The Jab That Cleaves

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Many of us have parted ways with friends – or so we thought they were – of long-standing over the “masking” ritual that became the overt symbol of the weaponized hypochondriac last year and ongoing. Those of us who understood that it wasn’t “just a mask” but visual-physical affirmation of a lie – or a symbol of craven willingness to pretend to believe it – found it difficult to continue to pretend to be friends with people who believed it –  or submitted to it.

And expected us to play along, too.

We didn’t, many of us, because we knew that “masking” – if accepted – would lead to Jabbing. And so it has.

God-damn it.

We told you so.

The damage done to the bonds of affection and what used to be plain old goodwill and civility has been catastrophic.

It is now getting worse.

I will relate a personal story about two people known to me. I will not say who they are because that is not necessary to convey the awfulness of what the pressure to submit to the Jab has done to them. Leaving aside what the Jab itself may do to them.

It is a story many of us already know. Many more will come to know it.

Perhaps by living it.

A guy I know had a girlfriend of long-standing. He no longer has a girlfriend because she has chosen to submit to the Jab as the price of keeping her job. The guy doesn’t take issue with the woman’s right to do as she wishes with her body. He is simply unnerved by her willingness to give over her body for the sake of a paycheck. Will she also give over her children?

Pressure him, to give over his?

He won’t. How does one continue in a relationship, given that? A house half-Jabbed cannot stand.

Probably, the parting of ways was ultimately a good thing for the guy. Of course, he is crushed by sadness for the moment and probably for some time to come. But once the sadness passes, he will realize just how close a shave he had with something even worse than the Jab:

Someone who folds over a buck. Over a job.

Yes, of course. It is important to be able to provide – and a job is a means toward that end. It is not the only means toward that end. And this is not the only “ask” that the job will demand. It is the beginning of the next.

And the next one, after that.

There are other jobs, maybe not ideal – perhaps not as remunerative. But if we are talking about money and status as the imperative metrics then we are probably talking about someone you might want to think twice about hitching your wagon to.

The really sad thing, as regards this guy, is that had his girl stood tall, she would have grown taller in is eyes. She might not even have lost her job over the Jab. They might have blinked. As many retailers did over the “masks.” I know – having never worn one, even once. Courage can be contagious. And – damn it – how much courage does it take to just say no

It is not standing up to a rolling tank – or even a gun in your face. Not yet. But that is coming, if people stop saying yes . . . because of a job.

We’ll never know whether the employer of my guy’s gal would have blinked because she didn’t try refusing. She just went along with it. The same counsel once given to rape victims. Might as well relax and enjoy it. That appalled people, once. Now, people do just that.

Relax. This won’t hurt a bit. The prick you feel is just the dying sensation of your self respect.

You may not enjoy it. So long as you let it.

Which is exactly what all of this has been all about from the start.

Roll over,  doggie! Sit! Speak! Good boy!

Only without the owner’s benevolence – and with a “doggie” that was once a human being.

Had my guy’s gal stood tall – or even tried to – my guy would have known she was a person worth hitching his wagon to. He just might have so suggested. Which would have combined the two into a more powerful one, far more able to withstand the pressure being applied by these creatures who are trying to turn us into good doggies – using the threat of job loss and income loss rather than a Milk Bone.

Which – again – is all this about.

Note that the weirdly whispering hair-plugged old man who currently serves as the TelePrompted talking dummy for the creatures using “health” to impose tyranny has just announced that enforcement of his Jab Decree will not begin until after the holidays, in early January of 2022.

If people are dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying on account of not enough Jabbing then why, pray, the delay? Does this make sense, if the reason for it all is health? How many people will needlessly dieeeeeeeee – if the logic of the thing has any logic – by waiting another two months to enforce the supposedly critically necessary palliative measures?

Obviously, it is because they are not palliative. But it is effective.

Symbolic – like the “masks” which people wear under their noses, poorly fitted, made of material that indisputably does not – cannot – filter out viral particles. It never mattered what type of “mask” you wore; just that you wore one.

Think about that.

The thought that ought to have occurred to more people who chose to wear these training devices is that they were precisely that. Had enough people categorically refused to wear one – because they categorically refuse to be part of a lie – it is very likely very few people would be faced with being turned into good doggies.

Losing their relationships – over jobs – on account of Jabs.

Possibly, losing more more – as tens of thousands already have.

Was it worth it?    

In one way, it was. We know now who’s who.

I am not currently single, thankfully. I was fortunate to have met a woman who is not a good doggie; who will not give over her body for a dollar. She is the kind of woman I would happily hitch my wagon to.

I hope the guy I know finds one like her.

. . .

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  1. Glad this piece got bumped, to remind me of this fantastic title, one of Eric’s very best.

    The Jab That Cleaves.

    That is some LOL-and-also-makes-ya-think poetical shit.

  2. I recently retired from the military due to the mandate. I was in the medical field with access to the entire DoD medical database. So far I’ve been able to verify:

    A pilot who died from a massive heart attack approximately one week after jab #1

    A member in his late 30’s who developed blood clots 3 days after jab #1. He’s now on blood thinners—-possibly permanently.

    Multiple cases of myocarditis. All male. All under the age of 40.

    Multiple cases of anaphylaxis. One severe enough to require an overnight stay in the ER.

    “Oh, it’s just a coincidence,” my commander said. “The vaccine is safe and effective”, he constantly repeated Dr. Fauci verbatim. Most of our doctors and nurses just nodded and carried out their orders to vaccinate my base’s general population. Myself and our lead nurse were ostracized for questioning the official narrative. A disinformation campaign was enacted against my aforementioned colleague to ruin any chances at future promotion. The term, “anti-vaxxer” was spread far and wide amongst the higher-ups in HQ. We retired a few weeks apart from one another.

    I no longer have trust in my own community. I’ll never take another vaccine nor enter a medical facility unless my life is in immentinet danger. I used to wonder how the citizens of Nazi Germany allowed the atrocities to be committed by their leaders.

    I no longer wonder….

    • I heard thru the grapevine the DOD is suddenly with a tasker tracking civilian pregnancies to see if they make it all the way.

      Odd, that.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me but pregnancy was outside of my purview. I know on the military side, women have been informed that while they’re exempt from the jabs during pregnancy, the day after they deliver that exemption goes away. 😨🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Even if they’re breastfeeding….

        I was in during the anthrax vaccine debacle but the side-effets from that vax pales in comparison to what this is doing.

        • Hi Dax,

          One of the interesting things about the military situation is that the “exemption” apparently only applies if the soldier/airman, etc. claimed/stated it when they signed up. In other words, they cannot claim it now. In other words, the military says you cannot change your religious beliefs while serving; or at least, those beliefs are not going to be respected.

          I suspect the true motive behind this – the whole Jab thing – is to weed out the soldiers who are critical thinking types. What is wanted above all is obedient – mindlessly so – types.

          • Yup. I can count on one hand the number of religious accommodation requests (RAR’s) that I know have been approved so far.

            And yes, you are 100% correct in your assessment of why this is being forced on the military. Everyone I know who’s refused the jabs is a “thinker”. Great people who use their critical thinking skills. And most of the people who’ve refused the vax are senior/experienced personnel—-not junior enlisted who can be easily replaced. The military is being absolutely decimated of the people who make it run and the high-value people who’d normally replace them are simply not gonna join up. At least not with the current POTUS in office.

            I thought the Trump years caused division within the ranks but there now exists a schism of massive proportions thanks to the mandate.


            • High functioning individuals like special forces operators, pilots, doctors, field grade officers, nuclear engineers, etc all have to be capable of actual thought and fit the description of “thinker”. This is of course self destructive in the extreme and a form of national suicide.

              • You’d be amazed how many doctors are incapable of critical thinking. Most of the doctors I worked with simply followed the party line in regards to the jabs. “Safe and effective? Okay then, they’re safe and effective”.

                I brought up the really bad flu season from several years ago (2018?) that decimated my clinic (after we’d all had our mandatory yearly flu vax mind you) when trying to explain my reluctance to this brand new vaccine when the decades-old influenza vax didn’t stop the flu whatsoever. Most of the time, all I got were blank stares in return

                • I thought of your comment, “You’d be amazed how many doctors are incapable of critical thinking” while reading this bit:

                  ‘The Real Threat to Humanity Are the Order Takers, not Their Voluntarily Accepted Masters’

                  “We’ve built a way of life that depends on people doing what they are told because they don’t know how to tell themselves what to do.” …


                • Most doctors are people who are good at school. Being good at school requires repeating what you are told. School destroys critical thinking, it’s designed to.

                  Being able to retain critical thinking, being willing to go against authority, all while making it through all that schooling is quite a feat.

                  • I talked with a doctor several years ago who echoed your exact same sentiments. Said when he stopped asking questions in med school and just regurgitated what he was taught, he had a much easier time.

                    • Hi Dax,

                      My dad and grandfather were both doctors so I got to see a lot of the medical apparat growing up. It struck me, even as a kid, that it was a bureaucracy – much like the DMV – and just as much controlled by “rules” that had to obeyed, because they were rules. I am good friends with a couple of people who currently work within the apparat and it’s apparently much worse now than when I was a kid. I’ve also had some personal experiences with it that have made me hugely skeptical of its trustworthiness – and that was before the “pandemic” arrived.

                      After it arrived – and so many of these doctors (it seemed like almost all of them) would not peep about the grotesqueries of “the cases! the cases!” I lost all faith, if I ever had any.

            • Speaking of the competent being over-represented in the unjabbed I suspected this when the mandates were being pushed. It’s as if it was to avoid the employment problem as the competent quit any employer who was mandating.

              Now with all the supply chain issues it seems that a good hunk of the 20% that did 80% of the work are simply gone. Finding people to hire is showing this too. It’s as if the plug was pulled on the pool.

              It seems the competent are either staying put in places that don’t mandate jabs or are out of the workforce.

              • Morning, Brent!

                Rand – for all her faults – was eerily predictive on this point. About the competent “shrugging,” as she styled it. Leaving the world to the incompetent, who cannot keep it running. This may be the only solution to the current debacle. People such as the political/managerial class are generally incompetent people, in terms of being capable of doing useful work and producing value that others would freely exchange their labor/money for. Imagine a creature such as Biden or Pelosi or Buttigieg without the ability to feed on the competent. Imagine if they had to produce value. I don’t think they could. In a free/sane world, such people would perhaps become store clerks or something similar and not present a problem to the general society.

                • Hi Eric, et al,

                  Serendipitously, Tom Woods had a podcast with a guy who started a business called EXIT….they describe themselves as:

                  About EXIT

                  Today, corporate employers control private speech and behavior in ways that we would never tolerate from our government. People are fired every day for expressing sincere beliefs or refusing to comply with political directives – while millions more are intimidated into silence.

                  EXIT is a fraternal organization dedicated to ending our reliance on corporate employment, so that we can’t be threatened by a politicized HR department or an “employer mandate”. EXIT members are starting businesses, finding remote jobs, learning trades, growing their own food – anything that makes them harder to intimidate.”
                  This is the kind of “Galt’s Gulch” thinking that may just become popular enough to defeat this tyranny….


    • Thank you for this post – this info – Dax. It’s critically important such be shared as far and wide as possible. The evil cretins behind all those knew about the side effects and their forcing of these drugs on a population at extremely low risk – being young and in generally much better physical condition than average – is an outrage and a despicability.

      Welcome to EPautos, by the way!

  3. One things that pisses me off about all of this – and it’s really useless to think about, really – is that governments and public health scientists and “experts” CREATED this virus. I might feel a little differently about safety measures and vaccines, etc. if it was naturally occurring. Like a hurricane or earthquake, no one can stop nature’s wrath, so you just do the best you can to prepare for it and survive it. But this was not an “act of God.” People like Anthony Fauci did this and then lied about it and then threw a variety of ineffective feel-good measures in place to try to mitigate the damage they’ve done. And now, they expect us to blindly accept and trust their “cure,” which turns out to be worse than the disease for the majority of us.
    Fuck that.

  4. My wife and I have been hosting Thanksgiving at our rural home for both sides of our family for 32 years. This year we’ll be having our first-ever “colored” Thanksgiving, which will be attended by our daughter and my side of the family.

    My sister-in-law will have the “whites-only” version at her house. There, our niece, who because of a double lung transplant in 2019 is highly susceptible to any respiratory bug, will be hanging out with the militant vaxxers. Surely the whole group will be masked.

    I pray to God that she doesn’t catch something from them.

  5. It seems that the primary issue between this couple is that they became ‘unequally yoked’. People’s values, beliefs, interests etc. change over time. That is what is so amazing about long-term marriages and relationships.

    Fortunately it sounds like they had no children together. However, it sounds like a blended family. If so there was probably some bonding between the blended children. The adults must take responsibility for that.

  6. Whelp….this ‘splains it- Youngkin is a CFR member and DAVOS attendee…. No wonder they didn’t need to steal the VA. election- the preceding info makes it obvious that GY is in the club, and is the one they want to be their man in Richmond.

    As they say, be careful what you wish for…you might get it. (Not that there was any choice. So why participate?)

    • Doesn’t GY have ties to the CCP too? I know that he was a former Carlyle Group CEO and that he was paid hundreds of milions for that (440, IIRC). As you pointed out elsewhere, no one who’s paid $440 million is a good guy. Or, as Balzac said, behind every great fortune is a crime…

      • Exactly, MM! He also (Through Carlyle) has ties to the Saudis and Bin Ladens, and a plethora defense industries….which one does not acquire lightly or quietly or even ‘legally’; unless the Bush crime family and the usual Neocon suspects have given their blessing.

        This is why it pains me to see Libertarians supporting this shit. We’re supposed to be opposed to government and tyranny- not voting for (giving our consent to) it. If anyone think GY gives a rat’;s patoot about your right to refuse a vaccine, or to bear arms, or to educate your own kids, etc. etc. they are sadly mistaken, and are just falling for play that is being put on before them, just as they did with Trump. GY does not represent ‘us’ or even himself- he is a scripted actor just like any other pol- and you can be sure that while he may mouth words that sound nicer than the Donkey[excavation]’s, and may not call for vax mandates or threaten to take guns, etc. (at least not to your face), you can bet that he will do nothing to oppose such, and behind the scenes will even foster them, because like any D or R in high position, he is working to promote the globalist NWO.

        He’s even borrowing Trump’s “We’re gonna do this one day one, and that on day one…” which means he is a confirmed liar, because it would be impossible for him to do what he says he is going to ‘on day one”. Hell, I’m still waiting for Trump’s “day one”, ’cause if it comes, Obozocare will go away; The Clintons will go to jail; we’ll un-bomb Syria….RFK Jr. will investigate dangerous vaccines, and there will be an inquiry into what really happened on 9-11… Oh…and the Easter Bunny will lay an egg for Santa Claus. It will be a fine day! 🙂

  7. Still haven’t gotten the kill shot yet. Since I’m semi retired now and only work short term maintenance shut downs in industry I figured wait and see. Looks like I’ll still not get it, screw em, the shot doesn’t work and it’s not safe. I figure I can outlast my need for a paycheck. Funny thing is if it’s so deadly why does it only seem to really infect the already sick and the elderly? Funny thing is almost everyone I know got the shot so they could travel or for work. I hope it works out for them but I lean towards being a “Free Man” and not a dog. And yes I’m a little vocal about the CDC saying masks don’t work and if you need a booster shot it’s not a real vaccination.

    • All valid points. Need repeating often, as sometimes one’s memory fades when facing the next assault on truth.

      Family member in hosp diagnosed with “covid pneumonia.” “covid test” came back within 30 minutes (that included collection and reporting). I call bs on this. But family member got scared bc he knew an “anti-vaxxer” who allegedly recently “died of covid”. Turns out the guy developed a blood clot…we don’t know if he had a history of such, but was in hospital bed for a while…and we don’t know if he had knuckled under and got the jab, either.

      Now a patient across the hall (elderly) is hospitalized for “covid.” Was talking w/his family member yest and, although I usually avoid such intrusiveness, I am curious to know if he had “the Jab.” (I may gently inquire today, the purpose being to inform my family member and remind him that we also know of numerous people who have died of the jab, but none of “covid.”)

      Daughter’s friend in college had the Jab several months ago…mutual friend got a cold, got “tested” (negative), then friend got “tested.” Voila – jabbed friend’s “test” came back positive. Daughter is furious bc now she (daughter) may have to “quarantine.” (I told her they can’t make her be under house arrest.) Daughter had also been buckling to the pressure to get the Jab to “be free.” Great reminder to her that the Jab will NOT make you free, but the Truth will make you free.

    • ‘if you need a booster shot it’s not a real vaccination’ — Landru

      This can’t be repeated enough. The FDA’s June 2020 Guidance to Industry stated (page 14) that ‘the primary efficacy endpoint point estimate for a placebo-controlled efficacy trial should be at least 50%.’

      But research in Israel, the UK and Sweden has established that Pfizer’s efficacy fades to below 50% within six months … and fades even faster in men and the elderly.

      According to the FDA’s OWN CRITERIA, this BNT162b2 shit don’t qualify for licensing and should be immediately taken off the market.

      ‘Rule of law,’ motherf***ers.

        • Hi Anon,

          Some people say the Earth is flat, too!

          If it is “effective,” then why do they insist on second, third – now fourth – shots? It is inarguable – if facts matter – that the “vaccines” are ineffective. To claim otherwise is simply, objectively, untrue. It’s not a matter of opinion.

          “Safe”? When there have been literally tens of thousands of reported – serious – side effects? When it is inarguably, factually so that people have died from blood clots/heart problems caused by the vaccines? How is death “safe”?

          Thus, the question – one of them – becomes: Who has the right to force people to accept such risks? Why do the putative risks of “the virus” outweigh those of the “vaccine? And, specifically, why should people (e.g., young/healthy people) be expected to assume risks when they face little to none, if they don’t?

          • Hi Eric
            the leftist/communist/cult are running this, they lie all of the time and just make stuff up, there is no science behind anything they have said or done it is all 100% based on fake science……but you are not allowed to question their narrative, it would fall apart in 24 hr.

    • Two friends of mine: One a recovered cancer patient (age 72); one in good health (age 53). Both took the kill shot; both now have the same symptoms: Swelling in the legs, joint pain, trouble walking; unexplained blood clots, and much more. The 53 year-old has essentially been reduced to the same level of function and ill-health as the 72 year-old.

      Niece’s ex got the clot-shot…and suddenly came down with all the symptoms of COVID, and the highest fever he has ever had. (Age: Late 40’s and formerly in perfect health)

      Another elderly lady: Took the shot, got the flu, died. Not sure if it was the shot, the flu, or the ‘treatment’ she received in the hospi’l that killed her- we’ll never know- but the shot didn’t prevent her from getting the flu, or dying.

      3 other people who took it in the a…err….arm: No problems yet…. Check back 6 months or a year or a few years from now…..

      Myself, my soon-to-be 97 year-old mother, my neighbor….no shot…no problems- not even the sniffles over the last two years.

      • I haven’t personally known anyone who was adversely affected by the jab other than a day or two of minor symptoms. Also only know of one person to die of the covid, supposedly. A distant relative to me by marriage who’s been in not so great health for maybe a decade now. That was not too long ago. I was told he was unjabbed.

  8. “If people are dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying on account of not enough Jabbing then why, pray, the delay? Does this make sense, if the reason for it all is health? How many people will needlessly dieeeeeeeee – if the logic of the thing has any logic – by waiting another two months to enforce the supposedly critically necessary palliative measures?”

    Yeah, and if people are supposedly dying so much, why didn’t Biden mandate the vaxx as a condition for getting welfare?

    How could he possibly be so callous to let the “poor and underprivileged” welfare recipients among us needlessly die? Isn’t is discrimination against the poor (many of who are minorities!) to only require people who have a job to take the vaxx?

    And why doesn’t the vaxx mandate apply to all prison inmates? What is Biden trying to do, give all those innocent, wrongly convicted criminals (75% of whom are minorities) the death sentence by COVID?

    And why doesn’t the vaxx mandate apply to all illegal aliens in the custody of ICE? How can we possibly poor, underprivileged Third Worlders to come here for a better life, only to sentence them to an unvaccinated “death by COVID?”

    • Well-said, X –

      Thank you for bringing that up – regarding the no-“mandate” for people on the government dole, etc. It’s very telling. This is all about the subordination of working Americans to the Woke. The establishment of ownership.

      Nothing less.

    • Oh, but they did consider the prisoners! Remember that certain governors were releasing prisoners last year bc “covid.” Y’know, they couldn’t maintain social distancing or something, so they had to be released into society to continue to maim, rape, and kill. Bc “covid.”

      Thinking people can see right through this. Too bad there (still) aren’t enough of us.

    • I’ve been pointing this out as well.

      Biden’s jab mandate is laser targeted on the productive people that government can only control by using force. He doesn’t need to go after those already serving the agenda by being on welfare or crossing the border. He has to go after the people who don’t need government.

      • The lockdown was aimed directly at the small businessperson. The guy who employs himself and maybe a handful of people. The guy who has managed to build a nice thing for himself and his family in spite of what is arrayed against true success now a days. After a couple decades of hard work, maybe has a comfortable life now. Nice house, cars, savings, a boat and a weekend cottage on a lake. No need for government, not even for retirement.

        That’s the guy they hate the most. Because he needs nothing from the government, in fact he is the guy calling for far less government (for good reason as we see).

    • ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

      1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson 8. U.S. postal service

      ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
      i would bet the doctors in other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

      a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….
      ….sounds like the scientists are exempt…
      NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

      the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed, same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

      The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
      attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

      NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates,

      another exempt group: U.S. postal service

      ATTENTION: exempt: 8 million chinese foreign students in the U.S. ,
      (in china the injection rate is only about 3% and they DO NOT use the experimental gene therapy extermination injection at all, they have an old fashioned so called dead virus injection, so does russia)

      exempt: illegal aliens

      NBA players exempt

      NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get.

      NOTE: here is another exempt group….the billionaire elite:

      gates and other .0001% rich families don’t va,,,,c……cin,,at//e their own children,

      exempt: new one……truckers

      gates, his wife and their children have never been vac//ci,,,na..ted…. gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

      elon musk and his family will not be va,,,

      the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
      one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), they use homeopathic medicine.

      rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, j…er..m theory based, allopathic medicine, doesn’t use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, he uses homeopathic medicine.

      FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous va……nes

      Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the v………….ne to be injected into his body


    • This is revolting. WTH goes through a parent’s mind to test an experimental drug on your child? I won’t even let my kids get the HPV vaccine because it has not gone through a generation of testing. I shouldn’t be surprised on how completely ignorant the majority of the population is, but when it comes to your kids shouldn’t additional research be a given?

        • Hi Roland,

          You forgot to posts Elmo’s vaccine follow up. 🤮
          This makes me want to vomit. Not only are the parents stupid for jabbing a child for a disease with a recovery rate of 99.97% for those under 18, but the parents actually post pictures of their children and their vaccine cards!

          I would also suggest they actually read Pfizer’s study on children. The sampling of children experimented on was not enough to determine if myocarditis was an occurrence….there will be five post studies though.

          I had to stop reading the tweets because my blood pressure was spiking.

          • I was elsewhere this weekend, I saw TV news. It was repeated COVID jab and CO2 driven climate change propaganda. And this was WGN. The three big networks would be even worse. Much of the jab stuff was for kids getting it.

            They are going to do this again with another bug. I’m near certain of it now.

          • Morning, RG!
            When I first navigated to the Big Bird tweet (linked in a story by our local TV), there was a hilarious response made to look like a TV news headline, something like: “Beloved Children’s Puppet Dies of Heart Attack.”
            I should have screen-shotted it, because of course it disappeared within minutes. This morning in that spot is a tweet by the geriatric-in-chief: “Good on ya, @BigBird. Getting vaccinated is the best way to keep your whole neighborhood safe.”

      • In 1980 there was about eight mandated? injections for children, in 1988 a law was passed that removed liability from vaccine manufacturers, after that tons of new vaccines were brought out, now there is about 72 mandated vaccines for children, as a result there is a large number of adverse reactions and chronic diseases among children that weren’t around before 1980. now they are going to mandate the experimental gene therapy lethal injection… sterilizes you and you die within 3 years……klaus schwab says there is global warming so the population has to be reduced……..big pharma profits are exploding…….

  9. On a brighter note. Went to the Michigan State Cross Country Championships at Michigan International Speedway today. 2800+ athletes competed. Plus probably 20,000.00 parents family, friends etc. Nary a mask to be seen. Of course the masking signs were prevalent on all doors to indoor parts of the venue. Universally ignored. People by and large realize it is bullshit. Let’s Go Brandon.

  10. Little bit of quick good news:

    1. 5th circuit stayed the OSHA order
    2. The OSHA order is not a mandate. allows companies to opt out of jab requirement.

    #2 may just be to try to get through court scrutiny, but is better than jab or job for now

    • #2 is a relief, but sounds like good cop, bad cop, where the employer and OSHA can play their roles and point fingers at each other while the little guy gets screwed one way or the other

    • #2 is to poop on the people who refuse the jabs and charge them with regular taxing, er, testing.

      I find it interesting that my employer said they would be complying with OSHA before the “regs” came out and said there would be no mandate.

      This also makes the non-jabbers slaves to their employer, for if they leave, they will not get employed most other places without a jab in the future. My employer said they will not be hiring unvaxxed in the future. Gee, they were having a hard time filling positions in some areas and now I have a feeling this policy won’t help that situation. If other corporations are letting their talent go, we should be picking them up and utilizing them until all legal fights have been exhausted.

    • ‘The OSHA order is not a mandate. allows companies to opt out of jab requirement.’ — Dan

      ‘Because of the testing option the order gives employers, it is not a true vaccine mandate. Workers who choose not to be vaccinated at companies that allow testing are required to wear masks under the rule, as well.’ — Reuters

      Practically, the cost and logistics of weekly testing make it infeasible for companies, and for their employees if the cost is passed on. Plus ‘masked all day’ is a damning scarlet letter emblazoned on the sinful Hester Prynnes who shun the injection. Great for their career advancement.

      The Fifth Circuit’s unanimous vote for a preliminary injunction rings like a bell. It is GREAT to start this long judicial battle with a dramatic slap to the face of the vaccinazis.


  11. It is getting worse. I’m losing several co-worker friends who oppose masks and jabs because I’m making a stand and they aren’t. One is capitulating to the weekly testing. He already capitulated to the masks. Somehow he now thinks he’ll make a stand when weekly testing is no longer an option and it’s get the jab or lose your job. Nice try but pardon my skepticism. You caved twice, you’ll cave again. The other capitulated to the jab right out of the starting gate. He’s just pissed that my exodus makes more work for him.

    Here’s an idea guys……….STOP GIVING IN.

    I’m so sick of weak people. You reference Billy Graham’s quote, “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” I heard that quote a few weeks ago and it’s become a mantra for me. I watched this happen. I took a stand when my employer reinstated a mask requirement. It inspired a coworker to take a stand as well. The company didn’t back off so she left. I stayed and fought, but now that they’re requiring jabs, I’m gone as well.

    Meanwhile the others bitch and moan……….AND DO NOTHING.

    I’ll bet a small percentage of Jews in Poland during the late 30s and early 40s could foresee how Nazi Germany’s campaign against untermensch was going to end. They abandoned everything they had, and got the hell out. The rest were hoping it would blow over…just like my limp-spined coworkers.

    We all know how these things end.

  12. I watched an old episode of South Park last night. During the episode titled Red Man’s Greed, Stan learns the middle class white way to cure SARS: Chicken soup, NyQuil and Sprite.

    If you’re still paying attention to the people who claim power, you’re afraid. If not, well, you don’t understand what all the fuss is about. The “powerful” use that fear to advance their agenda, and try to delay the inevitable discovery that they actually encouraged the creation of this virus in the first place.

    • I don’t know if you are a man of faith, I know not all here, are. But, in the Bible the phrase, “Fear not” or some variation, is repeated between 175-365 times. (Bible scholars have come up with this range) what this means to me is that whenever people try to use fear to motivate action they are taking an un-Godly route.

      I also believe that Satan is real and is still at work in our world. He didn’t die in the bunker with Adolph. My faith is also why I don’t fear these folks. They can only kill me once and, if I am secure in my Faith, I have an eternity awaiting me with my Savior.

      • My thoughts exactly. I have to remind those around me, as well, esp. those who are Christians, to immediately recognize the spirit of fear and NOT give in to it.

        2 Tim. 1:7

  13. Re: The Jab That Cleaves

    What I wouldn’t have expected is the total capitulation by medical groups. In my area they have been the worst at requiring adherence to Kabuki theater. Since the experience, I have zero confidence in doctors and their associated entities.

    • The capitulation by the medical people, particularly doctors, is easy to understand. They have LOADS of debt after all their schooling; we’re talking six figures worth! They need to pay that back. Thanks to gov’t interference (e.g. Obamacare), hanging a shingle and opening their own practice really isn’t an option anymore, so they work for large conglomerates of clinics and hospitals. If they don’t capitulate, they’re gone; if they’re gone, then they can’t pay off their massive school debts.

      They also have their licenses to worry about. Yes, doctors need a license to work in their profession. If they don’t play ball, the gov’t yanks their license; no license means no work. No work means no debt repayment.

      In any case, it’s quite easy to see why the doctors aren’t standing up against this.

  14. I just finished speaking with my brother this morning. He and his wife were vaccinated. They recently were sick with the Kung Flu for a week. Apparently, they contracted it from my niece (who is almost my age, actually). She was not jabbed, wisely having safety concerns.

    Luckily, among my family and friends, there has been no great animosity over vaccination status. I have seen nothing but respect for the decisions of others, and that’s how it should be. Of course, I haven’t heard any support for mandates, either. I think among reasonable people, mandates are quite an unreasonable idea.

    Kung Flu Khronicles:

    Day 8: Tried to walk the dogs around the block. Turned out to be quite the undertaking, and I only made it to the end of the street and turned back. An attempt at a light jog was quite draining and about impossible. Sense of smell remains gone.

    Day 9: I awoke this day as I did many others, with nausea and a little anxiety. Right now, I feel good. I have some energy and am cleaning things and wandering about. I think my coughing has decreased. My GFs sense of smell has largely returned, and I hope mine soon does as well.

    Loss of smell in this capacity is something I’ve never experienced with a cold or flu. Sure, even with allergies, the sense of smell is somewhat decreased. But to not smell something like Mentholatum when you hold it right up to your nose, and you nostrils are clear? Nope. Never has happened in my life. I think this is quite unique to this illness.

  15. US Court of Appeals has apparently ordered a halt to Biden’s vax mandate – a good sign it’s not going to hold up.

    Yes, I have lost so many friends/family over the jab. My entire immediate family took it already back in April 2021 – and to this day, they still diaper up in public. A young college aged cousin was skeptical but got it because she wanted to go back to campus. My friends got it for work. It’s painful for me to say. I am shocked at the amount of people who have complied so far. It’s disheartening but really shows you at the end of the day who the ones are that are believers in bodily autonomy and personal integrity, and the ones who will crumble under pressure and give their body up because they feel they are out of options.

    It’s a tough situation to be in. Too many American’s live on the edge, barely have enough money in the bank to afford a parking ticket. I don’t want anyone to lose their livelihoods but if you know you’re in a job or line of work where they’re going to try to force it on you it’s time to look for a different one or at least have some sort of other income stream on the side so you’ve got more of a buffer against a jab mandate. I envy the self employed. I’m not there yet but hope to get there one day. Some days I’m more optimistic than others but I think the vaccine rollout with blow up in their faces – hopefully sooner rather than later.

    • “a good sign it’s not going to hold up.”

      Wrong. The temporary stay says nothing one way or the other about what the Circuit Court will do on the merits. The stay is only designed to maintain the status quo so that a full record can be developed. At this point, the Court does not have any evidentiary record, or even any legal briefing before it. The stay is strictly procedural.

      (A longer note I jotted about this case is awaiting moderation below.)

    • Thanks RG. Of course, dumb-ass Fox News deliberately withholds a link to the actual Stay Order, or anything about the actual law suit, so that they can falsely credit “the State of Texas” with this effort, and to focus on the grandstanding State AG. In reality, it is not “Texas” doing this (as the article misleadingly suggests) but a group of private companies (largely grocery supermarkets) doing this. (The case is actually called BST Holdings v. OSHA. Here is the Petition and here is the Stay: )

      Here are the grounds stated by the Petition for challenging OSHA’s “Emergency Temporary Standard”:

      “Petitioners petition for review of this ETS mandate on the grounds that 1) it exceeds OSHA’s authority under its enabling statute, 2) it exceeds Congress’s authority under the Interstate Commerce Clause, and 3) it exceeds Congress’s authority under the nondelegation doctrine.”

      These are surely the correct arguments (as anticipated by our own BrentP in these threads). (I was unable to find any more detailed legal briefing.)

      Lead plaintiff is a courageous Louisiana Ralph’s owner Brandon Trosclair. Counsel is the Liberty Justice Center.

      Of course, none of this is even hinted at by Fox News. They want everything to be a partisan political showdown and culture war.

      • Nunzio,

        I remember saying that Kavanaugh, given his history, was, shall we say, weak on the Fourth Amendment? As the Bible says, leopards don’t change their spots.

        I think that the brouhaha during his confirmation was meant to do a couple of things. One was to DISTRACT us from the substantive issues of his 4A weakness, past work on the USAPATRIOT Act, etc. Two was to divide the people over whether the BS allegations were true, so as to misdirect them from looking at his past, from looking at his body of work prior to SCOTUS. Notice how NO ONE in the Senate asked him about his 4A weakness? Even the Dems, his purported opposition, didn’t ask him about it! Am I the only one who finds this, shall we say, curious?

        • Kavanaugh’s weak on a LOT of things, MM, but strong on tyranny- like his help with the Patriot Act, and in letting the Clintons get away with murder. Pretty much rubber-stamps anything the state wants to do- and even more so if it’s “conservative”- though he has no problem siding with the libtards too.

          I think the sex scandal thing was just to make it look like the D’s didn’t like him- but in reality, no overlord, be they D or R could have a better friend…

  16. I am keeping it pretty simple. No machinations, no work arounds. No explanations. No attempt at negotiating. Not asking for exemptions.

    Just NO!

  17. Eric,

    Did this guy’s woman harrangue or pester him about taking the jab, or did she simply take it to keep her job, while leaving him alone about it? I ask, because something doesn’t quite add up here.

    • What doesn’t add up? It’d be like saying “Did she rob him when she robbed the bank, or involve him in any way?….Then what’s the problem?”. “Did she force him to vote for Joe Biden?”…….

      • I don’t quite understand why he dropped his GF over the shot. I haven’t gotten the shot, but I have enough money in the bank to retire, so I don’t have to work. Thank goodness! That said, I remember what it was like living paycheck to paycheck. After folks were decimated by the lockdowns, I feel for them; I’ve been where they are.

        My brother and his family got the shot; I haven’t. That said, I’ll be visiting them in the near future. There’s respect on both sides, which is how it ought to be.

        • Hi Mark,

          I think when it comes to friends and family members one needs to respect the other individual’s decision that they are doing what they feel is right. When it comes to a partner, especially a sexual partner, I, personally, would be very hesitant. We have no long term studies if this can be transmitted. How does this affect fetuses? Is the spike protein in the bloodstream? Can it be passed to a partner? Etc.

          The other concern I would have is when it comes to major issues, both partners need to be on the same page. How each handles money, their religious beliefs, how they plan to rear their children, their political beliefs, etc. Not to say there aren’t successful relationships where partners don’t see eye to eye, but it makes it that much harder. We know relationships can be tough enough…why add more crowbars?

          • RG, you raise some excellent points, especially in the 2nd paragraph; both the man and woman have to be on the same page when it comes to “make or break” issues, and the vax is certainly one of those. I’d forgotten to think of those things, since I’m a 59 going on 60 confirmed bachelor! While I still keep my eyes and ears open in the unlikely event my status could change, I don’t hold my breath. I live my life with the assumption that I’ll be single till I leave the planet…

        • MM, we can certainly respect anyone’s right to do as they so choose- but that doesn’t mean that we can overlook what those choices say about their character or the values that we had hoped we might share with them. I may respect someone’s right to smoke crack if they so choose- it’s their body, but I’m certainly not going to hang-out with someone who makes that choice, nor consider them a friend or romantic partner/candidate for commitment (Except perhaps to a loony bin).

            • You’re a confirmed bachelor too, MM? Welcome to the club! I think those points are at least partly why I’m a confirmed bachelor! The pool of likeminded girls was pretty much non-existent when I was fooliush enough to date…more so in NYC…and it’s been downright drained and filled with broken glass for a long time now!

  18. It has always amazed me how low the price is for which people will sell their liberty, health, time, dignity, etc.

    This is nothing new. 45 years ago I turned my back on the mainstream economy- i.e. school and corporate/government employment. It amazed even then how easily people would sell themselves and allow others to dictate the way they dress and talk; that they tell lies; that they be forced to act like submissive children and idiots; throw away their dignity and act as supplicants; stifle their opinions and beliefs and be made to act as generic automatons or as those who hold opposite opinions, etc. etc.

    People have been well-trained in this for generations. That is what pooblik skool is all about- Get your obedience certificate to prove that you’ve been trained and know the rules, and are well-versed in hewing to them, and are prepared to do so for the rest of your life.

    NOW it has just reached the logical end, and has become more crystalized; more black and white. There is more at stake- i.e. actual health and life. Society as a whole had already given over it’s mind lomng ago…now they’ve come for the body and the soul.

    Eric, your friend should be very happy that he has had this opportunity to see that his girlfriend’s price was so low. If she would sell her own life so cheaply, how could she ever be depended upon in matters that would affect his life?! It’s like finding out that what you thought was a pearl of great price is really a $20 whore. It’s really no loss, for what one thought they had wasn’t what they actually had- they were mistaken. Fool’s gold.

    • >45 years ago I turned my back on the mainstream economy
      I salute you, Nunzio.
      I have never really had the balls to do that. Although I have lived most of my life in varying degrees of rebellion, I do maintain the outward appearance of respectability. Little do they know … 🙂

      I consider that I have nearly always been about half a step from being ready to hoist the Jolly Roger and start slitting throats, as Henry Mencken once put it.

      • Thanks TB, but it’s nothing noble on my part- rather just that I can not see living life any other way than under my own terms. In my late teens, facing approaching adulthood, the choice was pretty easy- either continue to live like a child, as we’re taught to do (And which wasn’t O-K with me, even as a child), or live like a man. Hard to do at the time, as it coincided with when I lived in NYC- but one could do it. It would be infinitely harder today.

        Funny thing is, it all worked out in the end. For a while, I was a lot poorer than my peers [Didn’t bother me, as i was living under my own terms]….but before middle-age, it evened out, since I had no debts, owned my own place free and clear, etc. -and more importantly, I had a great time along the way and got to live my life and gain invaluable experiences and knowledge, and no mid-life crisis!

        • Morning, Nunz!

          I wanted to affirm and amen what you wrote regarding:

          “Funny thing is, it all worked out in the end. For a while, I was a lot poorer than my peers [Didn’t bother me, as i was living under my own terms]….but before middle-age, it evened out, since I had no debts, owned my own place free and clear, etc.”

          Same here! I didn’t have the new/newer car that my friends all got (and got into debt to get) right after college; I lived below my means during my 20s and into my 30s… by which time I was able to afford a paid-for house and be free of all debt.

          This has put me ahead of those same friends – who are all in debt, in middle age – and on account of that, in thrall to the evil now percolating up all around us – which people like us have been much freer to avoid.

          Was it worth it?

          I’d say yes!

          • Indeed, debt is the chain around one’s neck. I was taught by my father to avoid it like the plague, a real one. Paid off my mortgage at 40, in five years. Except for those five years, I had to do NOTHING an employer demanded. Which frustrated them to no end, since I was also taught an excellent work ethic, and was most often a highly valued employee. Now at 67, $1400 a month SS is a saving wage. In fact, I could live without it, if it became a vaxx required thing.

          • Double amen to that, Eric!
            We got to live where we want; do what we want; and didn’t have to kiss asses.

            Was it worth it? It was an irreplaceable experience which I would not trade for all the money in the world! We are much like Jefferson’s “nation of farmers and journeymen”…as opposed to Marx’s ‘workers’.

            We have LIVED our lives! We haven’t spent them perpetually deferring the present for a few years of condo living when we are old and not able to enjoy that expected reward if we even reached it.

            Fancy cars and big houses? Nope! What would be the point, other than to impress others? Great freedom, peace…being able to live like men and shoot our guns without the goon squad showing up? That’s the stuff! Got that! I sleep very well at night; owe nobody anything; and am content- which is more than I can say for my peers- many of whom are still paying mortgages at nearly 60, living in places which are now like a foreign country to them, even though they grew up there- just so they can see the gran’chillin once a month….and the few that I’ve managed to find pics of online (without Facetwat) seem to have a perpetual look of disappointment on their faces, as if saying “Is this all there is?”.

            People like you and I took the path less traveled…and it it paid off like a piñata made of tissue paper!

    • Nunzio,

      I admire how you had such wisdom and foresight as a teen! It took me until later in life to figure things out. Let me rephrase that: I knew that, even as a teen, something was wrong, but until recent years, I couldn’t ARTICULATE it, let alone understand it, and forget about acting on it. Luckily for me, I did more things right (often by dumb luck) than I did wrong, so I was able to walk away from the system. I tip my hat to you, Sir!

      • Pretty much the same for me, Mark. I knew something was very wrong, and could usually not articulate it- but I just avoided everything that seemed contrary to my conscience- and since I lived in NYC at the time, where tyranny was already quite accelerated, I guess it just made things more black and white. It made me take to the shadows and learn to evade as the norm. Had I lived in little rural conservative Christianville 🙂 at the time of coming of age- late 70’s/early 80’s…I too likely would have had to go further down the path before ‘seeing’.

        I really have to hand it to all who didn’t get onboard till later in life…as it is infinitely more difficult to get untangled and start anew, than to never be tangled. I have a friend who didn’t come around until her late 40’s…and not only was it very difficult for her…but there were so many decades of wasted time and effort and heartache for which she now has nothing to show, and has had to virtually start all over again from scratch.

        I’ve had it very easy- and having been versed in this stuff almost all of my life, it is now no big deal to contend with what is now upon us- as I’ve had lots of practice….and had been long expecting this logical end.

  19. Keep in mind that testing centers are supposed to be moving away from the fraudulent PCR test starting January 1st. As they do, the fake numbers are likely to decline. Then the frauds in charge can point to their tyranny and say, “See it worked!”

  20. BrentP above I think is correct. Even as corrupt as the government court system is, this “rule” by the federal and certain state governments will very likely be struck down by the courts…Eventually. They’re trying to get as many “vaccinated” as possible before the courts ultimately stop this. The why is an interesting question.

    This article explains how to keep your job or to get it back or punish them financially later after the court dust settles and they are smacked down.

  21. Unfortunately I’m likely going to lose both my daughters love and relationship coming this summer. My oldest is getting married in Spain. We plan on going but with the jab passports taking hold…we’ll not go. My wife and I refuse the jab. I know my daughters and they were indoctrinated liberal in college and overseas. I hope this doesn’t happen but I see it coming right before my eyes. My girls will not be understanding of my convictions and concerns. They took the jab themselves as soon as it was available so they could get others to give them back the freedom which was taken from them. They’ll never see it that way and will have to submit to more jabs and health risks they rest of their lives.

    • That is how they won. They’ve erected a system wherein your kids grow up not to possess the values you’ve instilled in them, but rather the ones our enemies have managed to instill- and have even managed to make you complicit in that sordid business, and to even pay for it and encourage the victims to do well at it, and celebrate with them and throw a party when they get their obedience certificate……

      If only we’d learn from the Amish…. They don’t have these problems. They simply shun the evil mechanisms that the state and our current debased culture uses to manipulate the mind and emotions- mainly government/accredited schools, and TV.

      Some expect the general public to wake up- but this is the reality- that even the very children of those who are awake have been subverted and weaponized and are now doing service for the enemy. 🙁

      • Nunz, it may ultimately come down to “the unvaxxed” gathering in self-sufficient Amish-like communites, much like the old hippie communes of the 1960s-1970s. (I actually stayed at The Farm in Tennessee for a little while back in the day, courtesy of a friend who had dropped out and moved there, but it really wasn’t my cup of tea back then.) Where is Galt’s Gulch when we really need it?

        I have some (former) friends and family who I don’t see any more due to my unwillingness to worship at the feet of Pope Fauci or submit to the Holy Jab. Their fear is palpable and their automaton-like submission to authority is disgusting. It’s not even possible to have a rational conversation with people like that. It’s as though critical thinking is a foreign concept to them.

        • I’m interested in that becoming a real thing and I’ll go to where it is. The wife and I are thinking that, even if I don’t lose my job, I need out of this shit sooner than later.

          Eric has said as much in numerous articles but the thing about this being “the toe in the door” is undeniable. I’m 100% fully outraged to even be asked to do this in the first place.

          Then they wanna do this shit and more forever?! I was born in ’65 and I just cannot embrace this way of life. I gotta find some “hills” to move to.

        • Hey Jason,
          I remember reading about The Farm many years ago when any hope of escaping NY was just a pipe dream, and wishing they had something similar that wasn’t communistic. (Like where one could go and rent or buy a place and live as one chooses, and work for credit if one so chooses, to be applied toward rent, etc. A Kibbutz in Tennessee- who’d have thunk it?! 🙂
          Those fearful, compliant, unthinking former friends are a lost cause. They believe the hype which is broadcast and instilled on an emotional level, and there is no convincing them of reason because their beliefs do not stem from reason and logic. They are as brainwashed as any North Korean- and likely more so. Come the 4th Of July, they will be waving their flags and celebrating their “freedom”.
          I’m with Anon- If some of us would cooperate and form non-communal communities (i.e. just live near others who are of common mind) in wilderness areas, like Patagonia….we might finally be able to just be left alone, and be able to experience true free-market mini-economies, and have a few years of peace and joy while the world crumbles.

      • Nunzio,

        If you’ve ever read John Taylor Gatto’s book, “The Underground History of American Education”, you’ll see that TPTB DELIBERATELY SET UP this evil system! You’ll see that it was their intent to separate children from their parents, so they wouldn’t share their parents’ “unenlightened” values…

  22. So once again it seems a major miscalculation has been made on the part of tptb. Instituting the mandates after the new year buys us more time to drive freely across the country and educate others about the difference between mandates, dictates, and LAW.

    Tptb refusal to implement ‘mandates’ until after the holiday might be spun by the machine as benevolent on their part. They might tell a huge whopper like 80% have been vaccinated and therefore our freedom will start to return. Whenever they inflate the numbers I believe it demoralizes those of us who refuse to be needle raped.

    In truth they (tptb), are lazy, soft, and weak. If the crisis were to come to fruition before the holidays then the political class might have an all hands on deck situation, they might actually have to show up, and pretend to do some work, ruining their two month paid vacation.

    The crisis coming to a head in the new year gives us the opportunity to expose this fraud to more people. It also buys the dollar a few more dying gasps. After all, it will be early spring when all this goes into full effect, (thank you Brandon). Flu season will once again be on the wane. Only the truly stupid sky screamers will feel the need to cower in fear, if we get through another dark winter with no piles of bodies.

  23. I’ve lost several “friends” that have swallowed the propaganda, not to mention how the dictator imposed “mandates” have gimped the enjoyment of life in general.
    I am a classical music fan and have had a subscription series to the Boston Symphony for decades. They cancelled last year’s season completely because of the hysteria and governor’s orders – as has been pointed out in other posts it’s the fist of government that’s destroying us, NOT the virus. Anyhow this season is going forward but to attend a concert you have to wear a face diaper AND show a vax pass. So after almost 50 years of concert going I will have to give up one of the few things that brings me joy. Thanks you petty tyrants, may you all die a miserable death on your way to hell.

    • Sad to hear, Mike.
      You might think….(but then you would be screwing up, comrade) that in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, one of the most highly educated states in the U.S., enough people would question why someone who is “vaccinated,” i.e. supposedly “protected,” would need to “efface the face” in order to listen to music in a public setting.

      I have fond memories of listening to Erich Leinsdorf conduct the BSO, live in Symphony Hall, many years ago. Sad to know that freedom is now gone..

      Stay strong, fellow wrongthinker.

    • Hi Ya Mike!

      Wow! That is sad. 🙁 Classical music- one of the last remaining vestiges of traditional Western culture, and something that is actually pleasant and enjoyable….and now they’ve even found a way to weaponize that, or at the least to kill it off in live form.

      My late Aunt Mary used to work for Andre Kostelanetz (Not classical- but almost!) and just the thought of any of those people wearing muzzles- or what their reaction would have been had any of their associates or fans done so- much less a whole concert hall full of them- is so utterly ridiculous, it makes me laugh out loud.

      • Obviously, all choral works will be verboten.
        No more Ode to Joy, among many other great works.
        No more Missa Solemnis:
        No more St. Mathew Passion
        In fact, no more Christian religious music of any kind.

        Was ist los?
        Que pasa aqui?

        Stop, children, what’s that sound?
        Everybody look what’s goin’ down.
        Paranoia strikes deep.
        Into your life it will creep.
        It starts when you’re always afraid.

        – For What it’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield)

        • Turtle, I’d bet any day now Ode To Joy will be supplanted (It’s ‘raciss!) by Ode To Muh Dick. 🙁

          The sun shines
          And people forget
          The spray flies as the speedboat glides
          And people forget
          Forget they’re hiding
          The girls smile
          And people forget
          The snow packs as the skier tracks
          People forget
          Forget they’re hiding
          Behind an eminence front…

          -The Who

    • Are you talking about Tanglewood in western MA? If so, Gertrude Robinson Smith would likely be spinning in her grave, though I don’t know, she could have been a lib as well. Unbelievable

  24. Heartbreaking that all of this is happening – breakups, family disunity, friendships broken, religion crushed, jobs and careers lost, small businesses pushed to the brink, and hopes and dreams systematically destroyed. All by satanic nihilists pushing an agenda. It’s the reset happening in real time – now accelerating the demoralization phase. How this is happening and accepted or endorsed is the most mind-boggling thing. So I give a big salute to my/our fellow NO! travelers – may we be the remnant and a forever thorn in their side. Hey, FJB – NO! Not ever.

  25. Personally, I don’t understand people’s consideration of taking the shot. They claim it is work required, they want to travel, eat out, and have things return to a time that will never be. I view this shot as a death sentence based on the studies, research, and articles that I have read. Could these studies be wrong? Yes. Could I be wrong? Very much so. If I don’t take the shot what is the worst that could happen? I will be wrong. If I take the shot what is the worst that could happen? Heart inflammation, blood clots, excruciating muscle pain, permanent injury, premature death, etc.

    It wasn’t a hard decision to make on my part. My days of traveling to anywhere other than by car are gone, I may miss some concerts, movies, and events. Society may even throw me out on my ear, but at the end of the day I have my dignity and my family, everything else is workable.

    • ‘My days of traveling to anywhere other than by car are gone’ — RG

      Ditto. Planning a 14-hour drive to visit family at Thanksgiving, rather than fly the unfriendly skies just when jab mandates are decimating the ranks of pilots, air traffic controllers, mechanics, TSA, etc.

      You don’t need to be prescient to write the coming ‘Thanksgiving travel hell’ stories in advance. This is a controlled demolition.

      • Even if we didn’t need a mask or jab to fly, I wouldn’t. Why? Because I might be STRANDED somewhere in BFE! I applaud the pilots, FAs, rampers, and other airline perssonel fighting back for freedom on our behalf. That said, I wouldn’t want to risk being stranded somewhere, because there’s a higher likelihood than normal that there won’t be crews to man the flights; that means a higher likelihood of my flight(s) being cancelled; which means being stranded. NO THANK YOU! If I have to go somewhere, I’ll drive; at least I’m in control then…

    • “They claim it is work required, they want to travel, eat out, and have things return to a time that will never be.” When all they had to do was to say “NO” for a little while and it would have died of malnutrition. The economy cannot function, even the paltry excuse we now have for one, if half the working population says “no thanks, I’ll just go home”. It would have been over in a month, maybe a week.

  26. Now gov-sponsored NPR is catapulting the propaganda with pro-vax comics aimed at teens:

    Trouble is, seasonal covid shots whose efficacy fades after a few months are NOT vaccines. That’s the Big Lie underlying this entire presentation.

    It also coyly poses as a question, can covid-vaccine mandates get us to herd immunity? Whereas the emerging scientific consensus is that no, they cannot, and probably they even impair the development of herd immunity.

    Never mind that seasonal covid shots also are quite dangerous (not a word about this from NPR) and pose greater risks than benefits to younger cohorts.

    FJB. FNPR. Smash the lies.

    • Calling them “vaccines” was a marketing ploy. They do NOT provide any immunity, and so cannot even contribute to herd immunity, much less be a major player in it. The latest info is that they are detrimental to ones existing immune system. So they are in fact a major obstacle to herd immunity.

  27. This is why I love my wife of 13 years more now than ever. She lost friends, family, and pretty much religion(I’d say it’s religious dogma)over masking.

    My wife’s personality is one that makes it tough on her to see anyone uncomfortable or feel bad about opinions being expressed or displayed. I have even more respect for her over that. All she want’s is to love and be involved in making people feel comfortable and happy. It’s no small thing for her to do what she’s done considering her thoughtful, loving personality.

    I, on the other hand am brash and opinionated. I have spent my whole life saying no, dissenting and passionately doing what I want. The rona scam has made it a little tougher, but not really. I haven’t lost any close friends. I only have a handful outside of family. Maskers and jabbers would have already been averse to me before this type of thing came around. I’m damn lucky I didn’t scare my wife off before we got hitched considering our differences.

    It’s great to have a partner through this that will stand with me though. I don’t mind being on my own, but it’s much better with two. I guess I’m not as tough as I once thought when I was in my 20’s.

  28. Well, good luck to your friend, I hope he finds someone worthy. As for me, I haven’t even really tried. There’s a gal who lives in my apartment building (formerly the apartment facing mine, now moved to the other side of the building) who I think was testing the waters a bit a couple of months ago. She didn’t come out and ask directly, but we were talking about my elderly mother, who I share an apartment with, when she said something like I must be getting older too. I’m 59. This gal is at most 40, likely less, with a 6-year-old daughter. Nice gal, but I’m likely too old for her, and I have no interest in someone with small children. Well, I also tested the waters and I suspect that she’s taken the jab for the sake of a job (also someone I have no interest in). Whenever I brought up the jab, she always changed the subject or remained noncommital. That told me all I needed to know.

    Actually, I haven’t been in a relationship in several years, and while I do miss the companionship and affection, for the most part I’m doing just fine without it. I decided when all this crap started that I wasn’t going to go for someone who bought into this bullshit, and I’m not going for anyone who has had the jab. Even if she was forced to take it. She still could have said no.

  29. I’ve lost a couple of life long “friends”, of 50 years more or less, over COVID. Both women, if that means anything. We had five to ten minute conversations about it, and they refused to even acknowledge there was an argument, much less have one. They were totally unwilling to even listen to anything that disputed the claims of “experts” and “officials”. I have heard from neither since, for at least a year. Not for lack of trying, but for lack of response. I do not bemoan the loss, as it demonstrates my opinion of them was exaggerated. It sometimes becomes necessary to clear the trash from your life. Sometimes that includes people.

  30. The enforcement begins Jan 4th. But it requires full jabbing by the 4th so the real date to be jabbed is more like Dec 4th.

    It’s not just a job now, it’s ANY job. This first one is for over 100 employees, the one for under is coming fast behind it. It’s a power grab and the question is will it be enforced before it struck down. If it’s struck down and that’s an if because law and reason and everything along those lines is very weak right now. It seems they are trying to force the jab before the court cases can be completed, and since a jab cannot be undone, well it won’t matter that they lose in court.

  31. My biggest disappointment come from a friend who decided – without independent research – to get the pfizer jab, after already having the rona, because he wanted to be able to travel to places that required vaxports

    He sold any principles he had against govt tyranny for the opportunity to see a play or go to a restaurant.

    This was the one guy I thought I could count on when bullets start flying. Now I know better.
    He will fold for convenience.

    • That’s scary- but expected. We expect the general public to wake up and rebel…meanwhile, many among our own ranks will sell themselves for a piece of bubble gum.

  32. “It is important to be able to provide – and a job is a means toward that end.” Is it? Given the current economic trajectory, perhaps not. I see that credit card debt has risen back to pre-COVID levels. People borrowing to maintain their lifestyle. A thing we have been doing for far too many decades. Of what use is that job if expenses double, or triple or more, and your paycheck remains the same? Far more have died under tyranny than have opposing it. You really have nothing to lose by refusing to kneel. Kneeling just makes it easier to cut off your head.

  33. Eric:
    Well said. This point cannot be driven home enough. The masks were just a sh*t test to see who would most likely comply with future sh*t tests. The fact that somebody fell for or , complied (for whatever reason) with the face diaper mandates, 2 weeks to flatten the curve, stay home-stay safe, are all good indicators of who (might) comply with a slew of other things. There is no limit to what these psychopathic weirdos will attempt to impose. A year ago squirt-stick mandates were a conspiracy theory, now it just accepted as reasonable by A LOT of people.

    Early on my wife asked me how I was going to respond to the 2 week stay at home order. I simply said “When there are national guard at the end of our driveway pointing an M4 at my chest I’ll discuss not going into work. Until then, piss on them.” She had an admiration for me I don’t remember seeing for a while now that she knew I wasn’t willing to bitch-out because some guy behind a podium said stay home. Our relationship is stronger and better now than ever after 23 years of marriage. I think these types of life events are amplifiers. Whatever is beneath the surface will rise up and show itself.
    Everybody has their price point on these things. Mine was escalation to the point of possible death, others just want to be able to go on a cruise or not be riducled by family etc.
    Everybody who I do business with and know on a personal basis knows where I stand and what I’m willing to put up with. We all now have a greater respect and understanding for one another. I know who the mind controlled cucks are in my life and I now know what sort of distance to put between myself and them

    Your friend probably did good to lose that woman. Nothing wrong with burning the dead wood.

    Appeasement is never a good long term plan. It’s better to do what seems hard in the beginning to have a good life later than do what seems easy in the beginning and end up in the cattle car and eventually the killing floor.

      • Seriously Nunzio. It’s actually that easy. How many people actually do the speed limit on the interstate? Where I live maybe 20%? There’s little to no enforcement for any if this. All they have are threats and fear and the occasional high profile news stories about “did you hear what happened to _____? They did _____, and bad stuff happened!”

        • The Psychopaths In Charge have no means to deal with 10% noncompliance with any one of their edicts. We are looking at roughly 33% vaccine noncompliance.

  34. Yesterday and today, I’m helping friends of mine move. The guy works for a DOD contractor (like I do) and the lady works directly for the govt. In anticipation of losing their jobs (because they’re both filing a religious exemption and expect it to be denied), they sold their house. They had lots of acreage, a way cool chicken coop (much nicer than Eric’s, though his is pretty cool too), they grew lots of vegetables in their garden, and they were thinking about raising hogs next. They lived there for at least 8 years, maybe 10. They had just recently replaced their ride-on mower before this mandate went down. They had so many plans. They have a dog that free ran all those acres.

    They’re temporarily renting a house nearby but they’re looking full-force for a home in West Virginia now. They’re my only friends in the area that don’t subscribe to this hypochondriac cult (as I never have, neither has my wife).

    I’m getting myself emotionally prepared to sell the first home that I ever bought. We picked the lot, the style of house, the upgrades, and had it built up from the dirt. Purpose built to what we always dreamed of doing with a house (minus a wood-burning fireplace and few minor things).

    Because I’m not doing it. My friends aren’t doing it. They can come back and say “nope, sorry, no accommodation, jab or job.” And that’ll be it. Maybe we’ll use the opportunity to move to a red state and scale down and be happy with what we have. And it won’t be much!

    • The biggest hurdle most resisters will have is mental.
      I am in a better position than most probably.
      Forced jab was not an option for me, so once the decision is made, the anxiety has to be dealt with.

      There are no guarantees in life. Comfort is great, but it is not the natural human condition.
      We have it good in ‘merica, and that is our “normal”.
      Giving that us is then “unnormal”.

      Once I assured myself that there are plenty of opportunities out there – not as good as what I have, but good enough – I started looking forward to some changes.

      I will actually be kind of disappointed if I am not fired, but that too has an upside. I will build my retirement faster so I can “retire” sooner and take on new experiences.

      This whole fiasco has forced me to re-evaluate and change my outlook on the next 30 years of my life, and I’m liking the view more.

  35. Eric – it’s easy to judge OTHERS for their decision to “Jab” or not, and I feel bad for those that have felt “FORCED”, i.e. “Jab or Job”, but for many, it’s not simply bringing home the bacon, it’s also a matter of ability to pursue one’s profession at all. And even at times it’s not money itself that’s an issue, work itself, if you enjoy what you do, can be its own motivator.

    Suppose the outfits that you write your automotive reviews for were mandated, or worse, chose of themselves to impose a policy that their reviews also had to get the Jab? Would you comply? You’d likely tell them to pound sand, and I believe in your resolve. But are you prepared to walk away from that profession that had been your passion most of your adult life? And what would you think of your peers?

    That’s what makes these mandates so damnable, and yes, they are unlawful…but really, has the Federal and most State governments ever concerned themselves about their own laws when it didn’t suit the agenda and interests of those controlling them?

    • Hi Douglas,

      I have already considered this – and if the time comes when I am expected to provide Proof of Jab to test drive cars, I’ll be done doing that.

    • It’s also hard to practice one’s profession if one becomes dead or disabled, or if they can no longer sleep, because they know that someone other than themselves or God are calling the shots [pun intended!] over what is supposed to be their life. This is literally a case of selling one’s soul. The only profession I am willing to risk death, health and dignity for is my profession of faith, and of autonomy- The other kind of professions are, as Eric rightly stated, just a means to an end. I have changed occupations many times in my life- and personally, I wouldn’t have ti any other way, as life is too short to just go through it only doing one thing- and one needs change and the chance to experience different things, and to ward off boredom.

      I think many people are discovering, or will shortly discover, that many of the things they are coming to do now that they are being constrained to do so in order to preserve life and liberty, are actually things they come to realize that they should have done sooner of their own volition, because once one gets over the fear of change and out of the comfort zone of the familiar, and tries something else, they soon discover that it’s not so bad and scary- and in-fact, is usually a pleasant improvement.

      But to let someone inject who-knows-what/known poisons into one’s bloodstream for any reason… There IS no reason to allow anyone to so violate one’s body and mind and soul. Better to die with a bullet in one’s head, resisting, than to die by 1000 cuts 4(or more) jabs- or even allow them to inject plain water if it’s against your will- for if one allows such transgression of their very body and mind, there is nothing left that they won’t allow “if required”- no price that they won’t pay. One ceases to be human, and becomes a mercenary life form.

  36. Hmmm…a person that hands over their body for money…hmmm…seems I’ve heard a word for that…dang…I just can’t think of what it might be…hmmm…

    • I’m trying to figure out a way to word it in my religious exemption form that I have to turn in. It’s due in a couple weeks. I’m wanting to somehow say that taking the vax for the convenience of keeping this job is essentially the prostitution of the temple of God!

      I’m trying to be less inflammatory in my response but it might just be said like that. I know that my job has been overtaken by rapid liberals — our HQ is in VA. So they take offence, even on the imagined behalf of others, in every case imaginable.

      Of course, because I work for a DOD contractor, they might not be able to accommodate my request or even (unlawfully) reject it. I will know probably by the end of the month.

      • If you are the same anon as above working for DoD contractor – hard to say. DoD itself is trying to prove you DON’T have a real religious conviction.

        I took the route of inherent rights.
        God creates us
        Life is a right given to individuals by god
        Due to that right, we have an unalienable property right to our bodies to maintain that life
        No one else has a right to our bodies, and to mandate, force, or direct us to do something to our bodies under threat of penalty is coercion, which are immoral and unethical attempts to remove our bodily rights given to us by god

        I figured this is better than one of the “fetal cell” arguments, since that line has been attacked by people taking other meds

        Also removes any specific denominational attachment (pope selling out catholics)

        Directly addresses the methodology instead of the medicine as the objection

        Good luck

      • If you want some deep and heady exploration of why the mRNA injections are unnatural, from the perspective of a Catholic intellectual, I cannot recommend highly enough this lecture by Italian theologian Fr. Stefano Zamagni:

        Even if you’re not Catholic, I think his perspective really illuminates what’s spiritually objectionable about the (purported) mechanism of the injections. The lecture is about 20 minutes, and very very much worth it. It is not at all preachy, pat, or theatrical. I think it can really put you in a headspace to refine your ideas about why this entire operation reduces the human to a soulless corpse in a technocratic matrix, crudely animated only by external scientistic, medical augmentations and interventions, rather than by an internal motivating purpose.

        The lecture is then followed by some moderately interesting comments by people including…Jerry Brown??? (He babbles incoherently and noncommittally.) Also, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty who is suing UCI for their mandate and has been suspended from his post there.

      • Anon, has good resources for religious exemptions. You might also try RFK, Jr.’s site,; they have some resources too. Finally, check David Knight’s site; he has shows about this, and there are other resources he’s cited as well.

        When my VA doctor asked me about taking the shot, I politely said that, I’m a Christian, and as such, that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. Since the shots are mRNA; since they alter our genetic code; I said that I couldn’t take it, since it would, for me, be akin to tampering with God’s creation, and that I didn’t feel comfortable with that. That’s not the exact words I used, but that’s the essence of what I said. I had other things ready to say, but they weren’t necessary; she said that my concerns were religious, and that there was nothing she could do.


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