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A reader sent in the following regarding Corona Fever:

Enjoy your columns, though I’m not particularly a car guy. I guess I’m mostly a mind my own business/ libertarian guy. With the flurry of testing, we’re finding new “cases,” but no big bump up in deaths. Is the increased testing loaded with false positives? And/or asymptomatic folks with positive results—are they actually ill or just bumping stats up?

Some of us are at risk—at 70 with diabetes, I’ll self distance, I’ll choose to wear a mask, I’ll manage my risk by taking protective measures on my own. I don’t believe others should be compelled by AGWs to completely rearrange their lives to accommodate me. Like secondhand smoke avoidance, I can avoid some of the risk without inflicting further restrictions on others.

No elected official will say What needs to be said: My fellow Americans, this Corona stuff will kill a bunch of you and your gov’t can’t stop it. We shut down for a while to make sure the ER wasn’t overrun and so I’ve decided to not further compound the problems by inflicting poverty on younger healthier people, who are feeding their children paycheck to now-missed paycheck. I’m reopening (this jurisdiction) 9 AM tomorrow. Git yer asses back to work. Geezers-most of you didn’t live to draw SS by being stupid or careless. You took care of yourself to get here so don’t stop now. Stay home if you are scared. Wear a mask at church or bingo. Stop recreational shopping maybe. Be kind to each other. Remember and accept that some of us will miss Thanksgiving dinner.

My reply: I will amen and second all of that, with the exception of “this Corona stuff will kill a bunch of you.”

In fact, the mortality rate for WuFlu is less than 1 percent – almost all of that less-than-1-percent being people who probably would have died anyway – or soon – from some combination of old age/underlying problems pushed over the edge by a bug that, for 99 percent of the rest of us, will not result in death.

This whole sick business has been used to neuroticize the populace and shame those not neurotic; probably, soon, an effort will be made to criminalize those who “deny” that “cases” constitute a justification for turning the country into a Face-Diapered prison.

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  1. This last week the CDC finally admitted the death rate was .026%. Then they amended that by saying it might be as low as .004%. All the bullshit to “save” the people. If you believe the shutdown was for health reasons I have some beautiful front beach property in west Texas I’ll sell you.

  2. Hey Zane,

    I hope the last cancer treatment is just that. I was a professional brewer for a few years, I still indulge and still make my own. Just a little more moderate now.


  3. Hi Zane,

    This is not medical advice, just something you may find interesting. Check out Keto as there is some evidence that it can control/reverse diabetes.


    • I’m keto atm, except I knocked myself out of it tonight having cake and beer to celebrate my neighbors last cancer treatment tonight

      Makes a world of difference though, love it even if all I can cook are steak, bacon and eggs

      Still, ty Jeremy, I appreciate it!

  4. I’m 31, diabetics for 21 years. I should be worried yet I never wear a face diaper anywhere and just take my vitamins, minerals and live as I please

    When it’s my time, it’s my time, but it won’t be anytime soon, especially with this Kung Flu. Live free and die hard!

    • Right-on, Zane! A healthy immune system is the best defense….against everything. Eating right, living a lifestyle that you enjoy and without constant stress, fresh air and exercise…and not fearing everything that we are constantly told that we should fear, keep the immune system strong and able to fight off the flu and so many other diseases which plague this society.

      The fear of imminent death and disease that “they” constantly foster probably is responsible for at least half of the sickness in this present world!

      My mother, who is currently 95, has an attitude like yours “When it’s my time, it’s my time”. That; eating in moderation (Though no special diet), and always having walked a lot, probably has contributed a lot to her longevity. Conversely, one of my sisters who is a hypochondriac, has been constantly “sick” for the last 40 years and gets the flu every year….goes to doctors constantly and is on a litany a pills….despite having actual diseases.

      Attitude has a lot to do with it!

      • She needs something she’s not admitting. We all need it but nobody wants to say it. All you need is love. All you need is love. All you need is love love, love it all you need.

        They’re killing the kids keeping them apart. It makes me mad to see it. And now we have 10’s of millions of Karens wanting everyone to be as miserable as she is.

        We all know what she needs, love and affection and she’d forget about her miserable life she’s led.

        • I think she has it, Eight- The poor schlepp who married her has had no life- just another kid to take care of (In addition to the two she popped out for him)- Poor guy spent his life working (Same guy I’ve mentioned before, who played with the Lunar Rover in the parking lot and said he didn’t see how it’d ever run on the Moon), and provided a nice middle class life for her, far above what she came from. Poor guy- I really don’t know how he didn’t leave long ago or kill her or himself. All she does is bitch and complain. I can’t stand to be around her for more than a few minutes. Love? She hasn’t seen her mother in two decades, and I guess never will because it’s too much trouble…but they were always close. Bitch!

          • Seriously Nunz, as people age do they need anything but love and affection? Someone to hold close. Haven’t we been wanting that since we were kids? If your parents loved you, then all you need is someone else to complete your life. It really ain’t that hard but women these days don’t seem to have any empathy. Just my observance.

            • Nunz, while I abhor her, I feel sorry for her too….and anyone who has to endure her. What goes around comes around. She just hasn’t seen it yet. And she may never come to terms with it. She’s just immature and unfulfilled.

              She could easily not have changed when she’s your mother’s age. I’d like to meet you and your mother. Such a relief to meet people with real sense. Maybe I’ll get to old Kainntuck one of these days. Or is it Tennessee? Either one, they’re close together.

              • Hey Eight, Man, if you ever make it this way, I’d be mad if ya didn’t stop and visit! You’d love my mother too!

                Re: My sister: I think she’s emotionally stunted or something. On the surface, she appears to be a loving person….but I think emotionally she’s probably at about the level of a 10 year-old.

                I mean, yeah….love is a great thing- and if ya knew my mother and rest of my fambly, my sister got plenty of it as did I. But to receive ya gotta give, too. That she can’t be bothered to see her 95 year-old mother, says it all.

                She just won’t inconvenience herself one iota, for anyone. I used to think that she’d regret it one day….but I think all of the pills all these years have relieved her of any conscience, as far as that stuff goes.

                And that one is the nicer of my two sisters! Must’ve gotten it from their father’s side…’cause if you knew my mother, she’s the most loving person ya’d ever want to meet- and even at her age, would do anything for ya that she physically could. She’s stayed friends with all of the people cshe grew up with and met over the years for life! Some of her younger friends refer to her as their mother! And she even says of them that they are better than her own daughters.

                Don’t know what’s wrong with some people who have the privilege of coming from such a good situation….but MAN!

              • Hey 8SM,

                If you ever make it to southeastern TN, look me up as well. I’d be honored to buy you a beer or tip some whiskey or whatever. I’ve been enjoying some Heinlein quotes lately…some of which are pertinent.
                “Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort.”
                ― Robert A. Heinlein

                • Hi Giuseppe!

                  Heinlein is one of my go-to favorites, especially when I need a lift (and clarity). I have a recurrent fantasy of creating my own Freehold, with good neighbors such as he mentions – and the people here.

                  Well, except for my stalker – “les,” “Winnie,” “Dr. Phil” and various other appellations. Would you believe she continues to post 6-10 times every day, despite having been banned and thus her posts going immediately into the trash and so seen and read by no one? I banned her six months ago, at least – and yet she continues to post – in the trash – every day. Knowing her posts go into the trash, that they never see the light of day. That’s the sort of freak action I sometimes have to deal with here!

                  • ***” I have a recurrent fantasy of creating my own Freehold, with good neighbors “***

                    Pencil me in as your Mr. Rogers in your new ‘hood! (Eight can be Mr. McFeely 😉 )


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