Only Twice As High!

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Isn’t it grand that, just perhaps – and for three whole months – gas may only cost slightly less than twice what it used to? Well, maybe. Assuming the cost of the gas, itself, does not triple by then.

Such is the beneficence of Joe Biden, the peevish, gait-ataxia’d thing whose “executive orders” and other actions are why gas costs us twice what it did before he was (s)elected president. That is what happens when you reduce the supply of something for which there is great demand while at the same time increasing the supply of the money we’re forced to used to buy it, thereby devaluing its purchasing power.

C’mon, man!

Now – well, for three months – it will cost us 18.4 cents less per gallon to buy because the Thing is proposing to hold in abeyance the federal tax on gas. The “relief” will be even more munificent – for three whole months!  – if you have to buy diesel, which is taxed at 24.4 cents per gallon.


It is almost exactly like the old saying about the mobster who breaks your leg but gives you a set of crutches – and expects you to be grateful for this act of kindness.

The closer example is that of Stalin’s chicken.

According to this story, Stalin was asked to explain why the people he ruled didn’t resist; why so many were seemingly . . . grateful to the tyrant for the pittance he gave them – after first having taken away everything away from them. He is said to have grabbed a chicken that was milling about near his feet and roughly plucked it, leaving it nearly unfeathered and shivering. Whereupon he reached in his pocket for a few crumbs of food, which the chicken gratefully ate up.

This is how these things see us.

And see themselves, too.

Ironically, the gas (and diesel) tax are arguably the least oppressive of taxes in that they are both anonymously paid as well as voluntarily paid, at least insofar as the individual motorist is concerned. Certainly, the cost of the tax paid by truckers and other commercial operators is folded into the cost we pay for their transportation services. But – relative to what the cost of gas and diesel were before the Thing caused their prices to more than double – the cost of the tax is trivial.

In part because the cost of things like food was manageable. Which it was, because the cost of producing it – and transporting it – was, too. And in part because our dollars bought 15 percent more than they do now.

Consider that it was less than two years ago that a gallon of unleaded regular cost about $2.25 in most parts of the country – including tax. Certainly, the combined taxes – federal and state, amounting to more than 50 cents of the cost of a gallon of gas in states such as California – were hugely regressive, the term that Leftist things like to bandy about when pretending to be “concerned” about the burdens of government carried by the working and middle classes they use dot pretend to “care” about.

That is to say, the cost of the taxes relative to the cost of the fuel was disproportionately high when a gallon of gas cost about $2.25 and the burden weighed heaviest on those with the least means to pay it; i.e., the working and middle classes the Left has stopped even pretending to care about in favor of genitally disfigured “queens” named Ze.

But the cost of the gas – and diesel – was manageable, even with all those taxes.

It was only two years ago that a working or middle-class person could fill up the 15 gallon tank of the typical family car for about $34, including taxes. If they filled up once a week, as most working and middle-class drivers generally do, they were spending about $136 each month, including all those taxes – of which the federal gas tax of 18.4 cents per gallon only amounted to about $2.80 of the total cost of 15 gallons of gas, at the pre-Thing price of about $2.25 per gallon.

Now, thanks to the Thing, the same 15 gallons costs us around $75 (at about $5 per gallon). The cost of the tax – which is the same – is now much less regressive than it used to be.

As opposed to the cost of the gas, itself.

But the Biden Thing thinks he will reap thanks – perhaps to be expressed at the ballot box come November –  for “saving” people about $2.80 per 15 gallon fill-up, “reducing” the cost of that fill-up from about $75 to about $72.

Thanks, Joe!

But only for three months – assuming Joe manages to persuade the other things in Congress to go along with his plan.

Given how much these things “care” about the working and middle class people their plans have been systematically enserfing – this is not by accident – it is hugely unlikely this “relief” will come to pass. After all, it would set a terrible precedent. People might get used to “saving” about $3 every time they buy seventy-five-depreciating dollars’ worth of gas.

They’d be better-served by asking why they are paying $75 for gas that used to cost them $34  – plus tax – less than two years ago.

. . .

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  1. Well, the Dummycrats running the once-great state of Californicate not only OPPOSE Xiden suspending the Federal gas tax, they’ve vowed to RAISE the taxes California levies that much to at least replace it. Saying they want to “discourage” gasoline consumption during the summer months.

    Fine. I’ve usually DRIVEN a few time to San Francisco to watch my beloved Giants lose each summer. Not this one, not only do I not want to dodge human feces and have to fend off panhandlers w/o being able to carry (SF does not respect ‘cc permits, and no gun check at the ballpark anyway), but when the cost of gas is exceeding even the high prices of tickets or a cold one at the ballgame, I just watch it on TV, thank you very much.

    It also means no weekends up the North Coast for my “Beloved Snips” and I, either watching the seals on the rocks off the shores or enjoying the Redwoods. A round trip to Eureka and vicinity from my place is a full tank of gas on my 2020 (con)Fusion, and that runs about NINETY bucks ATM.

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  3. Far from being “fossil fuel”, hydrocarbons are not only plentiful but are being created by yet-unknown processes deep within the earth.
    The term “fossil fuel” was coined in the 1950s when little was known about the processes by which oil is produced. Oil is “abiotic” in nature, as even depleted oil wells are “filling back up” from deep below the earth’s surface.
    Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits way below the layers and levels where “fossils” were known to exist.
    As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian “state secret” for a long time.
    Not only that, but there are planetary bodies in which hydrocarbons are naturally occurring (without fossils).
    “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
    Follow the money.

  4. I said this yesterday in the “Obama” article, and oddly enough, every sentence applies to this matter as well.
    Several possibilities in play here, none are above the board. 1. Global Warming & it’s impending doom is political bullshit intended to further a number of other politically motivated agendas, 2. Natural fuel resources are not anywhere near scarce, except when made so by political means for their own purposes, 3. They wish to limit our consumption in order to increase their own reserve supply, 4. They just don’t give a shit what we see them do regardless of what they preach that WE do without, 5. All of the above. I am inclined to favor #5 as illustrated by their ongoing hypocritical behavior.
    I am beginning to see that it has to be close to the truth, because it applies to virtually everything the Democraps do while abusing their powers.

  5. It’s amazing how many low-information voters will cheer for this minuscule drop in the price of gas and be convinced that, once again, the Democrats and the Dementia Thing “care for us.” It’s a pathetic and shameless attempt to buy votes to try and prevent their party’s upcoming disaster this November…which they will almost assuredly blame on “Putin.” Here in Connecticut my feckless governor, Ned Lamont, made suspending the state’s gas tax of 25 cents a priority a couple months ago. But he left in place an additional one called the ‘gross receipts tax’ which adds another 26.4 cents currently to every gallon purchased. But that hasn’t stopped him from crowing about his removing the gas tax. Oh, no. It’s an election year. And he’s taken out video ads at gas pumps around the state which bombard you at every fill-up with how WONDERFUL he is ’cause he lowered your price per gallon by a whopping 25 cents! And, unfortunately, too many CT morons will believe it and probably put him back into office for another 4 years.

    What a bunch of pricks…

  6. I doubt you could draw enough Americans that care about the nation itself to cause even a mild traffic jam in DC. On the other hand, millions will grab their pussy hats and descend upon the capitol for the right to kill their young in the womb, or to mutilate children with supposed sex change surgeries, or to force the wearing of a mask or taking injections of experimental hoochi juice for a virus never proven to exist.

  7. This leftist/globalist government is so stupid they have a better solution for high fuel prices, push vehicles that burn way more fuel, then you can broke faster buying fuel, they say they are doing the opposite because they are lying/satanists…..

    Why are they pushing EV’s that get 20.8 mpg when there is a fuel price inflation? Maybe to stop you driving…..haha

    Should be still selling these:

    the 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel, is capable of a claimed 88.3 mpg imperial, or 73.5 mpg U.S….. 100 mile fuel consumption = 1.36 gallons

    An Ev is 25% efficient in turning original source of energy, petroleum in this example into mechanical energy to push the car down the road. (under not ideal conditions, like in very cold weather, it might be 12% efficient).

    Most electricity is generated burning hydrocarbons, how green is that?

    90% of electricity is generated by burning coal, gas and oil, 5% is nuclear, solar and wind turbines are a joke, there is a small amount of geothermal and hydro, depending on the location. In U.S. 40% is coal.
    Thermal efficiency of power plants using coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fuel and converting it to electricity are around 33% efficiency, natural gas is around 40%. Then there is average 6% loss in transmission, then there is a 5% loss in the charger, another 5% loss in the inverter, the electric motor is 90% efficient so another 10% loss before turning the electricity into mechanical power at the wheels.
    33% – 6% – 5% – 5% – 10% = 25% efficiency for EV’s.
    (under not ideal conditions, like in very cold weather, it might be 12% efficient).

    NOTE: a diesel is 50% efficient….lol…

    34.7 kwh of electricity is equivalent to 1.02 gallons of gas

    what they hoped for:
    The target fuel economy EV manufacturers are trying to get is to get 3.6 mile range for every kwh used or using 27.77 kwh to go 100 miles

    So to end up with 27.77 kwh of electricity which is equivalent to .80 gallons of gas to push the EV 100 miles down the road 3.20 gallons of fuel were burnt to generate the electricity in the power station, remember net 25% efficiency. 100 miles using 3.20 gallons = 31.25 mpg,
    so their target is to get 31.25 mpg, that as pathetic and they will lie and say it is 120 mpg, because electricity comes out of a wall plug, not 1000 miles away at a coal powered power plant.

    “they will lie and say it is 120 mpg”….there has to be a lawsuit in there somewhere…..

    what they are getting in the real world:
    What test drivers are actually getting driving EV’s in the real world is they are getting 2.4 miles of range for every kwh used or using 41.66 kwh to go 100 miles.

    So to end up with 41.66 kwh of electricity which is equivalent to 1.20 gallons of gas to push the EV 100 miles down the road 4.80 gallons of fuel were burnt to generate the electricity in the power station, remember net 25% efficiency. 100 miles using 4.80 gallons = 20.8 mpg,
    what they are actually getting is 20.8 mpg, but they will lie and say it is 120 mpg.

    VW diesel 100 mile fuel consumption = 1.36 gallons
    EV 100 mile fuel consumption = 4.80 gallons (back at the power station)

    so this VW diesel gets 3.5 X better fuel economy then the 20.8 mpg EV….so what do they do?….they ban the diesel and force you to buy the EV you can’t afford…..why? You won’t be driving anymore, immobile, like a rat trapped in a box…..

    the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists… is white….. up is down….bad is good….
    ice cars are bad….EV’s are good
    Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.

    • You are not the 1st to show this exact representation of the EV “efficiency/MPH” lie & it is absolutely correct. I have tried to explain this very thing to people I know who fall for the 120 mpg lie, and they just don’t grasp the concept of net efficiency.
      Simply put, if the facts are more complicated than 1+1, people don’t want to waste their time understanding it. They will accept any lie that let’s them believe they are “saving the planet” by actually increasing their consumption. The last thing they want is mathematical evidence that proves they are being duped and actually facilitating the whole scam.
      Thank You for taking the time to put this on here, as it IS a lot of typing, and bit more that my own fingers can manage, lol!

  8. The one thing these Marxists are good at is demagoguery and false flag operations. So, there might be some evil genius in this ploy of lowering taxes by 18.4 gas, and 24.4 diesel for short while. The marketplace is an imperfect place, so will these tax reductions equate exactly at the pump…no. So, when they don’t, Bite-me will claim the Oil Companies are getting rich off the little guy. Even if they only come down a little or even close to the number, if the costs do not equal the tax credit, they will scream bloody murder at the Oil Companies. Bite-me has already threatened them with nationalization, Bite-me and his handlers might just make the jump to ordering oil companies to set their price as ordered or face take over. (Behind the scenes then the oil executives will cut an evil deal to get subsidies for their losses and be on the government dole while Bite-me gets to look like a hero.)

    • Hi Hans,

      Except Exxon, Valero, and Chevron are global entities. They see the US is broke. Why agree to a buyout when you could sell your wares to the rest of the world? If the government pushes too hard they (the oil companies) stop producing and selling to the USSA. The US government doesn’t have the appeal or power that she thinks she does. When you have to buy friends, it is a sign that nobody likes you. When the money dries up (and it is almost there) and America needs a helping hand no other country will be there to lift her. Global corporations have no morals. They are whores and the highest bidder gets the blow job. Their allegiance is not to the government or her people, but the bottom line.

    • When gas is 10 cents a gallon in Venezuela and Iran and $7.00 a gallon and higher in the G7 countries, there is something seriously wrong, a lot of the $7.00 per gallon is taxes (government theft) and regulation costs. Do the governments of Venezuela and Iran steal less then your government? Someone should do a cost breakdown on where all the $7.00 per gallon goes….somebody is really screwing the consumer big-time. Tell the government to prove it steals less then the governments in Venezuela and Iran.

      Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

  9. Biden’s low approval rating is a current news item. Headlines say he has 32% approval. That makes me laugh. Who are these damn fools who still approve of this Marxist pedophile who is trying to start WW3 with Russia?

    32% is a damn buttload of people, .32 x 335 million = 107 million.

    So how bad must things get before his approval rating drops to 20%. Will the new Republican Congress in November remove this clown?

    “Congress consists of one-third, more or less, scoundrels; two-thirds, more or less, idiots; and three-thirds, more or less, poltroons.” ― H. L. Mencken,

    • His approval rating is irrelevant. And probably fraudulent, even as low as it is. Part of the scam being run on us is making most people believe that those they vote for actually have the power to change anything. They’ll just switch out Biden in 2024 for a different person who answers to the same masters as Biden. Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter.

      • Zorost,
        If per chance a politician DID acquire power to change anything, the CIA learned in 1963 that they can simply be disposed of, without consequence. I suspect that after every national election, CIA agents are dispatched to meet with the more argumentative new electees and show them the Zapruder film in its entirety. Ending all debate. It would explain the radical reversal of Trump’s actions relative to his campaign statements.

  10. It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham.

    Some car owners use credit cards to purchase gas.

    Some might max them out and the banks might not be paid the balance owed.
    Become a bagholder.

    Oh, well. It’s always something.

    Getting to be kind of a joke, but it is not funny.

    Feeling like you are being ripped-off makes some folks unhappy.

  11. ‘When prices … only drop by $0.100/gal instead of the whole load.’ — Ready Kilowatt

    If the supply and demand curves both slope at 45%, and the supply curve drops 18 cents across the board, their new intersection will be 9 cents lower as higher volume is demanded.

    Eclownomists actually have only a foggy idea of the slope of these curves.

    But “Joe Biden,” a supremely ignorant man, is unaware even of the concept.

    Ronald Reagan accurately called “Biden” a demagogue. In response to a serious letter from Chevron CEO Michael Wirth outlining what it would take to encourage new refining capacity, “Biden” quipped, “I didn’t know they’d get their feelings hurt that quickly.”

    This is the calling card of the demagogue: refuse to engage on facts; respond to serious people with gratuitous mockery.

  12. Please forgive me for letting my inner Grammar, Spelling, and Usage Nazi out for a moment. The Biden thing is “gait-ataxia’d,” not “gate-ataxia’d.”

    With that, my Inner Nazi is driven back into his doghouse and securely locked in.

  13. ‘The Biden Thing thinks he will reap thanks – perhaps to be expressed at the ballot box come November – for “saving” people about $2.80 per 15 gallon fill-up.’ — eric

    Meanwhile, as his energy “secretary” Jennifer Granholm passes gas stations in her 10 mpg black SUV, she shouts sarcastically at the plebes, “Get an EeeVee!

    But for how long? The king of EeeVees — the richest man on the planet — is hurtin’:

    Tesla’s newest car factories in Texas and Berlin are losing “billions of dollars right now” chief executive Elon Musk said in an interview published Wednesday.

    “Both Berlin and Austin factories are gigantic money furnaces right now. Okay? It should be like a giant roaring sound which is the sound of money on fire,” Musk said.

    “Berlin and Austin are losing billions of dollars right now because there’s a ton of expense and hardly any output. Getting Berlin and Austin functional and getting Shanghai back in the saddle fully are overwhelmingly our concerns. Everything else is a very small thing basically.”

    Musk said that the Texas factory is “losing insane money” at the moment because of troubles ramping up production of cars with the so-called 4680 battery, Tesla’s latest technology. Meanwhile, the tools to make cars for the traditional 2170 batteries are “stuck in a port in China.”

    “Just been trying to keep the factories operating the last couple years has been a very difficult thing, like supply chain interruptions have been severe, like extremely severe,” Musk said. —

    Like, that’s bad dude … really bad.

    As a galloping recession crushes their nuts in 2023, the principal task of auto makers recedes to mere survival.

    Good luck, my Woke friends.

    • Hi Jim,

      We are seeing the decline of going green. Elon and Tesla are in deep doo doo. The electric car industry (actually anything electric) is in serious trouble. Exxon, Sinopec, Saudi Aramco, and Lukoil were not going to sit back and and lose hundreds of billons of dollars a year as they watched the electric car companies take diamond blade saws to their pipelines (figuratively speaking).

      The Biden Administration and Greta Thunberg will lose this war. The world is feeling the affects when you take cheap oil and coal out of the equation. The CEOs and state governments of these oil companies are laughing their asses off as they nudge each other and wink “how is that solar, wind, and electric working for you now?”

      As the grocery stores shelves go barren, their electric bills skyrocket, and people have to choose between food, gas, or medicine they will turn on the push for going “green.” What the world forgets is that everything takes petroleum. Synthetic rubber, plastic, and lubricants are all made by petrochemicals. They have us by the balls and they know it.

      Biden has never won a fight, this time will be no different.

      • Right on RG. I believe you are spot on.
        I’ve always paid a little attention to biden (very little) only because of an old association from 30+ years ago. And he was always wrong, every time.
        But we all know he’s doing/deciding nothing this time.

      • ‘The electric car industry (actually anything electric) is in serious trouble.’ — Raider Girl

        There’s no bubble like a gov-sponsored bubble.

        The credulous crowd (and the clueless press) fully believe that fuel-burning vehicles will be off the market by 2030.

        That’s delusional.

        Remember the Real ID Act of 2005, mandating that everyone have secure drivers licenses by 2008?

        Yeah, right!

        The new deadline is May 3, 2023. And that won’t be met either.

        Effing clowns …

        • Hi Jim

          The worst part of an EV is the cost of the battery to store the electricity, it costs in a tesla $22.00 per 100 miles for the battery to store electricity.
          ($22,000 battery, lasts 10 years, 100,000 miles, then is dead, must be replaced. = $22.00 per 100 miles). ….then you have to pay for the electricity on top of that…buying an EV = a special kind of stupid….

          lol…in a diesel it only costs a total of $8.00 (2 gallons of fuel to go 100 miles)

          In an ice vehicle the gas tank costs $200 and lasts 50 years, there is also a State Underground Storage Tank Fee of $0.02 per gallon.

          why would anyone buy an EV?

    • Most of Eloon’s billions are in the form of his Tesla stock holdings, which should have gone to zero by now but are still supported by the true believers/fanbois, more commonly known as suckers. Can’t wait to see Tesla finally crash and burn when enough of those morons realize they’ve been had.

    • hi Jim

      Within the political deception which surrounds WEF’s Great Reset/Green Deal, we find a starkly obvious case of theft. To be precise, theft of the early ecological movement’s long-term holistic agenda for the bio diverse trusteeship of the land.

      The WEF’s vision consists of distorting this environmentally friendly vision and turning it into a global political tool for enforcing Klaus Schwab’s fascistic brave new world of synthetic foods, robot-mechanised farming, ‘rewilded’ gated private forests and 5G powered ‘smart cities’ for disenfranchised country dwellers and redundant farmers.

      By twisting the true ecological approach to land management into a thoroughly distorted and fake look-alike, the word ‘Green’ has been 100% hijacked by the New World Order/Great Reset cabal. Tried and tested Real Green approaches have been usurped, in favour of macro scale industrial and digital mechanisation programmes for achieving the hallowed goal of ‘zero carbon’. If there ever could be such a thing as zero carbon– none of us would be able to breathe.

      The Origins of the World Economic Forum Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.
      schwab runs the wef his family was connected to the nazis in germany.

      The first environmentalist was Hitler. He also promoted being vegan even though he ate meat.

      gates and the other nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% witches want you to eat fake meat and insects, no more meat for you. they will eat steak.

      The holocaust itself was carried out under a green cover because Nazi racism was largely rooted in the Social Darwinism of German Romanticism that laid the ecological foundations for what today is otherwise known as environmentalism.

      the anti-Christian bias of the environmental movement in America now
      parallels the anti-Semitic bias in Germany during the 1800’s. “Nazi Oaks” describes why the holocaust is best understood as a modernized form of human sacrifice carried out under biological/ecological camouflage that is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism.

      Unbeknownst to many, the highway to modern environmentalism passed through Nazi Germany. By 1935, the Third Reich was the greenest regime on the planet.

      It was also a sinister eco-imperial plan designed to Germanize the landscape by removing populations of people who were unsuited to their environment, and by turning it into a beautiful natural park for the future health of the German race.

      removing populations of people who were unsuited to their environment: today that is you, they call you an invasive species, you will be exterminated

      Hitler himself was not only a devout eugenicist (whose racial purification policies emerged through the funding of the Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundations as well as British establishment), but was also a devout Malthusian saying:

      “The day will certainly come when the whole of mankind will be forced to check the augmentation of the human species, because there will be no further possibility of adjusting the productivity of the soil to the perpetual increase in the population.”
      now gates is saying the same thing, depopulation is good.

      After the war, eugenics-promoting organizations and think tanks changed their names while continuing their work, morphing into new forms by the 1960s such as the
      NOTE :environmental movement, transhumanist movement, including the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector. now we have the wef pushing this with the great reset.

      these satanists have decided that the useless eaters on the bottom are an invasive species, the plan? end goal 7 billion cull.
      the billionaires at the top see themselves as a different species than the useless eaters, so they don’t need to be culled.

      Climate change just like germ phobia is purely political and religious, based on fake science. Climate change, the new GAIA cult religion, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks,

      This cull is a modernized form of human sacrifice carried out under biological/ecological camouflage that is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism.

  14. When the FedGov indicates it intends to put you out of business, it makes little sense to invest in increased production, especially when you have to get a “permit” to increase that production from the very same FedGov that wants to put you out of business. Which is why refining capacity is at a ten year low. Which is one reason gas prices are so high. The “Green New Deal” not only does not take into account whether its possible, or what it will cost you, they simply do not care. If it pushes you into farming your half acre of beans with hand tools, if any, and living in a mud hut, that’s fine with them.

    • when do people/business’s stop caring what fedgov thinks or requires?
      A lot of people don’t care what town/county govs think or do already.

  15. IT’S A TRAP! – Admiral Ackbar

    This is all just a setup to angry up the masses. When prices don’t drop by the $0.184/gal immediately, or only drop by $0.100/gal instead of the whole load, press secretary Jean-Pierre will be on the podium blaming the greedy oil companies for taking profits on the backs of the… well, whomever they’re courting this week for votes.

    Or, maybe it will all work out. Corporations are going to be looking for bailouts again soon. Might be some gasoline retailers who will drop the price further and take a big loss on fuel to make it look like Scranton Joe did something for the little guy. Then they can blame the recession, threaten to layoff a bunch of people in October and get a bailout in time for the midterms. Besides everyone knows gas stations make their profit on cigarettes and lottery scratchers.

    • Ready,
      “blaming the greedy oil companies for taking profits on the backs of the… ”
      Never mind that the FedGov and the States make more on a gallon of gas than the oil companies do by taxation. Although that may have already switched about, given the current and foreseeable continued increase in gas prices.

    • Hi RK,

      Americans are not going to even notice the drop. It is so insignificant and will likely not pass Congress. I get a better savings when my Bumblebee albacore tuna goes on sale from $1.50 to $1.25 a can.

      • Hi RK

        That is something happening in the dollar stores, some of the cheap protein is out of stock, like oysters, maybe supply chain problems? Two years ago the shelves were full….people are buying up the cheap protein, can’t afford grocery store prices.


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