Portrait of a “Representative”

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“Nimrata” must mean something along the lines of I don’t care who you want to represent you. . .

How else to explain the refusal of this woman to concede that GOP voters do not want her to represent them?

Italics to emphasize just that fact as well as an implication. Is it not remarkable that Nimrata insists – channeling Nixon – that she’s the one when it’s clear it’s someone else? The audacity is as remarkable as it is revelatory. These people – and she is an archetype of them – think of themselves as born to lead (paraphrasing Springsteen) and us to follow.

They are the ones who know best and will let us know what that is.

Nimrata is like Hillary in this respect and both are of course part of them. It is why most of us hate them so. And it is why there is such a swell of tsunami-like populist support for the Orange Golem of Greatness, as he is styled by the writer James Howard Kunstler. This support is truly representative of what the people – remember them? – want.

Not all, obviously. And not necessarily Trump. But the relevant point – if we’re talking about what they always talk about, at least when it suits; that being “our democracy” – is that Nimrata is anti-democratic while Trump (like him or not) isn’t.

The people – lots of them, at any rate – genuinely support him. Bigly. It is undeniable. As this was being written in the wee hours of Saturday, Feb. 24th – the weekend of the Republican primary in Nimrata’s home state of South Carolina – the Orange Man appears poised to blow Nimrata out of the water by a 30-plus point margin. A clearer repudiation of this “representative” – of them – could not be imagined. 

Yet this juggernaut of popular support for her opponent is excoriated as a threat to “our democracy,” which lets you know whose “democracy” they mean.

Trump is many things, many of them not laudable. He has done many things that are horrible, most egregiously his facilitation, while president, of the “warp speeding” of mRNA drugs into the bodies of tens of millions of Americans who were placed under extreme duress to take them. This is hard to forgive, especially given Trump has yet to apologize. And yet, it is all beside the point as regards the undeniable fact that he is the capacitor around which incandescent resentment of them coalesces, growing stronger every time a “representative” such as Nimrata opens her bought-and-paid-for mouth.

Contempt for them is expressed every time the people have an opportunity to vote against them. Another such opportunity being this weekend, in South Carolina. Barring something akin to the vote-rigging that everyone knows took place in the 2020 presidential selection – the word is chosen deliberately, because that’s just what it was – Nimrata will receive a democratic repudiation of her “leadership” – at least in part because she represents the same interests that caused the current resident to be selected three years ago. She is one of them – and they want her now, naturally.

They have paid good money for her, after all.

The problem – for them – is Orange Man’s popular support has passed the point of deniability.

A 30 point lead over Nimrata. A resident whose popular support is in the 30s – in part because something like 70-plus percent of people of both parties who were asked say they consider the resident to be a senile old man, which has become undeniable. While it is probably true that 30 percent-ish of the population – the part that is actively Leftist – will vote for a literal vegetable rather than Trump because it’s the power rather than the man they are voting for – it looks from this vantage point that the Orange Swell will wash away everything before it.

Today – this weekend – it will be Nimrata, who will hopefully be forced to concede that the people do not want her to “represent” them. If she loses her home state by even 10 points and refuses to concede then it will be clear whom she actually represents. And this would likely result in popular support for the Orange Golem to swell and pulse all the more undeniably.

It is like old Ben Kenobi telling Darth Vader he can’t win. That if he strikes him down, old Ben will become even more powerful. The interests “represented” by Nimrata – and the rest of them – can feel this, too. They are desperate now because they know we know – and because they know it’s unstoppable now.

Even if they stop Trump, who is just a man – because this is a popular rising. These cannot be stopped once they achieve a certain critical mass – and we are probably well past there already.

Come what may, something big is coming.

And it begins with Nimrata going.

. . .

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  1. My gut tells me “they” are up to some 3d chess. I do hope and pray I’m wrong but my theory? Some catastropihic , 911 type of an event will happen (maybe affecting most of the country not just a coastal city) and the bogeymen will not be from the usual whipping boy region but will hail from that Slavic country that has been drilled into the masses heads to be the root of all things evil orange man. Boom….2 birds with one stone. Patriot Act 2.0 will follow of course. : (

    • Man’s daily self Crucifixion….the slave’s life….

      The old adage is, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”, many times, the reality is, “He who is represented is taken for a fool.”

      The problem is attorneys are, for the most part, unaffordable and untrustworthy. Most are so concerned with appeasing the system, other lawyers, their incomes and judges that their willingness to really fight your case is compromised.


    • In the video….

      News from Sweden….it starts there then spreads everywhere?

      In Sweden…..when the police stop you…..if you are wearing jewelry or an expensive watch….that look above your social status…. they can take them….asset forfeiture…

      If you have money in the bank…..they can force you to prove it came from honest work…or they take it…..another reason why bringing in CBDC is so important to the control group….

      The walls are closing in on the slaves….soon off to the 15 min city/camp/prison….

      Also in the video…..for changes to happen it would require 30% of the slaves to
      co operate/revolt….


  2. Nikki is a bought and paid for warmongering Neocon shill hoping to be the last one standing after Trump is taken down by “lawfare.” That they keep funding a total loser really does show how desperate they are to take him down.

  3. In 1968, Czech student Jan Palach fatally set himself ablaze in Prague to protest the brutal Soviet occupation of his country. Now America has its own Jan Palach:

    A US soldier sets himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in the US in Washington, D.C.

    He introduces himself as “an active duty member of the U.S. Air Force and I will no longer be complicit in genocide.”

    After ignition, he repeatedly yells “Free Palestine.”


    ‘The name he used in the [removed] video matches a LinkedIn profile for an active-duty Air Force officer based in Texas.’ — NYT

    • Good morning, Jim –

      Wow. That’s incredibly sad. But then, so is the slaughter of – what is the total now? – some 30,000 people? And Americans hear little to none about it. It says a lot about who controls America.

      • Thanks helot,
        Really tough to see; gotta love how the cop’s first reaction is to point a gun at him. In that case it would have been merciful to shoot him, can’t imagine the pain of being burned to death.

    • More on Aaron Bushnell:

      ‘Aaron Bushnell claimed he had secret knowledge of US troops fighting in Hamas tunnels under Gaza — just hours before setting himself on fire in an “extreme act of protest” against Israel, a close pal told The Post on Tuesday.

      ‘The 25-year-old airman who served in the Air Force’s 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing, said that he had “top-secret clearance’’ for military intelligence data in the call to his friend Saturday night, he said.

      “He told me on Saturday that we have troops in those tunnels, that it’s US soldiers participating in the killings,’’ claimed the pal, whose ties to Bushnell have been verified by The Post.

      “His actual job involves the processing of intelligence data. Some of what he was processing had to do with the Israeli Gaza conflict.”

      “One of the things he told me is that coming across his desk … was the US military was involved in the genocides going on in Palestine,’’ the friend said, referring to Israel’s war against the Palestinian terror group Hamas in Gaza.


      If this is true — and it’s highly consistent with the perfidious character of the US fedgov — then the US should be added as a defendant to the ICJ genocide case against Israel. And ‘secretary’ Blinken, ultimately, should be extradited to The Hague to face capital trial as a war criminal.

  4. On the day after Nimirata’s cathartic thrashing in South Carolina, the New York Slimes publishes an interview with a woman about Nimirata’s age, who is a diagnosed sociopath.

    NYT: Are you able to describe how you’ve built a sense of morality?

    Patric Gagne: Just because I don’t care about someone else’s pain, so to speak, doesn’t mean I want to cause more of it. I enjoy living in this society. I understand that there are rules. I choose to follow those rules because I understand the benefits of this world, this house where I get to live, this relationship I get to have. That is different from people who follow the rules because they have to, they should, they want to be a good person. None of those apply to me. I want to live in a world where things function properly.

    NYT: Do you see your sociopathy as beneficial to you?

    Patric Gagne: I think my sociopathy is entirely beneficial to me. I see my friends struggling with guilt. On an almost daily basis I think, I’m glad I don’t have that. The psychological characteristics of sociopathy are not inherently bad. Lack of remorse and shame and guilt has been misappropriated to mean this horrible thing, but again, just because I don’t care about you doesn’t mean I want to cause you more pain.

    I like that I don’t have guilt because I’m making my decisions based on logic, based on truth, as opposed to ought or should. Now, there is a flip side. I don’t have those natural emotional connections to other people, but I’ve never had those. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Just because I love differently doesn’t mean my love doesn’t count.


    Will Nimirata ‘come out’ as a sociopath? Why not? As our valued colleague Adi Heidler says, cannibalism is the last frontier. Nimirata could write a cook book … thumb meat and goat cheese canapés, with a sprig of watercress. :-0

    • “Moral of the story…do not contribute to businesses/charities that do not uphold your values.” -RK

      I see friends and family do this all the time. When I ask why they do business with people that hate them, they tend to respond that with someting stupid like “where else am I going to go?” I always respond with “go without.”

  5. Nimarata looks like she could be a fortune teller in a traveling carnival show, right next to the dunking game that drops the clown into a tank of water.

    The clown taunts you to anger, then you buy three balls in hopes to dunk the dorky clown, what he deserves. Of course, he is making money insulting you. Your money has gone into the right hands.

    Nothing more than a traveling carnival show, Trump included.

    Bread and Circuses, all it really is.

    There is an analogy there, it looks obvious to me.

    • The insulting clown at the Tulsa State Fair used to laugh and say “I still got your money” after being dunked.

      Nimarata and all the rest are doing the same.

  6. Nimarata at bay — with a cruel, thin-lipped resting bitch face:


    I met a gin-soaked barroom queen in Charleston
    She tried to take me upstairs for a ride
    She reached to heave me right across her shoulder
    Now I just can’t drink that squalid strumpet off my mind

    — Rolling Stones, Honky Tonk Women

  7. The RNC like the DNC is a private club. I learned that in the Ron Paul era, especially 2012. The will of the rank and file voters is either window dressing or something that can be ignored completely to ensure “proper” outcomes.

    I think Nimrata secured her “second place” status in SC, which is what would be necessary for her to be selected as the Veep candidate. I think the Tulsi Gabbard for Veep talk is a smokescreen but also a further hint as to what the RNC will ultimately demand of OF.

    When you think of how hugely unpopular Kamala was in the 2020 Dem debates and primaries, yet got the Veep slot, it’s not a stretch to see Nimrata being elevated similarly.

      • Tim who? As I mentioned, the RNC decides these matters, votes be damned. Curious, as I’m in NC as well, what do you think of Mark Robinson’s chances at guv’na? Here in the farthest reaches of Eastern NC it’s like he doesn’t even exist. All I see are Dale Folwell (again, who?) signs.

    • The base won’t stand for it. The Democrats can pull that off because their voters don’t pay attention. If Chump chooses Nimrata, Chump won’t get 30 percent of the vote.

      • The base means nothing to them. Nothing. Current company on this site and comment thread aside, you know the OF pumpers will pull that lever for him in the general no matter what. At least she’s not Hilary, amirite?

  8. Lefties who are still members of the COVID cult and wanted to forcibly “vaccinate” every last human, along with mad scientists, could try to release so called “Self-spreading vaccines before the election or afterward if the Biden Thing (or a potential replacement) gets another 4 years. Jefferey Jaxen, an investigative reporter for The Highwire, reported last week that these scientists and the pharmaceutical industry wanted to release these Self-spreading vaccines during COVID, but they weren’t ready, so they settled on making mRNA jabs that governments here and around the world eventually tried to FORCE people to take….


    And speaking of trying to force Americans to take the experimental mRNA COVID jabs, there are also stories out showing that COVID jab mandates didn’t work at increasing jab uptake. Instead, people pushed back, and mandates actually INCREASED the dreaded “Vaccine hesitancy”…..


  9. Nimrata sucked off A BLOGGER when running for SC governor so he would write nice stories about her…a blogger! Lolololol (watch out for those big front teeth!)

  10. Eric,

    Nimarata Randhawa lost by 25 points in her home state. The final tally was 62% for Orange Man vs. 37% for her. Read about it here: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/02/breaking-south-carolina-primary-president-trump-crushes-nikki/

    I read elsewhere (Conservative Treehouse, IIRC) that Nimarata will stay in the race until the bitter end in order to deplete OM’s resources. The Establishment is using her to weaken him, so he goes into the general election battered and weak enough to enable his opponent to win.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yup. Though at this point, Nimrata has no credible standing and looks increasingly desperate – and pathetic. Trump could just ignore her. Pretty much everyone else is.

      At the same time, there is something extremely off-putting about her refusal to concede she is not wanted. It is not a question of, “hey, it’s very close and maybe she’ll gain traction.” She has been soundly rejected by double digits. In her home state. It is ridiculous as well as obscene for her to continue to present her ugly face (and uglier ideas) to an electorate that does not want her.

      • Eric,

        There’s a LOT that’s off-putting about her! One, she’s a warmonger. Two, she’s a RINO; for example, it was on her watch that the Confederate flag was taken down, all because it was “hurtful”. WTF? That’s something a libtard would say! Three (and there’s video footage of this), she’s said that she wants to know everyone’s name online; she wants to do away with online anonymity. Four, she’s pro abortion; she’s in favor of murdering babies. Five, she sees herself as one of our “betters”; she thinks she knows more than we do. I could go on, but you get my point.

        No, she’s not in the race to win; anyone with two brain cells knocking together knows that won’t happen. No, she’s being well paid by some rich folks in The Establishment to bleed Trump dry; she’s in at their behest to weaken him. That’s the rationale, anyway.

        However, she was so soundly trounced in her home state yesterday that Trump can afford to ignore her; he doesn’t have to waste resources on her. After yesterday’s drubbing, Nimarata Randhawa is irrelevant. That begs an obvious question: how much longer will her Establishment benefactors continue to fund her?

        • “How much longer will her Establishment benefactors continue to fund her?”

          Easy answer, Mark…until Trump is ousted from the campaign, one way or another. I had a “vision” a few years ago (before the campaign even started) that it was her as President and Scott as Veep. I hope I am wrong, but so far it is playing out. I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes this all the way to the Convention. The elite does not want The Donald in the Oval Office. They will make sure that doesn’t happen.

          As you have mentioned we are in the Fourth Turning. The catalyst is coming.

          • Hi RG!

            Nimrata is so obviously unwanted I cannot imagine that scenario playing out. If she is pushed on the electorate – by pushing Trump off the ballot – it would only make her even less wanted. She would be hated by probably 75 percent of Republican voters. Worse even than Mittens Romney or Liz Cheney. It would guarantee the anointing of Big Mike or whomever the Left selects to front their ticket. (I do not believe Biden will make it past summer; his decline is now undeniable and will shortly likely become much worse. I know a little about the progression of dementia, as I’ve been dealing with my mother’s decline; she went from more or less coherent to unable to speak a complete sentence in the sapce of less than one year.)

            Both sides are in a bind.

            Trump is popular – and the GOP establishment alternatives to him are despised. Biden is also despised – and there are no tenable alternatives to him. They can’t throw that strong black woman – Harris – under the bus for the sake of Newsom, a white man. So that leaves Big Mike.

            It’s going to be wild.

            • Hi Eric,

              I am sorry to hear that your Mom’s dementia is worsening. It is a terrible thing to see and deal with.

              I think the “Left” may let a Republican take the 2024 slot because the economy is teetering. I believe they are focusing on 2028 and the Great Reset. What better way to introduce a communist/authoritarian global government then allowing the “opposition” to take the economic fall. The crash will come between 2025 and 2028.
              Haley is easily bought and will do as the warmongers tell her to.

              • Indeed, RG –

                That scenario worries me also. Let Trump win – then let Trump take the fall. But it won’t be Trump that gets the blame. It will be “capitalism” – equated with MAGA. Which will be equated with “racism” and all the rest of it. Make things so miserable and desperate that the masses will beg for authoritarian Leftism to keep their bellies full and their EBT cards fully loaded…. I hope we get another couple of years to prepare.

              • RG,

                The thing is that 2030 is less than six years away; 2029, when Strauss & Howe said that the present fourth turning would end, is less than five years away. Why is that important? Because, whoever occupies the White House will be the one who takes us down the homestretch to the Great Reset.

                You see, Klaus Schwab, his minions, and his followers also know about the fourth turning. They’re trying to guide and direct events in such a way that their Great Reset can be implemented. Their window of opportunity is closing, so they have to act fast. Why do you think that they’ve gone into overdrive in recent years? Because the clock’s ticking. Ergo, whoever occupies the White House will be the one to take us the rest of the way to the Great Reset. Remember, that the next term for POTUS ends on January 20, 2029. There’s that date again!

                Furthermore, I agree; TPTB will allow a Republican to win in 2024, but I think it’ll be for different reasons. If a Republican, especially Trump, wins, then conservatives, i.e. the gun owners, will go to sleep; they won’t worry about anything bad happening. Do they buy guns en masse when a Republican is POTUS? No, but they sure do when a Dem is in office. The woke crowd will love everything the Great Reset entails; they’ll only be upset that it isn’t their standard bearer implementing it.

                Let me put it another way: do you think for one second that Hillary could’ve done everything The Donald did during his first term? Do you think that she could’ve rammed through the clot shot? Do you think she could’ve gotten away with doing the lockdowns? Do you think that she could’ve done any gun control? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! The conservatives and gun owners would’ve been up in arms. Ah, but since it was their guy, Mr. Anti-globalist, in office, they looked the other way.

                Rest assured that Donald Trump is a globalist traitor every bit as much as Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are; they both want the same thing. Trump has attended Davos and praised Klaus Schwab. Did you know that? So, why are Hillary, the RINOs, et al all trying to take down Donald Trump?

                It’s not because they’re enemies-not philosophically, anyway. However, they are enemies in that they are both vying for power. Think Game of Thrones. Better yet, think “The Godfather” movies; think of the Tattaglias vs. the Corleones. That’s the dynamic going on right now. The various “Mafia families” are all vying for power; they’re all trying to be top dog.

                No matter who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., they’re taking us down the homestretch to the Great Reset. The question then becomes: who best to take us down the homestretch? I think that Donald Trump is the logical choice; he’s the best vehicle to get us where TPTB want to go.

            • Why do you think most of her financial support comes from DUMMYCRATS? She’s literally the “controlled opposition” once they find a way to get rid of OM. Please don’t delude yourself that we’re going to have anything resembling a “fair” election this coming November, it’ll be even more blatant than the 2020 and 2022 shams.

    • ‘Nimarata Randhawa lost by 25 points in her home state.’ — MarkyMark

      I love the smell of abject defeat in the morning.

      If elected president, I will arrest Randhawa, tattoo the word ‘Harlot’ on her forehead, and then deport her worthless bitch ass to Tel Aviv to service her clients the only way she knows how.

      Skank begone!

      • Skank be gone, indeed! I forget where I heard or read it now, but there’s a rumor that Darling Nikki cheated on her husband-things that make you go hmmmm…

  11. Well Eric,
    Don’t be too confident of this landslide backlash victory you are alluding to. The “entities” probably are putting finishing touches on a horrific, false flag, black swan event they plan to execute before the election. The dynamic of the election, “if” it happens at all, could be very different than now.

    • I agree. They have something big planned to stop Orange populist – and Nikki Haley will waiting in the wings primed to be installed as the preferred Neocon Republican candidate. That’s why the establishment, including the Left is pumping her, she is part of a larger plan to oust Trump and put in a candidate that wants war. Trump talks peace, but our owners who wear the kippahs want war. And Ukraine is lost, and Israel is losing – and those type of people, being completely psychotic, will never back down. They’ll turn the United States into nuclear ash before they ever concede either of those failed wars.

      Nikki Haley is an existential threat because she will rubber stamp whatever the owners want. Think how stupid it is that some senile old perv is our president, or that the Democraps are seriously thinking about running Michael Obama – who has never held a real job and has no experience.

      What they want is a rubber stamp, someone so dumb and so clueless that they can only do what they are told, because they do not have the intellect to resist or even know what the hell is going on. Michelle Bachman is the level of dumb they want.

    • Indeed, Mike –

      I suspect that’s a certainty. One can almost feel it coming. They will do anything to prevent the Orange Man from being elected. And that makes me want to see the Orange Man elected.

      • Over at LRC


        “The candidate of the Deep State, Nikki Haley, is about as popular with Republican voters as Kamala Harris was with Democrats, even losing three to one to “none of the above candidates” in Nevada. Yet, she is still in the primary race and talks with great optimism. Is she that confident that the Deep State will Get Trump one way or the other, including possibly the JFK treatment, leaving her as the only other standing Republican candidate?”

      • And this is a good read at Politico


        CHARLESTON, South Carolina — Even Nikki Haley is hinting her road may be coming to an end.

        Haley persisted through loss after loss in Iowa and New Hampshire and, now, South Carolina. And at least for the next 10 days, she says she is refusing to back down from a primary fight that looks all but over.

        But on Saturday, Haley signaled a wind-down could be in sight, committing only to keep running through Super Tuesday.

    • Amen, Arthur –

      Her authoritarian instincts are on full display right now. This odious woman has been completely repudiated by the party she sought to represent (ha!) as its presidential candidate. The rank-and-file of her own party – in her own state – have made it clear they do not want her to represent them. Yet she hasn’t got the grace to accept the verdict of the people and bow out. This shows her contempt for the people she feigns to “represent.” She represents herself and her interests. People say Trump is a jerk – and that’s valid. But at least the man has the support of the people he says he represents. We can take issue with many things, but not that. And yet, this Nimrata woman refuses to accept that – unlike Nixon – she’s not the one…

      • Like so many other career politicians, Nimrata (Haley) stopped being anything about her supposed “home” state, South Carolina, and became a “Beltway Bandit” many years ago.

        Aside from him still being an outsider, Trump also captures something that South Carolinians have long had, nearly TWO HUNDRED YEARS in the making: a spirit of DEFIANCE. One need only consider the 1832 “Nullification Crisis”, and that, on December 23, 1860, SC was the first state to declare secession from the Union, as the Palmetto State would not have the corporate STOOGE, “Dishonest Abe” Lincoln, preside over them.

      • She may be confident because she is being told to stay in by her billionaire donors – who have a plan for her.

        Nimrata is like that dancing monkey in India:

        What make her so damn dangerous is that she only knows how to obey her masters, she is not some critical thinker, she is a slavish whorish political opportunist. IMO she is a mortal threat to the survival of our nation (as is Joe Biden).

    • That’s funny!

      Agent Assange

      There is speculation that Assange is a dupe, some questions are necessary about his real role in the maelstrom of the malaise. Is Assange an asset for the CIA and Mossad?

      Perspiring minds want to know.

  12. “Darling Nikki” vs Trump. Doesn’t matter. Trump exists because of the fact that a positive public opinion poll usually puts presidents and government in general somewhere around 40% approval, and highly dependent on economic factors and news of the day. He’s quick to point out the problems, which are blatantly obvious to anyone with a pulse, but never seems to offer up a practical solution. “Build the wall!” is a great campaign slogan, but won’t actually do much. Instead, how about amending the Refugee Act of 1980 so that a lot more is required than just setting foot on US soil and announcing you’re a refugee? How about setting up an Ellis Island style holding facility where mass hearings can be conducted, this time with an airstrip and plane ticket to wherever will take you if you’re denied? Heck, just campaign on dumping the situation back on the Congress, who refuses to make any changes in immigration law because the fake conflict suits them?

    But that’s not heroic. That’s boring policy and legislation stuff. And too easy for the mainstream media to exploit with pictures of Dickensian children being sent away because the law said aren’t refugees.

    As for the death merchants, in 2016 Trump ran on a big military budget and continues to do so now. He kept us out of war but only because the deep state knew wartime presidents get reelected. How many months after O’Biden got in were we bombing again? When Trump gets the nod, what then? More domestic violence? Because he’s a second term president will they roll out all the “intel” that leads to more wars?

    I think one of the reasons for his COIVD response was because it was like a war or natural disaster, and he was the hero president of Independence Day (or 9/11). Disaster response is rarely good policy, and pretty much guarantees waste, repression and graft. Something we saw in spades back in 2020.

    • I disagree about Nixon. He signed the following into law: the EPA, the clean air act, the National Highway Safety Act of 1970 (which officially created NHTSA), wage and price controls, and he removed us from the gold standard, which created financial bubbles in the economy unprecedented in world history.

      If you listen to his tapes, though, he was a pretty insightful, intelligent person who happened to get caught in a web of Democrat lawfare and deceipt from his own associates.

      Nixon was framed, no doubt about it. I don’t really know why. He played the role of an establishment schmuck pretty well

      • Nixon was framed by none other than Mark Felt, who expected to be appointed the director of the FBI. When Nixon appointed L. Patrick Gray, all bets were off.
        Felt utilized his contacts in the “deep state” to “get” Nixon to which the democRATS dutifully complied.

        • Anarchyst, you left out Nixon giving us the repulsive “War On Drugs”, which was probably the worst thing to happen to the American people in the last 100 years.

          • So did I. I agree that it was a horrible thing because it did more to eviscerate the rights of average Americans whether or they used or sold drugs. Anyone could be caught in the crossfire of a drug war.

            All that said, Nixons crimes were numerous and pervasive, but the guy was framed.

            • Ever notice that the CIA an other covert letter agencies don’t ask for funding, at least publicly?
              Their funding comes from the very drugs that the powers that be consider to be harmful to us ordinary mundanes.
              There is no need for funding as the war on (some) drugs assures them that they will never run out of funds.
              They have their own transportation systems that bypass all customs and law enforcement systems and are able to bring them into the country with impunity.
              You see “drug crimes” are for the “little people”, not the powers that be.
              What a deal!

            • Amazon has a 600 million dollar contract with the CIA.

              You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

              “AWS first inked a $600 million cloud contract with the CIA called C2S in 2013, through which it provided cloud services to the CIA and sister intelligence agencies, including the NSA.”

              10 Billion Dollars

          • Indeed, Arthur –

            The “war on (some) drugs” almost cost me everything – and that transformed me into the libertarian I am today. When I was 19 years old and in college, I got “busted” for growing pot plants. Arrested, taken to jail and charged with a felony. I could have gone to prison. I might have been kicked out of college. I could have been dead-ended over this. Over growing plants. All because an alcoholic named Richard Nixon declared a “war” on “drugs” he didn’t use, himself.

            • Hi Eric,
              Don’t forget that Tricky Dick also created the EPA that gave us CAFE regulations, CO2 as an emission, and a bunch of other impediments to having a normal life.

      • swamprat: “If you listen to his tapes, though, he was a pretty insightful, intelligent person who happened to get caught in a web of Democrat lawfare and deceipt from his own associates.”

        Like Bill Buckley (the old CIA plant) said: “Paronoid Hell! They were out to get him!”

        Don’t know how far back in history you go, but Nixon is the one who put Alger Hiss in prison. He listened and caught Hiss confirming Whittaker Chamber’s accusation that Hiss was a major spy for the communist networks of the time.

        “When Hiss appeared before the committee again, he haphazardly confirmed spotting a prothonotary warbler on the Potomac, causing many members of the committee to become convinced of the pair’s acquaintance. Ultimately, the Hiss-Chambers hearing led, in part, to Nixon’s political rise.”

        Being Wikipedia, this leaves out that Nixon cleverly led him to make that “inadvertant statement”. The left had him at the top of their hit list from then on. Witness, by Chambers, is a great read, by the way. Clever enough to hide evidence in a pumpkin on, I think, his brother’s farm.

        Also funny that some folks come off different in person than when “on the stump”. Dan Quayle, in a sit-down interview, was someone who understood the problems and could have been a good president if he never, ever, gave a speach. But put him in front of a crowd, give him a mic, and it was a different person.

      • Nixon lost in 1960 in an election rigged against him by the Kennedy family, aided by corrupt Texas Democrats, especially LBJ, who in turn were angered when the Kennedys screwed them (hence why suspecting LBJ or those that wanted him in the WH as behind the JFK assassination is reasonable), and then, inexplicably running in 1962 against a popular Democrat, Pat Brown (father of “Moonbeam”, who himself ran the once-Golden State into the ground over FOUR terms), and getting “whooped”, so much that Nixon’s concession speech included, “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.” Nixon was considered a rather unlikely candidate to try again, but a more perfect setting couldn’t have come about to ensure his nomination and election. The GOP had one lackluster slate of candidates, ranging from George “Brainwashed” Romney (father of “Mittens”) to Charles Percy and Harold Stassen. Ronald Reagan, having recently both switched over to the GOP and elected as CA governor in 1966, did well, but simply wasn’t “ready for Prime Time”. Even so, the Democrats, though having their own troubles (more or less, LBJ, his own party, let alone the American public, fed up with him and his blatant incompetence, was told to not run for re-election), at least had a viable, charismatic young candidate in RFK, in effect, another media “golden haired boy” with a promise of “Camelot Redux”. A few rounds, supposedly from Sirhanx2’s sidearm, put an end to that campaign, and the Democrats had little choice but to nominate the “Minnesota Milquetoast”, Hubert Horatio Humphrey, or HHH, one of the least inspiring men of all time. Finally, the Southern Democrats, having had enough of LBJ’s “Great Society” and the intransigence of the Kennedy dynasty, did a repeat of the 1948 election and bolted from the Democratic Party, nominating Alabama Governor “Segregation Forever” George Wallace as presidential candidate, and Curtis “Bombs Away” LeMay as their Veep…Hollyweed couldn’t write a better script! Although Wallace had little hope of winning, that wasn’t his objective, it was rather to be the “spoiler”, preventing either major party’s candidate from getting to 270 electoral votes, and thus the specter of throwing the election into the House of Representatives, which was ostensibly quite Democratic, but, in fact, between Southern Democrats and the GOP state delegations, Wallace had a credible ability to sway enough Southern states to vote for Nixon instead of Humphrey in a contingent House election. Obviously there were things that the prickly Alabama governor wanted from Nixon.

        Nixon had never been an DC “insider”, though he was an astute politician; his early years in the Congress, working the Alger Hiss thing, more or less alienated the Kosher Cabal, ensuring their continued enmity, never mind how pro-Israel Nixon was. Abrasive and gruff, he was actually liked more by the American middle class, but despised by the elitists…sound familiar?

  13. Nikki, you ignorant sl… woman.

    Where’s the Confederate flag that was flying at the top of the state capitol dome down there in Columbia?

    • Being a Sikh from India, Nikki’s understanding of the Confederate flag is as superficial as our understanding of, say, the Taj Mahal.

      If I were running for prime minister of India (something that never would happen, as Global South countries briskly exclude exogenous parvenu carpetbaggers from power), I’d advocate a good sandblasting and whitewashing for the ravishing old pile — a shimmering Mughal relic that captures my imagination like nothing other than the Alhambra.

      But unlike Nimarata, I would not demolish it to the ground, squat down, hike my harlot skirt like she would do, and take a leisurely wizz on its marble ruins, in total disrespect and contempt for the people whose culture it actually belongs to.

      In the midnight hour, she cried more, more, more
      With a rebel yell, more, more, more, yow!

      — Billy Idol, Rebel Yell

  14. “ These people – and she is an archetype of them – think of themselves as born to lead (paraphrasing Springsteen) and us to follow.” – Eric
    This is the overarching problem we face today. I am a fully functioning adult and do not need – nor want – to be led. If only we could scoop up all these self-appointed leaders, aka busybodies, and drop them in the deepest part of the ocean life would be orders of magnitude better for the rest of us.

  15. ‘“Nimrata” must mean something along the lines of I don’t care …’ — eric

    Nimarata [four syllables, each ending in a vowel] is significant in Sikh culture as one of the Five Virtues, representing humility [/irony]. For her children, Haley chose the Sikh names Rena and Nalin. “Nikki,” Haley’s middle name, is a Punjabi name.

    Like me, the venerable WaPo is upset that Americans can’t (or won’t) properly spell exotic Asian names. It schoolmarmishly scolds:

    ‘Trump promoted a shoddy legal analysis suggesting Haley was ineligible to serve because her parents were legal immigrants but not citizens when she was born.

    ‘Late Tuesday, he referred to her given first name, Nimarata, which Trump misspelled as “Nimrada.” (Judging by Trump’s many efforts to suggest his opponents are dullards, that would seem to be an attempt to evoke “nimrod.”)

    ‘Vivek Ramaswamy, who is also of Indian heritage, got the ball rolling by referring to her as “Namrata Randhawa,” misspelling her given name for no apparent reason.’


    Uncle Earl Long — Huey’s brother — became famous for mangling the name of his political opponent, New Orleans mayor deLesseps Morrison. Extemporizing on a stump in a Cajun bayou town, Uncle Earl would mock his city-boy adversary as “ol’ delasoups,” to snorts and guffaws from his rural audience.

    When it comes to Nimarata/Nimrada/Namrata, we can do better than this. ‘Numbnada,’ connoting an absolute vacuum of principles, works for me, at least while I’m sober enough to enunciate three syllables. Otherwise it’s ‘Fetch me a brew, wench!

  16. If I were to guess, the whole point of Nimrata sticking around even after losing to “none of the above” by 30k votes in Nevada is to give the appearance of her being some sort of #2 popular candidate when OF picks her as his running mate. She’s in his orbit already, having served as ambassador to the UN during his term. To pull a lever for OF you’ll have to do the same for her. Oooof…

    • Hi Funk,

      Much as I’d like to see Trump win – to enrage these Leftist (communist) cretins – if he were to pick Nimrata, that would keep me home on election day. It would affirm he has no intention of “draining the swamp,” if he ever did.

      • Eric – Same here. If he picks the “Indian” Karen, I’m out. She doesn’t look very Indian to me either. She looks like a troubled white Karen slut.

        • Hi JR –

          Yup. I think this is generally true, too. I mean, I think a huge portion of putative Trump supporters would dump Trump if he picks her for the VP slot. Because why bother? Why not just vote for Big Mike or whoever the Leftists (they’re not “Democrats”) put up to replace the senile grifter? My hope is that Trump isn’t evil – or stupid – and does something truly radical such as choose Winsome Sears or Candace Owens for VP. Both black women – taking care of the Big Mike problem – but also both smart women who aren’t Leftist ideologues or Neocon shills.

      • Just watch this for Trump’s intentions (this video came out before his first presidency)

        Donald Trump Exposed as an Inside Tool of the Zionist Swamp

        this video explains exactly who Trump is, and if he gets elected again, then you should expect the same.

        And you were right – Nimrata did not drop out … and soon her money flow will dry up. So if she does not drop out who is funding her and why.

        • Hi Jack,

          This may well be so – with regard to Trump. However, it may also be that it is no longer about Trump, the man – but rather the forces coalescing because of him. Some say that – if elected – he will renege on most if not all of his promises and serve as a tool of the Deep State and the internationalist cabal behind it. And yet, were he to do that, he’d lose his legitimacy – and support – very quickly, I suspect. Because I think patience has worn thin. People have had enough bullshit and lies and Trump will not be able to get away with it. The wind has been sown. The whirlwind is coming.

    • As the Times of Israel records, Nimarata reached Pelosian levels of fawning hyperbole when she declared, “It has never [been] that Israel needs America. It has always been that America needs Israel.”

      Or at least Nimirata needs Israel, whose wealthy dual-loyalty patrons are lining her pockets with contributions, as the article details. If Israel didn’t exist, our own country might actually have a future.

      • Nimrata’s family business was failing. The business received an infusion of cash $2,000,000.00 from israel interests. To the jews, she is a bargain, not unlike President Harry S. Truman who received $2,000,000.00 for recognizing the (illegal) state of israel.
        Sound familiar?
        Truman’s recognition of israel has been a thorn in the side of the USA and the world ever since.
        A bargain, indeed.

        • Sean Hannity is a hasbara shill whose U. S. citizenship should be revoked and should be deported to israel.
          While I was listening to his radio show on the way home from work, a caller asked him about the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) by israel on June 8, 1967.
          Hannity stammered a bit and declared: “israel is our friend and would never have done such a thing” (his exact words). I damn near ran off the road when I heard THAT.
          For Hannity to declare that a well-documented historical event “did not happen” is merely more PROOF that he is owned “lock stock and barrel” by israel.
          When it comes to expending American troops for israel’s interests, Hannity never found a “war” that he did not like.
          In fact, israel’s favorite military song is “Onward Christian Soldiers”.
          I have absolutely no respect for Hannity or other of his ilk.

    • Don’t forget that she’s a whore for Boeing too! She’s on their board of directors-no doubt payoff for being a loyal servant of the MIC.

  17. Running for president is about money. Do well, get it – don’t, then you don’t.

    Who is funding Nikki? Why? what do they want? Why are they telling her to stay in when it is about guaranteed she will not be the nominee?

    • ‘Who is funding Nikki? Why? what do they want?’ — Dan

      Andrew Anglin, writing after last month’s New Hampshire primary, offers some insights in his trademark racially-charged, scorched-earth hyperbole:

      ‘I have no idea what could possibly bring a person who supports “Nikki Haley” to support Donald Trump. This woman is an absolute lunatic. All she does is talk about Israel, and has called for the internet freedom rights of Americans to be taken away so that the government can hunt down people who criticize Israel.

      ‘In fact, if she were to run, they might just make her president. Virtually every other English-speaking country now has an Indian leader, including the UK, Scotland, and Ireland. Canada is grooming one to be the next leader. Clearly, Jews like this.

      ‘(I’m not saying all Indians are bad, I like Vivek and some tech people like Chamath, but there are a lot of Indians who are willing to do whatever the Jews want them to for money, and the fact that they are not white means they are above criticism and have no ties to our countries or reason to care what happens to us.)’


      ‘No reason to care …’ BINGO.

      • I have long resisted the JQ, but there are so many links from this minority “race” to positions of wealth and power that it is hard to explain how they have acquired so much influence.

        It is an example of how a dedicated minority can create change.

        It seems hard for regular people to understand why they have been targeted and persecuted throughout history. That makes the “antisemitism” argument easy to accept. But it appears they have been targeted due to being viewed as making themselves not part of the reigning society (i.e. being unEuropean).

        Maybe it’s victim blaming but sounds like they brought it on themselves. Adolf initially wanted to clear them out because they weren’t German. The rest of the world didn’t want them so we know what ended up happening.

        It must be asked why didn’t the rest of the world want them. Also interesting they were a big force in bringing communism to Russia. They seem to cling to leftist ideology. I argue the current state of Israel is fascist in the AH sense.

        I always enjoyed the illuminati as a joke, but a version of it may well be fact.

        • Jewish debasement of the American body politic and culture has been going on for a very, very long time.
          In fact, we are at the same state that Germany was in during the days of the Wiemar Republic.
          From social, cultural and moral “rot” to an outright “takeover” of our political, legal and mass media systems, jews have done much to deserve to be “marginalized” and recognized as being the originators of the “rot” that they have supported to the present day.
          Let me give you a few examples of jewish “culture” that have undermined western civil societies.
          1. “Multiculturalism and diversity” is imposed from the top-down by governments, jewish groups using the legal system for enforcement. Note that the destructive concept of “multiculturalism and diversity” does not apply to the jews themselves, jews declaring that they need a “jews-only” state. Keep in mind that this concept weakens and eventually destroys societies from within.
          2. Ever wonder where the whole LGBTQXYZ movement originates? This vile support for this mental illness originates in the jewish talmud which declares that there are “8 genders” not just two. It’s all spelled out in their “book of rules”, the talmud.
          3. The jewish penchant for total destruction of their “enemies”, (men, women, children, animals down to the last blade of grass), is but another “gift” that the jews have given to mankind. We are witnessing “the most moral army in the world” systematically destroying EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in Gaza. Jews are merely exercising the demands of their “cult”, every jewish holy day being a celebration of total death and destruction of their “enemies”. According to jewish teachings, NOTHING is to remain alive. Men, women, children, babies, livestock, and even blades of grass must be destroyed. Observe the jewish occupation forces taking videos of their “accomplishments” (war crimes that I hope are eventually prosecuted).
          4. Jewish “wealth” is used to “buy” politicians. Not only that, they have an extensive network of “honeypot” operations to insure that the politicians that they have “bought” stay “bought”. Let’s not forget that they run the worldwide organ transplant trade as well as the “white slavery” operations.
          5. Jews are experts at getting others to “do their dirty work” for them. The USA is a prime example, most influential politicians swearing fealty and loyalty to a foreign country, israel. THAT is a big problem. This has been an ongoing historical fact, ever since the jews got Pontius Pilate to crucify and murder Jesus Christ.
          All five of these examples are but more proof that jews cannot live peacefully or peaceably in any society that they do not control. When jews “infect” a society, they start out small, but rapidly extend their negative influence to all spheres of their “host” society. They eventually consume and destroy their host society from within because they don’t know when to stop.
          Jewish networking and cultural insularity knows no bounds and is the reason for jewish “success” not “smarts”. It is nepotism at its worst.

  18. I am going to take the contradictory opinion on this, Eric. I have no love for Nikki. I will never vote for her, because she is a neocon, but I have absolutely no problem with her staying in the race. Why? Because I don’t think three states should be able to choose the Presidential candidate. And so far that is what we have…Iowa, Delaware, and Nevada. The other 47 of us are stuck with “what is left.” Which is no one. Vivek is gone. Ron is gone. Tim is gone.

    If we are to even consider “fair” elections in this country wouldn’t it make sense for every state to vote on the same day rather than this tiered system that helps no one and doesn’t give the rest of the country a say…just a selection of the lesser of two evils?

    Let’s be honest The Donald has been hyped to epic proportions. He will not win. The Republicans continue to play the same cards over the last seven years spewing “there will be a Red Wave.” And yet, every governorship, off year Senate campaign, mid term, etc. shows a continuation of America becoming bluer.

    Aren’t we tired of showing up at the voting booth with a choice of chicken liver or chicken gizzards? Maybe, never of us want chicken. Maybe a Ribeye would be nice for a change. Every election feels like Groundhog Day. The same scenario is continually replayed, but we are constantly told “this time is different”. No, no, it isn’t.

    This country’s citizens are like Stalin and the chicken. It doesn’t matter if he plucks your feathers, takes away your security, and starves you to death if he throws out a tiny morsel the American (like the chicken) will run toward it professing gratefulness. How many times does the chicken (aka American) have to be kicked in the head before it realizes it is being abused and starts fighting back?

    • Every off year election has been tainted by cheating. I spotted this for real in 2017. It probably took placr earlier, but the flips in solidly red districts began in 17 and continued. The major ballot drops occured in 20 and the elections in 6 states stopped counting. In elections past, they would keep going, but not this time.

      I dont believe in a country this size you can have an honest election no matter what. These ballots or vote pass through too many unknown hands after they leave the precinct. No one pays any attention after wards.with mail in balloting. It makes the cheating easier.

      So, no i dont think this country is as blue as they say it is, but the chear is as obvious as sunshine

      Biden is a miserable president. 2022 and 2023 should have been a slam dunk..but it wasnt.

    • Hi RG,

      Here’s my 50 in a nutshell: Unless the Biden Leftists remove Trump from the ballot – or put him in prison – he will be the GOP candidate. If he is replaced by Nimrata or any other tool in the GOP stable, the GOP will lose – badly – to Big Mike or whomever the Left puts up to replace Biden. Because Nimrata and the other tools are unpopular, unwanted tools – and everyone knows it. Might as well put Romney and Pence up for election.

      Trump is the only candidate with real popular support; whether he is a fraud and a blowhard being beside the point. Trump might have enough support to make it very difficult to steal the election without it being so blatant as to be effectively undeniable – and that would be wonderful, as it would scourge away whatever lingering legitimacy this system still has and that would greatly undermine its power. Or rather, its ability to effectively assert it.

      I grant that if Trump does win, it will be no victory for libertarianism. But there is a chance it will be something less awful than the certainty of Leftist totalitarianism. These people are death to us – and I mean that literally.

      Whatever can be done to stop them, must be done.

    • Texas still has all of the Republican Presidential alternatives on the ballot in the Primary, but I’m tempted to go participate in the Democrats’ primary to vote against the emerging consensus candidate to take on Ted Cruz, Colin Allred.

      I’m already tired of Allred’s commercials airing nightly on local Faux News.


      Of course, under Texas law, participating in the Democrats’ primary means I’m considered to be member of that party until the end of the year. Oh, the humanity!

      • I spent the next 10 seconds looking at his website under jobs and economy. High speed internet? Everyone has a got damned phone. What an idiot.

        • The commercials airing nightly in this market — which don’t seem to make their way to YouTube — talk about Allred fighting for the rights of people to vote and for women to be able to get abortion.

          That plays well in Austin.

    • The problem with a national primary day is that it would have to be negotiated, controlled and agreed to. That means compromise, which probably is going to involve a payoff. And it would just make the situation worse, where candidates won’t even bother to show up in small potatoes states.

      I think the various early primary states are only relevant in a broadcast sense. We’ve lived our lives in a national/international news feed. This is still very much the case but cannot be sustained as the money dries up and the viewers die off. National news was made possible by high powered national networks (and later, broadcast satellites). Production equipment was scarce and expensive. As I said the other day, anyone can write a blog with a second hand PC from the thrift store. Your “phone” is a mini video production studio. “Viral” video and boosted social media is evidence that the mainstream media is in their death throes, as a good bit of the news of the day is just retelling stories gathered by social media.

      Of course it goes both ways. Eric’s story includes stock photos borrowed from the mainstream. We all regularly post links from mainstream blogs and websites. One area they still dominate is the press conference, especially where credentials are required. Oh, they’ll pretend to let a few select “bloggers” into the room, but there’s only so many seats you see, so we have to draw the line somewhere. Of course when someone does ask an uncomfortable question, that’s when they don’t get invited back.

      I have a friend who runs a government access television channel for the local cable system. We were talking about her work, which I called journalism. She was taken aback, didn’t think that running remote controlled cameras and a switcher for a city council meeting was journalism at all. I explained that in a world with infinite bandwidth and storage, her gavel to gavel logging of meetings was probably the most pure form of unbiased journalism there can be. Any editing done (including changing cameras) was a type of editing content.

      Just turn on the cameras and stream. Let us figure out the rest.

      Sorry for going off topic, but after I typed all that I didn’t have it in my heart to delete it! -ed

    • Hi, RG,
      >choice of chicken liver or chicken gizzards?
      Actually, I think what we get is what comes out the other end of the chicken.
      Which makes good fertilizer, just don’t breathe the vapors, or get it in your eyes.
      If you want to grow tomatoes, chicken poop works very well.
      I recommend Rutgers. BTDT.
      Helped my Dad shovel chicken sh*t before he fired up his Planet Jr.
      If the plants are well rooted, all is well in the garden. 🙂

  19. Her most damning “character” trait is that she just absolutely loves sending young Americans around the world killing people, and being killed.

    • Hi John,

      Not only does Nikki Haley advocate even more war, she also called for social media users to verify their identity by name, which sounds like something the WEF types would advocate.

      I also saw this week that a Congressional advisory committee voted to grant Secret Service protection to Haley, while Robert F Kennedy Jr’s requests for Secret Service protection to this day remain denied, even with his family history and after someone tried to assassinate him a few months ago. Is the establishment and the Biden regime trying to bankrupt & destroy RFK Jr’s Presidential campaign in the same way they’re trying to bankrupt and destroy Trump’s campaign? Sure looks that way, especially when the Democrat Party establishment engaged in some lawfare against RFK Jr. IIRC, they’re accusing RFK Jr of violating FEC rules.

      • Hi John,
        It’s despicable how RFK, Jr. is being treated, especially with respect to the history of assassinations of his family. The Demonrats know he would wipe the floor with Biden so they are pulling out all the stops to keep him off the ballot, while hoping someone will murder him in the meantime. I plan to write him in if his name is not on the ballot.

        • Agreed Mike. The Democrat Party actually liked RFK Jr for years until he spoke out against COVID tyranny and dropped numerous truth bombs about COVID, censorship, vaccines, the U.S. government, endless wars, CBDCs, etc., and decided to run for President as a Democrat. When it became obvious that the Democrat Party establishment all but crowned Joe Biden their nominee and wanted NO primary debates between Biden and other Democrats who were seeking the “D” nomination, Kennedy decided to run as an Independent. I may vote for RFK Jr or write him in if Nikki Haley becomes the “R” nominee or if Trump picks her as his running mate. Trump has to know that people who are supporting him want NOTHING to do with Nikki Haley, and that making Haley his running mate could doom his candidacy.

  20. BTW, far worse than Nimarata being on the Republican ticket, Trump once again floated the possibility this week of running with Justin Trudeau-Castro’s fellow WEF member Tulsi Gabbard.

    I think I have the hyphenation convention right on the name: [mother’s last name]-[father’s last name].

    The readers in the exile community in Miami can help me out with that.

    • Hi Roscoe,

      I read a while back that Nikki Haley is herself one of those WEF “Young Global Leaders”, which explains some of the things she’s advocating. As for Tulsi Gabbard, if Trump picks her to be his running mate, coukd that be to get women voters and/ or disaffected Democrat voters? I don’t know.

      • Oh boy, the women I know hate Tulsi Gabbard. Regardless, Trump knows full well he won’t win and I believe any democrat would still vote for Biden over Trump. Helped along by some voting day irregularities…once they heave Biden over the finish line he will shortly thereafter be replaced by someone like Gavin.

  21. Someone’s got it right: Chuck Baldwin

    “The United States has a demented demoniac president and commander in chief sitting in the White House. Republicans (including Christians) treat Donald Trump—one of the most unprincipled, dishonest, morally reckless, characterless, narcissistic, arrogant men to ever walk on terrestrial turf—as a savior of humanity. And if that’s not bad enough, the two women closest in power to these two scoundrels, Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley, are no better—or even worse.”
    In other words, America has NO leadership. NONE! ZILCH!”

    The result of a corrupted two-party system, keeping
    political competition out.


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