One Good Thing About The Diapered

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At least we can see who’s crazy again.

One of the worst things about the “masking” business of the past two years – besides the evil idiocy of the “practice,” itself – was that when it became “mandatory” to wear them, it became much harder to see who wasn’t crazy.

This, of course, is why “masking” had to be “mandated.”

Left free to choose, probably at least half and possibly more of the general population would not have chosen to “practice” this bizarre rite of Sickness Kabuki. This, in turn would have served to calm things down, as people could see that not wearing a “mask” didn’t lead to death or even have any meaningful impact on catching or not catching a cold. It would have caused the steam to vent from the mass psychosis that was being formed by the people who needed to create a visual narrative to support this idea that a “pandemic” was on the loose – and that everyone was afraid of it.

If half – if even a third – of the population showed they weren’t, it might have eased the fears of the other half (or two-thirds) who bought into the fear. And at any rate, it would have made it easy to see who had fallen for it.

That, of course, would never do.

Hence the “mandates,” especially as regards kids – the cohort most vulnerable to both fear and pressure to comply.

No school for you!

That was enough for many parents – even the “hesitant” ones – to commit the atrocity for the sake of convenience of putting a Face Diaper on their kid, in order to offload him or her at a government school.

Now the “mandates” are receding, probably because a a new harum-scarum has been confected – Putin Bad! Ukraine Good! – to keep the unwanted questions regarding “masks” from being answered or even asked as they are drowned out in a new hysteria almost as idiotic as that attending the cases! the cases! of just two or so weeks ago.  Also probably because people are tired of “masking” and their tiredness is rightly perceived as having electoral consequences, a few months hence.

But the “masking” persists.

Voluntary, self-imposed “masking.” It is almost impossible to not encounter one of these true believers almost anywhere you go – even at places like my gym, where it’s especially striking given the determination it must take to cling to that Holy Rag in the face of the nine-out-of-ten people there who aren’t wearing it. And who aren’t dying, on account of it.

It reminds one of the disco-era holdouts who continued to wear wide-collared polyester leisure suits long after they’d gone out of style. Hoping that, perhaps – if they held out long enough – they’d come back into style.

And perhaps they will.

The next (s)election is not far off and if the results are not a mile-high tsunami against anyone in office who used their office to further the formation of mass psychosis via (among other things) forcing almost everyone – there were refuseniks, myself among them –  to wear the loathsome rags, then it’s certain those “masks” will be forced on faces again.

Many will welcome it, as it will enable them to look “normal” again.

But in the meanwhile, we can see who is still sick. Who – even now, when they are under almost no formal pressure to “practice” strange rituals, continue to “practice” them because they want to “practice” them. Because they are out of their ever-loving minds, addled by fear to the point of mental retardation, not only unable but unwilling to even consider the possibility that their Holy Rag is anything more than a kind of snot-suffused security blanket that makes them feel better.

Something worse, actually – because it ought to make them feel ashamed. Of themselves, for being used (using fear) to further the schemes of evil people who regard them as fools – and were proved correct in that assessment. Who cannot face that they were used and – rather than tear that god-damned rag off their faces (and the faces of their children) and feel the fury of wanting to tear to pieces the creatures who made them put the rags on their children, as well as their own faces – prefer to continue hiding behind their “masks,” probably for the rest of their lives.

The good news there is we can see them, clearly.

We know who they are. We know – in our own circles – who we ought to shun, excise from our own circles. These freaks cannot be trusted – much less forgiven – for the wreckage they enabled and which they clearly prefer never be cleaned up.

They want this, forever.

To Hell with them, also forever.

. . .

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  1. ‘Former President Barack Obama said on Sunday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, though he’s feeling relatively healthy and his wife, Michelle, tested negative.

    “I’ve had a scratchy throat for a couple days, but am feeling fine otherwise,” Obama said on Twitter. “Michelle and I are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted.” — AP News

    Spot the non sequitur: if ‘vaccinated and boosted’ is such powerful armor, why he did he catch the coof?

    Alternate interpretation: ‘vaccinated and boosted’ ain’t worth shit on a stick.

    • That phony creep is one of the biggest liars in the last century. Never makes any sense. Dude is gonna fry forevery. He better hope he lives forever in this world in his human body… but if he does then sooner or later he’s gonna be thrown in jail anyways… so he won’t be safe here on Earth, or afterward.

    • But Jim!

      “Spot the non sequitur: if ‘vaccinated and boosted’ is such powerful armor, why he did he catch the coof?”

      It could have been so much worse...

  2. mask insanity:

    People were going to the insane asylum for this level of germaphobia before big pharma execs decided mass hysteria would be more profitable. mass hysteria sells vaccines.
    This will be known in history book as a hysteria and nothing more.

    – NOTE: The only vector transmission of a virus is through blood transfusion or vaccines; otherwise, viruses cannot infect you by jumping from one body to another
    attention: The Only Way to Get a Virus is to be Injected With it – Aajonus Vonderplanitz

    David E. Martin is very interesting, listen to his take on the covid hoax:
    He said he looked at life insurance payouts in 2020, they didn’t rise, so a faked bs pandemic.

    From the Netherlands: “Because from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks, the Cabinet has decided that there will be no national obligation for wearing non-medical masks” Van Ark said. early 2020

    While OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Agency) responsibility is to oversee the health and safety of every American worker as each workplace is expected to comply with OSHA standards, its website regarding COVID19 states that cloth-based face masks will not protect the wearer against airborne transmissible infectious agents due to loose fit and lack of seal or inadequate filtration.“

    OSHA goes on to inform that a safe level of oxygen must be maintained as an oxygen deficient atmosphere (defined as below 19.5% by volume) creates a respiratory risk, that is what happens when you wear a mask, it drops to 16%.

    More recently, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci declared masks as largely ‘symbolic’ as he was setting an example for what other people should be doing.

    There’s also a “Risk of Hypoxia to All Mask Wearers” according to Drs. Russell Blaylock and Zach Bush.

    Van Ark and her peers on the government committee aren’t the only experts to question whether masks contribute anything. Anne Wensing, a virologist at the University Medical Center Utrecht, has also questioned whether masks “actually contribute anything extra.”

    mask-wearing may also prompt people to touch their face more frequently, putting them at risk of accidentally infecting themselves while adjusting their masks.

    legal experts in the country are skeptical about the legality of compulsory masks. One law professor, Jan Brouwer, told NRC that a widespread mask mandate goes against the constitution. According to Brouwer and other experts, there needs to be a separate law on masks to make this regulation possible.

    In March 2020, the WHO said that healthy people don’t need to wear masks unless they’re caring for a sick person.

    the notion that “science” has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that wearing masks in public can protect the wearer and/or – more importantly – innocent bystanders simply isn’t true.
    Which begs the question: Why is the media so determined to sell it as fact – and denounce all who question as demented loons or, worse, self-dealing snakeoil sellers – when dissent is still so obviously warranted? the msm lies 24/7

    Nothing to fear from fake science… especially fake science owned and run by governments and highly profit driven corporations, and extra especially political fake “science” with significant overriding agendas. Nothing to worry about.

    Sweden NO MASKS, NO LOCKDOWNS, Schools open has achieved herd immunity, daily deaths single digits NO SECOND WAVE, NO VACCINE.

    Swedish and Danish health authorities DO NOT RECOMMEND MASKS because re usable masks will MOST LIKELY INCREASE TRANSMISSION.

    You don’t need to be a scientist or health professional to understand that the paper and fabric masks will not protect you or those around you. Just read the disclaimers on that box of paper masks you purchased at Target, or on that website selling designer fabric masks – NOT FOR HEALTH PURPOSES. NO GUARANTEES OF PROTECTION AGAINST CORONAVIRUS.
    Amazon has removed well over a million products claiming Coronavirus protection. Etsy
    prohibits their vendors from making any CV health claims.
    Read the label – NO PROTECTION!

    Masks are a symbol of subjugation and useless in protecting anyone. Here is the only 2020 laboratory testing results for all masks that people are wearing these days. The results are not surprising.

    nobody is wearing masks properly because:

    “Those masks are only effective so long as they are dry,” said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.
    “As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets.”
    Professor Cossart said that could take as little as 15 or 20 minutes, after which the mask would need to be changed.

    Those who think masks help to prevent the cold bugs from spreading should be institutionalized for their mentally insane delusions.

    Its called covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and has always worked just as well or possibly better?

    From the CDC website:
    In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018.
    In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks

    No masks in Estonia. All totally calm. Prominent doctors called masks unproven BS and perhaps this was a reason why .gov backed down. Perhaps because that Nordic nations just have high average IQ.

    Be careful, though – (((they))) need more deaths because the narrative is crumbling,

    The fabricator of Germ Theory, Pasteur admitted that he was wrong and also admitted giving people arsenic with viral material to make them sick.

  3. They’re dropping like flies.

    Two more Kauai friends/acquaintances dead in the last week. Myocrarditis/sudden heart attack??

    Young – one 56, one 40.

    One died on the dance floor of a rave during a vacation trip to COLORADO, collapsed and unable to be resuscitated. A party animal, but trim and in good health.

    The younger of the two stroked out in the ocean. Ocean was relatively calm, had just finished surfing, handed off his board to his 9 year old son, was going to swim to shore. No rip currents. He never got there and nobody saw him go down!? WHAT HAPPENED? They just called off the search after 3 days of helicopters and jet skis and shoreline hiking. NO BODY.

    Both guys vaxxed. Are these Myocarditis victims? Both lost while in vigorous exercise.

    • I was just reflecting on how many people I know who have died in the last year who were jabbed.

      My father, my brother’s wife’s parents (BOTH), a lifelong friend’s mom, a lady from our church, the list goes on. All dead in 2021. One had a stroke, one developed stage 4 lymphoma but died of heart enlargement, one developed intestinal bleeding which led to death, another developed a mysterious bowel issue and died a week later. Ironically, the triple jabbed one “died of covid.”

      To quote the Covid Blog, “Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.”

      • Very sorry to hear about all of that, Anon –

        I haven’t yet had anyone in my orbit die “coincidentally” but I have a sense of foreboding about it, given what I know of the deaths occurring generally among the jabbed. I think it will become impossible to hide these deaths within the next several months and therein lies a big danger as the scumbags responsible for them know this and are apt to do anything to hide what they have done – and to avoid being held accountable for it.

        Enter Putin Bad! Ukraine Good!

      • Niece on my wife’s side died of major stroke 2 weeks after the jab, 56 y/o.
        Notice that articles about “long COVID” have been in the news lately.
        They will never admit these deaths are linked to jab.

    • That’s horrible, Andy. They were both far too young to die. I will say that I never like to dick with the ocean. Everything about it spells death for humans. I do love the dance floor, though.

      We may never know the true extent of the deleterious effects of the jabs. My guess is that if that was ever public knowledge, there would be some monumental outrage and some heads would roll, so that will never happen.

    • Morning, Andy –

      This is appalling, about your friends. Given the admissions by Pfizer and J&J about myocarditis/clotting we know there is reason to worry. The question now is – how much? Are these “adverse events” rare and unlikely? Or typical and inevitable? If the former, it’s another case of lying to people about there being essentially no risk and the “vaccines” should be pulled and the pharma companies forced to pay huge settlements/people imprisoned. If it’s the latter, it’s time for rope and lamp posts.

      • Thanks for the reply, Eric.

        It’s so easy to hide the possible/likely influence of the poison juice. Most everyone here will not give a thought to the cause of death being related. It was the heart, it gave out suddenly, sadly he died young. It only goes that far.

        Diabolical really. So easy to obfuscate what is going on.

    • Second one sounds like a Great White Covid perhaps?

      But yeah, a small % of those I know who poisoned themselves are pretty ill. All kinds of weird stuff but mainly cardiac issues.

      On the other hand, the vast majority of shanked seem fine aside from every single one of them having multiple minor respiratory diseases this past flu season.

  4. I must add: One of the things that pisses me off the most is that people think masks DO work to protect others from their illnesses. This has resulted in people going to work and other places when they KNOW they are sick!

    Staying home when you KNOW you are sick should be a matter of courtesy and respect. The mask delusion has brought an end to this small token of sensible conduct.

  5. The tables have turned, the anti maskers can go after the karens now…..

    don’t wear they filthy rag around other people you are spreading germs everywhere, you will make everyone sick, you could kill kids or grandma, stay at home if you want to wear it, you are a walking biohazard……….stay back 50 feet………….you look stupid in that thing, are you a thief?…what are you hiding?……….did you get your 4 bioweapon injections? buy a coffin…..that is a good start……..


    This is really about safety now for the purebloods, the bioweapon injected, superspreader zombie, walking dead are now easier to spot with their germ/diseased filled filthy mask, spreading germs and spike proteins everywhere, it is best to stay far away from them.

    If they seat you in a restaurant near face masked superspreaders, demand a new table, the tables have turned. Maybe someone should open a restaurant banning superspreaders and or the masked morons.

    Nobody saw the unintended consequences, including the bioweapon injected. They are the target, banned, doomed, screwed, diseased, isolated now.

  6. At this point, not even the “experts” are pretending the cloth or surgical masks do anything for you. Also, there is really isn’t much ‘Rona left circulating, by their numbers, and even if you did get it (omicron), you’d very likely be okay. So, if you’re still wearing a mask at this point, you’re probably either misinformed/ignorant, mentally compromised (and I’m not disparaging that!), or holding fast to the roots of your dying cult.

    If a mask wearer was truly in the vulnerable classes, I can’t blame them for wanting to preserve their lives. It’s doing so in a way as to affect the whole of society that is the problem. It’s a little like driving peanuts to extinction because some people are deathly allergic to them.

    As for the mentally ill, I truly have only pity for them. That said, we can’t frame the mentally ill as models to emulate.

    Now, as far as sickness goes, understand me when I tell you, I have had ENOUGH!

    I do, however, understand that a dollar-store, cosplay surgical mask isn’t going to help me avoid being ill! “My mask” won’t “protect you”, either!

    After having been completely banjaxed for 3 months, I’m now recovering decently. I just had a cardiologist follow-up, who said my heart is fine. She said I had likely been reinfected with the Kung Flu, and my condition was a result of that. I don’t know if that’s the case, but I’m quite happy to be nearing the end of the horror show.

    Perhaps I was one of the lucky ones who experienced “long-COVID”. If so, it sucks, and I’ve heard a lot of horror stories. There are a lot of people who have had and are having some terrifying experiences. The one thing I do know is that long-term illnesses are not only the result of COVID, but many viruses. Epstein-Barr, which causes mononucleosis, “The Kissing Disease”, can be a particularly rough one. Anyone want to ban kissing, a la “The Demolition Man”?

    Perhaps ACTUAL science (not The Science ™) can be done to elucidate the causes of these phenomena, so that ACTUAL solutions can be found, rather than this wholesale, theatrical, tyrannical misanthropia.

  7. Nice new Dark Age going on here, so much fun!

    Sow much discord!

    Fauci should be forced to visit every parking lot in America to pick up every discarded mask you see. Can’t wear gloves, can’t wear a mask, has to pick up the filthy rags with his bare hands. All foul deeds must be punished. Fauci would be getting off easy.

    It will become a zen, the zen of returning everything to where it was before it became even more fubar.

    It’ll drive Fauci insane, but that should be the goal.

    Fauci is guilty of thought crimes.

    People in medicine/pharma are basically pariahs now. Rochelle, Anthony, William the Ogre at the Gates of Hell, can’t escape the felonious malicious intent. Can’t turn back and say you’re sorry, won’t work this time. Hell will be too good for them.

    The masks, the vaccines, all incontrovertible evidence that the intent was to cause harm, democide, just have to be surreptitious about it until it ain’t.

    Thought criminals of the worst kind, rock-ribbed, dyed-in-the-wool heretics, trust the science that ain’t science, it is deceit, a feckless attempt to get you to stand in line for the needling until the day you die.

    Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. After that, you’ll burned at the stake.

    Yeah, right.

    • Sorry about the double post — this cite had error messages on my first post… so I assumed it didn’t get posted. Ugh — IMO this website has too much nanny checking.

      • No worries, Harry!

        I apologize, also, about the nanny checking. I hate it also. But if it weren’t doing its thing, the comments area would be flooded with spam.

  8. I thought this was a good little video, short ‘interviews’ with some of the truckers. They said alot of good things — correct thinking & good strategy.

    All the truckers & supporters etc everywhere worldwide — they’re awesome. We all desperately needed them to do this now. They sacrificed alot of time, energy, money, risk, etc, to do this for all of us that have no power. They’ve been being treated like crap over the last 10+ years with various stupid requirements (fake emissions etc), and they are currently being treated like crap by these horrible criminal regimes pretending they’re a govt, yet the truckers are SURVIVAL INFRASTRUCTURE and should be treated ‘like gold’. All our lives depend on the truckers, yet these fake govts worldwide treat them like crap. The truckers are buying us much needed TIME right now. Please say a prayer for them, they are our real warriors/heroes fighting the real war.

  9. Seriously, dude?! Why do you feel the need to antagonize the one person who could delete your ass from this site? If you don’t like the forum, Eric, or the rest of us, why stick around?

    • Amen, RG –

      This Richard guy mewls about not liking personal insults… and then hurls personal insults. Totally gratuitous, without any bearing on the subject matter (e.g., his weird and not-funny attempt at “humor” via claiming I’m short and fat and beg for mercy from cops, which has nothing to do with article I wrote about “trans” men competing in athletics as “women”… against actual women).

      I denounce his Quisling-like cooperation with evil – his wearing, sometimes, partially – of that god-damned rag – because it’s both evil and cowardly. But he fails to get the point… as always.

      PS: Go get some sleep!

    • EP hurls abuse at those who don’t agree with him, acting like a drunken sailor on shore leave. That completely discourages different opinions. Brags an about himself as Mr. Strongman, but does not act strong when someone gives him a hard time in return.

      With all the problems in the United States, which seem to be setting records under Biden, frequent attacks on mask wearers, who do no harm to others, is puzzling.

  10. There is absolutely no doubt Eric Peters has an Anti-Mask Derangement Syndrome … as if everything would be great in this nation if people just stopped wearing masks!

    Who cares about lock downs, vaccine mandates, open borders, social media censorship and high inflation?
    No one.
    By those #@$&$ masks — that’s the root cause of every problem in America.

    And nothing makes Eic Peters feel better than hectoring others about wearing masks.

    Okay, you can start now.

    The wife and I went into a store today that had a Masks Required sign on the door. We wore our 50 cent masks under our chin, not covering our nose or mouth. Today was the first time I got the wife to walk into a store with her mask under her chin. Last week was the first time she slipped her mask under her chin 10 seconds after entering a store, like I do. Clover

    Tomorrow we will shop at a supermarket that requires masks. We will walk past the “greeter / mask enforcer” at the front door, slip our masks below our chins after we pass him, and they will stay there. They asked us to wear a mask ,and we are sort of wearing one. A tiny inconvenience. Shoes and shirts are required too.

    Now you can lecture us Mr. Peters, with your Anti-Mask Derangement Syndrome, and make yourself feel like Mr. Tough Guy. As a real libertarian you would not care if anyone else wears a mask, for 10 seconds a day, or all day — they do not hurt you in any way.

    Remember that most people trust the government and think masks do something. In early 2020 I read five scientific studies on masks when the pandemic hit and realized not one had statistically significant results. Who else would do that?

    The only time I wear a mask for more than 10 seconds is at doctor’s offices — and even then it’s under my chin while sitting in the waiting room — they demand that in exchange for their services. It’s annoying, but not a big deal. A big deal is that doctors either pretend masks work, or actually think they do work, which makes one lose confidence in doctors.

    • We’ve got one friend afraid of the unvaxxed (which is both of us) who will probably wear a mask for the rest of her life.
      She’s been a hypochondriac for a lifetime, and a far left leftist too. Still thinks Trump colluded with Russians. Her husband taught in nearly all black Detroit schools until he retired. That sort of cured his leftism, but not his wife’s.

      • Richard,

        So you associate with mentally defective people you know regard you as a dangerous bacillus, who would love to have you and others who don’t submit to “vaccination” herded off to camps or at least ghetto’d off from society, for the sake of their “safety”… but I am “deranged” for regarding these weaponized hypochondriacs as a threat to not just sanity but civilization… while you affirm them in their madness by wearing the Diaper, so as not to cause a ruckus.

        • I guess it wasn’t clear: Our friends won’t associate with us because we are both unvaxxed. Haven’t seem them in two years and may never we them again. My wife and the woman were childhood friends (pre-politics).

          • “I guess it wasn’t clear: Our friends won’t associate with us because we are both unvaxxed. Haven’t seem them in two years and may never we them again. My wife and the woman were childhood friends (pre-politics).”

            Good riddance. Anyone who has given in to this insanity is mentally ill and it is generally sound policy to avoid mentally ill people.

            You can help restore sanity by taking off that god-damned Diaper.

            • I wore my mask UNDER my chin, nowhere near my nose or mouth, for 15 minutes inside a store today. Looks silly but we are too old to care. Big deal.

              This pandemic / vaccines revealed that some friends are not worth keeping as friends. Some of them (leftists) who we never discussed politics with before (we both voted for Trump), seemed to have turned into vaccine fascists
              It’s almost hard to believe people we actually knew could be so incredibly misinformed about Covid and Covid vaccines.

              It’s a miracle my wife was able to convince one friend to add Viramin C, Vitamin D, zinc and quercetin supplements to her diet. But she only changed her mind AFTER getting a Covid infection in 2020 and an Omicron infection in late 2021. Almost everyone else is gung-ho vaccines. A few had bad side effects from the initial Covid vaccines (not reported to VAERS) yet decided to get booster shots too. Puzzling.

              • Richard writes:

                “I wore my mask UNDER my chin, nowhere near my nose or mouth, for 15 minutes inside a store today. Looks silly but we are too old to care. Big deal.”

                I wear my Nazi armband off kilter . . .

                Is it really necessary to say more? Apparently, yes.

                Not only do you wear the symbol of evil – and thereby affirm the evil – you don’t even pretend it serves any purpose (other than convenience, for you).

                You write, further:

                “It’s almost hard to believe people we actually knew could be so incredibly misinformed about Covid and Covid vaccines.”

                Maybe because you wore a “mask” – and thereby showed you agreed with the hysteria and fear that has driven it?

    • Richard writes:

      “There is absolutely no doubt Eric Peters has an Anti-Mask Derangement Syndrome … as if everything would be great in this nation if people just stopped wearing masks! Who cares about lock downs, vaccine mandates . . .? ”

      Are you an imbecile? It’s a serious question.

      Is it really necessary to point out that “masks” led to everything you just enumerated? That by wearing that imbecilic rag, you affirm the need for “lock downs” and “vaccines”? That you enable the idiocy to propagate?

      As far as me being a “tough guy”:

      You’re the pussy who wears a Diaper under your nose… because a sign says so. Because the wife expects you to. Unlike you, I am not afraid of signs. And don’t do idiotic things because I am afraid it may annoy the woman I am with. I don’t have to worry about that, either – because she’s not an idiot or a pussy.

      And speaking of pussies… I have never been to war and so don’t screech for wars, which will be fought by other men and other people’s sons. Some men avoid wars when they are of age to “serve” . . . there’s always some excuse . . . and then screech for war when they are old men and know it won’t be themselves (or theirs) who “serve.”

      If you wish to continue making a public spectacle of yourself here, please do.

      • “afraid of the unvaxxed” they, are.

        Their fear is misplaced.

        … ““So, just to put some numbers on this, starting in the summer into the fall, with the mandates and the boosters, there were 61,000 excess Millennial deaths.

        “Basically, Millennials experienced a Vietnam War in the second half of 2021. 58,000 people died in the Vietnam War, US troops [over the course of 10 years], so this generation just experienced a Vietnam War [in 6 months].

        “I think this is the smoking gun: that the vaccines are causing excess mortality in all age groups and it’s no coincidence that Rochelle Walensky refuses to answer Senator Ron Johnson’s letters. They’re hiding. Fauci’s gone. She’s gone. They’re hiding.

        “So, I’m going to put a word out there. It’s an old word but it should be re-introduced into the conversation. It’s called democide: Death by government. So the government, through the mandates has killed people.” …

      • The masking in 2020 started nine months before vaccines were launched.

        And there were no lock downs. A lock down means you have no contact with any people outside your home. That never happened in the US.
        Maybe happened in Wuhan China..
        Partial lock downs are what we had.
        A stewardess friend in 2020 told us her passengers sat 6 inches apart eating food on her plane with masks off. But on a layover in New York City, she could not eat inside any restaurant in Manhattan and sit six feet away from the next table — they were all closed. That’s a partial lock down.

        • “The masking in 2020 started nine months before vaccines were launched.”

          Imbecile… do you still not get it? The “masking” was the necessary psychological prelude to “vaxxing.” The lockdowns – partial or otherwise – aren’t the point. The point is that “mask” wearing provided the visual (and the conditioning) necessary to push the “vaccines” on people. If “masks” were necessary then so are “vaccines.” Can you really – seriously – not grasp this?

          I grow tired of repeating myself. Pearls before swine.

          • You’re the one who doesn’t get it with your Mask Fixation Syndrome.
            I’d agree with you, but I don’t want to be wrong too !.

            12 friends age 55 to 75 were Covid infected in 2020. Two had a very hard time, although never hospitalized.

            People getting sick and dying i 2020 created the strong desire for the vaccines, not the wearing of masks.Clover

            The CDC and the lapdog media scared people with grossly overstated cases (inaccurate PCR test that detects 52 different viruses, only one of which is SARS-2), hospitalizations for other issues, then called Covid hospitalization after an inaccurate PCR test, and deaths with Covid called deaths from Covid. Get a positive PCR test and then die after hitting a tree with your car 27 days later = you are officially a “Covid death”.

            The masks were a minor issue.
            The actual sickness, hospitalizations and deaths, combined with grossly exaggerated Covid statistics, created a high level of fear.
            And that fear created a strong demand for a vaccine — any vaccine. I studies the history of vaccines in 2020. They need 5 to 15 years for development and have a 98% to 99% failure rate. So with the Operation Warp Speed vaccine, we immediately knew we would never get near any 9 month development process vaccine.
            That’s asking for trouble.

            So you can call me an imbecile if that makes you happy, and it appears to, and I will call you a mask lunatic, and now we are even.

            • The Clover writes:

              “You’re the one who doesn’t get it with your Mask Fixation Syndrome.”

              I’m “fixated,” all right.

              Doggedly – on calling out anyone who defends or willingly participates in the evil/loathsome “practice” of wearing a “mask.” Only imbeciles do not understand that by wearing one, one affirms the lie that has caused more havoc and destruction than anything else that has happened in this country since the perhaps forever.

              In addition to looking like an imbecile – or one of those “pups” being trained …

              You put that thing on and you become an NPC sheep – one of the imbeciles who either believes or pretends to believe there is death in the air and the only way to avoid it is to walk around wearing a Chinese-made surgical mask over your face. Even if it’s only hanging off your chin.

              Gotta “show respect for other people’s feelings,” right?

              • “In addition to looking like an imbecile – or one of those “pups” being trained …”

                at least dogs resist being muzzled 😉

            • “illogical and mostly amount to nonsense”

              Seems like quite a few Covidians I know, except he’s not clot-shotted, that’s a surprise.

              He seems pretty genuine to me.

            • Hi Mister,

              It astounds me that he – that anyone – cannot understand that to willingly wear a “mask” is to show the world you agree such a measure is necessary rather than absurd or pernicious.

              And if such a measure is necessary then it follows that other measures are also necessary. If you wear the “mask” then you have already acceded to the Jab. Or- put another way – it is much harder to argue against the forcing of the Jab once you’ve been forced to and accepted being forced to wear the “mask.”

              Greene wears the “mask” without even being forced to – which is especially obnoxious. Also ridiculous – as he wears it below his nose or on his chin. So even though he clearly doesn’t believe that “masks work,” he still walks around wearing one. It is either the height of poltroonery or imbecility; arguably, both.

              I think “Greene” is like so many of the people we here find frustrating in that he isn’t unintelligent but has difficulty with logic. Either wear the god-damned “mask” all the time or do not wear it, at all. Does anyone partially wear a life jacket in the water? Wear one when walking down the street?

              His posts are an example of the government school-crippled mind. Not stupid in the low IQ sense; rather, blinkered by an inability to think in terms of principles applied to particular things. For “Greene” and those like him, each topic of discussion/event/act is unrelated to others (even when of a piece) and must be dealt with as a discrete thing and (usually) according to standards that are subjective and arbitrary.

              I can abide that – up to the point of serial redundancy. After which it becomes tiring to me and probably boring as well as annoying to others here.

      • I replied to this post where Mr. Peters called me an imbecile.

        I effectively refuted his claim that masks convinced people to take vaccines.

        In a long, serious comment, I explained that people getting sick and dying from Covid, combined with exaggerated counts of Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths, created the fear that made people desperate for vaccines. Without those elements, just wearing masks would not have created the fear that infected so many people

        My post “diappeared”
        Along with another serious comment on Covid.

        Apparently, any effective argument refuting the web master “disappears”?.

        I want everyone to know that. Clover

        I understood that my funny insult comment earlier today would get deleted — that’s why I signed it: “Moderator Bait”.

        When my serious comments disappear too, as I expect this one will, that’s censorship.

        We get enough censorship from Facebook, Twitter and Google.

        It’s always disappointing that a person who claims to be a libertarian believes in censorship, rather than debate.

        But censorship served a purpose — I won’t dare come back and disagree with anything EP says.

        That’s frowned on here, and gets insults and censorship in return

        You’re no libertarian, Peters.
        Libertarians debate.
        They don’t censor,
        Shame on you.

        Now everyone here can celebrate
        that I won’t return to disagree with EP.
        That’s just not welcome here.

        • The Clover writes:

          “I replied to this post where Mr. Peters called me an imbecile.I effectively refuted his claim that masks convinced people to take vaccines.”

          Anyone who is still willingly wearing a Face Diaper is an imbecile. Anyone who wears one on his chin, sometimes, is a poltroon. You “refuted” nothing. My point (repeated several times) was that conditioning the population to regard Face Diaper-wearing as necessary and reasonable was the necessary psychological prerequisite to getting – to forcing – them to accept being “vaccinated,” stands. The Diaper “mandates” were meant to give the impression that everyone agreed Diapering was necessary and to subject people to trauma, so as to make them desperate for relief… which came in the form of “vaccinations.”

          And you continue to go along with the Kabuki… Why? It’s not because you believe “masks work.” You just don’t want to contest the fiction that they do. You want to appease the imbeciles. Which makes you worse than them.

          It writes further:

          “It’s always disappointing that a person who claims to be a libertarian believes in censorship, rather than debate.”

          Do you know what censorship is? It is not my declining to provide you with a venue to insult me and to pollute my web site with imbecilic material. You are free to air your views on your web site or in any of myriad other venues.

          Do you also think that if I decline to let you come into my home and help yourself to whatever’s in the ‘fridge I am “starving” you?

        • Richard,
          I’ve disagreed with Eric a good many times. I’m still here.

          What you are missing and glossing over is that the masks are a submission ritual. It made every place like the got-damn’d airport. I essentially stopped going pretty much anywhere I didn’t HAVE to go so I wouldn’t have to do these submission rituals. When people accepted this submission ritual the people in government and the safety cult pushed for more.

          It doesn’t matter if you found it not to be a big deal or you subverted it by wearing the thing half-assed. Sure I wore the damn thing so I wouldn’t find out how bad the oatmeal is at the cook county slammer and wouldn’t be fired. It was still a big deal to me that I was put in this situation. I avoided, subverted, etc when applicable but it’s still a submission ritual. I avoid the body scanner and only go through the metal detector at airports whenever I can too, but I still see it for what it is.

    • “Remember most people trust the Government and think masks do something.” RG.

      Maybe two years ago Ric. If you still believe this you need to get out more. If your’e going to go off in another direction, pushing the neocon agenda, maybe you could save the time and bandwidth. Just tell us where lily Graham touched you, then crack off back under your bridge.

    • This was not a war on a flu bug but a war on our Liberty. Why don’t people get this? Experts that said the policies would not work were shunned and ridiculed, and we all cheered them on.

      Say what you will but how did a seasonal flu become a global plandemic? Ask the WEF? People are now hooked on face diapers that don’t work (see the vaping doctor on YouTube), shot after shot of the miracle drug and still they get it or worse (see VAERS report).

      What’s next CBDC’s, being chipped? Who can say but when the .gov wants to take away your liberty any excuse will do. And .gov is only getting started; have you changed your driving habits, your grocery purchases, vacation plans, etc.? For that they blame President Putin but how much food, oil, vodka, etc. do we actually import from Russia?

      Soon people will demand that the government save them from what’s happening and then we’re all screwed because they only save themselves and will happily sacrifice us all to Moloch. If this continues we won’t have to wait for 2030 it will happen long before. Be an ornery cuss and save the world.

      • Hi Landru,

        People like Richard (a) believe there was a “pandemic” and (b) that wearing a Face Diaper was a rational response to it. People like Richard also apparently cannot compute that, by wearing the “mask,” they affirm the justifications given for the Jab. Both being hysterical over-reactions to something that, by rational criteria, could have been dealt with by encouraging (not “mandating”) precautions around the elderly and by the elderly and the obese and already very unhealthy. Forcing everyone to play-pretend they were as much at risk as the latter categories of people was as demented as requiring every pool to be “locked down” because there are people who cannot swim.

        • It still get me how the “mask” is suddenly discovered as the ANSWER TO ALL ILLNESS!

          Masks have been around for ages, but usually worn by non-medical personnel who are slaves, sexual perverts, satanists, or just shady.

  11. I think there are at least a few major categories of still-diapered:

    1) Crazy (highly neurotic, still afraid of everything)

    2) Stupid/gullible (believe most of what the media/government tells them, still afraid of the ‘rona)

    3) Suck-ups (no boundaries or self-respect remaining after years of conditioning by the saaaafety cult, afraid of what others might think)

    4) Leftards (afraid people might think they are conservative)

  12. A few weeks back I was at the airport in Anchorage Alaska. Had a six hour layover and I’d say 20-25% of us in the terminal were without face covers. Even with the insufferable announcements coming over the speaker every few minutes of ‘federal law mandates face diapers worn at all times’…blah blah blah, a decent percentage of us breathed freely.

    As I sat doing some writing, and being the STM I am, a stunning young lady appeared. Late 20ish, perfect body, no visible tats, long blonde hair, clear skin, and eyes that didn’t project a 100 cock stare, her only outward flaw being her mouth, it was covered in a fashionable rag. I gazed briefly at her lovely visage briefly, then went back to my business.

    After a few minutes she stood up and started tearing through her bag, making a big production of it, like she wanted attention. Not interested. Then she pulls out a fruit cup and her phone, she makes a call and begins talking, holding the phone and fruit cup in the same hand. With the other hand she would pull down her mask, pluck out a piece of fruit, pop it in her mouth, pull her diaper back up, all while carrying on her annoying, over loud conversation.

    This piqued my interest as I truly feel no one should suffer strong delusions. The back and forth of pulling down the diaper, inserting food, then pulling the diaper back up was fascinating, mesmerizing even.

    After a bit I lost interest and went back to my business. After about ten minutes without looking at her I noticed she was staring at me, I wasn’t imagining as I’ve given more than my fair share of hard stares toward the fairer sex.

    Mind you, of the handful of people sitting around, she was the only one still covered up. When I caught her staring again I gave her a great big toothy grin and a wink. She got up, grabbed her shit, and huffed off to the other side of the terminal. A few of the other people and I shared knowing grins and chuckles over the whole thing.

    The whole incident brought home just how deep the programing runs, and how much damage these Globo-homo programers have done to the population.

  13. Hello Eric,

    My workplace rescinded their face diaper policy of “when not at your desk or eating lunch” as of this past Monday, 3/7. The new policy is “masks optional”. (They had rescinded the policy for “fully vaccinated” last summer but reinstated it in the fall due the Delta and OMG-cron “variants”.) As of yesterday (Friday), still about 10-20% (out of about 100 at this location) were still wearing them! It’s almost as if they don’t want to admit it was farce all along, even though even the CDC admitted the doctor-costume and bandana “masks” were basically medically-useless theater props.

    In any event, anyone who still voluntarily wears face panties, I just can’t bring myself to have any respect or sympathy for them in the slightest. They don’t even have the “we just don’t know” fallback they used two years ago. As far as I’m concerned, any shame or scorn they receive at this point, they bring on themselves. 🤨🤷‍♂️

  14. Even if masks go away or come back, there is one way to tell who these types are. Whether they are weak, sheep, or evil. Basically anyone who got the injection. That’s the tell.

    Yeah, some had their arm twisted by threat of losing a job, but most did it because they bought it. And most of those bragged about it.

    These are the same types that now love ukraine – and whatever the “thing” after this will be. The types that get their daily download from approved corporate sources will operate under whatever conditions/instructions these sources push to the recipients. The consumers. They’ve received a new download from the hive, and now operate on the new parameters. Ukraine good. Russia evil. These types don’t remember the past two years, as that is not part of the instruction/download. These types are not the same as us. They can barely be said to be human. They are more similar to computers, in my opinion. They can only operate under parameters and outside instructions. They apparently have no free will.

    What is more surprising and perhaps more unforgiving, is the types that fell for the covid/vax/rag hoax, slowly learned over these two years that all of this was BS, and then fall for the same exact thing now, but with ukraine. “I stand with ukraine”. How can THESE people not remember the past two years? They can’t even say to themselves “Gee, last time every institution simultaneously implemented certain things and opined about certain things, that what bad for me. Now they’re doing it again, so this latest consensus is probably bad for me.”.

    The corporate/government/“trusted” institutions can make these people do ANYTHING. That is terrifying.

    Of course. not all of these people are stupid. Not all think they’re doing anything helpful. For many, they are just displaying what team they’re on. Whether it be mask, jab, ukraine, or the next “thing”. They choose that side because it represents the evil that they are.

    • ‘The corporate/government/“trusted” institutions can make these people do ANYTHING. That is terrifying.’ — brandonjin

      “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” — Edward Bernays

      Print and radio were the dissemination vehicles in Bernays’ day. Now our masters have teevee, video and social media at their disposal.

      They don’t have to program everyone. Just half the folks will do. And that is shockingly, slam-dunk, piece-of-cake easy. They succeed, nearly every damned time.

      The Mainstream Media is the Enemy.

      • Is it just “organic” receipt of information, the traditional manufacturing of consent via legacy media and gov’t, that is driving this? Or is it the “bio-tech” now being repeatedly injected into people that creates the operating system that receives the downloads? There are theories being put forth out there that say the shots contain nanotechnology that can both send and receive signals using certain 5G frequencies. The narrative shifted so quickly and, as noted by Brandonjin and in my experience, it is the jabbed who received the Ukraine download and ran with it in “Stepford” fashion. It’s downright spooky with these people.

    • Hello Brandon,

      I’ve noticed the same crowd who just a month or two ago wanted to deny us jobs, entry into public places, even to *buy food*, and to put us into quarantine camps and even “get the military involved”, unless we wore face diapers and/or got injected with fake “vaccines”, even at our own personal risk, now want us to “stand with the brave people of Ukraine as they fight for their ‘freedoms’”.

      Where were these people when it was time to stand up for freedoms in our own country? Where was their willingness to “stand and fight”, when the only consequence might have been getting asked to leave a store?

      Never forget that.

    • Brandon,

      I know people who were deeply, deeply disillusioned by learning that they had been lied to about Vietnam, who bought into the Globull War on Terror only to regret it later, who bought in 110% to the ‘Rona only to back off a little bit as the story started to crack, who are now “standing with Ukraine” and–whether they realize it or not–cheerleading WWIII.

      Same people. Being made fools of. Repeatedly. At the hands of the usual suspects.

      They aren’t even trying at this point, if they ever were. They know how to do critical thinking–hell, they’re the ones who taught me how to do it. They WANT to be lied to. They WANT to be gullible fools. And they are legion.

      We’re boned.

    • evil……the rulers at the top, the globalists are satanists….

      the entire manufactured coronavirus crisis is one giant, occult ritual from start to finish, divided up into four mini-rituals, each with the distinct occult purpose of initiation and transformation of the world and its people into a new global order.

      So, let’s start by examining the four distinct, but interrelated, occult rituals that make up this massive global occult ritual initiation ceremony:

      Ritual Mask-Wearing
      Ritual Hand-Washing
      Ritual “Social Distancing”
      Ritual Lockdowns

      The Ritual Wearing of the Mask
      ” in the Bible has to do with shutting the mouth as one undergoes a secret religious initiation. Again, it’s: “the idea of silence, imposed by initiation into religious rites.”
      After all, at this point in time, 30 countries, including the United States, are now forcing their citizens to wear face masks over their mouths on a mandatory basis, ostensibly to help stop coronavirus infections.
      This, even though numerous medical experts, including the Surgeon General of the United States, have openly stated that wearing masks has no beneficial effect whatsoever against coronavirus.
      What’s more, numerous medical experts have attested to the fact that face masks can even be dangerous to one’s health in that they curtail clear thinking (and even consciousness) by trapping carbon dioxide in the chamber of the mask, forcing you to re-breathe it over and over, thus depleting your blood of fresh air and the life-giving oxygen component it contains.

      So why are the powers-that-be, globally, forcing their citizens to wear these face masks, if the masks simply don’t work against coronavirus, and might very well be dangerous to your health? The answer might surprise you:

      Masking has traditionally played a very important role in occult rituals.

      Among other things, the wearing of the mask over one’s mouth is a token of submission…a gesture of your willingness to be subject to others who are not your usual Sovereign.

      But there’s more. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, mask-wearing is:
      “A form of disguise or concealment usually worn over or in front of the face to hide the identity of a person and by its own features to establish another being.”
      In other words, the wearing of a mask represents an occult transformation — a human alchemy, if you will — from one role to another. From one manner of being, to another.
      Wearing the mask is a powerful occult symbol indicating your submission to another power
      The entire point of occult ritual mask-wearing is to hammer home to your subconsciousness — until it becomes completely true in your daily life — the idea that things are no longer the same, and will never be the same again.
      Masks hasten the suppression of ego to help facilitate the death of the old identity before the identification with, and the manifestation of, a new identity.

      hand washing
      Hand washing is the occult ritualistic symbol of rejection.
      When you fall for the hand-washing ritual, you’re symbolically washing away your old life,

      The “Social Distancing” Ritual
      there’s no more widely used occult number in the world than the number “six.” As you know, the antichrist’s very number is “six hundred, three score and six,” or 6-6-6.
      The powers-that-be assure us that if we’ll all walk six feet apart, we won’t catch coronavirus. Do you really need me to explain why that’s a bunch of hogwash?
      Are you not aware that there are already MILLIONS of viruses in every breath of air you take? No matter where you walk, those viruses are there – somewhere between 1.6 million to 40 million viruses in every cubic meter of air we pass through as we walk.

      The Ritual of Lockdowns and “Social Isolation”
      “Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.”
      That’s what we’re being told, anyway. Yet a recent study of NY area hospitals demonstrates that a whopping 66% of all coronavirus hospitalizations have been among people who wore masks, washed their hands, practiced six feet of separation, and stayed home.
      In other words, the vast majority of the hospitalizations were among people who followed the rules, prompting the Daily Mail to ask in a headline news article, “Does lockdown even work?”
      The global occult ritual of lockdowns symbolize isolation from everything normal so you can be “purified” from your old ways…surrender your former status to the new order…sacrifice your very self to the new order…and finally, willingly submit to the new order through obedience to it. And this will go on until the “new you” evolves like a Phoenix from the drama and trauma, straight into the new reality

      • mask wearing is also linked historically to occult activities. these masks are very important…..

        participating in the occult is supposed to be very dangerous, you are leaving yourself open to demons, maybe that is part of the intended harm behind the whole pandemic hoax, they are forcing you to do this, forced and dragged into an occult practice, which can do you great harm, but the satanists say we are saving you….from what? from a normal life, the satanists won’t leave you alone, you will be forced into their satanic death cult…..

        Derek Prince in the video talking about getting tortured/attacked by demons,

        one example is inviting in the demon of death at 1:03 in the video…

        This is a pretty interesting video.

  15. Around here all the covidiots are crying that it’s “too soon” to remove the masks. As if two years wasn’t enough, ugh I hate these morons. They probably will where them forever, which is their choice, but don’t bug me about it. Agree with Eric that at least know we know who the mentally ill are and can avoid them.

  16. I went for a walk in my neighborhood yesterday morning, around the time the elementary school (K-2) bus rolls through. I walked past three different bus stops, four kids, all standing there wearing face diapers while waiting for the bus with their undiapered parents. There is no school mask requirement in place. These selfish and insidious gamete and uterus donors do this to their hapless children. It makes me want to throw bricks at these pukes. Wonder if kids and others are going to develop some kind of mask-induced mesothelioma for having inhaled little Chinese fibers for two years.

  17. I went shopping last week. While dropping off my 97 year-old mother’s groceries, she asks “Is anyone still wearing masks?”. I said “Yes, about 20-25% of people!”. She says “When are they going to stop?!”. I told her that those people will probably be wearing the rag for the rest of their lives…..

  18. Three Comments:
    And the Nobel Prize in Medicine goes to…. Valdimir Putin for curing Covid 19.

    I parked next to guy (older type dude) at a grocery store wearing a mask all alone in his car. He got out and I said: really? you need a mask all alone by yourself. He said; I like the masks and makes me feel safe. [We live in a country of cowards.]

    With a recession looming with high gas prices and John Gill as president, if you have a traditional IRA and it loses value significantly to near it’s basis, I suggest converting in kind to a Roth IRA when this happens. You might have to pay some tax on the minimum gain you have but you’ll own the asset tax free going forward. Just a suggestion to look on the bright side of the upcoming economic disaster ahead.

    • “I like the masks and makes me feel safe.”

      Remember how important it once was that children be weaned off the psychological crutch of the “bwankie”?

      Once suspects that your average Merkin would probably struggle to articulate the principle upon which it is desirable and necessary to take the bwankie away from a clinging child. Will the bwankie perhaps even emerge as a socially-acceptable accessory/fashion statement for grown-ups in our glorious new Millennium?

      If one can take “pride” in once predilection for buggery, and even “virtue signal” by expressing one’s chronic mortal fear by wearing a dehumanizing slave-muzzle…why not be “proud” of one’s attachment to the symbolic fear-pacifier that is the bwankie? Will pudgy, bearded bug-men in their 40s take to “rockin’ the bwankie” in the office? (To ask is, of course, to answer…)

      • I see that auto-typo does not appreciate the use of the indefinite “one/one’s” pronoun, and instead really likes the word “once” in every context…

    • “the Nobel Prize in Medicine goes to
      …. Valdimir Putin for curing Covid 19”

      I don’t think that’s true.

      Here’s what happened:
      The Omicron common cold, falsely called a Covid variant, infected so many people that it made the vaccines look like a failure. And word spread that Omicron infections were just a common cold, no deadlier than any other common cold.

      We started getting estimates at year end 2021 that total US deaths (all causes) were higher in 2021 than in 2020. That was not supposed to happen with vaccines. And deaths with Covid were much higher in 2021 than in 2020, if you trust that statistic (I don’t)

      And then we had polls showing Democrats were going to be hammered in the 2022 election. And among many problems, people were sick of tired of Covid mandates (outside of thos leftists in solid-blue cities, who are government lapdogs, and vote Democrat no matter what).

      The CDC actually stopped counting deaths with Covid this year. They declared the PCR tests are not accurate. Grouchy Fauci seemed to disappear (I wish he’d disappear permanently).

      And only then did Putin provide a great distraction.

      A leftist government gains power by creating fear.

      The Covid boogeyman was losing its effectiveness.

      So now there arr back to their old favorites:
      climate change, racism, and The Russians (a traditional leftist boogeyman that comes out of the closet every once in a while).

      I’m bored with the Covid, climate change and The Russians boogeymen. It’s time for something new and exciting.
      How about vicious aliens coming from outer space, as the next leftist boogeyman? … And the only “solution” is a more powerful government, with lots of new spending (which is the “solution” for every leftist boogeyman in history).

  19. Still see the occasional person doing cardio on the treadmill or rowing machine while masked. Don’t know how they are able to get sufficient oxygen but they look so weird. A more dishearteningly but common sight seen in my neighborhood are middle school kids still wearing masks as they ride their bikes home from school or walk with their friends. Seeing that instantly brings up anger at what has been perpetrated. Going after the kids with the masks and foisting the vaccines on them was one of the many calculatedly evil things done to people. Hubby has the tv on constantly and seeing singsong we are all in this together ads encouraging people to get vaxxed being run on mainstream channels is disgusting-the propaganda never stops. Unfortunately now we have a whole lot more to worry about. If this was a diversion tactic, it has worked. The totality of engineered destruction has finally begun to overwhelm. I can only read the news now as just the sound of a news anchor, particularly a female voice activates my BS alert system.

    • Ditto, RS –

      I think one of the things that inoculated me against the BS is that I never watch TeeVee and haven’t in years.It became insufferable, years ago. The programming – even before the – programming about fear. Just awful dreck. I cannot imagine how anyone can watch this stuff and retain perspective – or their sanity.

      • I’m one of those ‘The Office’ nuts that can rewatch the show over and over. I used to watch, and occasionally still do, on Comedy Central if I visit my dad’s house. And The Good Lord Above, the commercials are indeed insufferable.

        8 out of every 10 couples are mixed race. 3 out of 10 are gay. The men (even black men now in a few cases- but only with black wife) are still second class morons, thanks to every commercial having a black man in it as the US population is obviously 80% black. Black men (and of course white women over white men) always have the cheaper and better car insurance and eloquently show their inept white neighbor man what to do. Kids are geniuses who understand the climate better than the adults. etc etc etc.

        On top of all of that, Trevor Noah gets to bless you with his… comedy (?) adverts. You obviously aren’t missing anything. And I bought the DVDs a while ago, so if I want to watch The Office or Seinfeld, I don’t have ads.

        • Exactly, Andrew –

          These corporations – the advertisers/TV/Hollywood, etc. – are either so slavishly in thrall to leftist orthodoxies or are actively promoting them. The result is unwatchable, regardless.

    • forced to suffocate and get blood clots and die. (the agenda)?
      mask wearing blood clot risk
      OSHA goes on to inform that a safe level of oxygen must be maintained as an oxygen deficient atmosphere (defined as below 19.5% by volume) creates a respiratory risk.
      Oxygen Gas Detectors (O2 Detectors)
      O2Accurate oxygen (O2) level measurements are essential in preventing injury or death in situations where safe levels may be compromised. Oxygen gas detection instruments will typically trigger an alarm when the oxygen level drops below 19.5% volume, the OSHA-mandated level
      Decreasing the amount of oxygen people are breathing, by forcing people to wear masks, is cruel and medically stupid, as Dr. Buttar points out. Under the mask, O2 readings drop from a regular 21 to an unhealthy 17.5, ringing the alarm of the official OSHA devices that measure such things.
      “Just a 5% drop in blood oxygenation is considered “abnormal” but a 15% reduction will cause noticeable symptoms. These include headaches, dizziness, nausea, and cognitive impairment. Even surgeons can suffer low O2 and associated symptoms merely from wearing a surgical mask … At sea level the air we breathe is 21% oxygen.

      The N95 mask commonly is well known to cause a 20% reduction in O2, which brings it down to about 16% O2 . the N95 mask may decrease your natural ability to prevent blood clots by 50%. This has potentially serious implications. A web search for “blood clot covid” returns many stories about the virus-induced blood clotting and its lethality for those patients. In late June researchers in Utah discovered that platelet hyperreactivity is the cause of COVID-19 clotting.”
      blood clot danger, and they want us to wear masks? and forcing little children. they are monsters. forcing us to do something that can cause blood clots and kill us. (is that the intention?) these people are really stupid, but they say it is for public health and safety. more like part of a cull.
      so get this: it is unsafe to work in a room with less then 19.5% oxygen, the alarms go off and OSHA will shut the place down. but you can work under a mask with oxygen levels below safe levels and these morons say it is ok. actually they will force you to do this or be fined, imprisoned, or fired from your job. sounds like a lawsuit.
      O2Accurate oxygen (O2) level measurements are essential in preventing injury or death in situations where safe levels may be compromised. Oxygen gas detection instruments will typically trigger an alarm when the oxygen level drops below 19.5% volume, the OSHA-mandated level

      While OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Agency) responsibility is to oversee the health and safety of every American worker as each workplace is expected to comply with OSHA standards, its website regarding COVID19 states that cloth-based face masks will not protect the wearer against airborne transmissible infectious agents due to loose fit and lack of seal or inadequate filtration.“
      OSHA goes on to inform that a safe level of oxygen must be maintained as an oxygen deficient atmosphere (defined as below 19.5% by volume) creates a respiratory risk.
      Oxygen Gas Detectors (O2 Detectors)
      O2Accurate oxygen (O2) level measurements are essential in preventing injury or death in situations where safe levels may be compromised. Oxygen gas detection instruments will typically trigger an alarm when the oxygen level drops below 19.5% volume, the OSHA-mandated level
      Decreasing the amount of oxygen people are breathing, by forcing people to wear masks, is cruel and medically stupid, as Dr. Buttar points out. Under the mask, O2 readings drop from a regular 21 to an unhealthy 17.5, ringing the alarm of the official OSHA devices that measure such things.
      The usual amount of CO2 in the air is approximately 400 ppm, when measured around the nose of mouth would be higher. But wear a mask and concentrations shoot up to 5,000. This is not healthy! Carbon dioxide in the air we breathe usually is at 0.0390 percent. When we breathe out, it is 4.0 percent. It is not the concentration we want to be breathing in.
      The minimum oxygen concentration in the air required for human breathing is 19.5 percent. Approximately 78 percent of the air we breathe is nitrogen gas, while only about 20.9 percent is oxygen. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, determined the optimal range of oxygen in the air for humans runs between 19.5 and 23.5 percent.
      Not Enough Oxygen: Side Effects

      Serious side effects can occur if the oxygen levels drop outside the safe zone. When oxygen concentrations drop from 19.5 to 16 percent, and you engage in physical activity, your cells fail to receive the oxygen needed to function correctly.

      So wearing masks is not indicated for any reason because masks represent slow suffocation. Not quite as bad as strangling a person or killing them outright by completely cutting off their breath, but across the board, health will be depressed, and death from all causes will increase.
      The WHO warns of various “side effects” such as difficulty breathing and skin rashes.
      Tests conducted by the University Hospital of Leipzig have shown that face masks significantly reduce the resilience and performance of healthy persons.
      A German psychological study with about 1000 participants found “severe psychosocial consequences” due to the introduction of mandatory face masks in Germany.
      The Hamburg Environmental Institute warned against the inhalation of chlorine compounds in polyester masks as well as problems in connection with disposal.

      In China, two boys who had to wear a mask during sports classes fainted and died.

      In the US, a car driver wearing an N95 (FFP2) mask fainted and crashed into a pole, more of them will be running into poles now when they croak from their bioweapon injection.

  20. This is an interesting situation arising from sickness psychosis in our local school district which some of you may have seen on the national wires. What started as a showdown between parents and the Superintendent over masking mushroomed into a story which made headlines across the country.

    Believe it or not, the Superintendent *still* isn’t fired, with many parents expressing support for him at meetings held recently to discuss his firing.

    • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals:

      “Parents give up their rights when their children cross the threshold of the public
      school door. This was made crystal clear by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

      When a few parents in Palmdale, California learned that their children’s school
      had permitted researchers to interview first, third and fifth grade students
      about such things as sexual urges and fantasies, they became outraged
      and took the matter to court.”

      The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case and concluded that
      when parents place their children in a public school, they forfeit
      any right to determine what or how their children are taught. The
      school may teach anything it wishes in any way it wishes. It may
      allow researchers, special interests , social activists, and anyone
      else it chooses access to students. The court’s decision confirmed
      earlier court opinions.”

      “In America we don’t want the government running Sunday school,
      and we don’t need it running Monday school, either.”
      – Marshall Fritz

      Rather than fight never-ending school issues…

      Separate School and State

  21. The Texas Supreme Court is still deliberating a case that will decide where the power to impose masks lies, with the Governor or with the “Judges” (think Mayor of a county) at the local level.

    If the court decides in favor of the Judges, mask mandates will return in Austin/Travis County and, possibly, San Antonio, where socialist city governments reign. Austin is still deep into the psychosis, with various Asian demographics visibly supporting the hysterical liberals.

    Asians dig masks. *Everyone* except me at HMart the other day was diapered up.

    • Hi Roscoe,

      It almost makes me wish the theories I’ve read that claim there is graphene oxide or self-assembling nanobots in the “vaccines” designed to kill the host will prove to be true. Sympathy turns rancid, into contempt. Anyone still playing Kabuki by choice at this point isn’t even a sheep.

      They are something beneath a sheep. Lacking even the many good qualities that sheep have.

    • Heartbreaking story from a relative: a Ukrainian flag they ordered in late February from a nearby state STILL has not arrived, owing to the hopeless bungling of USPS (as revealed by the tracking history).

      In the interest of harmony, I refrained from pointing out that the dastardly Putin surely has hacked the post office, just as he hacks our elections.

      Putin b-a-a-a-a-a-d-d-d-d-d! /s

      • I learned from the days of the Ice Bucket Challenge that virtue signaling is very important. For that reason I stand united with Ukraine and will eat only chicken Kiev (sorry, “Kyiv”) for the next 40 days (always a good number to conjure up a biblical connection to grab the attention of flag-humping conservatards).

        . . .now if I could just find that damn mallet to pound out my chicken breasts.

  22. I see people wearing masks all of the time. It is their choice, no mandate, nussing to say they have to mask, they just do.

    Have to shine it on and move on. Not a thing you can do to change their minds, not going to confront them, no way, no how. You will not fix stupid. Joe needs to mask, nobody wants to see his fat ugly mug. It hurts too much.

    I was at a Menards day before yesterday to do the daily run of being out there, it was before 9 am, not as many people there at that time of day.

    I noticed a low number of vehicles in the parking lot. Got my bag of chips and left.

    Well, I had more than a bag of chips, some bacon too.

    At the checkout, I mentioned that I hadn’t been to the store in a while, the checkout lady said that it had been slow and employees weren’t getting a full eight hour shift. Just get sent home.

    The weather has had below normal temperatures for weeks now, so people just stop buying and driving when it is so cold. They stay home, it is a warm place to be.

    The reality is beginning to bite, if you ask me.

    Four dollar gas is taking its toll. At the beginning of the week, gas was at 3.39 per gallon. Yesterday, the price was at 3.89 USD per gallon. From 22.90 USD for ten gallons to 38.90 USD is going to have a direct effect on your psyche.

    Everything has been weaponized it seems.

    • Diesel hit $5.50 a gallon at one station here southwest of Austin, Texas last week; others weren’t that far behind. It’s backed off a bit since then. I’ve got to pick up a bale of hay today (picked up a bull calf last summer – looking forward to some steaks this fall), we’ll see what fuel has hit today.

      • insaaaaaaane prices today in norway!!!

        $12 = 1 gallon for diesel!!! ($3.01 a litre)
        $11.28 = 1 gallon 95 octane. ($2.82 a litre)

    • Hi Drump,

      I won’t confront the Freaks unless I have to. As in the case – as it were – of anyone who comes onto my property. This is a “mask” free zone and that includes family, should it ever come to that. I will not abide it.

  23. I saw a few groups of maskers at the grocery store last night.

    My attention was immediately drawn to them across the parking lot. “Wonder if they are sick”, I thought. That is how normies should think of them. Who would wear a mask unless they are sick?

    They still could be virtue signaling, but I suspect they are fervent believers – fully baptized for a life of service to our lord and savior Dr. Fauci Pharma.

  24. No doubt, with a concerted effort by the Psychopaths In Charge to drive people insane, we were bound to have an excessive fraction of the population arriving at insanity. And so we have. These folks would likely not pass the competency test that many insist the pretend POTUS take. After all, those psychopaths intended to drive them insane, and they cooperated in their own demise. They have surrendered all contact with reality, and have become wholly dependent on the illusion. If they dispose of the illusion, they have nothing left. An illusion foisted upon them by public education and propaganda. They have already arrived in Orwell’s 1984. Don’t hate them, but do mock, chastise, and dissociate from them.


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