Eight Michigan Heroes Shoot Homeless Guy 46 Times

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Video of the Day – Watch as 8 Police Officers Fire 46 Shots and Kill a Homeless Man in Broad Daylight

Out of control police brutality (including outright murder), and the militarization of cops across America, while significant issues in their own right, take on an even more pressing degree of concern when viewed as a reflection of society as a whole. For years now, I have been trying to point out the connection between banker bailouts, corruption in Washington D.C., imperialistic foreign policy and police aggression. They are all different sides of the same coin. All of these things are merely symptoms of the core cancer, which is a sociopathic elite running the nation and not applying the rule of law to those who are in power; wherever that power happens to reside.

This article is a perfect followup to my piece from earlier in the week, To Protect and Perve – California Cops Share Nude Photos Stolen from Citizens’ Cellphones, in which I wrote:

The worst thing about the government’s reckless response to the financial crisis of 2008, even worse than the trillions in taxpayer bailouts and backstops granted to the financial criminals that created the disaster, is the primary lesson that it sent to American society as a whole. Some people like to call it “moral hazard,” but in more pedestrian terms it really just boils down to: The Bad Guys Got Away with It.

As long as the worst amongst us continue to get away with their criminality, the more of it we will see. In fact, the more brutal and cartoonish it will get.

A very sad and disturbing example of this happened in 2012, when a terrified, 49-year old, mentally illl homeless man, Milton Hall, was gunned down to death in broad daylight by 8 cops in Saginaw, Michigan.

He represents everything our superficial, greed obsessed, immoral culture despises. He was a homeless, mentally ill black man.

This is how cops disposed of him:

This happened in 2012, but the reason it is being highlighted today is the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan recently released a statement highlighting the fact that the “Justice” Department has failed to prosecute the officers involved. The DOJ claims that: “this tragic event does not present sufficient evidence of willful misconduct to lead to a federal criminal prosecution.” 

How can anyone who sees this video agree with that statement. The bad guys won again. Justice no longer resides in America. No wonderFerguson exploded.

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  1. “Why dey shoot him so many times..?”

    1: He was black
    2: Libertarian
    3: Unarmed
    4: Target practice, which they desperately needed because they missed him 60% of the time.

    Trouble is these goons are trained only to shoot at centre of mass, not anything else such as kneecaps. Likely because they’re useless. My 9mm Army Browning rarely saw a missed shot at 25 metres. It would take 100 metres for me to drop more than half my rounds.

    Wonder where the missed rounds went? After skipping off the tarmac they can easily fly another half mile or so. Hopefully they peppered another cop car hiding in a speed trap somewhere.

    • Buncha pussies.

      Eight “men” who can’t take down a single man without shooting him full of holes?

      And they want to be thought of as heroes!

      • Eric that’s why I don’t like the use of the term “heroes” to describe these demented animals. Pigs is a much better term. Maybe poopfaces or shitheads. How these cops can call themselves humans is beyond me. And we white people wonder why blacks still hate us.

        • Indeed, to5 –

          And that’s why I mock the usage. Put “heroes” in quotes. Make it ridiculous. Which of course, it is.

          Same goes for the “troops,” by the way.

          Nothing “heroic” about what they do, either.

          It doesn’t take a manly man to operate a joystick and send a bomb raining down on a family of bedouins 3,000 miles away… or mow down “indigs” from a helicopter gunship.

          One thing I’d dearly love to see – and would gladly sign over the title to my Trans Am to see – would be every single got-damned chickenhawk neo-con from Billy Kristol to Lindsey Graham and every Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in between air dropped over Teheran to “fight for freedom.”

          • Eric, I’d personally pay the air fare for Lindsey Graham, Dick Cheney, the Chimp, and all the assorted neocon chickenhawks (more like chickenshits) to be dumped in Iraq somewhere so the locals could administer some street justice for all their suffering. I love the way they’re always spouting off on the propaganda talk shows about how “we” have to do something about (insert country here) while THEY having never been in the armed forces, will be hiding in their Fuehrerbunkers if things go badly. Big brave heroic patriot Cheney managed to hide behind his wife’s skirt while my friends and I were enslaved (which the PTB called drafted) for 2 years for their merry little VietNam adventure. That ended as well as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, wherever’s next are ending – badly for all involved.
            Guess they never learned Einstein’s statement that doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is pure insanity.

    • Rev, my Hi Powers I had would groups in a window at 100 yds since they were all accurate. I’d practice that shot with a mag or two every now and then. Too bad they never made them as 38 Super’s. I downed two coyotes with my Combat Commander 38 Super at 100 yds. A bit faster, a bit less drop so it’s a little easier and carries more when it gets there.

      Last week I met a job supervisor at his home and we got on the subject of firearms and he showed his Ruger .380 pocket pistol. I lamented no one had ever made a pocket pistol with 38 Super since I had made some good shots at distance with mine I had highly modified. This guy is my age and he just started saying “Ah, a govt. model Colt, a Combat Commander in 38 Super and it was quite accurate at distance”. I hadn’t mentioned anything about what type of gun it was but it was like he read my mind, sorta freaked me out in a way but he laughed like hell and said he’d had many of them himself.

  2. I think “2 sides of the same coin” has evolved to “different faces of the same die.” And you never know when someone is going to roll craps on you.

    • Only one rule when making a deal with the Devil: DON’T.

      Allow someone else to control any aspect of your lives, you’ve conceded the field. It’s a question of stopping them BEFORE they get started, not once they have their boot on your neck.
      It’s the trigger force of 4 ounces that moves a thousand pounds.