Homeland Heroes in Action

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For those of you still operating under the delusion that America is a “free” country:

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  1. Why are these homeland heroes accepted. There’s many out there who are happy to remain beneath their betters in the slave owning class. I’m considering taking the “devil’s advocate” position in this area, and abandoning the idea of continuing the war any further.

    Perhaps it’s just a new science I am interested in exploring. Call it anarchology. One could do thought experiments and field experiments in this new field. But not worry greatly on whether it becomes popular or not. Is it really worth destroying wealth to tilt at ideals that might well be lost anyway?

    Perhaps I should defend statist viewpoints even if I disagree with them, it’ll probably lead to a livelier debate. I can argue all sides, and of course throw in my two cents as an anarchologist, but then let it end there. I don’t have to make myself a dog in a fight, especially when those with similar views aren’t even interested in the same kinds of freedoms I am. They’re probably satisfied with consumer freedoms. And to being inside a government that acts more rationally.

    I’m starting to see the benefits of that the much-maligned ‘peculiar institution’ of slavery in the American South that was so rudely terminated by federal fiat not so long ago. Changes brought about by wars and political means, never seem to last very long. I think our experiment in freedom is about to be ended, unless we start conceding to a lot more industrialization and systemization that will take our commercial processes to the next level.

    In point of fact, slavery provided the blacks brought there with a higher standard of living than they had in Africa. And perhaps that the main concern over the new kinds of slavery that are quietly being normalized from the shadows. Being in the American Police State continues to provide a fairly high standard of living, despite the creeping prohibitions and regulatory stumbling blocks.

    Either we’re to be slaves, or we’re to consent to an ever increasing mechanization. We can’t stay free by means of activism and attitudes. We’ll have to become more economically valuable, or perish.

    We were forced into choosing wrong last time in the war of 1861. Rather than destroy all the wealth in the War of Northern Aggression. We could have waited patiently, since after 1850 the machines would have soon rendered slavery obsolete anyhow. It would have been better for the USA to endure it a few more years than suffer the truly horrendous costs of the War Against the States.

    Slavery has been a dominant form of human relationships for most of history and that the present was unusual in that anti-slavery cultures dominated the planet.

    WIthout the blood lust of Lincoln, and the drafted soldiers showing up as ordered, I’d bet that the South would have been integrated by 1910 at the latest. The job would have been done – and done right – half a century sooner, with vastly less human misery, and with almost no bloodshed.

    Problems are never solved using the political means. The only way slavery has ever been ended, anywhere, is by introducing industry. So if we want a chance at more freedom, we’ll need to further mechanize.

    If a man is a skilled and competent machinist – if the lathes work well under his hands – the industrial management will be forced, to remain in business, to accept that fact, whether the man be black, white, purple, or polka-dotted. This continues to be true in the information age, what does it matter the color of skin, when you are talking on the phone in the English language. Indians are the cheapest and best value, so that’s who you’re going to be talking to.

    Maybe next year, the Philippines or elsewhere will be the hot new region to do international work. Culture and history mean little or nothing, when you are dealing with processes. Who cares about Europe’s past. People want results for their money.

    If you remember back to the Watts riots of the mid-sixties, or at todays projects, it seems evident that there remain ‘natural’ slaves who become unhappy if freed.

    The worker bee when he is unable to work, soon dies of misery. The Russian serfs when freed went to their masters and outright begged to be enslaved again.

    The idealist anti-slavers who fought in the Civil War were merely expressing their own self-interest and that many blacks of the time were ‘against’ emancipation. This is fundamentally why they were indulging in ‘leaderless’ riots in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

    This is why this nation is in such turmoil today. There’s a lot of Soviet American serfs who don’t want to compete on the open market and be paid what they’re really worth when going up against Indians, Chinese, and Latin Americans. They’d rather go backward a bit and be cared for as serfs, trade a little freedom, for a little job and cultural security.

    As an anarchologist, I intend to learn about all the different countries out there, and ignore all the current distractions and attempts to divert us me from the underlying economic realities.

    I know I’ll have to compete against India, China, and almost everywhere else. That’s going to be the only way I’m going to ensure any kind of freedom as most nations become harmonized and synced for the moneyed and industiral classes. The only way anyone has ever secured their freedom in the long term as far as I’ve seen, is by being as seen as more value being set free, than in being enslaved.

  2. I’m posting the two other top videos in Travis’ account.

    This Is How to Stop a Hero’s Attempted Search Without Consent

    Secret Service Hero Ignores Heckling

    Jimmy Carter

    His speeches. Books. Quotes. Everything he says is circular and goes nowhere. But he was still part human and sometimes accessible in some limited way at least. Every one since 1980 has been purely a cartoon villain.

    He just blithely prattles on expecting you to accept as a given that you were born into bondage on this planet, American bondsmen are of this kind of character…

    – uhhh. how about we discuss how it is we’re born into bondage at all. let’s start at the beginning. From first principles please. Stop the revolving streams of jibberish and really address reality for once…

    • Re: Jimmeh Carter, my brother likes to point out that, since leaving office he has done some good things with Habitat for Humanity. But we can’t help wondering if he’s not thinking “If only we could get some gunvermin funding for this project.”

      • Jimmy carter, the least awful president in my lifetime, did at least one unambiguously good thing while in office. In 1979, he signed a law that ended the fed gov’s effective ban on home brewing. The subsequent home brewing renaissance led directly to the craft brewery movement.



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