PA Heroes Tazer 76-year-old Six Times

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ALLENTOWN, PA — A 76-year-old man was repeatedly zapped with a taser after police mistook him for another man — his brother.

A lawsuit has been filed over the incident, which occurred in August 2012. Robert Gross, age 76 at the time, had driven his brother, Carl Gross Sr., to see Carl’s granddaughter at a hair cutting salon inside a Walmart shopping center. Robert waited outside, and walked across the parking lot to a phone store to shop for a new cell phone.

For reasons unclear, police were dispatched to the hair salon because Carl — who suffers from dementia — was causing a problem inside the store. However, when police got to the scene, they set their sights on Robert, who was innocently walking in the parking lot.

Two Berks-Lehigh Regional Police officers became aggressive and shouted at Robert. They allegedly threw the septuagenarian to the ground on his chest. When he asked why they were hurting him, the police replied, “You know.”

Of course, Robert Gross didn’t know. He had done nothing wrong. The bullies proceeded with the attack, firing Tasers repeatedly into Robert Gross. Gross said the pain felt during and after the assault was so extraordinary that he felt like he was going to die, according to Lehigh Valley News. Gross experienced “pain, extreme shock, and alarm” from the electrifying zaps.

Robert Gross endured a total of six (6) electric shocks while he was lying on the ground, according to the lawsuit.

“They didn’t dispute that they tasered him. They didn’t dispute that he got slammed face down to the ground,” explained Elizabeth Roberts, an attorney who represented Robert Gross in court.

Officers actually defended their attack, and “were very adamant that Mr. (Robert) Gross was argumentative and belligerent and trying to punch them,” Roberts stated to “Mr. Gross was equally adamant that nothing like that happened.”

The officers tossed Robert Gross into the back of a police car and charged him with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Brother Carl was later committed to a mental health facility for his dementia.

Robert Gross recently filed suit in U.S. District Court alleging assault, battery, and deprivation of his 4th and 14th Amendment rights. Officers Dathan Schlegel, Michael J. Sinko and Nicholas Morris were named as the assailants.


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  1. The Value of human life

    American stormtroopers are never too busy to demo private property shelters constructed by individuals

    Tent City of Lakewood, NJ: Demo of Vacant Tents

    Sheriff Joe Stalin shows off his tents


    “I was in the tents 4 months for non-payment on a fine for no insurance and driving on suspended license. I did my time got out and never looked back at the most inhuman place I have ever experienced.

    If you have been to Arizona in the summer the heat is no joke. In the shade it is 110, and fully exposed or inside one of the tents up to 140. It is a concentration camp for low threat inmates. Whose crimes are for dui dwi didn’t show for court didn’t pay a fine small drug charges and one small yard named O yard (the smallest of them all) for illegal immigrants.

    Meanwhile he has rapist murderers drug lords child molesters and class one felons in the towers which is a brand new state of the art facility.

    I do not disagree with the tents and there purpose. I just don’t see why they put small timers in the worst jail in America, and the worst inmates in the nice air condition facility. To me it should be the other way around.”


  2. It’s not such a big deal to be homeless. Live outside or inside it’s your choice. What is unforgivably foolish, is to be gunless. This guy might have lived, if only he’d had sufficient means to protect himself from predators.

    Why Everyone Should Own a Gun

    “The System Isn’t Broken, the System Never Worked” – an anarchist named BraveTheWorld

    Questions for Govt Consenters(aka Statists)

    The Cult of Happy

    Anarchist BraveTheWorld at CPAC 2014

    must fucking watch video below (imho of course)

    The Shift – To Huxley’s Dystopian – Brave New World

  3. So any of the bootlicking shills for the State out there feel like justifying what these jackbooted “heroes” did?

    • Hi Jason,

      Clover already has!

      It’s the usual mantra. Anything that an “officer” could conceivably regard as a “threat” to his “safety” justifies summary execution.

      Including the “threat” posed by a clearly elderly, clearly wobbly old man pulled over for non-moving violation who gave the “officer” all the “threat” needed to justify a fusillade of bullets by arthritically exiting his vehicle and holding onto a walking cane.

      Shoot first – several times – and ask questions later.

  4. Perhaps they confused Robert Gross (age 76) with Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China

    David Lo Pan

    When people say <insert city name here> finest, I thought they meant a brave person willing to put their life on the line to protect their community. Now it seems more and more that many LEOs are bullies that are afraid for their lives.

    These pheros are supposed to be strong, young (25-40 yo) men that can handle an old, addle minded man. I guess I was mistaken. Allentown is in trouble and not just from the coke in the ground.


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