Solo Diapering

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Yesterday, I saw another Solo Diaperer. An old lady in her Buick, all by herself . . . except for her Diaper.

Which made me wonder: Have these people become so habituated to wearing their Diaper that they no longer bother to take them off, even when they are alone? Like clothes we wear (usually) whenever we’re out and about – even if we are by ourselves?

It has to be that. It cannot be that these people are so afraid of sickness that they are afraid to even be alone in their car without their facial security blankets – which of course is what these ugly devices are (in addition to being training devices). The wearing makes them “feel safe” – which I must assume means they’ve never read the box. Where it says, plain as day, that these things do not serve to prevent the reception or transmission of respiratory viruses. But then, it is a virtue to not read – and to so signal, by wearing the idiotic but insidious devices.

I am seeing more and more of these Freaks in my area. After I saw – and recorded – this one, I ventured to Earth Fare, which is a good place to go to gauge the mental health of the population because this place attracts the least mentally healthy types (i.e., liberals, who have metastasized into virulently authoritarian leftists). Here one sees self-imposed Diapering; there are no “mandates” nor even signs “suggesting” facial effacement. The fact that some people still wear the Diaper, regardless tells you just how committed these people are to the ritual.

One assumes, moreover, that most if not all of these Walking Chronics are “vaccinated” – and thus (if they believed their own delusions) “safe” from the sickness they obsess over. And yet, they continue to Diaper.

About half of them.

And about an eighth of them, from what I have been able to determine from surveying the scene, never take the rag off. They wear it in their car, even when alone in their car. The virus is apparently very speedy, fast enough to catch them as they trundle down the road at 35 MPH.

Maybe they wear it to bed, as some members of various other religious sects wear their “garments” to bed.

The bug-eyed Freak in the Buick was going considerably faster than 35 MPH. This also interested me. I observed her “speed” – that is, drive faster than the safe speed, according to The Science. Or rather, according to the same authoritarian “experts” who tell her (who tell everyone) they should “wear a mask” to “keep them safe.” It does not matter what type of “mask,” only that the face is effaced.

And that they must roll up their sleeves.

Yet this Diaper-effaced old lady felt free to ignore The Science – and the injunctions of the “experts” – when it came to her driving. Call it Situational Safety.

Like Situational Health. This interesting habit of the sick of wearing a useless “mask” while (often) buying a shopping cart full of very unhealthy soda pop, candy and chips. Of wearing the “mask” sometimes – and partially.

One just marvels at it.

I watched her accelerate aggressively. I saw her weave and pass. It was a challenge for me to keep up with her.

But she was “safe” – in terms of her Sickness Kabuki. She “practiced” the ultimate in social distancing this side of six feet under, by enclosing herself within her car and enclosing her face, behind her Diaper.

If I had been able to catch up with her, I would have signed for her to roll down her window – if she dared to risk it – and then asked her why the selective science? Why she rigorously “practices” the ne plus ultra absurdity of Sickness Kabuki within her car but drives her car contrary to the recommended practices of The Science?

I’m sure that, had I been able to catch up – and persuaded her to risk rolling down her window – she would have frowned sourly (if I could have seen it) and berated me for putting her “at risk.”

And they ask me why I drink . . .

. . .

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  1. These dildos are SO committed to the state, that I wouldn’t be surprised if they requested to be BURIED with their faces covered! Oh, and make sure the graves are at least six feet apart from one another, so the virus doesn’t infect the other corpses!

  2. I hear about the Kensington area of Philadelphia, so I did a sightseeing tour using YT.

    Looks like a third world country and worse. Substance abuse is an epidemic there.

    One tour of the area was on Oct 8 and the conditions are not livable.

    Probably not a place to hang out for very long. The City of Philadelphia should clean up the area and offer some help instead of vaccinating until the cows come home.

    Looks like a problem area, people need some help and hope.

    Have to re-evaluate priorities, a mask mandate ain’t gonna help down there in Kensington town.

  3. ‘The Nazgul exist to legitimize the exercise of political power, not to protect us from it.’ — Jeremy, 11:20 am

    Here’s a fine example from ‘Justice’ Dept lawyers:

    ‘By its terms, the provision directs only that potential vaccine recipients be “informed” of certain information, including “the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.” FDCA § 564(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III).

    ‘In the sense used here, the word “inform” simply means to “give (someone) facts or information; tell.”

    ‘Neither the statutory conditions of authorization nor the Fact Sheet itself purports to restrict public or private entities from insisting upon vaccination in any context.’

    Got that? Those who vaccinate at gunpoint are required only to put some words in front of your face.

    Those words aren’t required to mean anything — they can even be the exact opposite of the truth (“It is your choice to receive or not receive the PfizerBioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.“)

    Oh, my Lolita, I have only words to play with!‘ — V. Nabokov

    • >they can even be the exact opposite of the truth
      The “Truth” is whatever the Party says it is, at any given time.
      How many fingers do you see, Winston?

    • Thanks!

      Finally, two months after the FDA’s notorious August 12th dual letters, ‘approving’ Comirnaty but extending the EUA for Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, ONE media outlet asks a basic question:



      “The CDC anticipates that Comirnaty will begin to ship some time in November at the earliest,” a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Health told The Epoch Times in an email, referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

      “The Maryland Department of Health has been told by the CDC that Comirnaty will not ship until the end of October/beginning of November,” a spokesman with the Maryland Department of Health told The Epoch Times in an email.

      “According to the latest update DOH has received from the CDC, shipments of Comirnaty likely won’t begin until next month,” a spokeswoman with the Washington State Department of Health told The Epoch Times in an email.

      That is, currently every dose of covid vaccine, including those administered under government and employer mandates, is an experimental vaccine which people have a right under federal law to refuse.

      Rule of law much?

      Where are the hacks in black, who enjoy exemption from these mandates?

      • Hi Jim,

        “Where are the hacks in black, who enjoy exemption from these mandates?”

        The Nazgul exist to legitimize the exercise of political power, not to protect us from it.


      • Jim, Are you somehow claiming that you don’t have a right to refuse ANY vaccine or medical treatment for any reason or none at all? I really don’t give a rip if it’s FDA approved or not. It is vitally important to stand up for all rights and tell any and all tyrants to go piss up a rope. Just because I don’t want to is plenty of reason.

        • What is FDA approved is a jab of a different name that is supposedly almost entirely the same. But good luck finding the approved jab under the approved name anywhere.

      • None of the vax companies are requiring their employees to vaccinate. Wonder why? Did hidenjoe really get the stab? No, he got a shot of saline.
        Here in victoriastan, Australia, we are going on 250 days of lockdown. 50% vax rate, 2000 “cases” a day now. Far in excess of what happened earlier in 2021 and all of 2020. Few people are making the connection that with the increasing vaxs the cases are substantially increasing.

        • Hi to5,

          It’s my understand that in your part of Down Under only a handful of people are purported to have actually died of ‘Rona (as opposed to “cases”) and that almost all of these were very elderly people and thus natural deaths – as the death of anyone who has exceeded the normal human lifespan is by definition natural – unless the person was run over by a bus or actually murdered.

    • Another speech by Dr. Paul, in which he chastises lawyer Becerra for Becerra’s ignorance and hypocrisy:

      A note on the use of language.
      In Germany, it is customary to “stack” earned titles (i.e. qualifications). Thus, a university professor who has earned the PhD would be entitled to be addressed as Professor Doktor Schmidt, for example. I suggest we adopt this convention in American English as well, in the interest of clarity and respect.

      • R Paul: “Are you a doctor?”

        X Becerra: “I have worked over thirty years on health policy.”

        Becerra reminds one of Romania’s first lady Elena Ceausescu, who forced Romania’s top scientists to share authorship credit with her on scientific papers, despite her fourth-grade education.

        Faced with an impromptu firing squad on Christmas Day 1989, she protested, “But I’m a famous microbiologist!” … obviously leaving a deep impression on the young Xavier Becerra, who likewise implausibly sees himself as an eminent epidemiologist and scientific polymath.

        • Well said, Jim H.
          Follow up question by Dr. Paul is telling, as well.
          Dr. Paul: “Do you have a science degree?”
          (Of course, Becerra does not – too stupid, I would imagine.)

          *Some* attorneys do have a scientific background. I recall two undergraduate classmates who fall in that category.

          On the other hand, some physicians do *not* have an undergraduate science degree of any kind. Dr. Fauci is in that category, having earned a B. A. in Classics from College of he Holy Cross. Dr. Fauci is a physician; he is, and was, *not* educated as a scientist.

  4. I think it’s important to remember here what is important for those of us remnants who still cling to reality.

    Voltaire was right.

    The masks are simple but effective absurdities. Outrageous. Farcical. Self-contradictory. Divisive. Holy vestments for Covidians.

    They however, once donned and believed, unlocked the atrocities. Destroying families and lifelong bonds of friendship, destroyed (or covered for the failure of) economies around the world, and now real blood is pouring forth from the toxic shanks. Baptisms for Covidians but a touch less less lethal than cyanide flavored kool-aide. Coercive threats to shank the rest. More horseman are on the horizon. Can we guess what atrocities await?

    Fuck you Voltaire.

    • Amen, David –

      I got into a number of debates about “masks” – even with some here – as regards the evil they represented and for that reason the crucial importance of refusing to wear one. I was derided – told I was making much of nothing; that the “masks” were no big deal.


      I hate having to use that word – but it applies. I cannot understand how any person possessed of even average intelligence could not see what these “masks” represented – and implied, for the future. I suppose because it is not just intelligence that is required to see it but insight. A few of us understand the way it works. That the way to achieve an end that almost no one would accept if presented first is to get there piecemeal. To gain acceptance of the thing in principle, via some seemingly minor thing. Like having the government require new cars be fitted with seat belts, for instance. Who could object? What’s the big deal? And now “safety” is the primary design principle of new cars, which must be built with six-plus air bags, back-up cameras and a plethora of “assistance” technology.


      • Eric, you might not have been old enough to grow up watching, early on Saturday mornings, eating Frosted Flakes (“hey, Tony, smoke up, they’re GRRRREAT!…bastard…”) in front of a Motorola B&W TV, UNDERDOG…

        One of the cartoon dog’s (voiced by the late Wally Cox, usually in rhyme) primary villains was a scientist by the name of Simon Bar Sinister, whose catch phrase was “Simon Says…”. The demented little troll was obsessed with people doing what he “said”, coming up with rather ingenious if not Rube Goldberg-type devices to enforce his will.

        It seems that some either the mad scientist somehow came to life out of that cartoon, or else the obsessive psychopaths that presume to be in charge of our lives took “Underdog” as an instruction manual. Me, if we were going to deal with a villain from that show, I’d rather have “Riff Raff”, who at least was a gangster and made no pretenses otherwises.

  5. Just got back from a trip. Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey. 5 days there and back. As we went east more diapers. But they were in the minority. Most did not diaper. The wedding was in Princeton, NJ. No one at the wedding was diapered. I did not diaper the whole trip, my spouse did, sigh. We went to the zoo in Philadelphia. Diapers required in indoor exhibits. I stayed outside. The others diapered, sigh. They all know it is bullshit. Just having a hard time doing something about it. All I have to say is do not COVACC my Grandchildren.

    • I feel for you, Ugg –

      I look back on my divorce – it’s been about five years now – and reflect that had it not happened then, it probably would have now. I am grateful my girlfriend is as militant about giving the Nixon Salute to all of this as I am. I would not date – I would immediately dump – any woman who put the god-damned thing on. It’s a third rail for me. No negotiation. I told my sister – prior to her recent visit – that I will not tolerate a Diaper in my home, in my vehicle or in my sight. That if she wishes to wear one, she had better book a hotel and stay away from me.

      Yeah, I hate the Diapers that much.

      • Hello Eric,

        My soon-to-be-ex-wife (not because of face diapers, but fortuitous that way) went to a live theater show last night with her sisters and niece in Cleveland and they posted their pictures on social media of them all wearing face diapers. Upon looking up the venue’s website, I saw this policy front and center:

        TL;DR — they require proof of vaccines *and* face diapers to be in the theater.

        I just think, like you, that if we were still a couple, she’d want me to accompany her to things like this and insist I “comply”. A year ago, she told me she wasn’t convinced “masks” worked, but if that’s what it took to get back to normal, she’d do it, and couldn’t grasp why I wouldn’t. She also said the same thing about the jab; if the government saw we were obeying, they’d relent and lift the restrictions. So….”obedience” led to diapers *and* needles…and still did nothing to “stop the spread”. 🙄😝😡

        • All this ‘do what we are told to get back to normal’ is an outgrowth of the conditioning of government school or a prisoner of war camp. Take your pick. It’s where if one person doesn’t do what he’s told everyone is punished. We’re being treated like prisoners or those living under occupation at best. The same psychological tools are being used.

        • Hi Chris,

          I’m sorry to hear about your pending divorce, but – as you see – these are sometimes necessary and even salutary, ultimately. This normalization of hypochondria and the reflexive servility (and virtue signaling) it has engendered in people appalls me. Just yesterday, I stopped in to see a good friend of mine whose previously booming business (a small local restaurant) has been destroyed by these Freaks. He is just barely hanging on to another storefront he owns. An otherwise very attractive young woman works for him; were I single, she’s the type I’d want to date. But she wears the Diaper – which for me ruins it like a spoonful of scheisse spoils a gallon of otherwise delicious ice cream. My friend does not demand she wear the Diaper to be employed; far from it. He encourages his employees not to wear the damned things. But she wears it, willingly.

      • Kudos to you EP,
        We went to a cool overlook (Camp David resort and spa) above Santiago DR and the whole diaper BS was in effect.
        I became “rational “ and…for the hundredth time stated, “masks don’t work”!
        She went totally Latinix Ahole on me and sat in the car while I traipsed the property and got some cool shots while sucking down a Presidante Grande (650 ml).
        Semper Fi Mac 👍

        • Finishing up the recon of the Cordillera Oriental . Presently sitting on the balcony of “the best hotel in Miches “ overlooking Samana bay to the north with amazing views!
          The damn place costs $46 a night (outrageous gouging) but the view is incredible.😂
          Will plant my ass in San Francisco de Marcoris on the morrow and check out the worlds number one organic cocoa growing region.

          Will be zipping over

        • Excellent, Lick!

          And, thanks.

          I am someone who by nature tries to be civil and generally doesn’t try to give offense unless provoked. But the sight of these Freaks provokes me. I get especially angry when I see Diapered kids being led around by their abusive-idiot parents. The crazy thing is that less than two years ago, the same sight would have enraged almost everyone – and the abusive parent would likely have been keelhauled by child protective services.

    • To play devil’s advocate, even if all of this stupidity were real, there’s no purpose for anyone to wear a diaper anymore because many people are not wearing them anyways so there’s a huge amount of super-spreading going on anyways. So the entire purpose of them doesn’t work unless everyone wears them all the time.

  6. When I see people like that… I work with at least one/two… I do my best not to “indicate” that I know they’re freaking insane. No, no. I speak to them as though there’s nothing even there.

    Because those people breathing less oxygen, is good for all humanity. God speed bros… “be safe”.

  7. These people are now “broken”. I don’t mean, like their soul has been defeated, I mean like their clocks are skipping a beat, their bus cycles aren’t completing, and they’ve got a couple/few pixels blown out. Their “read heads” are gummed up… need cleaning/replacing.

    I’d bet anything, some of these people now figure “if it works for A, then it must work for B!” After all, didn’t some lunatics credit the fallacious “flu virus has disappeared” with face diapering?

    Once they got the feeble minded to believe it worked for the dread plague, teased that it disappeared the flu, and then say even the poison-ated must continue to mask pretend…

    shit man… maybe it works for all kinds of other things we don’t even know about!! YES! I’ll just make this a permanent feature of my wardrobe… get matching colors and patterns and shit. Maybe festive mask pretending? Halloween will be super fun and saaaaaaafe… with a mask.

    Thanksgiving mask… have a turkey and shit. Christmas…. maybe a Santa beard and needles with bows. Rainbow christmas to support the pretend genders doing what they do safely.

    The mask is forever and ever… and ever… and ever…

  8. I now see these idiots on a regular basis when I’m out and about. Alone in their car, windows up, diapers on. Ugh! I think you nailed it Eric, the face diaper is now a part of their regular outfit, they would no sooner go out without wearing it than without shoes.

  9. Official theme song for conlid-911 … Another one bites the dust.

    Everyone is ready for halloween — they got their train robber bandit masks on, and they’re all pretending to be in a Z-grade pandemic horror movie, and they’re already real actual zombies now.

    The stabs are what caused everyone to get brain-damaged, otherwise no-one with 2 brain cells left would believe any of this nonsensical rubbish.

  10. Whenever I see a diaperer, I still mutter under my breath, “Take that stupid [email protected]!#ing sh!t off your face!”

    Funny, there’s a gal who lives in my apartment complex, the inspiration for my song (If you’re ugly and you know it, wear a mask…) who walks her dog while wearing the diaper. About a week or so ago, in the evening when it was dark outside, I saw her across the parking lot walking her dog with – heavens! – a bare face! No, I didn’t go up to her and ask her what changed. I don’t talk to people who voluntarily muzzle unless I have to. Well, a few days later, I saw her again with her dog during the day, and diaper on again. Sigh. Yep, maybe she never takes it off except to throw it in the laundry.

  11. I think I figured them out — they’re all severely retarded (literally brain damaged) from getting the stabs when they were kids, and maybe they got stabs as an adult too, plus all the poisoned food, poisoned tap water, poison meds. It’s amazing they can even put food in their mouth or drive a car. Their brains are so fried they literally can’t think logically or put multiple pieces of observation/evidence together, all they can do is what they are told, that’s it. They’re zombies now. Just write them off. Ignore them. They’re irrelevant.

    Basically alot/most people are brain damaged from getting the stabs when they were kids, plus any they were stupid enough to get as an adult. Now this latest stab is even more diabolical than ever. The crooks have been running this brain damage campaign since before we were all born. This is their big thing — they keep us all brain damaged with their stabs & mind controlled (schools etc) so that they have power & control over us all. We’re all in a fake-trix huge scam run by a tiny minority of dirtbags that rule the world right now. Probably ~1,000 people in various dirtbag families rule the world right now. And we’re all their slave-peasant-victims because they got us all mind controlled to think we need their stabs — and their stabs make us all brain damaged.

    • Harry, great comment. Strong agree.

      I highly recommend watching this well-compiled and subtitled highlight reel of the disturbingly prescient 1979 German film, The Hamburg Syndrome. In addition to laying out every facet of the current “real-world” Scamdemic in chilling detail, the film features a central speech by the protagonist (starts at about 4min in the linked video) illustrating exactly the inference you are describing, about how mankind was to be systematically life-shorted and hobbled with low-level kill-and-maim programs.

      Just imagine: you take a rat, put it in a cage that is much too narrow, feed it one-sided, undercool it…the rat survives.

      “Now you’re narrowing the rat’s cage further, lowering the temperature further, poisoning its food with metal compounds such as lead and mercury. The rat still doesn’t die.

      “We poison it with higher doses, we destroy the day-and-night rhythm by constantly switching bright lights on and off. We also stress the rat with a high continuous tone.

      “And suddenly the rat is dead.

      “What did it die of?”

      This Stab is just the coup de grace, punctuating a systematic, all-encompassing campaign of stepwise murder that those of us currently being finished off by it were born into.

  12. Multiple floor and business office building. Been watching this guy since last year. Early 70s. Can tell he used to work out and still tries to. Shows up every day by himself in his car fully diapered. One of those massive ones that covers the whole face and sticks out about 6″. You could eat a cheeseburger underneath it. He wears the diaper all the way to the building doors and takes it off when he goes inside to his office space where about 50-60 people use to work before they all went home to work. Not him. He comes in every day, but diapered. He doesn’t wear it inside the building at all, even in the common areas. At the end of the day he dutifully puts it on as he exits the building and drive home by himself fully diapered.

    Figure that one out! At least the sicker ones are easier to spot now. Silver linings and all that.

    Oh, we got our JAB notices yesterday. December 8th is the deadline to be fully needled. I will not comply. Just about head to the woods time for me. They can have their beast system.

  13. Meanwhile, here in my sparsely populated rural county, I have not seen anyone wear a mask for a month or more, except for one morbidly obese elderly woman. That’s when the employees at the local grocery stopped wearing them.

  14. Do we need to wear a mask while self-neutering?

    “The testicles are placed inside [the COSO device] and ultra-sounded for a few minutes. The ultrasound generates deep heat in the testicular tissue.” —

    Mmmm .. Swedish meatballs for dinner!

    What could possibly go wrong?

  15. I do an inward chuckle at these numbnutzes who likely also put that little sign on their front year, “We believe THE Science”, implying those that don’t swallow the splooge that the Leftist morons and the Lamestream Media disgorge our way are a gaggle of ignorant rubes.

    First off, did that old bat FIT TEST that stupid face diaper? Likely not. Then HOW, pray tell, does she expect that it provides any manner of “protection”? And, as you pointed out, from WHOM or WHAT? She’s ALONE in her ride! The real funny part is, that Buick is more than likely equipped with a cabin air filter that the media is something on the order of 2 orders of magnitude “tighter” than any paper or cloth mask she dons. As if one could likely acquire the dreaded “Rona” from causally DRIVING BY.

    The real “weapon” in all this is obviously the FEAR PORN.

  16. The irony, wearing a mask when driving is actually unsafe…….

    Masks do block part of your vision, so if anything a driver should never wear a mask when driving. She is proof of it, with her lousy driving.

    • Given that it’s October, I should put on the “Plague Doctor” costume, go into the local supermarket, and scare the living shit out of these idiots. Gotta have SOME fun in all this!

  17. People are afraid. The always-maskers succumbed more deeply to the scaremongering about the virus being all around us. There were some polls recently which showed that half of democrats and like a quarter of republicans thought that your odds of landing in the hospital from Covid19 were up to 50%. In reality, it’s like 3%. Most people are blue pilled and believe what they read in the media without too much critical thought.

    I never wore masks outdoors, even through the mandates, and some lady once yelled at me about not having a mask on in a sparsely populated outdoor trail. I simply said that I have Covid19 and it’s hard to breathe with a mask on. Haha, you should have seen her eyes bug out, but I couldn’t see the rest of the face due to the diaper.

  18. The “heroes” of the Austin PD were enforcing masks just three weeks ago at the Sam’s club near my house. Nothing overt, but the pair, male and female, parked their Explorer at the entrance, where the store usually displays utility trailers or sheds, and sat there.

    Signs on the door “suggested” masks, but everyone was diapered-up inside.

    When I left and drove by the store about an hour later heading home, the heroes were still there.

    I gotta wonder how many cases really came out of warehouse clubs or even standard grocery stores where the afflicted wasn’t a store employee.

  19. Grocery store 6:30 AM: I was the only unmasked person, but then again I was the only person in the store for the first 30 minutes. All of the employees were masked, but as usual, no one said anything to me. Around 7 AM I may have seen two more customers….both masked.

    I have gotten to the point it doesn’t phase me. I look at them, roll my eyes, and continue on. It has become second nature, which in itself, is pretty distressing. As long as people allow me my freedom of movement, they can have theirs.

    • RG,

      I don’t even bother with an eye-roll anymore. Please, wear your face diaper while telling people to refer to you as “them” or “they” like you’re possessed or a paranoid schizophrenic. Just stop fucking with me.

    • When I’m in a store and encounter a mask wearing disciple of darkness, I ostentatiously do not look them in the face and give them a wide berth.

      This is appropriate because the mask is a sign that they carry illness, mental illness at a minimum, and possibly some physical illness. Until and unless a critical mass of people recognize the lies and shun the liars and evildoers, they will continue to believe in their superiority.

      • Though in cases like Nazi Pelosi, it is truly a blessing that the corrupt and hideous visage is obscured by it’s cult vestment.

        • Great name for a band, that!
          Nazi Pelosi and the Disciples of Darkness.
          From San Francisco, of course.
          The Summer of Love being long gone, we live now in the Age of Altamont, as we have for many years.

      • Hi Ernie,

        I actually called one a Freak today. I just couldn’t help it. I was walking into Home Depot to get some things and a Freak was walking out, wearing a dust mask. I shook my head and laughed at it… and Freak! just came out. It shuffled on its way. I felt good.

        • Careful man…. A lot of them are borderline psychotic. Almost been to blows or worse a few times now…. I think the cog dis in a lot of the formerly brighter ones is killing them.

        • Man, I get the temptation, but David is right. They are damaged, mentally sick creatures. Ostentatiously avoiding their gaze and physically avoiding their presence is safer, gives them nothing to fight back against, and gives them something to think about. Since I carry weapons I go far out of my way to avoid conflict. One of the few things Teddy Roosevelt got right- speak softly and carry a big stick.

          • “One of the few things Teddy Roosevelt got right…”

            It’s lines like this that make me just LOVE this site and the people here. Yes, his quote was good. But (as you undoubtedly know) the man ironically created the ‘cult of personality’ surrounding the executive office.

  20. Here in the grocery store in my deep purple county in suburban Houston, there are no mandates, the sign on the door merely says diapers are “recommended”, they don’t make the employees wear them anymore, and over 75% of persons in the county are vaccinated.

    And yet I estimate 90% or more of the people in the store wear diapers.

    The urge to fit in is very strong, even when there is no rational reason for anyone to still be acting this way.

    I am sure most people would say that they don’t believe the diaper makes much difference in the spread of the ‘rona, they are just more worried about being “sensitive” or showing how much they care.

    At this point it’s virtue signaling all the way down and it’s very very sick.

  21. At this point, Eric, I deal with the Covidians by telling them that I am living like it’s 1999. My red line in the sand is the Holy Annointing. That is the hill I am prepared to die on, literally.

  22. RFS, Eric.
    These are *religious* garments, nothing more nor less.

    Mormons wear theirs out of sight.
    Jewish men wear theirs on top of their head.

    RCs just wear jewelry, typically a cross, but sometimes other amulets as well.

    Doctor Worshippers affect the Medical Blue face effacement, evidently to demonstrate they are members of the Cult of the Snake People. I do not know their catechism, so I do not know why it is forbidden to them to show their faces to the world.

    Perhaps it is something like this:

    I am all for freedom of religion, also for freedom *from* religion.

    • Trippy. The Covidians pray to the “One Virus” and the merger of state and religion in a similarly suicidal manner, just metaphorically. The mask removal scene is probably more relevant than people think.

  23. Walking chronics, thats a good one Eric. I was wondering the same thing walking through the grocery store this weekend. I believe the will to fit in is so strong in some that they never stop to think, about anything. Either that or they’re just ugly and they know it. What a sad state of affairs for a human to spend its time in. I wonder how she manages to keep her day job at the glory hole while still adhering to her ‘Science,’

    Its so much easier to fall than it is to climb.


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