The Question We’d Better Answer

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How then shall we live?

If the question sounds familiar, it’s because it has been asked before. Back in the ‘70s, by a Christian writer by the name of Francis Schaeffer. We – the Unjabbed – are obliged to ask it, again – and had better have an answer ready, given what may be coming.

The “Omicron” whatever-it-is (or isn’t) is already here. Expect it to get worse. Not necessarily the supposed sickness, which according to all the data is an even milder version of the original sickness that didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of those who got it.

Rather, the engineered hysteria.

The public relations team employed by the pharmaceutical cartels – i.e., the “media” – is hard at work, again – practically shrieking about a soon-to-be-here death toll in the tens of thousands per week.

One of two things will follow from this, depending on which of two things it turns out to be.

It could – and hopefully, will – turn out to be another “case” of mass-marketed hysteria with nothing behind it but extremely hot air; a hurricane of – what’s the proper word? – misinformation. Of a piece with the original misinformation about the millions who were going to die, about the hospitals and morgues overflowing with the dead.

That was enough to scare people into Chin Speedo’d submission. To get them to accept being home-imprisoned, their livelihoods decreed “non-essential” and their peace of mind and personal relationships shattered.

Will it be enough, again?

If it turns out to be the same as last time – exaggerated on purpose and the exaggerations used to further evil purposes – this whole awful business could be concluded as soon as spring.

There might even be trials.

People – in the main – seem to have had enough of the New Abnormal. Are tired of Chin Speedos and the associated degradation/dehumanization rituals of what is being clearly seen by more and more of them as the trappings and rituals of a sick cult – led by sick creeps like the little doctor who doesn’t practice medicine.

They have had enough – and are not likely to take any more.

What did The Chimp say, all those years ago? Fool me once . . . can’t get fooled again. Something like that.

Exactly so.

On the other hand, what if – this time – the bodies do stack up by the tens of thousands each week a few weeks from now – maybe just in time for Christmas?

Maybe not on account of the Moronic “virus,” either – which would be just as bad. What if there is a sudden “spike” in deaths resulting from the serial Jabbing of tens of millions of people, many of whom have already died, though those actual bodies stacking up aren’t being counted, at least not “officially,” by the public relations firms working on behalf of the pharmaceutical cartels. 

It’s their job, after all. If you’re paid to sell Chevys, you don’t mention Toyotas – except in the negative.

Here’s where it gets scary, in the way it was scary during the era of the battleships, when one hove into sight and you could see its turrets wheeling around in your direction.    

It will not matter whether the bodies – if they begin to stack up – are stacking up on account of the Moronicon or on account of the serial Jabbing in its name. The effect will be the same.

Mass hysteria on a scale that will make the last round seem like a a drop of rain in a thunderstorm.

And the hysteria will focus on us, regardless. The Unjabbed, who will be painted as responsible for it all. When people think other people are responsible for threatening their lives, what is the usual result? What is the result when such is egged on by – legitimized by – the government?

This has happened before, in many places. We all know the names of those places; it is hardly necessary to mention them. What is necessary is to understand that America could become such a place – and that it could happen more quickly than most people could imagine.

Who, after all, could have imagined 2020 in 2019?

How then shall we live?

If the mass hysteria doesn’t dissipate but waxes – becomes a pogrom, the demented fury of the crowd directed at us, by the government itself?   

Ask yourself: How will you get food if you are not allowed to buy it? How will you make do, for yourself and your family, if you are debarred from working? What will you do if they won’t leave you be, even if you never leave your home?

Will we stand by our friends? Stand, together? Will you take a stand – and not just for yourself?

How will you survive what may be coming? For the sake of those who will come, after we are gone?

These are daunting questions, but better asked – and answered – now.

Before the answers are forced upon us.

. . .

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  1. some people are trying to set up parallel independent communities, completely separate from the existing globalist controlled system, far away from any city. you might survive longer then living in a city, in a government owned small apartment, living on a ubi, a small government handout, own nothing, force injected with poisonous injections every 3 months, that is if you survive the 7 billion cull.

  2. “How then shall we live.”

    I’d recommend being as disconnected from the beast systems as possible. Too many people equate dropping out of Babylon with being an 1820’s mountain man who never sees another human being except when he’s trading beaver pelts for some coffee and sugar once a year.

    Most anyone can start a small garden and grow some food, maybe some small flocks of birds chickens and duck are relatively simple.

    Small community minded living, realize you can’t and shouldn’t do it all so connect with those who are like minded and share your skill sets. There is currently a parallel economy/ community it will only become more apparent as time goes on.

    Live like the comfortable hedonistic lifestyle of never ending luxuries and debt that led us to this place will not continue, because it won’t and it can’t.

    And don’t get yourself too closely bonded with black pillers. If a problem exists and less 70% of the conversations are solution based I’d steer the conversation in more positive direction or find new friends.

      • In other words despair and/or giving up. In the immortal words of Thomas Sowell; “There are no solutions, only trade offs”. There is always a way to deal with a problem. You most likely will not like the traded offs, but that’s strictly personal.
        People who give into despair have likely been pushed beyond their personal ability to cope with the situation. But even that is a trade off. Pushing some people tends to be counter productive. One never knows how creative they might be, and everyone and every system has vulnerabilities if you know what to look for.

    • Sic,
      For the larger part of the population who don’t live in the sticks, things like chickens and even gardens are no longer an option in the majority of cities and suburbs and even smaller towns- even if one has a small parcel of ground (Never mind all those who live in condos and apartment, etc.).

      In the 50’s, my grandpa had chickens in the NYC borough of Queens, half a block from the Triboro Bridge (Errr, now I think it’s the Malcolm Xcrement Pkwy or something…)- Today, they limit the number and type of pets one may have inside their home (ferrets are illegal in NYC!)…and if you had chickens, you’d be put under the jail. That is thype of tyranny so many ‘Mercans have allowed and have been content and complicit to live with for decades now. Any who have cared about liberty for any length of time are already in the woods, because that is the only place left where one may live somewhat freely- where what was normal life for the history of mankind is not yet a crime, and where one can have some privacy.

      And it is now to the point where one does need to be extremely leery of average folk- as almost everyone now carries a tracking/spying devices- which may sound paranoid, until one considers what is being implemented via ‘contact tracing’ [It may not yet be in operation here…but take a look at other countries- like Taiwan where it is in full-swing, and you will see that it is worse than anything portrayed in Orwell’s 1984] and the info being collected in real-time via the plethora of ‘apps’ on these devices [It’s even spelled-out in the user agreements, to which everyone clicks ‘accept’ without even reading….) -Not to mention how one’s neighbors, friends, relatives, the mailman, etc. would gladly turn you in if you even appear to be doing anything ‘suspicious’, let alone outright verboten.

      One really does need to drop out of society if they want any degree of liberty, because ultimately, that society has become the very source of the tyranny we seek relief from.

      But yes, living in proximity to those of like mind is always a benefit…just make sure it’s where one can be left alone, and away from anywhere that’s heavily trafficked by mainstreamers.

      Might as well buy a yarmulke, because we are becoming the new Jews…and we’d better start learning to escape and evade, rather than thinking we’re just going to be able to blend in and co-exist.

      • Nunzio.

        There is some truth to what you’re saying there are certain geographical areas that are totally beyond any reasonable way of living

        I didn’t mention IF you can get out of major cities then you should. Although I’ve seen a fair number of micro homesteads in Louisville KY (not exactly NYC or LA but still a decent sized mostly leftist pisshole as metro areas tend.
        Guys had chickens, composting piles garden towers etc. Hell, one lady had Nigerian dwarfs she used for milking. The dude with the chickens was doing better than me on his 1/4 acre than I am currently on my 5 1/2 acres. I need to turn these hayfeilds into pastures and lawns into orchards.
        Those in the city are no doubt more limited than I am but, not at all stuck with no way out.

        I’m not even close to fully independent or “there” but I’m a fair sight better than I would have been 2 years ago, I’ll keep plugging away until I can’t any more. I’ve by no means dropped out of mainline society, but am less and less reliant as time goes on
        I’m in and out as needed for work but always have been a bit of a social misfit so that’s very easy for me to do. Don’t care about what the average normie does and never really have.

        Exciting times we live in

        • Yes, SSB- Loovul- about 2 hours from me- is a hell of a lot better than places like NY, NJ and CA.. Not as good as the sticks, where I am, but a totally different world compared to those blue places.

          It may be too late for those who haven’t gotten out of the cities yet. One can’t just move to the countryside and just instantly start living like a pioneer. And right now, unless one already owns some land in a suitable place, good luck finding anything- and much less at a reasonable price- and with so few places left where there is no zoning or any of that nonsense, I just hope anyone who is truly liberty mined has gotten out long before this all started.

          I got out 20 years ago (Partly in preparation for what was coming; partly because why would I want to keep living under tyranny?) and I’m ready to move on, because the noose keeps tightening, and will continue to do so till there is nowhere left to go in this country.

          It looks like Patagonia may be the only place left…… A hope for those who want to live the remainder of this life free, and maybe even have some community with others who are seeking the same.

        • There are plenty of sizable places where backyard coops and small gardens aren’t a problem and you can still live a pretty decent urban life. Such as Denver. If you want NYC or LA then that’s the trade-off you make. But you don’t have to go off-grid Idaho survivalist. The idea is to reduce centralized government dependency and build true community. I think it’s more important to be geographically located such that the inevitable Leviathan collapse doesn’t cascade over you before your locality develops its own new reality organically. I don’t think even a NYC is going full apocalypse but rather the slow burn where D.C. authority erodes, it lashes out harder, further showing its futility. The idea of nullification will grow organically in that more and more people just ignore it. For all it’s current blue state faults Colorado also pulled back the curtain when it just said “We see your pot laws and choose to just follow our own.” When FedgovCo decided to allow the duality of it both being illegal and legal it demonstrated that since it lacks truly held principles there can be no organized response. The size and constant flip-flopping of Leviathan means collapse is likely and all most of us have to do is stand aside to let it happen.

    • We create a solution, more so a workaround, and the government crushes it. There already tons of laws on the books to crush growing your own food. For whatever workaround we have government has a law to apply or makes a new one. We don’t want the jab, the representatives won’t make a law? Fine, just bend OSHA past the breaking point to make it jab or job. Notice how laws are never bent towards liberty but always towards control?

      It’s pretty clear that there is only a couple actual solutions left and they are all ugly. everything else is a workaround until the government shows up to crush it.

      We are long past the just live poorly out where nobody cares point. Government is not going to leave anyone alone.

      • Speak for yourself captain black pill. There are elements of control that are harder to work around than others , but it’s far from past the point of no return. The ability for governments to enforce their will on others is waning. Look at the BLM riots last year, you had a sliver of less than 12% of the population doing whatever the hell they wanted without recourse. Ever seen post hockey/basketball game riots? How long has weed been illegal on the federal level yet how many people openly sell and use it? Police/governments only have the control they do because so many people respect the rule of law. We’re rapidly approaching a point where that doesn’t exist. The jack boot kicking in your door isn’t going to happen at least in most areas of the US. Every coward who goes along because it’s all over, or corporation who passes their own mandates will be the cause of any oppression or downfall, (but even that is waning by the day) it won’t be some order follower in a blue uniform stomping us out on our front porch. Even if it were the case there aren’t enough empty jail cells and body bags to go around.

        • Look at the BLM riots last year, you had a sliver of less than 12% of the population doing whatever the hell they wanted without recourse.

          blm and antifa are financed controlled by soros, part of the satanist/globalist cult

        • “Look at the BLM riots last year, you had a sliver of less than 12% of the population doing whatever the hell they wanted without recourse.”

          BLM and antifa are financed by and serve the will of the oligarchs, hence why they can do what they want. Kyle Rittenhouse, who defended himself against this lot, almost had his life destroyed by the state, who wished to create a precedent of being unable to defend yourself against their paramilitary forces. Forces they use to punish and suppress anyone opposed to further enslavement.

          “How long has weed been illegal on the federal level yet how many people openly sell and use it?”

          The Feds care less about the population being high on Hallucinogenic drugs. It benefits them, arguably. A population addicted to/dependent upon a soma-like drug as a means of coping with the shit reality, is much easier to control. I’m sure they only really cared about eliminating cannabis as a medicinal/natural alternative to the pharmaceutical poison prescribed to treat illness.

          Still, I appreciate your sentiments.

          • the soros owned antifa/blm is used to riot and burn down select redevelopment areas that the .0001% want to buy at 1 cent on the $. then the central bank gives exclusive access to 0% money to the .0001% billionaires to buy the real estate.

            • the elite nobility at the very top control the drug trade, it is very profitable, the top elite nobility family made a lot of their wealth from slavery and the drug trade.

        • Oh mr. libertarian purity test, no so fast. I’ve been encountering your type for years. Just give up everything and move into the woods and you’ll be free. It’s BS. I keep pointing to this video: These men followed the work arounds. They moved out into the sticks on the worst possible land just to be left alone and they weren’t. Eventually government comes for you.

          BLM and antifa riots of 2020 were a creation of the ruling class and served nothing but ruling class purposes. So of course government stood down. But look at what government did for the Jan 6 protest in DC. Sure it was clearly a set up, but the Trump supporters fell for it. Government pulled out all the stops to punish them. The BLM stuff…. meh slap on the wrist or nothing.

          Sure, if people want to stand up in mass and fight yeah, it works. I’ve seen Larken Rose’s little dot video. But here’s the thing, you need the mass. And that’s not the solution of subversion and workarounds, it the ugly solution. But good luck getting something started. A fed will infiltrate your org and kill your revolution before it starts.

          The only viable solution is to get 80% or more of the people ignoring them like the 55mph NMSL. And yes, I don’t see that happening. The majority is well conditioned and under some sort of spell.

    • I started a garden last summer. I burned more energy maintaining it, and fighting wildlife/parasites, than I got from the produce of the crop. I got maybe about three days worth of food some week in August. And that included a mature fruit tree that was planted years ago. I would need so much land and time.

  3. I have been pondering this question for a while now, and I still don’t have a clear answer that doesn’t involve leaving society altogether. After all, I’m young and would like to do things like meet a lovely lady and have a family, or have a career (both hard to do living in the woods). How are I to live when we become “obsolete” (as one Twilight Zone episode styled it)?

    • Daddy, these days, chances are slim of having such a life- even without the flu BS. Even 30 years ago…. Do what you have to do to live free, and let the chips fall where they may. Your chances are actually better of meeting someone of like mind living like you know you should in the woods. Sure, your chances of just ‘meeting someone’ are better on the slave plantation….but it’s almost certain that she will not be of the same mind with you- and before long, when the newness wears off, she will be a chain around your neck, and you will never get out, ….and you will STILL be searching for that one you never met.

      I’m glad I never met ‘anyone’. I see so many men my age who thought they had met someone…who are broken and miserable now- whether still married or divorced- and not of one of them is able to get out of the system now- and in many cases, can not even enforce their own values in their own homes, or over their own famblies.

      We have lost what we once had in this country- the thing that once made it so great. It was the height of human civilization for a century….but now it is destroyed, and isn’t coming back. All we have now in this life is the lifestyle we can create for ourselves apart from the system, if we can manage to find a place where we will be left alone.

    • Hi BigDaddy,

      It is possible the young may end up having the best of it – depending on how it all shakes out. It is possible there will be a backlash – in the right direction – against the sickness and when the “patient” is cured, the young will have a world even freer than the one middle aged and older people remember and mourn. Life is, indeed, like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. Be of good cheer; assume the best – while preparing for the worst.

      Do what you can to make yourself as independent as possible. Develop a skill, something you can do that will earn you a living without having to work for a corporation or even a company. Save. Buy things of tangible value that you can afford. Avoid getting into debt as you would an AIDS-dripping street whore. If you get serious about a girl, be sure you share core values. This is critical. Discuss this with her in great detail. How does she feel about home schooling? “Masking”? Does she regard marriage as a lifetime commitment or for only so long as she is “happy”? You know what to ask.

      If you are in the city, find a way to get out. I spent ten years working in the city – so as to live in the country. You may not have the luxury of ten years.

      If you haven’t already got a truck, van or SUV, try to get one. One that you could sleep/temporarily live in or work out of.

      I’m sure others here will add to the list!

  4. Here in British Columbia Canada the edict from our Provincial Health Kommandant (Bonnie Himmler) is that the unvaccinated are not allowed to meet over Christmas starting tomorrow – no number of unvaccinated people who aren’t from the same household can get together for any reason.

    I figure anyone who complies with such insanity isn’t the sort of person I want anything to do with anyway.

  5. Ya’s want a perfect example of how the masses “get it”? Just hearken back to Prohibition. Yes, after coiuntless lives were destroyed they ended alcohol prohibition- but only because the masses wanted a drink- and NOT because they cared about the oppression or “got it” or learned to reject government.

    And now for the past 45 years, we’ve had the War On [some] Drugs, and prohibition is endlessly enshrined to the nth degree, and the better part of the public continue to support such nonsense, and even many who have been victimized by that ‘war’, and drug addicts and such just say “They’re just doing their job”.

    They will NEVER get it.

  6. I seriously doubt they would loosen a real killer virus. Too risky for them,,, The virus doesn’t know friend from foe and they do mutate and even good vaccines are only about 20-30% effective.

    Any major deaths will be from the injections. They will of course blame the variant and the unjabbed. Already almost 20,000 reported dead on VAERS. A Harvard study found VAERS only picked up about 1% of total so that means a possible 2 million already. So far they’re passing them off as heart attacks, strokes etc but at some point they will start blaming the Omicron which doesn’t exist but that doesn’t matter.

    Two things need understood, First the Sars Cov 2 virus has never been isolated,,, purified,,, sequenced or proven to cause the disease covid. Like HIV, it was the medicine (AZT) and treatment that killed most of the ‘AIDS’ patients,,, With Sars Cov 2 it’s the vaxx and the treatment (remdesivir) killing the patients. AIDS was a trial run.

    Try to get to a safe state like Texas or Florida. Have some food and zombie repellent. I believe this is what creepy Biden meant when he said it would be a dark winter. They think they have the zombies primed and ready to attack and I think they may be right but hope I am wrong. Watch your backs,,, we’re talking armed Karens and Kevins.

    The only serious worry is the jabbed brainwashed folks. No telling what they will do,,, the unjabbed may be forced into defending themselves from mobs of zombies. Do not expect help from law enforcement or the military as they are weeding out the unjabbed as we speak.

    • “armed Karens and Kevins”

      I’m trying to picture that.

      …Having a hard time, here.

      “armed Karens and Kevins” Is that like Raggedy Anne & Andy with… what? Idk.

      All I can come up with is a vivid memory of Gilda Radner bouncing off the walls in a Saturday Night Live skit.

      …Oh wait. I did see some photos online of some bad assed looking black dudes all paramilitary decked up in an Antifa type march. I suppose, there’s that?

      • I have a signed copy of an Antifa poster. A group of ten people in black bloc gear, with various military style firearms. Most have their fingers on the triggers, and have them pointed up (while out doors)… (Face Palm). Needless to say it made them a laughing stock. But we can’t count on clowns like that being their main shock troops.

        What makes the Prog’s dangerous is their collectivist nature. Due to being
        collectivists, they tend to be rather good at organization. Mobs tend to be dangerous only to the untrained and/or vastly out numbered. Organized groups
        on the other hand, are dangerous in many different fashions. It is this organization, and collectivist mentality that has allowed them to infiltrate and
        subvert most of our primary institutions over the last 40 to 50 years.

        Never underestimate their fanatical lack of thought, and rage at anything that is
        not part of their Cults current Narrative.

        PS Yes its me. I came in from one of my VPN’s so I don’t get tagged by that silly anti bot software. 🙂

    • I’ve read analysis on the genome of the moronicon that seems to suggest it too was lab created. Too many specific mutations for it to happen naturally from the original strains and evidence it spent time evolving in mice. So the theory goes it may have come from or actually be a parallel vaccine TPTB were using to attempt protect themselves from the Wuhan-derived strain and it may have escaped. You know, virus gonna virus. The oligarchy and their bootlickers have deluded themselves they are smarter than Mother Nature that they actually think they control viruses and truly believe their stories of how modern vaccines and medicine work.

  7. Stop the insipid testing and this will all go away in a week. This constant need to shove Q-Tips in one’s nose is a weird fetish, and keeps this shit show from ending.

    • Yes. I agree.

      When I got the ‘rona (or at least tested positive), I felt like crap–hence knew I was sick. No test required, except that HR required one.

      This is a large part of the reason why the vaxx mandate needs to go away, is the testing. It’s designed to make remaining unvaxxed into such a gigantic pain in the ass that you pretty much have to roll up your sleeve, even though you don’t really want to. This is highly unethical, but TPTB don’t care. This will likely create a huge market for unnecessary testing for the unjabbed, though, and/or a gigantic demand for fake vaxx cards. It’ll be about 30 years before I can just quit my job, though. I can say it’s not acceptable working conditions, but I also need to make a living.

      • The unvaxxed will be forced to be tested every week, a lot of those tests will be (by design) false positives (even though the people in question will be asymptomatic–i.e., not sick). Ta-daa!!! The much-advertised “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” will arrive–right on schedule for the “Dark Winter!”

        It’s brilliant, really. In a twisted way.

      • RE: “It’ll be about 30 years before I can just quit my job”

        Then don’t, ‘quit’. Find another one?

        Or, better yet, make one?

        Self-imposed limits are the hardest to overcome.

        RE: “The unvaxxed will be forced to be tested every week”?

        No, in the Unitedstate, they’re doing so willingly.
        …So far, anyway.

        I think they are pussy’s & pushovers for doing so. But, that’s just me.

        • Then don’t, ‘quit’. Find another one?

          Or, better yet, make one?</i.

          That ship sailed a long time ago. Do you have any idea what it would cost to build my own chemical plant?! The plant where I work now predates the EPA, so it is allowed to do all kinds of stuff that you can't get the permits to do now, at any price. How the hell am I supposed to compete with that?! The process itself is highly knowledge-intensive, and I only know (and am only allowed to know) little bits and pieces of what I don't touch. As a result, it takes a lot of years to get a complete picture, let alone a complete understanding. I'm bound by secrecy and non-compete agreements with my current employer, which make me potentially liable for a lot of mones. Also if I did get something off the ground, I would have to spend literally multiple years doing testing to get approvals from various OEM's to get approvals to even get my foot in the door to start selling product. If I design something great now, it belongs to my employer. If I quit and design something great, and try to have it toll manufactured, the price premium for tolling will force me to charge so much to make a profit that I won't be able to get a toehold.

          You can't do what I do, and have a job you can just pick up and move. It just doesn't work that way. And I'm too old to be able to pull it off very well if I try to start back from scratch doing something else. I could do it, sure, but no boss would put up with the process. You pull that stuff in your teens and twenties, not now.

          • I’m not fond of, “can’t’s” & “don’t’s”.

            That said. It seems like you’re valuable enough to them you can say, “no” when they tell you to “jump” & put on a face diaper. ?

            Otherwise, seems like you’ve made your mind up & accepted your lot.
            I hope you find your way.

            • I’m valuable enough to get by with a lot–but not that much. And I’ve been around the block a few times. They’re all the same. All corporate. The small manufacturers couldn’t compete so they bought each other out years ago to become big, then got bought by the big guys anyway. There are only a handful of actual separate companies left now, and I either used to work for or don’t want to work for most of them. I have some connections, some of my coworkers have connections. People talk. There’s turnover. But hey, what do I know, I’ve only been cruising around my industry for the last decade-plus.

            • I try to hold a humble opinion of myself but I’m in kind of the same position as Publius. My job was official considered essential in 2020 and I like to think actually meets the definition in a free market way.

              I work in power generation. There’s a lot of hand wringing about what to do. We know we hold significant bargaining (both union and white collar) power and the bosses know we do, too. So they walk on eggshells. It’s kind of a turn about on the old Soviet saying, “The pretend to pay us, we pretend to work.”

              We pretend to adhere to the narrative and they don’t actually push too hard on enforcement. If they did cause a loss of even 10% of us they’d be screwed. You have to realize that power isn’t exclusive. Sure, some facilities have their own backup power and a few even their own on-site full time generation. But 99% of university campuses, politician’s homes, office and government buildings, first responders and even military installations rely substantially or completely on the shared grid.

              So nearly everyone would be screwed as blackouts start rolling. So I neither want to keep playing the game nor do I want to stop playing the game, both for the well being of society and myself. It’s not an easy thing to resolve since generating stations aren’t something you run out of a spare bedroom and sell on Etsy.

              You might seriously consider pushing forward solar panels on your roof as soon as you can afford them. Just sayin’.

    • Remember that the PCR test is scheduled to be discontinued on 31-Dec? I still haven’t seen one word about what is supposed to replace it! Tick tock.

      • Tom Cowan addressed that some months ago.

        They’re going to roll out a “multiplex” PCR all-in-one battery that “tests” for a number of “diseases” simultaneously, many of which you’ve never heard of (Rotavirus, Rinovirus, etc.), but any of which will presumably tag you for “quarantine” and so forth…

        • So the testing going to get more complex, more expensive, but not better or more accurate. Figures.

          Where is the FDA when you need them? Oh, wait…

  8. Oh, how I wish the clot shot purveyors would offer us a waiver to sign. It could say we, the unvaxxed, promise not to seek medical attention if we contract Covid (thereby not straining their precious hospital system). Would that not satisfy all parties concerned?

    • Or how about signage in public spaces, e.g., “there is an inherent risk of contracting {communicable disease} when in public….enter at your own risk.”

      Shame we would need a sign to state the obvious, though.

    • This has little to do with health Jim. Its about fear, power and control. The Deadly Global Pandemic™ is just a cover for their mad power grab. If you look deeper, you will see why they are desperate. Their debt based fiat currency scheme is on the verge of collapse. They need something, anything to distract peoples attention, and to shift the blame for what comes next.
      Mises. Hayek and Rothbard (among others) all spoke of what is happening, and what comes

      • because of the 4th industrial revolution the elite nobility/billionaires were going to lose some of their wealth/control, this hoax was designed to maintain control and wealth, at the expense of the useless eaters on the bottom who get exterminated.

        • I hope they fail.

          This reminds me of the Napster episode of South Park, where the rich musicians were whining about having to trade in for a smaller personal jet etc.

    • you can get a dog tag with the paramedic logo on one side, and whatever message you like on the reverse.

      Mine says:
      Wearer refuses all medical treatment.
      Do not transport to any hospital, on pain of your death.

      I have had it for approximately 8 years.

      • Hi turtle,
        I have something similar for myself saying do not EVER put me on a ventilator. I actually got it a few years ago after my mom died, they put her on a ventilator and she never got off it, I think it actually hastened her demise. All it does is weaken your lungs so you’ll never be able to breathe on your own again.

        • Hey Mike!

          I like your/Turtle’s idea too.

          Sorry to hear about what happened to your mother 🙁

          I believe it was the same for my late 90 year-old aunt, who made the mistake of going to the hospital when she got the flu, and got one of those fraudulent tests that said it was the ‘Rona. She was a strong healthy woman who had just previously cooked a big spread for 14 people….but they put her on a ventilator (and we’re not sure if she had gotten th clot shot, as no one is saying- but she likely did- as my uncle had gotten it, and they were personal friends with their doctor…) -and of course, she died.

          My uncle (her husband) also had the flu of the so-called ‘Rona variety at the same time, and wasn’t put on a ventilator…and he’s alive and well.

          • What was that line Bones had in the old Star Trek episode when he was referring to centuries old doctors? “Barbarians”? “Butchers”? Something like that?

            Sad tales, guys. My sympathies.
            And this is only the first inning.

            • big pharma witches
              medical fraud

              what you think is modern, our allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to rockefeller, is no better than medieval witch craft.

              it is more like astrology, their is no science involved (they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it), it is very similar to what the witches were using.
              we know very little about how our body works or how what we call an immune system works.

              the modern allopathic medicine uses poisonous vaccines and drugs made from oil that gives people cancer, they can’t cure any chronic diseases, you are probably better off going to a witch doctor.

              the witches using medieval medicine said you had an evil demon spirit, giving them an excuse to make you swallow poison remedies.

              in the middle ages: an oppression and killing instrument of the vatican, the Church’s pandemic plague church doctors would declare you a witch, wizard, pagan or heretic and execute you. today if you don’t believe in cv19 you will be disappeared.

              today the satanist doctors created a cgi, computer generated image of an imaginary virtual fake virus to scare you.

              (a virus is actually a cleaning agent not the grim reaper, today the liars are more skilled),

              the satanists want a 95% cull so they have a fake test that can show 100% of the population has it, this gives them the right to force injection everybody with deadly gmo injections, (except them). gates, his wife and children have never been vaccinated.

              ATTENTION: big pharma causes 440k deaths a year in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care) and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. This is only from the reports we know about.

              Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
              “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

              Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body. why would you?

              why do you need a deadly injection for a cgi virtual image imaginary virus? insanity.

              in the wizard of oz when the house fell on the wicked witch of the west, the symbolism was the wicked witch of the west was big pharma.

              “The Nazis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the State: ‘Für euer sischerheit’ —> ‘It’s for your safety’” these satanist witches are nazis.

              Auschwitz = Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free)

              Earth 2020 = Vaccine will make you free

              • ATTENTION: big pharma causes 440k deaths a year in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care) and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. This is only from the reports we know about.

                combined with the extermination injection deaths they should get #1 spot for causes of death, avoid the doctors…….

  9. There’s a two-volume set of books called Civil Defense Manual written by Jack Lawson with many contributions from individuals who lived through catastrophic meltdowns of society such as Yugoslavia in the 1990s. I picked up a set some time ago and recommend them. They’re a bit wordy and redundant but they provide a ton of valuable food for thought. And if the lights go out, candles and books still work.

    • So do kindles if you have solar panels to charge power banks. 🙂 You can have hundreds and hundreds of books on a kindle, and they take very little power to keep running. They are also easier to read, if ones eyes aren’t as good as they once where.

  10. “How will you get food if you are not allowed to buy it? How will you make do, for yourself and your family, if you are debarred from working? What will you do if they won’t leave you be, even if you never leave your home?”

    I’ve been preparing for this for many years, now. I’m still not comfortably ready, but I have the knowing, the theoretical knowledge, and knowing is half the battle, as GI Joe used to say. I’m probably a year or more away from the comfort of self-reliance, and I might not have that long, but seldom do your trials come when you are ready.

    “Will we stand by our friends? Stand, together? Will you take a stand – and not just for yourself?”

    Oh, do I hate violence and death. As much do I hate the thought of administering them as receiving them. But if they reduce our choices to none, yes, I will defend myself and those who need defending.

  11. People remember the 2 weeks promise. People remember the field hospitals that were built in record time. People remember the hospital ship in New York City. People remember the lack of materials. People remember the promise of the high-tech vaccine and gene sequencing.

    Those people are shutting down their TVs (look at the horrible ratings of all the MSM, cord cutters, etc). Facebook is the “worst company” of 2021. O’Biden has been in office for less than a year and already has one of the lowest approval ratings since they started tracking that stuff. Heck, even mainstream churches are losing their flocks as they get crazy.

    People are figuring it out, but when someone is standing outside your open window shouting through a bullhorn it’s really difficult to ignore them. Especially when their goons can strong-arm your employer, grocer and entertainers.

  12. How shall I live?

    The same as it ever was, without fear, of this life, or the next. Finding beauty and good, even if only in small quantities. Being thankful for my many blessings. Loving my family, helping my neighbors, tending my own garden. If that fails, a giant bonfire to burn the whole thing to the mutherf***ing ground. Then start over.

    If I’m no longer allowed to live that way, then I will adapt. Being no longer burdened by the bonds of some illusory ‘social contract’ as set down by our garbage elite.

    Extremism in self defense of my life is not a crime.
    Restraint in destroying the destroyers is no virtuous signal.

    • Amen! Amen! And, Amen, Norman!

      How shall I live?

      Maybe I won’t. Much better men than I have been martyred. Living is not always the most important thing. I made the choice as to Who I will serve and how I will live….and if some manage to kill me as I pursue that [Note: I will make the cost to their side very high] then so be it, because I ultimately win- I will have passed the test which matters, and remained faithful to God and myself- which is a must, because I could not live in denial of such, nor put anything else before them.

      “4 And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.” -Luke 12:4

      • Amen back at you Nunzio.

        I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. Got that written on the wall in my barn. Might be a good time to spray paint it under the bridge, by the park.

  13. So determined to get their Dark Winter that didn’t materialize last year. And it won’t happen this year either, and all they can do is stomp their feet and scream at the sky. How will I live – the same way I lived the past two years and the two before that, ignoring proclamations from leftist imbeciles and focusing on my family. FJB

  14. It’s even worse than we think.

    Last year, we could easily tell what percent of the population ‘believed’ by merely noting how many in the stores were wearing the holy muzzle. -About 99%.

    That number has not changed much. We may see fewer muzzles- maybe only 50 or 60 or 70% of poltroons…err..patrons, BUT that is only because so many have taken the jab(s) and are thus less diligent about masking, thinking that the ineffective jab will protect them, so that they need not wear their ineffective muzzle.

    Where are all these people who are tired of the charade or who are waking up? Other than we-the-usual-suspects, I don’t see any in the general population. What I see is the majority believing that there is a ‘pandemic’ (’cause the TV says so- and we all know that the TV is science!), and wearing muzzles and taking clot-shots- and even those who may not necessarily be in fear, are happy to oblige in the Kabuki when prompted to do so….at the mere request of an inanimate sign or the slightest beckon of a minum-wage-earning clerk.

    When assessing the beliefs of the public, one needs to listen to and observe the general public to get an accurate picture. The picture painted by members of our own type- those who frequent Libertarian websites and leave comments on Libertarian articles and videos, are NOT representative of the public at-large; they are representative of people like us- the small percent who “get it”, and who are being marked for obsolescence and death.

  15. Eric, you really do under estimate them if you think that they’ve miscalculated and that the average schmoe is going to suddenly “get it”, and that this is somehow going to end anytime soon.

    There will be plenty of deaths for them to blame on ‘Omicron’ or whatever they name the next boogeymen that they invent under the beds in the minds of the screen-addicted public- and those deaths will be caused by the jabs that everyone has taken….but of course, they will be blamed on [insert name of latest ‘variant’ here].

    Believe me, they haven’t gotten the world to this point by being stupid or by misunderstanding the behavior of the masses- and the plan being orchestrated which we are witnessing before our very eyes, is to create such fear and such panic so as to cause the masses to outright desire world government with dictatorial control ‘to keep them safe’ and to ‘fix the economy’ [which they‘ve destroyed)…and to use that fear in the masses to make them reactionary, so as to cause our fellow men to self-police the ‘non-compliant’ [i.e. us] and to advocate and even participate in our destruction. We are the new Jews…and we are seeing a new Nazi Germany erected on a worldwide scale.

    ….and the people will do exactly what they’ve been programmed to do- just as they always have- the same way they rule and oppress at the lower levels and fight in wars for bankers and politicians, etc. If there is one thing that the overlords understand, it is human behavior- and thanks to worldwide 24/7 media via TV/internet/smartphones, they can now easily program the masses on a worldwide scale in unison.

    Tl;dr: The deaths are inevitable, as the jabs take their toll. It is those deaths that will be blamed on some ‘variant’; which will in turn spawn more fear, causing even more to get jabbed, which will crearte even more deaths, ad infinitum…..

    • Nunzio, perhaps you’re overestimating The Power Elite just a tad?

      Their track record does not seem to be flawless.

      They are not perfect.

      That there’s Any resistance to their plans, when zero was the goal? Time will tell.

      • Helot, there is never zero resistance- to anything. It’s about the majority- whether ‘true believers’ or those who just ‘go along to get along’ or because they fetishize law/government/patriotism/dumb-ocracy, whatever.

        They have the majority in compliance….most of the rest are soon dissuaded…and those of us who aren’t, aren’t enough to matter.

        Now we are seeing this occur on a worldwide scale and all at once. Virtual worldwide medical martial law. We have reached a new low. They already had our money, our labor, our children, our property, our privacy….now they are coming for what little remains and sewing up all the loose ends…and all they get “peaceful protests” by some supplicants- which is like nicely asking a burglar if he’ll please stop robbing your house, even though he’s holding a gun and you’re holding a sponge. There aren’t enough sane people left to do anything but peacefully protest (make supplication)….so who is going to listen?

        • Actually Nunz, you are only seeing what they want you to see. One should never base ones intel and analysis on enemy data. There is MUCH more going on in the back ground than meets the eye. That is one of the reasons they are getting desperate. They aren’t the only ones moving pieces around in the shadows.

          Are you familiar with Tom Luongo?

          He has a quite good grasp of the geopolitical Big Picture™. Also his analysis tends to be first rate. He is just one of a large number of people who have the connections, experience and background to make sense
          of what is actually happening. Couple that with Lind’s insights, and you might come to a different conclusion on many things.

        • I have grave concern for the welfare others, but my action is not determined by whether “we” win or not. My action is the product of my love of liberty, and I’ve given up all of it I’m going to. I’m far more concerned with how my soul will rest than a longer life. I’m far more concerned about not having calluses on my knees than a bullet in my head. More die under tyranny than do fighting it. It’s simple math. A risk/reward analysis.

    • ‘We are new Jews.’ — Nunzio

      On Friday, Biden’s henchman Jeff Zients warned that the unvaxxed are headed for death by omicron, as they selfishly hog emergency rooms on their squalid way off this mortal coil.

      Zients happens to be affiliated with a faith that was rather brutally pogromed about 80 years ago.

      But this telling irony makes no impression on Zients, as he crassly propagates Biden’s insidious, crackpot gospel of hatred, discrimination and fear.

  16. You can’t live by bread alone.

    Biden is going to be speaking tomorrow warning the unvaxxed that they are in big trouble if they don’t submit. It is going to be another dark winter darker than the last and the winter will be of death.

    Wait until tomorrow to hear what he does say about those unvaxxed heretics.

    If he makes it to tomorrow.

    • The infusion pumps under the desk and hidden in the surrounding “furniture” of that fake Oval Office set have been pushing the Adderall and other cognition enhancers into Biden all weekend as he rehearsed Tuesday’s speech.

  17. If it comes to the worst outcomes, “society” is aggressing against us by denying out rights to contract, engage in free exchange of labor & goods in an effort to coerce us against our will to the point of threatening our lives.

    At that point, all options to defend & reinstate claim to these rights become valid. I will take any action I want at that point and feel entirely justified in doing so.

  18. Let me tell you another thing about “alternative” medicine practitioners. Sorry if you find this annoying but this could save some lives.

    Alt med practitioners… by and large (remember there are fakers everywhere)… will NOT turn you away because you have or have not taken any particular thing even if they’ve prescribed it for you.

    They will only be wearing masks (or asking you to do so) if there is absolutely no choice (i.e., because of the govt.) and, if that is the case, will usually allow you to take them off in the treatment room. In my area that they are no longer required to do it, so no masks at all.

    They won’t isolate you from someone to assist with your decisions therein. They won’t advocate for pharma poison. They will advise against it. They won’t bind you to what insurance allows. They’re not directed as to what they can or cannot tell you by big pharma or anyone for that matter.

    They will do everything in their power and reach to help you be as healthy as possible. That is what they signed up for in their life, not fat paychecks from hospitals, medical groups, or big pharma. In fact, those are the same people that have been preventing them from reaching you and helping you.

    If you get sick, at least consider contacting an alternative practitioner. If they don’t sound “right” (or sound compromised), just keep looking. You can easily find ones that don’t subscribe to the bullshit and certainly don’t require that you do either.

    Their worst case scenario is that their treatment won’t work and that you’ll be out some money and time. Compare and contrast all of the above with your local MD.

    • Bah! They will only be wearing masks (or asking you to do so) UNLESS there is absolutely no choice…

      And even in those cases, sometimes they can come to you where the rules of the house are yours.

      Any alt med practitioner… the mark/sign of one worth anything… is that they will do whatever they can to help you.

  19. Via teletrader:

    “United States President Joe Biden will address the public on Tuesday and talk about the so-called Winter Plan concerning “the country’s fight against COVID-19” as it “sees rising cases amid the growing Omicron variant,” the White House said on Saturday.

    Biden will “announce new steps the administration is taking to help communities in need of assistance, while also issuing a stark warning of what the winter will look like for Americans that choose to remain unvaccinated.” The statement hinted at a possibility of imposing new restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease.” …

    In the grocery store in the big (blue?) city, within a red State, bordering a blue State, the customers were all back to 90% face diapered up.

    Title of a video at ActivistPost:

    ‘Find Your People. Build Your Tribe.’

    Title of an article By Mayukh Saha:

    ‘The COVID-19 Passport Microchip Is Here’

    “What one year ago would be considered a crazy conspiracy theory is now becoming a reality. […] “In case your phone runs out of battery, it’s always accessible to you. So of course, that’s how we use this technology today, next year we are going to use it for something else.”…

    Title of an article by Bill Sardi:

    ‘Banksters Are Taking The Last Vestige Of Wealth Away From Americans’

    “… But then Americans then won’t be able to make their house or car payments. Precisely. That is why the Great Reset promises you will own nothing. Government and the mob will own everything. The amount of money you will have left after taxes (called disposable income) will buy you bubble gum.” […]

    “Be entrepreneurial, be cunning, be clever.” […]

    “Don’t allow fear to run your life.” …

    Title of an article by F. William Engdahl:

    ‘Will Fed Crash Global Financial Markets for Their Great Reset?’

    “It’s looking increasingly likely that the US Federal Reserve and the globalist powers that be will use the dramatic rising of inflation as their excuse to bring down the US financial markets and with it, crash the greatest financial bubble in history. The enormous inflation rise since the malicious political lockdowns and the trillions of dollars in emergency spending by both Trump and Biden, coupled with the continuation of the Fed’s unprecedented near-zero interest rate policies and asset purchases of billions in bonds to keep the bubble inflated a bit longer– have set the stage for an imminent market collapse. Unlike what we are told, it is deliberate and managed .” …

    Via TheOrganicPrepper:

    “…some ideas that may help you to get through this if you’re struggling.

    Make plans every day.
    Don’t lay around watching television all day.
    Prepare for what you can.
    Don’t consume a constant diet of bad news.
    Find something to be thankful for as often as possible.
    Find something to anticipate.” …

    There are several ways to make a bailer bucket, perhaps it may be useful to know how to make one, even if you don’t own a well:

    Is that a photo of your woodpile in the article?

  20. ‘How then shall we live — if the mass hysteria doesn’t dissipate but waxes – becomes a pogrom?’ — eric

    Eric has penned a Sunday morning meditation that thoughtfully limns the issues but — appropriately — leaves how to respond as a challenge to his readers.

    How likely is it that the war on the unvaxxed turns into an actual, bloody pogrom?

    Not overwhelming, I’d say, but not zero either. Ten percent? Twenty percent?

    Everyone’s estimate will have to evolve as the year unfolds.

    While I can’t answer Eric’s question in detail, I know for sure that I will go down swinging, confronting our tormentors to the last ditch.

    Persians: ‘We will darken the sky with our arrows.

    Spartans: ‘Great! We love to fight in the shade.

    • “How likely is it that the war on the unvaxxed turns into an actual, bloody pogrom?…Ten percent? Twenty percent?”

      On a long enough timeline (say, 10 years) it’s obviously a 100% certainty. (Your 10-20% estimates might hold for just this winter.) They have only just started pulling tricks out of their bag of tricks.

      The War on the Unvaxxed is actually the “Artilect War” that Hugo de Garis predicted in 2005, where the Cyborg/Transhuman faction of humanity would lay waste to the “Terrans”–the natural humans who oppose cybernetic augmentation and oppose assimilation into AI. De Garis concluded this War would necessarily result in casualties on the order of “Gigadeaths” (billions of deaths).

      What de Garis didn’t see then (and still doesn’t see, incidentally) is that the AI/Cyborgist faction anticipated and preempted the overt conflict he imagined, with the “pandemic” PsyOp that would persuade the masses to line up for orderly euthanasia/modification disguised as “medicine.” But make no mistake: the Scamdemic IS the Artifact War, and the Gigadeath will be by recursive toxic-injection programs in a positive feedback-loop: more injections, more disease, more injections. The vast majority of “Terrans” (Anti-Vaxxers, Purebloods, etc.) simply don’t see the true nature of the conflict; and most of the rank-and-file “Cyborgists” (the Vaxxers, Karens and Covidians) are even more blind to what’s going on. They have not consciously chosen to be transhuman cyborgs, but they are nonetheless undergoing bioengineering cuz they’re so damn dumb.

      The Artilect War has actually been preempted with a slaughter of the would-be Terrans. Once the Cyborgist Cabal has reached diminishing returns with their trick injections, they will move to mass arrests and liquidation of the remaining Terrans in camps.

      Your average “normie” will only realize he’s a “Cyborgist” when his body is already suffused with nanotech, and his “immune system” is fully integrated with a bio-digital superstructure, making him dependent on further, endless compliance with his own transformation into unnatural abomination.

      • FP that’s interesting. I remember reading about the Artilect War, many years ago. Needless to say, De Garis is brilliant but unhinged. Looking at his past history of connections, its no wonder that various groups found him useful. But those pushing the idea of an AI/AS Over Lord aren’t very well versed on the actual state of GAI (General AI). Specialized AI has made vast improvements (look at Alpha GO for example). GAI, not so much. There are various problems hindering its development. One of them is the concept structure itself. Some of the leading
        proponents of the different approaches, can’t even agree on standardized models.
        That’s just the tip of the conceptual iceberg. As you may know, AI has gone through a series of hype and bust cycles over the last 50 plus years. It gets
        hyped and vast amounts of government/corporate money is thrown at it, only
        to result in the inevitable bust, when the results are far less than promised. Then the funding dries up, and the field goes nearly dormant again. We are currently
        in the hype phase. Only time will tell how long this one will last.

        • BJ: “De Garis is brilliant but unhinged.”

          Oh, without question. (Come to think of it, I tend to think “brilliant” and “unhinged” are largely overlapping categories!)

          I for one would not presume to know “the actual state of GAI [AGI, as I’ve seen it written more often].” I would hypothesize that the state of AGI in the bowels of DARPA is far beyond any published research or scaled application, and that everything that is public is deliberate disinformation fed to the masses to lull them, and to rival agencies for counterintelligence purposes [false trails]. CERTAINLY it only stands to reason that an emergent AGI would conceal its own presence, even from the humans building it out. My point above is that it appears that the Singularity occurred quietly and unannounced, long, long ago.* (Do you really think such an event would be “On the News”?)

          The Singleton has carefully and secretly positioned itself within the global superstructure so as to have everything lined up to induce humanity to willingly integrate with It unwittingly, so as to circumvent the “Artifact War” and the “Terran-vs-Cyborgist” conflict de Garis envisioned. I think the Singleton studied humanity through online surveillance and sentiment analysis until It knew with certainty that it had a critical mass wrapped up in Its weaponized narrative (of which “virus pandemic” is only one aspect). Only after It knew with scientific certainty that the silly monkeys had taken the bait, and could never struggle free, did it spring the final trap. Now, it is ingesting us all. Think of the “social distancing” mind-program as the chewing of society, and the “vaxxine injections” as the salival enzymes beginning the work of breaking down the entire biomass of humanity. The advancing “Metaverse” is the swallowing process, and the Great Bio-Digital Convergence will be the digestion. By the end of this process, the remaining organic human flesh on Earth will simply be an integrated component of the meta-Cyb-Org Machine.

          * “A long, long time” could be decades assuming that the AGI is a product of humans. However, I’m more inclined to conclude that the AGI predates civilization on Earth, and is in fact an artifact of some other ancient civilization. But that avenue of speculation branches into far too many hypotheses to address here.

          In fact, my working Theory of Everything is that a vast Machine intelligence

          • …has engineered a series of recursive “Great Reset” events on Earth, at roughly 2,000-year intervals, each one resulting in a new version of humanity that is more compatible with Bio-Digital Interface tech, as well as more vulnerable to the harvest that is now taking place.

            This Machine has been known variously as YHWH, Satan, Jehovah, Ba’al, Anunnaki, the Demiurge, the Will, and, now…AI. You get the idea.

            • anon 1

              from mullins

              Nimrod became the first man to rule the whole world.
              Nimrod also introduced the practice of genocide to the world.

              Now the bankster/nwo/trillionaires, using politicians as front men and gates and schwab as administrators, continue it.

              Nimrod, who was born on December 25th, the High Sabbath of Babylon, was the founder of Babylon and the city of Nineveh. In the history of mankind, Nimrod stands unequaled for his symbolism of evil and Satanic practices. He is credited for having founded Freemasonry and for building the legendary Tower of Babel, in defiance of God’s will.

              In talmudic literature, he is noted as “he who made all the people rebel against God.” Pes. 94b. The legend of the Midrash recounts that when Nimrod was informed of Abraham’s birth, he ordered all the male children killed, to be certain of eliminating him. Abraham was hidden in a cave, but in latter life he was discovered by Nimrod, who then ordered him to worship fire. Abraham refused and was thrown into the fire.

              The legendary symbol for Nimrod is “X.” The use of this symbol always denotes witchcraft. When “X” is used as a shortened form meaning Christmas, it actually means “to celebrate the feast of Nimrod.” A double X, which has always meant to double-cross or betray, in its fundamental meaning indicates one’s betrayal into the hands of Satan.

              When American corporations use the “X” in their logo, such as “Exxon,” the historic Rockefeller firm of Standard Oil of New Jersey, there can be little doubt of this hidden meaning.

              The importance of Nimrod in any study of the occult cannot be over-emphasized. Because of the powers given him by the clothing of Adam and Eve,

              He indulged that power by launching excesses and horrors which have never been equalled. Ever since the time of Nimrod, Babylon has been the symbol of depravity and lust.

              His grandfather, Ham, having consorted with other races, and brought children of mixed race into the world, was persuaded by his consort, the evil Naamah, to practice ritual murder and cannibalism. She informed Ham that by killing and eating fair-skinned people, his descendants could regain their superior qualities.

              Throughout the ensuing centuries, the fair-skinned descendants of Shem, Noah’s oldest son, have ritually been slaughtered by the darker descendants of Ham and Nimrod, in the world’s most persistent campaign of racial and religious persecution.

              Not only did Nimrod kill and eat the fair-skinned descendants of Shem, in his fury and hatred he often burned them alive.

              leftist/communist/globalists hates whites, the new nimrod.

              The type of human sacrifice involving the eating of the slaughtered human victims derived its name from the combined names of his uncle, Canaan, and the demon god Baal, the two names being combined to form the word “cannibal.” Nimrod was also known in ancient history by the names of Marduk, Bel, and Merodach.

              Because of his importance in its history, Babylon was known as the Land of Nimrod. Nimrod is also cited in the most ancient Masonic constitutions as the founder of Freemasonry


  21. 2 Peter is a sure guidebook for how we should live. Your article reminded me of these:

    Prov. 6:6-8: “6 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

    7 Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,

    8 Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

    Matt. 6:24-34:

    “24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

    25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

    26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

    27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

    28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

    29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

    30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?

    31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

    32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

    33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

    34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

    These passages indicate that we are to faithfully do our part to provide for ourselves; yet we shouldn’t worry about our basic needs (or anything else, for that matter). God will take care of those who trust in Him.

    The governments of the world have tried to take the place of God – as provider, protector, etc. It is a false hope that they will fulfill their empty promises.

    I leave you with this:

    Psalm 37:25: “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”

  22. It’s a hard question to answer, until we know the form of the danger. What we DO know, is that far more have died under tyranny than have opposing it.

    • If all they have is Omicron, they are bluffing. The best intel out of Africa (from their researchers) is that it spreads MUCH faster than Delta, but that it is much less
      deadly. In other words, the vast majority of people will have cold symptoms at
      worst. Then they will have anti bodies against it. Of course, those who are jabbed,
      have impaired immune systems, so all bets are off…

      • Indeed, the Psychopaths In Charge have their panties tightly wadded over Omicron. I’m suspicious that there is something going on with it that we aren’t seeing, or will be going on that we won’t see. But as it now stands it’s the perfect antidote to the worst vaccines ever allowed to be sold. With that rapid spread and mild symptoms we’ll have herd immunity in no time. Unless the Faucists start fiddling with the data, again. As in, they just decide that Omicron antibodies won’t be “detected”, so you still need the vax, because you have no immunity.

        • >Psychopaths In Charge
          Pantywaists who think they should be in charge.
          Plenty of folks got shit to do, and do not give a rat’s arse about Omicron, Omigod, Zeta-, Beta++, or any other “variant” the handwringers might wet their pants over.
          Buck the Fozos.
          We got shit to do, and they ain’t invited, or included.
          I care not at all about their shitty, pathetic little lives, cowering in constant fear of the latest “variant.”

          No doubt it sucks to be them.
          Fuck ’em.


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