Newbie Hero Disgusted by The “Work”

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Guy with a conscience disgusted by his fellow “heroes”:


  1. What cop isn’t fat these days? But if this man is fair dinkum, then he is a good guy and hopefully he finds other work that does not involve rape and murder of his fellow men by other fat bully pigs and their “bosses”.

    What will it take to truly wake up the dumbed down sheeples?!!!

  2. The raccoon “turned on the officers” – and we knew it was up to no good because it was wearing a mask!

    Officer safety! Officer safety!

  3. Good for that transgendered BBW Okie hero. You go gurrrrrl!

    So, in Konawa, OK, where that guy(gal?) is from, things do not appear to be OK.

    Their whole hero team resigned in May, in order to avoid being fired for some reason.

    May 22, 2015
    Konawa, Oklahoma – A small Seminole County city was left without a police department after the entire force resigned following rumors that they’d be fired.

    – Good thing I’m only an alien hitch-hiker passing through these here backwater parts of the Milky Way Galaxy. So long, and thanks for all the fish-heads.

    • So, has there been a crime wave in Konawa in the past 6-7 weeks? If not, it’s evidence that the pheroes were not necessary.


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