Kyle Rittenhouse and Daisy Dukes

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One of the arguments – the primary argument – used by the prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse case and amen’d by the “peaceful” (if they get their way) protestors gathered outside the courthouse – is that young Kyle Rittenhouse was looking for trouble. That he had no business bringing a rifle to a riot; that he placed himself in a dangerous situation and thus is at least partially to blame for what ensued.

It is an interesting proposition – just the right word.

Years ago, women who’d been raped were regularly accused – in court, by lawyers – of having tempted men to rape them. As by wearing provocative clothing hey had no business wearing – such as Daisy Duke shorts and halter tops, for instance. How could the men help themselves?

Weren’t the women who dressed that way around men asking for it?

Of course, it is now the absolute height of political incorrectness to suggest that any woman asked for it – ever. Even when she actually did – as in the case of women who let things get started but then decide mid-way they want them to stop. This isn’t to suggest such women deserve for things to finish – or that men cannot stop themselves. It is to make a point about the becoming-tedious hypocrisy and situational morality of the indignant (when it suits) Left.

Whether Rittenhouse made a poor decision by venturing into a riot with a rifle isn’t the question at hand. Certainly not as regards the law  since there was no law forbidding him to go where he went and the rifle he carried was legally carried.

The question – which the jury will shortly answer – is whether his decision to be there forfeited his right to defend himself against a rioting mob.

If the jury rules that he does not have that right because he put himself there – because he asked for it – was looking for it, as rape defendants used to claim about their victims –  then applying the same twisted reasoning, a woman doesn’t have the right to complain when she is attacked after having gone into a seedy bar, say. Or the wrong part of town – wearing the wrong kinds of clothes.

She had better dress – and behave – appropriately. The standard to be determined by the rapist and the courts.

It’s nonsense, of course – in both cases.

We don’t give people who steal cars a get-out-of-jail card because the car’s owner left the door unlocked. Or even if he left the key in the ignition.

No one deserves to be beaten up – or raped – because they made a mistake as regards time and place.

Rape is wrong, period – always. No matter what the woman is wearing.

No matter if she’s naked.

It doesn’t give a man the right to proceed.

And no one forfeits their right to defend their life when someone else is obviously intent upon taking it. In the Rittenhouse case, this fact isn’t even in dispute as the prosecution’s star witness happened to be one of the three cretins attempting to take Kyle Rittenhouse’s life and admitted it.

Wham, bam – thank you, ma’am.

Self defense, open and shut.

Just the same as if Boss Hogg had raped Daisy Duke in the back room of the Boar’s Nest. Her attire would not acquit him.

If the verdict in young Kyle’s case goes differently, then perhaps that ought to be reconsidered, too. That maybe it was Daisy’s fault for having shown so much leg (and so much else) to poor ol’ Boss Hogg. He’s just a man, after all.

What did you expect him to do?

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    • No protests about the high treason massive election fraud though. No protests about the poor people imprisoned in DC for the public fraud “insurrection” (and no protests for that whole public fraud fiasco). No protests about the ene-media publicly frauding everyone for decades. No protests about the massive brain-damage/murder injection crimes.

      These are obviously paid phony protesters. They’re a joke. No-one is believing their lies, which contradict themselves all the time. They’re literally truly real actual domestic terrorists.

      At least these domestic terrorists attacked the police station this time, instead of innocent businesses. At least the police can defend themselves without being tried for “murder”, unlike Kyle. I guess we should be grateful for that much.


    • By all the accounts I’ve read, this is an Antifa operation. You know, action by that organization that doesn’t exist? The most fascist organization in the US? Actually I was expecting a far more widespread violent reaction. Which leads me to the conclusion that, A) they’re afraid there may be more Kyles out there, or B) if such violence occurred it would legitimize folks taking up arms against them. No wonder they’re so outraged by the verdict. It essentially pulled their teeth.

  1. America has come a long way from when Korean shopkeepers could patrol their neighborhoods with guns to keep out rioters.
    If that happened now they would be crucified.

    • Hi Escher,

      I suspect that is coming back. People rising to defend themselves – and their property. I sense that lots of people have simply had it. The Let’s Go Brandon! chants being one way to gauge this. If the Left “peacefully protests” the Rittenhouse exoneration, I think there will be more than just an equal and opposite reaction.

      Der Tag Kommt.

  2. What I really like are all the Marxist feckwits harping on, “Why did he go there? He had no valid reason to be there!”

    Left unspoken is that the rioters had no more valid reasons for being there, yet no one says word one about then.

    • Hi Henry,

      Yup. Who gets to decide what a “valid” reason is – for going anywhere in public? The Woke Left? Apparently, it’s “valid” for Woke Leftists to go wherever they like and to attack whomever happens to be there.

      Let’s Go Brandon!

  3. I am guessing the riots in Kenosha after the verdict will be minimal. Reason. No one busing in and housing/feeding the Antifa/BLM thugs. Only a few crazies that are on their own. Yhe Kenosha authorities will be brutal to those few. The financiers know this is a loser.

  4. Folks should take a look at the statement by the WI gov after the not guilty verdict. Pretty amazing how he took this as an opportunity to praise the “victims” and repeatedly push the leftist dog whistle “equity.” These creatures never stop.

    • ‘Folks should take a look at the statement by the WI gov after the not guilty verdict.’ — Anon

      Biden’s statement potentially tops it, as Old Woke Joe backhandedly tries to incite a riot:

      ‘I urge everyone to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law. Violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy.

      ‘The White House and Federal authorities have been in contact with Governor Evers’ office to prepare for any outcome in this case. I have spoken with the Governor this afternoon and offered support and any assistance needed to ensure public safety.’

      Translation: BURN, BABY, BURN!

      • They need some time to get the band(s) back together. These organized so-called protests will be exclusively astroturf with 3 letter agency goons posing as Anitfa/BLM/black block, etc. Perfect for the mind controlled Murikan’s inflation adjusted turkey day before/after/on TeeVee entertainment.

    • I was talking with some other people about “equity” earlier today! How is it that rational people are allowing the left to redefine it? I double checked two dictionaries today.

      It does NOT mean “equality of outcome”. It just does not. It means what it means and that is more toward “justice” and “fairness” of treatment across the board. The liberal definition is 180 degrees backwards because you have to break actual equity to arrive at their definition of it!

      Why are people not pointing out this simple fact as in shouting from the roof tops?

      These people are wreaking serious havoc on our country using imaginary words.

      • “The liberal definition is 180 degrees backwards because you have to break actual equity to arrive at their definition of it!”

        This has been Leftist SOP for many years, straight out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, and probably even long before he transcribed it. Manipulate the conversation by redefining the key terms and harping on them. We’re watching the same thing unfold as CRT attempts to redefine the concept of racism around the Left’s desired outcome. The rest of us just have to keep calling them out on their patent intellectual dishonesty and nailing them to the wall with it.

    • Next step, Kyle will be indicted by the United States Department of (in)Justice for violating the civil right of the BLM/Antifa rioters. Hope he sues the liars who misrepresented everything for the last 2 years and are still at it; especially the Liar In Chief, you know where the “buck” stops.

      • Yes, I suspect they will do the same double jeopardy thing they’ve done before, the federal government will file different charges and since federal court means losing eventually they will put the kid in prison.

        It seems the desire here is to point out that property rights are gone and self defense is gone. That even if you win, you lose.

        • If the feds attempt to do the double jeopardy end run in this case, I strongly suspect that it will provoke massive reaction on the part of the Deplorables, if not spark Hot Civil War II.

          • I suspect, and the preponderance of evidence suggests, that is what they want. Why, I cannot figure out. It may be that they believe their own bulls%%t and think they will win.

            But what will they win? (They cannot- there is still too strong a tradition of liberty and defiance, and the population is still well armed and dispersed.)

            The reality is that everyone will lose while the Chinese Communist Party consolidates their power over this sad and sorry world. Which is why Occams Razor suggests CCP influence in the Biden coup, in the Soros DA’s and judges, in so much official corruption. But what do I know, I’m just a conspiracy nut…

  5. The fact that the system itself was going to put this young man into a cage for most of (or the rest of) his life shows you have vicious and cruel it is.

    That so many high-profile people went on record to support that potential lynching, including the fraud POTUS, tells you how hateful and intolerant the liberal establishment really is.

    As far as I have seen not a single one of these lunatic liberals have backed off of their defamation of Rittenhouse. Or even of the judge himself!

    These psychopaths sent death threats to a judge!! Can you imagine actually doing that?! You’d have to be out of your mind. Go ahead conservative/libertarian/non-lefty, go ahead and threaten a liberal judge! See how that works out.

    It really seems as though every single egregious character flaw of which humans are capable are not just demonstrated but encouraged and celebrated by these disgusting people.

    And now our lives are literally controlled by their dictates with a path of destruction as unimaginable as any hot war.

    • The path of destruction is the easiest path. It’s always easier to destroy than it is to build. The path of destruction is for the slothful, the weak, and the insane.

    • That’s good news to hear. That kid will have a target on his back the rest of his life. That DA is a damn fool, and Kyle will have to live with it.

      • well – lets hope he makes so much money suing the mainstream media, celebrities and other related propagandist, and ofcourse President Brandon himself that he can afford the finest private security for the rest of his days….

    • There’s always a chance for it to work if there’s a jury involved. God bless them for not kneeling to threats. Pray they suffer no consequences.

  6. I have never, ever seen a more corrupt prosecution than this one. The guy who got shot while pointing a handgun at Rittenhouse’s head was illegally carrying without a permit in the course of fomenting a riot, and HE WAS NOT CHARGED.

    The black guy who first assaulted Rittenhouse with a flying kick had a 20-year criminal record and was NOT CHARGED, nor was he called as a witness because he was on probation for several other charges.

    The prosecution WITHHELD POTENTIALLY EXCULPATORY video EVIDENCE from the defense.

    The prosecutor IMPUGNED RITTENHOUSE’S FIFTH AMENDMENT RIGHT to remain silent in front of the jury.

    The prosecutor POINTED A FUCKING RIFLE AT THE JURY in open court.

    If Rittenhouse is convicted for so much as spitting on the sidewalk it will be one of the biggest travesties of justice in the history of the nation.

    This is a Stalinist show trial, period. If Rittenhouse is imprisoned it is time to storm the Bastille.

    • I was shocked that the guy who pulled the gun on the kid had it illegally, but nothing on that…. its crazy. What I find impressive is Rittenhouse still shot up 3 people in the time neither of them can get him. In past societies this kid would be held up and praised as a hero….

    • Agree. Not sure what the judge is thinking but it should be enough to declare a mistrial. Heck, I thought after the Prosecution rested he would stop the proceedings with a directed verdict with prejudice.
      Prosecution changed their story at least twice and at the last minute wanted lessor charges included.
      Might see a hung jury. Should have taken all of 30 minutes to acquit…plus taxpayer provided lunch. This whole trial has been about the Right of Self-Dense and if Kyle does time it will be harder on anyone else that defends themselves.

      • Being a little familiar with the judicial thought process. In my opinion the Judge was correct in not deciding the motions for mistrial. A mistrial means we do it over. Not good for anyone. If a jury decides it and it is an acquittal, it is over no appeal. The Jury decision is sacred in American/Brit jurisprudence. The Judge knew the people had a bad one. Pretty apparent to anyone with a mind that is at all familiar with our system. He did not want to make the call. If he did it would be a do over. He could have been in a bad spot if the verdict had been guilty of anything. As he would then have had to rule on the motions. My feeling from watching him is that he would have declared a mistrial the real issue being with prejudice (do over) or without (no do over). The problem with a decision by a Judge is that it can always be appealed. He did the correct thing in letting the jury decide. The government hates juries. I love them.

  7. Wow, nice pics Eric. The only thing young Kyle is guilty of is excellent trigger discipline. He put himself into the fray when few adults would. Still, self defense through and through.

    • I teach advanced rifle classes. What Kyle managed in that situation is nothing short of astounding. The fact that he’s just 17 blows my mind. A miracle really. He showed remarkable restraint and absolute control over his rifle. Guys with 20 years of experience would be hard pressed to pull that off.

  8. Here’s another perspective…
    Rittenhouse was 17 years old at the time…not an “adult”.
    If he is (wrongly) convicted, the judge could pass sentence as a juvenile. This could negate any future problems with having rights restored.

  9. Well we are now in the result of decades, of generations, of conditioning situational thinking.

    And that’s a big contributing factor to returning things back to the historical norm of human society for the last six thousand years.

    • Years ago, a major player in shooting sports, whom I will not name, recommended concealed carry of a revolver, because they don’t leave casings behind, and if you don’t see a witness you should leave the area after a defensive shooing. Boy howdy, did he get some blowback on that.

      • Still VERY good advice, except that there is almost always a witness in the form of a camera. Which is a good reason to wear nondescript clothing and practice facial concealment, and drive nondescript vehicles with dirty license plates.

    • He was running toward the police line. The police did nothing to protect him. They saw the whole thing as it happened. They did nothing to protect him. Rittenhouse was hired (under the table) to protect the dealership. The dealership employees likely lied under oath to protect themselves from fraud. Had they contracted with a legitimate private security firm this probably wouldn’t have happened, but I seriously doubt they would have found one willing to take on that risk, especially considering the “protect and serve” police force stood down, the governor refused to send in national guard or even state police/highway patrol, and all for political gain.

  10. That the jury has been deliberating for 3 days tells me that they are likely compromised. I can’t understand it otherwise.

    Yes, it might have not been the best place to be, but Rittenhouse had every right to be there, as much as anyone else. I wouldn’t have sought out to do what he did. But they say heroes have this tendency to run TOWARDS trouble, not away from it.

    Deliberation shouldn’t have taken 3 minutes, let alone 3 days. This should’ve been an open and shut case. These charges should never have been levied against young Kyle Reese. We’re going to need him when we have to fight the machines.

    • I suspect the jury decided he was not guilty within a few hours. Now they’re trying to figure out a way to give a guilty verdict in their own self defense, without damaging their conscience too much.

      • I reckon you’re right, John. Though I wish they’d simply grow a pair and stand up for what’s right instead of trying to thread themselves through some perceived loophole.

        • They’re in a very tough spot. The mob has decided to dox them. Given the actions of the government WRT the mob, I’m not so sure I’d be so stoic in my convictions. At least not without a contract to sell my house and a U-haul pointed at Texas ready to go.

    • The longer it goes on, the more likely he will be convicted of some of the lessor charges. Guessing they are figuring out which ones, which isn’t good. They need to just find him innocent of all charges and send him home today. Not make him wait longer for an appeal that he will likely have to win later. It’s an injustice he was even charged in the first place. The fact he wasn’t arrested that night tells you even the cops on the ground thought it was self defense.

      “Multiple” charges is another injustice in the legal system. Often used when the prosecutor has a weak case (or just is a lousy or lazy lawyer). Since they know the main charge probably won’t stick, throw a bunch of other charges at a defendant. It’s too bad juries often convict on that, when someone should be sent home.

      • A way for jurors to salve their conscience when they make a verdict for political reasons. They convict on the lesser charge, and tell themselves that’s OK. In this case perhaps in their own self defense.

  11. if this trial is any indication of how the justice system works, it seems we are all subject to the political desires of the DA office.

    that should scare us all

    • Lots of rogue prosecutors (mainly in large cities) out there looking to make a name for themselves. Often later get elected to other political offices (aka, vp harris).

  12. Man if this poor kid is convicted of anything – would be so sad. Would feel like the death of so called justice in the US, and consequently the west…. And I suspect it would lead to even more people arming up to get justice themselves – because they certainly wont get it from the courts anymore….

    • Yep, Nasir. A conviction here will both result it what you say here, and also the opposite, wherein people who would otherwise defend themselves just lay down and let themselves be killed by goons. All a horrible prospect.

  13. When somebody fires a weapon intending bodily harm, you have no choice. If you can defend yourself, you will, no matter the circumstances.

    Charles Whitman just started firing from the bell tower, had the high ground, ready, aim, fire.

    First the violence, then the sex. First the beating, then the rape.

    Daisy’s unquestionable beauty presents herself in a coital position. Another sight not soon to be forgotten.

    Boss Hogg would be looking for his magnifying glass and tweezers.

    In the early days of Netflix there was a movie entitled ‘Irreversible’ that was in Netflix’ roster of movies. The content was graphic and violent, critics walked out of the viewing, the worst movie of all time, yet was in the Netflix movie schedule. Very difficult to watch, was available on Netflix if you chose to watch what was there, no holds barred in that movie. Netflix had it all in the beginning.

    Stumbled upon the movie by chance, now Netflix ain’t worth watching, much more out there these days.

    Included scenes of a woman provocatively dressed at an underground terminal for the subway system, if I can recollect the movie correctly. Who wouldn’t be interested in what she is all about?

    You watched from the end to the beginning, irreversible.

    What is going on in this world of woe is now irreversible.

    Weltschmerz is where we are.

    Tell me about it.

    • ‘Charles Whitman just started firing from the bell tower, had the high ground, ready, aim, fire.’ — drumphish

      … and ordinary Texans on the streets of Austin fired back with rifles and pistols — whatever they had on hand — though none of them were able to hit Whitman twenty-something stories above them.

      This was in 1966, when you didn’t need no ‘permit’ for nothing.

      What caught my eye about Rittenhouse’s trial was the prosecution’s illegal withholding of a high-definition video … to ‘win at any cost.’

      This bad behavior proliferates because prosecutors face no sanctions other than losing the trial and reducing their conviction batting average.

      In a just system, the prosecutor that withheld that evidence from the defense would have been cuffed, clapped into jail, and charged with violating Rittenhouse’s civil right to a fair trial.

      Under the raccoon-faced weasel Merrick ‘Garland’ (not his real name), this shit will get worse, not better, during the FJB reign of terror.

  14. Where are the parents? With either Rittenhouse or the daisy-duke wearing young thing that gets attacked, someone older and wiser should have intervened before these naive young people went out into the wild. Our society is really, really messed up.

    • Hi Snap,

      I tend to agree with you in regards to Rittenhouse’s age, him being 17 at the time. A young kid should not have been wandering the streets with a AR-15 even though I think his intentions were good (to protect property). He was naïve believing he wasn’t a target for approach. At the same time, we send 18 and 19 years old off to war to play soldier in overseas lands so was what Rittenhouse really doing all that different? If he had the backing of the US military the entire narrative is changed.

      No good is going to come from the Rittenhouse trial – whether he is deemed innocent, a mistrial, or guilty. A group of someones are going to disagree with the verdict and Kenosha, Wisconsin, is going to look like Beirut by the time it is over.

      People have the right to defend their property, whether it is their home, business, or community. I am sick of the narrative that we are not allowed to safeguard our possessions and must lay down so no one gets hurt. It doesn’t matter if you have put ten years of your life into your business or helped build your community. The story is the same – kneel down serf. This is bull shit.

      Last year we watched city after city be lit on fire, businesses looted and destroyed, and what did our government do? Not a damn thing. They keep spewing about laws, protests, justice, and democracy. It is crap. They did nothing. But, have a young kid try to defend his town and take out a couple pieces of garbage….that we have to make an example of. 🙁

      • Hi RG – re military service – at least they have some direction and purpose (not defending nation-building or other evil or questionable exploits), but yes, it’s not right that one is considered adult at 16, or 18 or 21 depending on the situation.

        There is little common sense around, everything’s insane. Honestly, from walking my dog this morning around 7:30 looking up at the sky and seeing dozens of chemtrails. wtf are they spraying into our air? I go shopping later and there are still way too many people walking around with rags on their faces. I want to look away.

        Is this a nightmare? you know how they seem real when you’re experiencing them. I want to wake up from this one.

      • Regarding defense of property, how do nearly all of us acquire it? By spending time and effort in exchange for it. As in part of your life. If someone determines they will take, damage, or destroy your property, they are taking, damaging, or destroying a part of your life, as in your example of the 10 years spent building a business. Different from murder only in degree or quantity. Not so terribly long ago, one could be executed for stealing a horse or cow, by this very reasoning. When the word felony applied to any capital crime, for which you might be executed. Now San Francisco deems the first $950 aren’t really yours to begin with. They belong to anyone capable of carrying it away. Any wonder a young man availing himself of a Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms is determined to be instigating violence against himself by doing so? Daisy Duke’s right to dress scantily is NOT Constitutionally guaranteed, not to say she doesn’t have one. Also not terribly long ago, she might have been arrested for doing so.

        • BOOM JK! You’re right on all counts. Back in the day, a woman wearing shorts was considered a whore. People stealing horses suffered the death penaly. And so on…

      • Hey RG,

        These morons don’t want you defending your own LIFE, let alone your town or property. The prosecution said something about it not being okay to take a gun to a fist fight. No, assholes, the right people will kill you with their fists. No, it’s actually a stupid idea to bring your fists to a gun fight, especially if you don’t HAVE to fight. These aggressors had NO justification for what they were doing, save that they perceived young Kyle to be inhibiting their efforts to wreck the place.

      • I agree it was dumb, but it’s also the exact sort of thing I would have wanted to do when I was 17. Just like my parents wouldn’t let me join the Marines (and at this late date I’m glad I didn’t), they probably wouldn’t have allowed me to patrol Kenosha either.

        Having said that, a lot of my friends’ parents weren’t like that. And their kids turned out OK too.

      • I am basically actively ignoring the trial, but I did listen to Michael Malice’s podcast yesterday where he interviewed Robert Barnes. Seems like there is a lot of opportunity for a mistrial, and even more possibility to have the case thrown out on appeal. My guess is that the court is looking at the likely response from the mob and going to allow for a conviction just so he can quietly appeal, a very risky move. But then again, Judge Schroeder is 75 years young and probably thinking this could be his swan song, so what the hell does he care? Throw the kid to the wolves and keep a city intact, or do your job and risk everything? Besides, he’s probably got his book deal and maybe a few speaking gigs to shore up the retirement fund so why screw that up by paying attention to the law?

        Who knows, maybe he got a call from a few Clinton goons making sure he understands the situation. “It’d be a shame if the grandkids didn’t get into the ivy leagues. Worse if Soros’ mob were to get the license plate number of your wife’s car…” Kenosha is pretty close to Chicago you know.

    • I have known 15 year olds with better judgement and more maturity than a great many 30+. In fact, far too few of those 30+ have none at all. Age is not a justifiable criteria, and so neither is the presence of a parent in the situation. The only negative aspect that might be attributed to his age is naivety. He mistakenly thought just action would not be punished. He might have read the Constitution, and believed it.

      • I don’t disagree, but those 15 year olds most likely came from a healthy family, not a perfect one, but a family that supports and respects each other, and one where the oldsters had the wisdom to instruct the youngsters about the ways of the world, both good and bad.

    • “Where are the parents? With either Rittenhouse or the daisy-duke wearing young thing that gets attacked, someone older and wiser should have intervened before these naive young people went out into the wild. Our society is really, really messed up.”

      Horrible take Snap… The woman wearing sexy clothes in a bad part of town has nothing better to do than drink a few drinks and maybe meet people. She isn’t asking for it, of course. But she isn’t doing herself any favors. Kyle went in there to protect people and property. Kyle has bigger balls than anyone else here…combined. AND he wasn’t in over his head. If this were 1700-1950s America, this would have been expected of anyone over the age of 13.

      A better question is… “Where the shit were all the other 16-65 year old men?”

      • Hi Andrew: I don’t really blame Kyle for being there – as others have pointed out, they would have done the same thing when they were seventeen. I get that. And I don’t condemn the young woman who dresses to show off her figure, it’s not wise to do so in the wrong place, but again I might have done that myself.

        Maybe your last question is what I was thinking of – our culture is really different, in a negative way, from just a generation ago.


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