The Shirts on Our Backs

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You have no doubt heard the WEF’s slogan about our future – the one (not far from now) in which we will “own nothing and be happy.”

We’ve been living in that future for at least 100 years. The future envisioned by the WEF is thus merely an elaboration of the past – and present.

Do you disagree?

Well, let’s see!

Does anyone in this country own the home they live in – the land on which it sits? Certainly, many regard themselves as “homeowners” and “landowners.” But is this accurate? It may well be that they have “paid off” their house – and land – by which is meant they have paid the seller or the bank the purchase price of the property.

But who actually owns the property?

The question can be answered be reframing it.

Is the home-and-land-owner obliged to pay money in perpetuity in order to continue living on the property even after he has “paid it off”? The answer is one well-known to everyone who believes he is the “owner” of a home or land in this country. In fact, he is a kind of renter – in the manner of a Medieval serf – who is permitted to occupy the home/land so long as he continues to make payments to its actual owner, the lord. Or – in our case – the government – which (just like the lord, in Medieval times) has the legal power to seize the home/land for non-payment.

It is a logical absurdity to style a person whose supposed “property” can be seized for failing to make payments on it after he has paid for it as the “owner” of it. The fact that our homes are generally much nicer than the small straw-thatched huts of the Medieval serf is beside the point. The fundamental relationship is the same.

It is a legal impossibility for anyone in this country to ever truly own their home/land, with the possible exception of a very small number of people – probably not even in the hundreds, if that – who possess allodial titles to their homes and land. The italicized word refers to a very old form of unencumbered land title, meaning the person who possesses it is “independent of any superior landlord,” i.e., the government – which has the legal power to tax it and seize it (what is styled “eminent domain”) as well as to dictate terms and conditions of its use.

This is the only form of home/land “ownership” permitted to Americans.

Allodial title would mean actual ownership – as defined by not being obliged to pay anyone a cent to continue living in your house, on your land, once that house and land were paid-for. It would mean being able to say no to anyone who wanted to buy your property – including the government, which would not have any power to “eminent domain” (that is, seize) it and contemptuously toss a few dirty dollar bills at you in “compensation.”

We do not enjoy allodial title to the homes and lands we think we “own” because our owners do not want us to own anything of substance, especially a home and even more so land – because these things confer more than merely ownership; they establish the kind of freedom most Americans have utterly forgotten they once enjoyed. To own land is to be the opposite of a serf. It is precisely why land-owning was considered the defining characteristic of nobility in Medieval times. In German, a baron is a freiherr – a free lord. The notorious King John of Robinhood fame was mocked in his time (and before he became a king) as John Lackland because he had been dispossessed of land by his father, Henry II.

He who owns land owns himself. He is lord of his fief. No one else may lawfully trespass upon his land, much less demand money from him – that is to say, rent – as the price of his being permitted to continue living on his land. A home/landowner  – in the allodial sense  – is, moreover, free of the need to perpetually generate income to pay rent. This is of inestimable importance. It means such a man is not beholden to any job or form of employment and for that reason is utterly immune from the economic pressure that is so routinely applied to us serfs to compel our obedience that we have become almost unconscious of it.

Many of us actually sign up for more serfdom – in the form of Homeowner’s Associations – a term almost as preposterous as “contributing” to Social Security. These “homeowners” (sic) cannot even plant a tree on what they pitifully consider to be “their” land without first having obtained the by-your-leave of the actual owners.

But none of us are truly the owners of anything more substantive than the clothes we wear and perhaps a few small items of personal property, the latter being the only form of property we are allowed to own without encumbrance.

We are, thus, in fundamentally the same position already that the WEF intends to make explicit by eliminating even the pleasant delusion that we own anything other the shirts on our backs – which is all have actually owned for our entire lives, the lives of our parents and grandparents, too.

We are all “lacklands” – and laughing stocks – for believing otherwise.

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  1. Back in 1979-80, there was a publication on regular typing paper called ‘The Duck Book’. The publisher was Robert White, you got a lifetime subscription, his life, not yours. He had cancer, was involved in the oil industry in one form or another and airport landing strips that all need petroleum products for smooth landing surfaces.

    Anyhow, he wrote about serfs and feudalism. During feudalism, the kingdoms required the serfs to work approximately three months each year, spring’s work and harvest, basically. The rest of the time was theirs to pursue any kind of work or endeavor.

    If true, life maybe wasn’t all that bad for a serf.

    Can’t remember how many issues there were, only read a few of.

    Robert also wrote about the attack on Libya in 1980. It was the re-start of the Crusades which began in 980 CE, the beginning of another Thousand Year War.

    Purdy much in full swing these days.

    After the incorrigible Democrats and Republicans are removed from power, along with the current insane regime occupying the seat of government illegally, life can be cakewalk again.

    Your fault the gov is corrupt and weak.

  2. Just got the property tax bill yesterday, it’s due next month. So I have to scrimp and save to pay these vultures. I consider them bloodsuckers, as it seems they are tapped into a vein and draining my life away.

    And what is most galling is the vast majority of it goes to the government schools, which are statism’s reproductive organ.

    When these vultures put a levy on the ballot, and it is voted down, do they say, “The people have spoken; we will have to cut the budget.” Hell, NO! They keep putting the levy back on the ballot, again and again, until it passes.

    Another scam they have is the periodic revaluation of your property, which sets the amount for the taxes. I have seen them arbitrarily jack up the values, with no basis, apparently on the hope that a lot of people won’t challenge it. These scumbags are crooks, pure and simple.

  3. There is a possibility for one to acquire “allodial title” to their land. Many States, and counties therein, have a provision for defining your land as a “homestead”, in which case the government may declare a property tax delinquent, but can do not a thing about it. Check into it with your county.

  4. Todays tax payer insult here in Washington State- another giveaway as if there weren’t enough already:

    If you don’t want to click on this, it’s another state money to poor folks program. So, about a quarter of my property tax pays for one family’s max $1200, I don’t even get a thank you card. Also shown is that “undocumented” qualify, disgusting. Break the law and get rewarded. Topping it off, their statement “this money belongs to you”.
    No, no it does not. Also in the “who we are” tab, includes support for this from Catholic groups and the YWCA plus the usual collection of communist groups.

    • Sparkey,
      The truly sad part of the free money for you concept is that those who receive it see it as your obligation instead of your generosity. That instead of being grateful, they demand it. I have been generous in my life, to the few causes I believe in, but how much more generous would I have been if the state was not taking half my income, at gunpoint?

  5. after the reset….the marxists will say….nothing changed, you never owned anything anyways….

    If you do not have alloidial title do you really “own” that house or property

    What we have is Fee Simple title.

    The “Fee” refers to ‘fief’. We’re Serfs.

    Property taxes exist for the same reason zoning laws exist…because no matter what you ‘thought’ you owned, you don’t actually own anything!

    The term is “Alloidal Title”. It means that the owner of such title has first claim on ownership of that land preceding all other claimants.

    In the United States Alloidal Title is retained by the Government. So you can forget all that “Here, Sir, the people rule” stuff. Furthermore of note, you might understand that this indicates the government is sovereign …and not the people, as widely proclaimed.

    So, what kind of title do you have in the United States?

    With a few exceptions you have what is called “Fee Simple Title”.

    It means that the orignal owner, the sovereign, NOT YOU, may encumber your temporary possession of the land with any number of demands.

    The Sovereign may demand rent. The Sovereign may demand taxes. The Sovereign may restrict the use of the land to only a few (or a single) use. Or the Sovereign may demand military or domestic service such as a draft…or registration thereto…in return for tenancy.

    And the Sovereign may take back the land at any time (see Emminent Domain). In historical contexts Sovereigns have even demanded sexual services for themselves…and for their supporters, officers, and bureaucrats (see Prima Noctus).

    But what does the term “Fee Simple” mean?

    Well…and you probably won’t like this… the “Fee” part refers to the nature of the estate which holds the title. Fee refers to a feudal fief.

    The second part “Simple” refers to the type of ownership interest the estate holds: Simple or Simple Conditional.

    So, if this clashes with what you learned in school about the American Revolution, “Of, For, and By the People”, immigration for “Free Land”, “Popular Sovereignty” and all that… Perhaps you should challenge those beliefs. Alternatively…the government has some explaining to do.

    Regardless, in the Colonial period and until the 1840’s real property was held much as other property – and could easily be traded in its entirety free of traditional encumbrances. Since then? Yes…but, as noted, with encumbrances by the property’s “Ultimate” owner…which is not the person who purchased it.

    Now that there are passports and travel may be restricted for taxes…

    Well, it appears that…


    satan klaus…..claus schwabb the nwo says you will own nothing and be happier….happy?…..yes they will drug you…….

  6. richest guy on the planet? king charles the 3rd….he owns around 15% of the planet’s land…. the commonwealth countries…like canada, austalia, new zealand, etc.,…he owns 100% of the land….it is worth trillions of dollars…the U.S. booted them or he would own that too….

    • Mark,
      The solution is competence with weapons.
      Thomas Jefferson clearly stated that at the most every two hundred years governments must be violently opposed and overthrown. We’re well past that mark now. Very, very painful, but perhaps necessary.

  7. Medieval serf

    perfect description

    sold to us as the “American Dream”. that dream is debt slavery with serfdom on the back end.

  8. Another consideration is mineral rights. In my part of the world there is plenty of land that includes mineral rights that might have useful minerals, such as natural gas, underneath. If you have a large parcel you might be able to negotiate a well placed on your property, which will provide $1000-5000 per month depending on production. In many cases they’ll allow the landowner to tap into the well for their own use. Yes, there’s a huge premium on land that comes with mineral rights, and no guarantees that there will be enough gas for production, or even interest in developing a field, but if the gas field is viable it can make for an excellent passive income stream in exchange for a few square feet of surface space.

    In my case, the mineral rights are owned by Exxon/Mobile. When Exxon laid out the plans for my community they included 4 well pads on the plat. The drilling company paid the municpality for access to those pads. Of course the muni governent used the “found money” for greenspace improvements, instead of reducing our taxes and fees.

    • Yah, Raymond J as long as you stay out in International waters, then, maybe. Go into port = accept to being boarded & searched & then find out who is really in charge

      I suppose one could try & be like a pirate. So, it’s not un-possible. …Perhaps.

    • you are supposed to register the boat…like a car….then they can probably take it too…like the car…to operate the boat you need a licence too….just like a car driver’s licence….these bastards control everything…

  9. I got one worse for you Eric Re: land.
    12-15 years ago the State, deep blue, stole our property rights, meaning we can do nothing with the 50+ acres we own except put one house on it. No subdividing, no nothing (except farming). You would think that’s a taking for sure, but they left a legal loophole that they say ‘well, actually you can, but it will cost you $300-500K in legal fees to get the permit.’
    The land owners all fought it, but we are mostly farmers, etc… and we had no strength to combat the taking.
    It was simply a ‘shut down development in rural areas of the deep blue state, so we can force the developers back into the cities to re-develop the cities’, in other words limit competition. And it worked. Big developers had no choice but to ‘build’ in the cities, condo’s, etc…
    We’ve been planning our exit since then, but changing your life, your life’s investments, and life’s work is hard if not impossible. We are closer than ever now though, almost ready.

    • This has been a problem in WA for decades. Growth management act, urban boundaries, wetlands – all a setup to ruin your personal property management goals.
      King County about the worst. Friends finally got a permit for their retirement dream house, he was in commercial construction even with his knowledge the permitting process took a long time. Once done they weren’t done with the County, her horse fence was going to be too close to a stream – this setback would ruin available pasture. Neighbor told her, just wait a month or so, the County idiot will be gone onto some other project then put your fence where you want – we’re not saying anything we’re in this together. Sure enough fence in where she wanted no more County.

    • ’12-15 years ago the State, deep blue, stole our property rights, meaning we can do nothing with the 50+ acres we own except put one house on it.’ — ChrisIN

      Sounds a lot like what happened in northern NJ, after passage of the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act in 2004. Owners of rural property in the 400,000-acre land grab area were stripped of their development rights and [unconstitutionally] received no compensation.

      At the time I owned a 130-acre farm just a few miles west of the land grab. That event scared the shit out of me. I sold the farm and bailed the hell out of the NY/NJ constitution-free zone. No one should have to trust their economic security to dumb luck and dodging government bullets fired with malice.

  10. “user profiles that create a distinction for work and personal use on the same device [are] needed”

    Maybe so, but *I*own the device, not my “employer” (aka “overlord”).
    If an “employer wants “space,” on my device, he can rent it from me. End of discussion.

    “39% of workers globally have employer provided laptops and cellphones”
    Yeah, well… Der Unternehmer? Das bin ich!

    I *am* my own employer, master of my own destiny, to the extent that is possible, and the rest of ya’ll (all ya’ll) can kiss my backside, one cheek at a time.

  11. Tax happy Leftie politicians are eyeing WEALTH TAXES. No matter how much one actually makes, if they’re deemed to be WORTH BILLIONS, they face a wealth tax. Like the income tax in the early 20th century, this tax is framed as ONLY affecting the Uber wealthy. However, over time, the income tax eventually affected ANYONE who makes income. This proposed wealth tax will likely be no different…..

    • John B,
      The power to tax a thing includes the power to confiscate ALL of it. There is not a single thing stopping the Psychopaths In Charge from taxing income at 100%. Likewise property taxes. The “wealth tax” of which you speak is just an expansion of property tax. If they have power to tax property, why not wealth? And likewise at 100%.
      Fortunately for those psychopaths they have assumed authority to kill you if you disobey. Otherwise they would be broke in week. Who would pay any tax or fee without that threat?
      Tax: A fee paid to avoid murder, either of the tax “evader” or the tax collector. I pay property taxes for the explicate purpose of not having to kill an enforcer. Period.

  12. Eminent Domain is another racket used by government as well as zoning that limits use of “your” land. The first has been abused by corporations that promise bigger tax revenues in exchange by taking your property in exchange of putting you out. The biggest land theft in my area was the creation of the Shenandoah National Park in the 1930’s. Many of my ancestors had working farms and orchards and were given little or nothing for it so the city slickers in DC could have a getaway retreat. So the policy in place for the past 100 years has been tax or take!

  13. ‘Who actually owns the property?’ — eric

    I wondered the same the other day, driving east from old town Scottsdale on Indian School Road. When you cross under Loop 101, the urban hustle and bustle on the west side gives way instantly on the east side to a bucolic landscape of agricultural fields and modest, scattered houses. Why? Because you’ve entered the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

    Who owns it? “Land on an Indian reservation is held in common, with the exception of allotments. Title to the land is held by the United States for the benefit of the tribe.”

    And: “In the Dawes Act of 1887, Congress provided for reservation lands to be allotted to individual Indians. Congress stopped this program and indefinitely extended the trust period of all allotments still in trust in the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. Today, legal title to allotment land is held by the United States for the benefit of the allottees. Due to the overwhelming inheritance through intestate succession, the beneficial interest of many 40-acre parcels may be shared by as many as 100 allottees.”

    Not hard to understand why land representing billions in development value is not put to its highest and best use. Some commercial projects do get built on the rez, but on a ground lease, as federal law does not permit a developer to acquire fee title to Native American land.

    Life on the fedgov rez: a perfect illustration of crushing, paternalistic socialism smothering economic development to keep its “beneficiaries” barefoot, poor and hungry.

    • Hi Jim
      “ Title to the land is held by the United States for the benefit of the tribe.”. Says all you need to know, when they’re doing it “for your own good” it’s always the opposite.

  14. Did you (or anyone else) come across any examples of this?:

    “with the possible exception of a very small number of people – probably not even in the hundreds, if that – who possess allodial titles to their homes and land”

    Or, as Seinfeld put it, “Who are these people?”

    Anyway, I used to refer to people who had mortgages as, ‘home-owers’ rather than home-owners. I guess I’ll have to stop doing that as it’s clear that all are home-owers.

  15. Florida has very onerous HOA and condominium laws which have been manipulated and tilted in favor of associations and developers by the Republicans in charge for decades. It is something to be aware of when looking at the state as some form of “last chance” at freedom when considering relocation.

    Ironically, where the Republican voter registration percentages are the highest, in places like The Villages and Panhandle communities with a lot of military personnel and retirees-turned-contractors, the fascist HOAs are the most entrenched.

    To paraphrase the line “Supertroopers” — Eric, if you haven’t seen the opening 10 minutes, find a copy ASAP — Those boys get that off base housing allowance in ’em, they get all antsy in their pantsy.

    • Why I don’t wanna move to Jew Heaven. I got a townhouse atm, nice place, but I want more than that, and for the $$$, I wanna move somewhere that my $$$ can get me lots of land (Plus I hate humidity, which is another reason Jersey sucks as it is)

      I dream of lots of land, a nice sized house, garage big enough for a dozen lifted trucks (Ain’t gonna, but designed for it) and to be left the hell alone. Can’t get that in Florida, but sure I could somewhere in Flyover country


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