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I’ll be a guest on Bryan Hyde’s HD Radio show on Monday at 3 (east coast time). Ooorgle and I are still working on the “live” feature for the web site.

The Hardley Ableson is operational – except for the tires. They are so badly dry rotted I’ve been reluctant to do more than very brief (maybe 200 yards or so) runs up and down the road just to confirm the gearbox is working right and so on. My neighbor – who owns the bike, I’m fixing it for him – has commissioned me to get a set of new tires for him. They are on order and once mounted I will take a video of the thing in motion.

It’s been a slow start to the month – summer, I guess.

But I wanted to mention it now before we get too deep into the month so I don’t have to make frantic appeals toward the end of the month. Last month, the fat was pulled out of the fryer at the literal last minute by longtime EPautos backer and all-around mensch MB. He – and several others – have done the equivalent of adding a couple quarts of oil to an engine that’s running dry. They have kept this operation from locking up.

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