So Much For “Opting Out”

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In the frog and warming pot of water department: 

The Transportation Security Administration can now mandate that any passenger go through a body scanner even if the traveler ask to opt out and get a full-body pat-down instead.

Mandated screening for some passengers would be “warranted by security considerations in order to safeguard transportation security,” the TSA said in a document updating the protocol.

Translation: We’ll all be forced to accept being scanned from here on out. For our “safety.” 

The change comes at a time of heightened concern about aviation security and terror plots against commercial aviation.

The TSA said the benefit of using the technology is it “improves threat detection capabilities for both metallic and nonmetallic threat objects.” In other words, the scanners can catch weapons hidden in clothes that a pat-down might miss.

Bullshit. Real “terrorists” will neither be stopped nor deterred; but the populace will grow accustomed to assuming the “I surrender” pose and submitting to a degrading invasion of their personal space by a low-IQ government thug.   

The agency said it does not store any personally identifiable information from the body scanner, known as Advanced Imaging Technologies, or AIT.

A TSA goon is whacking off to a scan pic of your 15-year-old daughter right now. 

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  1. TSA had several employees on the “no fly” list. Wonder how that worked?
    They employ members of a religion sworn to destroy our country and way of life (Islam.) And one of the pillars of Islam is, IIRC, the surrender to Allah’s will. That means, no free will, no individual choices – you must be a slave (not my word, it’s theirs) to Allah. That means no freedom of religion. Also, they don’t believe in singing or dancing, and practice some pretty horrific mutilations of women, and are quite brutal in punishments. mind, I believe in brutal punishments, but they and I differ on what constitutes major offenses (and at the same time, what is a fitting punishment.) And their corruption is legendary, making Mexico look quite honest by comparison.
    Further, they are allowed to lie to Infidels freely. So how can we know what is and what is not true? Is your Muslim friend a friend, or a psychopath…? If you must ask the question – you’ve answered it.

    THEN you add in the stories of theft, assault, improper screenings (test weapons and bombs get through; infants are strip-searched, but Muslim women cannot be inspected beyond the head an neck region… That’s rape, dontcha know?)…

    So, the people hired aren’t trained, can’t do the job, and many are, in fact, a security risk themselves.
    And the sheep think they are safe…. Safe from WHAT?

    In similar vein, the French are busy stripping themselves of their freedoms, and China has instituted Sesame Credit, which tracks not only their credit, but just how good a Party member they are. (convenient link, I saw it on Facebook and can’t open Facebook on the NWO servers).

    When you realize that Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook have monetized their customers as the product, this becomes a very clear end game. Sesame productizes peer pressure. I predict it is arriving here very soon…

    We NEED a collapse and a massive war to restart the evolution of humans. We’ve allowed the weak and stupid to reproduce for far too long, repealed Darwin’s Law, in effect. Or, perhaps, made a society where the traits that ensure survival in the “Real world” are in fact a detriment – I.E., the stupid and servile do well and are by definition “most fit for survival” in the Brave New World Order. (H/T Keoni Galt). But those who CAN think, and who DO care, are penalized for both weaknesses. Those who are not PakLed are ostracized from their “peers” (they don’t really have any, but they’re ostracized from the society).

    It’s enough to make one go Lecter, forget Galt…

    • Hi Jean,

      Well, that was a ripper!

      And, I can’t say I disagree. That’s my Dark Side channeling through.

      On that note, I’m going to go for a run in the woods now (seriously) and clear my head, so I can finish writing about this Chrysler 200 (nice car, actually) and have that up and available for the nice folks here by this afternoon!

    • By the way, I also saw something yesterday evening, Sweden is looking to do away with money, period. Meaning, FRNs, scrip, whatever sort of coinage there is.
      Everything is to be electronic, and supposedly some banks won’t even deal in cash any more.

      Because your wallet might get stolen, because theft, Sweden wants its people to use only electronic fiat currency.

      This while over here, a certain state… Was it VA? I forget… Wants to enforce sales tax on EVERYTHING – including flea markets and garage sales.

      Over in the manosphere, a primitive site somewhere, noted that on average, meaning purely dealing with the median, men and women are NOT the same on IQ. Men are about 5 points higher on AVERAGE. But that minor bump made for a world of difference. Statistically almost irrelevant, especially since men populate more of both the high and low levels of IQ. Women are much more centered as a group… But they cluster around a 5 point lower median.

      We don’t need to presume it’s true, though – we can look at the HBD (Human Bio-diversity) characters, too. Or Fred Reed’s commentary, which references and cites things far better than I can.

      “The Races” have differences, and those differences led to multiple variations in civilizations. Blacks historically do worse on IQ tests, for example, than whites – who do worse than Asians, including those fresh off the boat. (So tell me again how this biased IQ test can be aced by Asians from Asian countries, immigrants fresh to the shores, and yet blacks come in dead last – but blacks are “equal” to everyone else?)

      Those 5 points or so are a MAJOR differentiation, a supreme advantage. And our civilization’s overlords want us all to sink DOWN to the black level. Asians, too, and Hispanics. And they’d like us down to Forest Gump levels if they could do it…. Why else would you introduce megadoses (hyperbole) of mercury into developing infants’ bodies? Unless your objective is to poison and weaken people, the cure is worse than the disease – leave people the F*ck alone. Maybe immunize (not vaccinate, though I’m unclear the exact differences.) for the worst diseases – smallpox, say, Polio, maybe – but chicken pox? Flu? Whooping cough? Pneumonia? HPV, which MIGHT cause cervical cancer? Etc, Etc, Etc. I understand it’s something like 60 vaccinations before the child is 1 year old…? (didn’t confirm that, though.)

      And the advertisements that by NOT vaccinating YOUR child, you are putting the VACCINATED children at risk, and you’re a bad parent? And the state can take your children? (California)

      Idiocracy is here. Those of us who are a point or five above the Lowest Common Denominator are the ones who should be leading, but we live in a kleptocracy, not a meritocracy, so…

      Maybe this is prescient?
      The Ogre philosopher Gnerdel believed the purpose of life was to live as high on the food chain as possible. She refused to eat vegetarians, and preferred to live entirely on creatures that preyed on sentient beings.
      We need a mad scientist who would create a gray goo to destroy anything below 100 IQ. Selective nanotech virus….
      Without such a thing, we (intelligent, reasonable people) are an endangered species. And we’re being hunted…

      • Once cash is eliminated it’s a done deal, the elites will have 100% control. I know that will eventually be the case here, though as an old guy I selfishly hope not until I’m gone.

        Today it’s possible to work for cash in the underground economy and escape their net to an extent. In a cashless society everyone will be toiling on the plantation for massa.

      • jean, vaccinations, a booming biz. I listen to various FM stations during the day. The Cumulous group is replete with all sort of govt. notices and warning and ads for vaccinations. One of my favs is an ad for meningococcal infections. It seems the one you have already given your child isn’t the only type and so the kid(s) need this other type they have(can’t recall the company name, wish I could).

        They tell you how these diseases are spread by typical socialization(dirty hands, to mouth and other dirty little openings).

        Naturally, they don’t mention there are a plethora of types of meningitis that can come from all sorts of sources including caner, various other drugs, injury, and all sorts of micro-organisms such as fungi and parasites.

        Of course they’ll create another ad when they have a vaccine for any other cause.

        No one ever says you could reduce the risk of all types of disease to you and your children if your illustrious representatives didn’t vote to let every dirty, illiterate person from anywhere in the world into this country.

        When we finally seal the borders, we need to make sure the border contains DC as a foreign land…..which it is. Enforcing the sealed border would best be done by East German techniques with ground penetrating radar and other high tech means. 100 yd “no man’s land” with towers every 1,000 yds would put a bit of sport into it. Maybe your “constituent” will think he/she is fast and with a little diversion, can make that run. Since the corporate/military lobbyists seem to have their ear, they’ll be willing to put their land mine tech on hold along with sonic and thermal imaging sighting systems.

  2. The TSA hasn’t stopped a single terrist as noted, meanwhile who’s checking out the ground crew? That Russian plane that recently blew up had a bomb placed on it by an Egyptian who was pissed at Russia. Think any of the grunt workers in those low wage jobs at Amerikan airports might have similar resentments toward their overlords? TSA goons are all about control, submit and obey, or else; any nut job on board the plane who tries to bring it down will get tackled by the flight crew and passengers as has happened a few times already.

  3. “The TSA said the benefit of using the technology is it ‘improves threat detection capabilities for both metallic and nonmetallic threat objects.’”
    Yes, that’s what they say, yet Israeli security at Ben Gurion airport won’t use them because they are so easily defeated.

  4. I flew this year for the first time since 9-11 (I probably won’t again for a very long time). As I was waiting in line, I could only think, all this bs, won’t stop one person determined to do something.

    All this effort, that will accomplish absolutely nothing. Except to weasel away even more of our rights.

    I don’t know where I read it, but over 400 TSA agents have been arrested for various crimes they have committed against passengers they have “sworn” to protect. Those are the ones that have been caught of course. Who knows how many are out there getting away with things.

    Of course the TSA’s number of terrorists caught is still zero.

    • It’s all ‘political theater’ anyway. If there really were terrorists out there trying to kill large quantities of Muricans, what could be a better opportunity than having them all jammed together in a confined area – many more than on any single plane. Probable wouldn’t even need to suicide to accomplish it.
      BTW, if they really did hate us for our freedoms, the ‘Patriot Act,’ TSA, etc., have [removed] destroyed much of their motivation

      • Freedom eh? I seem to recall a bunch of guys in tri-cornered hats who spoke of it quite a bit. I guess it never caught on. After all, you’re as free as a bird… go to Wally and get something from Mickey D’s….give you a sugar rush so you can walk every aisle and look at every single thing that’s made in some part of Asia.

        I just love my new Sansung phone. When I want to make a call with my headset(only legal way…..freedom), the bitch doesn’t speak much English, no hard consonants so Gail and Dale are interchangeable….to her and I can never tell which she’s saying. Call Jeanna……there is no Gina in your address book….Oh shit……I’m sorry, Oh S*** isn’t in your address book. Well, it should be. Who would you like to call? Ge Anna…..would you like to call Ge Anna? yes. It no speaky Spanish either. Call Frank Villa. I’m sorry, there is no Frank Villa in your address book. Oh you stupid bitch. I don’t find oh you stupid b****……shit…..I don’t find s***…, you certainly don’t. Call Frank Vil La, on and on and on. Surely there’s an app that speaks English. Haven’t found it yet though.

        • “Speak your name”
          “I’m not sure what’s going on…”
          “Your name is “Not Sure?”…
          “No, my name is Joe, I’m not sure, I mean my name is Joe”
          “Your name is “Not Sure”…
          “Can we start over…”


    • Rich,

      Agreed. I’d rather go to Japan for authentic Kabuki theatre than this farce by the clowns in blue.

      Degrading and desensitizing people while not doing anything to prevent a determined action by determined individuals.