Buzzcut Hut! Hut! Hutter!

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Watch this hero protect the public from the menace of a guy riding his bicycle on the sidewalk:

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  1. Basically the cyclist was detained and cuffed for not providing ID when asked by LEO.

    LEO wanted ID since cyclist was riding bicycle on sidewalk. Apparently this is a big problem in Concord, NH.

    This is dumb.

    • These Heroes with their shaved heads and Tough Guy attitude need an attitude correction. Take away that gun and badge and what have you got? A scrawny geek who’d get his ass handed to him in a minute out in the real world.

    • I’ve gotten stopped by cops for riding on the roadway. Cops just abuse whomever they think they can get away with abusing. They tend to make up laws for bicycling as they see fit. Some towns do make bicycling on a sidewalk illegal.
      In concord the local law is as follows:

      17-4-9 – Restrictions on the Use of Roller Skates, Bicycles, Skateboards and Similar Devices.

      (a)A person upon roller skates, skateboard or riding in or by means of a coaster, toy vehicle, or similar device shall not go upon any roadway or sidewalk in the Central Business District or Civic District, as said districts are defined in Title IV, or on any state highway within the City of Concord except while crossing a street on a crosswalk.

      I don’t think he’s in a central business district. I don’t know what a “civic district” is. However I doubt the Concord Police bicycle unit concern themselves with such laws. Never saw a bicycle riding cop that did.

      Keep in mind I am very much against sidewalk riding even when legal for a variety of reasons, one of which is what is described early in the video, motorists turning into driveways and not seeing the bicycle riders. I have given cops my name verbally if they are insistent and I can’t divert the conversation from it. (Jedi mind tricks can work if done differently than in the films) I always state I don’t have ID on me when asked. I have a separate wallet when bicycling and it does not contain any government ID.


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