. All these trial ballots they telegraph amount to giant nothing burgers in the interim. Not that they won’t try them some day, it just seems they know door to door jabs, Vax passports, checkpoints would fail at this point and would cause a bigger pushback. They want us to overreact so they can pull out the old problem, reaction, solution narrative. So far no one seems to be falling for it. this is good. Thats not to say if someone showed up at my door trying to jab me I wouldn’t kick their ass, but the powers that shouldn’t be don’t have a critical mass of Vaxtards behind them yet. Lets hope people keep waking up and refuse this clot shot with every fiber of their being.

  22. ‘These creatures barking orders at us are illegitimate, constitutionally and morally.’ — EP

    Fifty years ago tomorrow, one Richard Milhous Nixon went on TeeVee on a Sunday night and announced that the ‘American dollar’ would no longer be redeemable for gold by foreign central banks. (US citizens had that contractual right snatched away by Frank ‘Gold Grabber’ Roosevelt’s arbitrary decree in 1933.)

    That wasn’t the first time the US fedgov showed itself to be ‘not agreement capable.’ But it sure raised the stakes, by openly making the legal tender means of exchange constitutionally illegitimate.

    Nixon compounded his depredation by absurdly claiming that ‘your dollar will purchase just as much as before.’ In point of fact, half a century on, today’s dollar has a purchasing power of 15 cents compared to 1971. You lied to us, you lying, greasy Dick.

    Today we are ruled by a tenuous figure who emerged from a highly irregular, fraud-marred election. As in Nixon’s later Watergate travails, the cover-up may be worse than the initial crime. The Gov-Intel-Media axis of disinfo circled the wagons, barred the courts, purged social media, and jailed without bail the Jan 6 trespassers who dared to speak up.

    Now the US fedgov, and its euro-puppet NATO, are suffering a crippling blow to their credibility as their $2 trillion, 20-year project to colonize Afghanistan implodes faster than they can scurry away on their furry little rodent legs. Some ‘diplomats’ (i.e., spooks) face a realistic prospect of hanging from lampposts in Kabul like ol’ Najibullah did.

    Strike while the iron is hot. Relentlessly mock fools and traitors like Smirking Chimp Bush and Mambo 0bama who started and escalated this monumental fool’s errand. Point out that Washington DC could be besieged like Kabul — its power, water and food deliveries cut off, and its illegitimate Nomenklatura obliged to surrender unconditionally or be dragged through the streets.

    • Jim H,
      As I recall, Obama said the Afghan war was the right war while Iraq was the wrong war. I assume Bite-me meant that too. So Bite-me just lost the war he thought was morally right thing to do within the first 7 months of this fraudenency. But now a more important war needs to be resolved…the January 6th Trump voters. With the same generals in-charge of the Afghan campaign, we might have a good chance to win an insurgency war against this loser.

      • ‘we might have a good chance to win an insurgency war against this loser.’ — Hans G

        They stand exposed as incompetent, lying frauds — both on the distant war front, and at home on the covid front.

        All that’s missing to really light the fuse on popular discontent (as in 1974, when a popular bathroom-stall graffito read, ‘Flush twice, it’s a long way to Washington’) is another bone-crunching recession.

        As last year’s trillions in thin-air stimulus dry up, and vaccine apartheid vandalizes businesses (again), and overpriced houses are suspended in the sky by nothing but wobbling soap bubbles, and Big Gov preaches fear, loathing and lockdowns, it won’t take long for the human cattle to see nothing but the red haze of inchoate rage.

        This freak show has gone WAY too far. Enough.

        • My guess is Marxists have a current crisis at the ready with the Lamda variant they can play lockdown and vote by mail upon the low information voters. This will be their 2022 voting strategy since it worked so well in 2020.
          The economy is going down one way or another; either everyone will leave the casino at the same time (Banks will stop lending due to high risk credit crisis on their books and will want cash to buy on the cheap when equities fall) or the next election cycle 2024 produces someone other than the next Marxist in chief to which the fed will contract the economy for political gain.

    • As great as that sounds, I think I’d rather see them forced to take real jobs, with real paychecks and real bosses.

      The amusement would last a lot longer.

  23. Each day I feel like less of a “citizen” and more like a sovereign individual. Call me a foreigner in a strange land. I didn’t choose it, and now I am throwing it off.

    As you point out, I feel no obligation to obey a government that clearly is my enemy. I take seriously only my obligation to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


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