Diaper Report: 6/19/22

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How desperately do some people cling to their Face Diapers? How about the college-age guy I regularly see at the gym where I work out. He is just about the only guy still wearing what they style “his” Diaper – and of course, in his case, it is exactly that.

He posseses it – and it possesses him. 

From what I can tell, there is nothing wrong with this guy, who appears to be a fit young guy in his early 20s. Well, there doesn’t appear to be anything physically wrong with him.  His mind, on the other hand, has obviously been taken ill – the evidence for which is the fact that he is still wearing that thing over his face. Even now. Even in a place where almost no one else is, excepting a handful of fearful geriatrics.

How sad that some young people are now as terrified of death as those on death’s door – decades before they ought to be worried about it. 

It is possible, of course, that this young man isn’t afraid. An alarming number of high school and college-aged people are fanatically invested in the Cult of Sickness Abiding. This is to be expected, given years of government schooling in the basic catechism: Be afraid. Do as You Are Told. Burn With Fury at Those Who Do Not. 

It is no accident that the most dangerous fanatics are the youthful ones.

Orwell knew all about it when he described the Spies in his famous novel, 1984. These were pre-teens who were trained to suss out Wrongthink – and report it. Even when it didn’t exist. The point being not so much to identify the Wrongthinker but to signal virtue by hounding it out. Those who wear the Diaper are just this sort, even if they cannot – for the moment – hound it out. 

But they can signal – by wearing.

It shows the degree of their commitment to the catechism.

What else can account for the wearing, in summer, in a gym, of the thing by a twenty or twenty-one-year-old young man, except his burning desire to make a point of showing that he still believes. That the flame still burns bright.

That he knows what is right.

These are the ones who will hound the rest of us out, if they ever acquire the power to do it. They itch to do it. Never forget what these Cultists were like when they did have the power to do it. When teenage checkout clerks would kick you out for failing to hew to their catechism, to show you shared their faith. They are the well-trained Pavlik Morozovs of a terminally ill America.

Having had everything healthy about being young (including confidence in the strength of their own bodies) drained out of them by government schools (and government-schooled parents) they respond with an unhealthy, overweening desire to show just how good they can be – according to the inverted standards conditioned into them. To obey fervently. To react with outraged fanaticism when others do not. 

They are desperate to show that they are right – as they see it – and those who do not agree are not just wrong, but a dangerous blight that must be eradicated. 

This is how I see that young man at my gym. I know that when he sees me – a middle-aged guy who isn’t one of the brethren (as well as everyone else in the gym whose faith is lacking) that he genuinely, truly believes we are dangerous idiots – for what else can he possible believe? 

It takes exactly that degree of belief to continue to wear that thing when almost no one else is – and the only others who are still wearing it are obviously terrified old people who may even have some reason to be terrified, being old. When you are, it is not unlikely that any day could be your last day. A case of the sniffles could entail more than a box of Kleenex. Possibly, your final box.

But a kid just out of high school? At the age when you are least likely to die of anything shy of a motorcycle or car wreck? Living in fear of a “virus” that is far less likely to cause his death than driving to the gym in a car – or riding a bike there?

This is what comes of a wrecked culture.

. . .

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  1. germ phobia (that would get you put in a nut house in the recent past), was pushed 24/7 for two straight years, the relabeled mild flu fear mongering never stopped, we are all going to die was pounded into people’s heads, people freaked out, got multiple shots and now wear a mask 24 hours a day….lol…..

    an injected dying super spreader is good,

    a healthy pure blood is a walking biosecurity terrorist….

    the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists…..black is white….. up is down….bad is good….healthy is sick…

    Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.

  2. china benefits more from cv19 then any then any other country

    China behind the bioweapon injection

    zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sa…rs co…v 2 vir….us, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections and to make, concoct, manufacture the vac……ci,,nes

    This faked data was fed into another software program that produced the mrna vac..ci,,ne in one weekend. ATTENTION: Made in one weekend, zero tests for safety (but the government said 24/7 safe and effective), Normal vac…..cines take 10 years to develop, test, produce.

    ATTENTION: The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars co…v 2 vir…us genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.
    Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

    All the ingredients for these shots are made in china

    china supplies all the materials used to make drugs and vaccines for all the world so china will make huge profits from the cv19 hoax.

    armies of Chinese bot accounts on Twitter were instrumental in promoting early lockdowns in countries like Italy while bombarding political figures who refused to order strict lockdowns, such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, with criticism and abuse.

    This chinese professor says china defeated the U.S. with biological warfare.

    Some say we are in WW3, so weakening your enemy with deadly injections would make sense.
    the germ was the marketing campaign to suck you into the bioweapon shot


  3. I’m not averse to wearing a mask in certain situations. For example, when you watch those hoarding or extreme cleaning shows, through the gaps in your fingers since you have your hands over your face and are hunched in the fetal position, you think – yes I’d be hazmatted up too, or better yet, send in a robot. The scenes presented in these shows are clear evidence of dirt and biohazard. It’s common sense you’d want to cover your airways. But for *everyday life* in a first world country, with a healthy immune system, it’s the mask wearer who is promoting a dirty practice. Gross to rebreathe your own exhalate, create your own little facial hothouse. Who does that? No one, before 2020.

    • There’s a big difference between a mask and a respirator.

      A mask, no matter what type, is effectively useless in any dangerous situation with particulates that could really harm you. An N95 strap type mask might be good for cutting down nuisance particles like sawdust or dust/pollen outside doing yardwork or whatever. Maybe some light attic crawling where loose fiberglass insulation is stirred up.

      A respirator, that SEALS to your shaven hairless face with the proper screw in filters designed for the target particle/vapor is the only effective tool that, properly used, can save your life.

      • RE: “A respirator, that SEALS to your shaven hairless face with the proper screw in filters designed for the target particle/vapor is the only effective tool that,…”

        I worked a job once where I had to wear one of those things… it sure isn’t the, be-all to-end all you’re making it out to be. That’s for sure. I can gar-on-tee, that.

        That said, I see your point. Most won’t, I imagine.

        I’m still waiting to see someone out in public with a full-on N.B.C. suit.

      • I find the “sealed around a clean-shaven face” thing interesting. I knew a guy years ago, who like myself believes in the Biblical command for a man not to destroy his beard. This guy had a chance to get a job with a company which was willing to transfer him to a location of theirs in South America where this dude wanted to immigrate, but the job required that he wear such a respirator, and….be clean-shaven.

        I was very surprised to hear that he was actually considering taking that job. Just the fact that he was entertaining the idea made me realize where his priorities truly lied- and sure enough, the guy started rationalizing and making excuses, and ended up taking the job and shaving.

        Once you make such a compromise, it is easy to make more and start an inevitable slide until nothing is sacrosanct and you can end up justifying anything….just like the wearing of a ‘Rona Rag will almost inevitably lead to the acceptance of the vax.

        Who ever thought that masks would become such a crucial issue, and on a worldwide scale, no less?

        I lost touch with the respirator dude shortly after he took that job- as the thing we had in common, our religious faith, became much less of a thing in his life from that point on- but it would have been ionteresting to see what happened to him. He did move to S.A….and that’s all I know- but I’d be willing to be that the job likely turned out to be a nightmare, or the place where it was sucked, and his life probably spiraled downward, as is often the case when peiople make moral and or personal compromises for what they think will be paradise; it usually turns out to be Hell, and then they not only don’t have the thing they lusted after so badly, but they also have lost what they used to have, which they abandoned to pursue the thing they lusted after- and are not able to return, knowing how easily they abandoned what they had, and thus how little it truly meant to them.

        Now I see what played out with that guy as a microcosm of what has basicallyu been thrust uponm the whole world- the principle is the same.

        • Hi Nunz,

          On this beard bidness: I’ve almost made it, twice. But each time, the itchiness and weird feeling of my face feeling tight every time I smile/move facial muscles prompted me to take a hot shower and shave the proto-beard off! My girlfriend would very much like it if I stuck it out – and grew it out – but it may take a Great Reset for that to happen!

          • Ive found that I can maintain 2 weeks growth. And after that it gets really uncomfortable. So you could try keeping your beard trimmed with a short guide. A short beard Goes with my short haircut too

          • Hi Ya Eric!
            Ah! You must have that thick luxuriant ape-man facial hair (Lucky bastid!) to be able to feel it on your own face. Me? LOL- I’ve had mine for 30 years….but looks like I started growing it a couple of days ago! I’ve never had an itch, or felt it in any way. I suspect that when you have thick hair, it feels itchy and is noticeable likely only initially, when it is short- as short hairs are stiff (Thus the old wive’s tale that if you shave, “It’ll grow back thicker”)- I’ll bet if you had suffered just a li’l bit longer, it would have grown out a bit and tamed down. [Eric ends up looking like ZZ Top after 5 days].

  4. Mass formation psychosis is the only explanation that makes sense. Smart people by some accounts are even more susceptible than those of low or average intelligence. You can’t reason with someone who is hypnotized.
    And speaking of the fake vaccines, a healthy 50-something friend of mine died in her sleep a few weeks ago. Nobody seemed to know why. She worked as a hairdresser so I’m sure she was vaxxed and boosted to the hilt.

  5. So scared of a death from a disease which he has likely already had several times thus far in his life (The flu!) and which hasn’t killed him even once, and from which as a healthy young man poses virtually no threat to his life…that he impairs his breathing by donning a filthy rag which will do absolutely nothing to protect him from the flu, and exposes himself to things which can pose a real threat to his health and life, such as bacterial pneumonia.

    And I’d be willing to bet that the sap is probably vaxxed with the clot-shot too! -Which poses more of threat to his health and life than just about anything he will likely ever encounter.

    And speaking of the clot-shot, it seems that the genocidal effects are starting to manifest themselves more quickly than I would have imagined. Among people I personally know who have taken the shot(s), it is AMAZING how many of them over the last year have become chronically ill, are dying or already dead. I saw no such carnage from the ” ‘Rona”, but the carnage from the clot-shots is undeniable.

    Latest “case”: Yesterday, a late-20’s relative ended up in the ICU with a heart problem which sounds like myocarditis. His future is not looking good!

    A good old friend died the week before last from colon cancer. He had always been very healthy….but when he went in for something else they found ‘a little cancer’, and it literally just exploded before their eyes, and what even the pharma-cartel doctors thought would not be a problem, killed him in 2 months.

    Another old friend- 54, is now sick with multiple issues EVERY month and missing a lot of work…..he’s running neck and neck with another friend of mine who is 74, and who himself almost croaked recently from a huge pulmonary embolism….

    I could go on….but all this and more, just among the relatively few people I know who’ve taken the shot.

    I know maybe four people who have taken the shot and who haven’t yet suffered any serious issues (Other than two of them having the ‘Rona since being injected- not just a ‘positive test’ but were actually sick with it- and they should have been immune, having already had it once before being injected, too!)(And they are both practitioners of the other Kabuki too- such as masking).

    And now these same people (the ones who are still alive, anyway) are starting to worry about the “monkey pox”. There’s no hope for a society that has been so effectively brainwashed that they will do that which is not in their best interest.

    • Hi Nunzio.

      When dealing with Cultists you can’t expect rationality. Its becoming more and more obvious as the all cause deaths stats trend up. Whats blackly ironic, is that the first and foremost victims of the Usual Suspects antics, are their most fanatic supporters. Over the next couple of years, many of our current problems will take themselves out of the equation.

      • Hey BJ!
        You are absotively correct! This is just the beginning…and we’re already seeing so much carnage….in a few moire years I suspect everyoe who has taken the vax will be affected. The question will not be ‘if’ – i.e. “Have you been affected?” but rather ‘how’- i.e. “Are you chronically ill or dead?” [*They* likely will undercount the dead, because the dead won’t be answering the questionnaires. 😀 “Mr. Speaker? These vaccines haven’t caused ONE single death, because of the millions of questionnaires we’ve sent out, not one was returned and signed by a legitimate respondent who answered affirmatively to the ‘are you dead?’ question!”) “In other news: Corpses in Pittsburgh are piling-up three feet deep….as the effects of ‘climate change’ become more severe….”.

        • Hi Nunz!

          My buddy the nurse – subject of my earlier Diaper Report – is still stick. He goes to another Quack today. To try to find out what the other Quacks have done to him…

          For several weeks now, he can barely get out of bed. Little appetite. A weird rash on his body and strange pain in the back of his head. More to come once I hear more from him.

          • Eric,

            Wow, WTF? I’m very sorry to hear that. Keep us posted. I feel for him, and hope he’s able to make some progress very soon.

          • Hey, Eric,
            Scary thing is, your friend’s scenario seems to be consistent with what I’m seeing among the vaxxed whom I personally know. They get sick (Sometimes sicker than they’ve ever been), go to the butcherdoctor or hospi’l, and no one can figger out what’s wrong with ’em.

            One friend neraly died from the pulmonary embolism which no one could diagnose till he was on the verge of death from it; Another friend (20 years younger than the aforementioned friend) is constantly sick, and gets various diagnoses, but gets no relief…. Same deal with many others.

            I’m beginning to wonder if the clot-shot doesn’t so mess up the body so as to make a diagnosis very difficult or impossible, or if we’re seeing new mechanisms of injury which aren’t recognized yet, due to the body dealing with these foreign complex poisons?

            I hate to say it, but I find it difficult to muster any sympathy for people like your friend. Of all people, he went into this knowing there were BIG risks- and he has the double-whammy- not only having taken the shot, but spending so many of his waking hours around all sorts of sick people. Play with fire….

            The irony is, that the tyrants try to mask and restrict US -the healthy- who have the capacity to harm no one, since we are healthy- but the vaxed (More apt to contract and spread the flu) and the sick-from-the-vax-with-who-knows-what who may be shedding and spreading who-knows-what, they are deemed to be benign….

            This BS is making the days of barber-surgeons look enlightened by comparison. I think we’ve all wondered how a whole society could be so utterly retarded…and yet here we are, living among a society that has become just as ass-backwards and clueless…and it has happened right before our eyes.

  6. this level of germ phobia in the recent past would get you locked up in the insane asylum, this relabeled, mild flu, fear mongering “we are all going to die” was effective on the weak minded, it worked well to force you to get the kill shot.

    a first responder just said they are very busy now, one big problem, heart attacks, probably the vax injured haha…..

    and this….

    Life Insurance Payouts Jumped 163% During First Year Of Vaccine Rollout
    it was not only deaths of working-age people that shot up to unheard-of levels in 2021, but also short- and long-term disability claims.
    vax injured….



  7. Madison County, Alabama is allegedly in a covid spike. So all the stupid rules are back in place…ya know cuz they worked so well before. Madison County is full of carpetbagger federal employees.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yup. Also, apparently, in Israel – where the “cases” are spiking, again. And on account of that, reimposition of the indoor “mask” mandate is being considered, again.

      It’s halting. Are they really that stupid? Or is it about shoving it in our faces how stupid they think we are?

      • Israel will be a ghost country soon enough, with most of the people dropping dead from the clot shots.

        The Palestinian’s who didn’t just gotta wait before they take things back.

        Globalists did what Hitler couldn’t it seems

      • Hi Eric.

        I’d say a bit of both. Some of our alleged “leaders” really aren’t all that bright. They may be politically street smart, but get them out of that narrow specialty, and they demonstrate their lack of knowledge or even common sense. But don’t underestimate the hubris of our current ruling class. They risked the stability of the entire system itself, in their in your face theft of the last Selection. TDS is blindingly strong with them.

        Speaking of Israel, they just dissolved their government again. Any bets on our “buddy” Bibi making a come back?

  8. ‘Living in fear of a “virus”?’ — eric

    Even among the propagandized public, few parents of young children are sufficiently fearful anymore to ‘vax’ them.

    Especially if they look at the corrupted science.

    For 6-month-olds to 5-year-olds, the purported efficacy of covid injections is based on a handful of observations — not nearly enough for statistical significance.

    The FDA has calculated absurdly wide confidence intervals, which do not exclude the possibility that the injections are (a) wholly ineffective or (b) negatively effective, increasing the chance of bad outcomes (as already observed in some older cohorts).

    Apparently, the horrific long-term goal of the vaccinazis is to get covid injections included on the list of required childhood vaccinations. Then the makers of these injections will be exempt from liability under an existing government scheme.

    Total impunity for child killers: such a deal! 🙂

    • Hi Jim,

      There is no doubt that state governments everywhere are working to get these as part of the normal childhood vaccination program. Little Johnny doesn’t have his COVID booster, so no government indoctrination camp until he does. Mom and Dad will protest for a minute then take him to the local health department to make sure he is up to date. It never dawned on them to remove the kid from the babysitters that wish to harm him. The greatest protest a parent can make is the removal of their child from Uncle Sam’s slimy, grubby, soiled groupthink.

      • Amen, RG –

        I never got around to having kids, but if I ever do, they will be schooled at home. Heck, they’ll be born at home, too. Untagged. Unknown to the things who think they own us, like livestock. Who regard other people’s kids as their veal calves. I think perhaps one of the greatest gifts a new parent could give their kid would be freedom. No Social Security number. No “vaccines.” And no Submission Training and Cognitive Crippling in a government school.

        • Home schooling may be a good idea but it is not necessarily sufficient.

          I’m one of three but I’m the only one who really questions the MSM, the conventional wisdom, etc. They can, they know how, they just don’t. They went all in on the Needle, and stuck with the masks for a good long time (probably still do wear them sometimes, although I think my parents pretty well stopped that). And they audaciously consider me to be the one who’s screwed up. Which I am tired of.

          • Hi Publius,

            Here’s my theory – based on my own personal life story (more or less!):

            Teach a kid the trivium – the ability to use logic and to reason – and the rest is easy. It is why the trivium is no longer the foundation of “education” in government schools, where the object is to stifle the growth of the critical faculty.

            I was teaching myself from earliest memory. I attribute this to parents who taught me. Who also provided a wealth of books on all subjects for me to read, according to my interest. They also put me in an excellent private school through sixth grade. Then we moved and I entered a government school. This was revelatory for me as I was far ahead of my peers there in almost every area. I do not think it is because I was or am “smarter,” in the IQ sense, than they were. Or – rather – I do not think my peers were stupid. I do think I had learned to reason while they had not. It was obvious to me, even in seventh grade, that all-too-many of them couldn’t think. Could not discern the essential thing in things.

            And I do not think this is accidental.

        • Eric and RG,

          Interesting you should mention this. My GF and I have spoken many a time about having truly FREE kids, sans serial (social security) number. You have to wonder what would become of such a child, however. The Constitution says that the Rights guaranteed therein and inalienable, and so many children were obviously born before there was Social (in)Security and/or state or federal IDs, but these days…

          The social apparatus would eschew such a child, who, as an adult, would be precluded from voting, buying a firearm, buying a beer etc. I guess such a child would learn to eschew the social apparatus right back, and brew his/her own beer, buy firearms from private parties only, avoid banks, etc. But it’s an interesting thought experiment. I think such a child would grew to be a radically advanced thinker: resourceful, cunning and clever.

          • ‘The social apparatus would eschew such a child.’ — BaDnOn

            Indeed, the child would be in the same position as illegal alien kids growing up here.

            Just read a couple of days ago about a 19-year-old U.S. college student, Mexican born, denied admission to nursing school because of — you guessed it — no SSN.

            Pre-Nahhhn ‘Leven, fake ID was a harmless dodge for underage drinkers. Now it’s a FELONY.

            Being resourceful, cunning and clever may not be sufficient in a high-stakes game where one is seriously outgunned by the detection and enforcement resources of the Panopticon.

            • Jim,

              It’s true. They do call them “undocumented”. Meanwhile the rest of us wish we were LESS documented. But being undocumented does relegate you to the twilight of society. Forever living in the shadows, needing to be paid under-the-table, avoiding “law-enforcement” at all costs.

              This is why I tell people clamoring for The Wall to try and understand what that really means. It means bolstering and expanding this Panopticon, and further flushing what is left of the 4th Amendment.

              • Hi BaDnOn.

                How would sealing our southern border destroy whats left of the 4th Amendment? The Empire has the technology to make it very difficult to get around, under or over that border if they wished to. Do you know what the $40 plus billion that was just dumped on Ukraine would do for the border? They could build the Great Wall of Trump for that amount of fiat. They don’t, because the democrats want more people dependent on governments “services”. While both aspects of the uniparty want cheap labor for their corporate masters.

                • RE: “The Empire has the technology to make it very difficult to get around, under or over that border if they wished to.”

                  You mean like how ‘they’ keep drugs out of prisons & how there’s no murders there?

                  What’s that some people say? Locks only keep honest people, honest? Or, there’s no lock which can’t be defeated? …Something like that.

                  [Well, I can type just fine now. I wonder what the problem was earlier? Dog hair in the keyboard, I guess?]

                  • Hi Helot.

                    They have little incentive to prevent either of those. Which is why there are ways around it.
                    Believe me, I have VERY little regard for the gangs at any level. Just about anything they touch turns to schiff… 🙂 All I said was that the technology exists. All that is lacking is the incentive.

                    Locks have several purposes. One to keep honest people honest. Another is to stall the criminal long enough to provide you the time to give them a proper welcome.

                    I know how keyboards go. My space bar has started sticking, and wants to zoom off the page at random. Time to clean it or pull one of the backups off the shelf.

                • Another thing, “because the democrats want more people dependent on governments “services”” … wouldn’t it be easier & cheaper to just stop giving away all those “services”?

                  Kind of like, not leaving a tin of cat food out on the back step so as to stop attracting varmints,… like bears?.

                  • Hi Helot.

                    That would be a very good idea. But since 65, its been an untouchable series of programs. Anyone who tries is obviously “racist”…

                • Hey BJ,
                  It’s not really the Wall. That’s really just a symbol at this point. Most people would notice no difference if that was completed. Even if it were “sealed” technologically, like the perimeter of Area 51, it would only be a dress rehearsal and a prelude to the expansion of the constitution-free zone that is the border.
                  I’m becoming ever more convinced that the “border crisis” is another method to get people to be up in arms, ready to give “law enforcement” any tool necessary to stop this crisis, and part of that will be, you may rest assured, the continued erosion of our rights and the expansion of surveillance not only near the borders, but throughout the entire country. Not that it’s not already Leviathan in scope and power.

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            I think this can be done and actually relatively easily. My kids do have SSNs, but I am trying to think when I have ever used them. I know I have never reported them on any forms (other than the annual 1040, which I have stopped doing). A child could lead a pretty easy existence until they went to work for the Man (who would require an SSN) for employment purposes. A birth certificate would only come into play if they wanted to drive and wanted to get a license. With a world of Ubers and Lyfts, metros, bicycles, and buses they could probably get by without one.

            I know the school system gave my mother a really hard time, because my sisters and I did not have SSNs through most of elementary school. I didn’t get an SSN until I was about 10 or 11 years of age. Forty and fifty years ago we didn’t need them. Damn FDR. He started this crap.

            • Hey RG,

              Yes, fuck FDR. He was the worst.

              As for the rest, I forget the requirement here for driver’s license, but I wouldn’t want too consign a kid to a life of Ubers, or especially busses. And not too many people are talking about abolition of licenses, like they should be. But they should be.

        • Amen, Eric!

          Don’t forget to avoid the state ‘marriage license’ too- (One can still have a private marriage covenant, but the state license is one of the most self-enslaving manacles in their bag of tricks….and yet so many gladly volunteer for it).

          No birfs certificate; no socialist-security number, no hospi’l record (which they obligingly report to the state, to generate the above-mentioned)….would definitely help keep one off of ^their* radar, and may offer at least some advantages, much like those extended to ‘illegal aliens’, in that one would could technically claim not to be a citizen of this country. “Where were you born?” “I don’t remember, I was very young”. Hmmm…I wonder if one could even claim “Native American” status if they did admit to being born here but outside of the government system?

          • Hey Nunz! One of my dad’s favorite lines was “I was born at an early age”. Here in Taxachusetts “undocumented aliens” are allowed to get driver’s licenses, I wonder if they get to pick whatever birth date they feel like. I remember needing an actual birth certificate back when I first got my DL (in NJ). I love the idea floated here of having kids not registered with Uncle but I think it would make life tough for them in today’s surveillance crazy dystopia; maybe find a good forger or use a dead guy’s SS number in a pinch.

            • Hi Ya Mike!

              Amenm to all of that! Yes, being free from their system might create some inconveniences….but such might prove to be the greatest blessing in keeping the kid free- i.e. participating in this society would not even be an option- and hopefully, being given such an advantage and being raised right (And apart from TV and government schools and the demon spawn of the brainwashed masses, the kid would appreciate and use the advantage.

              Hey, he could just learn to speak Spanish or Sanskrit or something, and he would get a ‘free pass’ anyway.

              I think with what is coming, anyone who is off the radar will not regret the inconveniences. In a world of digital currency, RFID license plates, implanted SIM cards, etc. etc. I think only the truly rogue will have a chance, and any sort of liberty…so to be given that advantage from birth, and to grow up that way, will make it a lot easier. Their world is nothing like the world we grew up in 🙁 (Then again, considering these things, why on earth would anyone even think of having kids these days…to be brought into a world of slavery…)

              Heh, yeah, even forty-something years ago, I remember getting my license in NY- had to bring birfs certificate, and mail addressed to me, etc. The same even to get a stinking clamming license!

              • And hey, we could take some lessons from the Amish when it comes to operating outside of the system- They do just fine with no birfs certificate, SS#, marriage licenses, etc. And they prosper, while remaining the freest and least governable people, despite the fact that they are pacifists/not armed. (I don’t recommend imitating the latter atrribute!)

      • Become ungovernable, refusing to consent. These same parents may end up raising kids who become part of the solution not the problem

  9. I also still see a few high school and college age kids wearing masks which is unsettling. On the other hand being around my spouses family gives a view directly into the inexplicable mindset of the covidian culture. They have all been vaxxed and triple boosted. My spouse took the vax initially but elected not to receive a booster and I am unvaxxed. Half the family has contracted covid and the illness took a similar path regardless of vax status. At a recent gathering my husband and I were required to take covid tests prior to arriving at the house. Then just us two were asked to wear masks at all times while inside the house. The rest of the family were not wearing masks! We were seated outside for the meal. These precautions are taken to protect the health of my mother in law, a frail elderly lady being cared for there. I would understand if everyone took the same precautions, however the concern is only in regard to us, that we present a danger, being possible asymptomatic spreaders of covid by not being vaxxed, despite the fact that half of the group had covid a few weeks prior. The vibe of this previously close family was off and weird, despite all our attempts to create a normal atmosphere. It was like having a dream of being in a familiar scene that has been distorted into something hollow and disturbing. I think these family members will be wearing masks and getting boosted even after my mother in law passes. I am dismayed they still believe in the covid culture even with real time data to the contrary.

    • Hi RS,

      You have a kinder and gentler soul, than myself.

      Grandma may be old, but anyone who made it through the Great Depression is hardly frail. 😉 I hang out with little old ladies all of the time (both of my grandmothers live near me and I see them on a weekly basis, if not more). We have never worn masks around each other and none of us are vaxxed. Can I sympathize with someone who is aging and their immune system is winding down? Yes, but the precautions are for them to take, not the rest of us.

      Your family treated your husband and you horribly. When they requested the COVID test my answer would have been a firm “no”, followed by a sigh and, “I guess hubby and I will be forced to take that weekend vacation we had in mind. Hope you guys have fun.” Then do just that. Instead, they ostracized you and made you feel insignificant. This was nothing more than a mind game.

      You and your spouse deserve better than that. Next time let them know you will no longer cater to their whims.

      • Amen to that RG. I have been keeping a list of people I know –or ‘almost know’—if that makes sense–that have died from ‘suddenly’. In 2021: 53 year old male cousin, healthy; 50 something female, preexisting health issue? but basically healthy; late 50’s early 60’s (?) male, in hospital with covid?; 2022: 52 year old obese female; early 60’s female; late 40’s early 50’s male, healthy; 6/10/22 46 year old former youth pastor, massive heart attack (youth pastors are useless people, I guess that sounds mean, but true). I always think massive is a stupid word to use with heart attack, any kind of heart attack to me is not a good thing. So seven people, I am pretty sure they all had the vax–don’t know, but their occupations and people they interacted with are the kind of people that got the vax. At the visitation to the funeral and it was a ton of people, only one person wearing a mask, female. He actually had two visitations because he had just left our church and gone to another one, so he went out in style, lol.

        My oldest brother age 68 (electrical engineer, still working, cause easy money) out of four siblings went berserk when covid hit. Only one of us to get the vax, now has covid. He sounded great yesterday though.

        Anyway, the shot is crap, covid is regular flu. I think it was all kabuki theater for control, etc., leading up to stolen elections, stolen money via stock market and printing it as fast as they can, high gas, supply chain problems, amping up on the climate cult and electric cars, fake food shortages etc, etc, it’s all interconnected. Nothing is a coincidence.

        • I didn’t mean to speak ill of the dead in my post, youth pastor, he was a nice guy, but they are still useless. We live in crazy world—maybe it’s getting to me. You need an edit button for people like me Eric.

          • I read it twice, Elaine. Seemed clear to me you were speaking ill of an occupation/position & not an individual person.

            …Crazy world, for sure.

          • Not only are youth pastors useless…I’d be surprised if there were one who didn’t turn out to be a perv. (SOme say there are…but most likely, theyt just haven’t been caught).

            I’m suspect of ANY grown man who wants to mess with other people’s kids…it’s just not natural. Male day-care workers…male kindergarten teachers…YIKES! Even Mr. Rogers didn’t do that….

          • Hi Elaine,

            I have asked my computer guy about an “edit” function for regulars here and he’s been looking into it. The problem apparently is that WP doesn’t allow distinctions; it’s either all commenters can have that power or none. And the problem with that is giving too much power to unknown people who may do hinky things with it. Bit we are trying to figure something out…

            • Thanks you guys. Yeah was talking about the occupation/position. I understand Eric. Sometimes what might sound good in my head doesn’t always come out correctly in type or verbally. Also though, sometimes I don’t care, that’s about the only good thing I can think of about getting older.

      • I concur with RG.

        I love my family but I refuse to let them treat me like that. I have ruined Thanksgiving twice by standing up for myself, and I will do it again if I have to. I don’t enjoy it, but there have to be boundaries.

    • WoW, RS! The cognitive dissonance you describe is truly mind blowing! The fact that those people can not accept the reality which is before their own eyes- that they were vaxxed and vaxxed again, and yet get the ‘Rona- just as recent studies and data from countries where virtually everyone has been vaxxed prove- that the vaxxed are MORE likely to get (and spread) the flu, and to die from it; and that they can not acknowledge that YOU, the great unvaxxed, have been just fine through all of this…..wow.

      THEY are posing the greatest risk to your MIL….but yet act as though you are the reckless person!

      While I’ve always taken precautions (long before anyone heard of the ‘Rona) to keep people who were actively sick from visiting my elderly mother, we have not taken any special precautions since they gave the flu it’s new name- and at 97, if someone shows up at my mother’s place with a mask on, she tells them they can take it off. (Few maskers come, and of those who have, only one refused to unmask- I think the c.30 year-old was likely more concerned with her own ‘protection’ than anything else.)

    • Wow RS!

      Why did you tolerate that treatment? I mean… is there a 10+ million $$ inheritance you guys are waiting on?

      Terrible what this terrible Madness has done to families. Mine was torn apart too in 2020 but each year it gets a little easier. We treat orthodox Covidians like the dead. I was considering holding some kind of ‘funeral’ for closure and remembering these cultists for who they were. We’re wired to accept death easier. It’s much harder to come to grips with such madness when their bodies aren’t quite dead yet.

    • Ughhhh. WHY would you allow yourself to be treated that way, RS? I could go on a cussword filled rant but it basically boils down to your spouse’s family sucks, they went out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable. You get what you tolerate.

      My family tried that crap on me and I told them to fuck off. I’m not wearing a mask and I’m not going to “sit outside.” And I’m COMMITTED to that course even if I never see them again.

      Why would you want to spend your limited time being around a bunch of people who disrespect you and treat you like garbage?

      • RE: “Why would you want to spend your limited time being around a bunch of people who disrespect you and treat you like garbage?”

        Prolly cause, she loves them.

        …It’s amazing, the sheet people put up with, from those they love. Happens all the time.

        That said, I wouldn’t have put up with it either. And, imho, the husband shouldn’t have allowed it.

        That’s life, tho.

  10. Humans are wired to believe in something. Traditionally that was a higher power or set of moral beliefs.
    Increasingly it is the state.

    • ‘Humans are wired to believe in something. Increasingly it is the state.’ — Dan

      Yee haw … we’re goin’ RINO hunting:

      “I’m Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL. Today, we’re going RINO hunting.”

      “The RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice.”

      “Join the MAGA crew: get a RINO permit.”

      “There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit, and it doesn’t expire until we save our country.”

      Video posted here on Twitter:


      Save the Turtle! Just kidding, y’all.

      • Hi Jim H.

        I laughed and laughed when I saw that. Its obviously a troll. But the Progs and RINO’s heads are exploding over it. I can’t say I like Greiten’s, but he is very much a master class troll.
        Anyone with a sense of humor would have seen that. But that of course leaves out most Progs and RINO’s.

  11. I still saw a few masks at a sci-fi/fantasy con in Dallas over the weekend.

    Where Gina Carano spoke without protest or incident BTW, including a statement about the Covid jabs being a matter of choice.

    It is hard to estimate how many Good Germans there are in the convention scene in Texas, armbands -er- facemasks at the ready. The big Japanese pop culture show in San Antonio over Labor Day Weekend is still advertising that proof of vaccination or a negative test result being required to attend, and all attendees will be required to mask up.

  12. Historically, college campuses have been a breeding ground for all sorts of “rebellion”, and often praised for their efforts. As if a bunch of kids with almost zero life experience were founts of wisdom. Greta for example.

    • Hi John Kable.

      “How dare you!”… I actually feel sorry for Greta. If you have looked into her background, and that of her parents, its tragic. She has become one of the faces of the Climate Change alarmists, and that’s likely going to stick with her for the rest of her life. Long after this silly Cult is disbanded and forgotten.

      The fact is that energy is the life blood of modern civilization. The availability of cheap, plentiful and reliable energy is the way forward for all developed and developing nations. Wind and solar are neither cheap, nor reliable. Eric Epstein makes a compelling case in his two books. This covers his first book.


  13. Diaper Report from the Friendly Skies, for those whose plane actually leaves. Just flew from NYC to LA and back – undiapered. Very few in southern Cal were wearing them, to my pleasant surprise. Even though diapers are still “required” in LAX, a full third or more of people weren’t wearing them and it wasn’t enforced – TSA and airport pigs were mostly diaper-free as well. No issues on the rental car bus or anywhere else. But, while waiting to board my return flight, a young man, early 20s, behind me – initially undiapered – asked a United employee to bring him a mask, which he then promptly put on. I also saw dozens of double diapered passengers and people with face shields. These people simply cannot be saved.

    • What a Report of the double divide going on, BAC.

      Straight out of a Sci-Fi flick, I once woulda thought.

      …Man, do I ever miss flying, “The Friendly Skies”.

    • Its good you made it back alive. A long flight like that, non-stop I assume. I’d be worried whether or not my pilot had been dosed with the triple kill shot. Our non stop flight to Alaska next month was cancelled with no reason given. I think the airlines are finally waking up to the stupidity of taking Uncle Sugars 30 pieces of silver. Short term bailout, keeps the stock price up, destroys your business.

      • Norman – believe me, the thought of having a vaxxed pilot at the helm crossed my mind several times. And all of these mass flight cancellations every time demand spikes – something is going on. I can’t remember a time in The Before where this happened on this scale and this frequency. I’m sure that hundreds of jabbed pilots have been deemed medically unqualified to fly. What other explanation is possible here? Spooky.

        • It is spooky BAC, I’m not even sure if they have co-pilots anymore or just some EO affirmative action place holder. Something is going on, except nothing to see here, now move along as we bring in some hard working immigrants willing to do the jobs (pilots) murkins won’t.

          we went back and forth about this trip. I know a few other people who were stranded by cancellations in the last few months. I’m trying to get them to upgrade us to first class for the inconvenience. Still not sure how its going to work out. Ours was a non-stop to Anchorage, now we have to lay about in Seattle for 3 hours, and catch the last plane out, Yuck.

  14. Some of these people can’t be helped. Strictly gas face from me for them. Yet, I had a neighbor tell me about the latest “new wave” yesterday. I let him have it. He was like, yeah, I’m over it, too. Anyone you can get through to should be educated in no uncertain terms. The momentum is with us.

  15. While reading your article, when I saw that first photo, I was reminded of the Spiderman comic book when Spiderman got a new uniform, the black & white one.

    The new uniform was actually an alien lifeforce and as I recall there was a struggle between the two as to who was Da Boss. …It all just seems creepily similar.

  16. Excellent observation, Eric. I, too, noticed the group that clung most stubbornly to the face rags in the waning days of (rampant) Covidianism was the high school/college crowd. I can’t help but wonder, though, when and if the PTBs decide to bring back masking, what percentage will go along with it this time?

    Perhaps I’m being too sanguine, but I sense the latest trend of non-masking is becoming established, which suggests there will be a higher percentage of Americans who choose not to mask during the next round of mandates (under the assumption that once they’ve tasted freedom they won’t go back to slavery).

    • Morning, Jim!

      I hope so – in re the future non-compliance of the younger crowd (and generally). I think, however, there is now a substantial percent of the population – probably around 40 percent – who will literally do whatever they are told and will support rest of us being told what to do, too.

      Maybe – hopefully – the wheel has turned and my perception is colored by biased reporting. But it seems a lot of young people, especially, are not only ready for the Great Reset but eager for it to come.

      • Hi Eric

        That mask you saw that kid wearing in the gym is a “Fedbromask.” It is available on Amazon under the Fedbro Store. The exact model that the kid is using is on the first page.

        It is used to restrict simulate high altitude training by both restricting airflow and lowering oxygen concentration. It is adjustable for twelve levels of airflow resistance and is meant to be worn during aerobic or resistance training.

        So it can have a dual purpose; a Face Yarmulke for the Covid Cult and a lung exercise device. So we don’t know if that kid is a true believer in the Covid Cult or merely using it as a training device.

        • Even so, that has to be one of the dumbest exercise fads ever devised. What genius thought it would be a good idea to artificially restrict blood oxygen levels during a high-performance workout? The most cutting edge workout routines used by world-class athletes these days involve wearing oxygen masks to increase O2, not face masks to restrict it!

  17. He wears it for his Covidian soul Eric. It has nothing to do with health or reality.

    You can pick any religion and point out countless bizarre rituals, some of which maybe had a basis in reality 3000 years ago…

    The devout Covidians, the Orthodox, are no different from any religious sect on the planet. They worship the $©ience and have Gods and prophets and there is a fledgling caste system being formed.

    I’d be curious if truly devout religious people of other faiths can also be orthodox Covidians. I would wager not but have no idea.

  18. “To obey fervently. To react with outraged fanaticism when others do not.”

    “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.” Gustav Le Bon.


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