By Way of Analogy . . .

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Analogies are more than just another way of saying the same thing. They are a way to explain the essential meaning of a thing.

Here’s one that may help those who don’t understand the opposition of many healthy people to anyone being forced to submit to an injection – of anything – but in this case (the test case, so to speak) of drugs they don’t need for a sickness they haven’t got, to ease the fears of people who’ve become sick in another way:

Imagine a person who is terrified of mental illness. Who obsessively worries that those around him – it could be anyone! – might be deranged or becoming so. That they pose a current and ongoing threat, since they just might lose it and do something crazy.

Even though they haven’t. Even if they haven’t given any reason to suspect they might.

It is the possibility – hysterically exaggerated, within their minds – which alarms.

This person who is terrified of the possibility of mental illness demands that everyone be regularly tested for signs of mental illness to make them feel “safe.” Also that everyone be forced to take psychiatric drugs – just in case and to “stop the spread” – even if they haven’t “tested positive” for mental illness.

Because you never know – and if it saves even one life.

Those who object are selfish people. They don’t care. They are putting us all at risk!

If they refuse to be tested – and refuse the psych meds – fire them from their jobs for “noncompliance,” forcibly ostracize them from public life, deny them access to food and perhaps even forcibly take these terrible people into custody for “treatment”  . . . so as to “keep us safe” and for “the good of the community.”

Would you be ok with that?

If not, then why be ok with this sick insistence that everyone be presumed physically ill? Not just right now – but forever?

 It doesn’t matter – to the people who take this view – that you’re healthy today.

You might not be tomorrow. You could become sick. You might spread what you could get . . . just like you (anyone) might become sick in the head tomorrow, even though you seem (even if you are) just fine today. You might decide to shoot up your workplace, tomorrow – or a school!

We can never be  . . . too safe.

Pretty sick, isn’t it?

Even sicker this business of forcing people to take drugs that make people actually sick. Because “just in case” and to “stop the spread” – of something they haven’t got but might get.

Well, anyone might get an STD, too. Even the celibate, since STDs can be transmitted non-sexually. How about presuming everyone has an STD – and requiring everyone to be regularly tested and to take palliative drugs, “for the good of the community”?

These can also be spread – including “asymptomatically.”

The sick thing, of course, is that such measures have never been imposed upon people who actually do have contagious – and sometimes deadly – STDs. Nor those who are likely to become infected with them and transmit them to others.

A great gushing of outrage would ensue – from certain quarters – if it were argued that Pete Buttigieg, for instance, ought to be regularly tested for the array of STDs people who”practice” his preferences often have and which they are far more likely to get – and thus, give. That he and others who so practice be required to take AZT, “to keep us all safe” – else be fired and excluded, etc.

That would never happen, of course, for political reasons. But it should never happen, for moral reasons.

To anyone.

If it’s wrong to presume that certain people might be leaking STDs – and that everyone is not only only crazy but incipiently dangerous – and on the basis of such assertions compel them to submit to “treatment”  – then how can it be justifiable to presume everyone is sick – and “spreading”? To demand they take drugs, not because they’re actually sick but because they “might” be.

To ghetto-ize them if they object?

This writer got into a Tweet war with the former helmsman of the starship Enterprise, Mr. Sulu. Well, with the actor – George Takei – who played him on the TV show.

Takei is an American of Japanese ancestry who – along with his family – was rounded up by the government and interred as a threat to the American public in the 1940s because of hysteric fears about their Japanese biology.

He has written and produced a play about his and his family’s horrific/degrading experiences and spoken of them often, as a warning about what can happen when a population becomes  . . . ill.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand his own lesson – as he is among the most fervent of those who insist everyone be presumed sick. And treated accordingly.

He doesn’t see the analogy. Is offended by its offering.

Which only shows how very ill he – and others like him – have become.

. . .

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  1. Z28.20 is the diagnosis code for immunization status in the medical industrial code book.

    “2022 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code Z28.20
    Immunization not carried out because of patient decision for unspecified reason”

    “Z28.20 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.”

    Your immunization status is already known and recorded, if you haven’t been vaccinated, you are ‘underimmunized’, you are data deficient, not up to par, a delinquent, you are being targeted. You’ll be billed for not being vaccinated.

    The world is a hospital and you are one of the patients. You’re checked in, you won’t be checking out.

    There is no way out, you’re trapped. You’ve been assimilated, resistance is not a choice, it is required.

    Several doctors have died after they were vaccinated, getting some of their own medicine.

    Fools go where angels fear to tread.

      • Took the words right out of my mouth, Eric!

        That was just ONE of my many reasons for not joining Obozocare. I’ve managed to stay free of this labyrinthine system…and those benefits are starting to pay off, more now than ever!

      • You were born, not hatched, there are birth date documents, your school records, your employment records, everything. Won’t take too much time to find where you are and your crimethink makes you culpable. You are guilty of thinking for yourself, which is a thought crime.

        This place is Crime Thought Central. lol

        Thought crimes are prosecuted, you know, hey. Julian Assange is the greatest crime thinker the world has ever known. He’s in the hoosegow.

        The Big Club doesn’t care too much about Julian’s health and welfare, doesn’t matter.

        Free Julian Assange! Free Leonard Peltier!

        You have an address, you occupy your home and premises. You are on the books, all across the board, your vehicles, your phone records, all online presence everywhere, your medical records are not that important, all that is necessary is to search all pertinent records. Your medical history might be scarce, but it is still there. No record of vaccination translates to you being tracked down and apprehended for forced medical care, for your own good and safety, of course.

        Car companies have you test drive vehicles, you can be forced off the road and be stopped pronto. Take the jab or we haul you off to the gulags, get some diesel therapy to boot.

        There will be no escape, no way to expunge your thought crimes.

        Once you are guilty of thought crimes, there can be no innocence.

        We think you are crime thinking and that means we think you are guilty of crime thought, a prosecution is necessary, inquisition too. We will decide who the crime thinkers are. We have our ways!

        You are an unvaccinated pariah, you are being targeted.

        The Decision Makers are on to your game.

        A healthy dose of paranoia helps some.

        Some musings might be of help.

        • Perhaps, Drump!

          But it’ll be harder – as I’ve been self-employed for more than 20 years, so whatever employment records exist predate the Internet. No quacks for me, either!

        • Dunno how old you are, D-phish, but those of us who grew up before everything was online have a huge advantage. Try finding my school records! Even for the younger…if one maintains their privacy, they can still have quite a bit. Don’t put your info out there..don’t apply for things; deal in cash; work for cash; Don’t engage in things that require licenses. Don’t be a client of the IRS (Biggie!).

          Even much of the online stuff goes away after a time. There’s just too much info for ‘them’ to keep forever, correlate, and keep track of/use. They know my address and I have a driver’s license (and that’s about all)- what does that tell ‘them’? What can they glean from that?

          I don’t use a tracking device; don’t put my name online; don’t give out my info to those who ask (Walked out of a dentist’s office once because he demanded my life history- even though I was paying with cash, and flashed a bunch of hundreds in his face! -His forms mentioned how FEMA- among other ‘agencies and entities’ would have access to the info!)

          I Google my name… result comes up, and it is a quote from an article whose author used me as an ‘expert’ in a field in which I once did business. (Should’ve given her a fake name!- But it’s over a decade old, and really harms nothing).

          The average person though? Holy schlomolian! Sometimes I ‘investigate’ people I know or used to know, for fun- using only free resources which are easily available online- and it’s amazing how much of their info is out there…just available to a civilian who is not at all skilled in such things, and using only the most rudimentary resources…imagine what Uncle can find on ’em!

          I think it is important not to act paranoid, too. For instance, ya ever patronize a business that gives you a receipt which is noting more than a sheet from a Walmart receipt book, with no stamping or even written business name on it? You KNOW right away that that place isn’t paying their exto…errr..taxes. On the other hand, if they’d not act like they’re trying to hide something, and give out legit-looking receipts, know one would be any the wiser.

          Same with us: If we don’t go around calling attention to the fact that we seek privacy, and we don’t seek to deal with the system and then at the same time demand privacy and leave lines blank (Just don’t deal with them!)……we look a lot better than the guy who in their eyes “Seems to have something to hide” (Those types can look shady to even us!).

          Usually it takes actual human suspicion- whethjer civilian or gov’t employee- to make someone take notice…and even if we’re doing nothing worthy of taking note of, just the interaction or calling of attention to ourselves cancause a lot of trouble, as the people taking that note are always the ones seeking to suck others in and ‘find’ something to make an issue of.

          I’ve been living very privately since I was a teen…and I’m nearly 60 now. Worked great so far. But like Eric said, a big part of that is to avoidthe 9-5 world and the financial system. Such can put one at a definite disadvantage…but it’s a choice. Do we prefer a few extra perks and servitude, or living more like free men in every respect and eschewing their system, and enjoying the liberty we can still have?

          Where one lives is very important too. In the country, away from local government’s prying eyes and professional busybodies and nosy Karens…or in developed areas and cities, where literally everything you do is regulated, controlled and spied on?

          • But Nunz, THEY Know Everything!! Sigh, yet another victim of the Tech Lords and their techno babble. I’ve pretty much given up trying to explain these things to most people. Sure, They have LOTS of expensive and impressive technology. That’s hardly surprising, given that their minions have looted tens of Trillions from the productive.
            Whats fun is asking how much all that tech and data helped in the Empires various wars? The Empire and its cronies had modern tanks, gunships, sats and Trillions in logistics and still lost to some low tech Afghans. Even trying to explain the difference between data and information (yet alone knowledge/wisdom) is pretty much pointless. One sees MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) on even basic concept structures.

            I don’t know if you’ve been following the antics of the AI crowd. It goes through phases. Its currently in the They are going to take over the world! phase. (face palm).

            When ever you have people chasing massive corporate/government funding for their latest brain storm, you get theses spikes. Talk about perverse incentives. Its the same in most fields. Don’t even get me started on Fusion… sigh…
            One of the safest, most effective power technologies we have is whats called Small Modular Nuclear(SMN) power. Especially whats known as molten salt Thorium.


            Why don’t we switch to that? Because its NUCLEAR! (goes into pre programmed arm waving hysteria)… This hysteria (much like that of the Branch Covidians) is intentional. We both know who benefits from it.

            • Hey BJ!
              I think we are sort of at a turning point. Pretty much, it has long been (and largely still currently is) where a lot of the surveillance is signatory. They want one to believe that we’re all being personally watched constantly- but the fact is, even though we may have various points of contact with the surveillance apparatus, that info is not centrally correlated and monitored by any one entity.

              E.g. Say you have traffic cams picking up your license plate, the phone co. keeping a record of internet usage, your doctor having your medical info, a bank having financial info, and a metro card recording your enteri8ngs and exitings from the subway. All of this info is not being assembled in one place where it can be viewed at once to really tell much about you. Instead it is being recorded in various private, city, state, etc. facilities….and the only time it is really of any use to *them* is if something occurs which prompts an agemncy (like a bank) to alert the system that something which meets specific parameters has occurred- wjhich may in turn prompt an actual humanoid to take a look, and if certain criteria are met, then they may seek to assemble some of the other surveillance data to use against you- or at least what they can of it, if there is any trail of where to look for it- like, they’ll only have a clue that you bought a metro card if you paid via credit card, and if they had reason to access your credit card info…or they would only know to query the city of Bumblefook, ME. for the possibility that you drove across their toll bridge at a specific time on a specific date if there was something alerting them to the fact that you had been in that locale (Like an ATM withdrawal, say, if they were investigating bank records).

              The scary thing is, that this has been the way it has been…but NOW, that is starting to change, via smartphones and vax passports and all- where it is getting to the point where all of one’s activity and data can and will be correlated digitally in a single place and in which everything will be permanently linked to you via a unique identifier.

              They’ve gotten people to become very complacent with the old disjointed surveillance- “They’re always watching, but the sky hasn’t fallen”- and now that people are used to that, and freely carry tracking devices, post all of their info on Facetwat, are comfortable with digital payments, “the cloud”, sharing your contacts and photos and reading materials with the prying eyes of Amazon, Google, Apple and every ‘app’ maker…..NOW the real surveillance can begin.

              The good thing about AI is it’s ineptness. Those who work in the field tend to laugh at the popular view most people seem to have of it as being very proficient- when in-fact, it can’t even distinguish proper word usage based on context in a text-to-speech application. If AI’s going to run the world, it can be easily overthrown. The scary thing is that ultimately it will be used by the tyrants as their eyes and ears…and being what it is, it will generate lots of false ‘positives’- so those who do nothing will come under scrutiny and be abused…while the serial killer nextdoor will be ignored and look rosy……

              Ultimately, I believe that all of this tech and the environment it is creating is unsustainable and will crash and burn…and before the end, we will be back to low-tech, horses and bows and arrows or not much more. The system is eating itself, and with everything being so complex and specialized, it just takes the absence of a small segment of one segment of an industry to cripple that industry- and we are starting to see that already with things like computer chip shortages and supply-chain interruptions.

              It’s gonna be interesting….

          • Nunz, you maybe have seen the movie Nebraska, Bruce Dern is the character ‘Woody’ in the movie. According to both my sons, Woody in Nebraska is me. I’m purt’ near as old as I look. Can’t even remember how old I actually am. lol

            I’ve been in the private sector for forty years and some more. I have always had work, but didn’t need to be reporting to a job, I made my own employment. Had to. I had a contractor’s license so I could charge more than I could earn by the hour. Some things you just do, can’t live in a cave all your life. I’ve been called a Norwegian caveman.

            More or less stayed under the radar for most of fifty years. Always worked, my first job paid 90 cents per hour. It was work and it paid, so I worked. Tells you more about my age than anything.

            Stickin’ to the story.

            Thanks for the reply.

            • Drumph,
              Haven’t seen the movie (Will investigate though!) but sounds like we have long been on very similar paths! The 9-5 was never an option for me- it’d be like being in school one’s entire adult life…no thanks! All I ever really wanted out of life was to live in a Unabomber-style shack in the woods and be left alone. Took a long time, but I’m close, finally!

  2. No one likes admitting they were wrong. Politicians never do, and a significant number of the population will refuse to do so, regardless what information is thrown in their face. Information is abundant that the vaccines are dangerous and don’t work even close to as advertised. But as long as the priests in the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media claim otherwise, the true believers will disregard any information from any other source, because this allows them to continue be “right”. Even if it kills them.

    • But John, the vaccines and other sickness Kabuki are exactly what they were intened to do- that is, ushering in their “New World Order” [Of communist world government and fewer people].

    • A fake fraud diagnosis for a fake fraud disease treated with a faked fraud lethal injection, but works great for a cull, 100% death rate within 5 years, the slow kill machine.

  3. “Imagine a person who is terrified of mental illness. Who obsessively worries that those around him – it could be anyone! – might be deranged or becoming so. That they pose a current and ongoing threat, since they just might lose it and do something crazy.”

    I don’t have to imagine that. I know many of them. They’re gun-control activists.

    • Hi Henry,


      Sadly, I know a few ardent pro gun-rights people who’ve completely caved to the Kabuki Regime. I encountered one at the supermarket wearing its Face Diaper. I asked why – given there is no longer a “mandate” to do so. It replied: “Out of respect for other people’s feelings.” I was so stunned I could barely respond.

      Other people’s feelings?

      How about that piece you’re carrying? Do you feel obliged to stop carrying it – to spare the feelings of the gun phobic?


      • Eric, fear is not rational. It strikes far below the part of the brain that deals with reason and logic. Its called the reptile brain. Its one of the oldest structures in the human brain. That is what makes all of this fear porn so dangerous. You can get people to do truly horrible things, when their reptile brains are in charge.

        • The lizard brain does not think, it reacts. Fight or flight. Whether your fighting a Grizzly Bear or fleeing a bullet train is not considered.

    • I find that the mentally ill can typically be identified by a metal badge and a state-issued firearm that they carry. They seem to crave donuts and mirrored sunglasses.

  4. As explained in a prior article, the FDA repeatedly promised “full transparency” with regard to Covid-19 vaccines, including reaffirming “the FDA’s commitment to transparency” when licensing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

    Why would they want to hide this information from the public?”

    Because the Pfizer clinical trials that were accepted by the FDA for final approval were so totally flawed and poorly done that they never should have been accepted to begin with. They were done by a company Pfizer hired to do them, not Pfizer itself, but Pfizer is responsible for not revealing it and for not withdrawing their application until the trials could be re-run.

    55 years allows the matter to be forgotten, the statute of limitations to run out, and the people responsible to have become senile or have died. Pfizer may have no liability for side effects from the vaccine, but both Pfizer and the FDA could face criminal charges for knowingly approving it on the basis of faulty information and attempting to cover that up, if the whistleblower is correct. There is no way to know that for sure without an investigation, preferably by an independent prosecutor.

    • A disease without symptoms…what a concept.
      Let’s see. Is this most like
      a) an “automobile” without wheels
      b) “food” without nutrition
      c) a government “information pamphlet” which contains no actual information
      d) a “speech” by [your favorite politician]
      e) the “Ship” in the British TV series The Prisoner

      Inquiring minds want to know.
      Just remember, comrades,
      there is no pravda in Isvestia, and there is no isvestia in Pravda.

      • Turtle, i suspect the only person who still buys this nonsense is the kind of person who thinks the email is really from a Nigerian prince who will transfer millions into his account any minute now…..

    • variant “A” is gone now. emergency is over… so all the vac//cines are useless….what a cluster fu….c,,c…k
      mandates for a useless obsolete injection= insanity = stu//pid f….u,,,,kk kkks

      passport? no point the A variant is gone…. but they will still try to force inj//ect you with the lethal experimental genetic inje//ction…………..satanists (wef depo//pul..ation agenda)

      if you are injected you can transmit and get infected
      if you aren’t injected you can transmit and get infected
      no difference then
      if you are injected with the right injection, you might have milder symptoms that is the only difference, but who could care less other then you.

      if you are injected with a vac//cine for the wrong variant there is a huge problem, get get sicker and worst of all you turn into a variant factory, a super spreader, spreading everywhere.

      so you inject people with the wrong vacc//ine so they are super spreaders and then give them a passport to go everywhere at the same time as banning the un-injected clean people from going anywhere, makes sense…..

      government could screw up anything…….did they buy 100 million doses of an obsolete vac//cine? going to force it into you anyways, to hide their screwup, that is evil….. how many billions of dollars will they waste now?

      The science is conclusive and widely accepted within the medical community of virologists on what this vac//cine does and doesn’t do. in the video:

      None of the vac//cines stop infection
      None of the vac//cines stop transmission

      the 95% number they claim is just refering to symptoms reduction…..only effective at reducing the symptoms (they say 95% effective but in practice even this is proving false),

      The vac//cines were only effective at reducing the symptoms (they say 95% effective but in practice even this is proving false), of the “A” variant for which they were designed.

      ATTENTION: very important: this A variant is gone now so all these injections are useless now, they do nothing at all zilch……..there is no point in getting them, refuse them they are useless, worse then useless they will make you sicker.

      the predominant variant now is the delta variant, all these vacc//ines are useless now, no help at all with that new dominant delta variant, they weren’t designed for the delta variant,

      Dr. Paul Alexander
      ATTENTION: it is over, the virus has mutated down to it’s mildest, weakest, harmless form the delta variant, it is not a problem or threat at all, non fatal, very weak, benign…… data from isreal shows. so no need for the vaccine now…..
      but the people that were injected destroyed their immune system so delta will get them…bringacoffin

      The winners: so the uninjected are the winners…they didn’t get the lethal experimental injection and there is no need now because the virus has mutated down to it’s mildest form the delta variant, it is not a problem or threat at all, non fatal, data from isreal shows.

      The losers: If you took the experimental gene modification injections here is what you have to look forward to over the next 2-3 years:

      1) Sometime between October 2021 and April 2022 we will see if ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) strikes you like it did the animals in 2012.
      2) Around 18 months we will see if “mad cow” strikes you like it did to the humanised mice that were injected with the spike proteins.
      3) Around 24 months we will see if Alzheimer’s strikes you like it did the Macaque monkeys that were injected with the spike proteins.
      4) 60% of the injected have detected ‘microclots’ with the d-dimer test in the first week after injection. Right side heart failure within 3 years is common.
      5) The spike proteins impair your telemerase synthesis which is known to lead to cancer, CVD, diabetes, vascular dementia.

      in one outbreak of 469 cases 74% were in fully vacc//inted and 4 out of 5 of those were hospitalized.

      The old useless vac//cines are now assisting those who were vacc//inated at developing more severe symptoms and developing higher viral loads for the variants, because of this useless vac//cine they become variant factories, super spreaders, the new zombies……
      NOTE: be careful these inj//ec..ted people are now biosecurity ter//ro…rists, super spreaders, spreading to the un inj//ec…ted people.

      these vac//cines were NOT designed for the Delta variant, so they become a virus helper. you are worse off getting more sick, and spreading to the un injected.

      she says the most vac//cine hesitant are Phd’s because they understand science, followed by people with less then high school because they know they don’t know and don’t trust the government, the most hesitant are african americans, 70% have not been injected, because they don’t trust the government because in the past the government has done medical experiments on them. that means with mandates 70% of african americans won’t be able to work or be part of society. that is discrimination and segregation.

      (other vac//cine hesitant groups in the U.S. are hispanic and indigenous people, they don’t trust the government either). in canada the most vaccine hesitant are the indigenous people. in australia the injected rate is a low 27% the most vaccine hesitant are the indigenous people, there is a huge push on there to inject, it is locked down now worse then anywhere, chasing the indigenous with the na.. zi nee..dle.

      Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff said research showing that natural immunity offers exponentially more protection than vac//ci…nes means vac//ci…ne passports are both unscientific and discriminatory

      ,………vac//cin…..ated individuals were 27 times more likely to get a symptomatic COVID infection than those with natural immunity

      North Korea says it has no, none, zero, CO//VID-1..9 infections, so no masks, no mandated forced inje//ctions, injection rate under 1%. they are watching their enemies US and canada, etc. in the west exterminate themselves and laughing. north korea has no roth//sc…hild central bank and no roth//sc…..hild co//vi..d ho//a….x.

      Russian President Vladimir Putin said no one should be forced to get a jab. Pressure, where people may lose their jobs, is even less acceptable, it is coercion.

      after the injections started in isreal the death rate jumped higher, this is happening everywhere but is being covered up.
      in england a tender for a large supply of body bags and crematory services was advertised, a great business now.

      Dr. Bryan Ardis says it is genocide

      the bottom line: Dr Sean Brooks PhD Oxford has a message he says:
      Anybody who gets it will be dead in 6 months to 3 to 5 years. . It destroys your immune system and you die. Everybody gets blood clots and is sterilized, people are getting their children injected.

      get injected to get a passport so you can go inside a restaurant = dead in 3 years if you are tough, a high price to pay…..prepay your funeral.

      Dr. Zelenko makes it very clear that, in his opinion, the Cv//19 injections are neither safe nor effective nor necessary and that, in fact, forcing anyone to take the experimental injections equals genocide. zelenko said the injection is like the gas chamber and people are running into it.

    • LOL! Any day now Pfizer will come out with a vaccine for digestion – you probably have it but it’s symptomless, so line up and get your shot, serf.

      • Heh… They have a cure for everything but premature ejaculation… But I hear it’s coming soon!

        (Thank you Mel Brooks- History of the World Part I)

  5. Not only did FDR put those of Japanese descent in camps, their real property was confiscated as well. So when they finally did get free, they had nothing. Don’t think the Psychopaths In Charge have forgotten how to destroy people.

  6. This has already happened in 80 during AIDS, people were taking AZT just in case; and guess which ‘America’s doctor’ was in the middle of all the scam 🙂

    • Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

      Fauci, Birx and Redfield, all incestuously complicit in the HIV/AIDS frauds and malpractice, today hold the future of not only American public health, but also of the entire world economy in their hands. Not a good situation.

      As their work on the proved HIV=IDS fraud shows,

      the corona virus tests do not at all prove presence of a deadly vir …us in any patient.

      If this is so, it is perhaps the greatest criminal fraud in medical history.

      False Te sts?
      The issue of H IV/AI DS tests is central.
      Gallo and Fauci promoted their deeply flawed tests of antibodies.

      In a sharp rebuttal of the Gallo claims, claims endorsed by Fauci and the NIAID as well as CDC, Roberto A. Giraldo, MD and Etienne de Harven, MD, the scientist who produced the first electron micrograph of a retro virus, pointed out that both

      the ELISA and Western blot, and a genetic test, the PCR or ‘Viral Load’ test,”
      the two major tests used to determine if one has AIDS, are invalid.

      “None of these tests detect the HIV virus itself, nor do they detect HIV particles.”

      based on the invalid test they labeled many people hiv positive and ruined their lives, today the same thing is happening with the fake covid virus pcr test.

      They add that there are “more than 70 different documented conditions that can cause the antibody tests to react positive without an HIV infection.” Among the false positive cases are influenza, the common cold, leprosy or the existence of pregnancy.

      The same pcr tests are used today to determine SARS-CoV -2- positive.
      the same problem, more than 70 different documented conditions that can cause the antibody tests to react positive

      but based on that test they can lock you up and force inject you….soon

      They concluded,

      “The fact that after 25 years of intense research HI V has been neither is olated nor purified in terms of classical viro logy indicates to us that the infectious view of A IDS as a contagious viral disease is based on an apparently non-existent microbe!”

      the a ids vir ,,us was never isolated, identified, photographed.

      the c ..v ….19 vir……u,,,s has never been isolated, identified, photographed.

      all they have is a fake cgi image of vi,,r/us. a computer generated image.
      c ,,v1 ,9 biggest fraud, lie, deception in history

      Yet this fraud has shaped the career of Tony Fauci for more than 35 years. Fauci as head of NIAID has taken millions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the Clinton Foundation along with tens of billions from US taxpayers for this bogus research.

      fauci another dr. mengele angel of death with his gmo franken shots, wants to make 7 billion franken zombies. end goal 7 billion cull.

      It’s called depo pu..lation.

      [the A ,,IDS scam] was intentional from the very beginning. They [the higher-ups, politically, in Germany and, by implication, elsewhere] wanted to have a blood and sex plague…He [Kremer] was dealing at the top political level. They told him off the record, that they knew [about the fraud], they didn’t care, it was about how to deal with the drug problem and with the homosexuals.”

      The meaning of this is clear. Drug users and certain areas in the gay community were experiencing high levels of He ….pat itis B – and added to this, the H epa …titis B vac//c…….ne was also used widely in these groups. The result was a falsely positive HI ….V test – leading to the domino effect of death I’ve described above.

      Lanka continues, “They even tried to kill him [Kremer], and this didn’t succeed. He had a good intuition and got out of his car before the tire blew out…the German government was carrying out a secret psychological investigation, trying to prove that he was mentally ill…and in danger of committing suicide…”

      Okay. Having read to this point, now read the pages I wrote on the Hepatitis B vaccine in 1987-88. Those pages will fill in some blanks. They’re not as compressed as what you have just read – at that time I was swimming in various discoveries simultaneously:

      H IV was not the cause of AI DS; A IDS was not one condition at all, it was a smokescreen label for many different factors which were suppressing immune systems and killing people; AZT was poison; and so on. And I had not yet made the connection between the Hep B v ..acc .ine and a positive H ..IV test.

      A decade ago [mid-1970s], 1083 gay men in good health were inoculated with an experimental v ac …cin e against hep atitis B, an infectious v ira l disease. The trial was run at a prestigious research facility, the New York Blood Center.

      From NY Blood Center accounts, results were very good: There was virtually full protection against hepatitis B, which reportedly was starting to run rampant through pockets of the U.S. gay community.

      The reason? The vaccine had originally been made from blood of human donors, some of whom later turned out to be diagnosed with AIDS. During the early 1980s, health workers, who were at risk for he patitis B, were urged to take the new vac ci, but they stayed away from the product in droves.

      Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, Chicago medical heretic, points out that initially the U.S. Veteran’s Administration expected to give 90,000 doses of the hepatitis B v acc …..ine to its employees around the country. The response rate, though, by 1983, was only 30,000 doses. In the same year, 1,200 University of Illinois health workers were pressured to take he pat itis B shots. Only 237 did.

      In January, 1983, a year before the “AIDS v …iru s was discovered,” Dr. John Finkbeiner, writing in Medical World News, warned that the hepatitis B va ..cci …ne “might be contaminated with a pathogen responsible for the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (A …IDS) epidemic.”

      Dr. James Chin, head of Infectious Diseases for California’s Dept. of Health Services, contacted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and asked for long-term tracking of hepatitis B vac ..cin …ees. His implication was quite clear: Maybe the va ccin …e was causing AIDS.

      There were other factors that added to public worry. Alan Cantwell, a Los Angeles physician who authored the book, AID S, the Mystery and the Solution, recalls that “the CDC, reporting on the first 26 cases of AIDS in the U.S., declared that 20 were from New York, and 6 were from San Francisco and Los Angeles.

      These were the three cities that carried out the most extensive early hepatitis B vaccine trials.

      Then, all of the first 26 AI DS cases matched the profile of the volunteers in these same va cc ,,ine-trials: male, gay, under 40, well educated, and (mostly) white.”

      Dr. Cantwell adds: “AIDS was the first time doctors could recall working with a disease that seemed to be specific for a certain cultural group, i.e. male homosexuals.” Good reason to look for a common environmental factor – for example, a contaminated vaccine.

      Dr. John Finkbeiner, writing in Medical World News, warned that the hepatitis B va ..cci …ne “might be contaminated with a pathogen responsible for the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (A …IDS) epidemic.”

      the hepatitis B vaccine caused aids…….it destroys your immune system…..then they finish you off with poisonous AZT….

      now the mrna vaccine gives you aids (a destroyed immune system) the they finish you off with remdesivir…..

      • [the A ,,IDS scam] was intentional from the very beginning. They [the higher-ups, politically, in Germany and, by implication, elsewhere] wanted to have a blood and sex plague…He [Kremer] was dealing at the top political level. They told him off the record, that they knew [about the fraud], they didn’t care, it was about how to deal with the drug problem and with the homosexuals.” they wanted to get rid of the homosexuals…..

        happening again:
        This time exterminate 7 billion useless eaters with the killshot, starting with most hated group, the whites….

        why get rid of the 7 billion? someone said when the useless eaters come out of the trance and find out they have been robbed and are being exterminated (because they are a liability, very dangerous and getting pissed off), they kill the leaders.

  7. Meanwhile in Austria they are taking more steps along the lines that were used in the 1930s and 40s.

    It’s always the same. Such and such are unclean and a threat. They are denied more and more interaction with society, economically and socially. Then their property is taken, they are rounded up and put into camps, then there’s a final solution. It’s the same path over and over again.

    But the situational thinking disease never allows many people to see the pattern. Oh it was bad when it was done to people because of their ancestry or religion but this time it’s different because they didn’t submit to a medical procedure. They’ll never grasp the principles. They are forever stuck in the situational. Thus the same scams of the ruling class work over and over and over again for thousands upon thousands of years. All they do is change a scam slightly in its appearance and it works all over again.

  8. I’m starting to see more screen grabs of libtard Twitterers showing the year over year change of heart they’ve had. When it was Trump’s vaccine it was being rushed out without testing, and in no way would they partake of this ill-conceived potion. Of course a year and libtard-friendly government make for quite the change of heart.

    Same thing with the reaction to the opportunistic psychopaths “peacefully protesting” in Kenosha -vs- the FBI coerced January 6 “insurrectionists.” Double standards are just fine for the virtuous. Facts are only for what’s handy to achieve an end.

  9. I thought this was very sad, but I give him kudos for speaking out about the potential implications and sorry to hear of his passing. Don’t expect to find this obituary on any mainstream news media site.

    Unlike many in the liberal world I don’t wish death on those that take a different course of action than myself. It is sad that this gentleman did not seek another alternative and felt that the jab was the only way to go.

    • Hey Raider Girl,

      That was a horrible read. It’s easy to feel that man’s fear and regret as he lay dying there. All too tragic.

      I don’t wish that kind of death on ANYONE. Hell, I wish the Jab just worked and there were no side effects. The vulnerable could’ve chosen to take that and left the rest of us alone if we didn’t want to bother.

      Unfortunately, that isn’t what happened, and we’re getting nightmare stories like this passed through the underground as ignorant goons act as the useful idiot army trying to force the rest of us into a dark future.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        I couldn’t agree with you more.

        I was pretty impressed with the man’s guest book. People had read his obituary from around the world and were posting their thoughts. The condolences were well into the several hundreds. I think there is a more robust anti Covid jab crowd then we are aware of.

    • ‘In every age group over 30 in the UK, the rates of Covid infection per 100,000 are now higher among the vaxxed than the unvaxxed. Indeed, in the cohorts aged between 40 and 79, infection rates among the vaccinated are more than twice as high as among the unvaccinated.’

      –Lionel Shriver, The Spectator

      This effed-up chart says it all:

      Fake vaccines are the biggest technocratic #FAIL of the 21st century, so far: a total, abject faceplant.

  10. I dunno, Eric, I think this article may be too late, as it seems that a good percentage of society has already been lobotomized……..

  11. What About Bob has become reality? We’re Dr. Marvin surrounded by a legion of Bob Wiley clones. What was comedy is now our reality. Sigh.

    Bob Wiley: Well, I get dizzy spells, nausea, cold sweats, hot sweats, fever blisters, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, blurred vision, involuntary trembling, dead hands, numb lips, fingernail sensitivity, pelvic discomfort.

    Dr. Leo Marvin: So the real question is, what is the crisis, Bob? What is it you’re truly afraid of?

    Bob Wiley: What if my heart stops beating? What if I’m looking for a bathroom, I can’t find it, and… my bladder explodes?

  12. How can people so close to having lost all their freedom and rounded up into concentration camps can ignore this lesson from history and demand it of others today? Chaim Witz and George Takei of all people should know better.

    Maybe their left politics wasn’t about sex, drugs and rock & roll after all. Maybe what they were protesting in the 60’s was an envy of the power others had to impose their political will over others and just wished they were in-charge.

    • Hi Hans,

      “Maybe what they were protesting in the 60’s was an envy of the power others had to impose their political will over others and just wished they were in-charge.”

      I think that’s it, precisely. The Left only objecting to “the Man” -i.e., the establishment/government-corporate power – when “the Man” wasn’t Woke. Now that “he” is, they are all for him.

      • Eric, Hans,
        When it comes to coercive-collectivism, that’s really all it was ever about: Almost no one objects to the coercion as long as that coercion is being administered in the name of the ideals which they hold dear.

        That’s what the dog-and-pony show of politics has long been about. They put on this show in which one half of the population seeks to enforce their ideals on the other and vise-versa- but virtually no one questions why their life or the lives of their neighbors should be anyone else’s business- much less that of a group of elected Bozos, because it’s not good enough for them to free of coercion, but they must exercise coercion over others- and while people are so wrapped-up in that dialectic, they don’t even notice the real agendas which are relentlessly pursued by TPTB regardless of whether they vote for the actor who plays the free-love hippie or the one who plays the baseball-and-apple-pie ‘upstanding’ clean-cut church-going ‘patriot’.

        The recent Virginia goober-nut-torial election is a prime example. Vote for whoever you want…it makes absolutely no difference- the agenda of the state and it’s agents and cronies will march on.

        • Nunz,

          Do you see no difference in Charlie Christ and Ron DeSantis? Do you believe a Dem or RINO would be a better governor than Kristi Noem? You chose to leave liberal NY and move to pretty conservative Kentucky. Why? Why not stay in NY if all government electors are the same?

          • They are not the same now RG, but little but friction and gravity prevent them from being the same in 6 months. It’s just a question of what they will hold a gun to your head and force you to do. Either still holds a gun to your head.

          • **” Why not stay in NY if all government electors are the same?”**

            RG, it has more to do with the people and how much wealth the state has had access to with which to grow it’s tyranny, than which actor is running the show.

            Some of the reasons I chose KY:
            *It is a poorer state with fewer residents, and therefore the tyranny has not advanced as quickly simply because there is less political infrastructure and fewer “resources”.

            *A higher percentage of the population are individual land-owners, and therefore more concerned with preserving property rights, as opposed to states like NY in which a significant number of people are renters, or even if ‘owners’ own nothing but a condo or apartment or cookie-cutter row house over which they have no real control anyway.

            *Communities are still largely made up of people who have been here for generations and who have lots of local family, so they are not as reliant upon the state as the transient populations and hordes of foreigners who populate place like NY. The former care more about preserving what they have built in order to leave it to their children, rather than the latter which more often seek to have the government provide for their children at the expense of the former.

            *Strong gun rights here which have long existed are not easily messed with, and neither are the people who own those guns- and those guns also foster more self-reliance rather than dependence upon the state to ‘keep one safe’ and protect ones property.

            A Dumbocrap was in office when I moved here, and since then it has been an equal mix of D’s and R’s- just as this is also the home of both Rand Paul and Mitch [puke] McConnell. The only difference, has largely been in words. No matter who has been in the Governor’s mansion, we have lost a lot of liberty, and the very same policies and agendas which were operative in NY 40 years ago are now making inroads here.

            Our last governor, Matt Bevin(R) was ostensibly better than the current Andy Beshear(D)…but the agendas destroying our liberties have continued under both.

            I mentioned on here a few years ago how that a plan was being hatched (Unbeknownst to most residents, as it was not talked about in the media) to further erode local control by establishing DMV (called Transportation Cabinet here) offices and other such services here on a regional basis so that such things could be administered more directly by the state- as opposed to handling such things through each county’s Circuit Court Clerk’s offices.

            That is now coming to fruition- and no candidate from either party has even addressed it, much less opposed it. If one goes to Loovul(Proper pronunciation of Louisville) or other large towns, one encounters such things as the enforcement of the mandates, and zoning of property, etc. While here in the very rural counties the latter doesn’t exist and there has been zero enforement of the former, only because the locals- including ‘law enforcement’ largely will not participate, since they would be imposing such upon their own relatives and friends, since the workers who make up those agencies are still largely long-time local residents (expect to change soon- as it already is starting).

            To think that a Kristi Gnome or Ron DeSantis is going to thwart the tyranny just because they half-heartedly maintain a sane position on one issue to distinguish themselves from the others, is unrealistic. As we’ve seen recently, both of the above have plenty of other flaws when it comes to liberty, and ultimately just continue doing their jobs- which is to further the state and it’s interests and control. A Gnome or a Desantis may be better than a Cuomo or Northam in a few respects- but mainly just in offering a few words that are more sane than their ‘opponents’- just as was the case with Trump- but the reality is that at the end of their terms, the tyranny has increased…only with the support and cheers of the saner people, whom if they cared enough, could have truly done something to oppose the increasing tyranny, but who instead were content to tolerate it in exchange for being thrown a few very small bones in matters which the state ultimately cares nothing about. So they voted for they hoped and thought would be a lesser evil…and still got evil, because they gave their consent to the system and it’s actors.

            This is why we will never have liberty.

            Noem is a rather unique case- and has done some good- but that is likely more indicative of the people who elected her. If you look at her record as a representative of the US and SD Houses while she has done some good in furthering some common-sense things, she also tends to rubber stamp a lot of typical traditional right-wing crapola- and interestingly, almost never opposes anything nefarious, but rather just abstains from voting.

            DeSantis can’t be trusted at all. FL. is very tyrannical- his only real claim to fame is opposing the COVID BS. -a good thing for sure…but ultimately will matter little in the long run.

              • Nunzio, we both know what group owns and controls most of the western world. Kristi (as much as I like her) is simply a typical western politician. If she hadn’t done as ordered, that would have been the end of her career. I very much watch my words here. I don’t want Eric’s site to get DDOS’ed or removed for “hate speech”.
                But I very much recommend this site.
                Its behind a truly massive DDOS shield, and its owned by those who take a VERY dim view of the antics of the Usual Suspects.
                I have my own view of Ron Unz, but thats for a more private conversation. As educated as you are, you have no doubt put the pieces together in terms of certain parties influence on Christianity itself.

              • Vile bitch.
                “Closest allies?” More like worst enemies.
                Never forget the USS Liberty, nor the mendacious response of the Israeli government, nor the traitorous actions of Lyndon B. Johnson.
                Free Palestine now.

              • A family of “conservatives” I know is moving from our purple state to SD next week because they think it’s a free pure red state and think highly of Noem. These people, while non-leftists and very nice, are the types that wear thin blue line ball caps and write fawning letters to random troops overseas at holiday time. I suspect that they see this anti-BDS exec order as a plus not a minus. My advice to them was “dress warm.”

    • I believe this is from the late great Walter Williams, paraphrased, “people have no problem with their rights, its your rights they don’t like”.

  13. The Constitution reaffirmed our GOD given rights for self determination and freedom. Freedom has never been considered “safe”. The safety culture has never been compatible with freedom and the majority of the time , contradicts freedom. Daily routines, travel, leisure, work and plain old living one’s life carries risk large and small. History has proven that governments that impose safety on it’s citizens have always been tyrannical governments. Our culture has brainwashed and dumbed down people in this nation and have been at it since the 1960’s. We as a whole have forgotten our rights and responsibilities as a independent and productive people and are on our way to repeating history as just another nation that has fallen to the siren cry to those that will shackle and bind us; all in the name of safety of course.

    • The pitiful part is that they don’t deliver safety in the least amount. Quite the contrary, governments are the most dangerous entity on the planet. They make common criminals nothing more than a nuisance.
      We are bags of Jello with some bones inside. We fall down wrong and we die. Decades ago I read a stat claiming over 4,000 people a year in the US die slipping in their bathtub/shower.

  14. ‘None of us has ever been “safe”.’ — JK

    Amen, bro.

    Here’s a vivid reminder from MSM stenographers about the horrors awaiting us next week:

    This is why your deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey could explode and send you to the emergency room MarketWatch

    Durn … our family gonna wear bulletproof vests and full-face helmets at the table, before some homicidal turkey sends us en masse to the hospital.

  15. ‘American[s] of Japanese ancestry… were rounded up by the government and interred as a threat to the American public in the 1940s because of their Japanese biology.’ — eric

    Meanwhile, Japan’s German-speaking Axis partners seem to have learnt nothing from Dr Mengele’s depraved medical experiments, for which seven Nazi doctors were hanged in June 1948. Here they go again:

    ‘Austria will go into a national lockdown to contain a fourth wave of coronavirus cases, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced Friday, as new COVID-19 infections hit a record high amid a pandemic surge across Europe.

    ‘The lockdown will start Monday and initially will last for 10 days, Schallenberg said.

    ‘And starting Feb. 1, the country will also make vaccinations mandatory.’ — AP

    To really enforce lockdown and mandatory injections on a recalcitrant population, you need a Schutzstaffel to kick down doors and beat up rebels and hooligans who won’t ‘comply.’

    Impfstoff macht frei, Kamerad.

    • Hi Jim,

      Indeed – re Austria. This business of mandatory Jabs for everyone implies that force will be used on everyone. This will result in either slavish obedience and absolute tyranny… or something else.

      I am hoping for the latter.

      • The woman is this video says when people wake up and figure out what their leaders did to them (covid hoax, great reset) they kill the leaders.
        She says 30% don’t comply and won’t, 40% are on the sidelines watching, figuring out which side to support, 30% are in a trance, brainwashed, 100% all in the official narrative, can’t be communicated with, the walking dead, screwed, culled, finished, bringacoffin. She says the 30% not complying aren’t organizing, cooperating yet, so the nightmare/extermination continues.

    • ‘The FDA authorized Moderna and Pfizer’s Covid booster shots for all U.S. adults on Friday.’ — CNBC

      ‘Expanding booster access is simpler than asking Americans to consult a list of rules to determine whether they’re eligible. As our colleague Apoorva Mandavilli put it, “It’s easier to just tell people to get them.” — NYT ‘The Morning’

      Just so: it was ‘easier’ to pre-emptively intern ALL Japanese-Americans, rather than to identify a tiny group of collaborators (if any).

      Vaccinaziism is returning us to those dark days.

    • “as new COVID-19 infections hit a record high amid a pandemic surge across Europe.” Including Gibraltar, which is 100% vaccinated. It’s got to really grate on these Psychopaths In Charge when the virus ignores them and all they do. It’s got to be a big blow to there excessively exaggerated opinion of themselves.

    • Hi Mark,

      You’re right; I ought to have mentioned George’s preferences. Especially in view of the fact – he has bragged about it – that in his youth he was wildly promiscuous and had sex with numerous random strangers.

  16. The problem being, there is indeed a pandemic of mental disease. Which I’m loath to mention, since psychiatry is largely astrology and chicken entrails, and was among Stalin’s favorite weapons against his own people. But what else can it be? The absolute denial of truth. In fact viscously attacking it wherever it appears. The vaccines have zero long term testing, the worst adverse event record ever allowed, and mountains of evidence they don’t work well at all. Gibraltar is 100% vaccinated, with case numbers exploding. And yet….. The mentally ill constantly harp on a thing that does not exist. Safety is a feeling. It’s not a thing. None of us has ever been “safe”. Else there would be immortals around.


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